2021 National Oral Health Science Speech Exchange Northwest Regional Activities Successfully

Recommended reading 2021-11-1211: 40 Bugs of White Heroni foraging in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, habitat. At the early winter, Poyang Lake fell below the fine water level, became the assembly of all kinds of migratory birds.

2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County cotton planting area of ??1.02 million mu, of which 990,000 mu of implementation of cotton cultivation mode, seeded, chemically roof, and mechanized mining collection, After production, this year’s seed cotton has produced 426 kg / mu, which increases kilograms / mu, and the level of cotton scientific growth management is continuously improved, and cotton cultivation is mechanized.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold In the first green smart factory built into the metal regeneration resource industry, continue to practice "double carbon" commitment, introduce solar photovoltaic power generation project, can provide clean energy 14 million for national grids each year Kauching time.

2021-11-1011: 01 In recent years, Fuyang County, Guizhou Province has actively promoted the "medical combination" new pension model through integration of pension and medical resources, and creating a medical center integrating pension care, medical rehabilitation, leisure and entertainment. Provide the elderly to provide the old man to enjoy his old age. 2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "Advocating Renren Sports, create a better life" "100 million" series of events – 2021 The game was held. This competition is divided into three categories of personal racing, individual flower samples, group competitions, two groups of adult groups and youth groups, aimed at passing jumping rope activities, driving national fitness boom, creating people in the city, people love sports, everyone A good atmosphere of love fitness.

2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Sending Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team to organize the party members’ rescue team to go to the island survey point, the wind is rain, not afraid of cold, take three classes inverted continuous operation, staying all day and night The sea cable is cut and defective, the insulation measurement, and the repair of the sea cable and its internal fiber, which is expected to be completed before November 8.

2021-11-0810: 00 November 4, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, the shadow hall is playing a wonderful cloud dream leather, "Yang Jia will", many middle-aged and old age audiences have seen 津 津.

2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, I found a beautiful body, dragging long tail, feathers, and foraging from the forest from time to time. After identification by professionals, the bird is white and belongs to the national secondary protected animal.

2021-11-0511: 20 In order to further strengthen new coronal pneumonia epidemic regular prevention, Huzhou City Deqing County Zhongtu Town party member disinfection small team actively cooperates with the bus station to do a good job of disinfection, temperature measurement, propaganda, and implement the bus stop "One is sterilized", a ventilation time is not less than 15 minutes, while reminding passengers, we must wear a mask and do its own protection. 2021-11-0511: 17 This year, Qingdao Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau focuses on "going out" enterprise tax-related demand, with intelligence tax building as a goal, according to "credit + intelligent" mode, create "self-trade omitary tax" New formats, to "go out" enterprises to expand foreign markets to provide tax intelligence and strength. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province ushered in the processing season, local farmers stepped up with the sunny weather to peeled, drying and processing, and persimmon processing became a special industry in the late autumn season. one. 2021-11-0511: 07 On November 3, 2021, Jiangsu Huai’an, college students played at the Games.

2021-11-0411: 28 November 3, 2021, the first primary school in Luoyang Road, Qingdao watched the four-footed machine dog presentation in the artificial intelligent exhibition hall.

2021-11-0411: On October 30, 2021, located in the navigation of Nanjiang County in Pakinean City, Sichuan Province, the best viewing period, the autumn color, the tourists are in the beautiful scenery of the golden autumn. 2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, Hebei Province, from Gu Jiwu, as the Erlang Boxing of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hebei Province, is more widely passed, the county’s Erlang Xialu performance team, in "Russian-Chinese Culture Year", etc. More than 1400 awards were obtained, adding a bright color to the country. 2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, the primary school students in Xinyu City, Jiangxi Province, dressed in national costumes and danced to participate in the sports festival. 2021-11-0311: 29.

