“All right,Don’t keep going。”

“Actually, I already told you,why,You still won’t believe it?”
Now,Following Wang Teng’s words。
quickly,Wang Teng swiftly faced his eyes and started to shoot。
But in front of Wang Teng,These people,You can’t resist it at all。
But looking at these,Actually here,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, I didn’t think,What will look like this。
Just staring at me just a little bit,When seeing these,Wang Teng’s performance is very plain。
“Is it just this ability?,But I won’t talk about other issues for now,How to solve these problems?”
“I think,Should start with you!”
slowly,As Wang Teng finished,at this time,Wang Teng quickly started to shoot。
And in front of Wang Teng,Yang Zhiqiang in front of you,But there is no chance to react。
Because now,Wang Teng’s shot down。
Where’s Yang Zhiqiang in front of me?,I simply can’t bear such a force,The whole person banged,Fell directly to the ground。
See these,Actually Wang Teng,On the contrary, he was very calm。
These things,What’s up?
Actually Wang Teng,It feels very good,In fact, we should still consider how to solve these people。
And looked around,Wang Teng shook his head helplessly:“Ugh,After all,Still too weak。”

And Huang Rong also knows,Dumb sergeant to pick up Chu’s deer,So calculate the Chu Deirers should come today.!

In addition, add the agency around the peach flower.、Array,I am going to make Ouyang Feng should also have it to be……
As for Ouyangka,Will be eyeing yourself,In fact, Huang Rong doesn’t feel strange.——At Luoyang,The two also have one side,That is, the time in Pingxi Wangfu。
When Huang Rong took a step by step,I hit the Ouyangki in the middle,Ouyangk’s martial arts is higher than her high,However, Huang Rong still makes a fraud,Escape from his hand……Mainly, this is a greedy,Self-sufficient style,It’s really no hand to Huang Rong。
At that time, Huang Rong felt,This person looks at your eyes,Let her feel uncomfortable,So I didn’t mention the Chu Deirers.,Just say everything goes well。
Ouyang Feng heard Huang Rong’s words,Can’t help but,Then think that the medicine is usually very“evil”,This is the case that the tutor of Taohua Island is so,So there is no transverse reprimand,In turn:“it is good!Huang Nie female really scarf does not let the eyebrows,Rectification of this world,I want to come in Taohua Island, etc.,Also really no settlement……
But if so,Yellow nephew should not contact me with my nephew.?Yellow nephews don’t know,After he met you in Luoyang,But the tea is not thinking,I am this very uncle’s first time I see him.。”
“OK,Since Ouyang Shu is so saying,Then let you come in a person.!”Huang Rong will army。
Ouyangke Wen Yan,Turmy,But……
Ouyang Feng looked at this peach flower,Several stone statues slipped over the track,There is also vague,Stone statue、The door is hidden in the garden……How to dare to let your own monochri in adventure?
Even in the heart:This kind of medicine,Although it is better than the Junshan’s no-with brother,But I am afraid that it is not the case.!
at this time,Ouyangk can’t shout:“Yellow girl, but also remembered that Chu is too old.?When I have passed Lin’an before the uncle,I heard that he and the Song Ting’s county is struggling.,I am afraid that I have already set my mind to do horses.,Will not come to you。”
Before this, the uncle is passing by Lin’an.,But just just passing through,Nothing specially mixed,Naturally, I didn’t meet with Chu Deirers.,Even the group of jade people don’t know。
Huang Rong wondered yet,She knows,Chu Deirers are afraid that they are coming.,More believed that the horse is absolutely pulling——He can have that done?
only……The woody clearing on the side has been fired.,Also want to ask,However, it is stopped by Huang Rong:“Soil,Rational!Where is the unknual county!”
“Yellow niece,Old man as an elder,This is to advise you.,Less and some people who are not three……Since the medicine is not,That may wish to,Huang Zhen female and old man go to Luoyang,After that, wait for your father in Luoyang,So silence to be bullied!”Ouyang Feng has some picture poor to say。
Ouyangke Wen Yan,Can’t help but have some small excitement,But by his uncle, his father is angry.,Suddenly converged a lot……
Ouyang Feng self-sufficiency,Playing with a conspiracy, although there is no burden,But usually do things but still——Such as true“Please”Huang Rong to Luoyang,I will never let Ouyang Classes at this time.。
But just at this time,Just listen……
What are you afraid that,I can also hear this is awkward.,What’s more, Ouyang Feng usually attaches a similarity?,Ouyangk is more。
The two do not be born because it is,Instead, I heard the melodious song of this.,Come and clearly launched the room on the road,Family of famous!
As for those who are?
Ouyang Uncle nature will not be ignorant,Even because I just said this person’s bad words,Now directly“Caouse”,Slightly awkward。
“uncle,This song……”Ouyangke found that it is a bit limited by its own interest.。
After all, he is most thinking now is,It is rushing in to put Huang Rong“Please”Come out and pity,But uncle did not agree,even……From him to see uncle father,His uncle is agreed,Also ask him not to pay more,One is from being able to lose his people on the island,Since it is necessary to be a friend,Still and your own“Old friend”Parents,That should still receive the heart。
Therefore, Ouyangku is not good.,Under the song of the lake,Also getting more。
Ouyang Feng Wen Wen Ye wrinkled,Whiskey:“Keep the heart,This song is not a way to confuse the heart.,You can’t even stand this,In the future, the Bihai tide of the brother will be held.?”
At the same time, Ouyang Feng is under the song of Swordsman.,Not too many different colors,even……Ouyang Feng faintly affedified——He doesn’t think,Now I will give Ouyangku.,What can be lofty!
Although I guessed this song,Affirmation is greater about the help of Chu Deirers,But Ouyang Feng’s self-sustaining the demeanor,There is no meaning of interruption。

