A reserve driver in Shaanxi is a flag for 6 new combat power

Original title: A reserve of the venilifier in Shaanxi is a 6 new combat force, and the reporter Qin Zhan correspondent Liuyang. Fist ‘! "On July 15th, a reserve cannon division in Shaanxi was held in a training base for drone fragmentation, the air emergency rescue team, the network war team, the psychological war team, the legal war team, etc. The flag ceremony. The reporter learned that the new force combat power refers to the new means of combat power. The new combat power is a new demand as a support, with new technologies as a function of combat, which is a new growth point of combat power, and is the main force of local war under the conditions of informationization. In the adjustment reform of the reserve forces, the teacher keeps with the situation mission, close to the actual demand, and deeply discharge the strength of the military land, strengthen the construction of new combat power, and strives to create a preconditioning force of a care, suitable, flexible and efficient.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).