American media articles: Climate diplomacy must take into account the history of history (3)

However, sugar, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and cotton production have increased significantly from a few centuries of commodity wealth, and people come from Africa.

The unexpected wealth caused by their sweat and blood changed the European economy, and in fact changed the life on this continent, which is still greatly underestimated and ignored. Ignore the consequences of African in order to let the world can continue to survive, need to put the Africans and these serious historical incidents, the climate diplomacy has not done at all.

On the contrary, Africans have been crowded in the edge of the "United Nations Framework Convention on the Framework of the United Nations, in Glasgow," COP26), while other countries, especially European countries, will be left and right from mining Africa Oil and natural gas to protect the future of Africa’s forests and wetlands. Western cannot focus on China and India with its climate priority consideration.

At the same time, most of Africa’s huge hydrocarbon reserves may be able to stay in underground or seabed, thereby cutting off important income sources of many poor countries. But the West cannot tell Africans, they must curled up in the dark world without power supply, and never use modern transportation methods.

It doesn’t make the population of 3 billion to 5 billion in the end of this century. African national governments may relatively unable to resist everyone to make the most sacrifice for climate issues, but this does not mean that African people will passively accept this fate.

Unless they are resolutely considering their destiny, they will leave Africa, and this immigrant wave will make all immigration activities that humans have seen before. This is true of our era, and is still unrecognized.

College students retired soldiers into the state-owned enterprise recruitment interview will be held on Saturday

This newspaper is to promote the order of labor resources, and effectively solve the employment difficulties of retired soldiers. On the afternoon of November 6, Guiyang Retired Military Affairs Authority jointly established Guiyang Retired Military Service Center, Guizhou Province Talent Market, Guizhou Province"2021 Guiyang Gui’an University Students’ Retired Soldiers into the State Enterprise Recruitment Interview Union"It is reported that in order to implement the provincial government of the provincial government on the university-raised soldiers into the state-owned enterprises, further good health of Guiyang City is a state-owned enterprise, recruiting college students’ retired soldiers, this recruitment military person is enrolled or founded for Guiyang City, Gui’an New DistrictThe college students retired soldiers, and they participated in the country-owned enterprises, and they brought 46 jobs to retired soldiers.Guiyang Daily Head Media Reporter Tian Yizhen (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.

Department of Correction Education, Hunan Judicial Police Vocational College: Civic Practice Reappensibility, demonstration leadership

People’s Network Changsha November 2nd to better complete the fundamental task of "Lid Tree", to train qualified preparatory police officers to the judicial administration system, Hunan Judicial Police Officer Vocational College (referred to as "Xiang Police Class") Correction Education The party’s total support will be "political leaders" stand in the heart, "Party Building First" falls in practice, consciously improve the political station, build a teacher’s soul, vigorously play organizational education, cast police soul, learning style, lead all party members Teachers and students have a strong sense of consciousness, strong college, strong action in the study, work and social services, and the banner, and teachers and students will enter, never stopped.

The awareness of the theme education, from the learning level, the extension of the exemplary role "with problems, with emotional learning" is the requirements of the Party members and students in the study of each party members and students, from "unforgettable, Keep in mind the mission "Theme Education to Party History Learning Education, every time I read the original, learn the original, write notes, talk about the experience, every party member and students are in the organization’s request, to solve the theory, do things Question, gradually consciously learning must think, learning must have a response, learned from passive, facing the agency, in-depth learning, and play a pioneer model.

"Every study is a precious opportunity, theory to improve yourself, thoughts, to spur themselves, have a consciousness and confidence in action." This is a young party teacher teacher. In order to improve the quality of the party’s class, ensure that the party’s active molecular training learning effect, correct the content of the party’s total partnership, according to the requirements of the coverage and the demand, and reasonably arrange the party membership, and investigate the students through the questionnaire. Satisfaction and actual effect. "Teacher is very passionate, explaining is also comprehensive, can serve as a party active molecule to accept the party’s knowledge learning and thought baptism, and is proud to have a serious responsibility. In future learning work, we will do our utmost to play a pioneering model. "A student who accepts training is affectionate.

