Factual prove,Invitation of the moon to control,More than Chu Dee,More energetic。

When it is not tolely,I found that Chu deer did not resist,so……Request a few parties,Let him hurt the imagination!
And invite the month to look,It is also unlikely like an internal force.,From the beginning to the end, the wind is light。
Heard this name,Xuan Ming two old、The bitterness of all the winds and light clouds can’t get up.!
Xuan Ming two old alert looks at her,I can’t help but leave three steps.,Even Zhao Min County has also taken care of。
However, the moon is still staring at Chu Deirers.,I don’t pay attention to the meaning of others——Injuried?I have to answer the injury,Otherwise come back!
Chu Deirers deeply inexplicable——Don’t let me call the name?This……I didn’t want to be good.,What love is!
And it is clear that you are secretly loved.,Why do I have to call your favorite??Don’t you intimate enough??Calculate me and you、Haven’t hooked with the pity and so?
Is this the troubles of Yu Langjiang??
The higher the color value、The greater the responsibility?
Chu Debans moved the mouth,Still don’t know what to call,At this time, I suddenly thought of,Pity star and speaking,Her sister not only is secretly,Still want……Both themselves and her?
Could not……
“elder sister?”Chu Deirers tested。
“very good、very good!”Inviting the moon, a few short-transparent skin,Eye-catching jade。
Xuan Ming two old laminated the Chu Deirers……
Don’t say that it is Xuan Ming two old.,Even Zhao Min was shocked at this time.——Hear“Moon”Two words,I don’t even want to hide.,After all, this old woman is not good.……You still dare to dare to slip?
Chu Tai,I smringed you.!
Chu Dee people feel murderous……
Suddenly in my heart,I also complained that I have——Hey!How can I say this??People must fulfill me and my sister,I am calling my sister.?This is not hurting the heart of the moon?
“Moon……First find a pity star。”Chu Deirers have changed back。
Zhao Min:!!!
Zhao Min saw,Inviting the moon, really seriously,Look at yourself,Suddenly:“White girl……It turned out to be the main star!she……Indeed, I am saving.。”But didn’t say it?。
Chu Deiren brows a little wrinkled:“You just encounter the old monster?Before you want Xuan Ming, I’m don’t want to pay for it.?”
Although it is martial arts,That old monster,“Hand in hand”Can’t implement it at all,Even when I am crazy,but……If you really don’t have a relationship?,Zhao Min should not say this.?
Zhao Min suddenly felt,A chill from the bottom of the heart,This chill seems to be cold in the internal organs.,Even the idea must be frozen。
“In short……Pity House owner……Have been……Rescue……safe place……”Zhao Min faces a layer of white cream,Have already,Remain“Hard”。
Although I stressed my saved pity,But where didn’t spit the pity?!
Chu Deiren looked at the direction of bitter gyne,I found that he nodded.、I shaken my head again.,Suddenly understand Zhao Min at least not lying,only……Reserved。
“County,As a temporary ally,I advise you,Now put the pity star,I am not in the moon.。”Chu Deirers said at Zhao Min at this time.。
Chu Deer estimation……
Very likely the old monster,It is also recruited by the Fuyang Wangfu,So Zhao Min can“save”Under the pity star。
But this old monster’s madness,I don’t divide the enemy,Thus,Zhao Min said what“Don’t be in your hand”Make a successful。
And the reason why there is no pity……

The drunk Xia Jian shook his way and walked out of the hotel.,I found Chen Xia who was sulking in front of Big Ben。He laughed:“I’m not angry,Why are you angry,Really”

