Miao Yanhong went to Changjiang Li Autonomous County to investigate grass -roots united front work

[Font:] Miao Yanhong surveyed the work of Changjiang through field visits and held a symposium, and visited the country’s revitalization work, national unity and progress in the rural rejuvenation, national unity and progress of the national characteristic villages, Wangxiang Village, Hongshui Village and other places. Create work and the protection of the traditional settlement of the Li nationality. During the survey, Miao Yanhong praised Changjiang, especially Wang Xiaxiang, who insisted on protecting the original ecology in recent years, and the development concept of the Li nationality culture, which fully affirmed the contribution of the Wangxia Township Lihua Lili project inheriting the development of the Li nationality. It is hoped that Changjiang will continue to protect the original ecological environment, the original ecological culture, the original ecological folk customs, and dig deeper into the history and culture of the Li nationality, integrate the Li nationality and cultural tourism, cultural and creative industries, revitalize the resource of Li nationality, and help rural revitalization. At the symposium, after listening to the report, Miao Yanhong affirmed the work of the united front of Changjiang. Miao Yanhong emphasized that Changjiang should take the party’s leadership as a "backbone", achieve "five persistence", give full play to the role of the important magic weapon of the united front work in the new era, and continuously improve the operation mechanism of the united front work leading group, and further strengthen the joint force of the United Front work; Give full play to the advantages and condense the "concentric circle", adhere to the great unity and union, close the overall situation of the central service, and actively act as a condensed development force, so as to open their legs, put their hands, open their mouths, be a good united war object to be a good united war object. The "waiter"; the "Lianxin Bridge" must be established, the channels of unblocking and expanding exchanges, consultations, and suggestions, and giving full play to the advantages of the "think tank" of foreign talents, gathered resources for the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port, and enhanced their intelligence.

On behalf of the Changjiang County Party Committee and County Government, Chen Rao, secretary of the Changjiang County Party Committee, welcomed Miao Yanhong and his party to investigate and guidance in Changjiang, and thanked the United Front Work Department of the Provincial Party Committee for their care, support and help in Changjiang’s work. Chen Rao pointed out that Changjiang will further strengthen the party’s centralized and unified leadership in the United Front work, improve the work pattern of the Datong War, and play the role of the united front line. In the construction of the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, the new achievements should be made, and Changjiang should contribute. During the investigation, in accordance with the requirements of the work deployment of the Provincial Party Committee, Miao Yanhong also went to the business self -built house inspection point in Changjiang, and unannounced the implementation of the rectification and rectification of operating self -built houses. Kang Pengying, executive deputy minister of the United Front Work Department of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee, Wang Xiaorong, member of the Standing Committee of the Changjiang County Party Committee and Minister of the United Front Work Department, and Wang Changjiang, deputy head of the county, accompanied the investigation. The main person in charge of the member unit of the leading group of the Changjiang County Party Committee’s united front work attended the discussion.

And the others,Watching here。

They don’t know,What exactly does Yang Zhuo want to do。
But only one thing,http://www.xunfeng123.cn They can be sure。
That’s Yang Zhuo dealing with these things,Actually the attitude is exactly the same as them。
So treat such things,In fact, in their hearts,I can’t help but look forward to it。
As for the next,What will Yang Zhuo do??
at this point,Not last minute,Actually, no one can tell。
As for Yang Zhuo himself,Is slowly looking into the distance。
“Find someone to do me a little destruction right away,I will let http://www.58fishing.cnhim know,Offend me,what exactly is it!”
at this time,As Yang Zhuo slowly raised his head to look into the distance,Now,Actually, for Yang Zhuo,Such a thing,But the more I look at it, the more interesting it becomes。
“But now,Let’s not talk about other issues,This Wang Teng,I’ll take a look,How long can he continue to be arrogant!”
When Yang Zhuo said directly to him,Finished,Those around,Took a deep breath。
Because they can see it,These words,It’s not just casual talk。
This time,Yang Zhuo is absolutely serious。
But at the same moment,In fact, deep down in their hearts,On the contrary, I am looking forward to it。
As for Wang Teng,He looks relaxed and comfortable。
After handling the Tan family’s affairs,,Wang Teng whole person,I’m already bored。

Kunming University of Technology deepen "double innovation" education

  In recent years, Kunming University of Technology has comprehensively deepened the reform of school innovation and entrepreneurship education and teaching, vigorously promoted innovation and entrepreneurial education, aims to cultivate innovative talents, stimulates the vitality of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, allows college students to actively participate in innovative and entrepreneurial practice, and explore a development of innovative entrepreneurial education development. the road.

