Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department, Shandong Weihai Municipal Committee, Director Zhang Ruiying, Director of the Municipal Civilization Office: Inheriting the red gene, and the spiritual blood of the Communist Party

2021-07-30 Weihai Daily, a large number of revolutionary martyrs, heroes and advanced models for liberation, the development of the cause, and write the magnificent epic in the gas mountain river, build the spiritual spectrum of the Communists, must be careful, .

  As an important source of red Jiaodong, this year, Weihai City system excavates red resources, carefully produces "Weihai Red Gene Motus", and creates a large-scale symphony song "Chinese spirit", long report literature "Falun Fang Fei" and "Lifetian" A number of literary boutiques, etc., etc. And produce video learning materials in Jiaodong (Weihai) red blot show, driving red education to the grassroots by "sending + preaching", and is fully affirmed by all sections.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping celebrated the important speech at the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, and issued a mobilization order of the era of resurrection and continuous struggle, put forward the clear requirements of the inheritance to promote the spirit of the great borders.

We must deepen the spirit of the "July 1", General Secretary, General Secretary, Take the Party History, Taking Party History and Education as an Opportunity, Unexpectedly, Solver, Optimization Improve Patriotism Education Base, Party Education Base, Overall National Safety View Education Base, etc. Exhibition hall facilities, continue to do a good job in red literary and artistic creation, innovate red resource tourism research activities, and continue to do a good job in red culture publicity and education.

It is necessary to highlight the key group of youth, promote the red culture into the class, into the new media, enter the tourist route, use your youth to hear the form, and do a good job of "Hope Project" in the Red Education.

4 Naturalization of the first national footprint Australian Li Tie has a problem with the brain

  Since the last round of Australia hosted with Saudi Arabia, Japan also took a ball in Vietnam, causing the kangaroo army not only defined the integral gap between Saudi Arabia, the group of B, but also 1 point Japan chase. The Chinese team went to the round of Oman, and if the game is lost, the hope of theory will also become extremely embarrassing. In seeing the performance of the players, as well as the parties called for the use of the naturalized player, Li Tie finally became the historic first of the four originating players who came out of the team in this life and death battle against Australia. All of the times were discharged from the first list, the team formation was in addition to Zhang Yunning in the center of Axon, and the rest position was exactly the first exemplary of the upper-wheel level.

  First lineup: 1-Yan Junling; 3-Wang Hao Chao, 6-Jiang Guangtu (45th-day 20-Wang Gang), 14-Zhu Chenjie, 5-Zhang Linyi; 15-Wu Wei, 13-Xu Xin; 7-Wu Lei (93rd minute) 18-Zhang Yunning), 11-Alan (the 80th minute 17- Wu Xinghan), 21-Luo Guofu (the 80th minute 16-Barton); 9-Axson. Goal time: 38th minute, the Australian front field is sent out of the world, and Hursti wonderfully passed to Boyer, the latter quickly plugged in in the bottom of the bottom, Duke is close to the door in front of the door Squake the door, fly into the NEO, the Australian team is 1-0 leading the Chinese team.

  In the 68th minute, after the scene forms a dead ball, the video referee group involved in inform the main referee, just when the Chinese team opened to the penalty area, James Jeno Handball is penalized.

The main referee personally watched the video and sentenced to the penalty, Wu Lei’s main circulation, the Chinese team slammed the score to 1-1. Australia’s injury is the injury in the main Zhongwei Suata, which leads to the team’s offensive and defensive tactics to make changes. The other party not only has become the main idea of ??the medium-front field. In terms of defensive, the strongest hollow point is the strongest hollow point, and Wu Lei is in progress, with the lack of Sudata, there is a very straightforward relationship. It is possible to prove that Li Tie has indeed unreasonable in proven that Li Tie has indeed unreasonable. Although Yan Junling is elected for the best players in this game, the rating given from the officially given the highest score of the team, which is undoubtedly one of the biggest heroes who have harvested a point in the national football.

