Eating white food in the spring can eliminate fatigue

Eating white food in the spring can eliminate fatigue

Eating white food in the spring can eliminate fatigue. White is gold in the five elements, and it is beneficial to the lungs.

Most white foods, such as milk, rice and chicken fish, are rich in protein and are often eaten to eliminate physical fatigue.

In addition, white food is a relatively safe nutritional food.

Because of its low content compared to red food meat, high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other patients, it is better to eat white food.

1, yam aloe stewed lily material: 50 grams of yam, 150 grams of aloe, 50 grams of lily, 500 grams of water, crystal sugar amount.

Practice: Aloe vera, yam peeled and cut into strips of water, Lily fine selection of the petals washed for use.

Take the clean pot on the fire, add water, yam, aloe, lily, rock sugar, boil and simmer for 15 minutes.

Efficacy: Edible aloe vera is rich in vitamins, which can be used for skin care and beauty.

Lily has the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough, especially for lung heat, thick or no dry cough.

Yam is sweet and flat, not dry and not greasy, can strengthen the spleen and make up the lungs, replenish qi and nourish yin, replenish spleen and kidney.

2, yam lily milk raw materials: 200 grams of yam, 100 grams of lily, 500 grams of fresh milk, 30 grams of rock sugar.

Yam is not resistant to cooking, and it will lose its taste when cooked for a long time.

In addition, yam can also be eaten raw, so it can be eaten directly with milk and it is very convenient and nutritious breakfast.

Practice: Lily has two kinds of fresh and dry. If it is dry, it should be cooked for a little longer, about 30?
40 minutes, then cook with yam.

Peel the yam and cut into small diced; the lily is peeled off and washed.

Take a casserole and pour the fresh milk. When boiling until boiling, add the lily and yam diced, cook for about 3 minutes, and finally add the rock sugar to taste.

3, ginkgo and loofah material: 1 loofah, 7 ginkgo, 枸杞 amount, 1 tsp ginger, 2 mushrooms.

The amount of salt, water 30cc, 1/2 tsp olive oil.

Practice: Loofah washed and cut into pieces; ginkgo, washed and washed; mushrooms washed and sliced.

Hot oil pan, add olive oil, fragrant ginger, add loofah, shiitake mushrooms in medium heat for about 1 minute, add 30cc of water and ginkgo, cook until the loofah is cooked, add 枸杞 and the amount of salt to cook a little.
4, white fruit yuba glutinous rice sugar water material: 2 pieces of fresh yuba, 100 grams of ginkgo, 45 grams of glutinous rice, crystal sugar amount.

Practice: first soak the glutinous rice for 5 minutes, wash it, pour eight cups of water into a pot, put the glutinous rice and ginkgo into the fire, boil over high heat, and simmer for a hour.

Then wash the yuba, cut into pieces, add, and simmer for an hour, add sugar.


5, ginkgo yam fried celery raw materials: celery 200g, yam 180g, ginkgo 50g, salt 3g, chicken essence 3g, chopped green onion, minced garlic, ginger amount, wet raw powder, a small amount of sesame oil.

Practice: diced celery, with yam diced, ginkgo simmered in water.

Add a little oil to the pot and stir the shallot ginger and garlic. Add the ingredients of Nick’s good water, adjust the taste and stir well.

Put the sesame oil out of the pot.

6, yam ginkgo stewed pork belly material: 50 grams of yam, 350 grams of pork belly, 10 grams of ginger, 20 grams of ginkgo, 1000 grams of broth, 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of chicken, 1 gram of sugar.

Practice: peel the yam and cut into thick slices of water, wash the ginkgo, cut the pig’s belly with water, and slice the ginger for use.

Put the net on the fire, add the broth, ginger, ginkgo, pork belly, boil over low heat for 30 minutes, then yolk stew for 20 minutes to taste.

Efficacy: Yam can treat spleen and stomach weakness, body fatigue, less food, sweat, spleen and stomach and kidney deficiency.

Ginkgo phlegm and blood stasis, convergence and dehumidification, can treat redness under the white belt, white urine, frequent urination, enuresis.


