“Have you known each other for a long time?”Xia Jian asked in surprise,Because of this, he seems to have never heard Ma Yan tell him。

Ma Yan snorted:“what!Did you come yesterday morning??I have known each other for less than 48 hours。Just over this day,He has sent flowers five times,Three times greeting card。Made at least twenty calls to me,I’m all off now”
“Hahahaha!This guy is crazy enough,He is in love with you!Maybe this is a good thing。look!Chen Feng’s brother is the mayor of our city,And he is an official staff。I heard that he still has his own company,Don’t you jealous?”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Ma Yan pouted,Hit Xia Jian and said:“Red your dead head。You think Ma Yan is that kind of person?Are you still pushing me to him,I wasted my heart for you”
Ma Yan’s words,Made Xia Jian’s heart tremble。The girl now is really bold,Dare to say what you think。Especially if this is the case,Most people don’t have the courage to say so bluntly。
“Hey!hungry,Let’s talk while eating!”Xia Jian quickly changed the topic。
Ma Yan stood up and said:“Go eat at my house!I’ve already arranged it,My dad goes to work,My mother is at home alone”
“Go to your home!I’m afraid this is not good!You know,I am afraid to go…”Xia Jian heard Ma Yan was going to take him to her house for dinner,It’s really hard for。
Ma Yan pushed him and said:“Look at your promise,My mother is not a tigress,Are you afraid that you won’t make it if she eats。Moreover,We are all from the same village,Besides, we are still colleagues,Just have a meal?Could a bowl make you our son-in-law??”
Ma Yan said,I laughed so much that my tears came out。This girl really dare to say,Such a joke,Xia Jian didn’t dare to drive easily。
But he changed his mind,Ma Yan is right,Don’t you just have a meal??Ma Yan is not afraid of a girl,What’s so scary about him。
Ma Yan saw Xia Jian reluctantly agreed,Don’t mention how happy you are。The office door she locked,So he walked with Xia Jian to her house。
Although they are all in the same village,But Xia Jian is not familiar with Ma Yan’s family。Ma Yan is almost leading him。And in recent years,Too much change in the village,Xia Jian was still a little confused about the southeast and northwest。
Ma Yan’s yard is not big,But all around the house。Xia Jian walked in,While thinking,Just such a daughter,Is it a waste to build so many houses?。
The courtyard is very clean,And also planted a lot of flowers and plants。Xia Jian while walking,Looking around。Ma Yan’s mother saw Xia Jian here,Ran out of the kitchen in a hurry,She smiled and said:“Breakfast is ready,Just wait for you to come back to eat”
“Trouble aunt”Xia Jian quickly said with a smile。
Ma Yan’s mother laughed and said:“What’s the problem with this,If you go back to the village,Come to our house for dinner,Anyway, do it alone,Do it for two people,Just add a bowl of water”
Ma Yan’s mother is only in her fifties,Very cheerful。It may be the reason why there are few people going to the land recently,Doesn’t look old。It’s like a laid-off female worker in the city。

Dayan thought about it seriously,“No,But we can embrace the vast void together。”