Compared to the last round of Xu Xin’s corner, this game Xu Xin fled full, not only sent a threat to the threat in the offensive end, but also made the opponent very It is difficult to find a chance to get angry in the face of the big arc.

Anshun College: Promoting the High Quality Development of Educational Teaching by "Party Construction"

"I have to go to the classroom at least 20 minutes before I can go to the classroom. Now I can come in 5 minutes." Talking about the latest campus feeding cars in the school, the students of the Anshun College have a little bit, call "too happy". In recent years, with campus expansion, student bedrooms and classrooms, cafeteria, and the canteens are further out, and students travel more inconvenience.

In order to meet the daily travel needs of students, in early 2021, the Anshun Academy allocated special funds to purchase a shuttle car, and combined with the daily life and study of the study of the shuttle line to operate the line, realize the "stop", which allows students to have full Full sensation. In fact, the investment in the shuttle bus is only a minority of the Anshun Institute to practice "I do practical things for the masses". Since the study of party history, the Anshun College has built the word "real", highlights the word "deep", put "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities, focus on the teacher and students "urgent expensive" problem, walk Near teachers and students, in-depth investigation, establish a list, pay close attention to rectification, in solving the workers, troublesome things, troublesome, and feel the true entities of the party history education into the teacher and student doing practical things Dry hard and enthusiasm, promote the high quality of the school’s ten people’s livelihood, and indeed enhance the feelings of teachers and students, satisfaction and happiness.

Open the Anshun College "I do practical things for the masses", a warming initiative is gone, the content, method measures, progress, progress, completion time limit, etc.

Promote the completion of the school function layout, improve the school office environment; improve the management system of the teaching work, ensure that the teaching work inspection is achieved; solves the new, old library teachers and students drinking water problems and some areas of winter heating problems, improves sanitation, optimization Improve "Logistics Small" repair function … "The service teachers and students have no small things, and a one leaves have always been.

"In the face of the new mission of the new era, Chen Yunkun, the Party Committee of the Anshun College, said that the school will implement the deployment and requirements of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Education with a high sense of responsibility and mission, and do not forget the initial heart, continue to travel, Party construction is leading, consolidating work responsibilities, and in-depth promotion of highly integration of political science research, earnestly enhances the quality of talents in colleges and services, and promoting the formation of colleges, highlights, docking industries and adapting social needs, for education Serving the new and old kinetic energy conversion major projects make a positive contribution, write a "hard work" of the development of the new era of Anshun College. (Tao Tao) (Editor: Pan Jiaqian, Chen Kangqing) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.

Beijing introduced Chinese and primary school textbook management measures

Original title: Beijing introduced the management of primary and secondary school textbooks This newspaper Beijing August 9 (Zhongqing report, Zhongqing Net reporter Fan Wei Chen) reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission that Beijing Municipal Education Commission has developed "Beijing Primary and Secondary School Teaching Material Management Method". The management approach proposes that the compulsory education school shall not use overseas teaching materials.

Beijing, district education administrative departments and schools do not recommend primary and secondary teaching auxiliary materials, affiliated to classroom exercises, synchronous exercises, cold summer holidays, exam trials and review materials, etc., should be provided free of charge. It is understood that "the Measures for the Administration of Teaching Materials in Beijing Primary and Secondary School" Ten Chapter 49. The management method presents the implementation of national, municipalities, districts and school grading management in Beijing primary and secondary school materials. The municipal education administrative department will take the lead in responsible for the management of primary and secondary schools in Beijing, refine the implementation of relevant teaching materials system, guiding the supervision of all districts and school courses. The District Education Administration is responsible for the management of primary and secondary schools in the district, guiding the supervision of school curriculum materials.

  The school must strictly implement the policy provisions of the national and urban areas, and improve the internal management system, select the textbook.

The school-based curriculum textbook must not be used in principle.

The district education administrative department must strictly control the number of school-based curriculum textbooks, and the textbooks are cleaned in time for materials with too many quantities and low quality. For the selection of national curriculum textbooks, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has filed, and it is necessary to choose from the Chinese and secondary school teaching book catalogs announced by the State Council education administration and the Beijing Education Administration.

