Users feel that the "stealing" personal information security

  Many people have a similar experience: just chatting with friends, after opening the mobile phone shopping app, the homepage shows the push advertisement of similar products; just discussed the family to discuss the vacation to go to a place to travel, a tourist app right " "The best travel guide … Li Ying (pseudonym) mobile phone installed many living service software installed, each time you install new software, agreed to open the microphone permission only to use voice search functions more convenient. A few days ago, when she gathered with my friends, she was very serious. I was very serious. I was very distressed. I didn’t expect to open a shopping app in the mobile phone at night. The home page has a lot of hair care products. "It is helpless, this kind of ‘The strange thing’ is more than once.

"Today, this phenomenon of" talking about "makes people feel confused when they accept" intimate "service:" How is it? Is it app on ‘sneaking’ we chat? "2021 National Network Security Promotion Week officially launched today. Personal information protection once again became one of the hotspots of the masses. Cheng Xiang, associate professor, deputy professor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications," From the technical level, as long as the app has access the microphone It can run and listen to user voice information in the background, and when some specific keywords appear, record and upload to their own servers, the server will push the user according to keywords.

"But Chengxiang believes that this way is very risky to the merchant. Once the use of user information is involved, the APP developer will undertake serious consequences.

  Cheng Xiang analysis, the user has this "sneak" feel, or it may be due to the "portrait" of the Internet by collecting user location information.

Even if the user does not search behavior, the app is also likely to search for the content of the user in the platform, which is associated with the user, thus pushing an advertisement; or just sought after a certain type of item for a certain period of time, will also push the user Related advertisements.

  Whether it is "stealing" or "user portrait" based on big data, some mobile software has been constantly touching the bottom line of user privacy protection. Only July to July this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced 6 APP lists on infringing users’ rights and interests. Among them, "private collection personal information" "exceeding the collection of personal information" "privately shared to third parties" "mandatory, frequent, over-claims", etc., personal information security is seriously threatened. How to prevent personal information from "bake"? Technology and law need to be worked together. At the technical level, Chengxiang recommends that mobile phone system developers should establish "the first firewall" that prevents privacy of privacy from being arbitrarily used. For example, develop friendly data security and privacy protection tools, so that users make more convenient understanding of the behavior of each app in the mobile phone and the right to use and set according to individual needs; add "Active Defense" function in the operating system to monitor And record all APP upload, download, permission access, etc., and analyze it, once the suspicious behavior is found, the pop-up window reminds users.

  For APP developers, many software, especially social APPs, usually analyze users’ "Favorites" "Review" "Forward" "Sharing" "Sharing" and other operational records for personalization.

However, in the interview, the Chinese Youth Daily found that users with higher privacy protection requirements did not want to collect and use all of the operation records in the software, and even sometimes not interested in the advertisements that are pushed. . In this regard, Cheng Xiang recommends that "the phone" "Location Information" "Address" "Microphone" "Camera" exists in the mobile phone operating system, "Focus on" Collection "" Review "" I have a specific function such as "Sharing" and other APPs, and users should have their own administrative privileges.

APP wants to get such an operational record of the user, but also the user agreed. In recent years, my country has continuously improved the laws and regulations for personal privacy protection. On November 1 this year, the personal information protection law is about to be implemented. Wang Yu, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of Xi’an Jiaotong University Law, believes that personal information protection law further refines and improves different types of personal information security protection specifications, and will prevent personal information data from being overemployed and utilized from the source. But complete legislation is just the first step, and then it is necessary to set up the regulation from the specific facts and scenes, and set up the regulations to implement the regulations.

  After the study of the University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Xu Yi suggested that users can collect and fix relevant evidence for the APP, and users can collect and fixed relevant evidence to conduct complaints to the Net Letter Department, Market Regulatory Department or Consumer Rights Protection Association, involving illegal crimes. The police should be alarm to the public security organ. In addition, when installing and using the app, the user should be cautiously open for the application location information, camera, microphone, address book, camera, etc., to reject the unwanted authorization application to protect their own privacy information security. Zhongqing News · Zhongqing Net reporter Li Zhuo Source: China Youth Daily (October 12, 202).