Both Li Tianchou and Zhong Sanpu understood these words,Especially Li Tianzhi,Suddenly respect Dayan,Unexpectedly, the other party’s determination to kill the blood race was so firm,Embracing the void together is a bit literary style,In fact, we are dead together,Sounds light and light,But full of decisiveness。
Dayan has always disagrees with Li Tianzhen’s views,The attitude towards aliens entering the mortal realm has always been vague,Run against the blood,In addition to the disgust of this race,I’m afraid it’s more to fulfill promises,But it doesn’t look like that now。
As the guardian of the Holy Mountain Temple,Their persistence seems to be passive,But the execution is extremely firm,The things stored in the temple are too scary,Li Tianzhen only saw the temple of the gods,But get a glimpse of the whole picture,The nine halls should be consistent,Stored god、magic、Cents、Buddha、demon、Shura、The core energy of the most powerful among the most powerful among the demon,Unparalleled energy,Enough to shake the underlying rules and order,The word horror is not enough to explain the horror and importance of this energy。
Li Tianzhi is very grateful to Dayan for his trust,Such an important temple is open to him,So his confidence in Dayan also comes from this,But he doesn’t know the attitude of the other seven guardians,It’s even harder to guess the purpose of the mighty man in Dayan’s mouth,But does the existence of kinship threaten the safety of the temple?But why only Dayan shot,And the other seven are indifferent?
Li Tianzhen can’t understand,Metaverse is actually a world that is difficult to explain clearly,As a member of the heavens,But outside the world,Even in the long history, I rarely made my own voice,apart from‘Son of Metaverse’A glimpse,It’s hard for Metaverse to exist,Maybe because they are at the bottom of the universe,Have a transcendent status。
Anyway,Dayan’s attitude once again greatly encouraged Li Tianzhi,It also stabilized his confidence in defeating and destroying the blood race。
“Kindred endure for a long time,Well prepared this time,Inevitable,What do you think?”
“Wasteland is the focus,But you can’t ignore the three space rifts。”Dayan said and stopped here to look at Xiang Zhong Sanpu。
Li Tianzhi understands Dayan’s meaning,Zhong Sanpu thought about it and he probably knew what he meant,Although it’s shameless,But his own strength is not satisfactory,Staying here won’t help,May become a burden,And obviously you can’t care about anything at this critical juncture,So seriously,“I will go back tomorrow morning,No matter how many colleagues you can find,Make sure that the three fissures are intact。”
“Do your best。”Dayan nodded。
“thank!”Li Tianzhi saluted cautiously。
Zhong Sanpu nodded and stopped talking,He was seriously injured today,After drinking worry-free tea, I suddenly felt very full of energy,The injured viscera also feels much more comfortable,Know the magic and preciousness of this tea,So I went to the other side of the campfire to meditate and heal,No longer participating in the conversation。
Full moon,The night sky is like washing,The bright galaxy is like a jewel in a fairy tale world,Make viewers truly admire the vastness and vastness of the universe,Far northwest,An ordinary dim star suddenly burst into a dazzling orange-red light,Just a moment,Then began to slowly fall to the right side of the horizon,Pull out a long tail flame,Like a super comet,Finally disappeared in sight。

“and then,You haven’t asked something?”

“According to monk,Within a few days,The world will have a big change,This is a chance,Also a test,If my loyalty is not recognized,Waiting for me only death。”Wu Pei Yuli is covered with glutinous,He will not be loyal to anyone,Even if there is,That person will only be himself.。
Liao Wenjie nodded,Clue on your hand,Analysis of this sentence,Say:“Does the monk mention specific time,For example, when did he convey command??”
“This way.……”
Liao Wenjie hits a golden light,Shakehead:“Difficult,According to the agreement between us,I should live in your home these days.,Waiting for the rabbit, etc.,Although the way is stupid, it is most effective.,It’s actually more than the headless flies.。”
Umbelling, the hand of the tea cup, slightly,Listening to Liao Wenjie,You can guess that he doesn’t want to use a stupid approach.。
as predicted,Listen to Liao Wenjie to continue:“Rational tell me,Don’t always want the enemy to become idiot,The agreement between our secrets is also,Sit down tonight and drink tea is good,Maybe it is expected in the other side。Cautious,Ether party release message,It is to let you convey me.,To take me around you。”
“with all due respect,Are you persecuted too much?,How is it suspicious??”
Wu Pai Line acknowledged that Liao Wenjie said it very reasonable.,But this is nothing anything.,Wanner first step,Saimage priority,Liao Wenjie,Probability reduces survival crisis。
“Not for persecution,There are many,Uh……”
A no gint,Under the direction of the steering wheel,Liao Wenjie hurriedly stepped on the brake:“I mean,Trapped in a living environment,I have a thin ice every day.,I don’t dare to drop my heart.,Over time, it has developed a habit.。”
“Then what do you plan?,Ignore allies of allies,See also other clues?”Wu Pai Lian is not full。
“Say this,Tea is good,Can you give me two pounds??”Liao Wenjie change mouth。
Wu Pei Lian, old,I realized that there is something in Liao Wen Jie.,True analysis。
This tea is poisonous?
Do not,Should not,He personally passed forward before the babbling,No abnormalities。
It should be。
If you regard tea as a risk,Liao Wenjie’s meaning should be,The enemy finds him,Who is it?,Instead, his power makes the enemy feel that value。
If he does not use value,I am equivalent to passing the risk。
Um,A little sleeve,Aligned to have a big cheap,This process can only count。
“Hey,Don’t give a sentence,Two pounds of tea,Your family is big,Don’t say。”
“let me think again……”
Wu Pai Lian frown:“This method I have considered it before.,Discuss,Use value with no bilateral,People who do not use value will not be paid,The situation will only be even more miserable,So I……”
Liao Wenjie’s brain drifting,Break the road:“Wait a moment,Two pounds of tea,Until??”
“Uh,Just tea,no other meaning。”
Greater eye,Wu Pai Lotus face black,Pat the hand,Not in a moment,There is a wrapped gorgeous tea box in a short table.。
No matter the big black face of Wu Pei Ye,Liao Wenjie dismantles the tea box inspection,Slightly dissatisfaction:“You have so much money,But only will give me four or two,Tooled。”
“This is not comparable with the streets of public goods!”