The results of the teaching materials are required to be publicized on the website of the education administrative department of the District. The selected textbook must be the version of the education administrative department, and the textbooks that have been changed without authorization may not be used. The use of teaching materials should strictly follow the results of the selection, and may not replace national curriculum materials such as local curriculum materials, school-based curriculum materials. At the same time, the compulsory education school shall not use the overseas teaching materials, and the ordinary high school schools will use overseas teaching materials to implement in accordance with the relevant national policies in Beijing. The management approach, the national curriculum should maintain a relatively stable, such as replacement of the textbook, from the district education administrative department to entrust professional institutions to use school teachers, students and parental opinions, form an assessment report, and to the municipal education administration The department puts forward written applications.

After the municipal education administrative department agrees, the district-level education administrative department selects other version of the textbook according to the procedure, in principle, starts using the new version of the textbook from the beginning grade. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission proposed that after the local curriculum materials completed the revision, they must be reviewed according to the regulations.

The audit of new teaching materials and revised textbooks is divided into two phases of preliminary review and review.

After the first trial, it can be included in the teaching book catalog of Beijing Primary and Secondary Schools and conduct a school year trial trial within the specified scope, and select the excellent teacher of the first line of excellent teachers to conduct a comprehensive inspection of teaching materials. The trial scope of the trial should not exceed 2 districts. In principle, there should be regional and schools in different levels of education, and the teaching materials with the same books are not more than 20,000 students in the same grade trial. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wen Wei) Sharing let more people see.

The Minjin Gansu Provincial Committee went to Silver to carry out prenatal screening work research

  From October 8th to 9th, the Director and Secretary-General of the Ministry of Public Improvement Gansu Provincial Commission and the director of the Women’s Working Committee of the Minister of Gansu Provincial Commission, Sun Qingmei, a prenatal diagnosis center of Gansu Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, and Directive Gansu. Deputy Director of the Women’s Working Committee of the Provincial Committee, the first-class director of the Lanzhou Federation of Trade Unions, Director, Director, Director, Director, Director, Director Li Xinru, Director Li Xinru, Director Li Xinru, Customer Service Center, Customer Service Center, went to Baiyin to conduct a prenatal screening work research.

  The research team launched a survey in the Baiyin City Second People’s Hospital, Baiyin City Maternal and Child Health Hospital, Baiyin District Maternal and Child Health Station, Pingchuan District People’s Hospital and Pingchuan Health Station. Through the field visits the department, consult the relevant information, discussions, etc., in detail, in detail the implementation of the pre-prenatal screening work and the implementation rules of the implementation rules of the prenatal diagnosis technology management method of Gansu Province, and collect the opinions of prenating prenatal screening work. suggestion. Wen Yan said, do a good job in the prevention and treatment of birth defects, and reduce the birth defect of new students from poor families. It is an important initiative to consolidate the effectiveness of rural revitalization of rural resolution. For improving the quality of the whole people, promoting economic development and social harmony has Significance.

It is necessary to fully implement the requirements of the implementation rules of the implementation of the prenatal diagnosis technology management method of Gansu Province, improve the level of excellent prevention service, strengthen the comprehensive prevention and control of birth defects, and promote the three-level prevention work, reduce the birth rate, and improve the quality of population. The Vice Chairman of the Baiyin Municipal Committee, the head of the Minister of the People’s Committee, the deputy director of the Ministry of Commonwealth of the Bank of China, and the director of the Overseas Chinese Overseas Chinese Overseas Office of the People’s Republic of China accompanied the investigation, and the Minister Shii, deputy director of the Gansu Provincial Party Committee, participated in the investigation.

