Poly Real Estate (600048): Stronger-than-expected sales and strong investment at the end of the year

Poly Real Estate (600048): Stronger-than-expected sales and strong investment at the end of the year

Event: Poly Real Estate released the 2019 performance report, and the company achieved operating income of 2355 in 2019.

40 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

07%; net profit attributable to mother was 265.

69 ppm, an increase of 40 in ten years.

55%; basic income 2.

23 yuan.

Comment carry-over speeded up, and performance exceeded expectations.

Poly Real Estate released a quick performance report and achieved revenue of 2355 in 2019.

40 ppm, an increase of 21 in ten years.

07%; operating profit and profit maximization increase by 41 each year.

36% and 41.

15%, net profit attributable to mothers increased by 40 per year.


In the single quarter, the company achieved single-quarter revenue of US $ 123.7 billion in the fourth quarter, an annual increase of 24.

21%; net profit attributable to mothers was 1.37 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47.

57%; The company ‘s performance exceeded expectations mainly due to accelerated project settlement and increased carry-over scale.

Initial sales grew steadily, and investment in December increased significantly.

In December 2019, the company realized a sales area of 304.

280,000 square meters, an annual increase of 2.

47%; sales amount 421.

33 ppm, an increase of 15 in ten years.


The company initially realized a sales area of 3123.

120,000 square meters, an increase of 12 in ten years.

91%; cumulative sales amount 4618.

48 ppm, an increase of 14 in ten years.

09%; the average selling price is 14,788 yuan / square meter, an annual increase of 1.


In December, the acquisition of land was significantly improved. The company has 28 new development projects in a number of first- and second-tier cities. The total amount of land acquisition was US $ 38.2 billion, an increase of 844%, which is 91% of the sales amount for the month. The land acquisition area was 6.95 million square meters.It increased by 498% in the first half of the year; the average land price was 5,500 yuan / square meter, which was 39 in the current average sales price.

7%, an increase of 18 from November.

8 single; the company’s cumulative land acquisition amount of 1,528 trillion in 2019, a reduction of 20%; the land acquisition area of 26.53 million square meters, at least 15%, and the land acquisition amount gradually accounted for 33% of the sales amount, down 14 outstanding compared to the end of 18.

The average floor price of the company’s high-rise floor is 5,759 yuan / square meter, which is reduced by 6% every year, which is 38 at the same time.

9%, future gross margin is guaranteed.

In terms of regional distribution, the company’s land acquisition costs accounted for 19% in the first, second, and third lines.

1%, 53.

4%, 27.

5%, 深圳桑拿网 the proportion of land acquisition area is 3 respectively.

2%, 32.7%, 35.

9%, the company continues to cultivate in the first-tier and second-tier cities and hot third-tier cities, and has a strong certainty of future sales.

Investment suggestion: Poly Land Reserve actively invests in land reserves, which lays a solid foundation for the company’s future sales expansion.

The company strategically lays out core urban agglomerations, insists on both deep urban cultivation and urban expansion, and has accurate product positioning. The management team is experienced, motivated, and has a strong brand awareness. The company has incentives in place to promote growth.

At the same time, the company surpassed the strong background of central SOEs, which could help the company obtain brand premium and low financing costs, and further enhance its competitiveness.

The EPS for 2019-2021 is expected to be 2 respectively.

23, 2.

77, 3.

33 yuan, corresponding to PE 6.

97, 5.

60, 4.

66 times, maintain “Buy” rating.

Risk warning: industry sales fluctuations; policy adjustments leading to operational risks; changes in financing environment; corporate operating risks; exchange rate fluctuation risks; shed reform monetization is not up to expectations.

ZTE’s (000063) first report: ZTE takes another journey with 5G

ZTE’s (000063) first report: ZTE takes another journey with 5G

The core point of view 5G benefits the strongest standard, full of future growth.

ZTE is a rare manufacturer of base station main equipment and transmission equipment, and is an absolute leader in the 5G field.

In the 5G industry chain, the most valuable subdivision of base station main equipment and transmission equipment, the company will directly benefit from the historical opportunities of the industry brought by 5G construction.

The market space of main equipment and transmission equipment is estimated to be over 1.

3 trillion, and due to the pace of network construction at home and abroad tend to be synchronized, the 5G market space is even wider.