“Then you sleep for a while!It’s okay anyway”Xia Jian said,Pointed to the escort bed beside him。

Wang Lin stood up,Stretched and said:“No more,The doctor will be here soon,Wait until the room inspection is over”Wang Lin just finished,Doctor Wang has already walked in with a few experts。
Same inspection procedures as before,After everything is over,Just listen to what experts Doctor Wang told:“His situation is really special,From the current degree of recovery,There really is no need to be hospitalized again,Go home and raise it!”
Just listen to one of them:“It’s best to make another film,Let’s check again,If there is nothing wrong,I was discharged on Monday!”Several doctors are discussing,Walked out。
Xia Jian is happy,He smiled and said to Wang Lin:“Great,I will be discharged soon”
“I can’t work right away after being discharged,Just give me a week or two to rest at home,Otherwise, I’ll tell Mr. Xiao about this,Let him tell you”Wang Lin said,Turned his face to the side angrily。
Xia Jianyi listen,Asked quietly:“Xiao always doesn’t know about me?”
“The day after your accident,Mr. Xiao and Aunt Ding went to Nanyuan,Said to feel the breath of spring。It’s been many days,Listen to Dragon Ball,They won’t be back for the time being”Wang Lin said,Opened the window a gap。
Xia Jian got out of bed,Walked gently behind Wang Lin,Hug her,Whispered in her ear:“After I leave the hospital,Body fully recovered,Let’s travel together,how about it?”
“not very good?You are dreaming。I’m afraid it won’t work if neither of us are in the group!And there are so many things now”Wang Lin hasn’t finished speaking yet,Her cell phone rang。
She took a look and said:“He Wei called,You say pick up or not pick up?”
“pick up!why do not you answer?”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Wang Lin hesitated,Then put the phone through。Just listen to He Wei smiling on the phone:“Sorry for the king,Did it bother you to rest??”He Wei on the phone is very polite。
“Nothing,Just say anything”Wang Lin said very simply。
He Wei on the phone laughed and said:“I thought about it all night yesterday,I think there is a big misunderstanding between me and Mr. Xia,I think it might be some villains”
“Ha ha!I don’t know this,What do you mean by calling,Speak straight!”Wang Lin’s tone is very decisive。

Zhu Huiwei said:“You should not be guilty of killing zombies。”

“and,I can assure you,As long as you help us two to catch enough three generations of zombies,Provide enough lifespan to let us two evolve to the second generation。In the future, we will go our separate ways,Not owe each other!”
Zhu Huiwei has never known the true relationship between Chen Xiu and Zhang Yuantu,He saw Chen Xiu use the way of exorcism,I always thought that Chen Xiu was an exorcist。
Zhang Haibao is even more so,That day in An Nan,He originally killed Chen Xiu,Later, I really learned that Chen Xiu would deal with zombies,Then he taught Chen Xiukong’s crane skills。
Every three generations of zombies have lived for a long time.,If you want to escape,Even if the two of them join forces, it’s hard to keep each other。
That’s why the two of them taught Chen Xiu’s direct fascination in the short term,Improve Chen Xiu’s combat power,Team up to deal with three generations of zombies。
Just like dealing with Guo Jing this time,If it weren’t for the formation of Chen Xiu’s exorcism,,The two of them will be killed by Guo Jing this time。
Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei, as zombies, naturally know what zombies fear,But they are zombies,Even unable to use the peach wood sword、Weapons like black dog blood。
of course,They can also train a normal human to learn to deal with zombies。But an exorcist like Chen Xiu with such a strong fighting force,They haven’t encountered one in hundreds of years。
This is why they should pay attention to Chen Xiu。
But they don’t know,Chen Xiu was originally an orthodox exorcist。
He doesn’t dislike zombies himself,I can’t say that I have a good impression。
of course,Chen Xiu knew that they had misunderstood him,He will naturally not take the initiative to open up his own details,Just shook his head and said:“You said before,Guo Jing is only the mid-to-upstream level of combat power in the three generations of zombies。
How dangerous was the battle just now,You saw it too。
I don’t want to do something like this。
not to mention,Even if you evolve into second-generation zombies, it will not do me any good。

How did that happen!

