Chu Deer estimation,Considering his poisonous work?Really encountering people without special toxic means,Even if it is the level of Yue Yue?Who is a deer?。

certainly,If there is a toxic means?The tree is the peak、Yue Lao San’s level。
“Small teacher,You still shoot first.!Don’t say that the brothers, I didn’t give you a chance.。”Picking the stars say it is self-contained.。
In his heart?Now I have to do it now.?It’s nothing more than borrowing a small teacher.?Make sure other disciples don’t dare to resist yourself!
“Brother……You said,How can I be your opponent??And the teacher, I never thought about it.,What to fight with you?。”A purple said,Lightly,Drawing small red on shoulders,Flying out to welcome the enemy。
See no effect,Still quietly reaching out in a small red back——She looks like the Chu Deirers.。
Xiaohong disappointing out,Falling on the tree,After that, it seems that it can’t see Azi.!
Chu Tai Year’s bird is unreliable!——A Zi is somewhat desperate……
“Hey,In fact, if you are not a teacher, you are committed to such a big mistake.,For brothers, you will not be your hand.,Since you don’t want to first,That brother can do it first.!”
I saw that the star said,Aquard sleeve,Two groups of people with big green fire blocks,One left and right pocket,I hit it to Ai。
Aizi is quickly connected to the wolf to avoid……
Don’t say,A Zi is really a lot of machine,What is the name of us?,But this coat is climbed,Be some“Snake travery”the meaning of。
Although thrilling,But after all, I escaped two regiments.。
But this two groups of green fire,One left and one right,A bumper on a thick ancient tree,Two-interest kung fu,The other falls on the rock,Burned a deep pit!
at the same time,Siwei,And trees、Rock melting color,None, this is not a stars, it can really practice the inner to integrated iron.,But this green fire、In fact, it is a poisonous fire。
Temperature is only afraid of it is below the ordinary tire、bonfire,Just use to urge corrosive virulence,Truly terrible,Also poisonous!
Picking stars This is a typical poisonous work.,Not only your internal force is poisonous,And use some special props,Can play more stronger than your own martial arts,At the same time, the more of the martial arts、The larger the likelihood that is self-contained。
For A violet to avoid your attack,Picking stars is slightly surprised,Originally he wants to control the face and clothes that burn into Azi、Continuous with flesh,Make it pain but not fatal,Can brush more“majesty”。
So, for yourself, you are not serious.,Picking stars although accidents,But not acceptable。
“hehe,The little teacher is always hidden.!”Picking stars。
Surrounding disciple,At this time, I also have a good way.“Xiaoyan is fast,Don’t delay the time of your brother”、“Master brothers and gods,Firefly dare to fight with the moon”、“Brother,Let the brothers open a eye.!”
A Zi didn’t have time to accuse him.,Dead staring at the star……
When this time picking stars and then shoot,Six fires simultaneously,Blocking all the avoidance routes that Azi can see。
A loose happiness is not hiding,As a result, I will hit the wrist.。
Even if it is falling on the sleeves,Burning by this poison,I am still finished by my arms.。
But just at this time,A purity is suddenly feeling,A shake seems to have endless internal strength,From 自己 田、Palace、Mud pill,Three……
at this moment,Azi feels,Perhaps your true protagonist?It is the ancestral star……Do not,Is the queen of the whole martial art!
But just at the next moment,A purple saw,Above endless ocean,One“Ancestral、Three ways”Xian Mountain,There is a god stone,At this time, this god is broken.,I only see a top of it.,Look at it carefully……It’s not true?
Chapter 390 Ferry
Aizi feels that he must be crazy.,I didn’t see Chu Deiren Xia Guang.,Hurried out from the stone?
And I have to recognize,It is also this gods and broken.,Drive Pei Ran’s endless internal force,Erouting in your own body!

