“I am actually deceived.。”

“Sister teaches you,How about it?”
The first thousand four hundred and ninety-one chapter travel to the United States
“Hey-hey,Sister,What are you going to teach me??”
Listen to this words,Li Hui is also laughing.。
“Humph,Teach you how to bring Xiaoyan girl to come back?!”
“She must have feelings to you.,I don’t come back with you.,You only need me to teach you a word.,Then there is 100% no problem.。”
Li Hui Looking at Xu Ruzhen’s smile,Immediately:“Which word?”
“Good girl is afraid,Good man is afraid,You won’t understand this most basic truth.?”
“Forehead,These are not all rumors??
Really used?”
Li speaks through these words,But I haven’t worry about it.。
This time, Xu Ruzhen said,He felt some accidents。
“nonsense,Affirmative,When are you going to start??”
“Forehead,I haven’t thought about this.,During this time, I am ready to be more than a time.,I haven’t been with the sister for a long time.,I have already forgot the taste of the sister.。”
Li Hui’s words, let Xu Ruzhen are shameful and angry.。
“This is only a few days, you have to forget me.,That if it is more than time,Are you forgotten with me??”
In the face of Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui Feng is also a connected denial。
Next day,Xu Ruzhen also did not go to the hotel with clothing factory,Tour the mountains directly to play with the wind。
And Li Hui is also a matter of doing some things to do with each other.。
“Sister,Do you have to go back??”
Why ask this question?
Do you feel that I still need to go back??”
“Forehead,I do not know either,I feel that the sister has feelings for them.,So I will ask。”
Li Hui also doesn’t know why you want to ask this.。
“Go back,Also seen,They all think that the things are my fault.,So I will not go back now.。”
Xu Ruzhen said this,It is also full of loss in your eyes.。
Transient thinking,Li Hui Feng also understands that Xu Ru is more painful.。
He gently took the other party in his arms.,Gentle road:“Sister,Waiting for me to find her,We will fly far away.,How about it?”
“Go to a place that no one knows us,Go to a foreign peach source,how?”
“Listen to you,Where are you?,I will go with.。”
Feel the heart of Xu Ruzhen,Li Hui is also laughing.。

The bullet hit the glass only leaving traces like a spider web,The warhead is toughened glass that can’t hit bulletproof at all。

O Sheng sneered,Slam the steering wheel。
“Bang”The sound of,The motorcycle was hit and flew out,The car just got stuck behind,I dragged more than ten tons of containers behind the truck.,Just crushed the two of them。
The three Simon of the Intelligence Bureau are also in the command car, always receiving feedback from everywhere:“The two gunmen who attacked the eighth car lost contact!”
Simon said excitedly:“Call up the route map of car 8,The important items in the laboratory must be in this car!”
Adrew soon invaded the Sky Eye system on Hong Kong Island,Called up the monitoring screen and said:“Car No. 8 is on the way to Tsuen Wan,Only five kilometers away from us,Can catch up in three minutes!”
“it is good!”
Simon shouted excitedly:“Guys get in the car!”
The rear of the command vehicle modified by the truck slowly opened,A red supercarF911Exposed,Simon、Adru、Andy is bringing weapons,Get in the car。
Simon took the walkie-talkie from the driver’s seat and shouted:“Open gate!”
The container back door opens,Drop off,Simon directly starts the car in reverse gear,Supercar comes directly from the container,Followed by fast shifting,It’s not enough for super running5second2Just from0Arrived100Speed,Chasing Chen Xiu and their car。

Four people silence,I watched the Fu Tianril was explained.,Then a group of people raise。