The snow is to order Tongzhou City Management quickly assembled to carry out the snow.

Tongzhou District City Management Law Enforcement Bureau coordinates the law enforcement team to adopt a variety of ways, enter the household, into the community, etc. From the side, consciously fulfill the civil saving obligation, actively participate in the front of the door, the road, the streets, the community and other regions, and actively create a good atmosphere of "everyone to participate in the snow." Key to check the implementation measures for health responsibility system, whether the task is clear, and the preparation of sweeping tools is.

During the snowfall, the first-line city management team was on the first-line urban management team, quickly launched the law enforcement inspection work, and urged the social unit to clear the snow in front of the three-pack responsibility area in front of the door, mobilizing social strength to participate in the residue, not based on the units of regulations Beijing City Costuan Environmental Health Regulations for punishment. Next, the law enforcement team will continue to strengthen the inspection, not in place, easy to generate snow and ice, may lead to key areas, key sections, key sections, and timely notice of the work unit and environmental health, and timely notice to the pedestrians. Continue to carry out the snow sweeping.

The launch of social power is timely cleaning the road to the snow, and fully rehabilitate the restoration of the snow, ensuring smoothness of the road smooth and environmental sanitation. (Li Jingxin) (Editor-in: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

When Yuxing Company was in its heyday,Hotels of all sizes、bar、nightclub、KTVWait, there are 20 or 30,I can’t say that Rijin Doujin,But it’s also very profitable。

Many people sitting here were middle managers,Although it’s just a name,But there are five people and six people,Little days are very moist。of course,Must pay for it,The main work content and technical problems are fighting and protecting the site,This is also a daily homework。no way,You don’t grab someone else’s,Others will come to grab you,Because it’s not just you who want to eat。
Good times don’t last long,Two years have passed since my comfortable life,Uncle Geng suddenly got involvedSZThe city is in a fierce gang fight,And without expecting this involvement, it’s hard to get rid of it。Revenge and being revenge became the main theme,After years of fighting and killing,Let this bunch of rough embryos that just look a little back instantly,Also made Uncle Geng exhausted,Finally a retreat came into being。
As Uncle Geng suddenly announced his withdrawal from the arena,Yuxing Company finally became a small Yuxing Motor Company,Many industries were sold in a very short time,Later disappeared completely。After that, of course everyone is scattered,Walk away,The bustling Yuxing Company faded out of people’s vision in a very quiet way,Suddenly disappeared in the big dye vat of Jianghu,Didn’t even blisters。
Uncle Geng is going to reorganize the company,Does that mean that he will really come back out of the world?,How does this make everyone not excited?But suddenly announced it during the severe illness,Somewhat weird,Could it be that Uncle Geng’s body healed so quickly?
When everyone is not sure,Uncle Geng said the third sentence,It seems to see through everyone’s mind,He announced that he was going out for treatment soon,Do not participate in the formation and daily management of the company,Uncle Hai will be the consultant of Xinyuxing Company,The family announced in three days。
The third sentence is the key,Immediately caused an uproar,Everyone is rough,No habit of whispering,So there was a lot of discussion,The voice is still very loud,In an instant the yard became noisy,Until Uncle Geng waved his hand continuously,The voice was suppressed。
There are two sensitive points,Made everyone’s eyes rounded。First, Uncle Geng announced that he would not participate in the new company,Does it mean that he completely withdrew,And the reason for the treatment seems impeccable,Many people feel that they have lost their backbone,Emotionally unacceptable for a while。
But the highlight is the second point,Who will be the head of the new company?Why did you announce it in three days?Many people looked at Li Tianchou and Peng Weihua,Hope to find the answer from the faces of these two people,But it’s obviously unreliable。
While everyone is still dizzy,Uncle Geng said the last words before the opening,“No matter what,I will always watch the growth and development of Yuxing Company,Hope you won’t let me down。Dinner now。”
“uncle,I have something to say。”A series of unexpected news plus being kept staring at everyone,Peng Weihua is a little dizzy,He couldn’t help but raised his hand high。
“I said,Dinner now。I have something to say in my room after dinner。”Uncle Geng unceremoniously blocked Peng Weihua back。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Nine Get off the horse
Peng Weihua was photographed back by Uncle Geng’s cold words,Naturally, the boss is unwilling,Especially in front of everyone,Keep him from coming to stage,So my face is blue,Sitting there panting。
Somewhat cold,The mentality of everyone present has undergone a subtle change in an instant,Uncle Geng looks abnormal today,He rarely targets a certain person with such a stern face in the public.,And Peng Weihua is also abnormal,Seems a little hastily。
So everyone turned their attention to Li Tianchou again,This person sits in danger from beginning to end,The expression on the face has not changed at all,It’s hidden deep?Could it be that he will be the head of the family three days later?It means something like,My day!That’s not going to change the sky?This is what Nie Tao thought,But he is definitely not the only one who has this idea。
Just a short time,Hai bald suddenly stood up,He cleared his throat,“What Brother said just now didn’t look like a toast,But very important。What he wants to tell everyone is what to do in the future……what?Right?How do you describe a buzzword??”
“planning。”Broad bean reached out and shouted。

