WuXi PharmaTech (603259): Strong growth in innovative drug services, aircraft carriers maintain leading positions

WuXi PharmaTech (603259): Strong growth in innovative drug services, aircraft carriers maintain leading positions
Event: On October 30, 2019, the company released the 2019 third quarter report.In the first three quarters of 2019, operating income was 92.79 trillion, an increase of 34 in ten years.06%; net profit attributable to mother 17.65 ppm, a reduction of 8 per year.46%; net profit deducted from non-attributed mothers17.140,000 yuan, an increase of 36 in ten years.88%. The non-net profit growth was strong, and the carrier of innovative drug services maintained a leading position.The company’s revenue has continued to grow rapidly, achieving a revenue growth rate of more than 30% for two consecutive quarters, and the third quarter revenue was 33. 8.4 billion (34.72% +).We expect the company’s various business segments to maintain a strong development momentum, and the trends are basically the same as in the first half of the year.Attributable net profit decreased slightly by 8.46% to 17.65 ppm was mainly due to the loss of zero change in the fair value of the investment target of the company.45 ‰, a significant decrease of 7 previously.1.4 billion.The net profit after deducting non-attribution to mothers increased by 36 each year.88%, of which the net profit of non-attributed mothers in the third quarter reached 7.2.1 billion (69.63% +), non-profit growth performance in the quarter was outstanding.Non-IFRS attributable to parent net profit increased by 38.0% to 18.42 trillion, of which 50 in the third quarter.2% to 6.6.4 billion, outstanding performance.In 2019, the company continued to implement the “integrated, end-to-end” R & D platform synergy strategy. In the first three quarters, the company added more than 900 customers and more than 3,700 active customers, helping customers complete clinical trial applications for 16 new research drugs.And obtained clinical trial licenses for 20 projects.As of September 30, 2019, the company has gradually completed the clinical trial application for 71 new research drugs for domestic customers and obtained 54 clinical trial licenses; the small molecule CDMO / CMO service project has gradually increased the number of suspected new drug molecules by more than 900Of them, of which 40 are in phase III clinical trials and 17 have been approved for listing; the company’s cell and gene therapy CDMO platform provides services for 24 phase I clinical trials and 9 phase II / III clinical trials. The company’s overall gross profit margin for the first three quarters of 2019 was 39.51%, which has continued to increase since 2019. The three 天津夜网 basic expenses and income maintained the same proportion increase, of which the management and R & D expense ratio was 15.56%, sales expense ratio 3.38%, basically basically stable; financial expenses from 0 in 2018Q3.05% resumed -1 in 2019Q3.08%, it is expected that the unused raised funds will be deposited in banks to increase interest income.Net cash flow from operating activities.7.3 billion (93.31% +), the strong growth of all business segments led to the sales of goods and the provision of labor services to offset the purchase of goods, and the increase in net cash paid for labor services. Earnings Forecast and Estimate: We expect operating income for 2019-2021 to be 123.7 billion, 155.8.4 billion and 196.740,000 yuan, an increase of 28 in ten years.67%, 25.99%, 26.24%, net profit attributable to mother is 22.7.2 billion, 29.5.7 billion and 38.49 ppm, an increase of 0 in ten years.50%, 30 after adjustment.16% and 30.17%.The revenue end of the company is expected to maintain a rapid growth trend, but the net profit and profit attributable to large one-off changes in fair value in 2018 will not be able to keep pace with revenue growth. We expect that the company will basically maintain a synchronized high growth after adjustment.The company is the most innovative pharmaceutical industry chain enterprise with the strongest innovation ability. The industry is in a high prosperity. The company’s industry leader is stable and maintains a “buy” rating. Risk reminder: the risk of intensified market competition in the pharmaceutical R & D service industry; the safety and environmental protection risks in the drug production process; the technical risks in the contract execution process; the exchange rate fluctuation risk.

Yanjinpuzi (002847): New strategy continues to verify that profitability has improved significantly

