Buy ¥ 849 Biquan Air Hot Spring Hotel Deluxe Spa Room 1 night with pool double unlimited hot spring

Buy ¥ 849 Biquan Air Hot Spring Hotel Deluxe Spa Room 1 night with pool double unlimited hot spring

Conghua has always been known as a hot spring, and nowadays it has become a popular holiday choice with a focus on leisure and health.

The exterior of the Biquan Sky Hot Spring Hotel is close to the center of the hot spring tourist area. It is surrounded by the beautiful Liuxi River and accompanied by the green hills. With its unique “air hot spring” and open-air hardware facilities, it will help the tourists to clean up the bustling city.With tiredness.

Comfortable and elegant, home hot springs, private and large space interlaced with simple and elegant corridors, open the living room, the bright light makes people shine, the space-level duplex suite, temperament and taste.

A selection of homes creates an elegant setting with soft couches for a comfortable dream.

Walk into the viewing balcony and enjoy the wide view, optimistic about the mountains and the water, and feel the natural scenery.

There is also a hot spring on the balcony. The hot spring water is warm, the warmth is flowing, the tiredness is exhausted, and the beauty and hot spring water are enjoyed.

Interesting health, full-featured and comfortable hot spring experience In Conghua, the story of hot springs was circulated in the early days. The first people praised the natural beauty and brought the health benefits of hot springs.

Relying on the local deep hot spring culture, and dating the new concept of Japanese hot springs, we will create a fun sky garden hot spring to achieve a seamless blend of natural landscape and hot spring.

Large aerial hot springs allow you to breathe in natural fresh air without any barriers, enjoying the vastness of the sky and the coolness of the breeze.

Naturally beautiful, close to the eyes, enjoy the distance and enjoy the infinite scenery.

The hotel takes the story of Conghua Hot Spring legend “Xianguo” as a clue, and takes “Tianji” natural therapy as the core function of the hot spring. It combines modern concepts to create a healthy paradise with easy and pleasant health and deep health. Let you enjoy Conghua Hot
Soak the warm heart hot spring water, think about the ancient and modern legends, enjoy the steaming simmer in the natural wind, let go of the soul, let the natural landscape and natural spring water wash your tiredness.



Come to the energy rest area. The hotel has an energy rest area with various themes and functions. If the aerial hot springs are compared to the rich hot spring “feast”, this is the “delicious snack” that people expect after the “feast”.

The Health Energy Field consists of the Salt Heat Palace, Caihui Palace, Yaozhe Palace, Mine Heat Palace, Le Warm Palace, and the six major areas of the Antarctic Palace. Based on hyperthermia, combined with color therapy, salt therapy, medical therapy, and hot and cold therapy.Various treatments such as sleep therapy, using lighting and other effects, create a different theme space with traditional rock bath and rest area.

Fully equipped, laid-back, comfortable and comfortable, with a comfortable and convenient holiday environment, what is the point?

I don’t think that you can satisfy the needs of “clothing, food, housing and transportation” without leaving your home. The Biquan Sky Hot Spring Hotel has all kinds of facilities such as karaoke, sauna, mahjong room, tourist guide, shopping mall, etc., full of carnival.

Located in the lounge area on the 3rd floor of the hotel, the “Eat Bar” offers a variety of snacks, freshly squeezed juices, noodles, etc. It is a good place for your leisure and holiday.

After soaking up the hot springs, the physiology is comfortable, but the stomach is not satisfied?

If you are hungry, you can come here to enjoy your meal and enjoy a delicious health meal or a sumptuous buffet cooked by the hotel chef.

A plate of cherished and beautiful eyes, whether it is raw seafood, or exquisite hot dishes, can make your lips and teeth leave a lingering, delicate aftertaste.

