Chongqing released the "fourteenth five" planning of manufacturing high quality development

  On August 3, the Chongqing Municipal Government Network issued a recent municipal government "14th Five-Year Plan" (2021-2025) "(2021-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "planning").

  "Plan" proposes that by 2025, the industrial output value above the city will achieve 3 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 6%, including 35% of strategic emerging industries, 32% output value of high-tech industries, and industrial added value. More than 900 billion yuan, industrial added value accounts for about 30%, and software business revenue reached 500 billion yuan.

  Grasping the development of the strategic diversion manufacturing development around the four key points "Make Articles" "Plan", in the next 5 to 15 years, will be the strategic diversity of the Chongqing manufacturing cross-cleaner, the advantage, the above steps. To this end, "Plan" proposed that the city’s manufacturing development will revolve around the four strategic focus "doing articles" – cultivation to create an international competitive industrial cluster. Cultivate three millions of electronic information, five hundred billion car, 300 billion equipment, six hundred billion materials, five hundred billion-level special consumer goods, millions of biomedical and other industrial clusters.

  Enhance the overall performance of manufacturing innovation.

Strengthening the Core Role of Innovation in the High Quality Development of Manufacturing and Enterprises in Innovation Subject to Configure Innovation Chains around the Industry Chain, and improve the development and innovation system of manufacturing.

  Improve the industrial basic ability and the modernization of industry chain supply chains.

Implementing the modernization of the industrial base reconstruction and industrial chain supply chain, coordinating the forging chief board and repairing the shortboard, continuously carrying the chain and power chain, and fully guarantee the supply chain stability, improve the supply chain toughness and root resistance of the industrial chain. Promote the development of intelligent, green, and human cultural transformation in manufacturing. Deepen a new generation of information technology implantation, improve manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent level; accelerate the construction of green plants and green parks, actively develop green products and green supply chains; more highlighting people’s role, promoting more participation of workers Design and deployment of manufacturing technology, strengthening skills and promotion and improvement such as worker human machine collaboration, realizing high-quality development of manufacturing and promoting high-quality development in manufacturing industry. Enhance the competitiveness of pillar industry to cultivate six types of war new industrial clusters, plan a group of future industries "plan", which will continue to enhance the international competitiveness of the pillar industry such as electronics, auto and motorcycle, including – the electronic industry, acceleration Local research and development system, enhance intelligent terminal products, local supporting level; automobile and motorcycle industry, speed up new model development, improve key components local supporting system, reshape China’s automobile and motorcycle city competition advantage; equipment manufacturing industry, implementation "machine + zero Part "Double enhancement action, consolidate the position of the global machine production base, building the country’s important mountain hilly agricultural machinery industry base and the western region leading elevator, engineering machinery industry base; consumer goods industry, deepening the integration of consumer goods industry and the integration of cultivation, and cultivation Have international competitive special consumer goods industry clusters; raw materials industry, accelerate structural adjustment and new product development, building a green building materials and natural gas chemical industry base with national influence. According to "Plan", "14th Five-Year Plan" manufacturing industry in the development direction of industrial development, we will focus on building a group of strategic emerging industrial clusters with national influence, involving new generation information technology, new energy and intelligent networks, high-end Equipment, new materials, biotechnology, and green environmentally friendly 6-class industries.

  Among them, in the new generation of information technology, the city will facing "Zhizhi Heavy Town" "Smart Town" construction needs, building an important power semiconductor device, flexible ultra HD display, new intelligent terminal, advanced sensor and intelligent instrumentation, network Safety industry base and Chinese software famous city.

  In terms of new energy and intelligent network, the city will play a comprehensive advantage in the production capacity of fuel vehicles, parts supporting system and integrated circuit ecology, promote new energy vehicles and information communications, energy, traffic depth integration, and building domestic leading Power battery industry base, hydrogen fuel cell application demonstration base and domestic advanced automotive electronics industry base. In terms of high-end equipment, the city will drive the application of components such as sensors and communication modules in the whole machine to implant and colored alloys, synthetic materials and other new materials, construction of national high-end CNC machine tools, urban rail transport vehicles, new energy equipment industries Base and western leading industrial robots, additive manufacturing equipment industry bases. In terms of new materials, the city will be an urgent need for industrial development and major project construction, building an internationally competitive polyamide material, polyurethane material industry base and country important advanced colored alloy materials, glass fiber and composite material base. In terms of biotechnology, our city will face significance for major diseases and residents’ health management, accelerate the pace of biopharms, promote medical equipment, chemicals, chemicals and preparations, modern Chinese medicine upgrades, and build domestic first-class biomedicine industry aggregation areas.