With the efforts of network construction in the future, performance will be further released, and the company is optimistic about the growth of the company in the next few years.

  5G is determined to promote the turning point of the industry boom.

1) At the end of the 2018 Central Economic Work Conference, 5G was identified as the focus of future new infrastructure work. Many local governments included 5G in the “Government Work Report”. In light of the modern macroeconomic background, it showed the government’s determination to accelerate 5G construction.
2) In 2019, operators have successively introduced tenders for mass communications infrastructure, and major equipment vendors and related manufacturers have injected short-term performance into the cardiotonic agent.

To some extent, the democratic market has reduced the scale of early 5G investment, and non-5G has invested more 南京桑拿网 funds.

After detailed calculations, we believe that non-5G capital expenditures are not expected to be too pessimistic. After 5G investment, capital expenditures will continue to pick up in the next few years, which will help boost industry chain confidence.

  International competitiveness is solid, and operating efficiency has ushered in a turning point.

1) The company continues to increase investment in research and development to ensure that it is always in a leading position in the industry in each round of technological innovation cycles.

Although the current wireless equipment field has challenges, the overall pattern is stable.

The company’s strategic focus is 5G, and the right to speak has not changed in the core organizations of the global industry, leading in standard contributions and the number of 南京夜网论坛 patents.

After the company experienced turbulence, the industry’s successful recovery is the best expression of its competitiveness.

2) The company’s financial profit is exhausted, and its profitability is gradually restored. It adheres to compliance first.

In 2019, the company’s restart and fixed increase indicate that the company’s operations are on track, and the fixed increase will help ensure the company’s future competitive advantage.

  Financial Forecast and Investment Suggestions We predict the company’s earnings for 2019-2021 will be 1.

18, 1.


99 yuan, estimated using the comparable company method. The adjusted average price-earnings ratio of the comparable company is 31 times in 2019, giving the company a 31-year price-earnings ratio in 19, corresponding to the company’s target price of 36.

58, the first coverage was given a “buy” rating.

  Risks remind that the progress of network construction is less than expected, the capital expenditure of operators is less than expected, and Sino-US trade frictions have intensified

Accelerating the transfer of state-owned assets to social security

Accelerating the transfer of state-owned assets to social security

Today’s point of view: State-owned assets transfer to social security accelerates reform of state-owned enterprisesThe Ministry of Commerce notified that after the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security decided to transfer 10% of the equity of China Taiping Insurance Group Co., Ltd. held by the Ministry of Finance to the National Social Security Fund in one time.

  Taiping Group is the second state-owned enterprise transferred in 2018.

Not long ago, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security just studied and decided to transfer 10% of the shares held by the People’s Insurance Group of China to the National Social Security Fund.

  In my opinion, a large number of large state-owned enterprises’ equity transfers took place in just a few days, which may mean that the pace of transfer of state-owned assets to social security funds is accelerating.

  In November 2017, the State Council issued the “Implementation Plan for Transferring Part of the Current Capital Enrichment Social Security Fund”, which proposed that the central and local state-owned and state-controlled large and medium-sized enterprises and financial institutions should be divided into transfer areas, and the transfer ratio should be unified into the company’s substantial equity10%, the gap in the basic pension insurance fund based on the replacement of equity dividends.

  In fact, since 2001, three rounds of conventional asset enrichment social security fund policies have been implemented in the past, namely the “reduction of state-owned shares to raise national social security funds” in 2001, and the “transfer of domestic shares to enrich national social security in 2009”.Fund “and the 2017” Transfer of Old-Fashioned Capital Enrichment Social Security Fund “.

  So, what about these transfers over the years?

The author reviewed the annual report of the social security fund indicators over the years and noticed that from 2010, the social security fund indicators began to reveal the relevant situation.

  As of the end of 2017, the financial allocation of funds and shares to the National Social Security Fund continued for 8577.

8 billion yuan, of which, state-owned shares reduced transfer funds and shares 2827.

7.5 billion (reduction of funds 955.

6.3 billion yuan, 1028 domestic shares held.

5.7 billion yuan, 843 overseas stock transfers.

55 ppm) As for investment income, the annual report of the social security fund indicators did not specify specific details.