“hateful,The chaos thieves actually arrived here.,Women,Its heart。”
“If you are not a thousand people,I am afraid that he is suffering from grievances.,When I just pushed me,I definitely cut it.,Let him know that the consequences。”
“what,It turns out that you think so.。”
“Who is not?,If it is not for thousands of people,I can sit down and don’t say anything.?”
“It is extremely extreme。”
Do not say that the officers and men’s camps are whispering,Fu Tianril is hidden by a family,Seeing a big daughter around a mask man,Immediate old face。
Just,He heard,Sisters are two people to rescue him.,Not far from thousands of miles,I don’t know how much it is?,How many tears。If Fu Qingfeng really found a person,His old face is not,Pushing away your pro,But……
Men wearing masks a little evil door,He is angry and reading too much,How do you feel awkward?。
“Aforehen,This is Cui Hong gradually,thanks to……”
See your old father’s face is not good,Fu Yuechi whisper introduced two times,There are sour words.,My sister is a child, I will grab the toy.,Growing up and grab the man。
“Cui Jin gradually……”
Fu Tiannen,This name is a little familiar,Where did he still heard?。
Looks like a front time,When he inspected the imperial examinations,There is a show that people in the exam call this name.。Wenhe,It is very eye-catching in a group of 文 稚,Very admired by the examiner……
Is it the same person??
Wait a minute,Be unreliable!
Fu Tianzi is on the championship,Vision,When I listened two, I found that Fu Yuechi is wrong.。
Snapped,This lady is coveted,I thought of it.!
“Cui Daohang,In Fu Renge,Dare to ask……”
“busy,Don’t ask,People have just hurry up.。”
Liao Wenjie said,Taoism that retracts spring winds,Left thousand households slowly,I saw Fu Tianril who didn’t have a smashing.,Jumping out behind the steel knife。
“Fu everyone,You want to be clear,I escort you to the capital,If you really have a grievous,Can tell you。”
Left thousand cold channels:“If you leave,Whether you have a mist?,Will carry a crime of fear of sin,Repentance。”
“Left thousand no need to say,I am loyal to myself.,Although I am jail,He has never resentful,Waiting for me and two daughters say a few words,Willing to add it,See you with you.。”
Fu Tianril, powerful,The literati is arrogant,Direct view left thousands,Not afraid of it is amazing。
Along the way,Fu Tianril knows the left and thousands of households,Loyal to the chance,No two hearts,It is a stupid,Unidentified loyalty, no evil。
at the same time,He also celebrated his martial arts is a thousand,I went all the way to block the blog knife dark arrow,Otherwise, he has already dyed the cold.,Dead in half。
“Aforehen,What are you talking about stupid?,The charter is a small person.,How can you go to the capital?……”
“Don’t have to say more!”
Fu Tianxi raises his hand stops two daughters,Continue to the left thousand:“I am willing to accompany thousands of people to the capital.,Please also leave your hand.,Don’t tell the little female robbery。”
Left thousand people thought about it,No casualties,I will not give Fu Tianril.。
“Then thank you thousands of households.!”
Fu Tianril,Long bow,The opposite left thousands don’t dare to,Alarm。

This gangster style,It’s really easy to play a handful of cards,But Xia Jian loses more and loses less,Just over two hours,He has lost more than 500 yuan,How many women does this little money,Really a piece of cake,But for Xia Jian,Already a lot,He regrets sitting here。

It’s finally eleven o’clock,Aling received a call,He said he needed to go back immediately,This table just broke up。Xia Jian stood up,Stretched,Go out without saying anything。
The clubhouse entertainment hall at this time,It’s the happiest time for people to play,But Xia Jian has no mood anymore,He even complained a little bit about Chen Xia,If not for her,I might have gone to bed now,That can still lose 50%。
The whole villa area is very quiet,The soft light of the street lamp shines on the road,Occasionally pedestrians pass by。Xia Jian is blowing the evening breeze slowly,Feel the rare comfort since this day。
Suddenly,Someone yelled behind him:“Hey!Wait for me“A nice voice from a woman came。
Xia Jian surprised,Hurriedly turned around。I blame my mind for a long time,Someone walked behind him,She didn’t even know。
Two meters away,Which Affi is the one standing。I saw her looking at him with a smile on her face,Looks a little cute。
“Oh!Are you calling me?“Xia Jian asked softly。
Afei took a step closer to Xiajian and said:“Of course I am calling you,Is there anyone else around?“But it does,There is really no one around here。
Xia Jian scratched his head embarrassedly and said:“Is something wrong with you?”
“Damn!You are so boring,I can’t call you if I’m fine!I see you walking along this road,Should be on the same road as me,So I called you”Affi said,Can’t help but shook his head,Obviously she asked Xia Jian,Feel very dissatisfied。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“South area318number,What is your number?”
“south302number”Afei looked at Xia Jian,She seemed to question Xia Jian in her eyes,Why live in such a good house。
Two people walked forward gently,Afei asked Xia Jian suddenly:“I don’t seem to have seen you before,You rarely go to clubs!”
“Ok!more or less!There are really few clubs”I asked the last sentence,Xia Jian can answer the last sentence,The atmosphere is a bit embarrassing。
Affi suddenly stopped,She looked at Xia Jian and said:“You are obviously bohemian,But I have to pretend to be gentle,Boring!Really boring”Affi finished,Angrily turned around and walked away quickly。

