Watching Wright look miserable,Maui is not kidding either,Said:“Third, you were sent back to the dormitory by the dean three days ago,We don’t know what happened,Ask them and don’t say,Our brothers had to take turns taking care of you every day,Are you going to treat me when you’re done?。”Half said,Maui couldn’t help but smile again。

Wright didn’t care about Maui’s teasing,But a little surprised:“I fainted for three days?!”
Maui nodded,“Correct,You fainted for almost three days,If it wasn’t for the staff sent by the dean and said you were fine,Just overstretched,We all plan to write to your family。”,After speaking, he knocked his head with his hands,Say:“Almost forgot,The dean came here in person yesterday,Want us to tell you,After you are well,Just go to shop 31 on Heishui Street in the Imperial Capital。Said there was a big man who wanted to see you!”
“Heishui Street31Shop?”Wright has some doubts“It’s not the black water street I thought?!”
Maui held back his laugh:“Is the black water street you think!”
Heishui Street,A street in the Imperial Business District,Although the name is very dark,It’s actually a flower street,But the grade is relatively low,Most of them are Orioles and some taverns,And next door to Heishui Street,Baiyun Street,Nice name,But it is the largest gold-selling cave in the empire。
Wright is really confused,Who would let me go?!
A few more days,Wright is getting better,Took time off from school management,I left the college to the Imperial Capital。
Nidal North City,The business district,Heishui Street is quite prosperous in Beicheng District,Although the grade is relatively low,But after all, commercial districts are not as generally rich as aristocratic districts.,Many small businessmen,The middle and lower-level employees of the Chamber of Commerce often come back here for fun because of their shame。
Wright wears a cloak,Crowded in crowds and walking in Heishui Street。Of course wearing a cloak is afraid of people seeing,After all, he’s a student of Puang No. 1 School of Magic,Where is the identity,Wright doesn’t like to deal with people,Dislike social activities,Doesn’t mean you don’t understand anything。Of course the students of the Magic Academy did not say that they cannot go to this place,But go to Heishui Street,Some downgrade,fortunately,Many people who come to Heishui Street actually carry their wives,Or pretending to be a businessman who is very rich but has already made a big loss,With the same mood as Wright,All wearing capes。and so,Heishui Street also has another name for Cloak Street。
“Twenty-ninth,30th,Thirty one!”Wright’s number,I found the first place in Heishui Street31Shop No.,Really hard to find。30th,Is a company called‘Pig Head Tavern’Shop,The mark is a dripping blood pig head cut in half by an axe,It’s a tavern everywhere in Heishui Street,Sell cheap drinks,Of course, the maids who come and go can also perform some kind of‘Paid service’。
Thirty-two is quite a stylish family,Villa houses with small yard,The door closed tightly。
Shop No. 31 is in the middle,There is only a small iron door half open,A wooden sign hung on the small door,It is a picture of a decanter filled with medicine on a small wooden board,Thanks to a roommate who has Maui, a part-time alchemist,Wright knows that this is the logo of the alchemy shop。
There is a dilapidated alchemy shop in Heishui Street—-This looks like a shop selling stimulants。
Several black lines hang down Wright’s head,Hesitated slightly at the door,Knocked on the iron door。
Ding Ding Dong Dong came from inside the door,With the voice of a young girl:“who is it,Door unlocked,come in!”
Walked in,As soon as I walked in, I felt a heat wave on my face,A little girl about eleven or twelve years old is standing in front of a huge cauldron,With a wooden stick(?)Stirring vigorously,From time to time, a few drops of sweat fall into the cauldron。
Wright dripped a few drops of cold sweat,The medicines sold by this alchemy shop will not have quality problems, right?。

In fact,Except for the one seven-star elf, the Edric family stayed in the world of life,It’s a way out for the family bloodline,His strength is already considered the strongest group。