In order to deepen the theoretical learning of the party’s active molecules, cultivate normalized learning habits, and the Party Group regularly organized centralized learning. Under the organization’s thoughts lead and supervision, everyone has gradually formed a good study habit and played a demonstration lead in the learning level. At the same time, in order to promote learning, strengthening identity and mission, the party is organized to organize the party members to the Party History, Lei Feng Memorial Hall, the integrity warning base, the red education base and other places to carry out practical activities, so that everyone is in real Revised the party history of the party, accept the revolutionary spiritual baptism, and feel the red gene.

Creating an excellence of excellence, playing from the work level to the fundamental mission of Lidshu people, the Party of the Correction Education Department urges all party members and teachers strong skills, improve their own quality and ability to better education In recent years, there are 4 teachers ‘party members’ demonstration post, two cultivation of pioneer projects, and set up 4 teaching competition teams taken by party members, in the national key research and development project, in the provincial and ministerial level teaching competition, attending The professional skills of the Ministry of Education have made great achievements, and they have achieved good results and played a pioneering role in teaching and student management. Total Secretary Zhang Zhen County adheres to the initial heart of the instructor. In 2019, in 2019, the Zhang Zhen County team has developed Hunan Netling Prison on the basis of exploring the development of police courses in the past eight years. The landscape of the first "prison on-site law enforcement standard".

The three results were created, filled with gaps, provided police skills training and on-site law enforcement for the prison police provided theoretical and practical guidance, providing a first reform experience in the top floor design of the future.

Party members and teachers Yang Hai Ming adhered to the counselor’s post 20 years, silently cultivated, worked hard, cultivated a batch of judicial students, this year, during the new military training, due to the continued long-term work, fatigue in work, in After a little restoration, he continued to stick to the post, and liability and responsibility of a general party member teacher.

There are still a lot of party members and teachers who are dedicated to work, and whether teachers or counselors, whether they are teaching research or management student affairs, regardless of personal or family difficult factors, they are relentless.

Under the organization of the party’s general branch, the party members and teachers have attacked difficulties in work, with the demonstration, students are also responsible for the internship work, and be brave enough to show the good image of the governor students.

In July 2020, the provinces of Jinqiang rainfall have been invaded. At that time, 26 students in the Tsuki Internship Department, facing severe flood control sites, end-critical, active, and all boys were divided into 4 groups of prisons Leadership police together fight fire in various dams, girls are ready to support.

In the face of the anti-flood protection task of the day, no one retreats, all the charges are before, "the crisis is stringing, it is the responsibility of the awareness.

"It is a belief in everyone. The students who have established a student of the Department of Correcting Education in De Mountain Prison have been demonstrated. In the internship task, where there is an intern figure. In the epidemic prevention and control, internship students join The first-line of the epidemic prevention investigation, participating in the collection and entry of nucleic acid detection information in the base residential area, and opened the prison epidemic prevention and protection mobile radio car, assisting the prison closed management, and jajou together to close the duty together.

They charged in front of them, with their body demonstration, and began to see the pioneers.

Volunteer service, playing from the service level, the party’s party general branch of the School of Model Correction Education, through organizing party members and students to carry out various volunteer service activities, deepen the ideological awareness of society and serving people, strengthen the social responsibility and mission of party members and students. Watch.

In order to carry out the normalization service, the branch set up a party member and student service team to carry out multi-to-group condolences to the retired comrades, through the form of the retired comrades, walk, read the newspapers, and physically and deal with life affairs. Retirement comrades loneliness, depressed emotions, provide the help.

In order to help family difficulties, special students such as psychological problems have become talented, smooth towards society, party members, party members, party members, one-to-help special student, 1 party member teacher helps 1 special problem student and 10 graduates, strengthen Students’ ideological and political work, learn, employment guidance, participate in academic help, life help, employment help, close home enterprises, and complete the help of more than 200 students every year. At the same time, party members teachers play professional specialties, take the initiative to serve the industry, to contribute to the social service, Jiang Siyang, Li Ruiyang, Li Rui Yang, the three teachers carrying psychological assistance during the epidemic, and the detoxification personnel will help the positive energy.

