The atmosphere in the operation was extremely tense,As soon as Xiao Fan came in,The air pressure in the entire operating room suddenly dropped a bit again。

The doctor in charge of the operation just now received an internal call,Said to cooperate fully with those who are coming in for a while。
Seeing the strong aura of those who come in,Everyone feels a little nervous,Can’t help standing respectfully,Waiting for Xiao Fan’s command。
Xiao Fan nodded to these people,I think everyone is a little nervous,But time is urgent,He has no time to relax these people。
He walked to the operating table,Looking at Lin Feng on the bed,Looked at it from beginning to end,Wounds on the body,Arteries,Xiao Fan clearly wrote it down。
Then he said coldly:“Prepare for electric shock,First restore the patient’s heartbeat,Then prepare for thoracentesis。”
The assistant on the side hurried to prepare,With electric shock,Lin Feng fell together,Heartbeat finally recovered。
Then Xiao Fan picked up the scalpel,Accurately found the location of Lin Feng’s chest bleeding,Perform emergency hemostasis。
Everyone in the operating room watched Xiao Fan proceeding in an orderly manner,And there is no error in almost every step,Can’t help but get angry and admiration,No wonder the dean personally sent in,Just awesome。
Xiao Fan commanded his assistant,Open your mouth in an orderly manner,Hemostasis,Various important steps such as stitching。
“The patient’s heartbeat gradually stabilized,The blood has stopped,saved。”A doctor said excitedly。
Everyone was relieved,After all, this patient was seriously injured when he was first sent here,The hope of being rescued is extremely slim,Thanks to the airborne god,So he pulled the patient back from the god of death。