Soon,The small bed in the house creaked overwhelmedly。This sound lasted for a long time,Just can’t stop。Chen Xiaoju, whose breath is a little weak, said softly:“Hurry up,Or someone comes in,The door is unlocked”

Chen Xiaoju’s voice just fell,Just hear a squeak,A woman came in,She closed the door first,Just shouted:“Sister Chen!I have an opinion!”She’s halfway through,Then stopped,Because she saw Wang Youcai and Chen Xiaoju who were making each other beside the bed。
Wang Youcai turned his head back,I found this woman is very watery,Haven’t seen her before。This woman is also bold,With both eyes fixed on where Wang Youcai is exercising,Not embarrassing。
“Xiaoping!You go out first!Come see me later”Chen Xiaoju, who was crawling on the edge of the bed, panted and said。
The woman smiled and said:“Yo!Sister Chen!You are so embarrassed,What have i seen。You busy you,I say mine,Let’s not miss it”
Hey!Really a weird thing。Wang Youcai’s obsessive eyes swept over this woman,Pounced。
When the woman screamed,Wang Youcai has put her down on the side of the bed。Chen Xiaoju stood up angrily,She is sorting her clothes,While saying:“This can’t be given to you,Take out five hundred yuan later”
“Ha ha!no problem,Isn’t it just five hundred yuan??Worth”Wang Youcai was panting,I shaved off the clothes of the woman under him one by one。
Chen Xiaoju gave Wang Youcai a fierce look,Open the door,Slam the door。
Wang Youcai is really happy,He has never been so comfortable。The woman under her is exaggerated*With,This makes him almost crazy。
Suddenly,There is something cold on his back。Wang Youcai is too lazy to return,He just laughed:“Go away,Isn’t it money?For you in a while”
When Wang Youcai finished saying this,,I found the woman below her eyes widened in horror,What hints at him from time to time。At this time, Wang Youcai realized that the person behind him was not Chen Xiaoju,Otherwise, this woman would not have such a terrible look。
“Enjoy yourself!I am waiting for you”A cold man’s voice came from behind。Sounds familiar and unfamiliar。
Finance Minister Wang You took a breath and said:“friend!What’s the matter,Wait until I get dressed,It’s not very elegant after all”Wang Youcai said,Tentatively lifted the pants that fell to the ground。

Old Xiao smiled and said:“It should be 200,000 on your card,Now there is only 140,000 left,You ask Fang Fang to check it for you“

Xia Jianyi listen,Foggy,He asked a little puzzled:“How could there be so many?I do not know how“
“Good boy,This shows that you don’t spend much money,I don’t know if I have 200,000 more on my card,I asked Miss Jin to call you,Is it your annual salary last year?!“Old Xiao said with a smile。
Xia Jian said badly:“so much,It seems that the money saved me“
Wang Lin smiled and said:“Don’t talk about money now,This afternoon you are going to participate in the Children’s Day activity of Experimental Primary School,This is what I promised“
Old Xiao“Ok“With a。
He went on to say:“You must participate in this kind of activity,Take this opportunity to relax too,Last night,Quandang had a dream,But I will give you a satisfactory answer“
Wang Lin immediately gave Xia Jian a few words,Urged him to walk outside the gate。
Both cars stopped at the door,Xia Jian saw that the battle was so strong,I couldn’t help but shook his head and said to Wang Lin:“It is totally unnecessary,As long as I was a little careless last night,Otherwise they won’t succeed so easily“
“What did you say?This body is more important than this money,Besides, this money was originally theirs“Wang Lin was a little unhappy and gave Xia Jian a glance,Xia Jian knew,She is caring about him。
The arrival of Xia Jian,Make the atmosphere of the experimental elementary school stronger,A group of elementary school students,Seeing Xia Jian brought so many bodyguards,Immediately surrounded。
A bolder boy,In front of Xia Jian,He asked loudly:“uncle!These people behind you,Are all your bodyguards?“
Xia Jian turned around a little puzzled,Found Fang Fang、Dragon Ball and Heiwa and Zhang Sangui,Everyone wears a big sunglasses,No wonder there are so many children watching。
“Take them all off for me,Otherwise stay away from me“Xia Jian said this。
Dragon Ball smiled and said:“President Xia,Don’t we do it more imposingly?Why did you pick it off??“
“I said take it off“Xia Jian’s voice is a bit loud,The four of them looked upset at Xia Jian,Hurriedly took off the big sunglasses on his face。