Chen Xia, whose anger faded, pushed Xia Jian into the car,Roar coldly:“From now on,You turn me into a dumb,Otherwise I will leave you in the car”
at this time,Ruth helped Alice into the car。Chen Xia glanced at Ruth and said:“Take care of her and sit down,Be careful not to knock。No alcohol,What big tail wolf,Talk nonsense when you drink too much,Really hopeless”
Xia Jian sitting on the big ben really didn’t say a word,He fell asleep as soon as the car started。When the car arrives at the Pingyang Town Government Compound,Tong Jie and Niu Li immediately surrounded。
“what!This time he is drunk,The seeds of black potatoes are coming at night”Tong Jie cried out。
Chen Xia smiled and said:“So many of you,Don’t count on him,Or help him into the room and let him sleep well for a while,I’ll talk about it tomorrow!”
Tong Jie smiled awkwardly,Then join Niu Li,Helped Xia Jian back to his room。Chen Xia opened her car door,Let Ruth help Alice in,Then they moved their suitcases from the Big Ben。
Tong Jie and Niu Li put Xia Jian on the bed,When they go out,Met Chen Xia。Tong Jie smiled and said:“Shall we leave tomorrow!You guys also drink a lot”
“Nothing,The unit is in a hurry,We must hurry back as soon as possible。Anyway, she sleeps in the car,Just sleep for a while。I gave him Xia Jian’s car key on the table”Chen Xia said,The hand holding the car key shook in front of Tong Jie。
Tong Jie:“Oh”With a,He Niuli walked away quickly。Does this matter to her?Tong Jie thought of this,His face was slightly red。
Big bed,Xia Jian sleeps on all sides。Chen Xia walked over,Put the car key on the desk,Then turn around,I watched Xia Jian quietly for a while,Can’t help but climb down,Kissed Xia Jian on the cheek。
Xia Jian’s mouth moved,Seems to be talking in a dream。Chen Xia straightened up,A sharp turn,Two steps out of Xia Jian’s door。When the door slapped,Xia Jian opened his eyes。

“If it’s really because of this,Then for us,Definitely not good news。”

Such a problem,In their hearts,Why don’t you know?
But now,Know。
But then,If something like this,There is no good solution。
in fact,Still not enough。
So here,Zhou Xinlin suddenly thought of it。
“By now,We can’t expect that much。”
“If you want me to say,We should still have this need to facilitate this as soon as possible.!”
When Zhou Xinlin said these words,Those people around saw it,Nodded again and again。
In that case,Then I can only do this。
As long as they are together,Take the lead,Get rid of Wang Teng。
Then then,All of this,It can be solved。
at this point,In fact, there is no doubt about it。
And look in front of you,Zhou Xinlin said directly。
“right now,It’s time for you all to make a decision。”

At the same time, I also determined one thing.,That is, he now basically controls the growth of the grass.。

