Chapter 581 Qianqian’s Choice

Tujia in Lingxiao City?
Seems to have some influence,In a certain city in Zhongyu,And their patriarch is a genuine warrior who asks the gods。
Feng endless coughs twice:“That one,Besides seeing how you live,One more important thing,Even more important than you。”
“I want to take Qianqian away!”
“No way!”Xia Chenglong refused decisively。
No one can take Qianqian away from him,This is the only flesh and blood of his brother,Never allow any mistakes。
to be frank,Feng endless still understands Xia Chenglong’s mood,After all he understands his past。
“you need to know,This little guy has innate spiritual roots,And there seems to be an energy of the other two in her,You should feel this too!”
So what?
About Qianqian,Xia Chenglong can indeed observe,As the direct blood of the Zhao family,She does have a lot of secrets。
It’s just that it doesn’t mean she has to take on those things!
“No way!”
“Xia Chenglong,You can,Your brother can,I can too,Can lose his life for the whole of China,As a man of great china,Why can’t Qianqian?”
Feng endlessly said the most sincere words in my heart!
Their existence is indeed for the prosperity of this country,But what did you get in the end?