Be wary of 15 drugs falling down parents

Be wary of 15 drugs “falling down” parents

Grandma Wang went to bed after eating antihypertensive drugs. When she got up in the middle of the night and went to the toilet, she suddenly fell into a dizzy, but fortunately the family found it early and sent her to the doctor.
Wang’s grandmother’s calf fracture is still recovering.
  According to the study, among patients who have been sent to the emergency department due to postural hypotension, 20% are over 65 years old, and 30% are over 75 years old. This symptom is often associated with medication.
  The pharmacist reminds you to pay attention to the reminder on the medicine bag to reduce the risk of falling.
  Old people are prone to fall. In addition to the road surface factors, taking drugs can also cause falls.
The elderly suffer from more medications, especially those who take multiple drugs at the same time, and fall to high-risk groups.
  The types of drugs that may cause falls include: blood pressure lowering drugs, sedative sleeping pills, antihistamines, urinary tract modulating drugs, antidepressants, skeletal muscle relaxants, mydriatics, diuretics, oral hypoglycemic agents, anti-heart rhythmsThere are many types of incomplete medicines, anesthetics, Parkinson’s disease treatments, laxatives, enema, chemotherapeutic agents, etc., and these drugs are used by the elderly.
  Family members are advised to read carefully the precautions, time and side effects of medication.
If you are dizzy after taking the medicine, you can take a break first, don’t rush to walk, let alone go up and down the stairs.
Even if you want to go to the toilet, the elderly with limited mobility should be supported by the toilet. The toilet also needs support when it gets up.

Thunder and lightning disappeared,Lin Feng,Yeah,Shangguan Yue,Brahma,The five people in Beiyang have come out.。

“Don’t be a six feet。”Lin Feng praised:“God is so easy to go。”
“Monandy,Thank you。”Yeah looked at the Vaina Road。
“Amitabha,All the air。”Brahma laughs:“All right,I’m leaving,People walking, not being hired,There is also the six feng gold body want to practice to a complete realm.,Must use the red lotus industry to quench body。”
Sub-open is the suggestion of the attire to five people。
They killed Suzaki,Baihu Yi,Demon,Dragon and other majors,These big forces will never give upstairs。
“Know the monk。”Bei Yanyang laughs:“Old three,I am also gone.。”
“Brahman,Second brother care。”Lin Feng looked at Brahma and North Yinyang Road:“Jude?”
“I have to go.。”Yeah chaos looks at Lin Feng Road:“Lin brother,If the little girl is coming up,You help me take care of your point。”
“Do not worry,She married Lin family,Just Lin’s woman,Lin’s man’s man even flows down the last blood,Will not let women be wronged。”Lin Feng sounds and powerful。
“it is good!”
Yeah Chaos haha smiled:“Allocate,Wholly!”His figure is walking,It’s disappearing in the mountains.。
“Wholly!”The figure of Yeha Chaos and Brahma has disappeared in the mountains.。
“Sister and me。”Lin Feng looked at Shangguan Yuxian quiet。
“Can’t,There is a period。”Shangguan Yue Mei is looking at Lin Feng Road。
“Sister,Put this。”Lin Feng’s big sleeve,Wrap a hydrogen spring,Then flying over Shangguan Yue。
Although they spent thunder,But these hydrogen bombs are still their strong reliance.。
“Maple,No need,Sister’s own warming method。”Shangguan Yuxian is charming and smiling:“Take care of yourself。”Talking between Shangguan Yue turned to the depths of the woods,Her figure is gradually disappearing。
At a time, Shangguan Yue,Yeah,Brahma,North Yinyang four people left,Lin Feng feels empty。
Lin Feng looked at the back of four people for a long time.,I don’t know if I can meet again.,Perhaps an eternal separately。
Now Lin Feng also with Tolsmu,Charlie Man,Krevo,Yamamoto Yutao and other eleven people left here。
He took thousands of miles to stay.,Come to a remote valley,The latter disk is sitting on the ground to participate in the three birthplace,Sanyue mirror should comprehend these three bodysis and nine-yuan。
Reconsciously,Then it is equal to a family of three students.,Semi-step three,When you understand the nine yuan,It is only true to enter this gods.。 “Three-life array?”
Lin Feng reach out,His finger reached out,A airflow is derived,This airflow draws three airflows directly on the ground.,Three airflows are intertwined together,Xuanzhi and Xuan,mix together。
Evolution out a more powerful force,The breath of this force rises。
“If it is arranged in an air arrangement,Then attack it again,too slow,I am afraid I have been killed.,I have not been able to attack and attack.。”Lin Feng mysterical:“This is probably not a true three-life alms。”
“what is it?”
Lin Feng looked at the ground muttering,He reached out on the ground and repeatedly inscribed the array,Inscribed again over and over again,Decreasing San Life。
Time is the gradual past。
Sunrise sunset。
This has passed more than a month,late at night,Moonlight shines in this valley,This mountain valley is cold and cold。
There is also a big day in the god.,There are also moon。
It’s just that the big day and the moon in the gods are more than 10,000 times higher than the lower bound.,Whether it is shining on the ground, the strength of the yin is still the power of the yin,It is more than 100,000 times better than the lower bound.。
Just at this time, the sound of the sound came from this valley.,A union of evil breath,Moonlight crazy flooded into Torsem,Charlie Man and others。
Their atmosphere is climbing。
They have a bloody symbol on their eyebrows.,This symbol is“Bamboo”Character,Bloody“Bamboo”The word is mysterious。