2021 Chinese Good Crab Industry Development Forum held in Yancheng Jianhu

On November 29th, "Incidental Lake Fresh, Meets Jiulongkou" 2021 Chinese Good Crab Industry Development Forum and "Crab Wang hegemony" held in Jiulongkou Tourist Resort, Jianhu County, Yancheng, Jiangsu Province.

This event was hosted by the Jianhu County People’s Government and the China Fisheries Association Aquatic Commercial Branch. 13 street (town) team from Jianhu County participated in the "crab" "crab" hegemony.

Jihu County has a gully and horizontal, the water network is dense, and the Kowloon mouth named by the Jiuhe collection has a unique natural advantage in crab breeding, adding the industrial positioning of the boutique crab, and has created the hairy crabs here. Fresh, fragrant, sweet ", also allowed the Kowloon of Jihu to become a good crab. The Chinese Good Crab Industry Development Forum analyzed the current situation and problem of the development of the river crab industry, built a communication and exchange platform for the majority of farmers and experts and scholars, and the future development of the Kowloon Hanzi crabs clearly developed. At the site of the competition, the 13 streets (towns) from Jianhu County came to participate in the competitive hairy crabs. A hairy crab is tooth dance claws, showing their quality and color, struggling to compete for the "crab king" "After the crab".

Jiangsu has a reputation of "fish rice towns", preliminary forming the three high-quality food, western specialty aquatic products, successfully created 7 national geographic logo certified trademarks, 313 non-pollution agricultural products, green food, organic food 313 . In 2020, the public brand in the agricultural product area is launched – the lake fresh, builds the green ecological agricultural products such as Jianhu rice, Jiulongou hairy crab, Jiulong mouth surf fish, Jianhu green shrimp, relying on brand cluster advantage, successfully opened Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong The national market has opened up international markets such as Southeast Asia.

In recent years, Jianhu County has actively promoted the construction of "Water Jiangsu" demonstration area, lending the water resources such as Kowloon, Xitang River, Shuanghu Park, Xitang River, and rivers, relying on the national non-Hairyai drama and acrobatic cultural advantages, high Grade scenic spots, national tourist resorts, all-domain tourism demonstration zone created, forming a group of ecological new landmarks that highlighting the beautiful construction lake, creating a new model of "water ecology + tourism" cross-border integration development, new benchmark, starting " "Ecological cultural brand brand" in Huaiyu Rural Township and Huaiyu. (Ma Yun Wu Wingjun) (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.

By 2025, Chongqing will build 100 smart fresh markets.

  On November 16th, Chongqing Daily reported that by 2025, by 2025, the company’s agricultural product group will lay out in accordance with the "15-minute living circle" scope of the residents, 100 wisdoms in the city. The market, promoted the construction of agricultural community life service network.

  What is the smart fresh market? Into the Wisdom of the Wisdom Market in the South Bank is clear. After environmental transformation, the market is clean, and an electronic display is hung on the wall of the door, scrolling the unit price of all kinds of dishes across the market, as well as real-time data such as sales, sales, people.

There is also a small electronic screen on each booth, and the unit price, quantity, and mobile payment QR code are displayed on the electronic screen.

  The citizens who are buying vegetables have said that compared to ordinary supermarkets, such a farmer’s market is more user-friendly, and can provide personalized services for dishes, and can meet the daily life requirements such as repair clothes and repair home appliances.

  In addition, with shopping tickets can also be scanned back to the source of origin and quality inspection information on the equipment in the market. In the previous time, the source of vegetable sources is tight, and the price is higher, the market is also relying on the market for supply and marketing cooperative system, docking with vegetable bases in the city. Every day, the vegetables are distributed to the market, and the price is lower. At present, there are 7 wisdom fresh markets in our city. The Municipal Agricultural Products Group will accelerate the pace of smart fresh market layout. It is expected to build 100 in 2025, including 50 central urban, 20 counties in the suburbs, 30 far suburbs and three provinces. . (Reporter Yueyuanyuan) (Editor: Chen Yi, Liu Zhengning) Sharing let more people see.