When passing by Qin Su Ya’s door,Li Hui did not help but think of the scene during the day.。
Just when he is ready to leave,Suddenly heard the sound of Qin Su Ya, the house。
“Helpful” Hearing Qin Suiya’s horrified call rescue,Li Hui Feng first, I think about my mother’s mother.,But the sound of that 呜 让 makes him a little good,Immediately, I can’t take care of my old man.,Directly on the wooden door。
What he didn’t expect is that this foot is directly smashed.。
One scene in the house,It’s even more angry.。
I saw Xu Tiancai that was tied to Qin Ya with a rope.,And Qin Su Ya is obviously struggling soon is so weak.,The mouth was also entered into a black cloth by the other party.。
Big door broken voice,Also scared Xu Tianzhi。
He originally thought that Li Li will die with the wind.,So, I took a few thousand dollars when I came back.。
Just just when he wants to take a long distance.,The following younger brother is given him a call telling him that Li speaks well.?
In order to confirm it again,He immediately waited until heaven。
I listened to several villagers.,Determine that Li Hui has nothing to do.,He is also a long-awaited。
Thinking of things that have not been completed during the day,Especially the Qin Su Yayuo Chu Chu Pitiful appearance,He feels that there is a fire in the heart.。
The most important thing is that he feels that no one will go to doubt it again.。
In the past, he worried that Qin Su Ya was alert.,Fox is fine,But since he personally felt it today.,I thought I thought I thought I opened it.,If you can get the other person,It is also worthy of death.。
I saw Li Hui Feng again.,Xu Tianci is also angry。
Two good things were disturbed by the other party,It’s a three-point fire.,What’s more, he is not a mud.。
“Stinky boy,Is it not dead today??”
Said that he touched the waist and walked to Li Hui’s face.,Just always don’t really get it,After all, the scene during the day was also shocked him.。
“Xu Tianci,Is it let me alarm or you go to yourself?,You choose it yourself.。”
Looking at Li Hui Hui to take out the phone to call the police,Xu Tianci is also invisible,Take the butterfly knife in your hand to pierce the shoulders of Li。
Just this time Li Xiangfeng feels very slow.,As with slow motion movies,Seeing Xu Tianci’s smashing,He is also a foot directly to Xu Tianci’s chest.。
Peng Cough Li Hui is stunned.,Qin Su Ya, which was tied to the chair, was also stunned.,I didn’t see Li Hui Feng just now.,Xu Tianfei flew out。
Li Hui Feng did not expect that he can have such a big power now.,Can you fly directly。
Wow Xu Tianci is also a feeling of being dead by this feet.,I feel a lot of coughing a few times.,Then, it is vomiting a blood.。
“A good boy,Hello” I haven’t finished it yet.,He fainted directly.。
Li Hui said that this scene was scared, tried to the other part of the nose.,Feeling that the other party still has breathing,The heart is also loose.。
“Little elegant,You wait for me first.,I will give you a rope.。”
Say,He dragged the Du Tianci and threw it out of the door.,At the same time, quietly protect the opponent’s heart with a small day-absorbed grass.,He is also afraid of being over。
After all, he is not strong now.,If you really have to reach the mountain,Sunday,He may also hesitate to directly crush each other。
Qin Su Ya saw that Li Hui Feng took the other side and threw the door outside the door.,Her heart is also very concerned。
The first feeling is that the other party really has a three long two shorts.,That kind, Li Hui is really awkward.,After all, the other party is the son of the village head.。
As long as Xu Tiger is a sentence,Then she is like Li Hui’s family, she can’t stay in this village.。
“Hoot” Seeing that Li Hui Feng regardless of the door that has been broken directly,come over,Qin Su Yao suddenly suddenly an anxious,I am afraid that Xu Tianci really has three long two shorts.。
Li Hui Feng is not to manage these,Since Xianquan can let him wound instantly heal,Plus he just used the practice,He believes that as long as Xu Tian has a sigh of relief,He can let the other person can’t die.。
Take it in Qin Su Yakou.,Tea on the side is still on the side。
Just throwing an instant,He stunned。

Plus the spontaneous gathering of good players from various caravans,There are only two martial artists in the team,There are more than ten perfect forgings。

Such a lineup, as long as you don’t meet the three big bandits in Yunzhou,If other bandits and bandits dare to beg for wildfire,Will definitely die miserably。
More than a hundred huge trucks,The caravan of seven or eight hundred people marching in the snow。
The team has to stop for a while from time to time,Not all the snow on the road melted away,Makes the journey muddy,Wheels fall into the mud at every turn,Takes time to roll out。
“The weather this year is really abnormal,Our Yunzhou is located in the south,It’s hard to see snow once in more than ten years,This year, it just started winter,It really affects the schedule!”
Another truck fell into the mud,The leader of the caravan where Wang Hong is,Can’t help but scold。
This person’s name is Liu Xuan,Business for nearly two decades,Rich experience in the arena,The vision is quite old。
From Wang Hong’s food, clothing, housing and transportation these days,I realized that he was very human,Took good care of him along the way。
In addition, Wang Hong himself has the heart to ask for advice,Often invite Liu Xuan to drink,The two get along very well。
“Not all bad,At least this kind of weather,There will be much less trouble along the way,Wait until Mingcheng,The price of your goods can also be sold higher。”Wang Hong said with a chuckle。
Bandits are also human,As long as it’s not so poor that you don’t even have winter food,Most of the weather will not go down。
Coupled with hundreds of fine and strong men in the caravan,A large number of warriors accompanied,The probability of being attacked is very small。
“The problem is so slow,I don’t expect to reach Si Mao City even in dark,Overnight in the wilderness,Uncomfortable and unsafe。”Liu Xuan complained。
This world is ancient society after all,There are not only bandits and horse bandits in the wilderness,There are a lot of beasts and even monsters。

The people of Tianlong enjoy the best in the world,The so-called hospitality doesn’t care at all,So I don’t care。