The party member teacher Xue Jian Zhou went to Shaoyang Huangmao Village in May this year to carry out two years of rural revitalization, walking every day in the field, walking the village to coordinate all kinds of issues, "Running the legs, saying dry mouth" is only to nourish one party Land, serving a party, putting its limited youth and unlimited wisdom into the first line of national rural resolution strategy.

The Department of Correction Education has given full play to the pioneering model of the party’s active molecules in the volunteer service level, and cultivates the backup power of the spiritual party.

After 2020, the epidemic in the past 2020, in order to ensure the safety of epidemic prevention, organize 175 to participate in the party to the party, and participate in the early morning and middle-end time, participate in the duty duty during the epidemic prevention and control, and 33 development objects participate in the completion of the Complement Labor and College Dragon Boat Festival. The voluntary blood donation activities are on duty, and assist the Department and the college to complete the graduates to return to school safety inspections, escort the students’ safety back to school. On the eve of the Qingming this year, organized the police professional students to go to the Hunan Revolutionary Cemetery to sweep their own, solemnly swear in front of the monument, cleaning the martyrs, the cemetery and the square area.

"It is the first servant in the martyrs, and I will forget to die. I have the country’s rich and the happiness of the people. As a police school, I have to bear the responsibility of the shoulder, I will always remember the history, I don’t forget the initial heart, and I will go forward." One student was deeply thoughtful and emotionally. In addition, there are also civil code propaganda, anti-drug propaganda, "Sanxiang" practice activities and various volunteer duty, and the students of the Correction Education Department under the leadership of the party’s general support, the pace of service of others, the pace of service society is more likely I took the party’s glorious banner, and I also took a responsibility for the awareness. The total number of correction education students will continue to win the school-level advanced grassroots party organization in the past two years, and the Party Branch of the Correction Education Department will continue to play the role of party building, based on learning and repairing the party, based on work training, based on service, stronger, lead the whole Party members and students work together. (Yang Yang, Peng Wei) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Ying Bing) Sharing Let more people see client download.

4 "inner ghost" pulling 2 tons of metal materials in the middle of the night

Modern Express News (Correspondent Li Wei Nan Yu reporter Mao Xiaohua) Originally, the material distributors, quality inspectors, and warehouse administrators mutually supervised each other have never thought of being united to unite and supervise theft, and the drivers in the same factories will be worth it. Two tons of metal materials in the two tons of metal materials. The Modern Express reporter learned that after receiving the alarm, Jiang Yan police quickly locked the suspect and arrested 4 people. At 2 o’clock on October 3, Mr. Sun went to Jiangyan Public Security Organs to alarm, saying that the factory has a batch of metal materials and a total value worth more than 200,000 yuan. After receiving the report, the police of the Sanshui Police Station quickly carried out investigating and evidence collection. It is understood that when the factory employee in the morning, when the goods were in the warehouse, they found that there were about 2 tons of metal materials from flying. Since this material is to be transported to the field processing, if you do not find the following delivery, Mr. Sun is very anxious. After investigation, the case warehouse was managed by a dedicated warehouse, and only the materials that the material distributor issued by the material distributor can take the material from the warehouse, whereby the police should be "inner ghost". By applying public video and visits, the police finally discovered and locked four criminal suspects, Guo, Lu and Xia, and first arrested four people.

After the trial, Qian and others confessed to the criminal facts of the partnership. After investigation, 4 people are factory employees, at 10:00 pm on September 30, the material distributor Qianmou, the quality inspectors Luo, the finished warehouse administrator Guo Mou three people according to the plan, secretly sneak into the raw material warehouse, stealing the welding belt, flow Metal raw materials such as strips, followed by the factory driver Xia to operate the metal material. Because I was worried that the leadership of the factory, the three have always been stolen in the warehouse in Luo’s home, and it is not intensified that the future will be captured by the police. At present, four people involved in Qianmou, Guo have been involved in criminal compulsory measures by Jiangyan police for suspected theft, and the case is under further investigation. related suggestion.

