Chengdu Qingbaijiang: European Industry City relying on 22 Global League

The atmosphere of the event is relaxed and enthusiastic, and the representative of the company will discuss the topics such as "How to build a smart home appliance industry base" "Rong Ou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park Wisdom Park Construction" and collide "spark."

According to reports, the European Industrial Town rely on the wisdom of the global strategic partner alliance, deep digging the new kinetic energy of the investment, and has been in just 4 months since the establishment of the alliance, and 22 new projects have been attracted.Successfully introduced more than 10 foreign-funded projects such as Russian Pencha Baige, Germany flame retardant, South Africa Haoyu, formed a comprehensive plan of European industrial city high-quality departmental spatial planning program and the comprehensive operation facility of European industrial city production.Next, the next step will continue to strengthen industrial research, continuously deepen investment cooperation, and strongest to settle more European and all the way to special European enterprises along the country.(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).

Conveying the study and promotion of General Secretary of Xi Jinping’s "July 1" is constantly introducing

Reporter: On July 1, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and issued an important speech, which learning activities have been organized by the Ministry of Justice? Liu Dianmin: In Tiananmen Square celebrates the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, in the history of our party and the country, there is a milestone in the history of world socialist development. The Ministry of Justice attaches great importance to it, deployed in advance, and carefully organized three activities on July 1: One is to hold a revision ceremony.

Before the celebration of the conference, the members of the organization directly under the Office of the Office and some cadres represent the collective returns to the party vows, further strengthen the party’s awareness, party members’ awareness; second, concentrated on the live broadcast.

The leading cadres of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Organization Department will collect live broadcasts, and the party branch is listening to the important speech with the party members of the Party branch, and keeps with the General Secretary Xi Jinping to review the brilliant process of the party for a hundred years. Brilliant achievements, the great spirit of casting, accumulating valuable experience; third is to organize learning exchanges.

Direct organs held the party membership meeting to organize party members to talk about watching live broadcast, exchange experience, and encourage the new era of struggle, and struggled to enter the spirit of the new journey. Reporter: Learning to implement the "July" important speech is the current major political task in the whole party, what arrangements for the Ministry of Justice? Liu Dianmin: The Party Group of the Ministry of Justice has implemented the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping as a major political task, and effectively strengthens leadership, coordinating planning, fine arrangement, grasping, and focusing on three work: First, timely convening parties (Expand) Meetings, the topic conveyed. On the morning of July 2, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Justice, presided over the party group (expanded) meeting, the topic conveyed the spirit of the General Secretary of Xi Jinping, "July" Important Speech, in-depth understanding of the significance, essence, and practice requirements, combined with judicial administration, research Implement the opinions and implement the intensive planning and propaganda of the Ministry of Justice, make overall arrangements, clear ideas, key tasks and responsible divisions; Second, the full system television conference will be held to mobilize deployment.

On July 9, the Ministry of Justice held a national judicial administrative system TV conference. Comrade Tang Yunjun attended and speaking, surrounding the major political significance, theoretical significance, practical significance, accurate understanding of "July", " The essence of dreams, great achievements, great spirit, great programs, great revolution, great calls, resolutely put together the mission of their own responsibilities, and the "July" important speech is implemented, and "July 1st" "Important speech is mobilized and deployed; the third is to formulate issued documents and make special arrangements.

Conscientiously implement the unified deployment of the party, clarify the target tasks, key content, main work, and further deepen the refinement of solidification work, and make special arrangements for the national judicial administrative system to promote the "July 1" important speech. Special requirements. Reporter: Learn to implement the spirit of "July" important speech, how is the leadership team of the Ministry of Justice to play a demonstration lead? Liu Dianmin: The members of the Leading team of the Ministry of Justice take the lead, consciously picking political responsibility, leading to the leadership, personally talking, strictly grasping, giving full play to the demonstration leading to "key minority", and quickly rise in the judicial department to learn to implement the "July 1" important speech The climax. First, give full play to the role of "leading geese".

On July 7, Comrade Tang Yunjun led the leadership team members and the direct organs of the direct organs to visit "I don’t forget the initial heart, remember the mission ‘China Communist Historical Exhibition", revisit the party’s oath, leading the promotion of all party members and cadres to enhance their efforts The political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action of the important speech, consciously, practical strength from the history of the party’s struggle, keep in mind the initial mission, better performance. The second is to actually play the demonstration.