Ten thousand secrets have neid each other,The body of Wan Dao’s figure is withered.,The blood ball in the sky is heavy,It’s like a round of blood and the big day.,A horrible pressure comes from above。
It’s like a god.,The woman sitting on the bloody lotus suddenly disappeared between disappearance.,The next moment appears in the bloody light ball,She is sitting in her knees,Sword of the sword in the hands of the sky,It is a sword to the seven towns.。
This sword is like a bloody waterfall that is coming on the Galaxy of the Galaxy.!
Non-admiral masters,Gone,Handheld,The squat is on this sword.。
Dramatic explosion sound,Wan Demon is shaken。
Blood color sword light explosion,Congfending countless sword light crazy flows to the figures of no vacant。
“Do not!”
Non-empty look,Have a again, I took the god soldier.。
“boom,boom!”Dramatic explosion sound continuously,This will break the horrible blood color sword.。
“too horrible!”
Dragon Green frown。
“I am afraid that attack is getting worse.!”Tangshan water suddenly thoughtfully:“She is used by Wan magic sacrifice,And open the array of this Wanliangling!”
“Magic Lingling?”Living Buddha is sorry and frowning。
“This array is a large magic array!”Tangshan water interpretation:“It is a blood,Magic,Grievance,That 10,000 people are enough to open,Once opened,You imagine yourself,How much strong buried on this Wanliangling?Nirvana is not in dozens of respect。”
“good,When these people were dead,Blood has long been infiltrated into Wan Lingling。”Segmentation。
“Is the Wan magic big array not destroyed??”Living Buddha。
“Look at the current situation,It should be not all destroyed。”Longqing Hosheng Road:“The best way now is to wait,This is the most weak during the day.,You look at the blood ball to absorb the power between the heavens and the earth.。”
“But when you wait during the day,This woman escaped。”Living Buddha is heard:“If this woman escapes,That is equal to the world,I have more disaster in China.。”
“My Buddha compassion,so,Every time we dispatched a strong,Also put this feminist。”Master suddenly。
“you do not need to worry,Once this is at least12At the end of the time。”Tangshan water looked at the two frown。
“Amitabha,How about this,We attacked when we were most prosperous during the day.,We are seven people holding the gods.。”Unqualified master。
“it is good!”Dragon Gan and Baby Moon Two have nod。
“Amitabha!”Missing and living Buddhas have nodded,I immediately looked hotly looking at the woman inside the blood.。
Seven masters of figure is sitting in the knees,Wai of the blood color in the center,Maintaining200Rice area,The woman inside the blood light ball quietly,There is no attack,Let the Buddha are falling into sleep.。
Wan Lingling, the ghost crying,Grudge,Magic diffuse,Blood color lightning is constantly intertwined,Spray horror,Put the Buddha to swallow the blood。
Early morning coming in the morning,Sun rise,Light,The magic of Wan Liangling began to weaken,The same is true for the strength of the blood,Start to weaken。
Midway in the moon of the moon,A shadow standing in the sky,His figure is like slow,Environmentally friendly Tai Chi,Tai Chi ball is black and white,The big days of the Japanese heart and the five poisonous people are constantly moving.。
Handshed,Taiji ball is broken,Injuring into the distant void,And after he is harder,Tai Chi ball broke the air and fell into his side。
Post-Taiji ball expansion,Show his figure under the body,His figure is in Tai Chi,Taiji ball crazy operation。
NS767chapter Lin Feng’s resolution
Lin Feng’s sparkling,If it is the words that the two big gods will be again,Isn’t it more god?。
Taiji ball。
Acetic force,But this kind of absorption is limited.,If it is possible to absorb power like a rumor?,Isn’t it to resolve more strength?,Greatly improve his defense?
“It is too difficult to integrate together.。”Lin Feng mysterical,His action stopped,Taiji balls enter his body disappeared。

