Fangda Special Steel (600507) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Typical Cost Advantages of Private Enterprises Highlight

Fangda Special Steel (600507) 2019 First Quarterly Report Review: Performance Exceeds Expectations, Typical Cost Advantages of Private Enterprises Highlight

Investment Highlights: Maintain “Overweight” rating.

The company achieved operating income of 39 in 2019Q1.

3.6 billion, rising by 1 every year.

90%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

700 million, down 15 every year.

63%, the company’s performance exceeded expectations.

New real estate starts in 2019 are strong, infrastructure is picking up, cars are bottoming out, steel demand is low and high, the company ‘s performance will continue to pick up, and the company ‘s EPS for 2019-2021 will be 1.



44 yuan, estimated 13 times for the company 四川耍耍网 in 2019, raised the company’s target price to 17.

55 yuan, maintaining the “overweight” level.

The sales volume remained high in the first quarter, and the gross profit per ton of steel was high.

The company’s steel sales in the first quarter of 2019 were 101.

81 for the first time, slightly downgraded by 1.

71 Nominally, it remained high overall.

In the first quarter of 2019, the average sales price of the company’s steel was 3866 yuan / ton, and the gross profit per ton of steel was 1,008 yuan / ton.Gross profit and net profit remained relatively high, far exceeding the industry average.

It is expected that steel demand will be low before high in 2019, and the company’s profitability will continue to rise.

During the period, expenses remained low and cost advantages were prominent.

The three charges per ton of steel for the company in Q1 2019 were 391 yuan / ton, which continued to rise by 40 yuan / ton, and the expenses during the period were 10.

1%, rising by 1 every year.

The cost of 23 units is 2858 yuan / ton.

In the first quarter of 2019, due to the decline of the industry cycle and the strength of cost-side iron ore, the company has excellent cost control capabilities, prominent cost advantages, and still maintains profitability.

Demand is low before high, and the company’s performance may continue to grow.

New real estate starts in 2019 surpassed market expectations, and overall remained strong.

In the context of the continued advancement of special bond issuance and the positive national infrastructure policy, infrastructure investment will continue to pick up in 2019.

The production and sales of automobiles picked up significantly in March, and the industry basically entered the bottom-building stage.

In 2019, the demand for steel is low before high, and the company’s performance will continue to pick up.

Risk warning: the macro economy is accelerating to decline; the supply side rises more than expected.

Zhejiang Digital Culture (600633): Steady Growth of Main Business Digital Entertainment + Big Data Layout Improves

Zhejiang Digital Culture (600633): Steady Growth of Main Business Digital Entertainment + Big Data Layout Improves

The event Zhejiang Digital Culture released its 2018 annual report today.

According to the annual report, the company achieved operating income in 201819.

09 million yuan, an increase of 17 in ten years.

42%; net profit attributable to mothers4.

7.8 billion, down 71 every year.

13%; net profit deduction for non-attributed mothers2.

49 ppm, an increase of 32 in ten years.


Realize a basic gain of 0.

37 yuan, down 70 before.


The company’s net cash flow from operating activities in 2018 was 4.

49 million, a significant increase of 127 from 2017 to 2017.


On the whole, the company’s non-net profit deduction is at the middle of 淡水桑拿网 the annual report performance forecast.

In 2017, the company sold a total of 21 subsidiaries of all news and media assets and realized an investment income of over 1.1 billion. Without considering the impact of major asset sales in the same period of 17 years, the company’s operating income in 2018 achieved a 64% increase.The non-net profit of the female deduction has achieved a multi-year growth of 41%.

Brief Comment 1. The decrease in investment income leads to a decline in profit, and the deduction of non-net profit keeps increasing.

The increase in the deviation of the company’s return to net profit in 2018 was mainly due to the company’s divestiture of news and media assets in the first half of 2017.

In the first half of 2017, the company successfully completed major asset reorganization work, which brought 深圳桑拿网 the company an increase of 11 in 2017.

7.6 billion investment income.

In 2018, the company’s non-net profit deduction achieved positive growth, reaching 2.

49 ppm, an increase of 32 in ten years.

42%, reflecting the good development trend of the company’s main business in 2018.

