“Have you known each other for a long time?”Xia Jian asked in surprise,Because of this, he seems to have never heard Ma Yan tell him。

Ma Yan snorted:“what!Did you come yesterday morning??I have known each other for less than 48 hours。Just over this day,He has sent flowers five times,Three times greeting card。Made at least twenty calls to me,I’m all off now”
“Hahahaha!This guy is crazy enough,He is in love with you!Maybe this is a good thing。look!Chen Feng’s brother is the mayor of our city,And he is an official staff。I heard that he still has his own company,Don’t you jealous?”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Ma Yan pouted,Hit Xia Jian and said:“Red your dead head。You think Ma Yan is that kind of person?Are you still pushing me to him,I wasted my heart for you”
Ma Yan’s words,Made Xia Jian’s heart tremble。The girl now is really bold,Dare to say what you think。Especially if this is the case,Most people don’t have the courage to say so bluntly。
“Hey!hungry,Let’s talk while eating!”Xia Jian quickly changed the topic。
Ma Yan stood up and said:“Go eat at my house!I’ve already arranged it,My dad goes to work,My mother is at home alone”
“Go to your home!I’m afraid this is not good!You know,I am afraid to go…”Xia Jian heard Ma Yan was going to take him to her house for dinner,It’s really hard for。
Ma Yan pushed him and said:“Look at your promise,My mother is not a tigress,Are you afraid that you won’t make it if she eats。Moreover,We are all from the same village,Besides, we are still colleagues,Just have a meal?Could a bowl make you our son-in-law??”
Ma Yan said,I laughed so much that my tears came out。This girl really dare to say,Such a joke,Xia Jian didn’t dare to drive easily。
But he changed his mind,Ma Yan is right,Don’t you just have a meal??Ma Yan is not afraid of a girl,What’s so scary about him。
Ma Yan saw Xia Jian reluctantly agreed,Don’t mention how happy you are。The office door she locked,So he walked with Xia Jian to her house。
Although they are all in the same village,But Xia Jian is not familiar with Ma Yan’s family。Ma Yan is almost leading him。And in recent years,Too much change in the village,Xia Jian was still a little confused about the southeast and northwest。
Ma Yan’s yard is not big,But all around the house。Xia Jian walked in,While thinking,Just such a daughter,Is it a waste to build so many houses?。
The courtyard is very clean,And also planted a lot of flowers and plants。Xia Jian while walking,Looking around。Ma Yan’s mother saw Xia Jian here,Ran out of the kitchen in a hurry,She smiled and said:“Breakfast is ready,Just wait for you to come back to eat”
“Trouble aunt”Xia Jian quickly said with a smile。
Ma Yan’s mother laughed and said:“What’s the problem with this,If you go back to the village,Come to our house for dinner,Anyway, do it alone,Do it for two people,Just add a bowl of water”
Ma Yan’s mother is only in her fifties,Very cheerful。It may be the reason why there are few people going to the land recently,Doesn’t look old。It’s like a laid-off female worker in the city。