Blue 梓 Qi’s 气 气 离,Leave a shocked young male or female,She didn’t pay attention to the hiking back in the crowd。

I saw him looking at the back of the girl.,The beautiful face is swaying a gentle smile,Slowly follow。
Lan Qiqi out of Jiangyu Hotel,Whole,Walking to the corner of the corner and calling to Chu Feiyang。
“Kiki,Where is?”Chu Fei is still very bad。
“Flying,You said that your crow is so accurate.?”Blue 梓琪 脚 小 小 石,The sound is also weak。
“Bamboo,Listening to your voice, 80% is gave it to others.。”Chu Fei Yang Xin Yuling。
“Not,It is the bastard, betrayed me.,Just was repaired by me,But flying,Do you say that I am not fake??I am except for anger.,I don’t feel distressed at all.。”
“What?That stinky boy dared to betray http://www.oasis-life.cnyou,You wait for me,I will come over now.,I don’t even know him even his people.。”Chu Fei Yang is very impulsive。
“Hey,How is your sexy so impulsive??Can you understand that I am falling off??Can’t you comfort me??”
Chu Feiyang:“Which of you is falling in love?,Where are you?,I came to pick you up.。”Blue Qiqi:“Jiangshi Hotel,What’s more, I am also a person in love.,Although there is no feeling of heartache,There is no feeling,But I think I still fall in love.,Let’s go to eat the big gear file of your mother’s home.。”
First2072Chapter Peerless
“Row,Lost, you need people to comfort,I came over.。”Chu Fei Yang smiled and hangs。
The other side of the corner,The long figure is slightly on the wall,Sunshine has lengthened his elegant figure,He listened to the words of Lan Qiqi.,Expansion of the radians rise in the corner of the mouth。
Until Blue Qi’s car on Chu Fei,He came out from the corner,Looking at the car in the car,He also turned around to walk in the hotel in Jiangyou。
Noisy at the door。
“Wang Manager,I really want to,Her gorge’s group,Why do you go to be a teacher??”Jiao Jie Jie is coming out,She is not willing to ask。
“Bamboo,That is the school she opened.,Does she have a teacher??She has just concluded a picture today.,How many people do you know if her painting is??Your father is a person in the upper circle.,How can you not know that Miss Lu?,Hurry back soon.,In the future, don’t come.,It is best to let your father have to apologize with you tonight.,Otherwise, your company can really say a problem.。”
Wang Manager is worried about the heart,Turn away。
Only Liang Siyuan and Jiao Jie Jie Jiji standing in place。
Men look at all,Turn around。
Shen Jiaqi in the big ranking,Blue Qiqi is already in a big faster。
Chu Feiyang sat opposite her opposite her.,Head and distinctive handsome ,Jiemei star,Nose micro,Lip full,The white skin is lined with a touch of pink lips.,Handsome。
Hey:“Do you have any people who have been drunk and crying??Are you eating a sea, a person who is a love??Also,How much is it told you?,Girls have to hold,How do you marry out??Especially in front of men。”
Blue Qiqi ate a leather shrimp,Slowly looked at him:“I will not marry you.,What kind of lady is in front of you??”
Chu Feiyang:“……”
He drunk with a beer.。
“Why do you drink it??Come,A cup。”Blue Qiqi strives to make a mistake,Unfortunately,I have no pain in my heart.。
Chu Fei Yang smiled and touched her a cup,Drink a bite。
He drama:“Kiki,You look like a loss of love.。”
“So,I have a special love for the first time.,I actually talked about a false love.。”Blue Qiqi is very unwilling。
I think that men can betray so easily.,She is very angry。
“My father is different.,For my mother’s love for decades such as one day。”
“Of course,That’s the most admired.。”Chu Feiyang laughed,“Don’t be happy too.,Will encounter a better man than that of the baby,Eating,Your favorite lobster。”
“I like it very much.,I have eaten a lot of countries or my aunt’s family is best.。”Blue Qiqi continues to eat,The taste buds are satisfied.,Her whole people are lazy and sitting。
“嘿嘿,I also feel,I am coming to eat here for these years. Mother only pays money every time, When I came alone, she did not pay money.。”Chu Feiyang also likes food here.。