  In terms of green environmental protection, the city will face "carbon peaks, carbon neutrics" requirements and ecological civilization construction urgently demand, enrich energy-saving and environmental protection, new energy field technical equipment species, strong renewable resources, re-manufacturing and other resources comprehensive utilization industrial scale, construction National important energy conservation and environmental protection, regenerative resources, hydrogen energy and energy storage industry bases. "Planning" also puts forward, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the city will strengthen the prospective planning of the future industry of aerospace, genetic technology, future materials, and optoelectronics, through existing technical advantages, form a group of innovation results, promote A group of future industries leap-forward development.

  Clarify the implementation of the task guarantee implementation, implement eight security measures "plan", promote the high-quality development of the city’s manufacturing industry, the city will implement eight tasks, first in improving industrial innovation capabilities, including strengthening key core technology research, Strengthen high-level common technical platform construction, enhance corporate technology innovation capability, develop new R & D institutions, promote new application scenarios and new products to promote each other, accelerate industrial design development, and carry out institutional mechanism innovation and enterprise management innovation, enhance industrial basic ability and industries Chain supply chain modernization level.

  In addition, other seven tasks are: enhance the modernization of industrial base capabilities and industrial chain supply chains, deepen manufacturing digital transformation and service development, improve the green manufacturing system, cultivate quality market entities, strengthen quality brand construction, and promote park characteristics Development and promotion of regional coordinates. In order to protect the above implementation, "planning" also specifically proposes to take eight guarantees, including strengthening organization leadership, deepening manufacturing sector reform, expanding manufacturing open cooperation, reducing manufacturing costs, increase high quality talent supply, optimizing industrial policies System, do a good job in operating dispatching and corporate services, strengthen industrial safety production guarantee. Ten sets of data see Chongqing manufacturing development achievement 1 The city has more than 2 trillion yuan, all industrial added value of nearly 700 billion yuan 2 has 31 manufacturing industries, basically completed, productive industry System 3 In the city’s dominant industry, microcomputers, mobile phones, automobiles, motorcycles account for more than 24%, 9%, 6%, 29%, respectively, and build domestic maximum adipic acid, and spandex production base 4 market vitality Enhanced, the number of industrial enterprises above the whole city has more than 6,800, including 1 hundred billions of enterprises, 20 billions of enterprises (independent legal persons) 5 innovation capacity continued to increase, accumulating 10 national key laboratories, national enterprise technology center 37 Home, large-scale industrial enterprises have more than%, ranking in the national forefront, 12-inch power management chip, silicon-based optical electronic kit, etc. In China, there is a result of 6 ones and 6, the world’s 500 industrial enterprises have 237 Layout, industrial field use foreign capital in 10 years to maintain more than $ 400 million, and the export delivery value of industrial enterprises above the size is more complete, and the total output value of industrial enterprises above is more complete, and "2 + 10 + 36" "Industrial Park System, Lu Hai Mr., four-way expansion, comprehensive three-dimensional international large channel network accelerates the rise of 8 digital economy," Zhizhi Heavy Town "accelerated construction," Mixer Nuclear Network " Group, digital economic added value, the total value of the total value of more than 25%, 9 new industries, rapid growth, large-scale industrial strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, more than 32%, 28% 10 traditional industries, respectively The transformation and upgrading is accelerated, and the average annual growth of the technical transformation investment has been built into 67 intelligent factories and 359 digital workshops. The total labor productivity of the industrial enterprises above the company has reached the source: "Chongqing manufacturing industry high quality development" The 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) "(with the above data statistics time as of 2020) Chongqing Daily reporter Xia Yuan (editor: cover pure, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.

200 Nieuwe Party-leden van Beijing Fengtai-vertegenwoordiger Chang Xin Shi 27 Memorial Hall

Bij de ceremonie hebben de oude partijleden en uitstekende feestleden ook een verklaring uitgevoerd, met behulp van hun eigen ervaring om nieuwe party-leden te motiveren.

Kameraad Huigui, Chang Guizhen, Zhu bei-gemeenschap, Hui GUI, was verplicht na 14 jaar gemeenschap, en verzamelde meer dan 30.000 mensen. Zorg voor de drie gemeenschappen 15 jaar en vestigden een liefdesfonds met 450.000 yuan pension, in Hebei Water vestigt 5 Love Book House om de bergkinderen te helpen de droom van studeren te voltooien. Ze spreekt als de vertegenwoordiger van het oude feestleden en vertelde de nieuwe partijleden: "Ik ben 82 jaar oud, ik ben lid geworden van de Communistische Partij van China in 1976.

45 jaar zijn gepasseerd, de twee woorden van party-leden zijn al in mijn hart gegraveerd.