2. Continued in-depth layout of digital entertainment and big data.

With the completion of major asset reorganization and renaming, the company is mainly divided into three core business groups of digital entertainment, digital sports and big data, as well as two related sectors of cultural services and cultural industry investment.

At the beginning of 2018, online game operation business realized operating income14.

4.2 billion, an annual increase of 66.

98%, accounting for 75% of the company’s overall revenue.

54%; technical information services revenue in 20182.

170,000 yuan, an increase of 193 in ten years.

24%, revenue accounted for 4.

55% increased to 11.


From 2018 to 2019, the company’s Fuchun Cloud Internet Data Center has successively signed two contracts with NetEase and Ali.

3. Investment advice.

After the company’s divestiture of assets completely transitioned in 2017, it experienced a period of two years to polish internal strength.

The 2018 annual report shows a good growth momentum for the company’s main business.

The company’s size can benefit from its good layout and advantages of institutional mechanisms, and as a regular media company can also obtain policy support.According to wind consensus, the company’s EPS for 2019-2020 is 0.

56, 0.

68 yuan, the current market value of the corresponding estimates are 17 respectively.

6x, 14.

6x, recommended attention.

Yili (600887) Interim Review: Pressure on short-term performance and long-term layout under pressure

Yili (600887) Interim Review: Pressure on short-term performance and long-term layout under pressure

Matters: Yili’s 19-year interim report was released, and operating income was 450 in 1H19.

7 trillion, an increase of 12 in ten years.

8%; net profit attributable to mother 37.

81 trillion, an increase of 9 in ten years.

7%; budget benefit 0.

62 yuan.

It is estimated that the company achieved operating income of 219 in 2Q19.

400 million, an increase of 8 in ten years.

7%; net profit attributable to mother 15.

500,000 yuan, an increase of 11 in ten years.

8%; budget benefit 0.

25 yuan.

Investment highlights: 2Q19 revenue exceeded expectations and net profit was in line with expectations.

Net profit in the second quarter of 19 increased by ten in ten years.

8%, mainly from the ten-year increase in revenue8.

7%, and the sales expense ratio was downgraded for ten years.

9 points.

Revenue growth accelerated in the second quarter of 19, and core single product performance was good.成都桑拿网

The revenue growth rate in the second quarter of 19 was slightly lower than expected or mainly due to the disruption of low-temperature business (the share of Yili’s low-temperature milk market declined slightly in 1H19).

In terms of business, 1H2019’s liquid milk, cold drinks and milk powder businesses continued to grow, increasing by 13 respectively.

2%, 15.

4%, 13.


The main reasons for the increase in revenue are: (1) the development of a balanced strategy for categories, better performance of key products and new products.

The revenues of key products such as Jindian, Anmuxi and Jinlingguan increased by 30%, and the proportion of new products increased by 2.

6 points to 17.

4%; (2) Continued intensive cultivation of channels, and the effectiveness of channel subsidence was significant.

The penetration 深圳桑拿网 rate of normal temperature liquid milk market in June 19 increased by 2.

7pct to 83.

9%, third and fourth line penetration increased by 2.

3pct to 86.


Looking to the future, through channel intensive cultivation and sinking to increase the penetration rate, product items increase, and the product structure continues to be upgraded. It is expected that the leader Yili will gradually maintain double-digit growth, and its revenue is expected to reach 14%.

The increase in sales expense ratio improved, and the decline in gross profit margin restrained the increase in profit margin.

Quarterly gross margin was downgraded by 1 in 2Q19.

8 points to 37.

3%, the main reasons are: (1) the cost of raw milk, imported whey powder, skim milk powder increased; (2) off-season purchase gifts increased; (3) increased capital expenditure, increased pressure to solidify

In terms of business, the gross profit margin of liquid milk in 1H19 decreased to zero.1pct to 35.

9%; cold drink gross margin increased by 1 in ten years.

2 points to 47.

4%; milk powder gross margin downgraded by 1 in ten years.

6pct to 52%.

The sales expense ratio in the second quarter of 19 decreased year by year2.

9 points to 25.