Yanjinpuzi (002847): New strategy continues to verify that profitability has improved significantly
Event: The company released the 2019 annual report performance forecast, which is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers1.2-1.3 ‰, an increase of 70 in ten years.2% -84.4%, profit performance exceeded market expectations. The new strategy is advancing steadily and revenue is growing rapidly.1. After more than two years of strategic optimization and adjustment and continuous consolidation of the foundation, new product strategies, channel strategies, and regional development strategies have achieved initial results. The scale of operating income has accelerated since 18Q2, and especially offline has maintained relatively rapid growth.2. It is estimated that the annual revenue growth rate in 2019 will be about 30%. Among them, e-commerce has cut off non-profitable products due to product phase adjustments. There has been a phase shift. It is estimated that the revenue in 19 years will not exceed 1 billion, and the distance is close to 40%.Offline still maintains a rapid growth of more than 40%. Offline continued to maintain high growth.The offline growth comes from: 1) Category expansion: The company’s category has expanded from a single dry and miscellaneous category to multiple categories. At present, the second curve of casual baking has entered a fast-growing track. It is estimated that the volume of baked bread in 19 years will be more than 400 million, and the period will increase.Above 120%, baked potato chips have also achieved rapid volume, which is expected to contribute more than 80 million income (+ 120%); dry and miscellaneous species are still growing steadily, about + 10%; spicy bars are affected by 315 and progress is slightly slower and is still being cultivatedin.At present, the company has extended the category to the nut field and launched the current hot product-Daily Nuts. It hopes to use the existing channels to achieve volume distribution.The company’s product matrix is rich, and the main product categories are ranked second to ensure stable revenue growth. 2) Terminal construction: The company’s terminal display model has been upgraded to form a unified Yanjin shop snack shop and a Mr. Dou bakery.The new version 0 model, one in one, one in the west, and the two islands joined forces to settle in the supermarket, bringing more and more single stores.At present, the company has reached a leading cooperation strategy with BBK, Yonghui Supermarket, China Resources Vanguard, Carrefour and other chain supermarkets to rapidly advance the dual island strategy.At present, there are more than 8,000 stores in the island, which effectively improves terminal sales.3) Channel expansion: The company has formed a certain brand awareness and stable expansion model through direct sales. At present, the company has achieved rapid expansion by increasing the proportion of distribution. At present, the distribution: direct sales has reached 55:45, and the promotion speed has significantly increased.Central China and South China mature areas continue to deepen, while the company accelerates the development of new markets such as Southwest + East China, Shandong, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangsu, etc. At present, the company has entered more than 10,000 supermarkets, and 50,000 national supermarkets still have blank markets to be explored. The gross profit margin was controlled to control the expense ratio, and the net profit margin continued to improve.1. The company’s highest net profit is 1.2-1.300 million, if you add 29.29 million yuan of equity incentive expenses, the true net profit is 1.5-1.600 million, previously + 113%-127%, net interest rate from 6.3% increased to 10% -11%, the net interest rate increased very significantly.2. 武汉夜网论坛 The improvement of net profit margin mainly comes from: 1) the improvement of gross profit margin of baking, and the increase in sales leads to the realization of scale effects. It is estimated that the gross profit margin of baking has now increased to 38% and has achieved profitability; 2) continuous optimization of internal management and resource allocation,Pay close attention to the expenditure budget ratio, better cost savings and cost control, and the cost rate has steadily decreased; 3) The channel structure has changed, the distribution ratio has increased, and the net interest rate of the distribution channel is higher than that of the direct management; 4) The subsidiary Jiangxi Yanjin obtainedScientific research enterprise certification, calculated according to 15% of the company’s income, to obtain income 返回码: 404 网站打不开?重查 benefits. The business model has been confirmed to be feasible, the speed of advancement has been accelerated, and performance growth in the next three years is guaranteed.1. After more than two years of adjustment, the company has formed a new model of feasible product portfolio + channel layout + marketing strategy, and has verified the feasibility of the new business model through more than a year of rapid growth, and through expanding investmentIn order to achieve rapid advancement, the second largest volume of products, the orderly development of the national market, the income end will achieve explosive growth of more than 30% in three years; 2. The company invested earlier in the previous period due to market development and new product developmentMultiple expenses have led to stagnation or increase in profit growth. Through volume growth, the scale effect of the company’s production and sales ends gradually realized. The profit end ushered in an inflection point in 19Q2 and continued to improve. It is expected to reach a net interest rate of 15% in the future.The next three years will be the expected three years for the company to consider both scale and efficiency. Earnings forecasts and investment advice.It is expected that the compound growth rate of revenue for 2019-2021 will be 32.5%, the compounded growth rate of net profit attributable to mother is 55.6%, EPS is 0.98, 1.42, 2.07 yuan, corresponding to PE is 39X, 27X, 18X, maintaining the “buy” level. Risk Warning: The price of raw materials may fluctuate greatly, and the selling situation of baking may be lower than expected.

Zhongzhi shares (600038): Harbin branch’s high-speed growth helicopter leader takes off again

Zhongzhi shares (600038): Harbin branch’s high-speed growth helicopter leader takes off again

Event: The company released its 2018 annual report, which achieved a total of 130 operating income in 2018.

66 ppm, a ten-year increase of 8.

44%, net profit attributable to mothers5.

10,000 yuan, an increase of 12 in ten years.


Basic income is 0.

8657 yuan / share, an increase of 12 over the same period last year.

06%, expected average net asset income increased by 6.


The Harbin branch grew rapidly, and the helicopter leader took off again.

In 2018, the company’s Harbin branch obtained operating income44.

9 trillion, of which foreign trade income was as high as 42.

20,000 yuan, with a total operating income of 34 in 2017.

36 billion 北京夜生活网 percent increased 31%; and Jingdezhen’s 2018 revenue was 84.

680,000 yuan, compared with 84 in 2017.

The 18 ppm ratio increased only slightly.

Harbin branch made total profit in 20181.

2.2 billion, compared with 0 in 2017.

73 billion dollars increased by 0.

49 ppm, an increase of 67 in ten years.

12%, and the Jingdezhen branch made a total profit of 4 in 2018.

80,000 yuan, compared with 4 in 2017.

47 billion dollars increased by only a small amount, an increase of 7.


We believe that the rapid growth of the Harbin Hai Branch’s revenue has benefited from the commissioning of new products. The new layout developed by the company is located in the gap of ten-ton helicopters, which will bring new growth points to the company after large-scale production.

The company’s gross profit margin is normally fluctuating and is expected to enter an upward channel in the future.

The company’s gross profit margin in 2018 was 13.

93%, compared with 15 in 2017.

34% fell slightly, but it was still in the normal floating range.

The company’s main business aviation products contributed most of the gross profit, and its gross profit margin was 13.


The company’s existing core products are in the leading position in technology in the country, and through the adjustment and development of its product structure, the company’s main product model upgrades have been gradually completed, but a more complete helicopter pedigree, which basically forms a “one machine with multiple types, seriesDevelopment “.

We expect that the stable installation of new products in 2019 will increase the company’s gross profit margin, and the company will be able to embark on advanced technology and perfect products in the future and maintain stable growth in the next three years.

Cost reductions and efficiency gains have initially achieved results, significantly increasing company profits.

The company’s financial expenses in 2018 were -1,294.

230,000 yuan, 68 compared with the same period last year.

750,000 yuan decreased by 1,362.

970,000 yuan, the initial reduction in financial expenses is the reduction of supplementary expenses; the company’s 2018 research and development expenses3.06 trillion, compared with the same period last year 4.