Along the way,Wang Youcai didn’t run into a few cars。He only found out when the car went up the mountain,It turns out that the back of the mountain cannot get sunlight,The road is full of ice and snow。

First2110chapter Inquire
Art high people bold,But Wang Youcai doesn’t even have a driver’s license。Where is the art,He is bold,Moreover, he is familiar with the road conditions.。
To Baishui Town,From the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain。Jeep on a mixed road with ice and water,Continuous running,It can be said to be dangerous。
Okay,The four tires of the broken jeep are all new。Wang Youcai, this man, ghost and spirit,He doesn’t want to buy a new car,But he takes the tires of the car very seriously,Because this thing is related to the safety of his life。Also every time you do maintenance,He specifically asked the masters to check his brake pads。
Long drive,Too many places for maintenance,Wang Youcai has become half a master himself。Thinking about these messy things,Inadvertently,Wang Youcai’s car stopped steadily on the street of Baishui Town。
Wang Youcai turned off the car,Sit in the car and relax。It’s fake to say you’re not afraid,When I went down just now,He felt that his legs were shaking when he stepped on the brakes。
It usually takes only ten minutes from the top to the foot of the mountain,But he actually left for nearly half an hour today。But what makes him happy is,He arrived at Baishui Town smoothly。
Although the road conditions from Baishui Town to Chenzhuang are not good,But fairly flat。Very large slope almost no,So he doesn’t have to worry。
Just when Wang Youcai was about to start the car,Suddenly the phone in my pocket bounced twice,Then the sound of music came out。
There is a mobile phone signal transfer base station in Baishui Town,Although the signal is not strong,But I can barely answer the phone。Wang Youcai took a look at the phone,The call is from Hu Huiru,He quickly connected。
Hu Huiru’s unclear voice came from inside:“Manager Wang!Have you returned to Chenzhuang yet?”Something seems to be said later,Wang Youcai didn’t hear clearly。

Liao Wenjie,These words he all heard,It is very reasonable to put together.,What is the relationship between union and environmental provinces??

According to what he knows,The related work of neon environment is to protect natural environment and wild animalsplates.,Ozone layer、global warming,How to secretly discharge the nuclear waste water in the ocean,It is this department that should be worried.。
Exquisite spirit……
And they have semi-cooked relationships?
“Situation is like this……”
Zhaoshan Huangquan explained a few words,Liao Wenjie listens to understand,The establishment of the countermeasures is just under the environment and provincial name.,No need to be responsible for it,The fund is also applied to the government every year.,It has been established so far.。
Liao Wenjie nodded,Really is neon,Working is to pay attention to,Unlike Hong Kong Island,Because of the low calm,Nothing to make a demon,Even a different institution is not established,Related to private organizations with love power generation。
This is very bad,Will be careful。
“The soldiers who met when I was in the late night.,It is also your countermeasures?”
“Do not,They are defense provincial countermeasures,And the environmental provincial countermeasures room is two institutions。”Behind,Lushan Huangquan no longer said,Neon bucket addiction,Know all,No need to have a lot of mouth tongue。
Liao Wenjie nodded,Neonned inneathed has formed a social atmosphere,Local feature,Many bad old men go to work,One mind to engage in political struggle。
Not the right heart is too heavy,But not fight,This is completely hard to do this.。
“Since this,Take me to take me to the environmental provincial countermeasures,I have some intelligence about killing stone,I want to communicate with your organization.。”
Zhaoshan Huangquan said half,Look at the two elders,Get nodded by Lushan Needle,Invite Liao Wenjie to go to the countermeasures。
Tongliang God Lao Road,Pick up your long knife outside the door,Running all the way to two people。
In-house,Two old men have a big eye,Half,谏山 奈 落 输 输,Active opening:“So rush to determine the marriage of God,Is it too grass?,Just like Yosaki,We don’t even know anyone.。”
“maybe,This time, I have a selfishness.,Since the god is going to bear the heavy responsibility of the family in the morning and evening,Is it better to choose a person who can take a responsibility??”
“Though,But……is it safe,Never he is。”
“I met him in the early hours of this morning.,Take a little more,Results Bai Rui’s seal……”
After the palace is finished,Evaluate:“His ability,You can wait for me to die,Reling Bai Rui and killing stone,Since he didn’t do this,That showed that he is a friendly union of the Tuyong’s home and even the privilege family.。”
谏 山 奈 点 头,This is impossible to refute this,The Tuyongist is inherited so far.,Remove family spell,Including people’s position,Everything is from the beast Bai Rui and the sealful murderous stone.。
No two,The Tong Palace is just an ordinary exorcist family.,Even the hills of the family are more than。
“and,He is also chasing people who have evil on mysterium,If he can kill the behind-the-scenes,God’s mother’s ever……”
The palace is alive.:“Although I tell myself,For the family,Don’t do skinless things,But I can’t forget the night three years ago.,Some hatred will only pass over time,Be more unforgettable。”
“If it is these two reasons,Can only say bare,You have some feelings。”谏 山 奈 理 智 analysis。
“Do not,There is also a very important reason!”
Tong palace Yale hands stacked in the chest,Incorporal lion print,Behind the sealing method lights up:“食 灵 解 封?Bai Rui!”
“and many more,Can’t liberate Bairui here,Your injury is just not just a long time.!”
谏 山 奈 落 制,Ten seconds later,Seeing that there is no loneliness in the air.,I can’t help but face the black line:“We are no longer a child.,Don’t open such a boring joke,Will scare people。”
“I’m not joking,I am working hard to summon Ba Rui,It also heard my call,Anything,It refuses to appear。”Tongong Yale Close,Smile on the face is very depressed。
“Why,Is it the reason for the seal??”
“Seal is already broken in the early hours of this morning,Bai Rui wants,I can’t stop it.。”
Tongong Yalong:“Bai Rui is unwilling to come out,It is because it is safe to hide in the seal.,I will be in the outside……so,You should understand it.?”
谏 山 奈 落:“……”
understood,In order not to fight,So give up the freedom。
“Really……It’s a sincere beast.!”