Can participate in a bloody battle with the Four God Beasts,Six-star elves、Seven-star elf masters have all gone to hell,The only Seven-Star Elf who stayed in the God Realm of Life was also strictly ordered by the patriarch to stay。
Most family masters left,His position as a five-star elf naturally went up。
He was ordered by the family more than a thousand years ago,Established a tribe。
Said it was a tribe,Actually also has intelligence、Various roles such as collecting talents。
The Edric family said it was a family,But in the highest plane,Bloodlines in each family are not limited。The Edric family does not have the blood of the top beasts,Not like the four mythical beast family,Or the Ashcroft family of the underworld relies entirely on blood as a bond。Many family members are actually not related by blood,Was recruited into the family。
These potential gods get backing,And the family gets the strong。
“A master of the laws of darkness,At the middle god level, at least two kinds of geniuses close to the complete integration?!”Fergus·Edric said softly。
In the tribe,Core of true power,There is no doubt that he and several other members of the Edric family,One of the members heard the tribe’s talk,Knowing that in a metal life not far from the tribe,There is such a genius,Suddenly‘Love’heart of。
Able to fuse mystery in the middle god stage,Basically all talents,After entering the family, the opponent should also be regarded as his own faction,Natural strength will grow stronger。
What if the other party disagrees?
Then there’s no way,But the Edric family is stationed in the world of life,Most strong people are good at the rules of life。
And the four rules,Seven Laws,On the means of soul enslavement, the rule of life is second only to the rule of death。

Could everything be an illusion,She pretended to attract him?

Zhao Haiyi didn’t dare to continue thinking,if so,This woman is too scheming。
On the other hand, the poetry of language is very real,clever、Capable、Kindness,I have a little temper,But won’t make trouble。
For a time,Zhao Haiyi regrets,But it’s hard to get off。
He understands poetry,He has touched her bottom line,Since she offered to break up,Won’t forgive him。
Shenzhen in early summer,Night is charming,Stars in the sky,The silver-white moonlight shines on the sea surface,Wind blows through the leaves,With a touch of freshness and coolness。
Just slipped out of the dinner,Yushi wandering by the sea,Mood is soothed and relaxed for a moment。
A call comes in,Break this rare leisure,Yushi took out his phone and took a look,The number is familiar。
She picked it up,Nice male voice on the phone,Yes,Ji Yunfeng。
“Miss Han,I asked Mr. Ma,He said that you will be responsible for the design?”No bedding,Ji Yunfeng asked directly。
“Yes,I am responsible,Ji always has any ideas you can tell me。”Poetry answer。
“You see if it is convenient for you now,Let’s make an appointment,I need to show you the blueprint,Can’t tell on the phone。”Ji Yunfeng’s tone is still polite。
Yu Shi raised his hand and looked at the time,It’s almost nine o’clock,President Ji is very dedicated。Since President Ji is so dedicated,She doesn’t need to be squeezed,Isn’t it just a bit late??What are you afraid of。
Can’t think,She replied:“I’m on the beach in Yantian District,There is a cafe near here,very quiet,Let’s meet here。”
“it is good,Send me the location,I will be there soon。”Ji Yunfeng said cheerfully。
“it is good。”Poetry。
Position him,It means adding WeChat,Ha ha。
hang up the phone,Yushi stepped towards the cafe,Her car parked near there,After meeting with Ji Yunfeng,She can drive away。
Lush small banyan trees along the street,Yushi walked to the front of a cafe covered with green vines。
Soft lighting in the cafe,Soothing low-return music creates a cozy atmosphere。She sat down by the window,Ordered a cappuccino。

“Master Qingyun doesn’t know where to go?”When Baiyun leaves,Li Tianzhen couldn’t hide his doubts,strictly speaking,He is Qingyunzi’s guest,Even if something goes wrong in secret,At least I have to talk about the past,Why not say a word,And threw him to Baiyun without showing up?