Mu Qingdao:“unnecessary,You go.!”

Their home, Not bad for this money,but,After the next thing, then。
now,As long as Kiki is good,How can she?。
“Xu Wei”
Mu Qing looked at him,A deep breath,Say:“You go.!this matter,Waiting for our Jiaqi,。”
Blue Xin will have slowed down.,She is a little strange to watch Gu Yi Lin。
He called Mom Xu,He knows my mother。
Gu Yi Lin looked at their two people,Lift,I also looked at Lu Hao Cheng, standing quietly.,Quite helplessness,He didn’t expect,Things will develop into this way。
He lows,Silently leave。
Blue Xin head,Doubtful look at Mu Qing。
Mu Qing knows what she wants to know?
She laughed:“Blue,Mom gives you a chance,It is you don’t want to listen.。”
Blue Xinyi,Lips and light laugh,The dark eyes are very calm,It seems like a quiet stream,This matter,Just a few days ago。
Blue Xin didn’t speak,Too,She didn’t want to meet her mother’s scars.。
But now,She is really a little curious.。
Mu Qing suddenly heard Lu Haocheng called his mother,She slightly shock。
Blue Xin feels different moments,I suddenly stunned。
She slowly slowly,Some unbelievable look at Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao’s eyes also looked quietly.。
just now,When he stood here,He thought a lot of things。
He wants blue blue,so,He wants to hold my mother?
at the very beginning,He also wants,Mom is very indifferent to his attitude,But refactors think,Mom also has my own ideas。
Mom leaves these years,He didn’t blame your mother,Because every year’s birthday,Mom will give him a gift back,I will send a gift to my sister.。
Mom has always looked at them growing up.,so,Don’t hate mom。
Mom is now a healthy standing in front of him.,He is already very grateful.。 “Hao Jun。”Mu Qing looked excitedly,Tears also flowed out。
Blue Xin slightly,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng and Mom,Some I don’t know what it is.。
Mom is actually a mother of Lu Hao Cheng。
Such fate,Really let her feel unbelievable。
Unexpetent,Mom has been talking to her,Lu Haozheng is a good person,original,Lu Haozheng is my mother’s son。
Have rumors,Lujia Xiao San,Forced the original,It turns out that this thing is true。
and,Coincidentally,Is her mother,No wonder mother is so bitter,Flesh,She has been very bitter in these years.。
This fate,Surprisingly let Lan Xin can’t come out。
She is watching one inch, falling on the face of my mother.,The result is self-evident。
Mom is Lu Hao Cheng’s mother。
“mother。”She shouted,Sound is slight。

Sukong, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan youth "cloud" common talks and cooperation

  On April 26th, the "Youth has no ‘lines’ line’ -Xinxing Industry Development and Youth Opportunities", hosted by the Jiangsu Youth Federation "Youth, Youth" series, which was successfully held, attracting more than 200 The earth youth online, and about 10,000 people watched the live broadcast of the event.