On the whole, as of the end of 2017, the annual average investment income of the 夜来香体验网 social security fund has been transformed since its establishment8.

44%, the cumulative investment income was 10073.

9.9 billion yuan.

  The author believes that the transfer of state-owned assets to social security funds is accelerating. In addition to enriching social security funds, it will also play a positive role in promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises.

Because from the perspective of the original enterprise, the transfer of state-owned assets is an important means of using the dating social security fund as a diversified shareholder to adjust the equity structure.

  This is mainly reflected in two aspects: First, the social security fund will not interfere with the daily production and management of the enterprise, and promote the maintenance and appreciation of assets.

This is evident from the 武汉夜网论坛 investment income of the social security fund.

  Second, social security funds appear in existing enterprises in the form of shareholders, and the state-owned enterprises have shifted from “one-dominated” to diversified shareholder checks and balances.

This is definitely a positive and positive impact on the operating efficiency of traditional enterprises.

This is also an important direction for the reform of state-owned enterprises.

  In many places, local implementation plans for transferring some conventional capital to enrich the social security fund have also been introduced, and some provincial enterprises are being selected for pilot transfers, after which they will be transferred in batches to other eligible provincial enterprises’ regular equity.

  This will have a positive effect on further promoting the reform of state-owned enterprises.

Wuliangye (000858): The reform accelerates the promotion of the recognized channel is circulating dividends

Wuliangye (000858): The reform accelerates the promotion of the recognized channel is circulating dividends

We have recently participated in the Wuliangye Shareholders’ Meeting. The company’s systematic reform work has been further refined. Team-building, channel change, brand combing and other large-scale work are the key points. The reform has been carried out step by step.

Once the subsequent channel positive cycle is opened, the channel pushes and the brand pull will form a synergy of upward cycles. The release of dividends will promote the company’s growth rate higher than the industry average.

Taking into account the price increase bonus in the second half of the year and the channel’s positive circulating dividend, we raise the EPS forecast for 19-20 to 4.

47 and 5.

49 yuan, 24 times PE for 20 years, raise target price to 130 yuan, repeat highly recommended.

The report is accompanied by detailed records of the shareholders’ meeting and is recommended for reading.

The systematic reform work was further refined, and the implementation was carried out step by step.

The number of participants in the 18th Annual General Meeting of Wuliangye reached a record high of 458.

Jointly communicate with participating investors with an open attitude and face the progress and problems of the initial reform of the market.

The focus of the reform strategy was further refined, and the implementation was carried out step by step, and the marketing reform dividend was gradually released: (1) Organizational reform: Team building is in sight, and recruitment has gradually advanced.

Since the initial marketing structure was changed from seven marketing centers to 21 marketing battlefields, the marketing system has been gradually segmented.

On the basis of internal selection, a nationwide open recruitment of middle-level and marketing personnel was conducted in April to conduct a unified recruitment written test selection, and the team building was substantially carried out.

The number of sales staff is expected to gradually approach the level of 1,000 people during the year. At the same time, the quality of services is promoted, and team building is effectively implemented to provide protection for external channel transformation.

(2) Channel reform: Distributors and terminals sort out the key points and vigorously promote modern marketing reform.

The company focuses on two aspects of the dealer scale reform. One is to change the concept and promote the joint transformation of dealers and manufacturers, aware of the interaction between terminal services and consumers, and the second is to adjust the structure and resources to have teams, channels, and financial strength.The high-quality dealers leaned to terminate the elimination mechanism.

Terminal entities, specialty stores focus on regional literacy and empowerment standards, solve problems such as specialty store management, brand image and channel services, Mingyan Hotel focuses on selection and in-depth binding, and improves the problems that are not in place in the early two years of reform. KA The terminal integrates the dealer platform to open up the nationwide supply chain system and regional assessment.

In addition, the e-commerce channel is committed to level maintenance, and a new group purchase channel establishes a cooperation mechanism.

(3) Brand combing: Brand “subtraction” is strengthened, focusing on the core product structure, and brand “addition” is pave the way.

