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  People’s Daily Chongqing December 24th, before, the Chongqing Rail Group Operations, Zhang Jierong, deputy manager of the Work Sports Maintenance Department, won the national model, the first "Chongqing Outstanding Book Award" two awards.

Recently, Zhang Jie did a guest of the People’s Network Chongqing studio, talked about his feelings that won two honors and introduced him to grow as an excellent skill master.

Interview site. July 24th, 2020 National Labor Model and Advanced Worker Commendation Conference was held in Beijing, Zhang Jierong won the honorary title of 2020 National Work Model, he said, "This is not only for me, it is also Affirmation of the development of Chongqing transportation industry and Chongqing railway transportation.

"Zhang Jie as an industrial worker, he deeply grateful, responsibilities.

"Recalling this way, my growth is inseparable from colleagues, leadership and care, is their encouragement and help to promote me continuously." Zhang Jie said. In addition, Zhang Jie also won the first "Chongqing Outstanding Book Award". In this regard, Zhang Jie said that as a grassroots technical worker, 16 years of rail transit experience made him really feel the rapid development of Chongqing Rail Transit, and the Chongqing has become a year of talents, gathering, entrepreneurship The ground, feel the continuous improvement of my country’s industrial basis.

  Social progress and the development of the company can’t open talents. Zhang Jie said, as a first-line industry worker, no matter what work, as long as it is meticulous, seriously do it, not fear failure, don’t give up, through unremitting efforts, success. Interview site.

Zhu Lin, talked about building a rugged mountain terrain in Chongqing, causing Chongqing’s unique road and traffic, of which is the most typical neutral monorail.

The rails of the river and the light flying train, flexiblely climbing the hurdle, and wear the building. Behind this amazing scene is the hard exploration of countless Chongqing track people day and night. And Zhang Jie is one of them.

Zhang Jie said that the application of Chongqing’s cross-seat monorail system application, the main two is mainly two: on the one hand, the imported single orbit price used at the time is expensive, and does not provide maintenance components, it is necessary to purchase, the purchase cycle is long, which is not conducive to maintenance maintenance Work is carried out; on the other hand, how to improve the durability and stability of domestic roads.

  With these problems, Zhang Jie and colleagues under the leadership of the Taxi expert, buy professional books, self-study during the day, measure, compare, draw, and learn book notes and study experience in the scene, and discuss technical issues.

Through hundreds of trials, through the accumulation of data analysis and practical experience in many years, the introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation, Zhang Jie’s team successfully implemented a number of technical transformations, and gradually realizing the domestic production of monorail technology, improved Turnout equipment stability. In the construction process, Zhang Jie established a studio.

According to Zhang Jie, the studio has received strong support from Chongqing Rail Group in all aspects of funds, venues, materials, and personnel.

In addition, the Chongqing Rail Group has established ladder talent training model, centralized training, delivery training, self-training, and training, and training, becoming an important way of increasing the comprehensive quality of the Group, each employee will at least 72 Training at one school. "Chongqing Rail Group actively implements the construction planning of talents, coordinates talented resources, innovates talent training methods, enhancing core competitiveness, providing strong talent support for corporate development." Zhang Jie said, through various types of learning training, employee’s overall situation Concept, organizational ability, professional level, and professional ethics have been fully tempered and improved, and the group has also formed a good atmosphere of love and lifelong learning.

Interview site. Zhu Lin Guo’s Talk Development "Chongqing is the first city in China to operate cross-seat monorail, and we have made a lot of efforts on the breakthrough in technical difficulties.

Cross-seat monk has three major key technologies, namely single-track, orbit beams and vehicle steering frames. "When talking about the future development, Zhang Jie said," Next, we will continue the research, innovation, including updates, transformation of single orbit, and further increase the operation stability and durability of the single track. The operation and maintenance equipment of the upgrade rail beam, under the premise of ensuring safety, promote the intelligent development of rail transit, and make new achievements to accelerate urban orbit traffic in the construction of people.

(Hu Hong, Zhu Lin).