“Combat skills—Tianhang Waterfall!”

The water mass burst in the air,The strong water attribute turns into a waterfall directly tilts down,Directly on the burning flame。
“I made a mistake!”
Dignity appeared in Lin Xin’s eyes,I originally wanted to use burning trees to enhance the surrounding fire attributes,Now the fire is extinguished,Trees soaked,But it’s not easy!
“team leader,How to do?”
Lin Xin looked at the watered-out trees,Without a trace of panic。
“Mengwei,You guard the rear,Do as we negotiated!”
Mengwei nodded behind her,The fire attribute in the hand is instilled on the ground。
“Direct attack,Don’t keep your hands!”
Lin Xin gave a soft drink,Rushed directly into the woods with three people!
“Follow the plan!”
Luo Sheng said softly,The four people behind rushed in,Since you want to hit hard,Then i’ll be with you!
“Combat skills—Flame Sword Dance!”
Jin Min’s speed is directly increased,The long sword in the hand envelops the flame,The body that keeps jumping is like dancing!
“Combat skills—Water spirit rain!”
Dense water droplets appeared all over Li Yi,Carrying powerful energy to kill Jin Min。
“let me help you!”
Zhang Liang wants to help,But was gladly blocked
“Handsome boy,Am I not worth your stay?”