I didn’t think,But the pain of the arm being burned at this moment makes Xiang Chen sweaty。

Xiang Chen’s voice fell,The police car’s sirens sounded in Han Yuxiang’s ears。
Tucao in the heart,The sentences in the movie are still very accurate,Every time the parties settle the matter,The sirens are late。
I have been taken a long way by Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang is still thinking about handing over work with Yan Jun and others who rushed over,But now that he has been taken away by Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang gave up the idea of the proposal。
Maybe it’s like what Dad said,The back of justice is not necessarily unjust,If I acted according to my own philosophy just now,Maybe the people who are going to enter the funeral home are you and Xiang Chen。
I suddenly felt lighter,I feel that Xiang Chen has carried himself up again,Han Yuxiang couldn’t help but let out a low cry。
“Do not worry!I did not kill,But for self-protection,Hurting is inevitable。”
I seem to have guessed what the Korean Xiang is thinking,When Xiang Chen spoke,Soft tone。
“You saw the monk just now,Should be a killer,Was sent to kill me。This world is like this,There will always be people who are forced to accept death before they are ready,Maybe it’s me,It may be someone else someday。In short,this world,Different from what you think。”Xiang Chen sighed,Seems to be defending myself,It seems to be explaining something to Korean Xiang。
“I know。”
I always feel that I might fall off Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang hugged Xiang Chen unconsciously,But I heard the latter gasp。
“You are hurt?”Han Yuxiang asked nervously。
“Okay!Just got scalded。”Xiang Chen said something indifferently,Then pause,Speak slowly“Don’t get me wrong,I just think that the first time I saw you at Lingyun’s house,pretty good!Don’t change if you can,Maybe one day the world will become more people because of you,Will become better。”
Xiang Chen walks with his head down,Didn’t see behind him,Korean red cheeks。
Blow gently on the place you just touched。
“When I was young, I was hurt and my mother used to blow it to me……”