Consumer poverty alleviation is a beautiful life "order"

  In July, the fire in July did not come, Mang Qiuwei, the rural areas of Linyi County, the flowers in the greenhouses were fragrant, and it was a year of harvest.

In recent years, Linyi County, Gansu Province has insisted that the industrial poverty alleviation is used as a fundamental initiative to promote the stability of poor people. It has developed agricultural industries due to local conditions, forming a special advantageous industry such as potato, vegetables, lily, Chinese herbal medicines, Huang and Tuen, successfully created national modern agriculture. The industrial park blows the "assembly number" of the rural revitalization. Since 2015, as the fixed-point helper unit in Linyi County, the China Silver China Silver China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission has played its own advantages, and it has called for the financial industry. The insurance industry is involved in helping Linyi County to deplete poverty, consolidate and expand the ranks of poverty alleviation results. As a highly social responsible enterprise, Huaxia Insurance has always adhered to the company’s purpose of "serving the people", actively participation in helping to win the poverty battle, build a great cause of beautiful villages.

In August 2021, in the season of Fenghui County, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch organized the province’s internal and external employees to subscribe "Linyi Treasure" Plateau Ecological specialty agricultural products such as fresh lily, lily, all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, potato products, etc. "Donate in the purchase", "buy a generation of help" to promote agricultural income, help consumption, poverty alleviation, to help Linyi County to realize the revitalization of rural villages. Consumer Poverty Alleviation Industries Establishing Thousands of Households, with a poverty poverty, and a poor people. Since 2019, in order to implement the important instructions of consumer poverty alleviation, the consumption of poverty alleviation will continue to help the poverty, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch focuses on precision poverty alleviation, actively pulling the poverty alleviation and helps the advantageous industry .

  In recent years, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch actively participated in Linyi County, Gansu Province, Zhanjiang Yixi County, Guangdong, Guangdong Jieyang Huilai County, Guangdong Meizhou Xiyun Village, four poverty poor love to help farmers, call on Near 10,000 front and rear line partners in the province Buying, and use a new media such as a friend circle, WeChat, and shake and other new media to buy, continue to promote the development of Gansu dominant industrial lily agricultural products, and assist Zhanjiang to solve high-quality sweet potatoes, Yaozhu is difficult to sell, help Jieyang promotes the same sauce.

On the poverty alleviation road of the purchase of the industry, in the poverty alleviation road of the industrial development, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch has purchased more than 410,000 yuan of poverty alleviation agricultural products, support farmers, helping farmers to open up sales channels and help consumption poverty alleviation.

 Live broadcast brought the clouds to market new roads to help agricultural income in Huaxia, there is such a group of people, Wanshui Qianshan does not forget the time. They use truth and enthusiasm "warmth", they use their footsteps to measure the initial heart, "Love old compassion" is the love and responsibility they continue to practice, they do not have to be light, but always warm and light.

This group of people is the volunteers of Huaxia Insurance. In November 2020, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch links all levels of institutions at Qingyuan, Jiangmen, Heyuan, Zhaoqing, and Meizhou, etc.

Volunteers have fully contained materials and blessings and drive to the remote villages outside more than 100 kilometers. They visited 130 poor elderly and farmers. They used the insurer’s sincerity and enthusiasm to enter the people, and talk to the visitor. Putting up the hoe works and through the form of acquisition, the sale and other forms, fully helps more than 30 agricultural and sideline products, help poor farmers to get poverty and increase. In 2020, due to the influence of the epidemic, many agricultural products were unmarked.

After understanding the local situation, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch actively acts, combined with the company’s brand public welfare platform "Chongyang Action", through the field visit, after the sale, combined with the new media advantages to carry out the "Cloud Munch" activity.