The company has adopted a programmatic direction document for brand combing, and the strategy guide is more clear and clear. The number of Wuliangye and series brands has tried to reach about 45 (about 18 at the end of 800), and the number of barcodes can reach up to about 350 (at the end of 3,500)), High-end products focus on “1 + 3”, series of wine focus on “4 + 4”, based on the current subtraction, in the future will reduce channel investment, increase consumer investment, and further increase brand height.

Dealer confidence is picking up, new products are expected to be sold at reasonable prices, and channels are opening up in a significant cycle.

Under the protection of strong policies such as setting up an inspection team to monitor prices and strictly controlling shipments, dealers have demanded that the supply price has reached 919 yuan at the end of April.

Recent channel survey feedback has shown that the approval price of Wuliangye has accelerated to more than 890 yuan.

At present, the dealer’s confidence has clearly rebounded. The brand power of Wuliangye has a strong appeal to consumers at around 1,000 yuan. The channel thrust will determine the approval price level. It is currently expected that new products will be sold at a price based on the ex-factory price of about 889 yuan.

Once the subsequent channel positive cycle is 佛山桑拿网 opened, the channel pushes, the brand pull will form an upward synergy, and the release of dividends will promote the company’s growth rate higher than the industry average.

Investment suggestion: The reform is accelerating. It is recognized that the channel is circulating a dividend and the target price is raised to 130 yuan.

The company’s marketing organization has been gradually promoted since the beginning. The reform has entered a critical period. With the support of strong execution, the key points have been cut in the direction. The reform has been gradually implemented and channel confidence has picked up.

We raised our EPS forecast for 19-20 to 4.

47 and 5.

49 yuan (previously 4).

24, 5.

08 yuan), it is estimated that the discount is expected to gradually improve, given 24 times PE for 20 years, raising the target price to 130 yuan, enough to cause strong recommendation.

Risk warning: the impact of heavy competition, the price increase is not up to expectations, and the overall demand is not up to expectations

Minutes of Industrial Fulian (601138) Industrial Internet Summit Forum: Teng cloud drives fog and intelligently creates the future

Minutes of Industrial Fulian (601138) Industrial Internet Summit Forum: Teng “cloud” drives “fog” and “intelligently creates” the future

Company status We participated in the Industrial Internet Summit Forum on “Science and Technology Enabling New Manufacturing” organized by Industrial Fulian in Shanghai on June 29th.

During the event, the company demonstrated its Foxconn cloud platform based on cloud, mobile, object, big, intelligent, and network plus robots, with “fog cerebellum”, enabling intelligent manufacturing, and helping to achieve quality, efficiency and cost reduction.The goal of reduction.

In addition, the company released four major product lines: the Internet of Things and computing solutions, FiiCloud cloud platform, MicroCloud, and enriched cloud and other new products, and actively cooperated with various manufacturing companies to build the Fii smart manufacturing ecosystem-Rich Manufacturing CloudEcology.

We believe that this indicates that the company ‘s industrial Internet services are replacing “individuality” and gradually moving towards “combining the world”. We continue to be optimistic that the company, as the core target of the Industrial Internet, will benefit from the intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry and maintain the “outperform 南京桑拿论坛 industry” ratingAnd a target price of 20 yuan.

Comments actively build an industrial Internet cloud platform, which will continue to benefit in the future.

According to the World Bank, China’s manufacturing industry was integrated in 20173.

59 trillion U.S. dollars, ranking first in the world and 1 in the United States.

5 times, but the level of automation made in China is still not as advanced as in the United States, Japan, Germany and other advanced countries, and the trend towards intelligent transformation is inevitable.

Industrial Fortune has taken the lead in the Industrial Internet. Its light-out factory has been selected as one of the sixteen “Lighthouse factories” in the world by the World Economic Forum.Labor costs.

As its technology rolls out internally, we expect the company to continue to benefit in 四川耍耍网 the future.

Launched four product lines to create a rich manufacturing cloud ecosystem, with promising prospects for external empowerment.

The company’s four major products released this time include: Internet of Things and computing solutions, FiiCloud cloud platform, MicroCloud, and Fusion Cloud, and together with more than 20 cooperative companies such as Haikang, UFIDA, Gaze +, Geek +, etc.Create cloud ecology.
We believe this move reflects the company’s active external empowerment in industrial Internet services and the solution of pain points in industrial manufacturing.

With the maturity of the cloud ecosystem, we believe that it will benefit the technology service business in the long run.