“Damn!Nor is it,But I am a little familiar with her,Occasionally just kidding,I didn’t expect it to be you,How offended,please forgive”Wang Youcai nodded and bowed,Respectful,After all, encounter such a thing,He might suffer a big loss。

The ugly woman snorted:“Because of your good attitude,I won’t pursue it。Wang Guilan transferred the shop to me,Find her at her house”
“Thank you!”Wang Youcai quickly pulled away and ran out,Just carelessly,Almost caused a disaster。In case this woman yells and calls the police,Didn’t he throw himself into the net?。I feel a little scared after thinking about it。
Wang Youcai has learned well this time,He raised his collar,Lifted the big mask up again,Only show two eyes。Then walked towards Ma Hongfang’s chess room。I missed Wang Guilan,Ma Hongfang should be a sure thing,Because the chess and card rooms are generally open 24 hours。
Ping city is not big,So Wang Youcai doesn’t have to spend much money,Came to the door of Ma Hongfang’s chess room。When he saw the seal on the closed door,Wang Youcai was so angry that he almost scolded。
To her grandma,What’s going on?Wang Youcai is almost crazy。Ran two places,But both places are missing,This is really hell。
Wang Youcai, who was a little unwilling, hid behind a big tree,He took out his phone,Hesitated to turn on the machine,Then I found Ma Hongfang’s phone number and called。
But it came from inside“The number you dialed is down”What the hell is this?Down,This means that this phone has been disabled,One is connected to the seal above the door of the chess row room,Wang Youcai has a hunch,There must be something wrong with this Ma Hongfang。It seems that this person can no longer contact her。
Where is he going?I can’t go back overnight.!bar,KTV,He can’t show his face。There are still some places to have fun,But after Wang Youcai’s careful consideration,He chose to give up。
He wants to call Wang Guilan,But he dare not。Because it’s time,People who go to bed early may be asleep,In case Wang Guilan sleeps with his husband,Doesn’t this mean something is causing trouble??
Wang Youcai flipped through the phone book,Lan Ling from Beauty International,Chen Na,Wang Youcai hesitated and didn’t beat them。This time is the busiest time at night,He hit it for nothing。
Suddenly he turned to Xu Lihong’s phone,Wang Youcai couldn’t help but stopped again。Although last time he called Xu Lihong,,People said she was getting married,But Wang Youcai doesn’t believe that such a woman can tell the truth。
Wang Youcai hesitated again and again,I still called Xu Lihong。Because he has no choice,Otherwise, I can only drive back to the mountains overnight。He can’t go because he stays in a hotel or something,What I’m afraid of is just in case。
The phone rang for a while before finally getting through,Xu Lihong’s joyous voice came from inside:“Yo!Wang Ge,Where are you going!The phone has been shut down during this period”
“What does it mean,The phone rang for so long before answering,Don’t you want to pick me up?”Wang Youcai asked a little unhappy。