“Hey-hey,Dry,Such a good thing is sure,Since it is determined,I don’t want you to suffer,I will take five thousand pieces of living expenses in the early stage.,The rest of the money, I invite the workers to drink some small wine together.,After all, I have to do a good relationship with them.,If it is impossible,I am looking for you.。”

Li Hui Feng did not think of Zhang Duomo and did not speak,Still left yourself。
“Row,You can find it directly to find me.,Waiting for a while, I will get a contract.,Then sign you with you。”
soon,Li Hui Hui will discuss the next thing with Zhang.。
Zhang Duo also did not expect that Li Hui’s head is actually installed so many business philosophy.,He can’t help but admire each other,The other party can be a boss,Not unreasonable。
“Hey-hey,Lee Boss,What you mean is free to renovate people in the previous period.?”
Chapter 533 meeting
I heard a lot of Li boss,Li Hui is also a smile。
He didn’t think that Zhang Duo’s positioning is so accurate.。
“Hey-hey,Haven’t you hear it, the free is the most expensive??
And our free is not really free.,I just say free to renovation,But if you are satisfied with your money,If you are not satisfied, then we will be renovated for free.。”
Li Hui’s words make Zhang a lot of feelings feel unreliable。
“Then if they are not satisfied,We are not lost.?”
“Will not lose too much,We are just artificial,But material money is still from themselves,Of course, it is best not to open this head.,I am also afraid that I can’t control it.,The reason why I have this kind of plan,It’s all afraid that you can’t start at first.,If you can carry out,Who will get free?”
Heard this,Zhang a lot of heart is also a breather。
After all, if you really have free,He didn’t have a power,Not to mention the big cake of Li Fei Feng.。
“Row,Do not worry,I have a record.,However, I will not use it for free to renovate this trick.,With this mouth,I have to be happy.。”
“Hey-hey,That line,The choice of the person is good, you will do it yourself.,I let Yang Li cooperate with you.。”
Everyone in the engineering team is now managing Yang Li.,Although I just start today,But Li Hui Feng is confident in Yang Li.。
Zhang Duo heard that Li Hui Feng said this.,It is also a little bit to express my agreement.。
Things to explain this,Li Hui Feng is going back to get ready.。
After all, Xu Ruzhen gave three days for three days.,He doesn’t want to be true to go on the third day.,He is ready to go to county tomorrow to find Ru Ru。
What is the first time I said that the other party is also gave him.,There are also those words that each other in front of him.,He also knows the other party is a very unfortunate girl.,Growing up from the countryside,Even returning to the big family,big family,But in the end, it became a tool for marriage.。
And she has been rebellious,Otherwise, those clothing stores in the county will not have to open the way,Can’t do bigger,It is complete because the family has not given enough support.。
If you support it in place,She feels that they can become a famous brand of international。
Although some exaggeration,But I heard the design awards obtained by Xu Ruzhen.,He feels that it should be。
Back to the yard,Li Hui’s own simple cleaned,Then I started cultivating。
Until the next morning,He opened his eyes。
This time Qin Su Ya’s departure,Let his heart become more powerful,Even when the exercise is cultivated, enter the kind of empty state is more durable.。
One grass around the grass,He can feel it even if he closed his eyes.,Can even be said。
This state did not achieve it at all before.。

“Combat skills-Suffocate!”Yunkong came up to directly use the killer move,All the points of the attack are the throat,Restricted areas like the heart,You will be killed if you are careless。

Fuming eyes become cold“Humph,It’s vicious to start!”
“Combat skills-Blood knife”Yunkong’s sword swept through,Fuming raised the halberd to block the offensive,But was beaten back by two steps,A hint of joy appeared in Yunkong’s eyes,Suppress him like this!
Shook his hand,A little serious。
“Yep?It seems that Ye Fuming has been suppressed!”
“Humph,Suppress him?You think too much”
“What do you mean?”
“Some hunters like to play with their prey like this,When the prey thinks to suppress the hunter,The hunter suddenly subdued the prey,How do you feel?”Eight holes slowly make a sound。
Bald head sneered at this kind of thing“cut,Fancy”
But he said that,Fuming is a bit wronged,He won’t be so perverted,He just wants to know how Yunkong’s power and speed are,And now Fuming’s heart has a little bit。
“Hey,So you can do it!”Yunkong carried the big knife on his shoulder,Full of disdain。
Fuming doesn’t care“The show has just begun!”
“Ah”Yunkong continues to rush towards Fuming,He wants to cut off all the hands and feet of Ye Fuming,Present all this as a gift to the young master!
Before he got close to Fuming,Fuming waved the halberd and stirred up a storm,Envelop it,Yunkong stretches out his hands to protect his eyes“Ye Fuming!It’s useless for you to hide inside!”
“Who told you i’m going to hide,go with!”Fuming rushed the storm into the clouds,Yunkong wants to move,But these strong winds,So he dare not move!
“what is this,This Ye Fuming has arrivedCNo more?”People underneath are talking,Are all suspecting Ye Fuming’s arrivalCLevel awakened wind attribute。
“this is notCPower,It’s just that Ye Fuming uses the halberd in his hand,Strong airflow,of course,It may also be due to combat skills!”Eight holes pointed out the cause。
“Really good!”