His smile looks to Wu Zesheng,It’s no different from that foolish laugh。

quickly,The auction begins,The noisy venue began to calm down。Main shooter on stage,Introduce the detailed information and starting price of the land to the developers participating in the land auction、Base of each bid。
at the same time,On the big screen behind him, three-dimensional elevations of the land from all angles are played in loops。
Kang Yuze sitting next to Wu Zesheng,Holding sign in hand,He will be in charge of raising the placard when the auction starts。
After the host gives the reserve price and the base of each bid,Wu Zesheng turned his head slightly,And Kang Yuze whispered a few words。
Bid start,A real estate company bid a price of 210 million,10 million above the reserve price。
Kang Yuze raised his placard,Suggest two hundred twenty million,The shooter shouted:“Two hundred twenty million,Are there any bids??”
quickly,Another developer asked for a price of 230 million yuan。
Several rounds,The land was fired up to a price of 240 million yuan,Kang Yuze is the last one。
Starting bid,To 240 million,Zhou Haichang has been silent,Put on a nice look,It seems that everything around has nothing to do with him。
“Two hundred and forty million once,Two hundred and forty million twice……”The auctioneer has slowly raised the auction hammer。
Just when everyone felt that the dust was going to settle,The assistant beside Zhou Haichang raised the sign in his hand,Sign two hundred fifty million。
The reason why he can hold his breath,Because he thinks other real estate developers will participate in the auction before,He doesn’t need to follow in vain。And at this time,It’s almost the competition between Zhou’s and Hengneng Real Estate,It was a contest between him and Wu Zesheng,This is interesting!
of course,He is different from Wu Zesheng,For this land,He is not determined to win。He competes with Hengneng Real Estate,If you really can’t get this land,At least you can raise the price,Let Zhang Wenya pay more for this。
Although Hengneng Real Estate is strong,But as far as he understands,Zhang Wenya has taken several pieces of land in the capital in the past two years.,There may not be much liquidity。
Before the soil auction,Zhou Haichang carefully studied,Know the importance of this land to Hengneng Real Estate。The commercial center and the two previous developments of Hengneng Real Estate are entangled in this area in a triangular shape.,Very favorable terrain,Anyone who has studied the dynamics of this area,Would never give up such a good piece of land。