Ann Almights, after step by step, step by step,Horror film。

Time for bamboo knife forging back,An Yongxin can be described as his number one kill goal,Grab the methy day。
The game of the new star finals,Bamboo knife forging repeated research has been playing many times,Didn’t play a game,He can understand new things,The admiration contributed to the bureau of this game。
Before defeating the subject,Must beat the peace of mind this is the plan for the bamboo knife.。
Because the department defeated,So as the premise of challenge,An Yongxin is also a turn of him.。
Can you have a hammer?,Bamboo knife is dissatisfied。
too weak。
It’s too weak.。
He is far from the new star war,It is simply the difference between the lions and dairy cats.!
“Your guy,Must be installed!When I have to marry me when I want??Hurry up your true strength,Give me a whole!”Bamboo knife forging the voice spread in the corridor。
“Have a disease!All said,You win me,That is my real strength.!I really do so.!”An always crashes almost。
“do not care!I ran,Again!”An Yongxin is decisively and going downstairs,Anyway, this is just a chess and is not a true black.,You can also take my strength to suddenly fall.?
As a result, he just turned,The new voice has been passed from the corridor.:“Anjun,Are you free and me??”
An Yongxin stopped in the original place,The coffee dropped down.,Sprinkled in the steps。
Bamboo knife is still stunned。
Corona walked up from the corridor,Australity。
His footsteps are particularly clear,Like the dead god in the late hospital。
This is also a horror film lens.!
“Science,This is the prey I found first.,You should not shoot。”Bamboo knife is close to the side。
“Reason,I just seriously asked people to come to a game.。”Science is also advancing。
An Yongxin’s body carries with18Minute,It is a higher。
Just on such a narrow corridor,Two two horror majors will force the peace of mind in the middle,And more than the nearby。
This feeling better than the defenders,When you have just dominated Demo Wang Qiang team,Thriller found that the heads of the momentum is also rushing up from the building downstairs.。
Who can get this oppression?!
“You don’t come over.!do not come!”An Yongxin is clipped in the middle of the two people.。
Although he is a well-known science,But Ye Gong Ye Long,Blow a player,And hopefuling faces and this player is two different concepts。
that’s it,South Korea’s first person was suffered from Zhongsi。
Time continues to advance,January 16th,The weather turned into the rainy day of chills in this day.。
The heat of the famous war is getting more and more prosperous in such a cold weather.,The billboard on the street has become a propaganda advertisement of the famous war.,Sponsors compete for their brandslogoHit the most prominent position。
This piece around the chess house is full of posters.,Insert a flat banner。
Warm and style living room,Xuan Yuxi is relative to the West Thousand。
Xuan Yuxi wears the most often weathered in the past,Here is his home.,The surrounding arrangement is also full of ancient intentions。
And the west thousand is the fancy suit,Insert also hang in the chest,The two sits on the face to face,Like time and space misplaced。
“Long-term short,Yuechuan Longqi intends to give this。”Xi Qi Mi will put a flat-unmoid table clock on the desktop。
Xuan Yuxi laughed on cold and cold:“Yinchuan Longhe,He is playing this boring little trick.?Loss is to be discouraged,Now he hits my idea to me here.?”
“This is not a nouspicious thing,If you don’t believe, you can try it.。”Xi Qi Shi will push the clock forward a little distance,And more goodwill“Please”。
Xuan Yuxi hesitated a moment,Still reach out and touch it.。
Confirm security,No adverse symptom。
“That take the clock,What is it??”

Li Da,Wang Yuanson,You both picked me with Bear.,Don’t let him break free.!”lt;/Pgt;

Eh?Kill people?Don’t use this guy to defraud the city gate??lt;/Pgt;
lt;/Pgt; Yang Su looked at Gao Baoyi to say。lt;/Pgt;
“This kind of person makes the guy,Still killing more。Because you don’t know when he will bite you behind him.。lt;/Pgt;
Xiong Yu Lang’s pro,Help,The same kill,Told,Anyone who is taking advantage of Bear,Whether you are old,Kill innocent。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi is cold!lt;/Pgt;
“Leader,At this moment, kill people。”lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su whisked to persuade。lt;/Pgt;
“Wildfire is not exhausted,Spring breeze。Kill,Otherwise, others think that my Gao Biyi is a good person to do good deeds in Jiangzhou.!”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Boyi means that Chen Zhen looks at Chen Zhen.,The other party couldn’t help but hit a cold conversion。lt;/Pgt;
Yang Su Shenzhi,I took Gao Baoyi Baiyunjian,Clean and falling under the bear,No slightly hesitation。lt;/Pgt;
When he raised the head of the bear’s death to Gao Baoyi,Gao Boyi is just a bit:“Use cloth bag,Now go to Yudzhangcheng,Hou Fanger estimated that he made up with Hou Hou.。We passed the residence in the past,Holding Xiong Rong and Hou Fang’s head as Hou Yu’s meeting。”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Baoyi, let everyone eat!lt;/Pgt;
He actually hits this time.?Can the http://www.jsjtsm.cncourage can be more bigger??lt;/Pgt;
“Large manager,Our toner,I am afraid I will……”Li Da is not moving。lt;/Pgt;
Gao Boyi refers to the captive roads that finger at the ground.:“Are they not people??”lt;/Pgt;
Can this??lt;/Pgt;
“All listen,Anyone who kills a bear, or a pro,In the future, it is our own person.。lt;/Pgt;
Waiting for if it is listening to the number,You can also promote the big fortune!”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bo Yi said this,Those who kneel on the ground immediately act,Mutual fighting,The scene is extremely chaotic for a time。lt;/Pgt;