Deep openbaring van "twee resoluties"

Originele titel: "Two Resoluties" Diep geschiedenis Verlichting Partij is de meest levendige, meest overtuigende leerboek. Secretaris-generaal Xi Jinping benadrukte dat we moeten voldoen aan onze partij twee resoluties en de geest van de partij Centraal Comite, precies zien hoe belangrijk het onderwerp hoofdlijn, mainstream natuur, juist begrip en wetenschappelijke evaluatie van de partij geschiedenis, belangrijke gebeurtenissen, belangrijke vergadering, belangrijke mensen .

Geef je mening over de historische achtergrond van de twee resoluties, de belangrijkste inhoud en de betekenis, het onderwijs van de partij van de geschiedenis uit te voeren, te versterken ideologische en theoretische analyse, beter en origineel Qingyuan, Guan Jin Pei, vatten 100-jaar durende strijd van de partij, Open de nieuwe reis betekenis.

  Beide besluitvorming tot stand komt door de overwinning na de partij realiseerde een belangrijke historische overgang. In 1945, zesde zevende conferentie van de partij een resolutie aangenomen van een aantal historische onderwerpen, en de kans dat de anti-Japanse oorlog ligt dicht bij de overwinning. De hele partij voert Yan’an wind, en we moeten ernstig samen te vatten en leren van de geschiedenis en de lessen, het verbeteren van ideologische theorie partijleden, en verbeteren van de partij. cohesie gevechtskracht. In 1981, de resolutie van de Partij van de partij sinds de partij sinds de Partij van de Communistische Partij van China, wordt ingehaald met de derde plenaire zitting van de Elfde Centraal Comité van de partij om te beslissen om de ideologische chaos, die dringend moet het ontdekken partij sinds de oprichting van New China. Een belangrijke historische probleem conclusies worden gemaakt in unified denken, eenheid.

  In 1945, de "Historische Problem", geschreven door Mao Zedong is blauw in 1942, dat uit 1944 is opgesteld onder leiding van Mao Zedong. Het duurde een paar jaar tot en met zesde principes zevende congres van de partij te passen.

Later, ik heb ingediend de zeven delegaties woonden de partij bij de herziening te bespreken. De resolutie vatte de geschiedenis en de fundamentele lessen van de voormalige partij Zunyi Conferentie, omdat de zesde plenaire vergadering, en legden de prestaties en de ernstige schade van "links" wangedrag, en bevestigd leiderschap en paren van Mao Zedong Mao Zedong’s. De opmerkelijke bijdrage van de Chinese revolutie heeft een nieuwe eenheid en de eenheid van de partij van de partij, de overwinning van de Anti-Japanse oorlog en de overwinning van de Anti-Japanse oorlog en de overwinning van de Anti-Japanse oorlog en de nieuwe democratische revolutie bereikt. In 1981 werd de resolutie opgesteld onder Deng Xiaoping, en hij de resolutie van de redactiegroep had gebeld meer dan 10 keer, en vele belangrijke instructies bij het opstellen van het werk, met name die met drie algemene eisen. Het is ook door middel van meer dan een jaar voor het opstellen en uitvoerig commentaar, en de resolutie wordt in de Elfde Session aangenomen. De resolutie heeft de historische ervaring van de socialistische revolutie en de bouw sinds de oprichting van New China samengevat. Het is waarheid gemaakt van de belangrijkste historische gebeurtenissen. Het is een belangrijke historische persoon om de historische positie van Mao Zedong te evalueren, en de wetenschap een samenvatting van de basisprincipes van Mao Zedong Thought. de ziel van de inhoud en live, met nadruk op dat Mao Zedong denken is de kostbare geestelijke rijkdom van onze partij, moet op lange termijn gehandeld op grond van de ontwikkeling van de ontwikkeling, voorlopig voorstel van wat voor soort van het socialisme in China en hoe naar socialisme op te bouwen. Twee resoluties heeft historische lessen van de partij samengevat in verschillende historische perioden, en opende de weg om verder te openen. In 1945 werd de resolutie die in de Zunyi Conferentie. Na de juiste leiding van Mao Zedong, werd de resolutie verenigd tot het einde van de overwinning van de hele wind, en unified het begrip van de hele partij, de eenheid van de hele partij versterkt en bevorderd van het volk revolutionaire de snelle vooruitgang en grote overwinning;.. 1981 resolutie is na het behalen van grote geschiedenis in de derde plenaire zitting van de 11e Centraal Comité, die is net zo uniform, en de eenheid van de gehele partij heeft een bijzondere betekenis het is wetenschappelijk en geschiedenis Evaluated Mao Zedong’s. de wetenschappelijke systeem van de status en Mao Zedong denken, aangezien het daadwerkelijke vertrek, in overeenstemming met de praktijk van de socialistische modernisering van de socialistische modernisering, het markeren van leidende ideologie van de partij, de chaos van de partij, de voltooiing van de overwinning , het begeleiden van iedereen om zich te verenigen, om te bouwen socialisme Modern machtsstrijd. leren van ervaringen uit het verleden.