It is estimated that in 2018, the company’s operating conditions are good. Among the 241 SW electronic index companies, Industrial Fulian ranks first in terms of revenue scale, second in cash flow from operating activities, fifth in total asset turnover, and sixth in ROE.And continuous research and development (ranked first).

We maintain our 2019 / 2020e profit forecast at 0.


01 yuan is unchanged.

The current contradiction corresponds to 14 of 18/19.


2x P / E.

We maintain our Outperform rating and target price of 20.

00 yuan, corresponding to 21 of 18/19.


0 times P / E, still 51% space.

The development of the Risk Industrial Internet has fallen short of expectations.

Best time for babies to develop intelligence

Best time for babies to develop intelligence

Infant touching: after bathing; early touching between meals is to give appropriate stimulation to brain cells and nervous system during the critical period of infant brain development, promote infant nervous system development, and thus promote growth and intelligent development.

  Order, method: everything starts from the baby When the mother touches the baby, she does not have to follow the order, and each action is done one by one.

Touching should be arranged according to your baby’s preferences. You can disrupt the order of touching, or know a few baby’s favorite moves.

  The method of touching can also be determined according to the age of the baby. When the baby has teeth, you can let him lie on his back and massage him a little face. When he wants to climb, let him lie down and help him practice climbing.When learning to walk, in addition to giving him more leg massages, the little feet are also very important.

  Tips: If half of your baby is crying, you should stop moving immediately.

Do not touch when your baby is full, hungry, or tired.

If you notice that your baby’s skin is slightly red after doing this, it means that the strength is just right.

  The best time to develop intelligence: around 10 am and 10 am, when the baby’s brain is at its best, and he is agile in response to various stimuli. This state can be maintained for about 40 minutes per day on average. Moms need to grasp thisTime to have parent-child communication with your baby.

  Visual and auditory stimuli. Mothers can approach the baby and talk to him while watching him, or read a nursery rhyme, so that the baby can stare at your face and listen to you intently; you can also show the baby colorful orThere are striped toys and pictures in black and white, and slowly move, let the baby’s eyes chase these things to move; the mother can also call his name gently in the baby’s ear or behind the ear, the baby will immediately turn to look for itSound source.

  Tips: When your baby is older, you can also take him to the outdoors to walk around and change the environment, the baby will continue to discover new things, which is quite helpful for his intellectual development.

  Try the taste of the food: The supplementary food should be added from the 4th month of the baby, and the best time to start it is 6 months.

At this stage, the baby’s taste development is more sensitive. If he has access to many foods, he will generally not be partial to picky eaters when he grows up.

  Baby’s taste signal 1.

Babies are no longer hunger and thirsty for milk, and their interest in feeding is reduced. Even if they are lying on their mother’s arms and sucking on their nipples, they are easily disturbed by external sounds.


When he put the baby at the table, he would suddenly be very excited, his eyes would be round, his little hand stretched forward, and he wanted to eat.


When you place a small spoon near your baby’s mouth, your baby’s upper lip will hold the small spoon forward.


The baby starts biting mother’s nipples and rubber pacifiers.

  Tips: introducing a new food to your baby should be when the child is awake and happy.

Morning is usually the best choice.

At this time, the baby just had a good night’s sleep, was refreshed, and felt hungry, and was looking forward to a hearty breakfast.

5 correct face washing methods for different skins


5 correct face washing methods for different skins

Do not underestimate the step of washing your face every day. Wash your face cleanly so that the skin care products can be better absorbed.

However, you should choose the best method for washing your face based on your skin condition.

Today, I will give you the most correct face washing method for 5 types of skin.

JMS must study hard!


hzh {display: none; }  油性皮肤的洗脸方法  特征:皮脂分泌旺盛,虽然这样一来肌肤弹性好,不容易老化,可却容易长痘痘.

  Face washing method: Cleansing milk with strong cleansing power must remove the oil and adjust the skin pH value.

When washing your face, put the facial cleanser on the palm of your hand to knead and foam. In particular, you should carefully clean the T-shaped part, especially the part with strong sebum secretion, such as the nose part.

For areas with acne, gently circle with foam and then rinse with water for more than 20 times.