Comrade Tang Yunjun took the lead in participating in the topic of the Party branch in the regular party member, truly put himself, put the responsibilities in, put the work in, comprehensively examine the "July 1" important speech, and in-depth learning experience and sentiment, To give a demonstration for the direct organs of the party organizations at all levels of the direct organs, they will be demonstrated, leading to the promotion of all party members and cadres of the directly underground organs, and more consciously achieved the history of history, the history of history, and the history of history. . The third is to pay attention to the role of leading learning.

Formulate Party Group Theory Learning Center Group Special Learning Program Unify the spirit of the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the deployment of party central decision-making. Reporter: Learning to implement the spirit of "July 1" is the core content of party history education, what are the practices of the party organizations at all levels of the Ministry of Justice? Liu Dianmin: The Party Organization of the Ministry of Justice directly under the first level of the "July" important speech is the top priority of the current theoretical armed work. As the core content of the party history education, take the leadership team collective, party members and cadres, The topic party class counseling, the support of the branch, the theme party day exchange, and the strong atmosphere of studying and implementing the "July 1" important speech spirit, guiding party members and cadres, "big people", practice the initial mission, With a more strong mission, more empowerment, more pragmatic work style, build a successful journey in the great journey of socialist modern power.

Reporter: As the Director of the Office of the Ministry of Justice, please talk about the idea and initiative of the next judicial department to study and implement the next step. Liu Dianmin: Next, the Ministry of Justice Party History Learning Education Leading Group Office will adhere to the guidance of China’s characteristic socialist thinking with Xi Jinping, conscientiously implement the party’s central unified deployment and departmental arrangements, further strengthen coordination and supervision guidance. In deepening, transforming, refining, and solidifying, driving the "July" important speech, the spirit is really deep into the heart, landing roots, and achieves solid results.

First, we must further grasp the individual self-study. Organize all Party members and cadres original this reading of the original text, recognize the principle of true realization, eat spiritual essence, and grasp the core elements.

Second, we must further grasp the discussion of learning. The spirit of learning the "July 1" Important Speech as the Party Group Theory Learning Center Group and the top of the leadership of the leaders of all units, carefully organized collective learning seminars, strive to learn to learn, integrate, and lead the promotion of the majority of party members and cadres More consciousness, understanding, understanding, doing practical things, opening a new bureau.

The third should be further grasped to grasp the topic.

The special preaching report will be held, inviting the authority of the members of the central propaganda group to interpret the "July 1" important speech, further deepen understanding, understanding and grasp.

Fourth, we must further grasp the topic training.

Putting the spirit of "July" Important Speech as the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office of the Office, the topic of the school, the topic, and the following cadres’ special training courses, carefully design course, grade batch batch to carry out full coverage training, expand learning Depth, improve learning effects.

Five must further grasp the special organizational life meeting.

Focusing on learning and implementing the spirit of "July 1" important speech, continues to supervise all the grassroots party organizations to organize a special organizational life meeting, promote the political improvement of party members and cadres, and have the thoughts, the spirit has sublimation, and give full play to the Communist Party members. Pioneer model. Sixth should further grasp the publicity report.

Give full play to the role of the news media, the website, fully utilize the new media platform, and understand the new ideas of the new ideas proposed by "July 1" important speech, fully reflect the understanding of the implementation of the department to study and implement, specific measures and actual results, guide the vast Party members and cadres better learned the party’s glorious history and sent it to the truth of the party’s innovation theory. Use a variety of publicity positions and vectors, all-round propaganda, multi-angle report hero model advanced deeds, and guide the majority of party members and cadres to learn advanced typical noble quality and lofty spirit.

Seven must further grasp the transformation of the results. Press the compaction responsibility, promote party organizations and all party members and cadres to learn to implement the "July 1" Important Speech and Implementation of Xi Jinping’s Rule of Law, and Importance of General Secretary General Secretary on Total Power on General Secretary of Treatment and Judicial Administration in accordance with the law Conducting the major decision-making deployment of the Party Central Committee, with the deepening of the political and legal team education, the practice activities of "I have to do practical things for the masses" are closely integrated into the power of learning results into the powerful power of the subjective world and the objective world, transformation into the process The actual actions of the new journey, the new era of success, transformed into improved work skills, serve the people, and promote the actual development of high quality development in accordance with the law and the judicial administration.

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Dalian Petrochemical Company Leading Ban leads a red book

  On April 12, Dalian Petrochemical Company held a "Red Home Book" reading class. Pang Xiaodong, secretary of the company’s party committee and executive, took the lead in reading the book of Qu Qiubao’s wife Yang Zhihua.