Xia Jian was thinking about this,The car is driving fast。Unconsciously,Wait for him to be present,The car has arrived in Pingyang Town。Ma Yan was discharged from the hospital the other day,I don’t know what Xiping Village will look like now?

Can’t hold back,Xia Jian a direction,The car drove into the town government compound in Pingyang Town。The janitor saw that Xia Jian was here,He greeted him and said:“Chief Xia!Mayor Tong and Secretary Lu,Secretary Wei and they went to Xiping Village together,Not long away”
“Oh!Then I won’t go in”Xia Jian said,And turned the car around,Drove back to Donglin Township。
at the same time。Inside the office in Xiping Village,Secretary Wang and Tong Jie sitting on the sofa drinking tea。Song Fang Zhang Luo before and after running,She looks very enthusiastic。
Several village officials from Xiping Village were summoned,It’s not because Song Fang wants to be the village head。Tong Jie originally thought,This will be delayed for a while beforehand,Wait for Ma Yan’s injury to recover completely,Maybe there is still room for maneuver。But what he didn’t expect was,Just this morning,Secretary Lu suddenly found him,He said he was coming to Xiping Village。
Tong Jie listened,Then she must come。Because she knows,Secretary Lu wants to appoint Song Fang as the acting village head of Xiping Village。It sounds okay,But Tong Jie knows。Once Song Fang becomes the acting village chief,,Then she is not far from the village head。
“Everyone heard me say a few words。The development of our Xiping Village,Very delightful,This is the result of everyone working together。As the saying goes”Birds do not fly without a head,Fish headless“。Ma Yan was injured for a while,She won’t come to work,Will affect the normal movement of Xiping Village”
“ I think we should choose an acting village head,Temporarily acting as an agent for Ma Yan。Of course,We only need to choose one of the two deputy village chiefs。Organizational research decision,The acting village chief is still…”
“No need to choose,I will start work today”With sound,Ma Yan strode in。
Ma Yan’s arrival,The most surprised people are Song Fang and Secretary Lu。Song Fang looked at Ma Yan,Can’t help but say:“The villagers said you don’t work as the village chief,How are you?”Woman excited,The brain is messed up。Song Fang said something like this,It means she is really messed up。
“how?Once I came to your village head, I couldn’t be?”Ma Yan asked back。
Song Fang’s face immediately turned red like a piece of red cloth,She really wanted to find a hole in the ground。Anyway,She is also a face-saving person。I didn’t expect it to be like this,What a shame。
Secretary Lu’s face is also very ugly,He glanced at Ma Yan,Said coldly:“Didn’t you say that your injury is serious??Why are you so anxious?”
“This is the discharge certificate issued by the doctor”Ma Yan said,I really took out a piece of paper from my bag and put it on her desk。