09 billion US dollars fell by 25.

14%, the initial reduction in R & D expenses is that some R & D projects have been completed and the R & D expenses have been extended.

In addition, the company’s selling expenses were 11,938.

120,000 yuan, 11,722 compared with the same period last year.

470,000 yuan increased by 215.

660,000 yuan, an annual increase of 1.

84%, management costs 8.

90,000 yuan, an increase of 21 over the same period last year.

68%, but the total period cost is 13.

30,000 yuan, an annual increase of 3.


The Sino-US helicopter difference has broken through, and the company will fully benefit from the development of military and civilian helicopters.

The difference between the current helicopter and the United States breaks through. According to “World Air Force 2018” statistics, the number of U.S. military helicopters is 5,427, and the number of domestic military helicopters is 884, which is only 1/6 of the United States.The second and third generations followed; the number of U.S. registered helicopters was 13,170, and China’s was 1054, which was only 8 of the United States.

00%; China has only 0 in the number of helicopters per million people.

76 aircraft, 1 for the United States.


In addition, most of the domestic civilian helicopters are produced by foreign manufacturers, and the domestic market share of domestic independent brands is less than 10%. The domestic substitution demand is urgent.

The company currently has a complete AC series civilian helicopter pedigree with sufficient capacity. We expect the company to expand the market share of civilian helicopters in the field of civilian helicopters in the future, fully benefit the military-civilian integration and usher in a new round of growth.

Profit forecast and investment advice: We predict that the company’s realised revenue for 2019-2021 will be 163.



91 ppm, an increase of 25 in ten years.

25% / 26.

32% / 26.

69%; net profit attributable to mother 6.



25 trillion, an increase of 25 in ten years.

01% / 26.

57% / 26.

89%; EPS corresponding to 19-21 years are 1.



74 yuan.

Maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk reminders: The new budget is not as good as expected; macroeconomic risks; raw material replacement and price fluctuation risks; product quality and production safety risks.

Perfect World (002624) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: New Tour Launches to Drive Q1 Growth 19 Years

Perfect World (002624) 2018 Annual Report and 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: New Tour Launches to Drive Q1 Growth 19 Years

Incident Description The company released its 2018 annual report on April 30, which stated that the company achieved operating income of 80.

34 ppm, an increase of ten years.

31%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies17.

0.6 million yuan, an increase of 13 in ten years.


The company intends to distribute cash to all shareholders for every 10 shares1.

80 yuan (including tax).

Incident Comment 18Q4 revenue rebounded, R & D and investment income caused profit changes.

1) The company achieved operating income of 25 in the fourth quarter of 2018.

2.1 billion (QOQ36.

An increase of 53% 4.

79%) realized net profit attributable to mother 3.

8.9 billion (QOQ -27.

42% / Year-on-Year.


Q4’s revenue has picked up, but the reason for the change from the mother’s quarterly basis is that 18Q3’s company confirmed a small shareholding in Zulong and the global film revenue (3.

1.7 billion), the investment income in the fourth quarter decreased by 2 from the previous quarter.

2.3 billion; 18Q4 company’s R & D spending increased by 1.

9.4 billion.

2) The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin in 2018 was 55.

81% (1% year-on-year.

55%), sales / management / R & D and financial expense ratios are 10 respectively.

95% (+1.

58%) / 8.

77% (-0.

84%) / 17.

59% (1.

05%) / 2.

09% (-0.


3) Report that the merged company transferred the hospital line assets to the controlling shareholder, resulting in the business H2 not being merged, excluding it affecting the company’s 18-year revenue growth6.

20%; the proportion of goodwill in total assets dropped to 5 at the end of the 18th after the circuit was released.

83% (-6.

47%) with a book value of 9.

32 billion.

The mobile game was biased to the top, and the new game in 19Q1 countered strongly.

1) In the reporting period, the company’s game business realized revenue53.

89 billion (YOY-4.13%), gross margin 66.

97% (+ 1% year-on-year.

90%); mobile games are affected by the suspension of the version number approval of the new game on-line process, mainly rely on “Xianxian mobile games” and other classic old games and H1 launched “reincarnation formula”, “like fire”, “Wulin Waichuan mobile games” and other contributionsTo achieve income 27.

11 billion (YOY-11.

94%), with a gross profit margin of 63.

18% (+4 compared with the same period last year).


2) The company newly launched “Perfect World Mobile Games” in March of 19th. In the first month of the first month, the app store ranked first on the best-selling list for 19 days.

In addition, the company will continue to develop market segments in 19 years, and it is expected to launch “New Demon Continent” (opened in May), “The Condor Heroes 2”, “Dream Collection Cygnus”, “Xiao Xiao Ao Jiang Hu”, etc.

3) Report a series of company terminal games and console games to achieve revenue21.

96 billion (year-on-year)

28%), 4.

6.3 billion (YOY-10.

99), gross profit margin 73.

57% (-2.

02%), 58.

83% (-2.


Launched “Deep Sea Trek Subnautica” in 18 years, launched “Very Heroes Unruly Heroes” in 19Q1, and researched products “New Legend World”, “Perfect World Console” “Don’t even think about it” and so on.

The company and Valve jointly established Steam China and participated in the 19-year “DOTA2” International Invitational Tournament. They are committed to continue to consolidate the company’s advantages in the field of end-games and e-sports, and at the same time leverage the Steam platform to conduct external cooperation such as product introduction and conversion.

The performance of the TV series is dazzling, and the series has established a head content advantage.

1) Report a series of company film and television business to achieve revenue26.

11 billion (year-on-year 14.

67%), gross margin 33.

50% (-5.

78%); income excluding cinemas is 21.

05 billion (YOY46.