Pantech as an outsider,Still need to be cautious,The alarm is of course the first choice,It seems that Officer Zhou can be trusted。But the downside seems to be more,Since the start of the commercial street project,Consecutive accidents,I was so stigmatized by public opinion that didn’t know the truth,If the poisoning of migrant workers is exposed,Corporate image will be severely damaged,Really dilemma。

Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Eight It happened suddenly
“It seems Mr. Hua hasn’t considered it yet,If nothing else, I’ll go back。”Li Tianchou saw Hua Yun silent,Look hard,It is also necessary to leave some time for her to consider。
“No need to think about it,Just ask,How sure are you?”Hua Yun responded quickly,Li Tianchou hasn’t left the office yet,Stopped again。
Hua Yun’s question is almost the same as Lao Yan?It’s just a different tone。Li Tianchou slowly shook his head,“do not know。”
“Ok,Talk about your details。In addition,What do you need me to do?”
Li Tianchou was very surprised by the change in Huayun’s attitude,It’s totally different in just a second or two,And I can see that she made up her mind。This strong woman’s mind is really elusive,But very courageous,The decision to kill is only in an instant。Since the other party doesn’t shoot,I was a desperate world,There is nothing to worry about。
“Very simple,Don’t move Li Desheng temporarily,Follow the vine。”Li Tianchou’s tone is relaxed,But say here,He looked directly at Hua Yun,“But once the opponent is dug out,Do you have a good way?”
“Just dig it out,Leave the rest to me。”Hua Yun looked at him confidently,Seems confident。
“Don’t overspeak,Since the other party dared to toss like this,By no means an ordinary cat or dog。”Li Tianchou reminded me quite playfully,Withdraw his eyes。
“This matter is kept secret for now,Only the two of us know。”Hua Yun also reminded,Did not refute or argue。
Li Tianchou nodded,Left the office。
Looking at Li Tianchou’s back,Hua Yun is actually a little weak。If it is a normal business war,No matter what kind of tricks competitors use、Loss move,She can respond with confidence。But similar to poisoning、Hit someone、Hooliganism,She can do nothing。If you don’t use the power of the family,,She asked herself that there was nothing she could do。
The migrant workers are still making noise,Li Desheng is naturally sparing no effort to fan the flames,It’s almost a day,Everyone did not go to work normally。Comrade Lao Yan anxiously asked Li Tianchou several times,What happened to the company?,But did not get a satisfactory answer,He just died down and did not show up。
Because at noon,Several groups of people went out to buy food without encountering any danger,So dinner time,The workers are also bolder,Leaving the construction site in twos and threes looking for food。
Li Tianchou is very sensitive,He realized that many workers were shaken by the incitement,Not even getting a normal job,If someone has another accident at this time,That’s definitely a fatal blow to everyone’s confidence in staying on the site。
If not unexpected,Li Desheng should be moving at this time,So Li Tianchou kept staring at him。really,Seeing people are almost out,Li Desheng, who was playing cards, suddenly got up and said hello to Da Xiong, and walked out of the work shed to the outside of the construction site.。
Li Tianchou casually found an excuse,Say hello to the Dakun brother beside me,Also left the shed。

At first,These ice crystal arrows quickly vaporize before they get close to the firebird,But I can’t hold the arrows flying like a rainstorm,Endless,Finally broke through the hottest outer layer of the Firebird,Puff puff shot into the firebird body,And the cluster of arrows flying from behind,The arrow body is bigger,Li Tan did the opposite,Strike strength gradually increased,The firebird was cut to pieces at a speed visible to the naked eye,Even the huge golden ball on the neck didn’t let go。