2%, mainly because 2Q18 companies followed the Mengniu World Cup marketing to increase cost placement and base breakdown.

Although Yili’s 2Q19 promotional expenses increased, but the basic display costs decreased, so the overall cost rate is still within the planned range.

Looking forward to the past year, the cost of raw milk is still in the upward range, and the cost pressure may continue; the industry competition pattern has not changed, and the sales expense ratio may still be high; after the equity incentive plan is passed, the management expenses may also rise during the year, and profit pressure in the second halfIt is estimated that the estimated net profit growth rate is about 7%.

Market share continues to increase, Yili has steadily advanced its transformation and diversified strategy, which is suitable for long-term layout.

Yili’s leading position is solid and its market share continues to increase. The market share of Yili’s room temperature liquid milk and infant formula in 1H19 increased by 5 respectively.

8 pieces, 0 pieces

6 points.

The company is steadily advancing its platformization strategy, testing new areas such as coffee and light milk beverages on a diversified strategy; and accelerating the deployment of Southeast Asian markets in strategic development.

In addition, Yili launched equity incentives. The scope of the incentives is broad, involving executives, core technology and business personnel, and basically covers new and core businesses. The incentive period is up to 6 years, which is conducive to improving the stability and motivation of the team.It is conducive to attracting outstanding talents and better implementing the company’s long-term strategy.

In the long run, new businesses and new markets may provide new growth points, and the company’s core competitiveness continues to improve.

Profit forecast and investment advice: EPS is expected to be 1 in 19-21.

13, 1.


31 yuan, an increase of 7 a year.

3%, 2.

2%, 13.

5%, the PE corresponding to the latest closing price is 26, 25, 22 times.

Yili integrates its brand and channel advantages, continuously improves its market share, and further consolidates its leading position.

Considering that Yili’s diversified layout can be expected to become a major platform for healthy food, it is worthy of long-term layout, and it still gives a “recommended” rating.

Risk warning: the risk of rising raw material prices, food safety incidents.