China’s 25th batch went to the Congo (Jin) peacekeeping outroad team to strengthen warning defense

The Congo (Jin) South Kiki Province was armed to attack my peacekeeping team to strengthen the warning defense the People’s Liberation Army to report Camu November 5th, YAN Junhua, Xu Huaiwu report: For recent Congo (Jin) tension, China Episode 25 goes to Congo (The Golden) Weicheng Workie Teil has organized a night emergency drill at night to the morning of the 4th, and the force emergency energy will be improved.In the early morning of the 3rd, a group of unidentified armed people attacked 20 kilometers from the Congolese (Jin), the capital of China’s peacekeeping brochill, and exchanged fires with the Congo (Jin) government army, causing several military police.casualties.Deng Liang, the commander of the peacekeeping brochure, said: "Currently, the security situation we face has changed, which brings more tests to the peacekeepers.

We will comprehensively analyze the situation, increase the security of warning, and prepare for emergency department, and ensure smooth completion of the task.".

Sichuan Aba Wenxue Blending Strings does not stop the high development

  The green ecology continues to nourish the development advantage of "Tianfu Sanjiu, and Ayi Walks Sichuan" is the Wenke propaganda slogan proposed by Sichuan Culture and Tourism Hall. Among them, "Nine" refers to Jiuzhaigou, located in Jiuzhaigou County; "Da" refers to the giant panda, the Wolong National Nature Reserve is located in Wenchuan County, here is the world’s largest giant panda circle, is the most representative natural cultural symbol of Aba. . The landscape is bone, humanities are souls, rich biological species, unique geological landscapes, brilliant historical remains, and national culture that is harmonious and advanced, and has become a resource endowment.

In recent years, Aba deeply expands the connotation of Wenbao, and is proud to attract more tourists.

  Overall painting, high-end lead, through accelerating the construction of "one state two districts, three gardens", taking green development, the construction of the whole country tourism, etc., the development of Aba Wenbao is powerful. This year’s "May 1" holiday, there are thousands of tourists in Aba, all the accumulation of tourists and 10,000 yuan, and the year-on-year increase% and%. All state tourism industry has developed, 13 counties (cities) scenic spots are popular all the way.

  The initial formation of cultural tourism resources and industrial resonance patterns in September, the highland of the northwest of Sichuan is gradually. 2021 Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Tourism Development Conference will be held at Aba, and Aba issued an "invitation letter" to the world. The key cultural projects in the whole state have been "treasted" in front of the General Assembly: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area will restore the whole domain, and nearly a thousand people in Songpan County, the 5th Ancient City Lantern Festival will perform flower performances … A batch of batch Travel projects are accelerated, and the all-round exhibition of the new weather in the Aba cultural brigade industry. Aba cultural travel resources, the Yellow River Civilization and the Yangtze River Civilization have gone here, giving birth to the ancient civilization, the river, the silkworm, the dragonfly, the tower, the pot, and nourish the mountains and mountains of Aba. At present, the state is included in 20 national non-registration projects, 73 provincial levels, 457 state-level. In recent years, Aba successfully created a national tourism demonstration area, 9 4A-level tourist attractions, 2 Tianfu Tourism Model Region, 3 provincial-level national tourism demonstration zones, existing 49 A-level scenic spots (where 5a Scenic Spots 3 There are 24 4A scenic spots), 7 ecological tourism demonstration areas (1 national level, 6 provincial levels), 1 national Yi culture ecological protected area, 3 provincial cultural ecological protection experimental zones, becoming the province Municipal (state) that meets the pre-conditions of the national tourism demonstration zone. From January to August this year, the total number of tourists in the whole state, the total number of tourism income increased by 2019, and has achieved a gratifying results. Today, the Aba Wenlo Industry has initially formed a vivid situation of a hundred flowers, and the Aba will take advantage of the situation, go all out, let Aba are well-known, famous for the world. Source of data: the CPC Aba Prefecture Propaganda Department.

The Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission launched the "central enterprise service month" activities in the second half of 2021

Talking with the Sino-Nuclear Group (Southwest) Market Development Department, on October 12-13, the Autonomous Region Development Reform Commission Party Member, Deputy Director Mo Zefeng led to China Huaneng Group, Guangxi Branch, Guangxi Gui-crown Electric Power Co., Ltd., Huadian Guangxi Energy Co., Ltd. Service activity.