“Then bear with me……”
Fang Yu found Muzhi nearby,Then tore a corner of his clothes。
Hu Yili cried bitterly。
Okay,Everything is done smoothly。
“Can you go?”
Fang Yu asked。
“What do you say……”
Hu Yili gave Fang Yu a white glance,I hate it even more。
Fang Yu directly hugged Hu Yili,Went straight back to the car。
Hu Yili is a little surprised,Fang Yu looks thin and weak,But the strength is still quite manly。
“Just now,I heard the trail of that person。Although I caught the bug……But I don’t want this bug to harm other people!”
Fang Yu Shen said。
“Then why can’t i hear?”
Hu Yili doubts。
“Because my ear power is amazing……So now you understand what is going on!”
Fang Yu said。
“Let’s go back……”

Punch out,After the light is twisted and converged,Will blessing,Makes Li Ming’s punch strength increased several times。

moment,The rock giant incarnation is suppressed。
“Immeasurable light,My heart is Tianxin?”The rock giant opened his eyes,Full of joy。
“Bang bang bang!”The White Flame Secret Art was integrated at this moment,Form a very strong will increase。
now,There is no more hesitation in Li Ming’s heart,Know the heart better。
“My heart,For survival!Individual survival,The survival of the race,Stop me—dead!”
Pure will increase,The improvement in strength is not great,But this heavy test is a test of will and soul。
Li Ming after the amplitude,Suppressed the rock giant incarnation。
“The second test,Seems to be enough to pass,And with his understanding,I’m afraid the third test won’t stop him,Is not it?Boss Fish!”
Only a rock giant can see,A monster phantom similar to the murloc in the primitive universe appeared beside him。
“Can pass your test,There have always been five people,But there is no one who passes through my third floor。”
“His genetic level is already at the third level!”
“But want to pass the third test,The genetic level is not just as simple as the third-level divine body—After all, he is only the master of the law,What the owner really wants,Is a ruler who accepts his inheritance,So as to get the most benefit。”
“Boss Fish,What do you think the old master left,Require those who inherit the genes to reach the third level,Even close to the limit of 100,000 times,So as to pass the test of that level。”
“What the owner thinks,How can you know。。。Although the master did not establish a kingdom,But it is also a great existence at the god king level,We can’t guess what he thinks。”
“War war war!”Li Ming will flourish,Marksmanship,The rock giant incarnation suppressed by every shot and every blow cannot resist。
after all,This rock giant incarnation only burst out of the same level of movement and power as Li Ming.。Although the effect of the will secret spell cast by the incarnation of the rock giant can both amplitude itself,Can also suppress Li Ming’s strength。
But Li Ming’s will turned into immeasurable light,The negative will twisted and shattered directly under the light。
Although the White Flame Secret Art has a small increase in strength,But it can’t stand the increase in Li Ming’s spiritual realm and unifying will。

Grand banquet,Zhu Minglang drank several times,Waiting quietly in the princess hall in the palace,Miao Guo has always been a woman with the right to speak,Even in the palace,And rarely allow some special men to walk around。

I wish Minglang don’t worry,Late night bridal chamber,I will naturally get what I want。
Gold and silver jewelry,It can be said that a box is carried to the yard,Zhu Minglang was groomed by a group of weird palace ladies……
He did not think that he had never experienced the pride of life of the bridegroom in the night of the bridal chamber,On the contrary, I feel the exquisiteness of the bride’s red makeup in advance、Luxury treatment。
Finally waited till the moon,I wish Minglang found the inexplicable silence of the palace,Suddenly there was an ominous premonition。
Is it possible that the Luoshui princess will get drunk,Then I opened this door,Then start doing non-partial things?
Escape route,Already planned,Get the silver jade ornament,I wish Minglang will faint the princess,Then leave the country immediately,But this Luoshui princess has not seen anyone!
“your Highness,Lord Zhu has been waiting in the palace for a long time。”
“Congratulations princess。”
The voices of several waitresses came,I wish Minglang’s eyes brighten,Put down the grapes,Sit tight。
Nanny skin,Finally came!