Ye Xuan chooses to redeem directly,quickly,In Ye Xuan’s mind,Some cool moves,It appeared in Ye Xuan’s mind。

Not long,Ye Xuan felt,I am full of strength。
but,Ye Xuan’s health,Only two days and twenty hours left。
“No way,Now I have to find a way to earn some health points.。”
“I have more than 20 yuan left on my body,hungry,Buy something to eat。”
Ye Xuan took a look,not far away,There is a Shaxian snack。
it’s here,All you can eat。
Ye Xuan go in,Straight up:“boss,A duck leg rice,Another steamed dumpling,And then another bottle of coke。”
Duck Leg Rice 14,Six steamed dumplings,Three dollars on iced coke。
just,Spend Ye Xuan’s money。
When Ye Xuan handed the money to the boss,The owner of Shaxian Snacks looked at Ye Xuan in a daze。
“you,You give me money?”
what happened,Don’t eat,No need to pay?
Ye Xuan took a look,Some doubts。
around,Staff of Shaxian Snacks,Very excited。
“Really nice,Our shop,I’ve escaped orders more than fifty times。”
“Yes,It seems,In this world,There are still more good people。”
“Suddenly feel,This little guy is so handsome,Don’t know little brother,Do you have a girlfriend,Mind if you take the kids?”

Li Hui looked at Xu Ruzhen’s serious look.,Also nodded。

“it is good,The sister is waiting for me.。”
Say,He is also a bathroom.。
Looking at Li Hui, it is still as the monkey like it.,Xu Ruzhen can’t help but laugh,At the same time, I also took out the clothes that I have already prepared from Li Hui’s style. I have prepared it to the other side.。
“I will take a shower and don’t wear your clothes.,I have bought you for your clothes.,Do you understand?”
Li Huihe heard this,Also a glimpse,Tight it is laughing:“Know the sister。”
Li Hui, which is again out,But it is found that Xu Ruzhen has been replaced with a translucent lace bag hip skirt.。
The beauty of the hiddenness is simply better than the beautiful scenery that is fully present.。
Even Li Hui is dressed in Xu Ruzhen, and suddenly understands why people often don’t say it is the best.。
This scene in front of you has completely interprets it.。
Li Hui, I can’t help but swallow a sight.。
And the sound of this swallowed water just let Xu Ruzhen listened to the clear。
“How long have you been seeing me??
“姐, you may not know,I miss the day of my sister.,That is the day of the day.,You have to say this,I may have not seen the sister for decades.。”
“Ok,You first change your clothes first,For a while, let you know what is the day of live gods.。”
Xu Ruzhen said this,Also use the fiber-optic jade point directly above Li Hui’s lips。
I have not seen it for a long time.,Li Hui Feng where to stay in this temptation。
“Sister,I think now!”
Say,Li Hui is also the same as the clothes that Xu Ru, who is handed over.,Then hold the soft person。
Facing the monkey of Li Hui,Xu Ruzhen also felt a soft。
She is actually can’t wait for her heart.。
But after all, she is a woman.,Some things don’t want to be too active,Can’t be too active。
If she doesn’t want,It will not take Li Hui to take a bath directly.。
slowly,She also cooperates with it.。
Two snakes began entangled together。
soon,Li Hui is directly picked up.,Then go straight to the big bed in the house。
First spring rain is silent,Then Xia Yu gently knocked on the lotus leaf,The sound tapped in the autumn rain tapped in the window until the last,Hail falls,The violent 噼 啪 让 让 让 不 美 美 景。
After a long time,Xu Ruzhen succeeded。
And Li Hui also feels easy。
“breeze,You said that you have to be with me every day.!”
“Sister,I also like to be with you every day.。”
I heard Li Hui’s words,The tenderness in Xu Ru 芸 蜜 蜜 意 般 般 般 般。