71%), mainly benefiting from the good performance of the company’s top-quality dramas. The “Mother’s Road”, “Sweet Honey and Ember Frost”, “The Sharp Blade Attack”, and “Return”, which were broadcast in 18 years, all entered the viewing and webcasting TOP20;”Brave Heart 2″ and “The New Youth of Glorious Trends” have also contributed to good performance, reporting the company’s TV drama business realized revenue.

4.9 billion (55 percent year-on-year.


In 19 years, the script series “Youth Fight”, “The Most Beautiful Youth”, “While We Are Young”, etc. have been broadcast.

2) The performance of the company’s artiste agent’s variety show is stable, and the income in the report period1.

94 billion (year-on-year) 8.

58%), invested in the production of “Longing for Life 2”, “Extreme Challenge 4”, etc .; in terms of movies, NetU’s “Soul Ferry ·四川耍耍网 Huangquan” became the headline box office movie for 18 years, and the film “Shadow” achieved box office 6.

2.9 billion (cat’s eye data).

Investment suggestion: The company will achieve operating income of 20 in 2019Q1.

42 billion (year-on-year)

26%), net profit attributable to mother 4.

86 billion (34 compared to the same period last year).

“Perfect World Mobile Games” has a strong on-line performance, and Q2 is expected to continue its growth; strategic cooperation with Google to accelerate the game’s going to sea.
The company expects EPS 1 in 2019-21.



00, corresponding to April 30 lasts 28.

26 yuan, 19-21 PE 18/16/14.

The company’s game business leader has obvious advantages, while the film and television business can be steadily stable, focusing on boutique strategies to build head advantages against the trend.

Maintain BUY rating.

Risks: Uncertain policy changes, project and product progress are less than expected

Chang’er Equipment (833115): Product customers continue to upgrade.

Chang’er Equipment (833115): Product customers continue to upgrade.

Investment points: The company is committed to the localization of high-end CNC machine tools, and its products and customers are constantly upgraded.

The company’s products are replaced 杭州夜网 from single broaching machines to composite machine tools, machining centers, and automated production lines. Customers are penetrating from the automotive industry to the aerospace and air force industries. The goal is to refer to domestic high-end machine tool replacements.

  Investment opportunities in the machine tool industry lie in import substitution.

1) China is the world’s largest consumer of machine tools, with an annual consumption of US $ 30 billion.

However, in the context of the decline in industrial GDP growth, the overall demand for the machine tool industry has changed, and it is expected that the demand for machine tools will change around 0% in recent years; 2) The localization rate of core components is low, and domestic machine tools are “low-end surplus, high-end shortage”.

China imported 87 machine tools for 87 years.

400 million US dollars, the import and export deficit of 54.

500 million US dollars, ranking first in the world, high-end machine tools rely on Germany and Japan to import.

Domestic machine tool companies are generally positioned in the low and mid-end range, with poor living conditions. The industry ‘s overall net profit margin was less than 3% from January to April of 19th.

At present, the localization rate of machine tool core components such as CNC systems, screw rods, and spindles is low, and the localization rate of high-end machine tools is only 6%.

Therefore, in the case of poor overall demand, domestic substitution is the only investment logic.

3) Downstream industries focus on automotive, consumer electronics and aerospace industries.

According to Sullivan Data Center, China’s CNC high-precision machine tool revenue share in 2016 was 33.

1% comes from cars, 24% comes from consumer electronics, and 18% comes from defense and aerospace.

  Among them, the automotive industry and the aerospace military industry have high requirements for machine tool performance, which can be used as a verification of the technical strength of domestic brands.

  Two localization paths of high-end machine tools: upstream “R & D + M & A”, downstream “customization + service”.

At present, there are two main ways for domestic brands to break through. One is to break through the restrictions of core components through independent research and development and mergers and acquisitions of overseas machine tool companies.

This path places heavy emphasis on R & D, heavy capital, high technology, and some restrictions on acquisitions, but listed companies already have successful cases. The second is joint downstream R & D with customers. The core is the technology integration capability of the machine tool industry, which can form a hidden industry segmentThe championship is more suitable for SMEs with technical experience.

This is also the development path of Changer equipment.

  From broaching to production lines, from automobiles to aerospace military industry, products and customers are constantly upgraded.

Changkuan Equipment is mainly engaged in high-end machine tools. Its gross profit margin is higher than the average level of listed counterparts.

The company’s leading products and customers have developed in two dimensions, with rich R & D reserves, and have initially entered the aerospace military industry field, proving its outstanding R & D strength.

  We believe that the company has two core competitive advantages: first, high-quality customers and customer-centric R & D and management capabilities; second, industry-university-research cooperation, and the R & D team of the machine tool industry for more than 20 years to ensure its R & D capabilities.

  Profit forecast and estimation: We expect the company’s revenue from 2019 to 2021 to be 86.3 million and 1 respectively.

2.9 billion and 2.

200 million, an increase of -3.

9%, 50% and 70%, net profit was 6.29 million, 12.05 million and 20.33 million, respectively.

Considering the company’s various CNC machine tool 杭州桑拿 reserves and the development speed of high-end industries such as aerospace and military, we believe that the company’s reasonable division interval is 50% -60% of the average PE of comparable listed companies, and the corresponding reasonable price range is 8.


04 yuan / share.

  Main risk factors: Downside risks of manufacturing fixed asset investment

Refreshing exercise on a hot summer day is good for fitness

Refreshing exercise on a hot summer day is good for fitness

On a hot summer day, you will sweat profusely, let alone a more intense weight loss exercise.

How to solve this problem?

Here are some cool summer sports for you.

Allows you to enjoy the coolness, while eliminating excess meat, the previous lower abdomen, tightening the calf.

  ”Xia Lian San Fu” follows the gentle principle of “Winter Lian San Jiu Xia Lian San Fu”. This fitness method with exercise will as the main purpose needs to choose the right time and method.