Golden Crow Twelve could not resist first,Scream,Spit out a big mouthful of dark golden blood,The body fell from the air upside down,Jinwu 13,It hid behind the firebird and was hit directly by the cluster of ice crystal arrows,First circling and struggling,Finally fall straight to the cloud。
Firebird form can no longer be maintained,Crashed,Jinwu Laoliu was thrown into the sky at the far end of Huangting Island by a huge impact,Missing。
Soon rained and cleared,Li Tan defended the unshakable position of Tianzun,This is just a contest of spiritual energy,Did not use any other magical techniques,But this is already the only complete battle for Li Tan seen by most people present.。
The defeat of the Golden Crow sisters was so terrible that many people did not expect it,Most of the royal family who wanted to take advantage of the fire smashed down like a frosty eggplant,Li Tan made a statement,The status of a teenager will be unmovable,And there is a Golden Crow Palace next to it,It is said that the golden crow boss who has been suppressed for thousands of years is even more vicious,The Holy Emperor also took a lot of means to suppress it.。
The scene is silent,Li Tan received the huge shield and still stood on the spot,Everyone looked up at the young man holding the black fireball full of violent aura,All kinds of thoughts at a time,But you can only think about it in your head,Can no longer be implemented。
The seventh emperor suddenly burst into tears,The old body fell on the clouds,And others in the royal family who feel the same way are also crying,Miserable,As if a catastrophe is imminent。
Bang,The terrifying vibration makes the whole world of freedom tremble,The black fireball was finally completely embedded in the huge white jade ring,Glorious in an instant,Five-color circulation,The foundation stone of the sacred fire is like the sun in the sky,Dazzling bloom。
Holy Fire Temple Resurrection,It indicates that the gods are the leading、Suppressing the relics of the Five Elements Palace ends in a round of fate,Final fiasco。
Hey,There was a sigh from the sky,A big golden hand slowly stretched out from the clouds,Carefully avoid the flames enveloped by the foundation stone of the Holy Fire,Seemingly inadvertently swing,Three golden birds appeared at the fingertips,It’s the sixth Golden Crow who was badly injured、twelve、thirteen。
Li Tan’s complexion is extremely unnatural,Very tight body,I always have the idea of turning my head and running away,And the Golden Crow Sacred Palace next to the boy has long been worshipped,“Jin’er Meets the Ancient God。”
“Since I’m out of trouble,Also by the number of days,Don’t worship me,Good for oneself。”
A loud voice sounded,But the big golden hand slowly returned to the cloud with three golden birds。
“Ancient god walking slowly,Jiner has something to say。”
“Love is gone,It’s better not to say。”Voice becomes misty,The big golden hands are completely gone。

She wore a beautiful cheongsam,Covered with a high-quality fur,Looks like a noble lady。Xia Jian glanced at Wang Yihua,Haha smiled:“President Wang!You dress like this,I thought it was Mrs. President who came”

“That’s good,What you want is this effect。The county magistrate is coming today,We can’t lose his face,You have to tie your tie in a while!”Wang Yihua smiled,Xia Jian who approached。
A nice smell drifted into Xia Jian’s nose downwind,He couldn’t help but wrinkle his nose。Wang Yihua took the opportunity to laugh and said:“Smell good!The real evening scent of Paris”
“Yo!President Wang is really a high-quality life,Even the perfume is imported,Looks like we are outdated“Xia Jian laughed and glanced at Guo Meili。
Wang Yihua suddenly said with a straight face:“Hey Mr. Xia!I’m ugly to the front。You asked me to invest three times in total,It can be said that I spent all my money,starting from tomorrow,I can eat with you“
“Okay!Bring a big beauty every day,I’m full without eating“Xia Jian and Wang Yihua were joking,Walked towards the podium。
Just arrived at nine o’clock,County Chief Liu’s car is here,Everyone greeted,Invited him to the guest seat。Xia Jian first said something passionate,Then I asked County Mayor Liu to say a few words。The groundbreaking ceremony begins,A few new shovels tied with red cloth are already in place,With the slogan of County Mayor Liu,Everyone moved their hands。
This beautiful moment,This moment of great significance,With the flashing of the flash, all stayed in the reporters’ cameras。Salute,Singing,Groundbreaking ceremony reached*。
Waiting for everyone to send County Mayor Liu into the car,Xia Jian discovered,There are so many people here。
Guo Meili took Xia Jian aside and said:“I secretly hired a Feng Shui master,He told us to start work on time at 12 noon。Now mechanical equipment,And all the staff are on standby,Then you can give orders!“
Xia Jian didn’t expect Guo Meili to do this trick again,But she did it for the good of the company。So he laughed and said:“Ok!Remind me when it’s time“
Xia Jian glanced at his watch after speaking,I found it was less than eleven o’clock,It seems that he has been waiting on the construction site。Most of the technicians in the engineering team are transferred from the group,Many of them know Xia Jian。So Xia Jian went to the engineering team,Took a look at their accommodation。
Strolled around,It’s a few minutes before twelve o’clock。Xia Jian quickly stepped onto the rostrum,Look at the watch,It’s twelve o’clock,With his strong voice:“start“Outgoing。The whole construction site suddenly boiled,The roar of the machine,With the shouts of workers,Make it lively here suddenly。
Come to see the people of Qingshan County,To form a big circle here。Maybe this kind of lively scene is rare in the local area,That’s why everyone came to join in the fun。