“Oh,Brother Qingyun needs to deal with urgent matters at home,In a hurry,Say hello to the future and in advance,Don’t blame little friends。”Bai Yun explained rather far-fetched,But leaving is extremely simple,I went far in a blink of an eye。
eccentric!Li Tianzhen stood and pondered for a long time,Yuxing Motor Company is acting harshly,One step closer to the so-called arena,Zhang Zhiqiang has long been associated with supernatural powers,Ziyuan became a trap,The little brothers in the village in the city have miserable opportunities,Liuyun View is full of weirdness,These changes are irregular,The chaotic time and space is really chaotic and outrageous,Where to find the source of these disorders?
To no avail after thinking for a long time,Can only follow the trend,Lying in bed,Li Tianzhen still hasn’t stopped‘Po Tian Luo’Practice and operation,Although he knows that haste is not,But time can’t tolerate him,There is always an indescribable danger approaching,He has a strong hunch,And it’s never too outrageous。
When the sky is dark,Li Tianzhi gets up hard,Yuanli melting pot collapses soon,Because as agreed to go to Ziyuan,He suspended the exercises。
Him now,No matter the spirit,Still very weak in physical strength,This situation is reflected in all aspects,Especially in action,To protect the cervical spine,Not only rely on the wooden frame on the shoulder,But also with both hands,Walk like a big head doll,Wobbly、Top-heavy。
“Did the little friend not sleep well??So weak?”Baiyun was surprised when he saw it,Li Tianzhi in front of me is much worse than when I met last night,There is no trace of blood on the face,The body is weak like a gust of wind can blow down,It’s completely sickly。
“No problem,I usually have anemia in the morning。”Li Tianzhen made up a nonsense。
“If the body can’t eat it,We might as well?”Bai Yun remembered the danger of the bamboo forest in the garden,Kind reminder。
“It doesn’t matter,If not,I quit by myself。”
Bai Yun frowned,But no longer insist,Look up,The quaint and mysterious arches on the corridor are looming in the morning fog,So lead the way,Walk slowly,Li Tianzhen casually took half a bamboo pole to make a walking stick,Followed by。
The round wooden door opens automatically,Li Tianzhen pays special attention to the pair of golden lions on the door knocker every time,It’s obviously different from the last time I entered the park with Qingyunzi,Not showing up,And a lot more friendly,He suddenly understood,This is a sign,It must also represent the mood and attitude of the entire Ziyuan,so,Qi Ling Wen Xin must exist。
If you can successfully communicate with Qi Ling this time,Must understand a lot of information that he doesn’t know,For example, what happened to that lava monster?Qingyunzi’s weird performance was acquiesced by Ziyuan?Still uncontrollable?If so wait,No matter how chaotic the space is, there is an inherent law,As long as there is a pattern,You can find the loopholes,Think of here,Li Tianzhen’s spirit is up。
really,Once into the garden,Li Tianzhen felt refreshed,Even the head with an unstable center of gravity seems to have suddenly lost some weight。Baiyun Old Road is walking slowly,Look back at Li Tianzhi from time to time,See him in good condition,Then move on,Through the delicate nursery,Enter the bamboo forest。
The bamboo forest, like the blue sea, has also restored a friendly atmosphere,The roots of the jade-like bamboo poles are straight,As dense as a spear forest,Pieces of bamboo leaves sway in the wind,Never kill like a sword like when I came a few days ago,Li Tianzhi was surprised,Can’t help but think of the world five years later,When he first entered Ziyuan with Baiyun,I look forward to seeing what opportunities and feelings there will be in Taichung。
immediately,Li Tianzhen’s body felt the pressure from the bamboo forest,The feet immediately became stagnant and solemn,The heavy head became more and more wobbly,He understands,Friendly breath,Does not mean there is no test,Bamboo forest also has its own will。
Bai Yun turned his head,Observe Li Tianzhi’s progress carefully,Although extremely difficult,But never stopped,In the bamboo forest,He can’t help,Otherwise, the rules are broken,Lightly, the bamboo forest will be sent directly out of the purple garden,But was hit hard by the huge coercion in the forest,The old Taoist had to shook his head secretly,While further slowing down,Just in case。
Long time,But there are no dangers along the way,When I get out of the bamboo forest,Li Tianzhen is already sweating profusely,Not only because the head is heavy,use‘Po Tian Luo’The process of destroying the Yuanli Forge,It was also when Li Tianzhen was weakest,Only he understands this。
Old Bai Yun gave a thumbs up secretly,You can get out of the bamboo forest even if you are so weak,It can’t be done without extraordinary perseverance。