  Tips: For oily skin that is prone to acne scars, removing oil with hot water is your special password for cleaning your skin.

This is the same reason that oil can be easily washed away with hot water when washing dishes.

Moisturize and nourish the skin as soon as possible after washing your face.

  Characteristics of face washing methods for dry skin: The skin lacks moisture, is easy to dry and desquamate. When the seasons change, due to external factors such as cold wind or heating, more water is lost and becomes drier.

  Face washing method: When washing your face, you should clean it with an appropriate amount of facial cleanser, and then wash it carefully with warm water. It is very important to choose a mild facial cleanser that will not cause any burden on your skin.

If the condition of dryness and dehydration has not improved, do not use foam cleansing products and use creamy cleansing products instead.

  Tips: Long-term face wash water temperature is a major cause of dry skin. The most suitable temperature for washing your face is 32 ℃. Of course, it is not advisable to wash your face with cold water.

  Characteristics of face washing method for combination skin: This unbalanced skin has both oily and dry parts. Therefore, it is easy to thicken keratin because of dry skin, but also to develop acne because it is easy to get oil.Water and small fine lines are more noticeable and worrying.

 Face washing method: To solve this skin cleansing problem, you should choose face washing products for different parts.

It seems that you should start with the T-shaped part and then return to the T-shaped part, in order to completely remove the oil and keep the skin fresh.

  Tips: Adopting displacement cleaning method is a great way to eliminate acne.

When cleaning the edges of the cheeks, start slowly from the chin to two short, and finally around the ears, clean slowly, and then wash with warm water.

When washing, the entire palm should be washed with water, like five or six times in one place.


hzh {display: none; }  敏感性皮肤的洗脸方法   特征:干性肌肤由于不注意皮肤养护,导致皮肤在在慢性失水的情况下渐渐变得敏感,引起轻微的湿疹或长出粉刺。   Face washing method: Use high-moisturizing face washing products to prevent the skin from being irritated. Even water and foam cannot be touched, so using wipe instead of washing is a face washing method.

It is important to prepare a bottle of wiper lotion.

Because this type of skin cannot be rubbed hard, the amount of lotion used is relatively large.

  Tips: It is recommended to use a face wash that is completely soluble in water and does not leave residue, or use a sponge to generate enough foam, use these foams to wash your face, and then wash with warm water.

  Features of face washing methods for premature aging skin: Your skin becomes fragile and inelastic early, the fine lines around your eyes become deeper and pores become larger, which is obviously “problematic skin”.

Face washing method: Use a nourishing facial cleanser with high curative effect to fight against skin aging.

When washing your face, first knead and cleanse the cleansing milk. Use your fingertips to gently rub around the eyes and the sides of the nose. Remember to never rub with rude force.

  Tips: For older horny skin with severe accumulation of aging skin, exfoliation is an important part.

Use with more than two exfoliating products and use it once a week.

hzh {display: none; }  很多人会把拥有好皮肤全都寄托在化妆品上,这是个误区,也是错误的观念。It’s a bit like no matter how nutritious food you look at every day, but if the food is not clean, contaminated, or even poisonous, or even eaten without any, it will endanger health.

In fact, everyone’s skin has its own characteristics. For different types of skin, if you can master the corresponding cleansing code, you will have the first unique key to beauty.

Therefore, cleaning is also a kind of maintenance. Here I want to emphasize that there must be a concept of cleaning and maintenance.

Abnormal sleep levels can cause you to short-lived

Abnormal sleep levels can cause you to short-lived

How much sleep do you need each day?

  Nutrition experts: Three ways to help you sleep. Eating Xinyin before bedtime improves sleep quality. A new study finds that people who sleep too much or too little have a shorter life span than those who sleep 8 hours a day.

  Finnish researchers on 2.

10,000 adults conducted a follow-up study for 22 years, and found that during the study period, people who often sleep for 7 hours or more continuously are more likely to die.

  The results of this study prove that sleep habits are related to physical health (health food) and mental health.

However, the reasons why too much or too little sleep increases the risk of death have not yet been conclusive.

They believe that the reasons may be diverse, because people who have too much or too little sleep have their own special conditions, many of which are related to disease.

For example, less sleep time may be due to the relative need for sleep, or due to insomnia or other health problems.