  A lightweight intelligent bracelet, through gesture intelligent identification, key voice playback, external environmental vibration, etc., has become a window for people with disabilities to "see" the world. A few years ago, the Zhao Jiangbo team of Kunming University of Science and Technology won the gold award at the first national "Internet+" college student innovation and entrepreneurial contest with the "WatchMe WatchMe" project of "Deaf and Mute Smart Sensing Interactive Equipment" project.

This is one of the results of the school’s implementation of innovation and entrepreneurial education. Over the years, Kunming University of Technology has closely combined the school’s discipline and professional characteristics, and has given full play to the advantages accumulated in social practice and volunteer services for many years. Social development and the actual force of promoting rural revitalization. Integrate classroom teaching, independent learning, combining practice, guidance and assistance, and cultural leadership, Kunming University of Technology improves the innovative and entrepreneurial talent training mechanisms of schools, schools, schools, and schools. Curriculum construction, practical platform construction, teacher training, discipline competition, innovation and entrepreneurial service system, etc. to promote the construction of innovation and entrepreneurship education system, systematically plan and comprehensively promote the high -quality training of dual -innovation talents, create a full -scale, complete process, and all -round innovation and entrepreneurship. New education system. In close combination of the characteristics of science and technology and disciplines, Kunming University of Technology vigorously carried out the integration and specialization education of Sichuan and created, and cultivated students’ innovation and entrepreneurship capabilities with more open systems. In order to cultivate top innovative talents, the school has opened innovative classes, elite classes, and academician innovation classes in different majors, paying attention to students ‘personality development, and comprehensively cultivating students’ innovative spirit, entrepreneurial awareness and student innovation and entrepreneurial practical ability. At the same time, Kunming University of Science and Technology has conducted high -quality, targeted innovation and entrepreneurial training for students at the school, carried out the selection and cultivation of entrepreneurial projects, and carried out project incubation services.

By promoting teaching, promoting learning by competition, and promoting creation in the competition, we enrich the form and content of the competition, establish a college student entrepreneurial project library, increase project selection and cultivation, and cultivate excellent projects and Peter projects. In addition, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurial services, promote the transformation of the achievements of college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote the implementation of outstanding entrepreneurial projects.

(Reporter Chen Yixi).

The little cousin lightning is retracted,Refers to the dropped iron lock,tell him:“cousin,This lock is fake,Unlock,Just buckle,Do you want to go in??Looking for you to recall you and Nangang high school。”

