How to diagnose if it is onychomycosis?

How to prevent onychomycosis

How to diagnose if it is onychomycosis?
How to prevent onychomycosis

Onychomycosis is a very common infectious disease. Many patients will find gray nails on other fingers when they find a nail and nails.

Its contagiousness is extremely strong, and if you don’t want to get infected with onychomycosis, you should do the prevention of onychomycosis in peacetime. Let’s take a look at how to prevent nail fungus.

How to diagnose if it is onychomycosis?

The first prerequisite for curing nail fungus is the correct diagnosis.

An abnormality in the fingernail or toenails is not necessarily an onychomycosis.

Many skin diseases and systemic diseases can also cause changes in nails, such as psoriasis, eczema, continuous acral dermatitis, and Raynaud’s disease.

It is often difficult for patients to distinguish themselves. One of the most important diagnostic reference indicators is microscopic microscopy or culture positive.

Therefore, you should go to the hospital dermatology clinic immediately after the illness, you can do a fracture test or culture, diagnosed as onychomycosis, and then develop a treatment plan.

In fact, onychomycosis is not difficult to treat, the most important thing is to go to the hospital for correct treatment.

Patients should know more about the treatment of onychomycosis, armor and doctors discuss the treatment plan that suits them best, and it is easier to understand the doctor’s treatment and better cooperate with doctors to cure the disease.

Measures to prevent onychomycosis 1. Do not borrow shared daily necessities such as shoes and socks, slippers, foot basins, and wipes, because some places are contagious, which is the key to preventing indirect infection.

2, to develop a good health habits with people, usually wash your feet, change socks, shoes and socks often exposed, keep dry and develop.

3, do not use an alkaline hand sanitizer to wash the detergent, he will hide your skin and cause damage.

When you wash your hands and things, wipe your skin cream.

4, when doing housework, should wear thin gloves, especially when washing dishes, laundry, etc. when contact with chemical lotion.

If you soak your hands in excess soapy water, it may cause the nails to relax.

Water causes the nail to swell. When the nail is dehydrated and dried, it shrinks easily, causing the nail to become loose and fragile.

5, people with sweaty hands and feet, should use some treatments to suppress local perspiration, especially in the summer.

How to prevent onychomycosis?

The above are some common prevention methods. In addition, everyone should pay attention to the environment in which they live. If someone around you has nail fungus, then don’t have public goods. Sleeping bedding should be dried frequently. When eating,Also eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.