Deelnemen aan de partijorganisatie betekent verantwoordelijkheid, dapper genoeg zijn om op te treden als een stap voorwaarts, meer verantwoordelijkheid, krachtiger, meer licht.

COMRADE XU Chongwei, een tak van de afdeling Milieugezondheid van het milieugezondheidscentrum van het district Fengtai, in 17 jaar sanitaire voorzieningen, oefen altijd de sanitaire geest van "Ik zou graag in vuil willen zijn, in ruil voor Wanjia," in het werk Van epidemische preventie en -controle, durf te zorgen voor de geest van de pioniers van de Communistische Partij, en won de kapitaalarbeidsmedaille, Beijing uitstekende communistische partijleden. Hij zei als een vertegenwoordiger van uitstekende party-leden: "Luisteren naar het commando van de partij is Een geloof, de behoeften van het volk is een bevel, een kritiek moment, rennen en het gevaarlijke junister is een exclusiviteit. Het is de echte communist.

Als partijlid moeten we de moed en kracht van het harde werk, hard werken en toewijding constant verzamelen, hoe moeilijker het is, hoe moeilijker het is. COMRADE XIN YUXI, het NIEUWE PARTIJD VAN HET EDUCT EN WORK COMITé VAN FENGTAI, zei: "Ik heb het geluk gehad om de 70e verjaardag van de oprichting van New China te vieren en dienen als kunstbegeleiding van de algemene parade.

Toen ons feest naar Tiananmen liep, de gejuich van de langlevende geruchten van de ‘The Motherland’ trilde de scène van Shengshi China, wil ik me stevig een feestlid willen zijn.

Tegenwoordig komen dromen uit, ik wil plechtig zijn, met behulp van hun eigen leven, schrijf een nieuw hoofdstuk van de nieuwe generatie communisten. Tegelijkertijd, als een Latijnse dansleraar in de regionale jongen, zal ik meer kinderen verliefd worden op de dans en naar de binnenlandse internationale fase lopen door hun eigen lesgeven en meer kunsttalenten in Fengtai-district cultiveren! COMRADE COMRADE QIFENG, de plaatsvervangend directeur van het dagelijkse werk van het districtscommissie van het Fengtai, introduceerde de nieuwe partijleden in de tweede zevende herdenkingszaal, en de oude partijkleden en uitstekende party-leden herleefden tot de Party Oath-activiteiten. Het is ook de 100e Verjaardag van de fundering van de Communistische Partij van China. Belangrijke activiteiten zijn ook een diepe seksuele educatie voor alle partijen.

Beautiful environment is rich

"PM10: 26 μg / cubic meters,: 22 micrograms / cubic meter …" Into the Town Town, Bashan Grand Canyon, Xuanhan County, Sichuan Province, only see the air quality monitoring instrument in the wall, rolling the real-time air The quality index continuously monitors the quality of the air in the Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Spot. Over the years, Xuanhan County has adhered to the ecological priority, comprehensive supervision and protection of the ecological environment, and enrich the advantages of rich ecological resources into economic advantages, competitive advantages, and development advantages. The Bashan Grand Canyon of Xuanhan County is located in Qinling – Daiba Mountain Biodiversity Protection and Water Conservation Important Area, the natural ecosystem is rich, and the animal and plant resources are diverse, and there are more than 3,400 wild animals plants in the county. In 2002, the Sichuan Provincial People’s Government approved the establishment of the Sichuan Bailixia Provincial Nature Reserve, protecting the unique mountainous canyon ecosystem, geological relics and rare animals, and biological, landscape diversity, and promoting scientific research , Eco-tourism, environmental education and other undertakings. In order to strengthen the protection of the Bailixia Nature Reserve, the Municipal People’s Government organizes personnel to carry out scientific examination and planning work in the protection zone, and entrust the research institute to complete the "Master Plan of the Sichuan Bailixia Nature Reserve". In 2016, the People’s Government of Xuanhan County once again conducted a comprehensive scientific examination of Bailixia Nature Reserve, preparing the "Sichuan Bailixia Natural Reserve Comprehensive Science Research" "" Xuanhan County Biological Diversity Protection Strategy and Action Plan (2017) – 2030). In 2018, the People’s Government of Xuanhan County Constructs a lookout tower, patriotic trail, ecological museum, field monitoring system, etc., to help better protect the integrity, biodiversity, and landscape diversity of natural ecosystems. And the uniqueness of culture.

To protect the ecology, you must inspire "ecological bonus."

In 2016, Xuanhan County has fully investigated the annual certificate, rational development, and relying on local ecological resources to build a Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic area, officially opened in August 2018.