This event mainly passes through the form of enterprises, field investigation, discussions such as exchanges and other forms, and understands the implementation of the autonomous regional people’s government and the central enterprise cooperation agreement, signing the project proposal and listening to the suggestion of central enterprises, guiding and helping the company coordinates the practical difficulties and problems. At the same time, interpret the company and promote the latest policies of national coal energy insurance preservation, ecological environment protection, coal-fired power generation price, etc., and continuously improve the quality of central enterprises.

Mo Zigong stressed that all office banks must firmly establish the service concept, take the initiative to serve the "Central Enterprise Service Month" activities as the starting point, timely master the needs of the company, optimize the quality of service, accurate and efficient help enterprises to solve difficulties, and efforts The project landing and corporate development will escort. Comrades from the Development and Reform Commission in the Autonomous Region. (Lin Guojun) Source: Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Development and Reform Commission website (Editor: Pang Guanhua, Zhou Yule) sharing makes more people to see.

Digital empowerment Zhejiang Anji "unlock" "two mountains" transform new channel

Shen Mingquan, secretary of Anji County Party Committee, said that digital empowerment has become "two mountains" to transform new powerful engines. In Tianchangping Town Yu Village, every household is posted two-dimensional code, the tourists can go to the "two mountain excellent products" platform, which can see the basic information of the villagers, and can also see the home agricultural products uploaded by the villagers. , Handicrafts, etc., you can purchase it directly.

"By using big data and block chain technology, the villagers have built a trading platform, and the whole process of the product can be traced back, let visitors have fun.

Yang Wei, general manager of Anji News Group, the participating platform, introduced that "Two Mountain Excellent Products" has been promoted to Anjiquan County. The two mountain conversion digital students established in December last year continued to focus "two mountains" conversion process Digital proposition, providing professional top-level design, data mining, topic research, etc., continuously promotes the digital transformation of Anji government and green smart city construction. On the forum, Anji released the first district-level national standard of Zhejiang Province "data management ability maturity Evaluation model "DCMM application results. DCMM is the first national standard in my country’s data management field, the application implementation of this standard can help local government authorities to build government governance systems, enhance government governance, and further promote government digital transformation.

Next, we will optimize the construction of DCMM maturity model, continuously optimize the construction of data management capacity system, improve data management level, help Anji government’s digital transformation, green smart city construction, new era ‘two mountain’ test area construction, become the leading in the country ‘Two mountain conversion’ digital template. Zhang Jianyong, deputy director of the Anji County Data Development Administration, said.

Rongli Group, this detention center is commended by this detention center in Baofeng County

Baofeng County Detention Center is detained in the province’s county-level detention center, the responsibility is heavy, and the pressure is large. Day, year, yearly, a year, watching the people’s auxiliary police loyal to perform, silently paying, they have honestly keep high wall iron network, away from the bustling, and protect the peace of the safe and sweat.

Since 2017, I have been rated as "National First Class Detention" for four consecutive years. In June this year, it was a collection of collective and first-class work by the Ministry of Public Security.

In the face of huge regulatory stress, how to keep the team’s combat power? How to eliminate negative emotions? In particular, since the prevention and control of epidemic, Baofeng County Detention Center has collectively "closed", where is their "value"? Baofeng County Detention Center strictly places the spirit of the party branch battle fortress role and party members’ pioneering model in accordance with the "Supervision Office of the Epidemic Prevention and Control Standard" in the superior "Regulatory Site" and the first-enclosed management; The collection task; the first to build a video newsletter (Meet) system, guarantee the smooth progress of criminal proceedings, and build a "safety line" with practical actions. "At that time, I was in charge of more than 80 women in the discipline, afraid that they were emotionally unstable, and they were negative. They were looking for them to talk about them, talk about, talk about epidemic, epidemic prevention knowledge." Women who are going to take a regular office After the notice of closed management, the first registration, packed up the bag is ready, and the young child is catching up, and Dong Ya streams tears and resolutely returns to work.