Professor Wei Zhiqiang, director of the Department of Sports and Leisure Sports at the Institute of Physical Education, said that the principle of summer fitness is to avoid strenuous exercise and try to take relatively gentle exercises below 120 beats, such as badminton, yoga, tai chi, jogging, swimming, etc.

  In 38 ° C hot days, long-distance running can be used to exercise will and physical strength, but it is very easy to cause heat stroke.

In summer sports, the elderly must pay attention to the amount in small quantities, continue, and ensure rest to restore physical fitness; although young people have better physical conditions than the elderly, they do not need to be under the hot sun, play football, play basketball for too long and cause dehydration. Examples of heat stroke are alsoEverywhere.

It is recommended that everyone sweat through exercise to achieve detoxification.

  If you can exercise scientifically, “three summer training” will help reduce the incidence of summer diseases.

  It is not advisable to eat cold drinks and showers immediately after exercise. Many people have the habit of drinking a lot of frozen drinks after summer sports, but this practice has many harms.

Excessive sweating during exercise. If you drink a lot of water immediately, it will burden the blood circulation system, digestive system, and especially the heart.

If you have an ice drink, it can cause a sudden brake-like stimulus in your heart.

At the same time, drinking a lot of water will sweat more and cause further loss of salt, which will cause symptoms such as impact crushing and cramps.

  Showering after exercise is another error area. Summer exercise causes the body to produce heat quickly, and the capillaries of the skin also expand a lot, which helps the body to dissipate heat.

If you are under cold stimulation at this time, the pores that have been opened on the body surface will suddenly close, causing the internal organs to become dysfunctional, and the brain’s body temperature will be abnormal, causing illness.

  In addition, summer sports sweat secretion increases, if not changed in time, it is easy to cause rheumatism or arthritis and other diseases.

  Air conditioning in the air-conditioned room allows you to breathe some hot days, the gym is booming every day, and it is overcrowded at night.

Blow air, exercise, but not much sweat on the body, fitness has become a label for leisure enjoyment or showing fashion identity.

  However, Professor Wei Zhiqiang said that the best exercise for health is to be in contact with nature. Long-term high-intensity exercise under air conditioning, the body warmed up after exercise is forced to cool down, it is easy to have backache, and even cause arthritisThe indoor temperature should be controlled at 25 ℃?
About 28 ° C.

Thoroughly, some bodybuilders, after sweating for a short period of time, were caught cold by air conditioning cold wind, and cold germs were extremely contagious in a closed gym environment.

  Professor Wei said that the gym is the place where fresh air is most needed. Especially when performing aerobic exercise, it will consume a lot of oxygen and emit a lot of carbon dioxide.

Fitness places should be based on natural ventilation to ensure air circulation.

If conditions are limited, good artificial ventilation should also be available.

  Cool Sports Ranking ★★★★★ Yoga, Tai Chi Summer Yoga can better let every beauty MM get a better time when they have a tight belly!

A relatively light diet coupled with targeted yoga practice will result in loose excess meat on our abdomen and excess meat on the waist becoming firmer and more tangible.

  In the hot summer, many people will become more irritable than before because of the hot weather. Breathing and meditation through yoga can alleviate your worry.

The content of the “Orange Belly Wheel” opened by the Hada Yoga Club in summer has the effect of quickly tightening the lower abdomen, eliminating excess meat, helping to restore and rebuild the lower abdomen, and shaping a moving “small waist”.

  For middle-aged and elderly people, yoga may be slightly flawed, so try Chinese traditional Taijiquan, which is also a sport of peace of mind. It is smoother than yoga and can increase the body’s heatstroke capacity and adaptability.

  ★★★★ Water extreme sports Emerging and fashionable extreme sports can be divided into two categories according to the season: summer and winter. The former includes alpine gliding, water skiing, whitewater kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, jet skiing, bungy jumping.
Because extreme sports have the characteristics of “integration of nature and man” that “integrate nature (nature, environment, ecology, health) and challenge oneself (positive, brave, joyful, exciting)”, extreme sports have become so popular in Europe and America.Can be described by madness, magic.

  If you go to the seaside, mountains, and lakes this summer, if you happen to be a sports enthusiast who is willing to learn new things, then extreme sports in close contact with seawater, streams, and lakewater can make you enjoy the excitement and feel extremely cool.

  ★★★ Swimming, badminton, and table tennis are undoubtedly very attractive summer sports.

Water flow is a natural massage for the human body. The strokes and draws are alternating between tension and relaxation. The swimming muscles become soft and flexible. Frequent swimming can make the body shapely and the body lines smooth. It is most suitable for weight loss and body shaping.

  It was swimming time at six or seven in the morning, four to five in the afternoon, and good choices after seven or eight in the evening.

Ten minutes to half an hour each tour, about two or three times a week.

The water temperature rises in the summer morning. Before entering the water, wipe your body thoroughly with cold water to make the body adapt to the cold water stimulus and prevent accidents such as cramps.
But try not to swim after ten o’clock in the evening, otherwise it will cause insomnia due to excessive nerve excitement.
  Badminton and table tennis are generally played in air-conditioned rooms, but because of the area above the court, people can feel comfortable during sports.

  ★ ★ Jogging, cycling, basketball, basketball, football jogging is a summer sports method that many experts value, because it can not only enhance breathing function, increase lung capacity, but also improve the human body’s ventilation and ventilation capacity, and can also strengthen the heart muscleThick, exercise heart.
However, sports experts said that if you exercise at a high level, you must pay attention to avoid performing in the sun. The best time to exercise is at 5 or 6 or 5 or 6 in the afternoon to avoid overheating and discomfort.