Because the scenic spot is close to the Bailixia Nature Reserve, some attractions in the scenic spot are located in the protected area experimental area, in order to further strengthen resource protection, in 2016, Xuanhan County specially introduced the "Bashan Grand Canyon Scenic Area Management Measures", and established a hundred The Environmental Protection Workstation, Scenic Area Joint Law Environmental Protection Workstation, Scenic Area, in the Scenic Area, in full supervision and protection for all kinds of ecological environment resources. The monitoring data since 2019 showed that the air quality of the scenic spot was excellent, and the surface water quality of the surface was used. The construction of the scenic spot has also driven more and more people to eat "ecological meals".

The villagers living in Taixi Village, Xiqi Tujia Township, Xuanhan County returned to hometown, and opened Tujia specialty restaurants. Now in the tourist season, hundreds of dollars can be operated every month.

"Not only do you earn money, but also take care of your aged parents and young children, the family is happy." Yu Tao said.

China Petrochemical Expeates the advantages of the whole industry chain to increase the diesel

In recent times, in some regional diesel markets, the partial, partial tension, on the one hand, because Jiu, October is the traditional diesel consumption season, on the other hand, the price of coal, natural gas has skyrocket, some energy consumption turned to diesel, especially this year since, international oil prices rise, diesel hoarding cases also increased. Sinopec will prioritize retail, protect people’s livelihood, and pay the end users, and increase the resources of resources for the tight region, strictly fulfill the commitment of "oil products constant supply and service." First, adjust the production and operation in time, refining the company’s efforts to increase the diesel to protect the market.

Zhenhai refining quickly adjustment plan arrangements, preaches Zhejiang and surrounding areas, and produces 550,000 tons of diesel oil in October, an increase of 17% from the previous month. Maoming Petrochemical further optimizes the production of production, increased by nearly 40% of diesel daily, and millions of diesel mills produced in October, an increase of 18% year-on-year.

Jinling petrochemical optimization can be used to protect the East China. October, the diesel production increased by 20% in October, and currently, there is currently million tons. Yanshan Petrochemical ensures stable supply of diesel market in North China, 10,000 tons of diesel, and more than 10,000 tons in October. Hainan refining is increased by ultra-regular measures to produce diesel, millions of diesel, and planned millions of tons in November, and fully guarantee the supply of diesel from Hainan Trade Port and South China.

The second is reasonable deployment of resources, and increase the supply and demand in the region of diesel supply.

The product oil sales enterprise starts daily balance, Zhou Sang, rolling scheduling mode, and increases supply and demand for tight regional resources. Sales East China Coordinated Coordination of Refinery Adjustment Structure to Diesel, October Diesel Expropriation increased by 11%, and the output of management is high. Sales Huazhong Science Combined refined oil transportation method, play a self-owned oil storage capacity and shipping advantage, increased by 20% in October, the factory increased by 20%, and the factory scale has been a new high. Sales South China’s "One Plant Case" for refinery is shipped according to the production organization, "one-course", according to the sales volume of the restroom, boost refinery’s diesel fast production, and put on the market in the first time.

The third is to closely follow the market changes, priority to protect the demand for oil and key projects. Oil sales enterprise strengthens diesel operation organization, do a good job in resource-free emergency plans, ensuring that the gas station is not off, and it is constantly available.

Shandong Petroleum Coordinates resource allocation, prioritizing diesel supply, the highest retail of diesel reaches 3 times daily.

Guangxi oil flexibly controls sales rhythm, ensuring that the gas station of the national road, agricultural production, and key construction projects is stable. Jiangsu Petroleum step by step, formulates the provision of confessions, pays close attention to resource allocation, market supply and safety management. Henan oil further clarifies the goal of the library, prioritizing the oil and key construction projects of people’s livelihood and key construction projects.

Anhui Petroleum Focus on "Three Autumn" farmers refueling, accurately implementation, as of the end of October, this year, the cumulative supply of agricultural diesel is increased by 36% year-on-year, through "one household price" and other benefits to help farmers reduce diesel purchase cost of 3.42 million yuan.

It is understood that China’s petrochemical self-owned gas stations are open to supply diesel, and the market order has quickly resumed normal. (Editor: Cao Yang).

These drugs are making your bones brittle

In general, osteoporosis is good, especially after menopause.

This is because after the lack of estrogen, osteoporosis can be caused. In addition, the decrease in calcium intake due to endocrine is also an important cause of osteoporosis.

As the age increases, the content of the forerodel of the elderly increases, or may result in osteoporosis.

Some people have long-term calcium deficiency, malnutrition, inactivity, etc., can also cause osteoporosis.

However, the osteoporosis caused by drugs is dilotted, and many people do not necessarily understand.

