“Let’s have fun tonight everyone,Tomorrow must be a good night’s sleep,Maybe you won’t be able to run the car within a few days。My Lin Sanniang’s method must be clear to everyone,So I hope everyone abides by the rules,Don’t be an old man,Once seen through,Isn’t the ending a question of paying some money?“Boss Lin said,Sat down。

Someone saw that Xia Jian was here with Boss Lin,Hurriedly got up and gave Xia Jian a seat。Boss Lin said with a smile:“Lao Zhang!now it’s right,Know the time for the best,If you’re feeling lucky, just take a look,Xie Jie Le,After all, it’s not easy to run“Old Lin said,Then began to deal。
Xia Jian understood wherever he was sitting,It turns out that everyone is playing the most common and popular tractor nowadays。Three cards per person,Fast turnover,It depends on your luck,Second look at courage。
More than ten people are playing,The rest stand on the side watching the excitement。Deal a card,Almost finished。Such a game,Xia Jian is really the first time。
Boss Lin deals,The guy beside him holds a wooden board in his hand,Act quickly and accurately。A deck of cards was dealt out soon。Everyone started looking at the cards,When Xia Jian speaks,Half of the people have already folded。Because it’s the first hand,Xia Jian didn’t want to go,Took out the wallet,I smoked two hundred yuan and threw it on the table。
He is actually rising,It’s hard for him to start,Just have a look,If you don’t move,Must follow four hundred。Many people couldn’t help but turn their eyes to Xia Jian。
When it’s the second lap,This point has risen to eight hundred,But only Xia Jian and Lin boss left,One more person,This person is not someone else,It was the big man who was kicked by Han Juan on the ground。
This guy seems to have woken up from the wine。Holding a card in his hand,Keep rubbing,I really thought I was a God of Gamblers,It changed after such a twist。Boss Lin glanced at this man,A bit displeased:“Li Sanqiang!You are a son、Still woman,Could it be faster“
Words from boss Lin,Make everyone laugh。Li Sanqiang gave Xia Jian a hard look and said:“I watched another thousand“He wanted to crush Xia Jian。
Xia Jian holds his shoulders with both hands,Said quietly:“two thousand“His voice,Make everyone scream。After all, where is his card still,He didn’t even touch his hands。
Boss Lin,I didn’t expect her to fold the card。I left this good show to Li Sanqiang and Xia Jian,Thus,Everyone knows,These two people are now gambled with luck and courage,It’s also a question of how many bills you have in your pocket。
The current point has risen above two thousand,Who wants to open the card must be four thousand,This point is no small。Li Sanqiang touched the sweat on his head,Took a breath and said:“I’ll follow two thousand“He is wise,Kicked the ball to Xia Jian。Xia Jianming obviously blocked luck,The odds of this opening won’t really be great。
No one speaks,Looking at Xia Jian。Even Boss Lin is staring at Xia Jian,The basement is suddenly quiet,Everyone is waiting for Xia Jian to speak。
Xia Jian took a look at the table,Thousands of dollars have been thrown in since,Why not take a real gamble?。If you lose,He went back to sleep,If you win,He will continue to play。
He has an idea,Took out all the money left in the wallet,Counted,Throw it inside and say:“Six thousand more“His move,Everyone could not help but exclaim。
Someone who doesn’t even look at the cards,Dare to place such a big bet,Or he is very rich,Play around with money,Either there is a brain problem。

“OK then。But you have to tell me what you saw。Be specific,Be lively,Seeking truth from facts。”He frustrated me again。