This time at the invitation of Old Man Dong,He followed Zhong Sanpu out of the mountain again,Unexpectedly, there have been earth-shaking changes outside,No longer the pavilions in his memory、Small bridge and flowing water,Or horse racing outside the Great Wall,Yiqi Juechen。

The world becomes too lively,Too busy,Too crowded and noisy,And all kinds of weird things,He has never heard of,Dizzy,Not what he should have in his memory,Of course there are the most disappointed,That is, the mortal world has no aura,Sure enough, the decline is irreversible,This made him invisible with fear。
Qingyang Jianzong has not formally organized young disciples to join the WTO for more than 100 years.,Master Chi Huo Taoist from Zhong Sanpu was accidentally murdered,After returning to the sect with serious injuries, he has been closed for treatment,And handed down an oracle,Disciples inside the door are not allowed to go out again,The entire Qingyang Sword Sect was sealed off from the world。
What he doesn’t know is,Not only Qingyang Jianzong,At that time, the well-known big sects were not dead,They chose to escape,Almost in just a few decades,The authentic school of practice is extinct in the world,It’s hard to hear any rumors about the world of practice anymore。
Within a few years,Old Sect Master Chihuo Taoist finally failed to survive the injury,Telling Zhong Miura before his death,Escape from the world is compelling,Because avoiding too long will cause big problems,But the outside world has changed too much,Reiki exhausted,Will even die soon,The fortunes of the mortal world have changed,The world is unpredictable,So temporarily cancel the rules of the mountain sect disciples going out to practice,If there is no extremely important reason,Or there are no major practitioners in the sect again,Even the new suzerain cannot step out of the mountain gate。
See from this,Hudao people are still lucky,He joined the WTO at least twice,I have seen the red world outside,And his juniors have never been to Luoshan since they came to Zongmen,So I have naive views on many issues,Even idiot,It’s also possible。
“The outside world?。”The Taoist Hugh licked his dry mouth, trying to organize his vocabulary,“Very wonderful,and also……very scary。”
“very scary?”The two monks almost spoke in unison。
“Is terrible,Because this world is already on the verge of destruction。”The concept of the Taoist Hugh seems extremely depressed,“That demon is indeed an extraterritorial god,But what you don’t know is,Many gods and demons have come to our world,Sovereign is absent,The two juniors have been in retreat,I have just returned to the mountain gate,These words will only be chatted between my brothers and sisters,Don’t talk about it。”
The two monks saw that Taoist Hugh looked very serious,I can’t help but feel awful,Nodded cautiously。
So Taoist Xiu told about his experience of going down the mountain with Zhong Miura.,From Wuming Mountain to Xinglong Mountain in the South,From the Northern Wasteland to Huhe City,All the battles,Almost all the people from Hugh attended,But it focuses on the space rift and the war of blood,Almost all experiences are inseparable from a person’s name,That is Li Tianzhi,He is also the key figure in the disaster of Qingyang Jianzong.。
“What is the relationship between this person and that demon??”
“As far as i know,It’s an endless hatred relationship,But what’s behind,I can’t tell。”
“I think it’s just a disguise,I rushed to them to fight Master Uncle,The position is naturally consistent,What else to say。”

Mr. Zhang hurriedly turned his head to Xia Jian。Xia Jian patted the sofa beside him and said:“Sit down and talk!I want to hear what your specific thoughts are like?“