  Today, I will help you take out those drugs that will cause osteoporosis. Sugar hormone sugar corticoids are the most common causes of drug bone loose. Glucocorticoids such as dexamethasone, saliva are the most common drugs that lead to osteoporosis. These drugs can promote protein decomposition, inhibit their synthesis and increase calcium, phosphorus, and reduce synthesis of proteins and adhesive polysaccharides, so that bone matrix Form an obstacle. This type of drug can inhibit the activity of osteocytes and the formation of bone, which can reduce the number of bone strands and osteoblasts, causing osteoporosis, more common in children, menopause women and elderly, and severe people can spontaneously fracture. Therefore, it takes a long-term application of hormonal, and should be given bone medicinal and calcium tablets, as well as anti-osteoporosis.

  During the use of glucocorticoids, if it is difficult to explain, gradually aggravated waist back pain, segmental pain or joint activity is limited, and have nothing to do with the climate, and osteoporosis should be considered.

At this time, you should seek medical attention in time, gradually reduce, disable hormones, or other drugs. Thyroid hormone thyroid hormones are synergistic to grow hormones to promote bone growth and development.

However, excessive thyroid hormones can cause calcium phosphorus imbalance within the human body, causing skeletal decalcification, increased bone absorption, thereby causing osteoporosis.

Patients should use thyroid hormones in accordance with the right amount of the doctor, and must not cause the drug source osteoporosis due to excessive medication.

  Patients with osteoporosis should pay more attention to osteoporosis when using patients. It is recommended to consult doctors combined with calcium and vitamin D. Heparin uses heparin, such as ordinary heparin, low molecular heparin, etc., osteoporosis, or spontaneous fracture.

Heparin caused by osteoporosis often occurs in the spine and ribs. The mechanism of action may be dissolved with the bone gelatin, allowing hyperthyroidism to accelerate the bone absorption, inhibiting bone formation. The risk of low molecular heparin causes osteoporosis is lower than ordinary heparin.

  The key to prevention is to strictly control the dose of doses, to avoid high doses, and apply heparin for a long time.

  Anti-epileptic phenytttock sodium, phenobarbital, etc., anti-epileptic drugs can be taken for a long time, which can promote the degradation of vitamin D, which reduces the absorption of calcium in the digestive tract, resulting in hypocalcemia.

Low calciummia can reduce the patient’s bone volume by 10% to 30%, thereby obstetric osteoporosis and spontaneous fractures. Therefore, patients who take anti-epileptic drugs for a long time should be supplemented with vitamin D and calcium after 3 to 4 months of medication. Diuretics, diuretics, such as diuretics, diuretic, antihypertensive and cardiac diseases commonly used for the elderly.

After taking long-term, it can lead to a series of adverse reactions, such as body fluid imbalance, electrolyte disorders, especially low blood potassium, low blood calcium, etc., can cause osteoporosis, if fell, and very easy to fracture. Proton pump inhibitors (sour gastric medicine) US Food Pharmaceutical Authority (FDA) have issued a warning that proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), such as commonly used Omezole, may increase hip bone, wrist and spinal fracture risk. Most of the risk observed in patients with more than 50 years of age and PPI have high doses or drug history for more than 1 year. Therefore, our homely presupprecious pills cannot be taken for a long time. Anti-tumor drugs can have an impact on the bone system, such as methotrexate by reducing osteoblast activity, increasing osteogenic cell production causes osteoporosis, long-term large dose applications and even lead to methotrexate (bone) Pain, osteoporosis, compression fracture); cyclophosphamide can cause osteogenic damage to cause bone development and affect bone metabolism; doxorubin decreases the thickness of bone marrow and osteocide by inhibiting osteocytes.

Suitable supplemental calcium and vitamin D preparations, especially active vitamin D, can prevent osteoporosis caused by anti-tumor drugs.

Commemorating the "Flying Tiger Team" to China Anti-Japanese War 80th Anniversary Picture Exhibition in the United States

  Xinhua News Agency, San Diego, December 11 (Reporter Huang Heng) "Remembering Hero" – Commemorating the "Flying Tigers" to China 80th Anniversary and World War II Dynasty American Aid Air Force Historical Picture Exhibition in San Diego, California, USA The "Middle Tour Island" Aircraft Carrier Museum opened. Zhang Ping, the Consul General in Los Angeles, "Flying Tigers" veteran Harry Moier speaking, in the opening ceremony, reviewing the experience of Sino-US military people who are not afraid of sacrifice, fight together, hopes Exhibition can deepen the American public understanding of this history. October 30, 2020, in St. Louis Obisio, California, California, a centenarian Harry Moier, sitting in front of his photos. (Xinhua News Agency, Zeng Hui) Zhang Ping said that the "Flying Tiger Team" is an important chapter in the history of Sino-US relations, and there are still many enlightenment. As the world’s largest two economies and permanent members of the Security Council, China and the United States should undertake their respective international responsibilities, safeguard world peace, and strengthen cooperation in common interests, and join hands to meet global challenges.