  In fact, including bicycles, as well as basketball and football that students like, the summer vacation has a lot of time to exercise, but try not to exercise at all times under the hot sun.

In addition, during exercise, do not stop drinking water because of the hot weather. This will easily lead to rapid loss of minerals and physical energy in the body.

Is there a sport you like?

Choose the one that suits you!

wide awake!

Irregular life causes you to deposit toxins

wide awake!
Irregular life causes you to deposit toxins

Accumulation of toxins caused by irregular life through social and economic development and advances in science and technology, the social environment and natural environment in which we live have undergone tremendous changes, and at the same time have also caused some impact on the human body, such as changes in lifestyleThe pace of life is accelerated, physical activity is reduced, high fecal and high protein diets, and changes in mental state are tense, stressful, and there is a lot of sleep.

  These changes often make the harmful substances generated in our body not excreted or discharged in a timely manner, accumulate and accumulate in different parts of the body, causing complications, the most serious are the skin, such as skin ulcers, pigmentation, etc., as well as the brain, liverAnd other important organ damage.

  Xiao Qi is a clerk secretary of a foreign company. She has a good appearance and usually pays special attention to protecting her skin.

But I didn’t expect that she came to my consultation room last Wednesday, which surprised me!

The original white and delicate shells were covered with cracks, and the new and old cracks were heavily overlapped. How could I never find the original hibiscus-like face.

  Xiaoqi sat down and described the cause to me.

It turned out that in the past two months or more after SARS, the company received a large number of orders, and it was too busy to get up and down, overtime became commonplace, and sleeping in the company, except for people feeling extra nervous, even eating, sleeping, and defecation were lostGot the original rules.

There are so many patients like Xiaoqi.

  Visceral function affects appearance TCM theory believes that “there are internal and external forms”, that is, the internal changes of the human body will be reflected from the external appearance, because the internal organs of the human body form an organic whole through the meridians and the limbs, official tips, fur, etc.The beauty is the function of the viscera function and normal work. The function of the viscera is also affected by external factors such as diet and mood, which is the so-called “seven emotions and six desires” in Chinese medicine.

As far as the skin is concerned, it is closely related to the lungs and large intestine in the viscera.

  The Tibetan elephant theory of traditional Chinese medicine transplants the main fur of the lungs.

Among them, proclaiming means to declare, spread, and to reduce, and there is a sense of decline. The surface and the surface are connected to the large intestine through the meridian lungs and affect each other.

Generally, the lungs can spread the body fluids and fine grains absorbed by the human body to the whole body, reaching out to the fur, making the skin look moist and shiny.

  The function of the large intestine is to pass through and excrete dregs, which is closely related to the function of lowering the lungs. The reduction of lung qi helps the normal function of the large intestine’s replacement function.

Once the lungs are declared, their function is impaired, and the moisturization of the skin and the function of the large intestine’s dregs will be affected.

In turn, problems with colonic excretion can also affect the decline of the lungs.

  Therefore, the reduction of lung qi and normal intestinal transmission directly affect the health of the skin.

Clinically, we have observed that many patients with skin cracks (sometimes spread to the chest and abdomen) are often accompanied by constipation.

The Chinese medicine clears the lungs and heats the lungs, lowers the belching air, or spreads the lungs and nourishes the yin and intestines, helping to expel toxins from the body and acne on the skin.

  Excretion is the main way of detoxification. From the perspective of modern medicine, the digestive system, as an integral part of the human body, is interconnected with the nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory and other systems and affects each other.

One of the main physiological functions of the large intestine is to form feces and control defecation, which is one of the main channels for the body to replace toxins.

  Food residues generally stay in the large intestine for more than 10 hours. During this process, part of the water in the food residues is absorbed by the large intestine mucosa, and at the same time, bacteria are formed by fermentation and destruction of bacteria. The stool also includes replaced intestinal epithelial cells, A large number of bacteria, bile pigment derivatives excreted from the liver, and certain heavy metals excreted from the intestinal wall; such as calcium, magnesium, mercury and other salts.

It is estimated that there are 109-1011 bacteria per gram of colon content, and the bacteria in the feces can account for 10% -30% of the solids accumulation in the stool. Some bacteria can break down proteins to produce peptides, amines, ammonia, and a small amount of hydrogen sulfide.And odorous indole nitrate and other toxic substances.

  Under normal circumstances, they are absorbed into the blood, can be transformed in the liver, and detoxify without harming health.

When these toxic substances are produced too much, accumulate for a long time, and cannot be discharged in time, they may cause self-poisoning, harm the human body, and even if our skin looks unhealthy, it will affect other organisms. According to reports, ammonia, instead of indThe accumulation of harmful substances such as indole can damage brain cells, cause it to die prematurely, die too much, suffer memory loss, and even dementia.

Damage to liver cells can reduce liver function and lead to acute hepatitis.

Therefore, toxins are expelled from the body in time to prevent them from accumulating in the body, causing damage to human skin, liver, brain and other tissues and organs.

  In order to completely detoxify under normal conditions, the human body maintains a dynamic balance between daily replacement and excretion, so that the organs and organs of the viscera can function normally and maintain the health of the body.

However, in real life, due to work stress, high psychological pressure, irrational diet, reduced exercise and other effects, many people ignore or fail to maintain this dynamic balance, regular diet is not balanced, and the number of bowel movements is reduced or prolongedAs a result of the accumulation of toxins, many diseases follow.

  Therefore, we should recognize the nature of “detoxification” as soon as possible, and recognize it, develop good living habits, should exclude the influence of psychological factors and emotions, and ensure adequate sleep, which is the root cause.

When necessary, the use of certain drugs, especially Chinese herbal medicines, helps us through the “difficulty”, but we cannot rely on it, because this is only a cure.

What about acne bullying on the head?


What about acne “bullying” on the head?