The two laughed,Walked forward side by side。The county is small,But all facilities are still more convenient,The two of them didn’t get far,I found a Sichuan restaurant,They asked for a private room,And picked a bottle of liquor at the front desk and hugged it in。

This time,Few people eat,Plus this weather,Xia Jian and Fatty sat in the private room,It is equivalent to the whole Sichuan restaurant serving the two of them。
The dishes are ready soon,Two people drank heavily。Unhappiness last night,Disappear in the wine without a trace。Xia Jian found out that this fat guy doesn’t really hate,It may be that everyone has a different role in this society.。
“Big brother!Have you encountered something difficult?Speak out,I can give you an idea too”The fat man suddenly asked。
First0508chapter Jiu Feng brother
Two glasses of wine,Narrowed the distance between the two men,The fat man called Xia Jian directly to his brother。
Xia Jian took a breath,But what happened last night,Tell the fat man from start to finish,After the fat man listened,Eyes wide open with anger,Keep swearing,But he still gave Xia Jian a thumbs up。
“brothers!You are such a great man,If it happened to me,This money is definitely not a cent back,I’ll be beaten。You sound infuriating,But on thinking,Nothing,The money is not lost for a while,I just missed a little sleep last night,So we are not angry“The fat man said,Chao Xiajian raised his glass。
“Not angry,I’m so angry“Xia Jian was laughing,Had a drink with the fat man。A bottle of wine soon reached the bottom,When Xia Jian, who was drinking to Xing’s head, was about to bring another bottle。
The fat man held his hand and said:“brothers,Doing business matters,We can drink this wine anytime,Not here for a while“
“What business?“Xia Jian asked confusedly。He thought,What kind of shit is there?。
The fat man smiled and said:“Didn’t you lose your ID??Let’s go out now,Give you a fake,This stuff was made by their teacher,Ordinary people can’t see it,There is absolutely no problem holding it in the store“

Kunming University of Technology deepen "double innovation" education

  In recent years, Kunming University of Technology has comprehensively deepened the reform of school innovation and entrepreneurship education and teaching, vigorously promoted innovation and entrepreneurial education, aims to cultivate innovative talents, stimulates the vitality of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, allows college students to actively participate in innovative and entrepreneurial practice, and explore a development of innovative entrepreneurial education development. the road.

  A lightweight intelligent bracelet, through gesture intelligent identification, key voice playback, external environmental vibration, etc., has become a window for people with disabilities to "see" the world. A few years ago, the Zhao Jiangbo team of Kunming University of Science and Technology won the gold award at the first national "Internet+" college student innovation and entrepreneurial contest with the "WatchMe WatchMe" project of "Deaf and Mute Smart Sensing Interactive Equipment" project.

This is one of the results of the school’s implementation of innovation and entrepreneurial education. Over the years, Kunming University of Technology has closely combined the school’s discipline and professional characteristics, and has given full play to the advantages accumulated in social practice and volunteer services for many years. Social development and the actual force of promoting rural revitalization. Integrate classroom teaching, independent learning, combining practice, guidance and assistance, and cultural leadership, Kunming University of Technology improves the innovative and entrepreneurial talent training mechanisms of schools, schools, schools, and schools. Curriculum construction, practical platform construction, teacher training, discipline competition, innovation and entrepreneurial service system, etc. to promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship education system, systematically plan and comprehensively promote the high -quality training of dual -innovation talents, create a full -scale, complete process, and all -round innovation and entrepreneurship. New education system. In close combination of the characteristics of science and technology and disciplines, Kunming University of Technology vigorously carried out the integration and specialization education of Sichuan and created, and cultivated students’ innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities with more open systems. In order to cultivate top innovative talents, the school has opened innovative classes, elite classes, and academician innovation classes in different majors, paying attention to students ‘personality development, and comprehensively cultivating students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and student innovation and entrepreneurial practical ability. At the same time, Kunming University of Science and Technology has conducted high -quality, targeted innovation and entrepreneurial training for students at the school, carried out the selection and cultivation of entrepreneurial projects, and carried out project incubation services.