Anyway, they are all senior executives of the company,Where to go,I must go to the most classy place。

It’s here,Where’s Ye Xuan,Already satiated。
“Let’s go sing,Just finished eating。”
Ye Xuan’s words,And got the approval of many people。
Actually they,I wanted to do this long ago。
And now,It looks like,These things,In fact, there is no doubt about it。
slowly,See here,Ye Xuan’s proposal,Got the approval of many people。
Since I’m going to sing,I must look for the best grade here。
Only then,Spend more money。
And the health that Ye Xuan can increase,Will be more。
“Actually think so,Still pretty good。”
When Ye Xuan saw this,I’m secretly guessing here。
But now,Other things,Actually, there is nothing to entangle with for the time being。
I just stared in front of me subconsciously,The more so,Actually Ye Xuan felt,What should we do now。
at this point,Ye Xuan feels,Xia Chaoxian, they must be targeting themselves。
“Forget it,Take care of that guy?”
“Anyway,Get ready,Career development,Wait until the development is almost done,Then leave directly!”
Ye Xuan’s plan for her future,very good。

Wang Lin glanced at Zhou Li,Whisper:“You go out first“Zhou Li hesitated,I looked at Xia Jian with a bit of dismay,Turned and went out。

Wang Lin is sure the door is closed,Then he lowered his voice and said:“This is what Mr. Xiao meant,In fact, her feet have fully recovered,I was discharged from the hospital this morning“
“Why do you do this?“Xia Jian really doesn’t understand。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Pour him a glass of water first,Just say:“I don’t know anything about it,But her decision must have her reason,Xia is not in a hurry to leave, right!“
This woman,It’s the roundworm in his stomach,He did think so,This is a matter of fighting with people every day,Really tired,Why don’t you go to the cargo yard and carry a big bag?,After last night,Xia Jian’s heart has begun to retreat,He thought,As long as Xiao Xiaoyi is discharged,He left immediately,Best to return to Yiyuan,Big deal, go back to the yard,I am a migrant worker,Can’t get crazy。
Wang Lin gently sat opposite Xia Jian,Sighed and said:“Actually President Xia doesn’t need to do this at all,You have done well enough,Completely exceeded our expectations,When Mr. Xiao took over this job,,Far worse than you,But she didn’t give up,Persisted,That’s why today“
“Hey!I can’t compare with her,She is a college student,And still a real city man,I am a migrant worker at best“Xia Jian completely lost his former edge,Looks like mud can’t get on the wall。
Wang Lin said slightly:“Mr. Xia was so wrong to say that,Three generations up,Almost everyone is a farmer,What’s wrong with migrant workers,You just lead them。You come to the company within a few days,The company started to change,Mr. Xiao has very high expectations for you,You might let her down“
Xia Jian who had abandoned his heart,What Wang Lin said,Confidence is up again,He smiled awkwardly and said:“I just said casually,You notify Mr. Jin and them immediately,Come to my office for a meeting“
“Ok“Wang Lin happily responded。
When everyone is here,Xia Jian began to say:“Fengyuan Mining,Can’t drag at all,Mr. Jin needs to sort out the information as soon as possible,If the situation is serious,Send it to the Public Security Bureau,There is no way out“
“You went to see Guo Meili last night,Do you have…“Jin Yimei just asked halfway,I saw Xia Jianchong shaking her head straight,Jin Yimei with a good brain,Immediately understand。
“If according to the shipping record you provided,And then guess the records of these years,Yan Zhengsen has to go to jail for a few years,But you know,After all, the law emphasizes the truthfulness,Instead of guessing“Jin Yimei paused for a while,Then continued。
Professional speaking is to have a level,Without any nonsense。
Xia Jian closed his eyes and thought for a while,Immediately said:“Can’t control so much,Don’t have to treat who,But to close this gap as soon as possible,Let the group reduce losses“