First1383chapter Training uniform

People in the city figure it out,People outside the city want to go in。People live in conflict,As young as Xia Jian,And was hired exceptionally as the mayor of Pingyang Town,This is what many young people dream of,But for Xia Jian,,He is not important。
Gao Qiaoli is indeed a living map of Pingdu,She took Xia Jian to three Internet cafes,In the private room of the third internet cafe,Xia Jian saw the black snake’s arm。
Internet cafes here are set to two grades,Just a big hall,And thenVIPSmall private room,There are only four computers in the small private room,Then close the door,Is an independent space。
Xia Jian saw the black snake’s arm from the crack in the half-open door。Xia Jian who had already passed by,Back slowly again,He gently pushed open the door。The smell of smoke is floating all over the house,There is also a strong smell of instant noodles。
Four men each occupy a computer,They are playing crazy games。Xiong Sanqiang sitting next to the computer by the door,He put one hand on the table,The other hand is desperately controlling the mouse。Xia Jian pushed the door in,These individuals play their own,He didn’t put Xia Jian in his eyes at all。
After Xia Jian saw that this man was Xiong Sanqiang,,Reached out and pressed the computer’s work pass。Xiong Sanqiang saw someone turn off his computer,He couldn’t help but get angry,He yelled:“You don’t want to live anymore,Dare to turn off my computer”
Xiong Sanqiang’s roar is loud,The other three stopped their movements,Hula round Xia Jian。But when Xiong Sanqiang sees that the person here is Xia Jianshi,This guy’s face changed suddenly。
“Everyone sit down,This is a friend of mine”Xiong San said loudly,Let the other three people sit down。
Xia Jianyi reaches out,And stopped Xiong Sanqiang’s neck,Xiong Sanqiang struggled twice,Unexpectedly, Xia Jian’s arms are like steel bars,The more he struggles,Xia Jian’s arms become tighter。He feels too angry to get up,So he gave up resistance,Honestly followed Xia Jian out of the Internet cafe。
On the road,Xiong Sanqiang said in a panic:“Xia Jian!Your cowhide,I, Xiong Sanqiang, convinced you。You speak!Want to beat me?Still want to send me in,Anyway, life and death are in your hands,up to you”
Xia Jian grabbed Xiong Sanqiang’s neck with one hand,Grabbed him into a small alley,Let go,Xiong Sanqiang unexpectedly came to eat shit
“Xiong Sanqiang!Why do you come to see you today??”Xia Jian said,Leg lift is a kick。Just a plop,Xiong Sanqiang knelt on one knee。
Xiong Sanqiang saw that Xia Jian had done something to him,He said nervously:“Mayor Xia!Don’t fight,I let people hit you twice,This is mine,I just want to give you a chance”
“You are a bastard!I don’t learn well,And tired the family。I’ll take your vacation,Just run to this place。do you know?Your mother has not much time in this world“Xia Jian said in a low voice。
Xiong Sanqiang,Face suddenly changed,He said viciously:“Xia Jian!Do not take you like this。Why do you curse my mother,Dare you say something like this again,I will fight you hard“
Looking at Xiong Sanqiang like this,Xia Jian’s heart softened。He lowered his voice and said:“Your mother has stomach cancer,It’s late,My parents don’t worry about you,So I kept hiding from you,But you are too disappointed“
Xiong Sanqiang heard this,The whole person becomes soft,He sat down on the ground,I don’t know what I’m talking about,Anyway, Xia Jian couldn’t understand a word。
Some people only know to look back when they hit the south wall,This Xiong Sanqiang is this kind of person。When he heard Xia Jian said his mother had stomach cancer,The whole person is like no soul。
In the end, Xia Jian almost carried him into his car。Then he took Xiong Sanqiang back to Pingyang Town,At the town government,Secretary Wang saw which Xiong Sanqiang looks like,I couldn’t help but feel angry。

More than a hundred gods belonging to the heavenly palace, including Venerable Palm Print,Do not depend on whether they are true gods or half gods,Unattainable one by one,In fact, at this moment they have become unrooted creatures,Their fate has been handed over to the young mortal in front of him by the Fire Palace Master,No one will be convinced,But no one dared to object,This is fate,From the moment I asked Yuwen for the same,All this is their fate。