Volunteers sell the local agricultural and sideline products through network live sales, helping local poor farmers to solve the problem of agricultural products, and also broaden the income channels of poor people. Consumption is poverty alleviation, and consumption can also poverty alleviation. The consumer poverty alleviation has a poor people with a broad market, the insurance industry as the "shock absorber" and social "stabilizer" of the market economy, play an important role in consumption poverty alleviation. On the road to help realize the great strategy of rural resurgence, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch will continue to force, to help consolidate the poverty reduction in the new model of "hematoprocket", for the beautiful life of the people, to play the insurance industry Industry advantage, let consumption povertyoven to the poor people "steady happiness".

Beijing has shown the "home bottom" of the state-owned natural resource assets for the first time.

Original title: The city’s first debut of the state-owned natural resource assets "home" reporter Gao Branch Yesterday, at the 35th meeting of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, the municipal government reported the city’s state-owned natural resource asset management . The city’s country has a total of 127 kinds of minerals. The net reduction in construction land is reduced by about 110 square kilometers. The intensity of carbon emissions is significantly reduced … The report has introduced the city’s state-owned land, minerals, forests, water, wetlands, nature. Protecting resources and related accounting, configuration, and income situation, the first time the state-owned asset "home" in this city’s natural resources is shown. The collective land area proportional to nearly 80% report shows that the city’s total land area is 10,000 hectares, and the country has the land area of ??10,000 hectares. The collective land area is 10,000 hectares.

Among the city’s land resources, the farm area is 10,000 hectares, the construction area is 10,000 hectares, and there is no use area of ??10,000 hectares. Natural protection area accounts for% in the city’s country. As of the end of 2020, the city found 127 kinds of minerals, Han Baiyu, Ye Waxy, etc. The total amount of water resources in the city is 100 million cubic meters, which is more than 2019. The construction site reduction implementation stage target report also introduced 2020 natural resource assets accounting, configuration and income.

In 2020, the city’s state-owned land transferred income billions, accounting for the state-owned land transfer income% during the 13th Five-Year Plan.

The whole year did not apply for mineral resources, the development and utilization of mineral resources, the development and utilization of mineral resources and utilization "ban, close, limited, repair" general principles, the number of solid mines decreased year by year, completing 280 hectares of mine ecological repair control, carbon emission intensity is significantly reduced. During the 13th Five-Year Plan, the city’s newly added forest has an annular area of ??1.15 million mu, 3,773 hectares of urban green space, 10,000 hectares, and forest coverage rate increased by%. In order to give the city’s long-term development of the strategic space, since the implementation of the new version of the city’s general regulations, the city has implemented a net reduction in the construction site and reduced the net reduction in the construction site. It realizes the stage of stage reduction target. In 2020, the net reduction is completed, and it is realized. Historical transformation from incremental expansion to reduction. No "Greenhouse" rebound problem as of 2020, the city was removed from 4,343 hectares, completed 109% of the annual task; demolition of 33.48 million square meters, completed 105% of the annual task. It was found and disposed of 433 in the application of illegal construction and approximately 50,000 square meters.

A group of "hard-bone" projects have been set up in the Qing Dynasty, in the Qing Dynasty, in the Qing Dynasty, the "hard-bone" project is established, and the long-acting supervision mechanism for "large shacks" is established. It did not discover the "large shack" rebound in 2020. At the same time, in 2020, the accumulation rate rose from the first quarter to 54% in the fourth quarter, and the Natural Resources Department issued the task, and the nationwide ranked from the end to tenth.

  Constructing a natural resource market configuration mechanism Population resource environment is always the biggest challenge in Beijing. According to the report, the city’s per capita land resource area is less than 1/10 of the national per capita level, the per capita urban and rural construction land is not as good as 1/2 of the national per capita level, and the per capita water resources is less than 1/10 of the national per capita. In the case where the natural resources available, the intensive saving utilization and sustainable development of the capital, and sustainable development have been put forward more challenges.