Tongce Medical (600763): 19H1 deduction of non-net profit growth of 54%

Tongce Medical (600763): 19H1 deduction of non-net profit growth of 54%
Investment highlights: Revenue growth in the first half of 201923.6%, deducting non-net profit increased 54%.In the first half of 2019, the company realized operating income8.470,000 yuan, an increase of 23.6%, net profit attributable to mother 2.08 million yuan, an increase of 54%, deducting non-net profit2.40,000 yuan, an increase of 54%, EPS0.65 yuan, an increase of 55%.Q2 single quarter income 4.530,000 yuan, an increase of 20.1%, net profit attributable to mother 1.130,000 yuan, an increase of 54%, net of non-net profit1.110,000 yuan, an increase of 56%, performance maintained a high growth rate, slightly higher than expected.  The branch enters the period of performance release. Dandelion plans to push forward with full force and establish the Cunji Stomatological College to consolidate the talent pool.The company adheres to the “regional general hospital + branch” hospital group operation model, and the Zhejiang regional group in 2018H1 achieved revenue7.300 million (+23.2%), of which Hangkou General Hospital income 2.8.4 billion (+9.2%), regional branch income4.4.5 billion (34.2%), the proportion of branch revenue increased by 5pp to 61.2%, the contribution ratio of the branch’s income has steadily increased, and some new branches are expected to increase the net profit of H1 by more than 80%, driving the overall performance to maintain rapid growth.At the same time, the company fully promotes the dandelion 杭州桑拿网 plan this year. So far, it has obtained 7 business licenses. Each project is in the design and decoration stage. It is expected that 10 dandelion branches will be opened in 2019.Hospitals entered the stage of project establishment and preparation.The company expects to merge more than half of the market share in Zhejiang Province through the dandelion plan to build an absolute competitive advantage within the region.At the same time, in order to meet the demand for talents during the company’s expansion, the company cooperated with Hangzhou Medical College to establish Cunji Stomatological College this year, and launched the “Double Hundred” Talent Plan at the same time to consolidate the company’s talent reserve.  Launched a three-year planting growth plan to increase customer coverage and the proportion of high-gross services.The company officially launched a three-year growth plan for the planting industry this year, maintaining the foundation of the mid-to-high-end group, improving the coverage of mid- and low-end customers, and implementing a three-tier doctor partner system with a tutor responsibility system as its core.It is planned to significantly increase the amount of implants, and robes will increase the proportion of high-margin dental implants.According to estimates, the comprehensive passenger price of 19H1 is about 813 yuan / person, an average increase of about 9%.At the same time, the revenues of implants and orthodontics departments with higher gross profit were 1 respectively.400 million (+ 31%), 1.500 million (+ 24%), the revenue share was 17% and 18% respectively.The planting growth plan is expected to drive the overall dental business to maintain volume and price growth.  Gross profit margin increased by 3.78 averages, and the expense ratio decreased by 2 during the period.85 single, budget operating cash flow increased by 69%.  The company’s gross profit margin for 2019H1 is 45.6%, an increase of 3 per year.78 singles, mainly benefiting from the increase in the proportion of high-gross services and the obvious increase in overall scale effect; the expense ratio during the period was 14.28%, down 2 each year.85 units, the company’s scale effect and cost management are obvious; of which the sales expense ratio is 0.6%, a decrease of 0.17 single, mainly due to the company’s implementation of precise marketing strategies to effectively control marketing expenses; management expense ratio of 12.19% (of which R & D expense ratio is 1.26%), falling by 2 every year.For 34 units, the dilution effect of fixed costs is beginning to manifest; financial expense ratio is 1.49%, a decrease of 0 every year.34 averages.Initial net operating cash flow8053 yuan, an increase of 69% before, the company’s overall operating conditions improved rapidly.  Endogenous + epitaxial two-wheel drive, branch development is worth looking forward to, and maintain the level of overweight.The company takes root in the field of oral medical services and gradually becomes an industry leader. The branches of the company’s general hospitals are operating fast and are developing rapidly. The dental implant doubling plan is expected to further increase the company’s volume and price. Based on the growth of the branches and the trend of increasing gross margin, weIncrease EPS forecast for 19-21 to 1.45 yuan, 1.89 yuan, 2.46 yuan (was 1).38 yuan, 1.83 yuan, 2.41 yuan), increased by 40%, 31%, 30% respectively, corresponding to PE respectively 59 times, 45 times, 35 times, maintaining the overweight rating.

Dongfang Cable (603606) semi-annual report results pre-increasing comment: Submarine Cable’s profit growth growth performance exceeded expectations

Dongfang Cable (603606) semi-annual report results pre-increasing comment: Submarine Cable’s profit growth growth performance exceeded expectations

Core budget event: On the 13th, the company released a 19-year semi-annual performance pre-increasing report, which is expected to achieve net profit attributable to mothers1.

8.4 billion, an increase of 227%; deduct non-net profit1.

8.1 billion yuan, an increase of 228%; it is expected that Q2’s net profit will be 1 in Q2.

35 billion yuan, an increase of 275%; deduct non-net profit1.

3 billion, an increase of 271%, exceeding market expectations.

Submarine cable sales have grown rapidly, and high added value has helped increase profitability.

In the first half of the year, the company vigorously explored high-end products such as ultra-high-voltage marine cable cars, which is expected to grow about 37% annually and is expected to reach 6.

27 billion.

The technical difficulty of the product is high, and the added value is high. The gross profit level is far higher than the company’s traditional land cable, which has greatly improved the profit level.

The successful bidding project reserves are sufficient to guarantee future performance growth.

Offshore wind power installation trend is obvious, and submarine cable production capacity continues to be in short 南宁桑拿 supply.

In the first half of 19, the company’s submarine cables gradually won the bid amount of 13.

2 billion (including submarine cable installation and laying), the company’s order has been signed to the first half of 20 years.

With the continued extension of subsequent subsea orders, it will effectively guarantee the growth of the company’s future performance.

Established Yangjiang and Ningbo production bases to further expand production capacity.

The company established a subsidiary in Yangjiang, and at the same time transferred its original production base in Zhoushan to Ningbo to implement a high-end marine energy equipment cable system project. It is expected to officially start production in 21 years, which will further expand the company’s submarine cable capacity.