Other members also studied the book of the old generation revolutionary.

  Since the development of party history, the leaders of Dalian Petrochemical Company have first learned a step, learn to take a lead in demonstration role, combine the provisions and self-selected action, carry out distinctive characteristics, diverse learning activities, this "red family book" After reading the class, I will try again after "looking for the red position around you". The content of "Red Home Book" is from the "Old Generation Revolutionary Home", "Mao Zedong Book Letter Selected" "Zhou Enlai Letter Selected" and other materials, including more than 100 people in the old generation of revolutionaries. These books carry their personality and affiliated, with wisdom and strength, studying their noble character and moral style, unforgettable, remembering the mission.

  In a single book of paper, Dalian Petrochemical Company Leadership team members deeply feel that the old generation of revolutionary will, deep family fare, strong warmth, and pursuit of good life, full understanding By studying the importance of learning party history to make up the "spiritual calcium". Dalian Petrochemical Company Party Committee is recorded on the reading class, published in various media platforms, building party history education, learning education, driving, leading all employees deeply remembering the glorious history of the Communist Party of China, profoundly understanding the Chinese Communist Party Great contributions to the national and nations, profoundly understand the Chinese Communist Party of the initial tenet of the people, accumulate ideological motivation, and meet the 100th anniversary of the founding party with excellent performance.

Next, Dalian Petrochemical Party Secretary will also participate in the "Red Home Book" reading activities.


China Petroleum Jilin Sales Company biedt solide garanties voor de stad om sneeuw en ijs te ontmoeten

Li Bin is de manager van Yatai-tankstation, Changchun, China Petroleum Jilin, Changchun, Yatai-benzinestation, komt elke winter, hij moet een goede man van tevoren toewijzen, voldoende olie voorbereiden, om bij elke sanitaire afdeling aan te bieden tijd.

In tegenstelling tot andere stations, onderneemt dit tankstation de tankstaak van 130 ringbeschermers in Nanguanistrict, Changchun. De regen en sneeuw van dit jaar is eerder dan in voorgaande jaren, de sneeuwval is relatief groot en heeft het bedrijf de waarschuwing van tevoren uitgebracht. Kan op een ordelijke manier worden uitgevoerd. "Kom naar deze tankende auto is hoofdzakelijk een benzine-auto, het totale aantal, de hoeveelheid olie is groot, en ontmoette grote sneeuwdagen, vaak komen de zeven of acht auto’s om te tanken.

Li Bin zei dat het om het werk van stedelijke sneeuwval te maximaliseren, gegarandeerd dat andere voertuigen in orde zijn, en het "groene kanaal" is ingesteld voor het sneeuwwissel.

"We hebben een speciale route om een ??snowbot te gebruiken, en een speciaal persoon heeft een speciaal vlak om voor hen te tanken, op deze manier is het handig voor het voertuig om in te voeren en te verlaten, en het kan snel bijtanken." Volgens de Persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Marketingbureau van China Petroleum Jilin Sales Corporation Marketing Office, China’s Petroleum Jilin Sales Company is een benzinestation die serieus voldoet aan de sociale verantwoordelijkheid, en heeft een tankende groene kanaal geopend, waardoor de snelle service van hoge kwaliteit is naar het ontwikkelingsproces van de stad.

(高龙安) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Lang) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

Anshun City Medical Insurance New System officially launched

On August 1, the author learned from the Municipal Medical Insurance Bureau that in accordance with the unified deployment of the national and provincial medical afforders, the Anshun City Medical Security Information Platform successfully switches to the national new medical insurance information platform, and the city officially launched a national unified new medical information system. .

As of 16:00 on August 2, the city’s medical insurance business settlement is 50,880, including 24,048 drug stores, 1,762 ordinary hospitalization (including 31 single disease settlement), 24812 general outpatient, special outpatient clinics, 3 birth hospital, 2 major diseases, the total cost of the settlement is 10,000 yuan, all the settlement data verifies no abnormalities, and the system is working well. It is reported that in the early days of the online operation of the Anshun City Medical Insurance System, some medical insurance business such as outpatient, hospitalization settlement and medical preferences are still needed to varying degrees. The Anshun City Medical Protection Bureau is closely matched with the provincial bureau to switchover maintenance and development team, grabbing the time to commission the problem of the new system in the boot test and actual verification, and optimize the system. At the same time, from July 20th to July 31, the insured unit payable, which can be paid on August 1st to 10th, and it is necessary to enjoy the medical insurance treatment in August after payment. At the same time, in order to ensure that the system switch does not affect the people’s medical treatment, no patient burden, the medical insurance new system platform is online, the designated pharmaceutical institution must not be systematically caused by the system, and the medical insurance patients, affecting the patient’s normal medical treatment, if this happens In case, medical insurance patients can call Anshun City and the county (district) Medical Protection Bureau to conduct complaints, the medical security department will seriously deal with relevant violations.

