“No。”Shen Yingjie shook his head tiredly,“Caught some cronies,Don’t know much about the situation,And don’t push it too quickly,Liu Jun is very unhappy。”

“Oh?He knows i’m with you?”
“expensive,I told him。”
“Is he okay,I used to have some prejudices。”
“not bad,I don’t feel much opinion about you,But he hates someone to intervene when handling the case。”
“To understanding。”
“Squint,I didn’t close my eyes all day and night,Don’t even eat hot rice,Don’t want to talk anymore。”Shen Yingjie closed his eyes after speaking。
Li Tianchou apologizes,No longer speak,After taking the time to pick up Wogua, I have to take a break and slow down the rhythm。
Even though he ran overnight,Fearful,But I still received Wogua,A middle-aged man with five big and three thick looking naive。This person was slightly injured,Under the left rib,Burns like a tail flame,The wound is very long,Wrap yourself in clothes,Keep away from others。
“The bullet was wiped from here。”Wogua is very scared。
“How many people attacked you?Remember what it looks like?”
“Did not remember,At least three or five people。”Wogua sad,Some hesitate to continue:“As for looks?,Covered face,One of them looks familiar。”
“Let’s find a place to eat first,Settle in nearby Huide County at night,Back to Fukuyama tomorrow。”Seeing Shen Yingjie is already very impatient,Li Tianchou thus concluded further in-depth discussions。
“That won’t work,My sister-in-law hasn’t settled yet。”Wogua does not appreciate,I don’t care about Shin Yingjie’s emotions。
“How about this,eat first,Then eat and talk。”Li Tianchou undoubtedly made Xi Ni,Drove the car directly into Huide County。It doesn’t matter whether he eats or not,It is common not to eat for a few days in Liuyunguan,But Yingjie Shen except for a meal on the plane,Almost no rice,And this wugu looks hungry too。
Randomly found a restaurant that looked quite clean,I asked for a small private room to sit down。After Woguahu has eaten Haisai,Tell Li Tianchou about the attack before and after。
Wogua received Zhu Lei’s instructions early in the morning,Let him take his family and leave Fukuyama quickly,That time is about six o’clock in the morning,Before Zhu Lei went to find Fu Erde。
For this news,Wogua is not surprised,Zhu Lei told him to prepare two days ago,And no one can mention him,Including his own brothers。

Snow drinking knife。

Proud of the six 诀 and the snow drinking knife complement,Neither of them is dispensable,If you have less, you can’t play the biggest power.。
Think of this,Liao Jie,Body flashes missing,After a moment,Returns the cold front knife with a cold。
Knife long three feet seven inch,Best of the world,Knife,Murder but does not see blood,I only splashed because of the blood.,It has been condensed by the cold。
Liao Jie’s hand is the snow drinking knife,Nie family and fire unicorn have been pulling too much,Lingyun cave not only Nie Ying’s corpse,And Nie Ren Wang。
Press Liao Jie knows the story,Even if Nie Ren Wang fights fire unicorn,Don’t live in it,As a result, Nie Ren Wang is still cold.。
Lingyun cave is not a dragon,same,There is no unicorn mural top ten martial arts。
“Pity,This should be a high-spirited world in a chain treasure.,The result was cutting only the left pants.。”
Liao Jie lamented,Do person is responsible,Even if the wind is shameful,It is also the world that he has experienced martial arts.,Believer can meet his needs。
and,His pursuit of martial arts,It’s not a gorgeous,How powerful。He wants to break the 桎梏,Catch the impact of the palm to your own,Chief,Take their essence,Realize your own potential。
Think of this,Liao Jie tight the snow drink in your hands,Red light flash,Floor-in-law,Evil the proud half again over again。
First trip,Ambiguity!
Second 诀,Frozen three feet!
Shenzhou University,Mountain, beautiful, countless,Shanyama,Two-way danger,Qingquan ring。
The voice of the horse is disturbed,I only see a moving horse whip,Chasing a big monk。
“Shi Wu Zun,Where do you want to go with the fire??”
Dozens of rides and horses surrounded,There is no double city, the city is alone, alone, alone, soon:“I respect you is Shaolin Gaozheng,Don’t want to be enemies with you,Fire monkey,you can go now。”
And a small face of a small face is different,Shi Wu Zun Gao Wei,Rough figure,Flat rider,Face:“donor,The fire monkey is Shaolin,What does it do without a double city??”
Solita:“Father, sixty life,I want to Dudao Bodhisattva on the day of the birthday, he can live a hundred years old.,I also hope that Master is in my filial piety.,Don’t be difficult with me。”
Dud Bodhisattva is too much from the disclosure,Faced on the face,On the world, there is a fire monkey can suck out toxic juice,Reduce his pain。
Chinese people in martial arts to get the god of the Dudity,Take four traces of the fire monkey,Only I want to find the Mi Bodhisattva,I must find the phonon.。
“Good and good,It turned out to be the Shacheng Lord, which is unparalleled.。”
Shi Wu Zun handshery:“Shao City is the filial piety,Nai Shous,It has also changed the discolition of the Dud Bodhisattva.,If you want to make a hundred years old,It is better to persuade him to cultivate sexuality.。”
“Then you are not borrowing?”
“The fire monkey is Shaolin’s,Mud Bodhisatus,It is not easy to find it back.,Can you easily borrow a donor?。”
“Bald,You are not afraid of fire, you said this.,I have tired of the entire Shaolin Temple??”
武 眼 中 金 金 一 眼,Thirty air flow,Head of ten hands slowly on both sides。
Wind column whistling,Overbearing palm offered a gaming fire,Attack overwhelming,Stuffing the wind turbsored。
A photo face,Unparalleled city,Holding the sea,All turned into a ripple。
Only singing right away,Legs, kick, rolling,Teng transfer,Self-insurance。
Shi Wu Zun means very clear,Shaolin closed mountains for a long time,Although the name is not more than that year,But it is also the Wulin Taishan Beidou,Cannot be insulted。
This fight,Funding is very good,Visual effect can be used,Numbers attracted many passers-by。
For example, with a granddaughter’s woodman,A bitter face,Sature,
Another example is Qin Shuang in the grass、Nie Feng,The two world will find the mud buddha,Same likelihood,These two people also hit the temple,It is waiting for a cheap。
This is more like a mountain wall,A dead wood,Black people wearing white mask,Watch your lively。