  In order to further improve the configuration efficiency of natural resources, Zhang Wei, director of the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Committee, said that the city will initially build a natural resource market configuration mechanism, coordinate the relationship between natural resources development and protection, and use the market’s means to promote the reasonable configuration of resources. And intensive savings. Innovative transaction products, trading forms, use price mechanism, market rules, market supervision to achieve income and cost balance, protection and compensation, and incentive and constraints are both basic, forming natural resource development and utilization protection. (Editor: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Sharing let more people see.

Taiqing Wu Hao: from the entrepreneur to "net red" trainer

  Zhongxin Net Nanning December 12th Suggestive: Taiqing Wu Wei: From the entrepreneur to the "Net Red" Trainer, Jiang Xue Lin Lunjun Zhi "I intended to start a business in Nanning, using my expertise to Guangxi’s rural revitalization." Minister of External Communications Department of Taiwan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Service Center, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, "After 80" Taiqing Wu Wei, recently said in Nanning to interview reporters.

  From December 8th to 11th, as a 2021-year-old employment entrepreneurial service station listed in Guangxi services Taiwan employment entrepreneurship service station listed in Guangxi service Taiwan employment entrepreneurship service station. Guangxi Nanning was held.

Wu Yizhen attended the interview with the event clearance, said that the advantage of Guangxi location, there are many special industries, the silkworms and sucrose industries in Guangxi, there are pivotal positions in the country, in the revitalization of the country, if there is e-commerce live blessing, payment Form multiple "net red" brands. Wu Yizhen has graduated in the United States. After graduating from graduate, she has the opportunity to stay in Wall Street in the United States.

"In the US mainland classmates tell me, the mainland is now full of economic development, the big market of 14 billion people, the opportunity is more than Taiwan, so I resolutely choose to come to the mainland, enter Guangzhou’s well-known real estate group member Director Director. Wu Wei said. I just started to come to the mainland, Wu Yizhen’s work is not smooth.

"I entered the land-capital enterprise as a" Taiwanese youth, who had just graduated, as a executive, and the people in the beginning did not obey management.

In the first two years of this company, I wanted to give up numerous times, but I finally insisted.

Wu Wei said that Taiwan youth came from the mainland to start a business, and he had a sharp sky, and it was a "password" in mainland entrepreneurship.

  Engaged in brand communication, let Wu Yizhen have accumulated rich people, resources and experience.

Since the epidemic, Wu Yizhen and the team have chosen to provide customers with new retail programs such as Taiwan companies and some local enterprises to customize e-commerce live broadcasts to provide e-commerce live resource integration services. The chance is coincidental, Wu Yizhen’s "New Retail Project in the Sui Taihang Products" project has obtained the "Qingchuang Cup" 7th Guangzhou Youth Innovation Entrepreneurship Contest Taiwan Division Junior Group 3th Prize. This prize-winning experience has also opened her entrepreneurial road.

Last year, she planned and participated in the first live broadcast of Guangzhou. In the process of doing live broadcast, she further identified her own ideas, which is to guide more people with their live broadcast. From employment to entrepreneurship, "After 80" Taiwan Youth Wu Hao spelled his one’s heavens and the earth in Guangzhou.

Today, she is a vice president of the Youth Chamber of the Guangzhou Taiwan-funded Enterprise Association, and has also established a company. The entire team has more than one hundred people.

  The team initially made an experiment with the shake number "Guangzhou Tai Simei", did not have a lot of hope, did not expect less than a month, one of the videos, got more than 10 million views, currently this No. has been acquired by a real estate company to achieve the first achievement. With the successful operation experience of "Guangzhou Taimei", the team explored the method of making operations and the mechanism of making content. Wu Hao has opened the road of "Net Red" Trainer. After she trained "net red", there are two shake numbers that have exceed 5 million fans. "I think that the first one who wants to start a business is to be able to suffer, it is not easy to give up.