The successful switch of the national medical insurance information platform marks a new level of medical insurance information construction in our city, and the new medical insurance information platform has great improvements in function, operation, safety, operation, etc., which can realize the real time. County (district), various business, designated medical institutions medical expenses and medical behaviors, health care funds, emergencies, etc. .

(Liu Xinhong) Source: (Editor: Wu Feng, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Search app: Search the answer, do not think about the ability

"The quality of the mathematics will not be able to solve the problem with the search software." I usually ask the child to write the mobile phone when you write homework, unless you study the information "" "But the child said to search the topic, no Give. I am worried that he will rely on the search software, affecting the initiative of learning.

The answers to the answer and the answer to the homework exercises were able to surely replaced the teacher’s Q & A to a certain extent.

For parents who have unable to counsel your child’s homework, the search app "take pictures" search app is also the gospel. However, the drawbacks of the search app are also highlighted.

For students with strong consciousness, the search software can help them sort out the ideas ideas, undoubtedly a "learning artifact". However, many primary and secondary school students are not so strong, and the use of the search software is easy to form, and become the way they copy their homework and cheating.

The search app also misled the judgment of the teacher to create a false "good grade".

In fact, the correctness of the search app is unsatisfactory.

Some search options have launched a part-time answer business, and eligible college students can earn money through the "grab single". Since the level of the answer is uneven, many answers are not correct. If the student has formed a wrong thinking, it is not easy to correct it. The search software is a double-edged sword, the key is to see the people used. Rational use can help learning, and it will be harmful. Search the answer and don’t find your ability. Once the student produces reliance and even the opportunity to "play" to do other things, they will misunderstand the children.

The problem of searching the app is not isolated. With the development of mobile communication technology and the educational concept, the change of learning concepts, it has also buried many hidden dangers while mobile learning, mobile phones, etc.

In short, over-relying on mobile phones will learn, not only is the inertness of thinking, but also damage to vision, contact bad information, and addiction networks.

With a new round of technical revolution, education how to embrace new technology has become a major era topic. Experts say that technology integration education will experience three stages of "extensive in-depth application" "extensive integration into the immersion experience" in the "preliminary construction application", and finally, it is a new system because the old system cannot install new thinking. change. Regrettably, some educators do not have a child to learn how to learn new technologies, and don’t talk about how to integrate with traditional teaching. The search app is also just aiming at the "just need" of the students’ solving the problem, and does not explore the deep level of education. In the face of the challenges of teaching in the digital age, teachers must constantly improve their understanding of technology, reasonable guidance, proper use, let new technologies, new products are effective for education services, rather than destroying the rules and balance of education. (Hu Xinhong).

The animals in the Roblin Zoo are so comfortable this winter.

Ostrich in the park.

  Recently, Lhasa’s weather is clearly cold, people have opened "warm" mode, then how does the animals in the zoo have winter? It is reported that in order to let the animals in the park spend a comfortable and stable winter, Roblin Card Management Office has taken heating measures from an animal with weak cold resistance from the end of October. The breeder is more careful to the animals, carefully carefully, through the use of heating facilities, increases the fine grains of the feed, and makes the disinfection and sweeping work of the cage, and makes the animals to have a winter.

  At 11 o’clock in the morning, visitors in the Roblin Zoo gradually became more, the first stop in the park, the reporter saw the plum, the Pig, in their cage, the staff had already paved the straw as their "bed pad".

Compared with the leisurely quiet plum deer, Tibetan kaning can be lively, and if they eat enough, some of them are jumped in the artificial mountain, some are enjoying a sunbathing. According to Mima, Roblin Board, like fine tail, small panda, raccoon, kangaroo is most afraid of cold, weather needs to provide a relatively comfortable temperature. Therefore, the zoo staff has the own "small nest" for their respective "small nest", and the heating equipment is also installed in each room, and the weather will provide heating when the weather is cold. Each room has a temperature meter, and the feeder will monitor temperature changes. "At around 5 pm, we will open the bathroom in advance to warm the house, and wait for the house to keep the animals in the cage until the next morning, the sun will turn off the bath.