  He pointed out that between China and the United States should follow mutual respect, peaceful coexistence, cooperation, and promote the right track of Sino-US relations to returning to healthy and stable development.

  This exhibition was jointly hosted by the US Aviation Heritage Foundation and other organizations and showed hundreds of precious historical pictures.

During the Second World War, five US "Flying Tigers" pilots rescued by the New Fourth Army took a group photo in the new four army station.

(Data Photo, Xinhua News, Pat Wu) In 1941, Chen Nad, General Chen Nad, formed "China Air Force American Volunteer Aid Huawei Air Force" ("Flying Tiger Team"), with Chinese military and civilian to fight Japanese aggressors.

According to statistics, during the Aihua operation, 2193 American "Flying Tigers" players sacrificed in the battle, more than 200 "Flying Tigers" players rescued by the Chinese people, thousands of Chinese people gave life during the rescue process .

The political legal person is recorded Feng Jun, the party secretary of the Shanxi Provincial High Court.

Political Legal Crossing | Feng Junshi Shanxi Provincial High Court Party Secretary Release Time: 2021-08-2410: 53 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Network Rule of Law Daily All Media Reporter Ma Chao Wang Zhitang On August 23, Shanxi Provincial High People’s Court held cadres The conference, announced that the central and Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Committee on the main leaders of the Provincial High Court: The central government nominated, the provincial party committee study decided to be a deputy secretary of the Party Secretary of the Provincial High People’s Court, the Provincial Party Political and Legal Committee deputy secretary (also).

Previously, Comrade Sun Hongshan has served as Vice Governor of Shanxi Province, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Public Security Department, and the long. Chen Anli, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, and the Ministry of Organization, announced that the central and Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee decisive and speaking.

Feng Junzu statement, the executive Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Yan Xichun, the Provincial Party Committee, Department of Organization Department, attended the meeting. Shanxi Provincial High Court Party Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secretary, Association of Vice President, the leaders of the session, the secondary department level, the second-level senior judge, the secondary inspector, and the departments, the discipline inspection and supervision team of the hospital, the responsible persons of the institutions Meeting. Public information shows that Feng Jun, male, Han nationality, born in December 1965, Jiangsu Province, a Ph.D.. He graduated from Nanjing University in 1983, a bachelor’s degree in law; in 1990, he graduated from Renmin University of China in 1993, a master’s degree in law, a doctoral degree in law. He has served as a party secretary of the Institute of Law, the International Law Institute, the International Law Institute; Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Institute of Legology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Justice, Party Secretary and Notarization Association of Shandong Provincial Lawyers Association Party Secretary; Party Committee, Discipline Inspection and Deputy Director of the Institute of Political Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

From March 2018, he served as a member of the 13th National People’s Congress, on August 20, 2021, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, voted to accept Feng Jun resigned to the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee Member, etc. Decision of the request of the job.

Editor in charge: 冀 春雨.

People’s Net Assessment: What can you rush to the new era?

In the past few days, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, etc. have many new crown pneumonia epidemic, which affects people. To curb the epidemic as soon as possible, ensure the health and safety of the people’s lives, and need to gather people to gather. "Teacher, if you can, put me in the evening, after all, I am a soldier, standing, habit, this is the release notice of Lanzhou University Volunteers, from the students’" play ";" as a Medical students, wearing a white coat, giving a life and belief for the national medical and health career, I firmly believe that Jincheng Lanzhou must be proud of ", this is the vow of the 2020 volunteers of Northwest University for Nationalities;" Give Full Play to Teenagers In the pioneer model effect in the epidemic prevention and control, apply to join the epidemic prevention and control youth commando, this is the application for the students of Gansu University of Medicine. After the publication of recruitment notice, nearly 3,000 teachers, the students are active, and the hearts of the boxing , Emotionally embarrassed; … The active "invites" . One pass ten, ten pass hundred, the transfer of immunity positive energy, the responsibility of the young new era made the strongest sound of the battle. I saw a full WeChat group, I saw the Battle of the Red Handprint, and saw the "commando" playing the flag. Someone said moving: "Night is cold, heart is hot."

Indeed, youth as the most vibrant, most angry group, is stirring in this epidemic to survive the powerful power, strive to be a strong force.

Where there is an epidemic, I will flash the young figure; where there is difficult, where is the youthful style. As early as the previous epidemic prevention and control, there was a number of attention: in the medical staff of Hubei, there were more than 10,000 "90", with considerable part of "95" and even "post" . This is fully illustrated, even if there is a test of life, even if it is nothing to face, the young people are not only brave in dramatic, but also turns forward.