Before Xia Jian can react,Li Xue and Xia Fei have rushed towards the door of both rooms,Leave the middle one to him,Xia Jian understands what they mean,She just helped him,In case there is any difficulty,Both of them can help。

Xia Jian tiptoed closer to the door,He looked in through the light-emitting door,Inside the house,Surprised him。A tattered bed,Gu Yue and Chen Jing are sitting on both sides,They are tied with thick rope。
What makes Xia Jian strange is,Why didn’t he see the people watching these two women,Isn’t it because no one is guarding?!When Xia Jianzheng was secretly happy。
Suddenly a voice rang at the door:“The boss is getting timid now,Such a beautiful woman will not move,It’s violent”
“Your dad is so courageous to the horizon,This is Gu Changlong’s daughter,If you annoy him,Just drop hundreds of thousands out,It’s strange if you don’t chop your kid up”Another voice said。
These two were sitting at the door,Xia Jian almost startled when he spoke。He thought no one here,Almost made a big mistake,Seems to do anything,Don’t act recklessly。
You have to think of something,Just when Xia Jianzheng hesitated,Li Xue has touched it,Xia Jian gestured to the situation in the house。Li Xue crawled at the door and glanced inwardly,Only then returned。
at this time,Who else in the room said:“Only get the money tomorrow,Let’s say goodbye to these hard times,Go to the city to have fun”
“You know you want beautiful things every fucking day,Take a good look,I go out for a convenient”Another man said。
Just listen to who laughed just now:“Don’t worry!This place where the ghost can’t lay eggs,No one will come,Besides, the boss has deployed a ecstasy in the city,They can’t find it for a while”
Xia Jian and Li Xue listened,Hurriedly flashed to both sides,Just hear a creak,The door opened,A burly guy came out。
He just turned around,Xia Jian jumped up from behind him,He raised his palm and cut it on his neck fiercely,This guy fell down with a grunt。
Li Xue flicked,I’m here,Helped him,Drag him to the other side and lay it flat and let him lie on the ground。There is only one person left in the house,This is easy。Li Xue gave Xia Jian a gesture,Xia Jianmeng opened the door and threw in。
A guy with dyed yellow hair just got up,Xia Jianfei kicked and hit the wall,When it bounces to the ground,The man’s head also fell down。
Li Xue came in step by step,Closed the door。Gu Yue and Chen Jing sitting on the bed were surprised and opened their mouths.。Li Xue motioned them not to talk。
Xia Jian took out from his waist a switchblade that Xia Fei bought back tonight,He presses the machine spring,The blade popped out。Xia Jian sharply cut the ropes on Gu Yue and Chen Jing。
Maybe it’s been too long.,When Chen Jing stood up, she fainted,Gu Yue is not much better,I feel like the road won’t go。

“Forget it,Fortunately, my face is good,Less is less,For strength,do my best!”

At last,Leo found Karp。
Karp eats meat in his yard most of the time、Eat sweets or sleep。
At his stage,Exercise has long been meaningless,It’s better to wait for the natural growth of the body。
“Master Cap!”Leo enters the door。
as expected,Karp has a big bubble in his nose,Sleepy。
Leo clap your hands,Father Karp was awakened。
“Oh,It turned out to be Leo!”Karp got up slowly。
Leo pouted,He doesn’t believe it,Karp didn’t notice。
This old man is very bad。
“Lieutenant General Karp,I hope you can be my opponent,Help me exercise my insight into levels。”
“Oh?Find me to practice?”Karp’s originally confused eyes suddenly widened。
Seeing Karp’s excitement,Leo just retreated a bit。
This old man didn’t know how serious he was,Although I won’t kill people,But it can make life worse than death。
“Do you want to feel the iron fist of my love?Then come on!”Karp hammered his fist。