Mima said.

  In the garden, the reporter saw the cage of parrots, turkeys, 鸸鹋 such as poultry animals, and had a warm quilt, there will be heaters, temperature meter, and staff will warm up every day, do appropriate adjustments.

If the morning is cloudy or the wind is very large, the curtain will be covered, and the temperature will rise when the temperature rises. In addition to these warmth measures, the breeder will also enhance the animal to resist the coldness of the animal by adjusting the feed. It is understood that the beasts such as brown bear, plum, Tibetan wolf, Snow Leopard, etc., although the anti-cold capacity is strong, but the breeders have developed autumn and winter nutritional recipes for animals. The amount of meat in the feed is guaranteed to ensure high energy, and a variety of Nutrients. Every time I go to the meal, after listening to the footsteps from the distance, I will come to the iron gate early, waiting for the reach of the breeder.

Mima walked into the Cozer of Snow Leopard to feed food. In addition to rich meat foods, the animal’s feed has also increased vitamins, calcium, protein, etc., enhanced resistance, and drugs that prevent colds.

At the same time, after the feeders prepare feeds every day, they cleaned their animals to ensure that the animal is clean. Animals in the garden will strictly regulate, quantitatively, feed what foods, and how to feed are strict regulations every day.

Visitors are not responsible for feeding, which is likely to bring great harm to the animal itself, where Roblin Zoo reminds the majority of people to visitors, please do not feed animals. (Editor: Chen Mengmeng).

Tan Deli: Countries should draw three lessons from the new crown epidemic

Tan Dee, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

People’s Visual Data Tu Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, January 18th, the World Health Organization Director-General Tan De Ssi said on the 18th that the new championship duration has been one year, and all Member States and WHO themselves should take three from the epidemic. Lessons involving the preparation and response of the epidemic, the relationship between people and the earth and the earth and the strengthening of WHO construction.

  Tan Dee said at the WHO Executive Committee meeting on the same day, said three lessons apply to everyone, is the future "learning, change, innovation, and growth". First, in terms of preparation and response to the big popularity, the new crown epidemic has surprised the world even the most, the most powerful country is not surprised and caught off guard, which exposes the problems in which countries have generally put into investment in emergency preparation.

Tan Dee believes that the new crown of the New Crown shows that some epidemic response tools launched in the past, according to the assessment of the preparations of various countries. Second, people should recognize that humans, animals and earth health are closely intertwined.

Due to the spread of more than 70% of newly discovered diseases in recent years, Tan Dersse urged countries to fundamentally strengthen contact risks between humans, animals and ecosystems to protect and promote human health. He also called for various issues that affect relationships between humans, animals and plays, including forest felling, over-reclamation, environmental pollution, climate change, etc.

  Third, the world needs a powerful WHO. Tan Dee said that all Member States have identified one of the biggest obstacles facing the WHO’s future is sustainable and predictable.

To this end, he asked the WHO Foundation to raise $ 1 billion from the new channel in the next three years, 70% to 80% of the WHO itself, the remaining funds were used in other public health organizations, focusing on civil society organizations. .

  Tan Dee said that the world is still facing unprecedented dangers, but there is also an unprecedented opportunity.

Quick tax rebate helps the production of heart service to win praise

Original title: Fast Tax Refund Help Service Winner Recently, Lanzhou New District Qindong Agricultural Investment Development Co., Ltd. Financial Director Jinlei and corporate representatives write a thank-you letter and a banner of "Break-Due to Difficult to Do", True Service WarmthSend to the State Administration of Taxation Lanzhou New District Taxation Bureau.

A new round of epidemic emergence, the prevention and control situation is grim.The Lanzhou New District Taxation Bureau quickly responded to the formation of "non-contact" tax service team, and the tax source management has deeply understand the needs of enterprises in the jurisdiction, and the online precision pushing tax-related policies.

The West Tax Office has passed precision docking and counseling of the epidemic prevention and control materials guarantee supply enterprises to return to tax rebates.

According to the date of the application, Qindong Agricultural Investment Development Co., Ltd., Lanzhou New District, received a tax return.

Efficient and convenient service has won the praise of the company.Lanzhou Daily, full media reporter He Yizhen (Editor: Jiao Long, Zhou Yu Ting) Sharing let more people see client downloads.