By promoting teaching, promoting learning by competition, and promoting creation in the competition, we enrich the form and content of the competition, establish a college student entrepreneurial project library, increase project selection and cultivation, and cultivate excellent projects and Peter projects. In addition, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurial services, promote the transformation of the achievements of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the implementation of outstanding entrepreneurial projects.

(Reporter Chen Yixi).

Nanjing Pukou: Digital empowerment to light up the dream of revitalizing the countryside

There is a plant dream factory in Pukou District, Nanjing. There is no need for soil here to grow vegetables. The whole process does not take pesticides. It simulates the growth environment with artificial light and natural light, and inserts technology wings for agricultural production.

"We use shallow hydroponic technology, and water and fertilizer have been flowing at the root. The vegetables cultivated in this way not only have good quality and pure taste, but also contain more trace elements." Chen Hong, general manager of Nanjing Bridge Feng Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. As an example, its vitamin B9 (commonly known as folic acid) content is 5 times higher than the soil, and the content of vitamin C is higher than 50%of the soil. It is understood that the plant can be planted all year round, and 68 seedbeds can produce about 90 tons of leafy vegetables throughout the year. Botanical factories are both technical innovation and model innovation.

"Thanks to the strong support of the two governments of Nanjing and Pukou District, this will not only help us connect with scientific research resources to promote the implementation of the project, but also give policies and funds to support." Chen Hong is longing for In the future, it can also develop agricultural tourism.

The plant dream factory is a microcosm of the digital village in Pukou District, Nanjing. In September 2020, the district was selected as a national digital rural pilot list.

Digitalization drives the "agriculture and rural" curve overtaking, and has made many explorations locally. Recently, at the Digital field project of Tangquan Farm in Pukou District, the 1,200 acres of wheat seedlings were lush and happy.

The plant protection drone full of pesticides passed by the wheat field, and the airflow under the rotor pushed the pesticide fog flow evenly.

"Real -time height: meter; real -time speed: every second …" Nanjing helps you help you with a mobile phone from Wang Jiayun, a technician of agricultural machinery professional cooperatives, the real -time situation of drones is accurately displayed.

"Previously, the medicine was used for a maximum of 30 to 50 acres a day. Now, when I have a meal of meal, the drone can work more than 100 acres.

Wang Jiayun said with a smile.

It is understood that after being selected as a national digital rural pilot zone, Pukou has invested 100 million yuan, and led it to the resources of the national -level agricultural science and technology platform of the Agricultural Creation Center to focus on infrastructure construction, smart agricultural upgrading, rural digital governance, public services and other aspects. The deployment and improvement of 3 "digital countryside" platforms, 4 types of digital agricultural bases and 10 IoT bases, including Daidian, animal husbandry, aquatic products, facilities, etc., basically realized digital support "production, life, ecology" services, and initially explore that there is a having ownership Local characteristics of digital rural construction system and mechanism.

"We have to cross the river by touching the stones’. On the one hand, we must emancipate our minds and take the steps to form experience that can be replicated and promoted; Li Huixing, deputy director of the Rural Bureau, longing for, the end of the pilot is to be a demonstration.

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Faced with this extraordinary vision,The duty manager dare not send someone to investigate,Called immediately110with119。

But when he described the situation,The operator didn’t believe his words at all,Explained for a long time,Only deal with the fire in the factory。
The slaughterhouse owner who has not yet returned home,Even dialed the phone hosted by Wenshu Monastery。
He wants to invite this master to visit the factory,Is the slaughter too heavy?,Accidentally attracted something dirty。
Not to mention a flurry of jumps in the slaughterhouse,After this crazy soul-absorbing,Wang Hong has a lot of new knowledge about the murder book。
This prop is not a constant power,Very slow at first,But as the inhaled soul increases,Efficiency will also be greatly improved。
According to some introductions on the icon of the murder book,Wang Hong guessed that weird black smoke column,Should be a polymer of soul residue。
As his efficiency in absorbing souls increases,The plume of smoke will become bigger and thicker and faster。
If you let Wang Hong let go and suck,Maybe you can dye the whole book red in a few days,The number of souls that can be needed,It must be a desperate number。
The black plume of smoke condensed at the same time,Maybe it’s like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot,Form similar“Earth star big black spot”?
“Forget it,Find a way to dye ten pages red,When mixed to move speed plus achievement, stop immediately,Otherwise such an obvious vision,Sooner or later it will cause big troubles that are hard to deal with。”
Wang Hong knocked his head,Gave up some crazy ideas。
Earthstar Technology has developed to this point,If the government is really cruel to find someone,Wang Hong may not be able to avoid it。