Geschiedenisonderzoek en onderzoek, onze partij moet twee resoluties serieus bestuderen over de kwestie van de geschiedenis, diepgaand begrip van de historische achtergrond van de resolutie, de belangrijkste inhoud en betekenis.

Diepte-studie van twee resoluties, kan diepe openbaring worden verkregen: ten eerste, we kern van leiderschap van het nationale volkspartij, de partij van het revolutionaire leiderschap is de fundamentele garantie van de hervorming van grote prestatie. Feestleiderschap is de keuze van de geschiedenis en de mensen.

Het socialisme voldoet niet aan China, China leefde geen socialisme, de sleutel is om een ??sterk leiderschap te hebben. Diepte-studie van twee resoluties, kan ons helpen de diepgaande Chinese communistische partij te begrijpen, kan doen, waarom de marxistische lijn, waarom het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken goed is, vooral de reden begrijpen waarom onze partij "kan", omdat het feest altijd draagt Doorsturen de revolutionaire geest van zichzelf, grote moed om zelfrevolutie te bevorderen en altijd de waarheid te handhaven, de juiste fouten te verbeteren, staat altijd in de voorhoede van de tijd en onderhoud de geavanceerde aard van zuiverheid, de partij van de grote revolutie van zelfbevordering Geweldige sociale revolutie van de partij leidde de mensen. Ten tweede is theoretische innovatie de bron van de eeuwige vitaliteit van het feest, het feest van innovatietheorie is een wetenschappelijke begeleiding de ontwikkeling van het feest en de mensen. De geschiedenis van ons gezelschap is een geschiedenis van het voortdurend bevorderen van het marxisme in de geschiedenis van China, is een voortdurend voortbrengende theoretische innovatie, theoretisch cre?ren en verstrijken gewapend met de theorie van de geschiedenis.

Twee resoluties zijn zeker zeer creatieve toepassing en ontwikkeling van het marxisme, hij benadrukte de noodzaak om de universele waarheid van marxisme theoretische innovatie en china’s realiteit te blijven bevorderen en voortdurend verrijken en ontwikkelen van de theorie van onze partij. Xi Jinping, een nieuw tijdperk van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken is de ideologische en theoretische innovatie van de partij van de nieuwste prestaties van hedendaagse China Xi Jinping hecht aan het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken een nieuw tijdperk van denken, trouw aan het marxisme, hecht aan de ontwikkeling, hechten aan de ontwikkeling, De ontwikkeling, blijven de creatieve theorie van de partij promoten.