“Actually nothing,Haven’t you seen all of the big head baths??Let’s talk more,You have to be loyal to Shen Wenwen。Someday i’m not happy,I want to expose you。”Do not know why,With one head,I can always change from passive to active。“One more good news,I can deal with the big head。”
“Say it!As long as he can die,I can go****!”A tragic answer。
“Don’t be so exaggerated。Just seize the opportunity,He will be miserable。you listen to me.”I attached my ears to my ears。He almost rushed to the roof after listening,Excitement is like a sudden loss of heart。He is always so difficult,You seem to be insignificant about the Sesame Mung Bean matter, and he will go to the house to reveal the tile.。
First27chapter Nine Yin White Bone Claw
the next day,We both act according to plan。I changed seats with Gillian,We used the thick pile of books on the table as a cover all morning,Buried under,Well-planned script。Until the bell rings,I thought I had a break between classes,But I don’t know it’s over。I have been studying for so many years,For the first time I feel time is like a rushing shower。Go home at noon and eat something casually,Get up and go。I deliberately pretended to forget,Hurry back。
“mom,Teacher asks to pay。twenty dollars,Said it is hepatitis B vaccine。”I said calmly like reporting to work。
“Pay again,Vaccine again。Just been playing for a few days,Hit again。I think your teacher is really owed!Tell the teacher not to fight。I’m really fine!”Mom, what vaccine?,Counseling book,Uniforms,Just say that the school is a place where charges are indiscriminately under the name。
“What was the urticaria or meningitis last time?,The teacher said you can not fight。But this time we must fight。Can’t continue class without playing。”I threatened her in the name of reading,And every time my mother encounters this problem, she always has nothing to do。
“Can not fight before,Why are you still fighting?I will understand next time,Don’t rush up everything。The teacher speaks like a decree,Why don’t you listen to me。Asking for money all day long,Open your eyes and ask for money from dawn,.”She started talking about me again。Sometimes I really want to persuade her,Stop being so wordy。You say so much every day,Educated me so much,Restrain me so much。I don’t know which sentence to listen to,So I didn’t listen to a word。
“Actually, I don’t want to play those things。The little girls all rolled up their arms and sleeves and rushed to fight for their lives,You say if I shrink my head,Do people look down on me?。It’s okay to look down on me,The key is that my son can’t shame you。”I defended with a clever tongue。
“okay,you!I say one thing you have ten thousand words waiting for me。Just this time,No next time。”Mom said that she stuffed twenty yuan into my breast pocket,I patted the dust on my back from nowhere。Watching me running away,She shouted again,“Slow down the road!”
“Got it!”I replied with the joy of success。
On the stone bridge by the river outside the village,I watched as I rode up like a car。A beautiful emergency stop in front of me,Flick。Then we both reached into our pockets at the same time,Each took out a piece of twenty yuan full of wisdom。This twenty yuan is the result of my wit and bravery,to me,The significance of the success of this battle is no less than the Great War。We both drove to school proudly,Suddenly feel that the oncoming wind is fragrant。This way“****post”Never stopped。
We two parked the car at the canteen at the school gate。The fat lady at the commissary saw us entering the house,He said unceremoniously as if he saw his son“Little bunny,What to buy again?”
“Aunt,Can you be gentle。Anyway, we are also your customers。What is the first rule of business?“Customer is God”。You always treat God like this,Be careful god gets angry。”I started teasing with the fat aunt again。
“Little Bunny,Set all day long。Which teacher taught this?”Although fat aunt says that sometimes,But I know he doesn’t bother me。I still remember,She once boasted that I could speak well in front of her dazed son。She also said that people like me are better than four-eyed nerds,There will definitely be a future in the future。Fat aunt has to greet others,No longer entangled,Said:“Speak,what do you want?”
“One end!what do you drink?Yogurt or soda?”I first seek his opinion。

It seems,I have to go back by myself。

“Doctor Fang……Can you help me,Give this to my son at a critical time。I might,There is no way to deal with it immediately!”
Hu Yongchang seriously。
Handed a seal to Fang Yu!
“Mr. Hu,You should have confidence in your body!”
Fang Yu comforted。
“I also want to be confident,But obviously my body I know……This situation will not get better soon。If it weren’t for Doctor Fang, you would do it,I’m afraid I would have died long ago!”
Hu Yongchang slowly said。
In the eyes,Still with a trace of regret。
“Row,I promise you……You have to rest now,Stop talking!”Fang Yu reminded。
Hu Yongchang finished,Fell into a deep sleep。
Fang Yu covered him with a quilt。
Ready to go back!
This medicated diet,Fang Yu has to go there in person。
Fang Yu went to find a vegetable market nearby,Found similar ingredients。
Go back to Fangjia Pharmacy,Bought some herbs。
Just go back and make the soup!