Liaoning April 28 New Correction Pneumonia’s Local Qinqi and 91 asymptomatic infections

China Net April 29th According to the official website of the Liaoning Provincial Health Commission, at 0-24 on April 28, a new case of new crown pneumonia in Liaoning Province (from asymptomatic infection to the confirmed case) and 91 casesSymptoms of non -symptoms are reported in Dandong City.

1 case of cure cases of native new coronary pneumonia; 5 cases of medical observation of symptoms and input non -symptoms abroad were lifted.As of 24:00 on April 28, a total of 1644 confirmed cases in Liaoning Province (including 211 inputs overseas input), 1608 cases were cured, 2 cases were died, and 34 cases were treated in the hospital (33 cases in the local area and 1 case were entered overseas).At present, there are 386 asymptomatic infections observed (375 cases in the local area and 11 inputs overseas).


the other side。
Wait two days,Hu Jingliang finally waited for the call of Shisiqi。
“Hey,Good brother,it’s me,I really let you talk,Lei Zi is in the store.。”
“Didn’t find the problem?Is the store??”Hu Jingweway is tight,Ask。
“Fortunately, you remind morning,I have been withdrawn in advance.,Thunderstines did not find anything,Store is still good now,However, Leles also deliberately speaking with me.,It seems that they seem to be looking for you.,You can be careful recently.。”
Hu Jingliang,The store is fine.,As for the Leizi to find him,Two venues are connected to,He as a boss,Looking for him is affirmative,Don’t find a ghost。
Unexpectedly,Hu Jingliang is not intended,Ambient:“I know,Let you ask a lawyer, please?”
Chai Shi:“Please,Press your instructions,I have let him go to the Xicheng Branch to have seen the old Suffles.。”
Hu Jingliang asked:“How did he say?I didn’t ask for someone who sold it.?”
Chai Shi:“no,The lawyer said that he asked a circle.,No one recognizes。”
“Oh shit,Do you dare to do it??You ask a lawyer,Seeing that he still has other ways,Can help me check him。”Hu Jingliang bits teeth。
Chai Shiqi weakness:“I have already asked,Lawyers say he has no other means temporarily,The case is currently in the investigation stage.,file、Penstick,He is now free of view。
I want to know who is brought out.,Only reconnaissance end,After the case entered the stage of proceedings,He applies to see the volume can only know。”
“When can the case detect??”
“I don’t know here.,I have to watch the efficiency of the police,May soon,It may also be very slow,not sure。”
Hu Jingliang face,A little annoyed,But there is no choice but,Bite:“I see,You then stare at the case,Is there any message to inform me?。”
“Likelihood,Be careful on the road,See you again。”
Eat after lunch,Wang Flow stands on the side of the road,And Zhao Zhixi smiled and waved goodbye。
“The same to you,See you。”Zhao Zhi put his hand,Turned to open the door。
Wang flows to turn around,Ma Jiaming has driven the car to the roadside,Duan Qixi open the door,Wang traffic gave a car,Just sit down,Li Xiangtao suddenly called the phone。
The king is somewhat confused,Take a handle:“How to play again?Ali is found?”
Li Xiang Tao Road:“Not yet,Other things,Just received an invitation,ebayPresident Meg·Whitman just called,I want to talk to the company.,About you together。”
“ebay?”The king wrinkled frown,I feel this name, he used to hear it.,But I didn’t think it was.,Ask:
“Why is it??I want to talk to the company??”
“Like us,Also do e-commerce,But the market is in the United States,The scale is not bad,At present, there is a number of e-commerce companies in the United States.。
Talk about what cooperation, she is not specifically said.,But guess can also guess,E-commerce,She suddenly came to us to talk about cooperation,80% is to buy、Or invest in us,Borrow us to do pedals,forebayEnter the domestic market to make a paving。”
I remembered,ebayIndeed to do e-commerce,It seems that the past is also entered the country.……Wang traffic suddenly,I am a little funny in my heart.,His hard work e-commerce,Payment,It’s going to take off.,Now selling it to her,Let her be pedals,She is afraid, think more.?
This kind of cooperation that is not possible,Seeing her?