All members,As long as you are a member of the iron and blood blade,Arrived at the meeting point immediately。

“Stand at attention,Align to the right,Report the number!”
After the count is successfully reported。
Flying wolf and Zhuang Yan Lengfeng came over one after another。
“Highest order,At all costs,Rescue the members of the special forces and scientists trapped in Alibya。”
“Chinese scientists were taken hostage by Aliba’s thugs ten days ago,Request us to provide its strategic funding of 10 billion U.S. dollars。”
“Women’s Special Forces, Red Cell Special Forces and other teams failed to rescue。”
“Where Thor is seriously injured,Women’s special forces and red blood cell teams suffered heavy losses。”
“Other teams don’t save one。”
“After intelligence gathering,Found behind itmNational participation,Provide it with cutting-edge weapons,Mass killing,Traumatic,arms。”
Flying Wolf said in a deep voice,Directly describe the severity of this mission。
Everyone knows the severity of this mission。
Two top teams suffered heavy losses,Among them, Thor was seriously injured。
The other teams don’t have one,One can imagine how grim the situation is。

Xia Jian looks stupid this time,He never thought that the affair between him and Qin Xiaomin would start in this way,Really stunned。

“What you just said was pretty good,Xiao Min is indeed very good,So you have to work harder,To catch up with her。I think about it too,You should come to work in the provincial capital!”Li Lan said lightly。
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help being surprised,He said with a busy smile:“Aunt!I’m just a mayor,No formal establishment,How to work in the provincial capital?”
“This is not your consideration,I let you come,You just promise,I will take care of the rest for you”Li Lan frowned,Said with majesty。
Xia Jian took a deep breath and said:“The people of Pingyang Town can’t do without me,I can’t do without”
“Humph!Is your ambition pretty great?If you want to continue with Xiao Min,Then you must agree to the conditions I just put forward,Otherwise it’s nowhere”Li Lan said,Stood up a little angrily。
Xia Jian was stunned,He can’t refuse Li Lan in front of Qin Xiaomin,Doesn’t this mean hitting her Qin Xiaomin in the face??He Xia Jian can’t do this。
The atmosphere in the living room is a bit awkward,Qin Xiaomin lowered his head,Li Lan stood at the window with hands behind his back,Looking at the sky with empty eyes。At this time, Xia Jian’s heart,Really up and down。
At this time,Suddenly there was a knock on the door,Xia Jian couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief。The moment Qin Xiaomin opened the door,I was stunned。
She stuttered:“How could it be you?”
“Yo!Xiaomin,Are you being too polite to auntie?”With the voice,Sun Yao’s mother Hu Mei came in。She also carried a bag of fruit。
Li Lan, who was sulking on the balcony, came over quickly,She laughed and said:“President Hu!What brought you here。We haven’t seen each other for some days”Li Lan laughed and greeted Hu Mei sitting on the sofa。
Xia Jian met this woman。He wants to say hello to others,But Hu Mei’s eyes seem to grow on her head,I didn’t even look at him,This makes Xia Jian very embarrassed。
But after I figured it out, that’s the same thing,A woman with power and money like this,I really don’t pay attention to Xia Jian。
Qin Xiaomin is very smart,She immediately smiled and said to Hu Mei:“Aunt!You talk to my mom,We went out beforehand”Xia Jianyi listen,Stood up quickly。
“Hey!Don’t go don’t go,I come today,Just came to you”Hu Mei said,Patted the sofa next to me,It means to ask Qin Xiaomin to sit down and talk。

Actually, I don’t need to say,Xia Jian can still do this,Who would care about someone who is sick,Not to mention Xiao Xiao now,Treat him more tenderly than before。