Investment suggestion: Considering the continued high growth of the submarine cable business, the company’s EPS in 19-21 is expected to be 0.

62, 0.

77, 0.

96 yuan, a 20-year estimate for 19 years, and a “buy” rating.

Risk reminder: offshore wind power development, the company’s capacity expansion progress, the cumulative single-period progress is less than expected

TCM Syndrome Analysis

TCM Syndrome Analysis

Yellow greasy moss: The tongue is yellow and sticky with moss, and the particles are tightly sticky. Add yellow powder to coat the tongue.

  Main diseases and related research: Yellow greasy moss is formed by the intersection of evil heat and phlegm saliva.

Yellow fur is hot, greasy is wet, sputum, and food stagnation.

  The main diseases of yellow greasy moss: the main symptoms of damp heat accumulation, phlegm drinking heat or food stagnation, etc .; also the main symptoms of summer heat, damp temperature and so on.

Governance Xuan Qingre, dampness, expectorant.

  In addition, identify yellow greasy fur; should also pay attention to the combination of tongue quality.

  -If the tongue is light red and the yellow moss is covered on the tongue surface, the moss is moist and not dry; the tip is also white moss, which is caused by the heat of the external evil and enters the stomach of Yangming.

The main disease, heat-entering yang syndrome, dampness-heat syndrome of qi, liver and gallbladder disease and urinary tract infection, various fever diseases.

Expelling heat and detoxification, dredge the surface.

  -If the red tongue, yellow greasy moss, medium thick and thin edges, tight and delicate, especially the roots, they are often caused by hot sputum, or wet evil into the heat, or warm evil caused by perfusion, not yet existed untilYangming is dry.

  -If the tongue color is dark red, it is a time when the camp is hot; the main disease;

Moderate coke dampness; gastrointestinal hangover.

Expelling heat and dampness, cleaning and guiding stagnation.

  -If the purple tongue, grayish yellow thick moss is moist but not dry, it is a mixture of cold and heat, when the heat is from cold to cold, or when the cold from heat is critical, mostly because the fever does not heal, the heart yang dies, and the sputum is tired for a long timeUnhealed, feeling external evils, entering into the heat; midsummer hot, cold food and cold chills; Yin Sheng in the inside, forced the heat to float; there is blood stasis in the body.

I also feel the heat of evil; therefore, the main illness is true winter holiday fever, heart and kidney yang failure, cholera vomiting and diarrhea, suffering from various syndromes.

Expelling temperature and warming the heart and kidney, returning to the sun to rescue Ying; clearing the heat of the pool; promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  -If the tongue is dark, yellow and greasy, the tongue is fat, and the tongue is covered with yellow fur.

With white moss and thick middle roots, its color is yellow and thick, its formation can be caused by Yin syndrome and central food, due to phlegm dampness and internal depression, due to cold and evil stagnation, due to wet food block, middle focus, qi and blood depression,There is also evidence of damp-heat and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Expelling Wenyang Jianpi, promoting blood circulation and eliminating product.

  Clinically more common in acute and chronic chronic inflammation.

Tongue picture of patients with cholecystitis and uremia.

  Such tongue-like patients are generally more complicated, and treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation.

  Normal people have a thin layer of white moss on their tongues, called tongue moss.

The tongue coating is yellow and thick and greasy, mostly with phlegm, food or damp heat.

Tongue coating is yellow and smooth, which is a manifestation of yang deficiency.


Yellow and greasy tongue coating is not necessarily hot and humid 2.

Treatment of yellow greasy tongue fur-Yellow greasy tongue fur is not necessarily hot and humid. It is clinically known to have yellow greasy tongue fur. It can be identified by damp heat and treated by clearing.

Few people know about the dampness caused by the deficiency of qi deficiency.

Let’s take a medical treatment of Mr. Zhang Shuzheng.

Think for doctors.

May be supplemented clinically.

  Yellow thick greasy moss is not necessarily empirical evidence of dampness and heat. Among them, there is also a deficiency of qi deficiency due to loss of dampness. Some patients with yellow greasy thick moss have ordinary tongues, smooth mouth, bitter chest and abdomen, and bloating., Huanghuang, etc., seem to be empirical. Medical atractylodes, Magnolia officinalis, 芩, Lian, car, and other bitter cold and wet medicine for several months, the moss is still as it is;, Fat tongue, cracks in yellow greasy fur, chest and abdomen swell, happy temperature.