Zhou Shake his head:
“no http://www.ffsos.cn need。”
The little girl quietly looked at him.,Not much to say,I quickly put the iron lock.,Hang up,Failed a few times,I finally put it into a lock.。
Small table sister pine tone,Go back and walk with the cousin。
Chapter VIII future
“Do you think these things are very good??You really haven’t seen the world too.。”
The other party is really too shameful.,If your own younger brother dare to use this one, you can grab something and others.,That Chen Ping will also collapse on the spot,He does not allow people to be so wolf under his hand.。
“Is it?,These medicines and weapons posing on the road are so powerful.,I don’t even want to imagine what kind of baby will have in the real Tibet Pavilion.,I will definitely make you move.。”
What happened to this way,I haven’t encountered a hard guy.,It seems http://www.zqzhongxin.cn that it has been completely cleared.。
But in this way,They have not seen the trails of the king of the king.,This makes Chen Ping feel a little headache.。
“Is it difficult to do so-called kings? Is these things that are not allowed??”
Chen Ping frowned,Looked around,If this is the so-called king’s remains,Then he is too disappointed.。
The rabbit drilled out directly,Put it in Chen Ping,Obviously have your own ideas。
“Boss, you really think too much.,This place is absolutely a lot,It’s hard to do it, I really think that these things are very worthless.。”
“Just simple value for you, there is no big value.,But for this group,It can be called the price of invaluable treasure.,Many people have no way to resist the bronze of the front.,Unable to go to this step。”
Although Chen Ping looks like this extreme anti-earplug,Let the rabbit feel very helpless,But I have to say,Chen Ping does also have the bottom of these treasures.。
“But you have to be careful,There are many dangers in front.,It is definitely not ordinary people to be dealive.,If you are not careful, you will be very easy to move.。”
The rabbit is very good to remind a sentence.,What else can you do in front of him, he is not willing to say more?,It seems to be simple to keep this secret,Generally speaking, Chen Ping is not,I just want to play the rabbit directly.。
“Your guy, I dare to dress up with me.,I will burn you.,Don’t think you are important,For me, you are just a ingredient.。”
Chen Ping can’t hire the evil opening threatened a sentence,His life is the most hated, talking about half of them.。
Feel the very powerful threat of Chen Ping,The rabbit can’t help but laugh.。
“People open a joke with you.,Why are you so fierce?,In fact, there is a huge tentacle in front.,I don’t know what it is.,I only know that this tentacle looks very disgusting.。”
I finished this.,The rabbit directly contaches the head of Chen Ping.,It seems to be scared by Chen Ping just.。
However, Chen Ping is too understanding this stinky rabbit.,The other party is definitely impossible to be scared by himself.。
This rabbit has always been a guy who has no face.,Only blow fart in the weekdays,In addition to saying something,The most good at it is the playboo sympathy.。
If you replace it is an ordinary person,May have already been given by this rabbit to the fooler service post,But his flicker is Chen Ping.,This proves that he is wrong at the beginning.。
Chen Ping this person has always been a famous oil salt.,This guy wants to discuss from Chen Ping’s hand,That is absolutely impossible。
“There is a tentacle in front of http://www.skinami.cn it.,What is it?,I am quite curious.。”
Chen Ping can’t help but curious open,He even wanted to hurry to touch this seemingly horrible tentacle。
A person waiting to go quickly in front,I didn’t have long seen a huge cave。
After seeing this cave,Lin Yunliang can’t help but show curious look.,He looked down at the bottom.,I finally made a very bold decision.。
“Brother, I can’t bear the cheap, you will be white.,On weekdays, you will take the lead in the game.,This time, let me go to see it first.。”
Lin Yunliang is very straightforward.,This time, I said that I feel very happy.。

Really use it! A parliament to solve multiple employees’ demands

"Bad Lights near Gate 3", "No employee activities in the park" … Recently, at the first quarter of the employee council in the first quarter of the Federation of the Union Federation of the Union Federation of the Grand Canal Town of Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, the employee representatives have proposed a pre -meeting collection. Conditions.

It is reported that the members of the council include the chairman of the Park Industry Federation, the union cadre, the principals of the park property management company, the chairman of the key enterprise trade union, and the representatives of employees from various enterprises.

The reporter learned that the Longgang District Federation of Trade Unions recently issued the "Longgang District Trade Union Deepening Works Federation Reform to improve the grassroots trade union organization to participate in the grass -roots social governance efficiency work plan" (hereinafter referred to as the "work plan"). The purpose is to build a platform for employees to participate in grassroots social governance Essence The "Work Plan" proposes that by the end of 2022, the union of the union of "party committee leadership, union operation, democratic consultation, and employee participation" will be established in the entire district to participate in the grass -roots social governance system.

It is worth mentioning that in terms of focusing on employees’ demands and doing practical democracy, the "Work Plan" pointed out that the system of staff members should be deepened.

Employees’ councils focus on the urgent needs of employees. Ask the meeting to ask the employees, ask the employees at the association, and ask the employees after the meeting to ensure that everything is implemented, the parts have feedback, and a closed -loop management is formed.

The "Work Plan" also requires key links such as the participation of negotiating platforms, participation of topic disposal, and feedback on issues of issues, and exploring a new mechanism for the participation of the full process of multiple subjects. The employee negotiation platform invites the relevant government functional departments, two representatives, one member, and the community workstation to attend the meeting to listen to the demands and suggestions of employees; extensively link resources of employee issues, and jointly solve the multi -diverse subject; The list of publicity systems, play a role of diversified subject supervision, and promote the joint participation in grass -roots social governance.