Shelf testimonials

On the shelf,A lot of emotion
This book till now,Online release just right140day
And I actually updated it for about a year。。
Over a year,From a cute new evolution to。。。Ok,Vegetable Chicken?!
Writing novels is really not easy,Even if it’s amateur kung fu, thank you fellow,There are times when the plot cannot be updated。。。
Sometimes look at the outline,Feel unsatisfied,Changed and changed。
Originally intended to write the heroine as a clan of white tigers,Later, when the protagonist got the Azure Dragon Ring, suddenly thought,Write the dragon blood warrior to the heroine!
Wow~Modify it in reverse,The previous interaction with Poray was replaced by Baruch’s。。。There are still various details missing
The earliest pet setting was a baby snake,Later, when I thought about it, my acceptance was not high,Thank you for a bird pet
all in all,Now updated to more than 700,000 words,Started。。。
Tell me about the update,The current writing speed is not as fast as the update speed(After all, I am an engineering male part-time writing,Hand speed is enough,Brain speed can’t keep up)

“The soul orb of Lei Kun Canglong,It can definitely make Black Fang enter the dragon general level,Even reached the top and even the top in a short time。”

A major dragon ball,Not only can black teeth evolve to the full stage,Digestion over time,More likely to be invincible at the Dragon General!
Then it will strengthen its silver dragon armor,It may not be impossible to fight against the dragon master!
Xiao Qingzhuo is also a gift,After reaching maturity,The strength should also be close to Bingchen Bailong,After all, it is also a holy dragon baby who has the strength of the dragon general during the growth period.!
The four stages of young spirits and dragons。
Infancy、Growth period、Maturity、Complete period。
Advance every time,It’s a huge improvement to both young spirits and dragons,It is still based on the original foundation of its own strength.。
So the juvenile period、Shows amazing strength during the growth period,The increase behind it will be even greater。
In addition,The young spirit crosses the dragon gate。
It’s not that it’s the lowest threshold of the dragon child level。
But as some kind of dragon。
For example, some ice spirits,It has a certain probability of becoming an ice dragon……
But they still have a certain possibility to become Bingchen White Dragon!
Ice Dragon and Bingchen White Dragon,Several levels different。
The wild ice dragon has reached completion,Also child,Up to the top dragon。
The complete period of wild Bingchen Bailong,But it can touch the threshold of the monarch level。

Half an hour later,The helicopter pilot has been beaten into an inhuman form by Wu Yuanjia,Finally muttered a lot of An Nan words。