The stools were changed to Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Xiangsha Liujun, and other treatments. The chest and abdomen were comfortable after taking the medicine, and the moss gradually became gradual.

  Yellow and greasy tongue coating-Treatment of yellow and greasy tongue coating, often dry mouth, tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, five upset and hot, red tongue and less coating, pulse count.

Expelling: Nourishing Yin and lowering fire.

Can be taken: Zhibai Dihuang Wan, Dabuyin Wan, Liuwei Dihuang Wan, etc.

  Symptoms of yellow tongue and greasy tongue caused by first wet cold: Symptoms occur in summer, scaly body sweating, but sweating is not smooth, body heat is not high, body weight is tired, dizziness, severe pain, or nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, yellow phlegm, and chest tightnessNausea, short, red urine, yellow greasy tongue coating, pulse count.  Governing Law: Qingshu Qushi solution table.

  Recipe: Xinjiaxiang tincture.

  The recipe is based on sweating of citron; honeysuckle and forsythia are cold and cooling; Magnolia officinalis, lentils and Sinochem are damp.

The summer heat is too strong, add Coptis chinensis, Artemisia annua, fresh lotus leaves, fresh reed roots to relieve heat in the summer; Wet sleepy watch, less weight and sweat, add clear bean roll, ageratum, Pelan aroma wet declaration; short urineRed, plus Liuyi San, Red Poria is hot and damp.

  For those who have a first wet or cold and have both coke symptoms, you can use the medicine Xiangxiang Zhengqi Pills (tablets, water, soft capsules).

The benefits of breastfeeding your baby

The benefits of breastfeeding your baby

Guide: The benefits of breastfeeding babies for babies are many, and the best gift for babies who have just arrived is the mother’s milk.

The mother’s milk can promote the child’s brain development, prevent children’s excess disease, prevent children’s liver disease and so on.

All in all, breast milk replacement is the protection of children’s health. At the same time, breast milk replacement is also beneficial to the mother’s health.

  Seriously, medical researchers who prevent childhood liver disease have found that artificially replaced infants are often susceptible to a “infant metabolic liver disease” that is rare but can seriously threaten their lives.

The reason is because these babies lack a protein called an antioxidant protease.

This protease is only found in breast milk, and the enzyme protein is not found in milk or milk substitutes.

At the same time, breast milk also contains a variety of anti-viral antibodies.

Therefore, breastfeeding children can effectively prevent viral hepatitis.

  Onset of the second disease, the incidence of coronary heart disease is low after the child grows up. Medical experts have found that coronary heart disease actually begins in childhood, and breast-feeding babies have a lower incidence of coronary heart disease as adults when they are breast-fed.

This is mainly due to the higher copper content in breast milk than milk or other milk substitutes.

Because the amount of copper in the human body is low, the plasma in the blood will rise, which can lead to arteriosclerosis and cause coronary heart disease over time.

Babies fed with breast milk can get enough copper, which can play a positive role in protecting their delicate cardiovascular.

  Disadvantage three, reducing the incidence of children’s allergic diseases After research, experts believe that this is because breast milk is rich in a large number of essential nutrients for babies, which can make the baby’s digestive and immune systems develop healthily, which is conducive to resisting allergic sourcesInterference, so it is not susceptible to allergic diseases.

How to remove blackheads and reduce pores to improve skin problems

How to remove blackheads and reduce pores to improve skin problems

Greasy skin suffers from headaches. How to get rid of blackheads and reduce pores is the most difficult thing. The correct skin care method is important. Small mistakes can also cause damage to the skin. Today I will introduce the correct methods andLittle misunderstanding.

  Methods and steps: One: Pay attention to thorough cleaning, especially the cleaning of the nose and head.

  Two: It is necessary to insist on the use of shrinkage water, even if it is impossible to make the pores smaller all of a sudden, but long-term use can still have a certain effect.

  Three: Nose head stickers can play some roles, but only temporarily relieve.