Acne is the easiest to kick your nose and face, but you never thought you would “bully” your head!
Recently, some netizens reported that they had acne on their heads, which was painful and itchy, and could not be scratched, otherwise it was more serious.
Why do annoying acne grow on my head?
In general, acne on the head is similar to acne on the face, mainly due to the following reasons: excessive oil secretion: a person’s scalp has very rich hair follicles and sebaceous glands, and the scalp will also produce oil. If the scalp is not takenThe oil control measures, if you do n’t wash your hair often, will cause excessive secretion of oil to block the hair follicles, causing small lumps like “acne” to appear on the scalp.
Especially for people with oily skin, the amount of oil on the scalp will increase accordingly.
  Endocrine disorders: Frequently staying up late to work overtime, irritable and unstable mood, and uncontrolled diet may cause endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders are one of the important reasons for skin spots and acne.
In addition, abnormal female estrogen secretion is also a factor in acne.
  Toxin deposition in the body: Unhealthy eating habits, preference for greasy and spicy foods, and dislike of vegetables and fruits, can easily cause toxin deposition, long-term accumulation of toxins, not only acne on the face, but also acne will grow to the scalp.
  The cleaning method is not correct: incomplete cleansing or residual cleansing milk, shampoo, and conditioner may cause acne.
  In addition to the above four common causes, working in a greasy environment for a long time, such as gas stations, kitchens, and the environment, the oil in the environment easily stains the hair and scalp, causing the clogging of hair follicle holes, leading to the appearance of acne.
People with kidney yin deficiency are also more likely to develop acne.
  What should I do if I have acne on my head?
The first thing to do is to “sit on the right seat”, first identify the reason, and then take countermeasures based on the reason.
  According to the above causes of acne on the head, you can start from the following points: 1.
Wash your hair frequently.
Maintain a good attitude and work regularly.
Eat a light diet, reduce fire and detox.
Clean the face and head skin thoroughly.
  In addition to the above general guidelines, you can also try food therapy to help relieve acne: 1, eat more foods rich in vitamins A and B.
Examples include carrots, chives, amaranth, spinach, and animal livers.
  2. Eat more foods rich in zinc, including lean meat, sea cucumber, sea fish, and eggs, because Xin can control the secretion of sebaceous glands and reduce cell shedding and keratinization.
  3. Consumption of cool and heat-removing foods in a targeted manner.
Such foods include lean pork, pork lung, rabbit meat, duck blood, mushrooms, celery and so on.

6 question marks that must be resolved

6 question marks that must be resolved

I met a consultant a while ago. She is an employee of a state-owned enterprise. Since graduating two years ago, she has safely enjoyed stable wages and generous benefits in state-owned enterprises, but now she wants to change jobs because the job is nowToo biased, not suitable for myself, and now I want to go to foreign companies.

  This incident reminded me of the personality of a personnel director not long ago. She called this idea “two years of itching”. If you survive it, it will be a peaceful life. If you can’t survive it, it will be a game.

  In my opinion, “two years of itching” is not a bad thing, “two years” is just a time point for re-evaluation and re-selection.

The key to making the right choice is the science and premise of the assessment.

I summed up the content of the evaluation of “whether I change jobs” can be summarized with the following six questions: Why should I change jobs?

  When the job-hopping problem is specific to a person, it becomes very complicated: Where is your current job dissatisfied?

What else do you want?

Are you dissatisfied? Can your company help you do it now?

If the current company can’t, can other companies do it?

  Here’s a reminder, if your last label is because you are “tired” and you change jobs, then I suggest that you quickly dispel your thoughts, because this is not good for you, unless God left you something in front of your house.Go pick it up.

  What have I done in two years?

  If you decide to change jobs, then, as a career instructor, I don’t want you to be in that position two years ago.

This problem is even more important if the job is transferred from a state-owned enterprise.

Most companies, especially foreign companies, do not agree with the work experience of state-owned enterprises.

So, have you learned anything in the past two years, and whether you have studied further, it has become the key to your success or failure.

  Where are you going to jump?

  The first job has a great impact on a person’s career, so job-hopping in the industry is more common than job-hopping.

From small-scale companies to large-scale companies, from state-owned enterprises to foreign-owned companies, or from foreign-owned enterprises to state-owned enterprises, job-hopping will always cause changes. The key is to capture the main changes in order to be targeted.

  What was lost?

  The change will certainly not be a one-way change for the better or worse. The problems are complicated.

Maybe life is full, but the pressure is also high; maybe the salary is high, but it is hard . this imbalance is absolute, the key to the final decision is what you value

  What will happen?

  Work is part of life.

Changes in work will definitely affect life, especially for people with families. It is not just themselves, but their families.

When the two conflict, the “family PK career” is an inevitable problem.

  Have time to change jobs?

  This problem is the simplest, but also the most practical.

Preparing for a job change is laborious.

If you ca n’t even squeeze out the time now, if you do n’t have enough preparations to “resign”, you can only endure the “two-year itch” silently.

Three types of wives put men in crisis

Three types of wives put men in crisis

Mrs. Crisis NO.

1: Leave the smile to a man other than my husband. In 2003, I was admitted to the civil service. My wife Swallow opened a cafe.

  During the opening period, she was so busy as a spinning top that she was busy in the store from morning till night.

When I got home, I was so tired to say a few more words that I was exhausted.

I understand her hard work, and I am also touched by the hardship of her entrepreneurship. She always endured her neglect in silence.

However, now two years have passed, the coffee shop is already on track, the business is good, and any issues such as management do not need her to do it herself. She still spends more time outside and less time home, even on weekends.
  As a husband, I was puzzled by her approach.

  One night, I stopped by the cafe while buying late night for my son.