“What is this and what!”She complained to herself in her heart,Quickly clear this idea out of your mind,But in order to prevent her from being too strong“Sense of sight”,She decided to let Yu Zhe change another color。

finally,Yu Zhe still chose a blue and white wide striped tie and a handkerchief of the same color under Shi Muluo’s recommendation.。
In the end, it’s time to decide all the details。
But Yu Zhe doesn’t seem to be depressed without any sense of participation,Instead, I think it’s really great to be able to decide for him some things that he is not good at.。
The total suits add up to more than 50,000,Yu Zhe’s heart is bleeding,But think about this mission and get 200,000,still is Gritted his teeth,I just wanted to take out my bank card to pay,But was preempted by Shi Muluo。
“I will pay by myself……”Yu Zhe didn’t know what to say for a while。
“Hey rest assured~Money for clothes is Mo~forest~Out~of~”Shi Muluo said with a smirk。
“How can any contact person pack the mission props??”Yu Zhe expressed doubts,This is the first time I have seen such a thing in so many years。
“calm down。”Listening to Yu Zhe and Maolin saying similar things,Makes Shi Muluo very funny,But I can’t tell the truth,Had to explain,“I just think it is unfair that he deducted more than 30% of your commission,So I wanted to cheat him。”
Listen to Yu Zhe,Also chuckled,“Actually he deducted a small amount。”
“I know~”To avoid saying the same thing as last night,Shi Muluo stopped the topic in due course。
The two walked out of the shop with clothes,Today’s important task has been half completed,But there is another one next“tough battle”Want to fight。
Shi Muluo still has to decide on her dress。
In fact,Just choosing clothes for Yu Zhe,She didn’t think about her clothes at all,So that I still have no clue。
But think about it,If the other party is also a killer,Maybe Yu Zhe and his ideas may have something in common,Better to take a gamble,Dress yourself up according to Yu Zhe’s preferences,Maybe at the birthday party,Attract that person’s attention。
“Na,Now that I have helped you choose your clothes,Then mine is yours~”
What Shi Mu Luo said in a soft voice,Cooperate with a head tilt,It made Yu Zhe almost stop thinking,Clearly“I will not choose。”He swallowed it abruptly,Just nodded mechanically。
Walk into the women’s dress shop,There are so many more styles of clothing here than men’s clothing,No matter the color or style,Makes Yu Zhe feel dazzled,I just think they are all pretty。
During Yu Zhe’s selection,Shi Mu Luo’s mind is also turning,She was the first to deny the fishtail skirt,Although this dress is very good,But after all, she also has a mission this time,Not just eating melons and watching the show,Forget the skirts that are inconvenient like that。

“What shall we do?”

“You don’t have to be nervous,Since they can still test us,Is that I haven’t got any substantive evidence,Otherwise, they would have been driving police cars to arrest people。”
Maureen thought about it,I still can’t figure out what went wrong,You have to confirm it in person,I seem to be busy recently。
“Is it because I left evidence??”Whenever Yu Zhe talks about work,The face that is already paralyzed will become terrifying。
“Do not,The commission is unwilling to leave evidence,It can only be said that we left some‘Doubt’Nothing more,If someone else handles this case,I’m afraid the case was closed by accidental death long ago,But it is my old classmate Di Minglei who is in charge of this case,He is famous for being upright,As long as you don’t explain all the doubts,Will not let this case be easily closed。”
“Is there any solution?”
“There must be,But I need to investigate and find out where they photographed us,As for the current priority,Is to explain why we appeared on the road at three in the middle of the night。”
Maureen rationalized his thoughts,So I told Yu Zhe about the whole plan。
“I told him just now that we were at the Nightingale Bar that night,Then Di Minglei and the others will definitely take the photo to investigate in the bar today,I have an acquaintance in that store,You can contact him to testify for us,But the biggest problem is that he doesn’t know you,So you have to go there before them today。”
“How do i recognize who you know?”
“You don’t need to know。”Maureen explained,“You don’t need to contact him,Go with Shi Muluo tonight,Just pretend to be out for a drink,That person knows what Shi Mu Luo looks like,I will let him pay attention to you。”
“You are not going?”
“I have to investigate the surveillance video,Moreover,If you run into Di Minglei and the others,But it’s hard to explain。”
“understood,How can I tell Shi Mu Luo??”Yu Zhe thought for a while,Realized this problem,I can’t tell her the truth after all。
“you’re so dumb,It’s normal for you to say you want to ask her out,Say in front of me,She will agree。”
“Really……May I?”
“This time is a special case,Remember to protect her。”
Chapter Twenty Four Nightingale Bar