They use practical actions to make such a shout: through the wind and rain, see the world, test, can be in the concession, grow up in person. "The youth generation is not afraid of suffering, not afraid, not afraid of sacrifice, with the responsibility of the mountains, showing the youthful style, showing the hope of the Chinese nation!" Indeed, the spirit of the times is the spirit of the youth representative, the character of the times It is the personality representative of youth. From the anti-vlorative struggle, people saw the youth generations of brave and picked weight, and the bravery is hard to close the gods and action. More people see that the more the more difficult, the longer, the more, the longevity.

Whether it is for personal growth or national development, the young people who have experienced and able to fight in the wind and the battle, and they are full of vitality, overflowing, so that they are not loaded with Yahua, not returned to the era The great cause of the new era is pushing forward. The epidemic is head, in front of the dilemma, the Chinese have been closer to the mind, and it is tighter in the spiritual connection.

Behind this power, there is a hopping, cultural inheritance of the same boat, and sometimes the mission, and the youth of my youth is.

Many people said: "A group of children, trying to run the seniors." In fact, this is the most beautiful appearance of Chinese youth, and the future, China is going to work hard.

Dead with the name of youth, writing no regrets with the road of struggle, the youth generation singing is not just a song of anti-antioplashe, and playing generations and future youth symphony. "The red day is rising, its road is big. The river is out of the volts, and the Qing Diarian." In the face of the epidemic, youth, strength; face the risk, youth, hope. We believe that young people take their own responsive, struggle with their own struggles, they will be able to leave a concentrated color in the historical process.

At this time, youth shines.

(Editor: Yin Shen, Fu Drarse) Sharing let more people see.

The industry is unique! Haier Central Air Conditioning is selected in Shandong Province’s innovation enterprise

The air-conditioned intelligent Internet factory has become the only enterprise in the HVA industry with practical innovation in intelligent manufacturing.

The air conditioner has just won the second prize of 2020 Science and Technology Progress, and the technical innovation results were recognized.

Innovation is the core competitiveness of an enterprise development.

Behind Haier air conditioner has been recognized, it is mainly due to technical innovation and scene customization.

Air-conditioned Internet factory is also a Chinese local enterprise in the world.

The main-scale customization mode centered on users first turn the center of the industrial transformation from satisfying the enterprise to meet the user.

When air conditioning system, as long as you enter the Haolentian cloud service desk, including program custom design, production, installation, use, etc., all processes, and communicate with experts at any time. When the designer receives the user’s demand, the customization scheme will be given according to the needs of the scene area, function, energy saving or cold, and the user is directly transferred to the production link. Air conditioning can return the running data back to the cloud, through the autonomous energy-saving algorithm, the temperature and humidity, energy consumption, etc., and analyze the adjustment.

At the same time, the air conditioner can automatically return the fault report, and does not require manual inspection, which greatly reduces the investment cost of air-conditioning purchases.

The air conditioner turns the user into a full cycle, the whole process participates in the lifetime user of the continuous interaction, and the product is 100%, the R & D cycle is reduced by 50%, and the production efficiency is 2 times. Air conditioning is centered on user needs, in accordance with different regions of the country, a whole, full-time air solutions.

Different needs for hotels, hospitals, rail transit, data center, commercial real estate, clean heating, etc. have exclusive custom solutions.

Air conditioning creates a high quality archaeological air station for Samsungdu.

In the Samsung Reilet, the stable state of the temperature and humidity, clean degree, and new air volume in the excavator is maintained by Haier integrated full-effect air conditioner. At the same time, the air environment, soil, light state is real-time monitoring through Haier Wisdom Air Punction, and the early warning is presupply, and the cultural relics are smooth unearthed. There is a wide range of applications in China Pavilion, Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport, Shenzhen Merchants Shekou and other landmark buildings.

Behind this, it is exactly the result of the large-scale customization mode of Haier Internet Factory.

Under dual-carbon background, the structure upgrade is achieved through innovative technology. It is one of the challenges facing the HVAC. Haier air conditioners provide a reference for the industry with its own practice. Editor in charge: kJ005.

Star, how is the net red?How to strengthen supervision?Financial and tax expert analysis

Recently, many cultural field practitioners have paid on the network hot search. Zhang Heng as Zheng Shuang who participated in "Ghost Story", helping Zheng Shuang to cover "high price", escaping to fulfill the tax obligation, and being fined 32.27 million yuan according to law; Zhengzhou Jinshui District Taxation Bureau exposed domestic new Net red payment The case, chasing a tax of ten red yuan. In response to the stars, net red and other groups of tax evasion, this year, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Radio and Television Administration, etc.