But those subordinates can’t help but curl their lips,Not a servant,I never thought about entertaining Tianlong people, right?,What did you say about hospitality?。
“This time,Put aside the monster mount promised to the three adults,There are six monsters for sale!”
Leo has just invited the three previous dragons to the stage,Now let them stand on top。
Let dozens of Tianlong people watch themselves,The three Celestials instantly felt that they were one level higher than the other Celestials。
Superiority emerges spontaneously!
Leo looked at the smiles of the three Celestials,Sneer,This group of people like to pretend,He kept preparing opportunities for them to pretend,Just to make the exaggerated Tianlong people feel the gap。
“These three adults,Can give priority to a monster,And the price remains the same!”
Leo said loudly。
For Leo emphasized the price,No one cares,But someone chooses this first。
“Why can they choose first!”
“Just,All Tianlong people,Why can they choose first?Leo,Do you look down on us?”
Leo quickly said:“How dare I look down on Lord Tianlong Ren, Leo?,It’s just that these three gave me the deposit last time,And give a lot,I can hardly refuse!”
Leo seems embarrassed,In fact, it is implying that this group of Tianlong people。
“Leo,How can you do this,None of us lack that drink,They give you,We can also give,You can also double and triple!”
Tianlongren angered。
“Please calm down your anger!”Leo said helplessly。“But Leo is also difficult to do!”
She said she was wronged,But his own momentum has slowly unfolded。
Let these Tianlong people know that they are not little shrimps that can be bullied casually。

Xia Jianyi listen,Hesitated for a while and said:“Okay!Just let Zhang Sangui pick it up,Send to Pingdu after receiving,I rushed over”

“They said,While they work,Don’t like someone following。More than two days,As little as one day,They can report to us,Then give them money,They leave”Wang Lin smiled slightly,Whispered。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Once this project starts,You have to cooperate vigorously。First hire a dedicated security captain,Except after the kung fu is good,Also know how to manage。People on this team,All recruited from Bucheon City,At least 20 people,Two shifts in black and white on duty”
“There is no problem with this,I think Xi Zhen is ready to come back”Wang Lin solicited Xia Jian’s opinion in a low voice。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said:“it is good!You arrange this。Tell Lin Wei to go home and prepare,Tonight we set off to Pingdu。Let her go home to sleep in the morning!”
“Don’t need to worry!There are so many things on the group side,I can’t stand it all by myself”Wang Lin said bitterly。
Xia Jian said:“Thank you for your hard work here,Pingdu has a lot of things,Qingshan County should move here too,How can i do not pass,And Hongchuanhe Hot Spring Resort,Listen to Mr. Guo’s report,The trial operation is very effective,So we have to start business immediately to generate income,This thing is waiting for me”
“then you go!President Guo’s appointment letter has been issued,From this month,Her salary was raised by one level。And sales director Guan Tingna,According to your requirements,Promoted her to vice president of the group,But her promotion,Aroused discussion among some people in the group,She said she came late and rose quickly”Wang Lin whispered。
Xia Jian sneered:“We look at performance,Tell her too!This time to Pingdu,Bring her along”
Wang Lin hesitated,what you want to say,But I don’t know what she thinks,When the words came to my mouth, I swallowed back,Then walk away quickly。Xia Jian knew,He took Guan Tingna to Pingdu this time,Wang Lin feels a little uncomfortable,This as a woman,Is normal。
After arranging work,Xia Jian drove to Nanyuan by himself。Since he was injured and hospitalized,I have never seen Lao Xiao,It might be a long time for him to go to Pingdu。
spring is coming,Mountains and plains green,There are some unknown wild flowers that have long been fighting for beauty。Xia Jian looked at the scenery outside the window,Very comfortable。
Xia Jian has come here more often,These guards had written down his license plate long ago,Without waiting for his car to approach,The door has been opened for him early。And the security guard at the door stands upright,When Xia Jian passes,Also made a polite。
Park the car,Xia Jian went directly to Old Xiao’s office。When Xia Jian went in,The old man is standing at the window looking at the scenery outside,He found Xia Jian was here,Then he laughed:“The scenery here is really beautiful,I don’t want to go back when I live”
“As long as you live and like it,After all, someone is responsible here”Xia Jian said,Walked over。
At this moment,Old Xiao’s secretary walked in quickly,Make a cup of tea for Xia Jian and Lao Xiao。After Lao Xiao sits down,Xia Jian took care of what he was going to do in Pingdu,I’ll talk about it since I came to the end。

at this time,Three very burly guys walked in,All of them bare shoulders and backs,The lower body is a pair of shorts,Pulling dirty flip flops on the feet。