"Wu Yizhen said that the current market is full of market, Taiwan youth, who came to the mainland, can try to find opportunities for Western Nanning and other western cities." Nanning is now Qingxiu District, Xingning District, Jiangnan District, Xixiangtang District and ASEAN The district set up a Terrace Youth Entrepreneurship Service Station, and Taiwan youth from Nanning’s entrepreneurial employment can get the corresponding guidance and service from the service station, which will allow the initial entrepreneurial youth to walk less. "Wu Hao said. (End) [Editor: Yang Yongqing].

Tianjin Dongli District held aerospace technology theme activities

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Ruisi, Zhejiang: After changing the paper straw, is your milk tea?

  "Limited Plastic Order" is not strange, and the General Office of the State Council has been released at the end of 2007.

After 12 years, the "restriction order" is again upgraded. In January 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ecological Environment issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening Plastics Pollution", stipulates that the nationwide catering industry prohibits the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws. From the "restriction order" into "banned orders", the difference between the word is significant.

The daily life of the citizens has also happened. It is understood that there are currently 31 provinces issued a plastic pollution control related implementation plan or action plan. According to the implementation plan of Hangzhou, to the end of 2020 – the mall, supermarket, pharmacy, bookstore, etc., supermarket, pharmacy, bookstore, etc. Takeaway services and various exhibition activities, prohibiting the use of non-degrading plastic bags; the city’s food and beverage industry prohibits the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws, the county city is completed, and the food and beverage service service of scenic spot is prohibited from using non-degradable disposable plastic tableware.

  The discussion of "ban plastic order" is more hot on the network. According to Xinhua Ruisi system, there are 123,537 related information on the network in recent weeks. Among them, January 4 is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 34210.

The event refers to the high frequency of frequencies: paper straw, offering, shopping, customer, citizens.

Among them, the emotions "unhappy" is the largest, followed by emotions "angry", "mourning", accounting for%,%,%, respectively.

  Why can’t I generate "unhappy" emotions? This is what people can’t underestimate is the "milk tea demand" of netizens.

As we all know, the milk tea shop is large, and the "banned order" is the first affected by the plastic straw. Recently, the plastic straits of the milk tea store have been replaced by paper straw, so that many netizens think "I am not used to": First, the paper straw is placed in the drink. It is easy to bubble soft, affecting it.

Second, some netizens feel that the paper strap will have a paper smell when drinking milk tea, reducing drinking taste. The third is that there is no plastic straw of paper straps to have sharp and tough, and it is very difficult to poke into the milk tea cup.

For those who love "bite tube", it is a disaster that lost pleasure … As of now, there is a happy # topic of the paper straws on Weibo. Most milk tea enthusiasts say that supports disabling plastic straws, but it is best to have a good alternative product, the experience of the paper straw is too bad.

  It is worth noting that there are still many merchants who use non-degradable disposable plastic products, and take-out outsourcing is basically a plastic bag, and fresh paper bags appear. At present, traditional plastic bags are generally medium per element, and can reduce the plastic bags per month. A fruit business household in Hangzhou said that it will not provide a free plastic bag, which will definitely affect business. For merchants who do small business, the bag prices will compress profits. It is understood that the "banned order" highlights the characteristics of systemic, synergistic and orderly, and is subjected to steps and subsequent fields.

For example, the marketing market is a normative and restriction using a non-degradable plastic bag, not for use.

At present, some vegetables, street breakfast shops, small supermarkets, etc., is still ordinary plastic bags.

The common roll bags in the supermarket fresh vegetable district are not in this prohibition.

  For the price of alternatives for public concern, Liu Jianguo, professor of Tsinghua University Environmental College, said that at this stage, the cost of degradable plastics will be higher, but still within acceptable range. As the capacity of degradable plastic products is expanded and the technical level is improved, the production cost will decrease after forming large-scale production in the future.