"Under normal circumstances, the issues within the scope of the park are followed up by the relevant functional departments of the park; if the relevant functional departments of the park cannot solve it, they will be resolved by the community.

"Li Jiandong, chairman of the Union Federation of the Union of the Grand Canal Software Town, said that for issues that exceeded the scope of community functions, the Community Industry Federation was reported to the Federation of Trade Unions and followed up by the Federation of Trade Unions.

According to reports, at the first quarter of the Federation of the Union Federation of the Grand Canal Software Town, multiple demands reported by employees have been feedback. For example, the "Bad Light near Gate Gate" matters have basically completed the progress of the project by reflecting and communicating with the construction unit to the construction unit; Update the water pipe connection port to solve. It is understood that the "Work Plan" proposed a total of 19 aspects of 19 specific work content.

Among them, deepening the comprehensive reform of the Federation of Industry and the Federation of Industry, the construction standards of the Cadres of the Federation of Industry and Industry will implement the differentiated allocation of the chairman of the Federation of Industry and Federation and the full -time vice chairman of the Federation of Industry. Competitive selection mechanism; implement the "head geese" project of grass -roots unions, and cultivate the chairman of the "Primary Three" union. In addition, combined with the characteristics of different employees, a group of highlights, characteristic, and good projects that meet the needs of employees and actively enjoy employees, forging the "brand project library" of the employees of the Workers’ Federation. source:.

Ning order,Then close the eyes。

He found that this is not difficult,The future will continue to spread,Automatically integrated into the body。
A hint of cracks appear in Ning’s eyebrow,Then slowly crack。
A strange eye appears in the eyebrow heart。
I saw this eye.,Among them,The central blue,Outside a layer of purple light。
The outermost layer is yellow。
It looks quite strange,As if it is distributing a particular force。
Intangible fluctuations have also overflow,Changes in surrounding natural energy。
“Is this a reincarnation of blood junction?,Still the first time,Sure enough, quite”Spring thought。
This kind of eye has not appeared in the original。
Ning’s eyes were also opened。
“How about it,Feel the strength of space?”Spring said。
“Um,Already felt”
Ningxing waved,A space door opened,Then close again。
“After the body integration,Increased strength,If you add a reviced eye,Your body strength will be more powerful,Cooperate”Spring said。
He remembers this,Before they fight with the springs,Strong horror。
He thought it was the reason for Springs.,I didn’t expect to be like this.。
He does not have yin and yang five elements.,Can only make his body with the intensity of Dao Yu through the strength of the giant reincarnation http://www.ccyhg.cn eye。
However, the intensity of yin and yang is also good.,Even can be used as a weapon,Just don’t have the annihilation attribute of jade。
Their state is already a special life.。
And now this state,There is also an increase in the use of Chakra。
Can make Ningxue stronger power,Plus, the body of Ning is strong,Let his strength have a huge increase。
Maybe in the endurance, except for the spring and brilliant night,Others have no one in Ning.。
Just because he has mastered the way to transform the jade energy,Plus terrorism。
Almost a weakened version of the spring。
“Make it up,Then go out to deal with the things of the Sky Parliament,We have consumed a lot of time.,Soon, I will end.”Spring said。
Ning Ji takes a deep breath,His forehead eyes quickly close,Restore the original。
Even http://www.lyrxjf.cn the revivement of the eyes converge。

China released ? Social appearing 1 new diagnosis and three rounds of nucleic acids in some areas of Changping … The latest situation in the Beijing epidemic situation is here

China Net, May 31st News Beijing held a new type of press conference on the prevention and control of new coronary virus pneumonia. The number of new crown pneumonians has declined significantly for 9 consecutive days. As of May 30, except for Fengtai District, there were no new social cases for more than three consecutive days in 16 consecutive days. "The re -emerging social case shows that the risk of rebounding of the epidemic still exists. We must always tighten the string of the epidemic prevention and control, unswervingly promote the dynamic clearance action, adhere to the clockwise, and resolutely block the new society to increase the new society. The risk of propagation caused by facial cases, concentrated power to win the prevention and control of the epidemic.