I found my big run on the roadside,Xia Jian opened the door and sat in,He was alone for a long time,Then start the car,Back to Yao Junli’s convenient hotel。

Had dinner,Xia Jian called Tong Jie,Asked about the work in the town,Then he walked out of the hotel alone。
Provincial night,Naturally charming。The provincial capital under the neon light,Still feasting。Xia Jian standing at the crossroad,Looked very at a loss。
Watching the young men and women passing by her,Xia Jian thought of his past in a daze。When he was in Bucheon,And go in and out with many beauties in such a place,But now he is the only one standing on the street looking at the scenery。
A black Porsche drove up quietly,When Xia Jianjue finds it out,A wavy woman got out of the car。Women dress very sexy,Under the package of fit clothes,Her exquisite body is shown at a glance。It’s not an exaggeration to describe it as lordosis。
“Hi!Handsome guy,Are you looking at beauties??“The woman came over with a big laugh。
Xia Jian took a closer look,Could not help but cried out:“Jones!”His voice just fell,Two beautiful women got off the car,All of them are bright。One is Lu Ying,And the other is Afang,Both of them are Jones’ assistants,Also Jones’ bodyguard。
The two beauties greeted Xia Jian one by one,The three people suddenly laughed together。Singles passing by the roadside,I really envy Xia Jian,They may not understand,How could there be such a seductive and stunning woman next to Xia Jian。
Especially Jones,She is really beautiful from both countries。She stopped by Xia Jian,So passers-by are watching straight here。
“Beauties!Stop here,Otherwise after a traffic accident,The police will trouble you”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Jones laughed and said:“Then please get in the car,Let’s find a place to play,It’s rare to meet on the road”Jones said,Reach out to pull Xia Jian,Xia Jian hesitated and got into the car。
Porsche draws a beautiful curve,One turned around and drove into the flow of traffic。The weird thing is,Jones brought two bodyguards,And she personally drove this beautiful Porsche。
“Hey!When did you come to the provincial capital?Why stand alone on the street in a daze,Isn’t it a broken love?!”Jones driving the car,Haha laughed and asked。
Xia Jian glanced sideways at this mixed-race beauty,Couldn’t help but smile:“A handsome man like me,Still broken in love,Isn’t that a joke”
Lu Ying, who was sitting in the back row, couldn’t help but smile.:“President Xia!Miss Jones always says you are handsome,But i don’t think so。You are good,a just person,It can be so handsome,I can only say that he looks pretty good”
Lu Ying’s words,Let Afang laugh out loud,She smiled and said:“Just talk nonsense,Be careful Miss Jones deducts your bonus,Then you will know the cost of nonsense”

“Could this guy be trapped??”Qilin Beast frowned,Suddenly slowed down,The original impulse in my heart can’t be restrained,This is a great opportunity given by God,Throw away the exquisite treasure box in your arms,Get rid of the control of the spirit,You can escape and be free forever。

But don’t know why,The unicorn beast always feels a little empty,It’s not the poor three-eyed toad,But feel unjust,In the war just now,Li Tianzhi at the last moment of life,I threw the Linglong treasure box to it without hesitation,Choose to trust it。
This move made the unicorn beast never expected,Although it is born with rebelliousness,Although Li Tianzhen’s life and death have nothing to do with it,But at the moment it just can’t let go,Somehow rescued this fellow friend and the toad,It’s also considered everyone met?
Just thought,The two heads that had been hidden before suddenly popped out again,The three heads face each other as soon as they meet,Arguing,There is only one sentence,“escape,Or destroy here!”
Yin and yang face resolute,This is the only chance to be free,never give up,Qi Ling did not come out at such a critical time,Must be in trouble,at this time,The unicorn beast only needs to take out the Linglong treasure box,Let go,Bury this thing in the mountains,Then everything is fine。
The dragon face unicorn beast thinks a lot,Put it aside first,But many practical situations have to be considered,First is the soul,Leaving the nourishment of Li Tianzhen’s vitality sea,If you don’t find suitable parasites or robs as soon as possible,You have to go back to the devil’s tower,Otherwise, the soul will gradually weaken and die,But finding the body is not easy,There are few creatures in the mortal world that can withstand its terrifying power and divine consciousness。
Step back and say,Even if you are lucky enough to find such a powerful blood body,But how to leave the mortal world is also**bother,Breaking the barriers of the world and returning to the prehistoric world requires great mana and supernatural powers,Qilin Beast was not sure when it was at its peak strength,Besides, there is only one primordial spirit left at the moment?
Three heads arguing,Suddenly heard the toad roar again,Judging from the sound, it’s more miserable than just now,Nothing happened,Like this,Obviously trapped by the opponent’s master。
“Don’t save,It’s too late!”Dragon head anxious。
“Destroy here!”
“Run away,This mortal world should have a blood body suitable for me。”
“If not?”