“Drag this guy away,Don’t stay here and affect other people’s business。”Chen Xiu pointed to the half-dead yellow hair on the ground。

Brother Niu waved,The younger brothers hurriedly ran out of the store carrying yellow hair,Kept running for hundreds of meters,Brother Niu patted his chest and said:“Oh shit,Huang Mao provokes anyone like you,I don’t want to die fast enough like a dog。”
It’s a pity that the current yellow hair has already passed out in pain,I don’t even know what Niu is calling。
A confidant who came with Brother Niu asked carefully:“Brother Niu,Who is that brother Xiu?,Why are you so……”
“Afraid of him?”
Brother Niu said without mind:“I’m afraid he is not ashamed……I told you,I’ll turn around and leave when I see him far away,Don’t mess with him。”
Everyone looked at each other,The more I wonder what kind of fierce this brother Xiu is。
64 Buy a house
“Dog brother,Do you know how it disappeared?。”
Brother Niu throws this sentence,A group of kids were shocked at once。
Brother Gou is still the boss of their boss Niu,Some time ago, the dog brother, who was originally awkward, disappeared overnight.。
“Brother Niu,You mean the dog is for……For Brother Xiu。”
Brother Niu shook his head and said:“Although it was not his direct hand,But it was because Brother Dog provoke him……So I tell you,I’ll hide from afar when I see him,Know if?Don’t mess with him!”
This Niu brother is not someone else,It was the first time that Brother Gou instructed to beat the big guy Chen Xiu last time,Later, when Brother Dog was caught by Qin Zhi’s bodyguard and broke his leg, he was also caught together,It’s just a small person like him,Qin Zhi didn’t let the bodyguard start。

Zhuan Xu,Is the hero of the human race after the Yellow Emperor,And stepped into the top Taoist ancestor。In the war within the clan,Zhuan Xu defeated the Yellow Emperor,And the Zhuanxu clan has become the current ancient royal family。of course,Among them, how many hands and feet the three old men of the human tribe,That’s another matter。

A family has long served as the ancient royal family,Perishable internally,Also tends to be conservative。Zhuan Xu may not be as good as Huangdi,But he is the best descendant of the human race after him。
Yellow Emperor,Advocating Tude,Stepping into Taoist ancestors。But Zhuan Xu advocates water morality,Step into the realm of Taoism。The practitioners of the Zhuanxu clan also adore water,And the human style of this era is also respected by the blue water。
Looking at the streets, there are mortals and practitioners wearing blue and blue clothes,There are also wine shops all over the street,Li Ming is also very happy。
This is the style of the ancient human race。
at this time,It’s less than 300 years since Huangdi Xuanyuan’s era was destroyed。
Late Xuanyuan,Ethos,After the three emperors discussed,Replaced by Zhuan Xu’s。
After this time,Human spirit strives forward,Neither overbearing nor overbearing,Every human race is proud of cultivating。
Walk into a tea house,Let Xiao Er serve a pot of tea,Tea taste,Li Ming was very happy。
While Li Ming was drinking tea and listening to music,Suddenly there was a drumbeat。
Three consecutive drum beats,The people in the whole city are boiling。Out of shop、Pedestrians on the street,Hear this voice,Put down things around one after another,Run to the home or the surrounding shops。And some brawny,Instead take out weapons,Running towards the wall。
And in the teahouse where Li Ming is,The kung fu of a stick of incense,All the guests are gone,Except for Li Ming, only the boss and Xiao Er。