“Wu Yuanjia,He explained who sent them?”Chen Xiu asked。
“He said they were sent by Chachai to kill you。”
Wu Yuanjia pointed to O Sheng again and said:“And catch Miss Ou alive!”
Chen Xiu heard the name resembling both Burmese and Thai names,I don’t think I haven’t had an intersection with the owner of this name.。
Wu Yuanjia explained to the side:“Guess I know something about this。In summer、The border between An Nan and Myanmar,There are more than 100 square kilometers of mountains and virgin forests.。
So some important fugitives from the Three Kingdoms all went there to live,Later, it was filled with crime paradise。Cha guess it’s a warlord in that place,There are hundreds of armed forces on hand。”
Ou Sheng said from the side:“In this way,It’s almost like the Golden Triangle!”
“It is a little different from the Golden Triangle,There is also a crow planting article in the Golden Triangle。Regardless of the large areas, there are virgin forests and mountains,No output at all。So the people there are more fierce,It’s all about being a mercenary、Killer live!”
“It looks like someone hired Cha Guai to kill me!”
Chen Xiu said to Wu Yuanjia:“Ask him,Hire and guess who killed me?”
Wu Yuanjia grumbled to the driver,The driver shook his head repeatedly,Without Wu Yuanjia’s translation, Chen Xiu and O Sheng also knew what the driver meant, but he didn’t know。
of course,Chen Xiu doesn’t need the driver to explain,He also vaguely guessed who hired him!
Ruan Tian!
I only came to An Nan for a few days,Willing to spend a lot of money to kill yourself、The employer who captured O Sheng alive has no one but Ruan Tian。
Chen Xiu directly pulls the level,Killed the driver with a shot。

Cheng Huiling came over,Sat gently on his lap,The fragrance on the woman’s body suddenly puffed her nose。Xia Jian couldn’t help but ripples in his heart。He tried to control himself,Want to push Cheng Huiling away from him,But he still can’t make it。

Get out,Not easy。If Cheng Huiling has all the qualifications,,If the company is strong,I wouldn’t do anything like this to him。Actually he was helpless,Maybe this is her way of public relations!
“How about this!I can’t give you the answer right now,Actually you know,Leading company is owned by Gu Yue,I have the right to propose,But no decision“Xia Jian took a deep breath and said。
Cheng Huiling reached out and put her arms around Xia Jian’s neck,The bath towel on my body suddenly slipped。
First0639chapter Finally come to the bottom
Gu Changlong was fanned by Xu Yiming,Everyone just went to work this day,He killed Gu Yue’s office,Especially ugly face。
The clever Secretary Huang sneaked into Xia Jian’s office,Told him about it。Xia Jianyi listen,It’s hard for,If he doesn’t go in,Gu Yue will be miserable。But he went in,Will old man Gu give him face??Not necessarily。Xia Jian thought for a while,Still carried a bunch of documents and walked in。
Xia Jian walked to the door,Knock knock,Not waiting for a reaction inside,He walked in,And asked loudly:“General Gu,Why is there no signature on these documents?”
His voice just fell,He looked surprised at Gu Changlong sitting on the sofa。Xia Jian accompanied and asked carefully:“Gu Dong is here?“
“I was looking for you,You just came。Put down the things in your hands first,People come“Gu Changlong’s angry face,It seems that he wants to put this anger on Xia Jian’s body。
Xia Jian put down the information,Then walked to the opposite of Gu Changlong and sat down,He smiled and asked:“Who caused Mr. Gu?,Make you so unhappy“
“You less talk!Didn’t I keep you away from Gu Yue?Why are you getting closer and closer?What is your idea?If you want money,Just speak,But the prerequisite is that you must leave Gu Yue“Gu Changlong lowered his voice,Chong Xiajian roared。
Xia Jian asked with a change of expression:“You really think I’m for your family’s money?That would be nice!Isn’t your family rich?You give me a billion,I leave immediately“
“what?This is your purpose,Did you hear Gu Yue,One billion“Gu Changlong was so angry that he almost overturned the table。
Gu Yue did not speak,Just glanced at Xia Jian,Means to stop him from irritating her dad anymore。Xia Jian smiled and said:“Gu Dong,I know you have money,But I really didn’t come for money,Otherwise when you gave me the banknotes,I took it and left“
“You got my daughter,Doesn’t it mean that I got all of my family’s property??“Gu Changlong whispered,He may be afraid of people outside listening。

Thought for a while,Yushi Express:“What does Ji always want to eat?I’ll treat!”

