The huge flying ship floats above the city,Generally, only flying boats like the Super Bowl or major events will be dispatched,There is no advertising around this time。

Flying boat parked in the air,Suddenly there is a small shadow falling。
People accident,But did not choose to evacuate immediately,Maybe most curiosity is like this。
Until someone uttered an exclamation first,Then more and more people joined it。
The flying boat in the sky is falling with cash,A lot of cash is falling from the sky,The people are completely crazy about it。
God-given,To be blamed。Who would ignore this in vain benefit??
Pieces of crowds raised their hands high,Even if the cash falling in the sky still has a long distance to fall,But people have begun to raise their hands,Desperately wanting to follow the falling cash,Closer。
With the first cash falling into the crowd,The people who stopped on the street were completely crazy。
The state of the crowd is close to madness,It’s like a crisis。
“See!This is the lovely poor people,How cute they look!”
Ivincent sitting in a corner smiled and said to Robinson。
Robinson smiled disapprovingly,But the picture sent back through the broadcaster on the flying boat,The picture in the crowd is indeed scary。
“They are very forgetful,At least at this moment these people have no fear in their minds。But these people are also stupid,They don’t know that in this cash rain everyone can grab at most a few hundred yuan,They work so hard!”
Robinson looking at the monitor,Said rather helplessly。