Xu Tianci is some hesitation。

“Li’s brother has not come yet,I am going now.,In case challenge,I am afraid that I can’t pay.!”
“you’re so dumb,Isn’t there anything in the mountain??
He will help you.。”
I heard this,Xu Tianci also looked at He Da Mountain。
“Go back,I will be able to pay for it.。”
Have you seen this,How much is Xu Tianci?。
“friends,Today, I am Xu Tianci in this open security company.,My people are the most stupid,Will n’t say something good?,Guestbook,Know our rules,So I don’t continue to talk nonsense.,Directly waiting for everyone in this competition。”
Xu Tianci, let Tang Can and He Da Mountain have speechless。
Just in Xu Tianci, the sound is just falling.,Someone jumped up。
“I will come first.,The Taekou Road, which is not far from the wall is me.。”
“Forehead,brother,I am an security company.,It’s nothing to do with your Taekwondo.?”
Xu Tianci has someone who doesn’t understand the people of Taekwondo will pick up and play.。
After all, his company is also rushing to the security,It doesn’t matter if you are using it with Taekwondo.。
“Humph,You have to say this,Many of the scenes have nothing to do.,But you have to know that although the Taekwondo is self-defense.,It is also necessary to work.,There is a disciple of the bar to see the venue.,You said that your security is cultivated, will not be hired to see the venue.?”
This exit,Xu Tianci knows how he explained again.。
And if he explains,It seems that some are afraid of these people.。
I immediately laughed:“Row,Then you first attacked it first.,Hurt you,I hope you will not revenge in the future.。”
“Less nonsense,watch out。”
Say,The other party directly jumps,Directly used a serial kick directly in the air,And each feet are going to Xu Tianci.。
If this is given by the other party,Lower Bartz,Heavy coma。
It is good to be the other’s strength.。
And Xu Tianci is also a quick eye.,Directly grabbing the opponent’s legs,Then vigorously,Fly out of convenience。
His thought that the other party would fall down,But it was easily caught.。
“I am a boss of this piece.,This street is actually generally me.,Since you have to open the security company on this street,So in the future, you can’t conflict with us.,So, if you win me today.,I will not bring you trouble with your brother.,Don’t accept your protection fee。”
“But if you lose,So later protection this piece,You have to pay,Because your skill is not as good as people,So pay the protection fee,do you know?”
Looking at the other side, I said that the emperor said that the emperor is protected.,Xu Tianci is also a speechless。
“Big brother,What era,I don’t do it.,You still do?
Not afraid of being arrested by the police?”
“Hey-hey,If you, you have a warning,But you have to know that your store will not open it.。”
“I don’t want it.,I know that truth is,Since this,You also attacked it.。”
Xu Tianci said this just finished,The other party is also welcome.,Directly rushed。
Go up,I will give Xu Tian to a shot.。
Xu Tian gives it a moment,The same, he is also careful。

Mr. Li touched his bald head and said:“How about this!You take out one hundred thousand,Donate to your hometown,It’s too little to be laughed at。Not to mention that I am not bad for this money”