“Eat hot pot,Chaoshan Hot Pot。”Ji Yunfeng seems to be prepared,Didn’t even want to answer。
Eat hot pot this season?But he can figure it out。
Yushi slandered in my heart,But didn’t show it。Take others’ hands short,Who asked her to accept such an exquisite model??
Besides, Ji Yunfeng helped her realize a wish,She had imagined,Make every real estate developed by Hengneng Real Estate into a miniature model,Keep it at home。
Then,Nanao Yaju is the first one, right?。
Only after eating rice and poetry,Ji Yunfeng’s body is not directly proportional to his appetite,He looks skinny,But extremely edible,Eat a few plates of meat alone。
and,She found that Ji Yunfeng was not as reticent as she remembered、Cold and proud,He is very talkative,Especially when it comes to design,His eyes are shining,Very different from when she saw him the last two times。
“Korean Poems,You don’t remember me?”Ji Yunfeng poured all the meat into the pot,Put the chopsticks aside,Stared at her and asked。
obviously,He meant that they had met a long time ago,And she,Forget him。
He always called her“Miss Han”,Suddenly calling her by name,Makes her a little uncomfortable。
After a short shock,A capital question mark is drawn on Yu Shi’s handsome face。
If it’s not the first time they met at the hotel entrance,Then,Where have they seen?
He asked her,She wants to know too!

This time the eight knives are all true energy,The sword qi collided with the opponent’s fist,A string of muffled sounds like dry thunder,All the eight punches hit by the boss were broken,Eight people all fell to the ground。

“These eight people fell to the ground but still hooked on each other,Connected by meridians,The formation is not chaotic,I finished hacking but my qi was mostly empty。What’s more, there are snipers on the other side who are always ready to shame me。”
“Can’t consume them anymore,The best policy!”
Now jump up,Jump down towards the Huangpu River,Shouted:“I won’t play with you anymore……”
His talent falls into the water,About to escape,Suddenly there are big nets everywhere in the water,It directly put him on the net like a fish。
You can see clearly when you get out of the water,The four airships on the river are the corners of the fishing nets。
“Special,They actually prepared traps for me by sea, land and air!”
Chen Xiu tried to break the fishing net,Tugged for a while, but it didn’t move。
“by,I’m so mad to bless at least ten thousand catties of strength,Can’t tear this damn fishing net,What exactly is this doing!”
Chen Xiu was shocked,A violent breaking wind sounded behind him,He can’t turn around in the net at this moment,Even more unavoidable,Meditation:“Ruined!”
A pain in the back and shoulders,Chen Xiu caught backhand,It’s actually a silver needle,There is a pungent smell on the needle。
“On the needle……poisonous……”
Chen Xiu only feels his head is dizzy,The eyelids are as heavy as a huge boulder。
“I……I can’t sleep……Can’t……”
Chen Xiu warned himself,It’s just a burst of sleepiness,Makes him even more irresistible,I finally fell asleep with my head tilted。

I wish Minglang and Nan Lingsha……

Strange to many people。
“A group of loose people,I want to win fame in this place,Don’t even lose your life in the end。”At this moment,Said a young man wearing a black straw hat。
The young man with a black straw hat is at a position less than twenty meters away,He seems to be entering the venue relatively late。
Generally speaking,Everyone who enters the field will keep a safe distance from surrounding opponents at the first time,Avoid being attacked by multiple people。
But the black straw hat youth didn’t care at all,As if no one on this battlefield can see him。
And he,Stand where you want to stand。
“Hey,Grape eaters……”The young man with a black straw hat glanced at Zhu Minglangdao。
Zhu Minglang threw the grapes into the air,How can Xiao Bai on his shoulder raise his claw quickly,I saw the wind-like claws stroke the big crystal grape。
The grapes peeled in midair,Revealing the plump and tender flesh。
Then it fell into Zhu Minglang’s mouth accurately。
“how?”Zhu Minglang chewing the pulp,Asked with his head sideways。
“Don’t roll away now,You won’t have a chance。”The black straw hat youth is a little arrogant。

Facts proved,Facing this wealth that can be obtained as long as you work hard,A person’s IQ can definitely be rapidly improved in a short time,Like in front of you,Faced with such a generous tip,Ryan turned his mind quickly,then……