“I think the first phase of Donghu Park is almost ready,It’s a bit overfried again“Manager Zhang said,Sat down。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Correct!Since you can see it,We have to warm up one last time,Better to choose a good day,Of course this information must be released first。Long queues will appear on the first day of the pre-sale,And it’s a status quo that has to wait until late at night,Of course, this matter needs media attention,Need a lot of coverage“
“I’m afraid this long queue is not guaranteed!“Manager Zhang said,I looked at Xia Jian with embarrassment,He knew that if Xia Jian said that,Must have his own。
Sure enough, Xia Jian smiled and said:“Make some noise within the company first,Let’s say that the first phase of Donghu Park’s housing is based on the leading employees,Then Yunmao Group,External sales,And it’s limited pre-sale,Form a traffic jam。Long queue,You can hire navy,You have to master this degree,Can’t let me do it!”
Manager Zhang,Suddenly realized,He laughed:“President Xia is really an expert,This method has,I will resign if the first phase of Donghu Park’s sales are not popular.”
Seeing Manager Zhang vowed,Xia Jian smiled and said:“You need to work on this,Especially the mercenary navy,You have to do it yourself,Make it airtight,Otherwise, if this matter is messed up,,Everything is over”
“President Xia, rest assured,I know what to do。I will make a plan,Send your email later,You have to help me check again”Manager Zhang finished,Hurriedly walked away。
Gu Yue watched Manager Zhang go out,She smiled and said:“these people,When you are not here,All the cowhide,Look now,I feel they can’t do anything”
“Maybe I will hurt them,They should learn to walk by themselves,Otherwise, our leadership will have to die hard”Xia Jian said,Stood up。
Gu Yue glanced at Xia Jian who was a little tired,Lower your voice and say:“You dealt with so many things today,Go back and rest first!Anyway, I will get off work in more than an hour”
Xia Jian thought for a while,Feel right,So I got up and went downstairs。Which big Ben he just jumped on,Suddenly the phone in my pocket rang,He took out a look,See is a strange number,He wants to hang up,But feel wrong,So it was connected。
“Hey!who are you?What’s the matter?”This is Xia Jian’s usual oral language when answering the phone。
There was a ring of laughter like silver bells on the phone,Then there was a nice voice from a woman:“Oh, Mr. Xia!You won’t know me if you don’t see me for two days,I am Cheng Huiling,You can’t say you don’t know me!”

Of course, he didn’t teach internal martial arts from his previous life,It is a combination of the many methods of exercising in the Magnolia mainland,Also learn from each other,And blend into your own‘The Mystic Explosion’The new version of the art of art,Of course with the habits of this world,named《Cannon Fist Secret Code》。

Although Little Dia is young,But you can still take a glance《Cannon Fist Secret Code》Put out,Although it is away from stepping into the world,Artistic conception between moves(law)Far away,But considering that he has only been exposed to this style for a month,Can barely fight,Still surprised Wright。
Just when Wright pointed Dia,A housekeeper who looked more than 40 years old walked into the courtyard out of breath。
“what happened,Fred Butler!”Wright joked。Fred is not a butler,It’s Wright who got information from Karl,For my sister with a high salary‘private teacher’。Yes,This Mr. Fred used to be a sixth grade student at the No. 1 School of Magic in Poon,Then I learned that Wright, a super genius, wanted to find one for his sister‘private teacher’,Simply apply for graduation,Take refuge in Wright。
“Mr. Wright!”Since I took refuge,Not in terms of title‘Brother’So called,Of course with Wright’s reputation,Even the teachers of the college have to be called respectfully。
“Mr. Wright,It seems that the three princes of the empire are coming to find you!”Fred is a pure magician,Average physical fitness,All the way from the door,I can’t catch my breath。
“Three Princes!”Wright’s eyes lit up,It seems that the teacher said‘Negotiate with Sistanda for one or two’All right。
Chapter 22 Position
In the living room,Wright saw this‘Third Prince of the Empire’。
The third prince of the empire is a big fat man with silver-gray hair。Yes,Not strong but fat!His gorgeous clothes don’t seem to hold up the fat,My face is plump,It seems very kind。
And as far as Wright knows,The personal strength of the third prince seems to be very average。
Sixth level fighter,A good master among ordinary people,But for the royal family who has huge resources,Really a bit worse,The Ninth Prince of the Empire who was much younger last time,Strength level 7 fighters!
But although the strength is low,But the three princes of the empire are an important external role of the empire.。
Compared with the nine princes who met Wright last time,The third prince is much older,Almost two hundred years old,With his strength,Even with very high status,There are many treasures to maintain,You can live for 30 to 40 years at most。
But it’s because of his age,Can’t live long,His Majesty the current emperor is enough to rest assured,Even out of compensation,Give him a lot of power and affairs to handle,After all, he has a high probability of not surviving the contemporary emperor with the strength of that ninth-level fighter。
Instead, I want to see Wright last time‘Nine Princes’,The grade is much smaller,Stronger,There is also the possibility of inheriting the throne,But the actual status and authority are much lower than him!