  Under the history of the most strict "plastic order", the degradable plastics industry also ushered in new business opportunities, and the market has great potential.

In the past ten years, my country’s degraded relevant enterprises (all enterprise states) have been stably up and increased.

As of now, data shows that my country’s current business scope includes "biodegradation, light degradation, chemical degradation, degradable", and nearly 8,400 degradable related enterprises in the industry, deposit, and move, and moved. Among them, nearly 2,300 copolysis related companies were added in 2020, an increase of 38% over last year.

  Relevant experts from the circular economy pointed out that we must use a lower price of environmentally friendly products to occupy the market, so that the cost of non-environmentally friendly plastic products is no longer advantageous, and therefore gradually replaces non-environmental products.

On the other hand, it is necessary to continuously improve the quality of environmentally friendly replacement products, such as many people mentioned in the paper straw experience, etc., so that the reduction has an ecological value while do not lose practicality and economy.

  In fact, no matter what alternatives, it is not true environmental protection.

In recent years, with the promotion of public environmental awareness, many consumers have developed the habit of their own shopping bags. Many merchants have provided consumers with non-woven environmentally friendly shopping bags, and the beautiful environmentally friendly shopping bags are designed to make shopping fashion.

Many people will take the initiative to choose "Don’t take a tableware" … Plastic pollution prevention, both the key content of ecological civilization, is also social responsibility for everyone.

I believe that under the "immediate action" of our people, "ban" can make "ban" to achieve real "reduction", so that the environment really better.

There are no new cases of neopral pneumonia in Shaanxi, the case of confirmed cases, the case of confirmed cases, 2 cases of confirmed cases – Comprehensive News

[Abstract] At 0-24 November 12th, there is no new report, the local diagnosis case, suspected case, invisible infection, confirmed cases, 7 cases (October 24, local confirmed cases 1, October 25 Published the local confirmed case).

At 0-24, November 12th, there was no new report. The local confirmed case, suspected case, invisible infection Case). At 0-24, November 12th, there was no new report, and there were 1 case of suspected cases, suspected cases, asymptomatic infection, and invoiced infection.

As of November 12, the accumulated report was 262 cases of local confirmed cases, 250 cases discharged, 9 cases in the hospital, 3 cases of death. As of 24:00 on November 12, 439 cases of confirmed cases in overseas, 430 cases were discharged, and 9 cases were in hospital.

408 cases of non-symptom infection in overseas, 51 cases of confirmed cases were confirmed, and 349 cases were released, and 8 cases of asymptomatic infections were still in medical observations. Source: Shaanxi Provincial Health Committee.

Protection "Water Tower" to raise "green lungs" Chengde pressed the sustainable development "accelerator"

  Hebei Chengde, is the birthplace of "Saihanba Spirit", is known as "North China Green Lung" "Jingjin Water Tower" and "The Capital Holiday Garden". Recently, the reporter learned from the Chengde Municipal Science and Technology Bureau that Chengde City is pressing the "Accelerator" for the Construction of the National Sustainable Development Agenda Innovation Demonstration Zone. In 2019, the State Council approved the city’s "Sustainable Development of Urban Swine Water Sources" as the theme for the theme of building a national sustainable development agenda innovation demonstration area, Chengde became one of the current six demonstration cities in the country. Since then, the economic and social development of Chengde City ushered in new major opportunities.

  Surveying the water conservation function is unstable, accurate and stable and decentralized difficulty, in the past two years, Chengde City has implemented the "water source cultivation capacity improvement, green industry, precise poverty alleviation, innovation ability", solid promoted 16 Engineering, 137 key project construction, Tree Tree created the "Saihanba mode" of ecological construction, accurately poverty alleviation, "Chengde Mountain", "Chengde Mountain Water Mode", etc. Highlights, the construction of the demonstration area has achieved remarkable results.