This remark,Zhong Ming’s eyes brightened immediately,An expression of surprise suddenly appeared on his face。

Because the idea of Chief Wu Hao is so brilliant,This is a plan to drive tigers and wolves,South Korea will send a team later,I don’t know what it has been like here,Just use their power,Resist the Dark Race。
“but,We don’t have to count on Ye Korea too much,Finally, you have to rely on yourself!Use all the weapons and equipment of those flying soldiers,I’ll leave it to you。”Lu Menglin said casually。
He still has a lot to deal with,No time to waste time on such small things。
Zhong Ming gladly took the command,Take care of the rest by yourself。
Ten days have passed like a white horse,Soon。
Forward troops of the Dark Race,Has approached Sandstorm City。
Looking at the black evil maggots rolling over the sky,Everyone on the wall couldn’t help but have a tingling scalp。
The individual physical combat power of these black evil maggots is not too strong,Which is equivalent to between 28th and 30th levels,But their number is too large,Look around,Thousands,Overwhelming,Dyed the desert outside the city completely black。
Fortunately, Sandstorm City dug a moat ahead of time,Although there is no water in the river,But it has a depth close to four feet,Those sporadic black maggots just get close,Will jump into the moat,Then became a target for soldiers on the wall。
The soldiers in Sandstorm City use old-fashioned firearms that are contemporary with the earth world,Propelled by gunpowder explosion,The bullet is not powerful enough,Often hit three or five rounds,To kill a black evil maggot。
There are only a few special large-caliber sniper rifles in the city,To have the effect of a shot into the soul,Blast those black maggots with one shot。
but,There are very few special sniper rifles,Less than twenty,Facing a huge army of black evil maggots,Can only be considered a drop in the bucket,Can’t solve the fundamental problem。
Then there are the electromagnetic weapons that were picked off from the pilots,The technology of these electromagnetic guns was at least 20 or 30 years before Sandstorm City,Whether it’s shooting accuracy,Or the power of electromagnetic energy bombs,Are much stronger than old rifles,Basically one shot,no problem。
only,The number of electromagnetic guns is still too small,Fewer than twenty officers are equipped with such weapons,It is also impossible to resist the black evil maggots all over the city。
and,The plane team led by Master Wuhao,They have extremely rich experience in fighting against the dark races,Based on their judgment,These black maggots that are currently appearing,Far from being the true strength of the Dark Race Army,They are just fast enough,That’s why I assumed the role of the vanguard。
In the army of the dark race,There are many ten times stronger than these black evil maggots,Even a hundredfold terrible existence。
When those truly powerful dark creatures appear,This is the key node that Sandstorm City can hold。

Without any hesitation,Stay here one more minute,It’s a danger for the old city owner。

Those dark matter automatically fuse together after coming here,Turned into a black viscous fluid floating。
“go with!”
With Xia Chenglong’s order,The surrounding golden giant net began to shrink,At this time the dark matter can’t sit still,Actually started to collide。
To complete the control,Xia Chenglong directly poured in all the dragon’s breath,To ensure a success。
When the gold net is getting smaller and smaller,The range of dark matter that can move is getting smaller and smaller。
They began to rush outwards in a panic,But Xia Chenglong was prepared,Naturally won’t let it leave so easily。
quickly,The seal will be completed in a while,It will be over by then。
but……Just when I was ready to close the net,A cloud of dark matter stopped in place caught Xia Chenglong’s attention。
The other party didn’t bump around like other guys,Instead, it is absorbing the power of the old city owner。
Oversight,I didn’t expect these guys to know so much,From entering here to now,A long time has passed,If the opponent keeps absorbing after coming here,So far……
A giant golden hand headed directly towards the dark matter,Just when it’s about to touch,The other party is suddenly dark red light,Directly shred the golden hands。
Things are not over yet,The opponent not only swallows the power of the old city lord,Other dark matter has also become that guy’s nourishment。