Blue Xin and Ning Feifei,As long as you squeeze one,They have the opportunity to climb up。

Most let her jealous, She is obviously a designer of the wedding department,But the famous artist did not look for her designer.,Instead, I found it Lan Xin.,This makes her survival in the company?
“Oh, I am really true.?
Xue Jing,I know that you dressed as this.,Also pay attention to the attention of land,But you don’t look at what kind of person I am.,Do you also match??”
Ning Feifei cold face,What she most can’t see is that these people who hurt people behind them.。
Their mouth said,But people who are hurt by them,Will be intangible shield knife stabbed heart。
“Ning Feifei,you”Xue Jing,When I saw Blue Xin,All words are done between the lips。
Blue Xin came,When did she come??
“Humph!Why are not you talking,I tell you,Then expensive perfume can’t cover your fence.,Don’t let me hear you say that our Director’s bad words,Otherwise my temper will become worse.,There will be my handprint on your face.。”
Ning Feifei said,I found that Xue Jing’s eyes were not right.。
Ning Feifei back,I saw Blue Xin standing not far away.,And Lan Xin is not far behind,Standing in Europe。
The eyes of the two look at them。
“Blue Director,You have heard it.。”
Ning Feifei is a bit worried about Blue Xin。
Blue Xinyu,Lip smile,walk over,Smile:“how?
I can’t come to work a few days.,Have you hot again??”
European said behind her:“I listened to the scenery.,That day, you kneel down Li.,Our Lu Group has got a big project,I have been in New Year this year.,I can finally go abroad.。”
Blue Xin listens to European,Quickly look at him,“Oh,European secretary,Do you also have a shares??”
“Um!Thanks to you,I can earn a lot this time.。”
European,magnetic,Like the spring breeze。
“but,Have someone to make this matter to do this。”
Blue Xin smiled slightly:“I am used to this matter.,But my child will be hurt in the school.,This time I still want to trouble a secretary.,Check who is putting these photos online。”
She knows the temper of European,Say this,I want to give her white,She can’t care before,But now she must care,Her words will affect the life of his child in school。
“I will check it for a while.,Let’s go up.。”
European,Go to the front。
Ning Feifei is quickly pulling Blue Xin’s hand,“Blue Director,You said that you are drunk that day.,Is it a big business??”
Blue Xinyu,“so,You will also have a bonus,Wait, then,Give you the salary of this month。”
Ning Feifei is excited to cry.,She now specials in special needs,There is no poor people really don’t know how important money.。
Blue Xin laughs:“Let it go,Go up,Have to meet。”

“grass,No more,Room hair is gone。I can’t let this Lai Scarlet ride on his head and shit。Don’t do it,I go by myself。”The middle-aged man jumped into thunder,Obviously can’t control emotions,I picked up a thick wooden stick by my side。