These people come,There were not many diners,So he put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hand and left。This is how the same thing?Do people think these three people are dirty??Not too bad!
Fat woman came out from inside,She said with a sullen face:“What to eat for three?I have to pay all the money I owed this time.?“
“You shit!Have I eaten with you??“Sit in the middle,Yelled the guy with a scar on his forehead。
The fat woman rolled her eyes with anger,She said helplessly:“Good good!Even if you are here for the first time today,I’m sorry,pay first,Eat again“
“go away,Did I say I’m going to eat??Can’t you sit here?“A bald head sitting under the scarred face cursed。Who are these people?Xia Jian couldn’t help but look up,Seeing that these three people are very distinctive in appearance。Either scar or bald head,Also added a yellow hair。Really lacking,Xia Jian cursed inwardly。
Hang up,Xia Jian buried his head,Let go of the speed of eating。But there are some things that you can’t avoid if you want to.。Suddenly which scar face stood up,Go straight to the opposite of Xia Jian,Still sat down in front of him。
Xia Jianzhuang did not see,Eating the dishes on the plate,Drinking from the glass。Scarface saw Xia Jian ignored him,He took the half bottle of beer on the table generously,I lifted it up and took a big sip。
“friend,Just came from the field!Would you like your brother to help find you a job“Scarface suddenly said to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian knew it was a weasel giving New Year greetings to the chicken,But he still raised his head and asked with a smile:“What job?“
“Murder job,Do you dare?“Scarface said viciously。
This is**Naked threat,But Xia Jian won’t eat his set,He put down the wine glass,Suddenly laughed and said:“Are you still looking for such a job??I kill you now,Isn’t it just a job?It still needs to find?“
The scar face was supposed to scare Xia Jian,I didn’t expect Xia Jian to be ruthless than him,Bluntly say you want to kill him,He was speechless for a while。
The fat woman saw the scar face and entangled Shangxiajian again,She came over busy,Angrily said:“You can’t do this,The customers in my store are all scared away by you“
“To shut up!Don’t you want to mix in this street??“Scar face stern face,Looks very scary。The fat woman glanced at Xia Jian,A little helpless and returned。
Why is this place so messy?It seems not much different from when he came before,He has eaten out twice alone,I ran into some guys who charge protection money for the first time,Although they didn’t say that they would charge protection fees this time,But look like this,But it’s a different trick。

Yang Xia laughed and Li Hui Hui Hui Hui is also happy, I don’t know what to say.。