Party members’ police Fan Zhigang, responsible for more than 80 policemen, employees, and hundreds of diet during the closed management period, running throughout the market, pharmacy, and clinics, for the supervisory, medical masks, disinfectant, Protective materials such as one-time gloves ensure the smooth development of the epidemic prevention and control.

The public security regulatory site is the "intelligence information library" of illegal and crime, and the "important battlefield" of combating crime is not only the responsibility, and it is also a biggest situation.

The county detention center fully utilizes the resource advantages and functions of the regulatory site, actively serving the public security work, cooperates, and has detected 24 cases, obtain 25 transduction clues, and capture 25 people. The fraudulent situation of the discovery and the robbery were selected as the Pingdingshan Municipal Supervision Office "Assisted the Crossing Case Ten Boutique Case".

Struggle creates history and has a safe achievement. The advanced work experience of "Special In-Passenger Management and Control Work Law", "Special In-Passenger Management, Treatment Work Law", "Special Work, Treatment, Work", and the provincial supervision system in the city and the provincial supervision system, have been rated as "National Detention Center" by the Ministry of Public Security The honorary title of "Advanced Unit" "National Public Security Administration Information Technology Application Technology Application Advanced Unit", Rong records two-class work 2 times, collective three-class work. In particular, during the exhibition of epidemic prevention and control, the advancement of high-level diligent mode was first to realize the "zero infection, zero diagnosis, zero accident" goal. He has been rated as "the province’s public security organs", the provincial public security supervision system epidemic prevention and control work has been highlighted "Advanced Collective of Epidemic Prevention and Control Stage", November 2020, was honored by Pingdingshan Municipal Government.

(Li Wanpeng, the propaganda department of Baofeng County Committee, Li Wanpeng, Chen Yaji) (Editor: Huang Sha, Xu Chi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

The political guarantee of the new era, you know together

  [This topic] The political guarantee of the new era knows that you will know [President guest] Huang Xianghuai, Ph.D. Political Science, Secretary-General of the National High-end Wiskin Academic Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Long-term focus on the party’s construction, China’s political research and interpretation work, published many research results.

  [Text Record] (1) You and I know a strong party to China’s strong leadership of China. It is a successful socialism in the new era, and the political guarantee, leadership guarantee, and organizational guarantee. We are deeply recognized that "doing China’s things, the key in the party", so it always emphasizes to strengthen and improve the leadership of the party, emphasize that "the governing the country must first rule the party, the party must be strict." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the new situation has put forward new and higher requirements to the party’s construction. China is powered by the big country, must be presumed and guaranteed by the Chinese Communist Party by the Great Party. Carry out great struggle, develop great cause, achieve great dreams, are not allowed to open the great project of the party’s construction.

As the 19th National Report, "great struggle, great project, great career, great dream, close contact, mutual penetration, interaction, and the decisive role is the new great project of the party’s construction.

"In particular, the international and domestic situation enters new complex stages, and various development tasks are diverse, and various struggles are mixed. Various desires are complicated with vertical and horizontal, which requires the party to play a strong leadership core role, more need the party The central government is responsible for the leadership of the whole party. Adhere to the party’s leadership of all work, comprehensively promote the in-depth advancement of the party, so that the leadership and leading role of the party will further demonstrate the party’s leadership and leading role.

  (2) You and I know, I have a summary and summary of the major achievements of the Templer’s report from the 1998 reports in the 19th National Report. He pointed out: "For five years, we have courageous to face the major risks of the party and the outstanding problems in the party, with tenacious will quality, anti-corruption, eliminating the serious hidden dangers in the party and the country, the party The internal government’s life meteorological update, the party’s political ecology is obviously improved, the party’s creativity, cohesiveness, combat power is significantly increased, the party’s unity and unity are more consolidated, the party group relationship is significantly improved, the party is more strong in revolutionary forging, glow new Strong vitality, providing strong political guarantees for the development of party and national undertakings.

"According to the data disclosed in the Central Commission, in the past five years, the national discipline inspection and supervision organs have a total of thousands of people, suspected of criminally transferred to 10,000 people handled by the judiciary.