“brother,Can’t go there,Let’s find another chance,good or not?”Suddenly ran over and hugged the middle-aged man。
“grass,You start,I’m a fool?Damn directly copy his nest,Don’t think about it。”The middle-aged man pushed the Mengzi away,Reach out for Li Tianchou,“Don’t you want a deposit?Boldly confront Lao Tzu。”
Li Tianchou stood still and shook his head vigorously。“come on,you。”The middle-aged man grabbed Li Tianchou by the shoulder,Drag and go out。
Mengzi and the big men in the courtyard saw this posture,I can only bite the bullet and carry the guy to follow behind,A group of people stormed out of the yard。
I saw the familiar tricycle not far away,The middle-aged man shouted loudly,“Get in the car for Laozi,Hard to drive。”It doesn’t matter if Li Tianchou is happy or not,Drag him up first。
“brother,You calm down。We did two of them today,Lai Scarli found a lot of people,Now we are very prepared,Brothers will suffer a big loss。”Unwilling,Took the middle-aged man’s hand again,Persuade。
I didn’t expect the middle-aged man to stop being angry,But also laughed,“How about people?Use your brain,His people are all waiting for us in the bungalow,I won’t be stupid。Copy his old nest directly,This second force must be unexpected,Believe brother’s。”
Mengzi froze,As if still thinking。Li Tianchou nodded secretly,This middle-aged man is quite courageous,Suddenly feel weird,Is it a bit too much for these two groups of people??
Can’t let him think about it,The middle-aged man slapped Mengzi on the head,“Drive,Go to Temple Village Supermarket。”Mengzi no longer hesitate,The three-wheeled agricultural vehicle roared,Rushed to the road。
The car quickly passed through the tunnel under the bridge of the ring road,Gallop along a path,Li Tianchou took a look and knew that Mengzi was taking a shortcut,Should enter the village from another direction。Just seven or eight people go to pick another village,Middle-aged man is crazy enough。
“Kid,Scared?”The middle-aged man is quite leisurely chatting。
Li Tianchou nodded,“You guys have nothing to do with me,Brother, let me get out of the car。”
“joke,You are an idiot?Confrontation,No problem let you go。”The middle-aged man gave a yin smile,“Want to get back the deposit,How easy it is?”
Li Tianchou gave a dry laugh,Stop talking。
The car quickly reached the edge of Miaotang Village,Li Tianchou remembers that he seemed to have been to this village,But looking at the terrain,I’m afraid it’s the other side of the village。
“brother,how to do?We got off the car and dispersed in?”The son turned his head and asked。

And around,Those customers,After tasting,Are here again。

“Whoops,Haven’t you tasted it,Why come again?”
See here,Ye Xuan at this time,I feel a little confused。
but,Finish talking at Ye Xuan,Now,These people in front of me,They don’t forget to say here。
“in fact,The buns here are so delicious,So i want some more。”
“Yes,boss,Can you add more in the future,Like barbecue or something。”
“Oden is already pretty good,What skewers do you want?”
Look at these people,Actually now,It’s already good。
And Ye Xuan,Waved。
“I know,Follow-up words,Will increase depending on the situation!”
slowly,When Ye Xuan looked here,Ye Xuan still didn’t forget to wave his hand here。
After saying what Ye Xuan said,,Those around,Even nodded in agreement。
But now look,I won’t talk about other things for now。
But the more so,Actually, I looked at Ye Xuan,These things,Itself is very interesting。
And looking at these,Ye Xuan at this time,Is watching this scene a little bit。

“is it?”

Chuckle,Skywrath in his hand reappeared,The cold blade is even more gloomy in the sun。
“I hate it,Because of this arrogant and meticulous protection,Let me be imprisoned forever in such a vision,Hahaha,I hate it!”Luan Pazhen laughed,Eyes full of regret.
Chapter Four Hundred and Four:Fully resist,Chess king comes!
Luan Tianqing holding Cassia,Slowly straighten your body,Sighed slightly:“Worthy of being the Lord of Tianshan,Can actually push me to this point!”
“Ha ha,But with the help of the imperial weapon,Make it like your own power!”Tong Wuyin laughed disdainfully,Even if he stretches out his hand and is seriously injured,But still stiff!
“Whatever you say,You lose,Dying soon,It’s you and that little beast!”Luan Tianqing shook his head in disdain,What external power,As long as you can kill the opponent,It’s my own power!
“How did you come out!”
Get out of the formation,Tong Wu Yinfu.
Chapter Four Hundred and Five:Humiliation for a day,Not bloody!

Xia Jian and Lu Changfei walked into a large box reserved in advance,Unexpectedly, there was an old man who was about 60 years old.。This man is short,Looks a little thin。The hair of a few thin vegetables hung messily on the forehead,But his two eyes are like eagles,Piercing。