Similarly, the long sleep time may be due to some potential diseases in the body.

  Studies have found that men who sleep less than 7 hours are likely to die 26% more than men who sleep 7 to 8 hours, and women 21% more likely to die.

Men who sleep more than 8 hours are likely to die 24% more than men who sleep 7 to 8 hours, and women 17% more likely to die.

  Researchers point out that although there are other studies that show that sleep habits are related to poor health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, the relationship between sleep and life is currently unclear.

Teach you to escape the tricky tragedy of April Fool’s Day

Teach you to escape the tricky tragedy of April Fool’s Day

Today is April Fool’s Day. Maybe you want to have a harmless joke with your friends. Maybe you have to pay attention to the traps around this day.

After reading today’s news from the YOU, you can figure out how to spend the day.

If you are planning to spend the holidays, there must be some tricks you haven’t seen before; if you haven’t planned, you will know how to avoid tricks.

Anyway, this day, our oneness is that jokes are not hurtful and decompression.

  Anti-daily tidying method ■ Tidy one: unpack the sandwich biscuits, remove the original sandwich, take out the toothpaste and squeeze an appropriate amount into the cake, separate according to personal “diet” habits, and finally put in the glue, air dry and wait for the toothpasteSmell it and then put it back.

Just put it in a conspicuous place, take a few more pieces and eat them on the side, or you can pretend to pass them around casually.

  Anti-rectification: Remember, it is best to reject everything that you can eat without spending money that day.

  ■ Tricky 2: Ask your friends to play the game “Big Change”.

Ask him to take a horse step, put a blank piece of paper in his mouth, and tell him that this is a preparation action to change him from this room to another.

When you are ready, you are helpless to call it: “I won’t change the living, but the living stool is like that.

“Counter Rectification: Magic, let’s be an audience yourself.

  ■ Trick 3: Put a shiny 1 yuan coin on the sidewalk with 502 glue, and then you stand across the road and wait, who can pick it up.

  Anti-Rectification: Don’t take advantage of it at any time.

  On the day of April Fool’s Day, we should pay attention to the following messages or similar messages: ■ According to MIT research, soaking the phone in water for 1 minute before calling it can completely avoid the radiation of electromagnetic waves on the human brain.Remember!

  ■ Dear users: Hello!

Because of the serious appearance and outdated style of your mobile phone, it has seriously affected the appearance of the city and hindered the development of mobile communication services. This station decided to send a signal to destroy the mobile phone after 10 minutes!

  ■ Some things should let you know!

Heaven is used to wind and rain; earth is used to grow flowers and grass; I am to prove the greatness of mankind; and you are used to stew noodles.

  ■ I am a lonely tree, standing on the roadside for thousands of years, just for the day when you pass by me, dumping for you . If you ca n’t beat me, you will count me as alive for so many years.

  Anti-rectification: After receiving the text message, you must read it calmly from beginning to end. Basically, you will know its true and false at the end.

  Anti-Computer Tricky Method ■ Tricky Method 1: Change the shortcut goal of some applications commonly used by colleagues. After clicking the shortcut to start the program, it is found that the program that is not the shortcut is not started.

Please note that the icon of the shortcut must be the same as the original program.

  ■ Trick 2: Adjust the display of your colleague to the minimum, with the screen as dark as the principle.

In this way, unless the other party is very careful, it is extremely difficult to find the real reason.

If he thinks there is a problem with the hardware, it is possible to replace his computer with “unloading eight pieces” to find out why.

  Anti-ticketing: To deal with the above two tricks, it is best to set a power-on password.

If you are unlucky, look out for colleagues who are too enthusiastic about helping you.

  ■ Trick 3: Before others go to work, loosen the power plug of the monitor or the plug of the mouse, so that when the other person turns on his computer at work, he will find that the display is black or prompt the mouse to find it.

  Anti-Timing: As soon as you arrive at the office that day, check if the various cables of your computer are normal.

  Anti-campus tidying method ■ Tricky one: Post a note on the door of the self-study building: Please check this building. Do not study by yourself. If you are inconvenient, please forgive me.

By analogy, the blackboard notice: Due to the maintenance of the line in this building, the lights will turn off after 19:00.

Or: Teacher ××× is unable to lecture due to illness, please students to study freely.