The case reviewed the party members and cadres of the provincial military level and 440 cadres cadres, including 43 of the 18th Central Committee, 43 Alternate Central Committee and 9 members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection. More than 8,900 people in the discipline department, and the county-level cadres are in the county. Resolutely rectify the corruption around the masses, a total of thousands of party members and cadres. This is a "tiger" "shooting fly" to fully launched. At the same time, in the "hunting fox", we will promote anti-corruption international pursuit, and recover 3,453 people in the country, among which 48 have set out online and have achieved results.

The 19th National Congress pointed out that the goal of dare not dare to implement, the smashed the cage, the more wearing the dam, the damn dam, anti-corruption struggle, has formed and consolidated. Since the 18th National Congress, what is the party’s party center, who is the core of Xi Jinping? In the 19th National Report, General Secretary Xi Jinping also made a profound explanation of this issue.

He tells us: "History has also continued to prove that there is no leadership of the Chinese Communist Party, and the national rejuvenation is inevitable. Our party must always become a pioneer, national spine, and always become a Marxist ruling party, it must always be too hard.

"So, how can we make our party yourself too hard? General Secretary Xi Jinping said:" The whole party must be more consciously firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly firmly determine the party’s principles, dare to scrape the bones, eliminate all the advanced and purity of the party Factors, clearing all viruses that erodes the party’s healthy body, continuously enhance the party’s political leadership, thoughts lead power, the masses are organized, social appeal to ensure that our party will always prosper and strong combat power. "(3) You and I know that the Chinese Communist Party must be more strong and strong, and the relationship between China’s characteristic socialism is strictly governed. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out:" The socialism with Chinese characteristics enters the new era, our party must There is a new weather. Irrigation must be hard.

The party must unite the lead the people to carry out the great struggle, promote the great cause, achieve great dreams, must not shake and improve the party’s leadership, and do not shake the party building more strong and powerful.

"Take the party building more strong and powerful, difficult to solve deep contradictions and problems, the self-revolution, from severely control the party, is the most vivid quality of the Chinese Communist Party.

Since the 18th National Congress of the Party For example, in the work style, the behavior of the surface is regulated, converge, but the deep inner attitude of deep level cannot be said to be very solved.

In the construction of party style and clean government, some people converge, they closed their hands, but at the same time, the enthusiasm of business entrepreneurship decreased varying degrees. In the ideology issue, some unified calibers and attitudes can be kept, but they can’t be said that they have been well improved on the depths and work skills. Next, after the 19th National Congress, these contradictions and problems need to be effectively resolved. Putting the party building more strong and powerful, focusing on grasping the characteristics of work and the Chinese Communists are both great idealists, and they are also great rationalists. They emphasize the truthfulness, and emphasize respect the law, and believe that only follows The solids above the rules make sense, and can achieve long-term sustained performance. Consolidating the establishment of the party’s 18th National Congress, and arranges the work of the Tenth Parthen, it needs to be more focused on grasp the regularity, reflecting the nature, and enhances creativity in party building.

How to strengthen the party’s construction under a new globalization, how to strengthen the party’s construction in a big data and artificial intelligence, how to "boldly use people" on the "strict management", how to promote national governance At the same time, the modernization is also synchronized in the spiritual level, how to do a good job in doing a good job in doing a good job in building a "branch in the village" work, "Branch is built online" work, etc. These are not only more courage, but also need greater wisdom.

Therefore, General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that the whole party must "adhere to the problem-oriented, maintain a strategic and competent, and promote the comprehensive development of strict treatment of the party to the deep development of the country, and make more scientific, more strict, more effective" from the strict treatment of the party.

  Comprehensively from the strict governance party is always on the road, to do "three can’t have": can’t be almost, the thoughts, the idea of ??resting the feet, can’t have a good idea, I can’t have a new achievement See the idea to see it.

It is required to perseverance, good, good, and do "four more": twisted the screws of the party to the party, and make more scientific and strict, more strict, more effective, and promote comprehensive from stricting party’s screws. The governing party has developed in depth.