The door to the ward suddenly opened,This is a single room specially requested by Xiao Xiao,Except the doctor,No one else will come in。Xia Jianmeng stood up,Turn around,Seeing a tall man walk in,Man with a mask on his mouth,But a few white hairs on the head,Enough to see,He is at least forty years old。
The man closed the door of the ward,Talk to Xia Jian:“You go out,Xiao Xiao and I have a few words”
“who are you?”Xia Jian saw this person as overbearing,I feel a little unhappy。
Xiao Xiao on the hospital bed glanced at Xia Jian,A little embarrassing to say:“You go out first!”Now that Xiao Xiao has spoken,He can go without going out,But he thinks how weird this man,Wearing a big mask,Obviously hard to see people。
Walking in the aisle of the ward,Xia Jian still had a sorrow about this person just now,Why is he?Suddenly a voice came into his ear:“Xiao Wang,The man wearing a mask just now,Do you know who it is?He is a big man,Deputy Mayor Huang of Bucheon”The little nurse at the front desk is chatting。
“Stop talking nonsense,People wear masks,How did you meet?”Is the voice of another nurse,It seems she is also a little skeptical。
“Ha ha!You don’t know that!My uncle lives in a community with him,I live with my uncle’s house,He is often seen,See more,Of course I remember”The little nurse is very confident。
The speaker has no intention,Listener intentionally,Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable,Is it at the banquet someday,What people say is true,Xiao Xiao really climbed into a senior official?all of these,From beginning to end…Xia Jian didn’t dare to think anymore。
Xia Jian sitting on a bench in the aisle,I felt like knocking over a five-flavored bottle,Xiao Xiao’s beautiful image,In his mind,Gone,Even if she is really a fairy,But if she really resembles what others say,Xia Jian would not look at her。
Why should i care about her?Does anything she does has anything to do with me?Another voice kept shouting in Xia Jian’s heart,Yes!We don’t have much relationship,It’s just that I am passionate,Xiao Xiao will care about him?Worthy of him?
“Hey!Handsome guy,8The patient in ward number called you in”A little nurse came over,Chao Xiajian shouted。
What do you call me?Are you accompanied by the deputy mayor??Xia Jian secretly said something in his heart,But he still got up,towards8Ward No. walked in。
“Where did you go?so long,I went to chat with the little nurse, right?!”Xiao Xiao on the bed,Smile,She seems to be in a good mood,But Xia Jian was in a bad mood。

The atmosphere in the operation was extremely tense,As soon as Xiao Fan came in,The air pressure in the entire operating room suddenly dropped a bit again。

The doctor in charge of the operation just now received an internal call,Said to cooperate fully with those who are coming in for a while。
Seeing the strong aura of those who come in,Everyone feels a little nervous,Can’t help standing respectfully,Waiting for Xiao Fan’s command。
Xiao Fan nodded to these people,I think everyone is a little nervous,But time is urgent,He has no time to relax these people。
He walked to the operating table,Looking at Lin Feng on the bed,Looked at it from beginning to end,Wounds on the body,Arteries,Xiao Fan clearly wrote it down。
Then he said coldly:“Prepare for electric shock,First restore the patient’s heartbeat,Then prepare for thoracentesis。”
The assistant on the side hurried to prepare,With electric shock,Lin Feng fell together,Heartbeat finally recovered。
Then Xiao Fan picked up the scalpel,Accurately found the location of Lin Feng’s chest bleeding,Perform emergency hemostasis。
Everyone in the operating room watched Xiao Fan proceeding in an orderly manner,And there is no error in almost every step,Can’t help but get angry and admiration,No wonder the dean personally sent in,Just awesome。
Xiao Fan commanded his assistant,Open your mouth in an orderly manner,Hemostasis,Various important steps such as stitching。
“The patient’s heartbeat gradually stabilized,The blood has stopped,saved。”A doctor said excitedly。
Everyone was relieved,After all, this patient was seriously injured when he was first sent here,The hope of being rescued is extremely slim,Thanks to the airborne god,So he pulled the patient back from the god of death。