“Dear sir,”Ryan’s expression was sincere and even made Chen Geng wonder if the guy in front of him was disguised by his old friend for many years.:“First of all,Your request,Not to mention in the Stanford Industrial Park,Even on the entire west coast,I am afraid that no real estate agency can satisfy。
I just say two things and you know how difficult it is:A company with hundreds of people working at the same time,Ok,Computer company,We don’t talk about electricity、Water supply、Heating these,Just talk about parking,A company with hundreds of people has hundreds of cars,This requires a large parking lot;The second is community residents’ concerns about safety,by law,A family employs more than20People’s company wants to open the company in residential communities,Must obtain the community committee60%Consent of residents,You want,If your company has hundreds of people,Considering business dealings,There may be a large number of outsiders every day,From a security point of view,This is a big unstable factor for the safety of the community……”
Without waiting for Ryan to finish,Chen Geng knew why he couldn’t find a suitable residential area。
In the U.S,It is not a big problem to register a civil house as a company address,In most states of the United States,As long as your company is not production-oriented、Companies with greater production noise and pollution,Can register civilian residences as the company’s location,This is why there are so many garage companies in the U.S.,Even if one address is registered as the location of multiple companies, there is no problem,Such as in Cheyenne, Wyoming,One on Thomas Avenue1270No. 1 has an area of about118Square meter house,registered2000Multiple companies。
You ask how such an ordinary house with one storey and one loft can register so many companies?Ok,The house is full of mailboxes from the floor to the roof,The company is posted on every mailbox“suite”Number……A mailbox is a room,For example, the registered address of a company is Thomas Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming1270number5floor513room,But actually not“5floor513room”,Only the fifth row from bottom to top13Mailboxes。
In San Francisco, especially Silicon Valley,The local government even encourages young people in the computer industry to do so。
However, there is a problem with residential housing registration as a company address that must be resolved:If the company has a small number of people,That’s not a problem,But if the company has more people,For safety reasons,You must get the consent of the community owners’ committee and the majority of residents,Garrett2000If it reaches the scale of hundreds of people,Don’t talk about parking problems,A single safety issue can be rejected by the owners committee without hesitation,As lan said,A company employing hundreds of people,There are bound to be many people going in and out every day,under these circumstances,How to ensure the safety and interests of community residents are not violated?
Considering that more is worse than less,Whether it’s the community’s owners committee or the community situation,Nine out of ten is one sentence“NO!”Upset……Garrett2000The reason why he has not been ejected from the community,Thanks to the number of people they hired20people。
Understand where the problem is,Things will be easier,Chen Geng nodded:“OK,Lane,Since you didn’t tell meNO,You have other suggestions,right?”
“Yes,I do have a suggestion for you to consider,”I heard this rich boss is willing to listen to his own advice,Ryan was relieved,Said:“I have summarized your requirements for the office location of the new company,The main requirement is a good environment,Greening is better,It can’t make people go to jail like those office buildings,of course,Other hardware,Such as water supply、powered by、Heating、Hardware conditions such as communications must also keep up,right?”
Chen Geng nodded:“Yes。”
“At the beginning,I am going to recommend some luxury homes to you,With swimming pool、There is a basketball court、There are several bathrooms、The rooms for shoes are bigger than the apartment,But after careful consideration,I think this kind of mansion is good,But not particularly suitable for your needs……At least this kind of mansion may not be able to stop hundreds of cars,It can’t meet your requirements for further expansion of the company in the future。”
Sure enough, money has an obvious effect on improving intelligence,Chen Geng is more and more satisfied with Ryan’s performance,It’s not that no real estate agency has introduced such a large mansion to myself before.,But after reconsidering,Chen Geng still didn’t choose to do this,The reason,One is because the rent is too expensive,on the other hand,That’s what Ryan said,Limited space,Unable to meet the company’s subsequent expansion requirements,Otherwise, Chen Geng really doesn’t mind buying a mansion。
“Are you interested in a nursing home by the sea??”
“Nursing home?”Chen Geng frowned。
“Not a nursing home,It is a high-end recuperation center for the wealthy,The kind designed to serve wealthy people like you,Live in,At least tens of thousands of dollars in monthly expenses,And most gays can only receive50Customers with medical needs,There are indoor and outdoor basketball courts、Large indoor heated swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool、SPAcenter、Massage center、Spa、restaurant……There is even a dedicated helipad,In short,Any way you can think of rich people to enjoy,Can be found here,”Ryan’s tone sounds very, very envious:“of course,If you need,Can be transformed into a company。”
A seaside、A high-end recuperation center dedicated to the wealthy?