“Don’t regret it when you arrive。”Li Hao issued the final warning,

“Of course I won’t regret it,I will definitely complete the task!”Yu Zhe sees a turnaround,I must have agreed。
Li Hao glanced at Chen Zirong,Another glance at Yu Zhe,Seems to be telling each other“look,He is such a person,It’s no use protecting him。”Chen Zirong is left with helplessness。
“Then you come with me。”Li Hao lights a cigarette,Turn around and continue walking out。
Yu Zhe glanced at Chen Zirong,Found that the other person’s face is not good,Seems to be angry,But he can’t,It is impossible for him to give up his own plan for others,Even if Chen Zirong is used as a springboard,It is also a good choice to be able to climb on the high branch of Li Hao far away。
After he went out, he was taken in a business car,The windows are all black,Can’t see the scene in the car,Open the door and go in,I realized that there were already five or six people inside。
Those people have bad faces,Everyone is a muscular man,Even Yu Zhe is much stronger than the average person,I look a little thin in front of these people,
He can feel these people exuding the same breath as him,He seems to be a few years older than him,The smell of blood on his body seems to be much stronger than him。
“Why so many people?”Yu Zhe frowned,Inadvertently asked。
“Don’t underestimate the group of guards around the target,No one under me is worse than you,Where did all three people die last time?,This time the defense must be tighter than last time,Don’t send more people,You think you can solve it by yourself?”
Li Hao said coldly,He doesn’t have much favor with Yu Zhe,I can even say that I have some disgust,And several other people also looked at Yu Zhe together,A look similar to mocking appeared。
Yu Zhe had to shut up,Follow Li Hao’s arrangement。
“Listen,Because the last mission failed,Qi’s family should have strengthened their guards,The danger you will face this time is unpredictable,It is very likely to be forced in,You don’t need to think about the corpse,Everything is based on killing the target,As long as you can come back alive this time,I will give you what you want in return。”
“When will the task start?”One of the strong men listened to Li Hao’s mission statement,Ask questions。
“I will send you there now,I’m afraid they will move the location after too long。”
“What does the target look like?”Another person followed up and asked。
“Here is a picture of her,It should be easy to find if you go in。”Li Hao pulled out a few photos from his jacket pocket,Distribute separately to everyone who wants to participate in the task。
And he finally distributed the photos to Yu Zhe,Although the photo has been handed over,But hands,Did not let go。

Doctor Lu got up and left after speaking。

Niu Huiling glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“Your second brother needs to be registered?Is this something??”
“Which one?I have to go through the procedure,You can’t pay less for the money。Takeo,Go and register your second brother,And then send him to the ward,All it takes you to find me”
Wang Youcai said,So he picked up the car key on the desk。
At this moment,Wang Youdao, who closed his eyes tightly, opened his eyes,He asked angrily:“Okay, the doctor you arranged?Feel the pulse and don’t say anything”
“What’s wrong,Isn’t it just a common cold??I scared you。All right,You just have a good rest,I have to go back to Xiping Village。Ersao here takes care of you,Nothing will happen”
Wang Youcai left as he said。
Wang Youdao looked anxious,He sat up straight,He shouted at Wang Youcaishun:“What do you mean?You go as soon as i come。Anyway,I also caught a cold because of what you did,You have to be responsible”
“Alright!Not just break a cold,I will reimburse all your medical expenses。Besides, it’s not that I will leave when you come,But I have already prepared。Busy with the opening of the hospital,Haven’t been home for a long time,I have to go back and see。You just get well!”
Wang Youcai opened the door of his office and walked out。He walks,Cursing secretly。Don’t you just catch a cold?!Look delicate,The previous Wang Youdao didn’t seem to be like this。When Wang Youcai thought about it,I can’t move my steps。
First2636chapter Feng Shui turns
Strange things happen every year,This year seems to be special。
There was winter in previous years,It’s just not so cold。And it doesn’t seem to snow much,What happened this year,It feels always snowing,And the next one is thicker than the first。
When Wang Youcai went downstairs,I feel like snowflakes are floating in the sky again。Wang Youcai scolded and got into the black Santana parked in the courtyard。
Just when he started the car,His cell phone rang at this time。Wang Youcai took out his phone and took a look,The caller turned out to be Hu Huiru。