It’s hard for Fang Yu!

“Dad,I toast you!”
Fang Yu holding juice,Clink glasses with dad。
If it wasn’t for parents’ encouragement,,Fang Yu may not be today。
of course,There are also reasons for meeting Master!
But where is the master now?
While they are eating,Fang Yu’s phone rang。
It’s from Zhang Yue,Said there was a document forgotten,I hope Fang Yu can get it from Zhang Yue。
“I’m eating,Will pass!”
Finished,Fang Yu hung up。
Pan Yulin curiously said。
On the phone,Obviously a girl’s voice。
Very nice!
The appearance is not too bad!
Fang Yu embarrassed:“Beauty in the car dealership,There are still documents……”
“Is a good girl not?I know you and Lao Guo’s daughter are out of play……If it’s good,Just try to develop。We don’t want you to get married quickly。

Take a breather,Li Tianchou looked up at the top,Hu Dehai is gone,The thick canopy of dark branches and leaves has only one spot of light,Shaking,There seems to be a living thing moving,These two guys should be on the top of the cliff,There is a little comfort in my heart right now。

The next step is a difficult choice,Guo Yaowu and Yuan Hua,Can only take one,Infer from time,This is only theoretical,Zhang Zhiqiang will look back anytime,So Li Tianchou turned his mind,Naturally, Yuan Hua who still has hope of treatment will be taken away。
He quickly removed the rags from Guo Yaowu’s body,Then twist it into a simple thick rope,Tied Yuan Hua on his back,After bowing silently to Guo Yaowu three times,Turn around and pull the thick vine branches and fly up。
Crazy shooting is still very deterrent,The chasing soldiers have not been seen,Li Tianchou, who was in pain all over, didn’t know how he managed to reach the top of the cliff,I just feel full of gold stars,The hand holding the cane is trembling too,And that tiny spot of light has become a disc,Hu Dehai is looking down with his head stretched out。
Get help from each other,Li Tianzhen finally turned over the cliff,The hanging heart is also let go,It can be said to be lucky,It can also be said that Zhang Zhiqiang is too afraid of death,Otherwise, it’s really a matter of two things whether you can come out alive。
After Yuan Hua was relieved,Li Tianzhen lay on the ground and gasped like a dead fish,Can’t speak at all,Eyeballs stare round,My chest hurts like a heart-piercing lung,And Hu Dehai rushed to the doctor,Forcing the white coat to touch Li Tianzhen’s chest and back,Tossing and sweating, I didn’t find out why。
“okay,Don’t do it……Cough。”Li Tianzhen finally got his breath,Just suffered the impact of the aftermath of the hand bud,Then I ran with Yuan Hua on my back,Then climb the cliff,Didn’t stop for a moment,All with a breath and terrifying potential,Even Superman can’t hold it。
Two stop,Look at Li Tianzhi,Look at Yuan Hua again,At a loss。
“do not worry……Cough,Yuan Hua will not hurt us,Help me up。”
Hu Dehai slapped open the hand of the white coat,Carefully lifted up Li Tianzhen and sat halfway,“Better now?”
Li Tianzhen can’t hear the sound,Self-regulating posture,Then he drew the pistol from his waist。
“What are you doing?”Hu Dehai is worried。
“Blow up this demon vine!”Although Li Tianchou is temporarily deaf,But I understand what Hu Dehai wants to say。
“What about Guo Yaowu?”Hu Dehai pointed his hand down the cliff。
“No chance。”Li Tianchou shook his head for a moment,Then slowly climb to the edge of the cliff,Lean over,The gun was aimed at the front of the root of the old vine tree at the bottom of the cliff,Despite the distance,But the position is firmly imprinted in his mind。