  Four youth representatives revolved around their own development experience and shared wonderful sharing with the youths of the four places. "Some people always say that we have forgotten tradition. In fact, young people are also inheriting the tradition and continuing its life." Lu Jinyao, Wuxi, Jiangsu, born in 1995, began to learn traditional landscape paintings at the age of 13. After graduating from college "Art exhibition, exhibition, and communication platform, actively promote young art workers to join the emerging cultural industry.

  Feng Qianrong, a young man in Taiwan, said that it is necessary to better use the media to find the resonance points of young people on both sides of the strait to spread more content that can promote the goodwill and groundedness of the two sides of the strait. Another Taiwanese youth Song Siyi called for more young talents on both sides of the strait to cooperate more in the field of biomedicine. Macau Youth Yu Jiannan believes that tea culture can play an important role in promoting youth exchanges and emerging industries.

"Jiangsu and Taiwan all produce tea, and they can complement each other to cooperate to create different tea brands. Hong Kong and Macau are well -known international tourist cities. Communicate, work together to contribute more for the great motherland. "With the young representatives of Su, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan singing" This is Jiangnan ", the event ended in a youthful atmosphere.

  The "cloud sharing" series of Youth Sharing of Su, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan is an important measure for the Jiangsu Youth Federation to strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the Youth Organization of the Su -Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. Nearly 400,000 people participated or watched the event online. .

Think about it,He opened a text message again,Start typing。

But the word has not been finished yet.,I received a greeting of Zheng Yaki first.,There is inevitable。
I didn’t expect that she didn’t sleep so late.,If you don’t go to her, she goes to her.,Come back, I am listening to the novel every day.,Zhou may be more touched。
Xiao Zhengyang, Happy New Year
Zhou I want to think,Still finish this,Send,Then tell her what I typed to hit half of the news.。
Xiao Zheng so
Zhouzhi went to the next week.,I will go back to Google directly.,Come look for you to play.
Xiao Zheng
Want to eat lamb
Xiao Zheng is relatively cold on the winter mountains.,I all frozen a few sheep.,I have a long time for a long time.,Now there is only a sheep to be more empty,It may not be a few days.
Zhou Zhiyo it a few days
Xiao Zheng,I will cheer it for it.
In the following minutes,Zhou has received more than a dozen messages,He is all New Year’s,Most of the group is the group。There is no time, there is no time.,So I didn’t receive it.,And left slide to delete the session,So let the session panel look messy。
There are many classmates who slip out left.。 Actually there is still a high school classmate,Kang Xueer,I should not be an unexpected look at the face of Nange。Zhou left back the sentence,It is also looking at the nanong face。
There is also Supud and small flowers。
No Yin Le,Remember。
There are also several customers,Actually didn’t sleep,It’s hard to be them.……
and also……
In short, these greetings and blessings are still very mood.,Zhou Zhi was a little discomfort caused by the words of the old monster.。Subsequent, he is busy replying to these news and chats with them.,Or he also gives it to the blessing,Wait until he solves God,It’s been a bit.。
Old demon weird next,Seeing him chatting to see the taste of Jinjin。
Chapter 466 Ridiculous dream
“What is it?。”
“Your friend has become more。”
“The same to you。”
“Let’s play games.?” “why?”
“Anyway, I can’t sleep anyway.。”
“Can’t you sleep??”
“This way.。”Zhou,Put your phone down next to the pillow,Close your eyes,“I won’t sleep。”
Today is really late.,Zhou Zhiye is getting free。
Sudden talk of the old monsters,He made a bad dream。

“I am here tonight.。”