It was that night that I learned how the wife of a cafe female owner was alive and well.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw her sitting at a large table surrounded by a group of men frantically speaking. I found a dark corner to sit down and watched her laugh with a bunch of strange men from afar.

Looking at her smiling face through the dim light, I suddenly had a particularly uncomfortable strangeness.

The woman with a lot of oxidants in front of her and the woman with a smile on her face and the woman with a cold face who comes home every day is my wife?

  After sitting for a few minutes, she found me, so came over to say hello, and explained to me that those are the old customers in the shop.

I couldn’t help saying, “It seems I’m not as good as your guests.

“She snuggled up very sensitively immediately, extruding a trace of tiredness and saying,” You’re still jealous. ”

“I was even more disturbed, and felt her guilty.

  Later, I often went to the cafe by reason and found that she often sat and laughed with strange men.

After paying attention, it seemed that she could not see which one was especially close to her.

I think I’m so useless. The happiness and smile of my wife are left to men other than my husband. I can only endure the taste.

  Dispel the crisis “slay plan”: 1.

Faced with a wife who is hot outside and cold inside, the first thing a man should do is not to find out which man she is closer to, but to give her confidence, and never deny herself by seeing her lively side.

When a man is confident, his mind will be broad.


Too many people who like to deal with strangers are very cheerful. If she makes her feel dull as a gentleman, the conversation between them will not be speculative for a long time.

Occasionally have a date with my wife alone; or put a sprig of her favorite lily on the pillow on her late night; and make a few more jokes when she is angry.

Make fun of life and your charm is back.


Understand his wife and silently support her work.

Finding a rare book on business management or collecting some of the latest information about foreign coffee shops will make your wife moved by your care and care.

  Mrs. Crisis NO.

2: With the men in the circle of Mr. “good” to be friends A Feng likes my wife Fanfan I have long felt.

That day, A Feng said that he came to my house for dinner. When I worked overtime, I asked him to go home and help Fan Fan cook.

  However, when I went home and opened the door, I saw A Feng sitting on the sofa and talking to Fan Fan. Fan Fan laughed like a child, and suddenly there was an illusion.

  Since then I have a little tadpole in my heart.

But Fanfan didn’t notice my emotion at all, and always mentioned A Feng in front of me.

Last week was Fan Fan’s birthday. I suddenly received a text message from A Feng asking if my sister-in-law was celebrating her birthday these days?

I immediately wrote back to him angrily and said it was okay!

That night, I lost sleep after celebrating Fanfan’s birthday.  In fact, I would rather believe that there is nothing between them, but seriously recall every detail of the three of us together, but suddenly it is full of flaws.

Why is A Feng still thinking about her birthday?

Why does she always mention A Feng?

She occasionally was charming when A Feng was there.

The more I think about it, the more I feel uneasy. I can’t help but hug Fan Fan fiercely. She wakes up, what should you do, Jiao, and I will go to work tomorrow.

I prefer not to listen. Maybe only sex can make me feel at ease and make me believe that I and her are the best. No one can replace it.

  Dispel the crisis “slay plan”: 1.

Harmonious sex is certainly the best healing tool between husband and wife, but men with a sense of crisis must not only seek sexual security in marriage.

Women are sexual because of love, which is exactly unsafe behavior for his wife.


Although indifferent is a man’s virtue, there is random speculation. It is better to find the right time to strike side by side, suggesting that his wife, his lover and friends must be clearly separated.

If the wife still does not understand and does not prevent finding a place for the three to get along, give the wife some body language and kiss her unattended without a gesture, indicating that the lover is a lover and the friend is a friend.

  Mrs. Crisis NO.

3: She seems to be my “boss”. My wife and I seem to be two rabbits on the same starting line-graduated from the same university, and married and had children after being admitted to a scientific research unit.

But from the previous year, I slowly realized that we were not on the same level.

Unlike many women who sacrificed their careers for the family, the wife didn’t transfer all the benefits to her husband’s children after she got married and had children. Instead, she still worked hard. She quickly stood out in the unit of men.

Although I also worked hard to produce results and publish my dissertation, I never got the appreciation of the leaders.

  At the end of 2005, his wife was promoted by two levels with a research project that won the National Excellent Award, and his salary was raised by two levels.

  All my colleagues saw me congratulating me for finding a good wife, but I was not happy at all.

As long as I think that I will call my wife “head” in the unit in the future, the feeling of depression is like Taishan’s peak, which makes me breathless.

  Recently, my wife often travels and participates in training or lectures in other places. Although she always tells me where to go and what arrangements I have, I always feel uncomfortable.

What made me even more intolerable was that she didn’t seem to care about me like she used to.

Once she was on a business trip for 3 days without a phone call.

  Slowly, I began to strike a balance by hitting my wife.

I wear serious clothes when she wears any clothes, and a friend gave her lipstick, and I said that your mouth is so red that it is like doing research.

She paid double pay at the end of the year, and I said that you are probably the tallest among the dwarfs.

My wife always smiles with tolerance, and it is impossible for women to be tolerant when they love a man.

I hope she can make endless noise with me like she used to, like a wayward child.

That hysterical look was annoying at the time, but now I think about it and find that it is the most beautiful posture of a woman. At least I can be sure that she only loves me when she does so.

  Dispel the crisis “slay plan”: 1.

If a woman’s career is well done, it will inevitably attract the attention of other men. Men must first face this fact, and they should take an extraordinary attitude to accept this fact.

Remember, it is a man’s blessing to marry a capable and motivated wife.


Sometimes the same effort does not necessarily yield the same result, and possibility is a very important part of determining success.

If the actual work environment is not suitable for your development, consider changing to a different department.

The new location is likely to be the fertile ground for your progress.


From time to time, come out with a “family card”: When my wife is on a business trip, a few calls a day is annoying, and one call a day is warm.