  Ten derde is de eenheid van de partij en gecentraliseerd kritisch, de fundamentele garantie van de kracht van de partij. Party Unity, de eenheid van het feest en de mensen, zijn herhaaldelijk bewezen historische praktijk is de fundamentele garantie van onze zaak voor de overwinning. De historische ervaring van de partij toont aan dat de eenheid van alle partijen en gecentreerd zich goed vasthoudt, de oorzaak van de partij om te bloeien; integendeel, de oorzaak van de partij zal last hebben van tegenslagen. Na de Zunyi-bijeenkomst heeft onze partij geleidelijk een volwassen, gezaghebbend centraal collectief leiderschap gevormd om een ??correcte lijn en beleid te ontwikkelen onder het principe van kameraad Mao Zedong als de kern van leiderschap van het feest, leidt ons naar de overwinning en de nieuwe democratische revolutie, Geweldige prestaties overwinning in de revolutie en een socialistische constructie van het socialisme; na de derde plenaire sessie is het in kameraad Deng Xiaoping als de kern van het leiderschap van de partij, drong erop aan dat de praktijk het enige criterium is voor het testen van de waarheid, de implementatie van hervorming en opening Modernisering, met succes geopend de weg van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken. Diepte-studie van twee resoluties om democratisch centralisme te helpen implementeren, om de eenheid van het feest te waarborgen als "een solide blok van staal" met ijzerdiscipline om ervoor te zorgen dat het feest hun denken in de unison zal verenigen.

  Ten vierde is de historische ervaring van het feest een waardevol bezit van het feest, moet voortdurend de inspiratie samenvatten om vooruit te komen.

De historische ervaring van de partij van onze partij om langdurige pijnstofverkenning en accumulatie te vormen, is marxistische principes met China’s realiteit beknopt inzicht in de wetten van de Chinese communisten vervolgde geestelijke erfgoed rode bloedgen gung-records. Wanneer de resolutie is gedaan in de richting van een nieuwe twee overwinningen in de geschiedenis van de partij om een ??groot keerpunt te bereiken bij het bevorderen van de oorzaak van de partij om verder te gaan met buitengewone betekenis. Het oprichten van honderdjarig, een uitgebreide samenvatting van de partij leidde de mensen honderd jaar strijd historische ervaring, vooral sinds de hervorming en het openen (vooral sinds achttien) en een originele bijdrage aan de innovatieve theorie van het marxisme van de wetenschappelijke evaluatiepartij, op basis van onze nieuwe fase Van ontwikkeling, implementeer nieuwe ontwikkelingsconcept, het bouwen van een nieuw ontwikkelingspatroon om de ontwikkeling van hoge kwaliteit te bevorderen is van groot belang voor ons om het bewustzijn van de strijd te blijven verbeteren, de strijd ervaart om het vermogen om te vechten, een te verbeteren, Geweldig gevecht met veel nieuwe functies hebben een belangrijke geschiedenisbevel.

Recently, the nearest dormitory, wait for the fastest "veteran"

  Xinhua News Agency Fuzhou Electric (Reporter Wang Cheng) Camp, his photo is still posted on the metric assessment list and combat power, but the "inendable" assistant in the eyes of the comrades, but always bid farewell to them..

  In the early morning of November 27th, the second stop of the fire rescue detachment of Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, the second stop of the second stop of the third-level fire leader Zhang Xiaoyu, who was bravely sacrificed during the implementation of fire rescue mission, only 36 years old.

"You stay outside, I will enter the market!" At 20:45 on November 26, the Quanzhou Fire Rescue Detachment Command Center received alarm, and a fire in the factory in Chen Yugo, Jinjiang City, the three-story frame structure building is veryFast-shaped into three-dimensional combustion, always spread to the adjacent factory, residential building.Zhang Xiaojie’s special second stop received the fire restroom after the reinforcement command, three fire trucks were dispatched for the first time, Zhang Xiaojie drove the high-spine fire truck with the highest operation, and forwarded to the fire.

  Arrive at the scene, seeing the fire is difficult to control, and the three drivers responsible for logistics are approved. Zhang Xiaojie said to another two drivers, "I am an assistant, I will go."

He rushed to rush to the fire. Zhang Xiaojie took the initiative to apply for the firefield, and he led the attack to set a water gun position on the west side of the building, and the fire was spread.