Shanghai started 6-11 year-olds new crown pneumonia vaccination to make a booking

Shanghai to start a new vaccine crown pneumonia vaccination 6-11 years of age to make a booking, the experts – children vaccination is safe and effective essential ■ newspaper reporter, chief reporter Gu Yong Shi Jia Ni Shanghai started 6-11 year-olds new crown pneumonia vaccination to make a booking yesterday Work. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Children’s National Medical Center, Hospital of Fudan University "vaccination clinic assessment" (new crown vaccination counseling clinic), a morning there are more than 10 parents come to the consultation, Zuozhen Shanghai crown a new clinical treatment Panel members, who rose pediatric hospital deputy director of the Department of Infectious Diseases infection were answered on issues of concern to parents. 11-year-old small or hives sudden, my mother took her to see the clinic, so that children can play the vaccine do? After Rose had to explain children about allergies, eczema, hives, asthma and other acute episodes of children, it is recommended to suspend vaccination, waiting through the acute phase stability, you can go to an appointment vaccination.

We have a history of convulsions, high fever history, history of epilepsy in children can be vaccinated? Experts clearly, a history of seizures, in children with a history of epilepsy seizures defer vaccination period, stable period can make an appointment vaccination. Such as history of epilepsy, 2-3 months does not recur, then the child will be able to make an appointment vaccination.

As for children with high fever, heat back to inoculation. Some children suffering from arrhythmia and other heart disease, the vaccine can play it? Zeng Mei said that this mainly depends on what kind of children suffering from heart disease.

If the child during normal activities, hypoxia or cardiac dysfunction does not appear, you can inoculate; if there are psychological discomfort, illness attack, taking medication, it is recommended to suspend vaccination.

Rose has said young people vaccination is necessary to establish herd immunity barrier by vaccination, from a global perspective this strategy are subject to approval. The public health significance of vaccination is very large, the children once the new crown infection, severe rate does not high, but their own health and learning lives are affected, but also may become a source of infection, adverse epidemic control.

Experts stressed that the children vaccinated, belonging to the fairness of the implementation of vaccination, which is to protect others to protect their scientific approach.

Vaccine in large populations prior to vaccination, assessed proven safe. Our use of the inactivated vaccine is very large, children and adolescents clinical research data to prove the vaccine is safe and effective, parents need not worry too much. Zeng Mei said that parents and children should be psychologically prepared before vaccination, vaccination not fasting.

After inoculation normal diet to avoid eating foods induce allergic (avoid coupling reaction), eat high protein foods, temporarily avoid strenuous exercise.

Other flu vaccines and other children, vaccination is recommended for each time interval of 14 days. CDC: CDC vaccination Shanghai Six Questions to six questions we are more concerned answered their questions.

Q: Children had Herpangina, how often needed before they can play the new crown vaccine? A: Herpangina onset proposed to be suspended vaccination, during rehabilitation after vaccination.

Q: The child is allergic, you can play the vaccine? A: If your child previously been vaccinated serious allergic reactions, or in the exacerbation of allergic diseases, proposed to be suspended vaccination. If the child for non-allergy vaccine contained, such as food allergies, pollen allergies, etc., are excluded from the new crown vaccine inoculation taboo, but need to strengthen surveillance, if not recommend immediate medical attention. Q: this wave of the epidemic, many patients have been vaccinated. Why let the kids no longer be bitter? A: Vaccination with the new crown vaccine can get the appropriate immunity, so as to effectively reduce the risk of severe and death; at the same time, children and adolescents can also spread after infection to people around, vaccination new crown vaccine to enhance the level of population immunity, blocking new crown pneumonia pop important.

Q: Parents say schools need to carry vaccinations this, you need to ask? A: The need, because the new crown vaccination vaccine with other vaccines must be spaced at least 14 days, with a good vaccination certificate could help doctors understand the vaccination Vaccination of children before, to determine whether the inoculation.

Q: I have two baby home, health cloud can make an appointment two bar code do? A: A healthy cloud account can be reserved up to three minors.

If the number is exceeded, the account can be replaced to make an appointment, or contact health cloud service: 400-9216-519. Q: children with asthma in the end can not play the new crown vaccine? A: When asthma is stable, does not belong to the new crown contraindicated vaccination vaccine can be vaccinated.

As in the acute stage, it proposed to be suspended vaccination. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.