Thousands of dollars per night hotel,Not afford to live,Really stayed for one night,May be so distressed that I can’t sleep for two nights。Thanks to Hu,Can experience what a five-star hotel is like。

“Because you didn’t expect your girlfriend to come, Brother Wang,Booked five rooms,Do you want to open one more room?”Populus joked。
Wang Libo waved his hand quickly,It means they can live in one room。
Everyone else showed ambiguous eyes,Smile but not smile。All adults,some things,Everyone understands。
Put your luggage,They have no rest,Go straight。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Two Empty wine bottle
4SThe shop is everywhere,There is no need to run far,After meeting a sunny day,Let’s go together。
Sunny day is a cheerful and smiling girl,This kind of girl who is a little bit fleshy,Very cute。In the words of many men,Comfortable to hold。Especially when she laughs,Very therapeutic。
“Please!Exercise more!You get so fat,No one loves it。”Mu Yi told her。
“Mu Yi,I found that you are starting to become my black fan!”Sunny day to him。
Hear the conversation between the two,Everyone knows,These two guys usually fight each other。And only people who are really close,So I’m not angry。