“Good manager Li,I will do it now,Must hurry before this event,Otherwise it will be difficult to handle it late,What do you say?”Wang Youcai said eagerly,After all, this is donating to my hometown。
President Li nodded and said:“You go and get this done now,It’s best to get a ticket,If you can’t get the ticket, you have to get a receipt.,Where is the financial accounting”
“Ok,I am leaving”Wang Youcai stood up,Turn around and walk out。He has a good plan,The bank does not rest at noon anyway。
Ni Xiaoli glanced at Wang Youcai, who came out of Li’s office.,This girl has returned to normal,She said with a smile:“Manager Wang is leaving?”
“Correct!I’ll do something,You make another cup of tea for Mr. Li!Wang Youcai said deliberately。
Listen to Ni Xiaoli,His face instantly turned red。Wang Youcai takes a look,He is more convinced,This girl has a kick with President Li。He shook his head while walking,I can’t help but admire President Li’s methods。
To withdraw 100,000 yuan from the Agricultural Bank of China,Because there is no advance appointment,They won’t mention it to him,Wang Youcai was angry for a while,I personally found the president,In the end he said that the money was used in the disaster area。President helpless,I asked Wang Youcai to mention this。
It’s a coincidence,Wang Youcai just came out of the bank door,I saw Ouyang Hong who was waiting for the bus across the road at a glance,He rushed over in two steps,Asked with a smile:“Mayor Ouyang,Where is this going?I have something to find you”
Ouyang Hong was taken aback,She never expected,The person calling her turned out to be Wang Youcai。She smiled and said:“What are you looking for?Is it private or official,If you are in business, go to the town to find other leaders”
“What’s private,Let’s find a place to sit down,It’s noon, it’s better to have a meal together,Let me talk to you about a good thing that benefits the country and the people”Wang Youcai said,Glanced at the watch。
Ouyang Hong stayed in Pingyang Town for not one or two days,She knows Wang Youcai very well,So she smiled and said:“Just eat,I have to go home to cook,Tell me what you need!”
“What are you afraid of!I will not eat you,Our company wants to donate a relief fund to Pingyang Town,Forget it if you are busy,I’ll leave it to the city government to allocate it!”Wang Youcai said,Intentionally turn around,Ready to go。

Xia Jian didn’t say a word,But gently stroked Ma Yan’s hair and said:“Go and notify my mom,Make something delicious,I’m starving”

“it is good!I’m going”Ma Yan,Stood up happily。When she went out,Turned around again,Kissed Xia Jian on the cheek。
Where Xia Jian stood stupidly,A look of guilt。On this matter,He never dared to tell the truth to Ma Yan,Because he is afraid。Maybe this will become his secret forever。
Ma Yan ran into the kitchen,Sun Yuejuan knew that the conflict between her son and daughter-in-law had been resolved。She asked happily:“Or two more dishes,Everyone have a drink?”
“sure!”Ma Yan said,So he moved his hands。To know,Ma Yan is at home,But do nothing。
The family finally sat together again。When Xia Zecheng pours Ma Yan,,Xia Jian blocked his father and said:“The three of us drink,Ma Yan can’t drink from now on”
“What do you mean?Isn’t Ma Yan’s wine good??”Xia Zecheng’s hand stretched out into the air retracted,Asked with a puzzled look。
Xia Jiangang is going to speak,Ma Yan has rushed to say:“I have a little inflammation in my throat recently,This wine is free”
“Oh!Then no need to drink,Have a drink!”Sun Yuejuan is so fast,He got up and took out a bottle of drink。
Ma Yan shook her head and said:“It’s fine if your throat is uncomfortable,This stomach is not good,I still drink water!”Ma Yan said,I poured myself a glass of boiling water。
“Jianer!I have to say a few words。Ma Yan is not healthy,You have to care about her。Remember to take her to the city tomorrow,Show her a good look”Sun Yuejuan looked straight,Very harshly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“it is good!I will take her tomorrow”
Xia Zecheng can’t wait,He chuckled with a wine glass:“You bastard won’t come back,I can’t even drink alcohol,I have to make up for this time tonight”Xia Zecheng laughed,Drink with a glass。

I haven’t waited for them to react,The head of the huge star beast in the center shook slightly.,Two terrifying eyeballs radiated extremely dazzling light,Light is like substance,A bang hit the head of the little star beast that Li Tianzhen had just possessed,Turn it to ashes instantly,There is a hole in the ruins of the ancient battlefield,The star beast looks terrifying,Unexpectedly easily destroyed the stable energy field circulation,But soon this void was automatically closed。