  Reverse Rectification: If you do not accept the teacher’s notification, everything will be normal.

  ■ Tricky 2: Prepare a jar of Babao porridge, a few spoons, and disinfect the desk with alcohol before class.

When the bell rings, the teacher enters the room and shouts, ask the owner of the desk-do not stand on the table, it is best to let the teacher find out.

The teacher asked about the situation and reported the student’s stomachache to the teacher acutely at the same table.

When the teacher turned around to write on the blackboard, he immediately spilled the eight-treasure porridge on the disinfected table.

At this time, it can be reported that the teacher vomited.The teacher would say: Hurry up and deal with it.

At this time, at the same table, front and back tables, etc. (the more people, the better), take out the spoon and start to eat the eight treasure porridge ., I have more weight to go up.

  Anti-rectification: Since you are a teacher, since you are with the young people every day, you have to figure out the thoughts of the young people. If you are successful, just have fun with them!

Five tips to fight fatigue

Five tips to fight fatigue

Sub-health is a non-healthy state shared by most people, but when it comes to disease, it is not as serious.

On healthy tracks, our trains have a tendency to derail. If you don’t take any effort, it will soon have devastating consequences.

Most people today are looking for a way to relax and relax on the weekends. Today, I will give a few tips to let you adjust your body this weekend.

  There are many reasons why flirting causes fatigue, and emotional instability can make us feel sick.

A state of being overly anxious, too sad, and overjoyed is equally harmful to our bodies.

Traditional Chinese medicine calls joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, shock, and shock as “seven emotions”, and what Chinese medicine calls “emotional illness” means that every emotion will hurt the corresponding organs-“Anger hurts the liver, it hurts the heart, it hurts the spleen, it hurts the lungs, and it hurts the kidneys. “Therefore, the calm heart is the key to health care in Chinese medicine.

Of course, maintaining peace of mind is easier said than done.

Here is a small plan for recuperating medicine: emotional activities belong to the five internal organs. Although it is controlled by the mind, it can not be separated from the diarrhea function of the liver qi.Drugs can make the liver air reach and feel comfortable.

  Do you have such an experience when adjusting your diet: If you eat a lot and eat well, people will feel sleepy, want to sleep, tired and tired of thinking.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the acquired foundation of the human body and need careful care.

There are two most important points for maintaining the health of the spleen and stomach: one is to have a light diet, and the other is to control the diet.

First of all, foods based on vegetables and fruits and a light predetermined length nourish the five internal organs, and the cold, hot, heavy, thick and greasy diet has a good taste, but it is easy to stimulate the stomach and damage the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, you should eat light and simple, and do not overeat, chew slowly while eating, and use the brakes to ease your body.

  The diagnosis and treatment of TCM is focused on the adjustment of the body and the mind. This is reflected not only in the profound philosophy of ancient Chinese medicine, but also in the use of many Chinese medicines.

Because Chinese medicine believes that most of the causes of general physical illness are caused by “disorder of mind” (that is, there is emotion). Disorder of mind causes anger, and qi disorder causes physical illness.

At this time, we can not use traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, we can also use meditation to relax and relax the breath. After the blood circulation is smooth and the internal organs are automatically adjusted, the state of illness and fatigue can be cured naturally.

  You are awakened to sleep and sleep for work, but your body is quietly injured on the ground.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long proposed the theory of “correspondence between human and nature” where human and nature are integrated.

“Sunrise, sunset and rest” is the basic principle of living in accordance with the laws of nature. If you violate it, the body will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and tiredness will follow. This is why we work after night shifts.Even if you make up for sleep during the day, you still feel that you can’t rest.

  Regulating the meridians is nothing more relaxing and less fatigued than massage.

But what is the effect of massage?

The so-called meridian means to make the body’s meridian air flow unobstructed. If the meridian is not open, the qi and blood are discordant and there are many diseases.

  For example, some headaches caused by tiredness are considered by Chinese medicine as “pain is unreasonable, and general is not painful”. Qi and blood can only run if the meridians are unblocked.

The reason why people become an organic whole is because the meridians are criss-crossed, connected to the internal organs, and externally to the skin and muscles, supporting our entire body.

So when you are tired, a comfortable massage will be the most timely and effective conditioning!