“What is this and what!”She complained to herself in her heart,Quickly clear this idea out of your mind,But in order to prevent her from being too strong“Sense of sight”,She decided to let Yu Zhe change another color。

finally,Yu Zhe still chose a blue and white wide striped tie and a handkerchief of the same color under Shi Muluo’s recommendation.。
In the end, it’s time to decide all the details。
But Yu Zhe doesn’t seem to be depressed without any sense of participation,Instead, I think it’s really great to be able to decide for him some things that he is not good at.。
The total suits add up to more than 50,000,Yu Zhe’s heart is bleeding,But think about this mission and get 200,000,still is Gritted his teeth,I just wanted to take out my bank card to pay,But was preempted by Shi Muluo。
“I will pay by myself……”Yu Zhe didn’t know what to say for a while。
“Hey rest assured~Money for clothes is Mo~forest~Out~of~”Shi Muluo said with a smirk。
“How can any contact person pack the mission props??”Yu Zhe expressed doubts,This is the first time I have seen such a thing in so many years。
“calm down。”Listening to Yu Zhe and Maolin saying similar things,Makes Shi Muluo very funny,But I can’t tell the truth,Had to explain,“I just think it is unfair that he deducted more than 30% of your commission,So I wanted to cheat him。”
Listen to Yu Zhe,Also chuckled,“Actually he deducted a small amount。”
“I know~”To avoid saying the same thing as last night,Shi Muluo stopped the topic in due course。
The two walked out of the shop with clothes,Today’s important task has been half completed,But there is another one next“tough battle”Want to fight。
Shi Muluo still has to decide on her dress。
In fact,Just choosing clothes for Yu Zhe,She didn’t think about her clothes at all,So that I still have no clue。
But think about it,If the other party is also a killer,Maybe Yu Zhe and his ideas may have something in common,Better to take a gamble,Dress yourself up according to Yu Zhe’s preferences,Maybe at the birthday party,Attract that person’s attention。
“Na,Now that I have helped you choose your clothes,Then mine is yours~”
What Shi Mu Luo said in a soft voice,Cooperate with a head tilt,It made Yu Zhe almost stop thinking,Clearly“I will not choose。”He swallowed it abruptly,Just nodded mechanically。
Walk into the women’s dress shop,There are so many more styles of clothing here than men’s clothing,No matter the color or style,Makes Yu Zhe feel dazzled,I just think they are all pretty。
During Yu Zhe’s selection,Shi Mu Luo’s mind is also turning,She was the first to deny the fishtail skirt,Although this dress is very good,But after all, she also has a mission this time,Not just eating melons and watching the show,Forget the skirts that are inconvenient like that。