Li Hui, as always,Nothing,Even dressing is still so low-key。
But she knows that Li Hui’s strength,It is not from a look.。
“Lee brother,How can you come??
Specially to see me??”
Looking at Yang Xiao Xiao, a small hot pants,A pair of canvas shoes,The smooth jade leg is reflected in the sun.,Li speaks for a time, I don’t know where to see it.。
Especially now Yang Xiao laughs have learned makeup,Although it is a light makeup,But the beautiful face is still not ignored。
“Um,It’s just,I am coming to see how you have passed.,See you now,I am relieved to be a lot.。”
Li Hui Feng saw Yang Xiao smiled and happy smile,Indefidence in my heart。
At the same time, I also secretly grateful,He knew that Yang Xiao smiled so good.,Evil is full of greessions in Guanyun,Otherwise, those situations in the school,Yang Xiao smiled so beautiful, there will be a lot of things.。
“Whee 大哥,Are you coming for a long time??”
“Forehead,no,I will take it today.。”
I heard this,Yang Xiao smiled and lost。
She still thinks that Li Hui is more than a few days.,So, she can communicate with the other side.。
After all, she is now not a little girl who doesn’t understand.。
More than this year, she also learned a lot.,Especially her students’ thoughts,She is also more and more open.。
Guan Yun saw two people silent,It is also laughing directly:“okay,Don’t be stunned.,Tonight, you will live for one night tonight.,Then you get out of school and tell your teacher.。”
“Uncle,Is it true??”
I heard the words of Guanyun,Yang Xia laughs is originally lost.,Immediately happy。
“real,Your big brother is going to go,I have to tied him to stay with you.,How about it?”
“嘻嘻,it is good,Let’s see。”
Say,Yang Xiao smiled and happy.。
Looking at Yang Xiao Xiao, the beautiful back,Li Hui Feng doesn’t know what to say.。
“Guan Da Ge,You will be misunderstood by her.。”
“Hey-hey,I don’t believe that your kid doesn’t know the friendship of people.,And you can conquer your boss,Don’t don’t have a yellow flower?”
Guan Yun is obvious to Liu Sweet。
Li Huihe heard this,Also a burst of embarrassment。
“That is not the same,I am a pure friendship between a smile.,And because I have a woman like a boss, I should not do things that I can’t afford to be a little girl.。”
“Then,Laughing Dad also follows me?!”
Li Hui said this,I saw Guan Yun directly stared at him.。
“You,You have said this.,That is still proven that you are actually thinking.?
Not afraid of the old dad,And who is the pure friendship between men and women?”
Li Hui Feng was completely defeated by this call from Guan Yun.。
“Guan Da Ge,I really don’t think so much.。”
“I know,But the girl thinks more,You think that people are so beautiful, no one chased.?
There are too many people chasing.,But the girl said,I like you,I like it is not clear.。”
“Forehead,These words are smiling?”
Looking at Li Hui’s doubtful look,Guan Yun laughs:“That can also be uncomfortable.?

Zhao Hongyi listen,Hehe smiled and said:“Then I ask you,Did you go to Song Fang’s room?“

“She asked me to talk about something,Stop my car from letting me go。I am also helpless,So go in and sit for a while。Unexpectedly, Wang Youcai rushed in,Talk nonsense“Xia Jian said to Zhao Hong lightly,He doesn’t want Zhao Hong to know the truth。
First1686chapter This person can’t afford
Zhao Hong looked at Xia Jian,As if not knowing him。This makes Xia Jian feel particularly embarrassed,But he didn’t know how he should explain to Zhao Hong。
“What kind of stuff is Song Fang,You don’t know。When she seduce you,It happened to be used by Wang Youcai,I caught Chen Erniu,Which time if it was you,Your reputation is already stinking,Then you still have today“Zhao Hong lowered her voice,Said to Xia Jian coldly。
Xia Jian glanced outside the door,Whisper:“Grandma!Let’s go back and say okay?Even if you kill me tonight,I have no complaints,But the walls have ears,Said it out,Your face is dull“
Xia Jian said,He stretched out his hand and pulled Zhao Hong up from the seat。Women are born to be loved by men,Xia Jianyi said softly,Zhao Hong immediately changed his attitude。She took a breath and said:“Ok!Let’s go back and say,Unclear,Don’t think about sleeping“
Xia Jian saw that Zhao Hong was so sensible,He still admires this woman very much in his heart。If this matter is resting on another woman,She will give you a trick,Then his notoriety is justified。
The two returned to Zhao Hong’s house,Zhao Hong locked the door from the inside first,Then I watched it again in the yard with a flashlight,Then I returned to the house with confidence。
Xia Jian wanted to please Zhao Hong,Called her foot wash for an unprecedented time。After all, what he did tonight is a bit unclear,Although he has no distracting thoughts in his heart,But whoever believes?
Zhao Hong soaked her feet,Close the door,His face changed immediately。She said coldly:“Xia Jian!You have an unclear relationship with any woman,I won’t bother,But this is Song Fang alone,You better separate me from her,Otherwise I won’t be with you anymore“
“Damn!Actually there is no relationship between us。Isn’t it that the town wants to develop a tourist area??Song Fang, who is a little bloated, wants to invest some money in,So he blocked me from the door of Huafeng Electric Factory。You know her,Don’t give up,So I followed her to her dormitory“Xia Jian said helplessly。
Zhao Hong snorted coldly:“Since you know what he is,Then why are you going“