  Four: Do in-depth treatments regularly. If there are too many blackheads, it is still necessary for the beautician to design a plan to remove blackheads.

  Misunderstanding 1: Many netizens say that the method of removing blackheads with salt is effective in removing blackheads and shrinking pores.

The specific method is: take a small spoon of salt on your hand and reconcile with a few drops of water to become a thick liquid, then massage this liquid on the nose for a while, and then wash it off.

The method seems simple, but in fact the amount of water is extremely difficult to control.

If you add more water, the salt will melt away, and it has no effect; if you add less water, it will hurt when you rub it, and if the salt is not fine, it will easily scratch your skin.

  Misunderstanding 2: Blackhead derivative liquid will cause blackheads to float out, and then use an acne needle to scrape blackheads.

This method can only deal with the blackheads that have just formed. If it is a stubborn blackhead, the skin must be turned away to squeeze out the blackheads.

Not to mention us, even the so-called beauticians in beauty salons may not be able to do this technical work well.

Don’t think that the more painful this acne needle is in the bladder, the cleaner it is. Feeling pain is not normal, but the skin is suffering.

  Misunderstanding 3: Use a acne needle to squeeze the blackheads in front of the mirror, or some people just can’t see the blackheads manually and then squeeze the water.

This is a very unhygienic method because we have a lot of bacteria on our hands and can easily cause skin infections.

Moreover, it is difficult to stick out the stubborn blackheads with your fingers, and you must squeeze them with your nails, hurting the skin and even leaving marks.

Yan Shixiang also pointed out that this is absolutely necessary.

Because it is easy to rupture the hair follicles, causing blackheads to become more crazy because of the enlarged pores.

Some beauty salons take the method of “hot spraying” to open the pores, extend the blackheads, and then “cold spraying” to shrink the pores when the customer goes to the blackheads.

But in fact, pores are not as easy to open and close as we imagined, so they are equally harmful.

Hydrating Water Dangdang Sleeping Mask Q & A_1

Hydrating Water Dangdang Sleeping Mask Q & A

Guide: Sleeping mask can combine the mask with the night cream, which is a big savior for the lazy family.
You can directly apply the mask to the face like a night cream, and you can sleep peacefully. The skin that rises early is like drinking water.
So intimate, no wonder it has a strong fan army as soon as it comes out.
.hzh {display: none; }  晚安,你的身体在休息、美丽可不能休息!Sleep mask tightly wraps your face and lets beauty move on.
However, before using it, you must first understand the sleep mask: Q: What is the difference between a sleep mask and a non-woven mask?
  A: You can imagine the smeared sleep mask as an invisible non-woven fabric.
It contains polyglutamic acid and other ingredients, which will form a film on the face. During the night sleep time, wrap the care products wiped tightly before getting up the next day to get a beautiful face.
  Q: The non-woven mask can’t be put to sleep all night. Why is a sleep mask sufficient?
  A: Once the non-woven mask is dried, the skin’s moisture will be pulled away by the moisture in the air, and the face will become more and more dry, but the sleep mask does not have a substantial cloth film to cover the face, so there is no such problem.
  Q: Can I replace a lotion or cream with a sleep mask?
  A: The main function of the sleep mask is to assist the absorption of skin care products that were wiped before. It is similar to the imported function, but it is not very active. It is not recommended to replace lotions or creams.

Stir-fried pork with olives and green beans

Stir-fried pork with olives and green beans

Ingredients: pork, green beans, onion, red pepper, olives, garlic, salt, oil, soy sauce, chicken essenceDices, diced onions, diced garlic, spare; 2. Wash the pork and cut into diced meat, marinate with a little raw soaking for 5 minutes; 3, add a little oil to the pan, add the diced meat and stir-fry until it becomes discolored,Remove and reserve; 4. Continue to add oil to the hot pan, stir fry the green beans until they become discolored and soft, and serve. 5. Wash the pot with water, add a small amount of oil to the hot pot, and sauté the garlic. AddDiced onion and red pepper, stir-fry, add green beans, diced meat, stir fry, add a spoonful of olives, stir well, and season with salt and chicken essence.