“Ouch!Lu boss,Haven’t seen you in years,I didn’t expect you to be that strong”The old man stood up,Came over with a big laugh,Shook hands with Lu Changfei。
Lu Changfei laughed loudly:“Strong ass,People in their sixties,That looks like your demon brother,I still call the wind and call the rain,Go around”
“Hi!Lu boss,Not seen for many years,Why did you scold me as soon as we met?”The two female heads booed for a while,Just sat down。Who are more than ten people with Lu Changfeng,Had to stand at the door。Because the old demon didn’t even bring anyone behind,But Xia Jian is sure,His people must be hiding。
“This young is?”The old demon suddenly pointed to Xia Jian standing behind Lu Changfei and asked。
Lu Changfei just remembered,Xia Jian is still standing behind him,He hurriedly pulled Xia Jian to sit down beside him,Then he smiled and said to the old demon:“This is a little brother of mine,Also my friend。Previously served as executive general manager of the venture group,Don’t look at him young,Very good skill”
“Yo!That is really the wave behind the Yangtze River pushing the wave forward,I’m the bad old man who gave the number to the old demon”The old demon said and stood up,Stretched out his big skinny hand。
Xia Jian has a look,Stood up quickly,Reach out and hold。But at this moment,The old demon suddenly exerted force,Which big hand with only bones is like a pair of tongs,Tightly clamped Xia Jian’s unprepared hand。And keep increasing strength,There is a posture that wants to break Xia Jian’s hand。
But Xia Jian is not a waiter,His adventure,What internal skills learned from the Dao Master Ziyi is not a joke。I saw Xia Jian expressionless,Took a very calm breath。
Suddenly,The old demon holds Xia Jian’s hand,Like being shocked,Snap it off。Watching Lu Changfei fighting between the two in secret,I couldn’t help laughing,He has a proud look on his face。
The old demon sat back slowly,A little helplessly shook his head and said:“Lu boss!This youth is really not a blow,He is following you now?”
“Ass!He can see me,Me and him are just friends”Lu Changfei said,Can’t help but laugh out loud again。
Xia Jian is really flattered,He has always regarded Lu Changfei as an uncle,So the name is also uncle long and uncle short,Unexpectedly, Lu Changfei just said they were friends,But also as a brother,His seniority was also mentioned for a while,Can you say he can’t be happy secretly?
The old demon smiled and said:“Boss Lu asked me out this time,It’s not just a cup of tea.!Let’s talk about business first,It’s not too late to eat after talking”
“it is good!I’ll just say,A friend of my little brother,Tied up by yours,I heard it was because of something underground。I say old demon!You are also a famous person in Bucheon,How can you do such a robbery??”Lu Changfei is a straight man,He didn’t hold back,So he said all the things in his mind。
The old demon’s face changed slightly,He said coldly:“Lu boss!You can’t say that to me,Did my people do it?,I’ll make this clear in front of you”
“Damn!Can i wrong you for nothing?Your person called and said it was your person,Let us be careful,Otherwise it’s nothing”Lu Changfei’s face also changed,An unhappy look。

A roll of bamboo slips at the bottom of the bamboo basket,Old man take out open……