“Taoist room limited,Waiting for Under Yin Le, I have to come to my house.。”
“?”The old monsters look at him surprised.,Don’t dare to confirm,“Do you still remember how you didn’t want to sleep??”
“Who let you always become a woman……”
If explained, I haven’t finished it.,The old monsters have left the way.。
Zhou is also very helpless。
Yin Leyi did not come over and rest,He guards a night,I hope that I can have the next future of the six.,But the bell is not ringing overnight.。
fortunately,With him, there is also a little girl who is surnamed.,How much is someone talking?。
Others want to come to sleep well.。
Think about it,Who sleeps again??
Zhou Sleep。
Thanks to the clean,Zhou Siu sleeps delicious,Although there is also a thoughts of thoughts before going to bed,Slag cat with parkour,What is this??
It is getting bright in the sky,Red light is still。
Different from the night of the night,Some people in the day will visit peaceful,Experts explain clearly not recognized by everyone,And even how many people have not been recognized,Someone still comes here to find the most central——Coincidentally it is a way,More than a few pieces of metaphysics。
But than yesterday,Today’s people still have a lot more,Thanks to a rumor who took out this morning.:Some experts said,Uncertainty caused red light to be harmful to the human body。
This rumor is only circulating around the village and towns.,But it blocks a lot of sports.、Chartered master。
“Master is seriously ill,Infection。”
“Not reception,Please return everyone.。”
Xuan Qing Master’s weak voice makes many people disappointment。
AM 10 o’clock,The bell rang again。
This is a lot of pilgrims in Taoism.、And the mutual visor has never heard of bells。
Everyone will run to the door quickly.,Look outside through the door。
One125Motorcycles drift along the small road to the mountain,Someone gets off,Then look down,A villager returned to the disappointment to talk two sentences,Taoism on the hill。
Is a young man。
Yin Le Express,Welcome him in,I am afraid that I am visible.。
At this time, everyone saw this person.。
Aged,Shaving,Silver earrings,Hand with tattoo and hot screw,Jacket wearing a bean shoes and black with rivets,Also wear sunglasses,A little bit,It looks like a combination of non-mainstream and small mixing,Inexplicably thinks about《I am not a drug god》Yellow hair in,Shaved head version。

Gansu Provincial Procuratorate escorted minors to grow up healthy growth

Original title: The healthy growth of the procuratorial organs of the province’s procuratorial organs from the "two laws ‘two laws’ co -defending motherland" press conferences held by the Gansu Provincial Procuratorate held on the morning of May 31st on the morning of May 31. Based on legal supervision functions, the agency has thoroughly implemented the newly revised "Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China" and the "People’s Republic of China to Prevention of Minor Criminal Crime Law". , Continuously strengthen the comprehensive comprehensive judicial protection of minors involved in the case, and escort the healthy growth of minors. According to reports, since last year, the province’s procuratorial organs have focused on the main business of the main responsibility. Regarding the infringement of crimes of the rights and interests of minors, they insisted on zero tolerance and strict crackdown. A total of 747 suspects were arrested and 1169 were prosecuted. At the same time, insisting on lenients and strictness, the minors who were suspected of minor crimes "caught prinerity", did not criticize 357 minors, did not prosecute 447 people, and did not prosecute 373 people with conditions.

In addition, the procuratorial organs joint Youth League Committee, Women’s Federation and other units accurately helped to teach minors involved in sin. Since 2021, a total of 6455 people have been conducted on minors involved in crimes. The number of people is issued to the rescue gold.

The province’s procuratorial organs have comprehensively promoted the unified centralized centralized management of criminal, civil, administrative, and public interest litigation procuratorial business to strengthen comprehensive judicial protection of minors.

The province’s procuratorial organs adhere to the people -centered, focus on protecting special groups, and increase judicial protection of rural left -behind children and children with difficulties.

Effectively strengthen the cooperation and co -construction of prosecutors, and the province’s third -level institute has achieved the full coverage of the prosecutor as the vice president of the rule of law. At present, 866 prosecutors have been hired as the vice president of the school. (New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Shi Dandan).