Since the air respirator can only support 20 minutes, Zhang Xiaojie has replaced outside the fire. The situation is urgent. He directly snapped away the air breathing apparatus of the young comrades shouted: "You stay outside, I will enter the game!" 27th 0 At about 20 points, the scene wind suddenly increased, the wind direction, a large number of high-temperature smoke in a short period of time, the direction of Zhang Xiaojie, and the surrounding plastic rice stacked bombardment. "杰! 晓杰! 晓杰!" In the noisy combustion, the comrades shouted at the name of the stationmaster assistant, but did not respond. "The water gun covers, we have entered the fire in the four groups, before they found the Xiajie in the fire." Firefighter Huang Zhili shore. "Xiajie sacrificed three consecutive weekends in the station, on the day before sacrifice, I also reminded him to take a break, he said that the driver is nervous, and he deeds.

"Texilit Second Site Instructor Chen Jiaping said:" The main task of the driver is to do a good job in diligent, but he competes to rush into the fire, and left the opportunity to give his comrades. "On November 29, the Political Department of the Emergency Management Department approved Zhang Xiaojie as the martyrs.

"The Piece of the Fist" In July 2020, a residential building in Quanzhou is fired, and the burned wooden building component is falling, and the broth is burned on the ground, the wire, the raft, the flame of the flame, the night sky. "I brought two people in, everyone helped me to protect the water belt.

"The fire is unknown, Zhang Xiaojie did not hesitate to rush into the fire. In less than 10 minutes, he controlled the fire. In March 2020, Quanzhou Xinjia Hotel has collapsed accidents, in order to save a ruin, Zhang Xiaojie Only drilling into a narrow cave, supporting the slate of the trapped person, cutting the burying object with the tools, cutting machines and other tools, and the same action adheres to more than an hour until the trapped person is successfully rescued.

"That rescue aggravates the assistant’s lumbar disc herniation, he has been dragging treatment, and he is afraid of the rescue mission of the delay station.

"Firefighter Lin Weigao said.

  In 18 years, Zhang Xiaojie has participated in thousands of fire extinguishing and rescue, and he participated in the Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster Relief, Zhangzhou Guti PX Project Explosion Accident Rescue, Jiangxi Flood Control and Disaster Relief and other urgent tasks. Second-rate.

  In Quanzhou Fire Rescue Dedication, Zhang Xiaojie is "the screwdrivers in the fist" – he is one of the only 3 A1 card drivers; in January this year, he just got the drone flying to the drone flying in the civil aviation department. Certificate; he has little absent from the detachment, the team’s training, competition. Zhang Xiaojie’s young firefighters stated: "It is not an empty talk to practice, and you can master a skill. At the disaster scene, it may rescue the masses a minute.

"In the new disaster rescue training, he handed the firefighter to help the trapped person’s armpits in the waters, to improve the success rate; he led firefighters to practice the skills of rope, simulating the lives of mountains; he to fire Perseverance to explain the internal structure of the vehicle, teach fault repair technology to address traffic accident rescue … "Inner pure firefighters" Zhang Xiaojie’s bedding in the second stop of the second stop, there is no white folded blue bed, pending Put his training suit and did not bring his packaging on the fire. "As a member of the stationmaster, Xia Jie can live a better retention room for the team’s rest conditions, but he Adhere to the rejection. "Chen Jiaping said," He believes that a dormitory is recently, and you can have the fastest speed, and you can better understand the ideological dynamics of firefighters in the class. "In the military post training," 80 "Zhang Xiaojie insisted on" 00 "after the firefighters, the pen stands for 45 minutes; Zhang Xiaojie insisted 5 kilometers every morning, the results have a long time in the team Before, he never permeated any training, always used the standard of recruit, he was a pure firefighter.

"Quanzhou fire rescue detachment special team brigade Chang Lin Yanfeng said. Zhang Xiaojie, simple and characterful, is a warm" old big brother "for young firefighters. He said to Sichuan" 00 "," said: "First time It is your home that is your home, and I’m telling me what is your big brother. "Treat your family, Zhang Xiaojie has a great apology in his heart. In 18 years, Zhang Xiaojie did not have a year-end meal at home. Today, the" top pillar "in the family falls, aged mother, young son, pregnant three The wife of a month, fell into endless grief … On the morning of November 30th, the second stop of the second stop held a special training. Faced with the completion of the queue, 20 firefighters of the team, the Quanzhou Fire Rescue Detachment Political Commissar Eye contains tears: "We must inherit the hero’s hero, take over the hero’s water gun, board the hero’s chariot, save the people in the water, help people in danger! "" Name! Zhang Xiaojie! "Shi Yiwei shouted with a hoarse voice." arrive! arrive! "The young and majestic sounds, returning to this land that Zhang Xiaojie has fought. Editor: Li Hui.