  Green Water Qingshan is the theme of Jinshan Yinshan Chengde Demonstration Zone Construction and the core in water, advantages and potential are also in water.

  The city has continued to deepen the governance of lake and lake system, and strongly promote the governance of the whole water. The forest coverage increased by 2018 to 60%, and the water quality rate of the 19 surface water countries will increase by 2018% to 100 %. "All 7 poverty-stricken counties are all out of the 936 poor villages, all of the poor people are all poverty, and the incidence of poverty is reduced by% in 2018 to 0" – this is the "deproteration question" that Chengde City. Chengde City focuses on the industry’s poverty alleviation, based on the "one-ring six band" industry layout and nine special poverty alleviation industries, and the implementation of the industrial poverty alleviation project, 238 poverty alleviation cooperation industries in the East and Western, the coverage of poverty alleviation industry reached 100%.

  In particular, through the development of forests under forest forest, the per capita will increase by 3,600 yuan, and thousands of people get rich. The establishment of 29 science and technology poverty alleviation expert service groups, and 350 universities were selected, more than 200 advanced applicable technologies and achievements were promoted, and more than 50,000 people were trained. Chengde also formulated 9 measures to improve employment and 11 subsidy policies, and in-depth implementation of "1 + 3 + 4" poverty alleviation training model, accumulating 10,000 people in poverty labor.

  Green industry added value accounts for the proportion of GDP to 50% from 39% in 2018, and the clean energy power installed has reached 7.54 million kilowatts, and is listed as national clean energy demonstration city.

  In the past two years, Chengde City adheres to cultural tourism as the first leading industry.

Create a number of new states such as ecotourism such as "No. 1 Scenic Avenue", successfully selected the country’s national tourism demonstration zone to create a city. The cultivation of large data, green food and biomedicine, special intelligent manufacturing three major industries, focusing on constructing the "3 + 3" leading industry and county "1 + 2" characteristic industrial system. The production capacity of Chengde Vanadium product accounts for 34% of the country, accounting for 16% of the world, and is based on the relying on the development of vanadium and titanium-titanium new materials and products, 4,500 tons of submetic salt method clean and efficient vanadium production lines. Promote the large data industry to develop, data mining, cleaning, analysis, and application. The four-in-one, the new innovative entrepreneurial platform helps high quality development data show that the Chengde City National Agricultural Leading Enterprises reach 7, home in the province; the agricultural industrialization operation rate reaches%, and the scientific and technological progress has reached 56% for economic growth. The city’s high-tech enterprises reach 221. "The General Office of the Hebei Provincial Government" issued a number of policy measures on the establishment of national sustainable development agenda in Chengde City, issued 5 aspects, 30 support policies.

Chengde City formulates "some policy measures on accelerating the construction of sustainable development agenda in Chengde", issued 7 respect for 36 support policies.

Cui Haitao, secretary of the party group of Chengde Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, said. In the past two years, Chengde City has actively constructed the new innovative entrepreneurial platform of "Research Institute + Technology Platform + Engineering Center + Incubation Center", 3 provincial-level high-tech district demonstration leads Further appearance, 11 provincial-level agricultural science parks realize the total all-rounding of the county; establish 264 innovation platforms such as the establishment of the workstation and engineering technology research centers. In addition, the regional collaboration innovation, and 76 colleges and universities such as Beijing-Tianjin, the establishment of long-term Cooperative relationship, attracting more scientific and technological achievements in Chengde hatching, 2020 technical contract transactions reached 100 million yuan.

  Implement a new concept, build a new pattern, Chengde City is being created into green mountains and is the benchmark of Jinshan Yinshan, which has created the high-quality development of high-quality development in developed regions, and built a model of sustainable development of urban stroke water sources. Provide operational, replicated, promotional Chinese experience, and induction of China’s experience in implementing the Sustainable Development Agenda for the global. (Editor: Mao Siyuan, Rona) Sharing let more people see.