“Uh,Everyone。”Li Tianqi looked at these unruly guys in front of him,Suddenly headache,On true strength,Any one of them can make him vomit blood,Without the slightest prestige,It’s hard to dominate these gods,I still have a shit,The road to awakening is still long,I really don’t know how to face the responsibilities imposed on him by Yuwen’s seeking common ground。
But then think about it,Goddess Luoying must have her reason for this arrangement,Otherwise, based on Yuwen’s unruly character,How can I be wronged,All mysteries have to be solved in the future,I can only do it now,It seems that this is also his own destiny。
“Brother Yuwen Dao entrusted everyone to me……”
“What qualifications do you have to be a brother to my lord?”Immediately a guy started to vent his dissatisfaction。
“To shut up!”Venerable Palmprint yelled,“Lord God died, What qualifications do you have to talk nonsense here?The Lord has a legacy,Do you still want to resist?”
“Not follow me to meet the new master?”Seeing the gods are silent,Venerable Palm Print yells again。
“Not necessary。”Li Tianzhen stretched out his hand to stop Venerable Palmprint, who was about to worship,Cold road,“I have no intention of being a new master,Let’s be a fellow Taoist for now,Right now my body is still in crisis,Stay inconvenience,I think everyone is unstable,This Zhen Shen Drum and Xing Shen Dan will be kept by Brother Dao,In the future, I will find a way to work with everyone to find a solution to the crisis。”
Talking,Li Tianzhen took out a small drum and a small pill bottle from the scroll and handed it to Venerable Palm Print,In a flash,Everyone was staring at the two black and inconspicuous scrolls in Li Tianzhen’s hands,That’s a treasure that Palace Master Huoyan carried with him,It was originally a pair of black crystals,With many changes,Because it has a trace of chaos,So it is called the best of the space artifacts,Even this thing fell into Li Tianzhi’s hands,Needless to say,Many of the furniture in the Huoyan Temple also fell together。
Venerable Palm Print holding two treasures in his hand is in a complicated mood,Shenshen Drum is a treasure used to resist the suppression of world barriers and the laws of other worlds,Gods with insufficient cultivation base travel through other worlds,This thing is very useful,Can save his life in times of crisis。Have this in hand,Everyone will not fall to the point of lingering,It was always in the hands of the master of Ubun Palace,Ring every once in a while,The soul used to stabilize everyone,Needless to say Xing Shen Dan,It is the top grade that nourishes the soul,Also a life-saving thing,Unfortunately there is only a small bottle left。
Without saying a word, Li Tianchou handed over two treasures that could control the gods.,Is this heartless or a kind of trust?Or maybe it’s a trick?
“Farewell!”Li Tianzhen is not wordy,From the expressions of the palm prints and the gods, I hope these guys immediately convince themselves,That is impossible,Only get along slowly,Being together is fate,Can not be together,He also tried his best to find a place for these guys,I won’t think about more extravagant demands,Can’t delay time,I don’t know how my body is going。

“Peak Shen!”

Zhu Minglang spit out these two words。
Flick down,I wish Minglang’s whole body leaned forward,The moment that the sword was thrown down,The clouds in the sky behind him are flying down,Turned into a white waterfall,Surging up the earth magnificently,It can be seen how terrifying the power of this sword!!!
One sword changes the situation,It’s probably the situation right now。
Above the sky,A shocking peak suddenly fell,This peak shadow is like the same heaven sword that fell from the heaven,The sword shadow is enough to cover the organ city,Really vast and magnificent,This has left hundreds of thousands of people in the imperial capital,All the powerful people on the tower were caught in a panic!!
fortunately,Shadow Sword Peak did not fall on anyone in the Institution City this day,But towards the Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army,Towards the place where Zhao Chen and his ghost dragon were.……
Zhao Chen rides on the back of the ghost dragon,He realized the power of this sword,Fled outside the Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army for the first time,Fled to other parts of the agency city。
But as soon as he looked up,Above the vast sky,Still hanging a handle pointing at him,No matter how fast the ghost dragon is,No matter where he flees!
Sky Shadow Sword Peak is getting closer,You can see such a vast sword shadow in the entire agency city,And when Zhao Chen looked back at the sky for the last time,What you see is the entire sky is occupied by this sword,I am like an ant under a meteorite,Even if I see this heavenly thing sinking to the earth,Helpless!!
The whole city trembled in the organ city,The clouds in the sky fall more gorgeously,The shadow of the sword is like a mountain,Shockingly inserted into the organ city,The swaying earth wave has formed a kind of annihilation,Completely destroy the topography of the agency city,Will hill、houses、river、Forest、All the grass fields are dragged into this endless sword pit!!
Hundreds of thousands,transfixed。
All disciples in the organ city,Trembling。
Even the elder hall masters of the major forces on the tower,There was a violent wave in my heart。
This sword,Even most of them can’t do it!
A disciple of this age,But let this competition of forces evolve into his own myth!!
This powerful,Really scary。
Zhao Chen and his ghost dragon,Will never survive。
Many royal families are also on the tower,They witnessed Zhao Chen’s death under the sword of Zhu Minglang。