Taiyuan Gu County has a food safety demonstration street

  Original title: Taiyuan Gu County has a creation of food safety demonstration streets. On September 13th, Taiyuan Gu County Food Safety Demonstration Street passed the Jinyuan District Market Supervision Bureau, and became the sixth hall of the Yangthan. The second food safety demonstration street in the source area.

  Since June this year, the Jinyuan District Market Supervision Bureau has taken measures to build a food safety demonstration street in Taiyuan Gu County. First of all, the basic situation of more than 160 food business users in the city, mainly inspecting whether business licenses, food business licenses, person health issues are complete and whether they are in the validity period, ordered the issues found in the inspection to correct; secondly, Increase the supervision of the demonstration street restaurant, implement the business households, and strengthen the trace back of tracing; Creation of knowledge in the ancient county food safety demonstration street, popular food safety knowledge; finally, fully implement classification grading comprehensive assessment management and "bright cooking stove" project, establish a demonstration street information publicity card, public catering service unit name, contact information, quantification Information, complaints, etc., and make dynamic adjustments to each unit information according to the daily assessment.

  The relevant person in charge of the Jinyuan District Market Supervision Bureau said that through the creation of this food safety demonstration street, strengthen and standardize the business behavior of the operators in the ancient county, and create a safe and safe consumption environment for the public. The creation of the grades of food safety demonstration area has launched a good foundation. (Reporter Li Xiaolin / photo).

Paper Fengyun 50 Years – "Americas Overseas Chinese Daily" (1940

In the speech, the Vice Chairman of the Rune, pointed out that the Chinese Overseas Chinese History Museum as a preserver and recorder of overseas Chinese historical and cultural, undertakes the logo of overseas Chinese, and has a contemporary value in overseas Chinese culture. The essence of the world’s significance. Tell the Chinese story with cultural relics and collections, talk about the duties and mission of overseas Chinese stories.

The exhibition is to study the spirit of the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and enhance the Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation Party History ‘s Establishment and Effectiveness, Effectiveness and Influence.

The exhibition conducted system carding and panoramic display for the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" group, and combined the patriotic spirit and media objective record history, the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" 50-year-old, the history and its report reflected in the US overseas Chinese Chinese history organic combination is the effective exploration of the Chinese Overseas Chinese History Museum inherit the red gene, the spirit of overseas Chinese, and play the national vocational education demonstration base deposits.

Exhibition sent to the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" and all recorded era, witnessing the histosur of History of Historical Change, pay tribute to the Chinese national root pulse, and pay tribute to China’s national cultivars. They condensed the ethnic emotions, changer China and foreign, keeping pace with the times, setting the Chinese and foreign interconnected bridges, in order to speak the Chinese story, spread the Chinese voice to make a positive effort, showing the Chinese media to the Chinese nation "root, soul, dream "The persistence and persistence, we show real, stereo, comprehensive China can rely on and rely. The exhibition image vividly describes the story of overseas Chinese deep family, which is conducive to the extensive unity of overseas Chinese, to open a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national new journey to condense overseas Chinese people. The world is experiencing a big change in the past 100 years, and my country’s development is still in an important strategic opportunity.

I hope that through the exhibition, the unity of the majority of the majority of the majority of the great revival of the Chinese nation, the inheritor of the patriotic spirit, the communication of the Chinese excellent culture, the practitioners who build human fate communities, the unified promoters of the motherland, Chinese children The promoters of unity, strive to form all Chinese children at home and abroad to think, to bring their vivid situation, gather together to realize the pound power of national rejuvenation! .