2019 "Silk Road" speaks Chinese Telling Story Competition in Cairo

The competition site Zhou Yu people network Cairo March 31 (Reporter Zhou Wei, Liu Hui) 2019 "Silk Road" said that the story of Chinese Tellings is held in Cairo, Egypt, 30th, from Cairo University, Suez Canal University In the 14 Egyptian colleges and the Confucius colleges and the Confucius colleges, the 20 groups of Confucius colleges, and the Confucius class participated in the competition. This contest is the theme of "My Chinese Story", in the cooperation of costumes, calligraphy, martial arts, singing, scenery, etc., the contestants have told the illegal edges of their own and China, and Movier story of Friendship.

After nearly 4 hours of competition, Mustafa Muhammad, a second-year student in the University of Cairo, won the first prize.

By telling the Saja, the Egyptian scientist Osama went to China, Mustafa summed up the status quo of Cooperation in China and Egypt, and the current situation in the field of economic and trade, expressed the desire to further strengthen cooperation in the field of science and technology.

The Chinese Embassy in Egyptian, the cultural counsel of the Egyptian, said that this year’s competition presents higher levels, the story is stronger, the participation unit and more people, the team spirit is more prominent, the teacher and students are more touching and more touching, especially It is a new achievement of friendly cooperation between the two countries in Egypt.

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