"This is not only for the film and television entertainment industry, but also has played a positive role in the enhancement of the national tax awareness." Lu Min, associate professor, Associate Professor of Finance and Economics, Southwest University of Finance, said in an interview with the "strong observation" column of the People’s Network.

How do people pay taxes in the cultural field? On September 18 this year, the General Office of the State Administration of Tax released the "Notice on Strengthening the Tax Administration of Entertainment People", requiring further strengthening the tax management of employees in the field of entertainment.

How to pay taxes in cultural areas, and there is no difference between the general people’s concern.

Lu Min said that star artists, online anchors pay personal income tax depends on their income nature. For example, the stars have paid taxes from the signing film and television company, paying taxes in accordance with the "salary salary", adopting a seven-level excess progressive tax rate, the tax rate is 3% to 45%, the higher the income, the more the tax, the business advertisement When paying, according to "Labor Remuneration", this type belongs to the comprehensive income income, requiring comprehensive conversion.

Lu Min further explained that if the tax payment is a star artist or network anchor, brokerage companies should pay for their own income tax, but if the star artist, the online anchor is established in the studio of individual wholly-owned nature, its income is "produced," Operating income, need their personal declarations.

"It can be seen that the stars and ordinary people do not differ in the tax rules, and the corresponding income will be paid according to the income type, but the stars have more diverse sources." Lu Min stressed .

How is the tax evasion behavior defined? Since the stars and ordinary people need to pay taxes according to law, why will there be a taxable behavior? According to Article 63 of the Tax Exproprion Management Law of the People’s Republic of China, the definition of tax evasive behavior includes the following scenarios: taxpayers forgery, alter, conceal, unauthorized account book, accounting credentials, or multiple columns on the account book Alternatively, less than a small income, or the taxation shall not be reported or submitted to the tax payment, the tax payment shall be taxed.

"For the cultural entertainment from the industry, the taxpayer can identify it as a taxable behavior." Lu Min explained that, for example, the star artist is escaping the high tax, the same TV series is signed two The copy of the company is also a commonly known as "yin and yang contract", a low-end "Yang Contract" for taxation, and the other "Yin Contract" can transform the star artist’s individual to the manufacturer to do not fairly Increasing capital, finally transferred the equity transfer, and transforms the income property by transforming the income property by transforming the personal labor income or the operating point to equity transfer income, and transforming the revenue rate.

"Some stars also use personal studios false reports.

"Lu Min said that the star studio is to reduce personal income tax, pretend to divide personal income to other mass actors, and even more false public welfare donations, true votes fake …" These with deception, concealing The actions of the purpose are calculated as tax evasion. Lu Min stressed that when the taxation of taxes is particularly serious, the standards of the "Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China" will not be a taxation, but escape the tax crime, will be the highest in seven years Insured. How to strengthen the tax regulation of the cultural entertainment? One of the basic functions of the taxation is to adjust income distribution, reduce income gap, help social fairness, and promote common prosperity.

In March of this year, in the Office of the Office of the CPC Central Committee, the "Opinions on Further Deepening Tax Candies" issued in the Office of the State Council, in 2023, basically completed "no risk is not disturbed, there is illegal to investigate, the whole process is strong The tax law enforcement system of control is controlled from empirical law enforcement to scientific and accurate law enforcement. Lu Min said that expand the scope of the tax, will might have a starfish and a high income, and the network anchor group is included in the supervision, responding to the "legal income, legal income, reasonable adjustment of high income" in accordance with the law, and reasonably adjustment of high income. .

"The tax authorities do need to strengthen the norms and regulations of high-income groups such as star artists and online anchors in the precision supervision of the number of cental taxes." Lu Min suggested that the payment of the film and television enterprises, platform companies The deduction behavior increases the degree of anti-tax avoidance effort to use tax concessions, approved tax avoidance behavior. "Focus on whether the company or individual meets the scope of the approved levy, audit the compliance of the company’s invoice, the authenticity of the business, there is no malicious change income escape tax." Lu Min further added, for cross-provincial tax collection tube Regional collaboration can be further strengthened to avoid tax avoidance operations of "establishing + approved collection + cancellation" in many stars or net red malicious. In addition, by posting "Star Tax Lecture Hall" video, the stars can be carried out to further strengthen and improve the entrepreneurs and their brokerage companies, brokerage tax law education and publicity. "Tax collection and management must have both temperature and efforts, under the construction of the service government, the taxation law enforcement, tax supervision in tax service, actively respond to the tax payment service needs and reasonably legal tax payment requirements for enterprises and individuals. The tax management of high income people in various industries is one of the basic functions of taxes.

"Lu Min is emphasized. (Editor: Xiao Cong, He Yingchun) Share more people to see.