Xia Shuyue asked Ye Jia again,Ye Jia continued to crawl around quickly,Ignore her,She stood up and talked to Zhang Siwei。

“You became a public figure,”Zhang Siwei makes fun of Xia Yueshu,“Still fighting,incredible,Don’t do advertising design,I think it’s appropriate to be an agent。”
“I’m so unlucky,Si Wei, you still laugh。”Xia Shuyue was wronged。
“I think it’s a good thing,Increase your visibility,No one knew you before,I know you more now,You will really become a celebrity in the future,It will be easier to make money。”Zhang Siwei is still smiling。
“I don’t know what to do now。”Xia Yueshu is crying,She can’t laugh。
“You are really in big trouble?”Zhang Siwei looks at Xia Shuyue’s expression,Stop joking with her。
“The company that I advertised,Read the newspaper now,Want me to lose money,Said that I had a negative impact on their company’s products。”Xia Shuyue answered。
“You are a little person,How many people will follow you?Will also bring them a negative impact?Simply nonsense!”Zhang Siwei found it incredible。
“Already notified me,Want me to come to their company tomorrow to discuss compensation,”Xia Yueshu sat on the sofa helplessly,“You said,I’m the one who has had the last meal but not the next,How can I lose them??”
“How much to lose?”Zhang Siwei asked with concern。
“They said the fifty thousand they gave me should be returned,I have to pay them more than 100,000!I’m so angry!”
“Pay hundreds of thousands,Not much。”Zhang Siwei really doesn’t think much。
“Not much for you,to me,How to describe it,Even if you sell me,Can’t afford it。”
117 happy Birthday

This remark,Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min both had a stronger curiosity at the same time。

Because both of them are beauties,And it’s a well-known beauty,This little guy surnamed Lu turned a blind eye,But thinking of other women in my heart,Obsessed with a girl。
This makes them both
A little frustration,I also want to know what kind of girl it is,Can make Xiao Lu think so,Worry about。
Zhou Min took the photo,Take a closer look,Can’t help but utter a voice in surprise:“what?It’s her!No wonder!”
Zhu Qiuhong also saw the smiling girl in the photo,It is indeed a pure and moving type,The more you look, the more charming。
but,Zhu Qiuhong also secretly compared herself with the girl in the photo。
If it’s just photos,I should have been more beautiful than her,But real people will be more charming than photos,That’s really hard to say。
Zhu Qiuhong wakes up in shock,It turns out that the girl in this photo is a stunning beauty who is absolutely comparable to herself,No wonder Xiao Lu was so fascinated,I have to find out the whereabouts of people!
The girl on the photo,It was Su Xuehen before graduation last year。
“Sister Zhou Min,You know her?”I heard Zhou Min’s tone is different,Lu Menglin suddenly became nervous,Asked quickly。
Both Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min heard the nervous tone of this young man,I am more convinced of his reason for finding someone。
Zhou Min nodded,Smiles like a sly little fox。
“No wonder your heart is high,So I fell in love with this one!She is very famous in our school!”
Zhu Qiuhong shook his head:“Is it famous?Why don’t i know?”
Zhou Min smiled:“Who called you a big star?You never deal with classmates in school,Left after class,Of course I don’t know the gossip in school。”
“This girl enrolled in school last year,Very low-key,No one knew her at first。But she studies well,I got the first place in the school several times in a row。Hey,Are your inland schools particularly strict?The students who are taught are so good!”Zhou Min deliberately sold it,Smiled。