Li Tianzhen is no longer where he is,Did not suffer any damage,After all, as the guardian of the underlying rules,The power of his perception has long surpassed the perception of the strong by ordinary creatures,But I also got a cold sweat,Because he also ignored his identity,I didn’t expect that just emotional fluctuations would bring such a strong chain reaction and consequences。
at the same time,Li Tianzhi was confused again,Now that I have fully awakened,Why is the emotion of mortal being the first to be touched?This is not normal,Even made him wonder whether he was conserved,Li Tianzhu or Li Xiucheng?
But at the moment I can’t tolerate him to neglect,The star beast’s eyes follow him,Although Li Tianzhen has already used the power of rules to change his body,Turn yourself into a strong void storm,But the opponent’s eyes still bombarded again like lightning,Extremely sharp。
Although such a bombardment cannot cause substantial damage to Li Tianzhen,But once it is hit, it will show its original shape,It will be quite difficult to trace Kuukimo’s plot,I can’t verify the origin of this ancient battlefield.。
Voidstorm disappears silently,Star Beast’s gaze shot into the distance,Li Tianzhi has disappeared,The trace of existence has not left the slightest ripple,Although he is still adapting to the conserved spirit and all abilities,The response to the crisis is slightly jerky,But too powerful after all,The giant star beast that appeared to be alive suddenly lost its target,There seems to be no more means,The sharp eyes gradually dimmed,Everything is back to what it was before。
Kuchimo and Blood River looked at each other,Actually, we have exchanged a lot in the divine consciousness,From perception to anomaly,And then prepare to attack,Almost captured Li Tianzhen’s trajectory,From the action consciousness, it looks only half a beat later than the giant star beast,But the gap is not just one and a half,It is difficult to distinguish the specific details behind the anomaly,It’s even harder to believe the message that the star beast then passed on,Some superpowers broke into this ancient battlefield。
They start to panic,Because I can’t imagine how powerful the superpower in the information is,According to the standard evaluation of the giant star beast,Isn’t that terrible?
Kuchimo is full of doubts,But dare not question the other party’s judgment,This giant star beast is the real strongest it has ever seen,It and Blood River are not opponents,This ancient behemoth does not belong to recent cosmic periods,I don’t know how it used the power of time and space to sneak from the ancient universe to the gate of heaven.,After being hit, it will be difficult to get rid of the opponent。
Star Beast and Kuchimo both have purpose,And it’s about the same,Need to completely get rid of the universe that has collapsed and destroyed,Need to stand firm in the new universe,of course,Standing firm is a typical fudge,Kukimo’s purpose is more clear,Replace Shifangjun,Completely rule the new universe,to this end,It has been fighting hard for a long time。
But who would dare to say that the giant star beast has no greater ambitions??On the surface it just wants to draw energy,Limited recovery body,I am afraid that the actual ambition is much more than this,And the horror of the star beast is not just its own power,This thing has also gathered several dead souls of the universe in the long journey,Every undead who can struggle to the present in an annihilated world,Are extremely fierce and powerful,The collection of so many dead souls has formed the most photographable tide of dead souls。
Fortunately, giant star beasts also have obvious weaknesses,Although its soul is not dead,But the body is withered,The energy available is less than one percent of the heyday,In addition,Star beasts cannot leave this ancient battlefield relic,This has a lot to use or take advantage of for Kuchimo and Blood River。
Star beasts need to use the special abilities of Kuchimo and Blood River to help carry the ancient battlefield and the dead,Kuchimo also needs the tide of the dead as the most powerful back-up method to deal with Shifangjun,Since the purpose is the same,Each has its needs,Cooperation or mutual use of the two parties will be natural。
But as the top powerhouse in the pre-cosmic era,They all know that these limited cooperation are not enough to determine future results,Because there is a stronger presence,Chaotically,The chaotic rough stone from the chaotic land is the ultimate force supporting the operation of the existing cosmic system,Power of rules。