First0270chapter Female ghost

This voice is like the voice of a female ghost in a ghost movie。
Xia Jian couldn’t help being terrified,He looked around,I don’t even see a human hair,Although he said he was bold,But in this case,He was still scared to death。
Did you really meet a ghost??Really hateful,at this time,But there is no one,Even if a car passes by,but none,Xia Jian’s heart began to beat faster。He is atheistic,But this situation,Can’t help but make him think more。What horrible scenes in the movie,One by one appeared before his eyes。
Aren’t ghosts afraid of evil people??Then be a villain,Xia Jian thought of this,Shouted loudly:“You get out?I am not afraid at all…“
Ghost words have not yet been exported,I saw behind a big tree,Swaying out of a long-haired shawl woman,Xia Jian couldn’t help taking a step back,I couldn’t help but say:“Really a ghost“
“cut!Is there such a beautiful female ghost??“Woman talking,Flick the long hair back。
By the faint light,Xia Jian saw it clearly,What kind of ghost is this,Obviously is a beautiful woman,And this woman is not someone else,It is Yao Junli, the boss of Convenient Hotel。
Maybe I was scared just now,Xia Jian discovered,He is not far from the convenience store,It’s already here after crossing a small street。
“I’m so scary“Yao Junli said,Came over staggeringly,No one arrived,But the smell of alcohol has drifted over with the wind。
Xia Jian looked at her wobbly body,Hurriedly stepped forward to support her,Asked quietly:“President Yao!Why drink so much?I should go home if I am drunk,You stand here trying to scare people!“
“nonsense!Who is drunk,People just drink a little more,Moreover,I am standing here waiting for you to come back“Yao Junli said,Stand up straight,It means you see if I am drunk。
Xia Jian was taken aback,Hurriedly asked:“You wait for me to come back?What is going on in the middle of the night?“Xia Jian was a little surprised,Is this woman drinking too much,Nonsense。
“What do you mean?Other women can date you,Why can’t I Yao Junli,Am I not worthy?“When Yao Junli said this,,Doesn’t feel like a drunk person。

And around,Everyone nodded,In fact, for such things,Deep in their hearts,I really want to see these。

Since this is the case,Then next,Just continue to consume here first。
As for other things,On the contrary, there is nothing to worry about at all。
And seeing these,at this time,Actually in front of me,Wang Teng said directly:“Although Zhao Shijie can’t be killed at once,But it took him half of his life,Still ok。”
Wang Teng’s words are finished,Others are a little curious,These ones,what is the problem?
The more so,In fact, in these people’s hearts,I don’t understand。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven
Now,Zhao Shijie saw here,Whole person’s face,Even with a trace of indescribable confusion。
After all, now,Such a thing,To be precise,It gives people a very headache。
But when looking at these things,In fact, it looks like Zhao Shijie,till this moment,Such a problem,In fact, there is still a need to solve it。
And beside Zhao Shijie,The staff sent the documents here。
“Master, this is the file you need。”
When I heard this,Zhao Shijie nodded,Then I watched it here。
I saw this in Zhao Shijie,Actually for these,Zhao Shijie’s heart,Even more eager to try。
After all, now,Such a problem,Actually it has become obvious。
I just swept in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Actually from the current point of view,What should we do about these problems。
Just this,It has come quite clear。
“Haha,It looks like,This time we will win。”
“There was news over there just now,Say them,Can’t hold it anymore。”