The boy took the checklist,Went to the hospital cafeteria to fill up,But I don’t want to see Wu Changan as soon as I get into the elevator。
“You are right here,follow me。”
Wu Changan took Gan Yifan out of the elevator,Came to the parking lot outside the courtyard。
A woman got off a newest Hongqi car,Two big men in suits followed her left and right。
“Get to know,My surname is ning,Ning Xichen, Head of Chenxi Pharmaceutical Company。”
Ning Xichen is wearing a professional suit,There is a mature woman’s style all over the body,This kind of woman is very lethal to the average boy,It’s just that the teenager is not in this rank。
The teenager goes back。
“I have no ill intentions,Just going to talk to you。”Ning Xichen smiled,The fair and delicate face is full of kindness and friendship,It’s like being pulled by a teenager yesterday,The thing about holding a knife against my chest has never happened before,“People come and go here,Not a place to talk,Good coffee in the cafe next to it,You haven’t had coffee yet,Let me treat you to coffee。”
Young unmoved。
Wu Changan smiled vaguely,No matter how you look at his smiling face, he is not kind,“Yifan,Last night, Uncle Wu didn’t arrange it,Let a stranger go to your house,Uncle Wu apologizes to you。Mr. Ning made a special trip to see you today,I want to talk to you about cooperation,She is not malicious,Otherwise Uncle Wu won’t bring you to see her。”
“What cooperation?”
Wu Changan glanced at Ning Xichen,Said:“Yunji Island has medicinal materials that Ning needs,Others cannot go to the island,Only you can,So she hopes you can get medicinal materials for her,She will pay you……Ok,Just pay you。”
“how much is it?”
“One plant one hundred。”Ning Xichen said。
“One plant one hundred,Ten plants a thousand,10,000 for 100 plants……”The teenager calculated,Shook his head,“I won’t do it,I have money。”
“You cooperate with me,I will pay you back,Just give you another money,One month……Thirty thousand。”
In fact, the teenager has not yet clearly defined the amount of money,He didn’t know that tens of thousands of dollars a month was considered a very high salary in Ganning City.,Ganning City’s per capita monthly income is only in the early 4,000。
He thinks that the money is enough,There are ten thousand yuan in the mobile phone change,Apply for a bank card in two days,Another 180,000 credited,And he still has a lot of similar agarwood boxes sold,Including silver dollars,Other things for which the price is still unclear,Really need money,Take out a few,It’s okay for hundreds of thousands of minutes,He is not bad。
“I said I have money,Don’t come to me in the future。”The young man put down these words,I don’t care about Wu Changan,Turn around。

Chen Nian looked over,That’s a long gray straight hair,Boy wearing exquisite round glasses,Tall,But the boy who feels very gentle。

“sweet,sweet,Deputy Captain Gandhi,Sorry!”Facing the awkward atmosphere,Wang Xiaoguang quickly apologized,Today, he didn’t pay much to others。
“It’s ok,A Tian is not here,I have to adapt to the taste of losing the game in the future……”Gandhi whispered。
“what did you say!Even if the captain is not there,Let me break up and win the game!”Wu Qihang’s voice is loud,Shout at Gandhi。
“Roar?Have the ability to dominate the game,Brother Tian is away,Gandhi is the captain。”Someone reaches out,Push Wu Qihang aside。
Wu Qihang pointed at the man and said:“Huang Haoran,You can!”
then,Wu Qihang turned and left the crowd,This scene was seen by many people again。
“It seems that their team is not as harmonious as the outside world.……”Chen Nian whispered。
Gandhi walked to Chen Nian,Looked down,Asked:“You miss the sauce?I watched yesterday’s show,As acting captain,I apologize to you on behalf of Xiao Wu。hope,Don’t report what happened just now,After all, it’s been a long time since I lost the game,Especially losing to the European team,He must be uncomfortable。”
“understanding,understanding……”Chen Nian quickly replied,But in my heart I think the boy’s voice is so nice,Very gentle、Very comfortable。
“Miss sauce,Stop nympho,Hurry up for today’s interview。”Wang Xiaoguang whispered in Chen Nian’s ear。
“correct,Can our e-sports moment column team interview the Phoenix players on the spot??I mainly want to ask what do you think of Xu Tian’s announcement of his retirement,Or do you want to tell him through our show??”
“According to the regulations, we cannot accept interviews,But since your program team has made an appointment,Then I will accept the interview on behalf of the team members,You can ask questions。”Gandhi said。
Ever since,Wang Xiaoguang carried the camera,Sister Mei is in charge of makeup,Taozi makes good field notes,Missing sauce picked up the microphone,See this handsome guy in front of you,I was even more nervous than when I interviewed Xu Tianshi yesterday。
“Dear audience friend,Welcome to the gaming moment!I am the host miss sauce,Today we have the honor to invite the representatives of the Phoenix team from the Guns of Glory project‘Gandhi’Be interviewed!”
“Hello host,Hello everyone, audience friends!”Gandhi greets everyone in front of the camera。
“Today’s Four Nations Invitational did not start well,Is it because of Xu Tian’s retirement??”
“Everything is a bit sudden,Our players still need time to adapt to new tactics,Believe in victory soon。”Gan faces tough questions,Did not disturb the rhythm of speech at all。
“Will Gandhi player,What is your personal opinion on Xu Tian’s choice to retire??”