"Xu Hejian emphasized. Liu Xiaofeng, deputy director of the infected person in Beijing Changping Social Screening, introduced that there were 18 cases of new local new crown pneumonia virus infected from 0:00 on May 30th from 0:00 on May 30th. , 8 cases of Haidian District, 1 case of Shijingshan District; 5 cases of ordinary type, 11 cases of light type, and 2 cases of asymptomatic infection; 17 cases of segregated observers, and 1 case of social screening personnel have been notified. 0:00 on May 31 to 0:00 until until from 0:00 to until from 0:00 to until 0:00 to until from 0:00 to until 0:00 to until 0:00 to from 0:00 to until 0:00 to until 0:00 to until 0:00 to until 0:00 to from 0:00 on May 31 At 15:00, 5 cases of new native new crown pneumonia virus were added (1891 to 1895 infected), 3 cases of Haidian District, 1 case of each of Xicheng District and Changping District; 4 cases of ordinary types and 4 cases of observer, 4 cases of observer, 4 cases, 4 cases, 4 cases, 4 cases, 4 cases, 4 cases, 4 cases of observer. One case of social screening staff, in Changping District.

Both have been transferred to a designated hospital, and the relevant risk points and personnel have been controlled.

After the press conference on May 30th, the relevant infected persons were notified as follows: Infected person 1893: Through the screening of social noodles, it was found that the current district of Harmony Home in Huoying Street, Changping District. On May 29, I went to the suburbs of Beijing to pick and dinner with my relatives and friends. On May 31, the test results of the test nucleic acid testing were positive. Yang Renquan, a member of the Standing Committee of the Beijing Changping District Committee and executive deputy head of the Beijing Changping District Party Committee and executive deputy district head of the southern part of the seven town of Changping North, Beijing, has completed the 10887 nucleic acid testing of Dong Sanqi Village on May 30, and the results are negative.

From May 31st, the southern part of Beiqijia Town, Tiannan Street, Tianbei Street, Huoying Street, and Dongxiakou Town will continue to carry out three -wheeled nucleic acid screening.

Beijing Changping’s newly added sealing point involves Yang Renquan, a 1,500 residents. At present, there are 8 seal control areas in Changping District. Among them, the Dongsanqi Village was closed on May 30th. The Zongzong homestead is a seal -controlled area, and the remaining 470 residence sites are control areas. The village is installed with door magnetic with households and inspections for 24 hours.

On the morning of May 31st, the first district first district and the second district of Harmony Home, the second district of Harmony Home, and the four units in the east five districts of Longjinyuan involved a total of 1,500 residents. Beijing 4 adjustment risk levels The existing medium and high risk zone "12+3" Liu Xiaofeng reported that as of 24:00 on May 30, with the evaluation of the Municipal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in accordance with the "Standards for the Risk Risk Grade Standards for the New Crown Pneumonia’s Epidemic Epidemic", Chaoyang District 1 , Fangshan District 3 areas, the level of adjustment risk is as follows: Fangshan District Shilou Town Shilou Village has reported in 4 cases of diagnosis cases in the past 14 days. From now on, high -risk areas have been reduced to medium -risk areas.

Shuanglongxi Community, Nanmo Fang Township, Chaoyang District, Zu Village, Liulihe Town, Fangshan District, and Sanli Community of Suzhuang Sanli Street in Xizhen District have not reported to local confirmed cases in the past 14 days.

As of now, there are 3 high -risk areas and 12 central risk areas in the city. Beijing Fengtai strictly pointed out that Xu Hejian, at home office, pointed out that Fengtai District insists on unnecessary districts, strictly at home office, further adjust public transportation operations, minimize social flow, block loopholes, and consolidate the foundation of epidemic prevention and control. Tongzhou will be reported to the Standing Committee of the Beijing Tongzhou District Party Committee, Minister of Propaganda Department, and the spokesperson for the district committee of the Beijing Municipal Tongzhou District Party Committee from the premium control area tomorrow. As of today, Tongzhou District has not added new social cases for 7 consecutive days. In accordance with the city’s policies on the dynamic social policies of epidemic prevention and control, the relevant measures related to the prevention and control of Tongzhou District will be adjusted and transferred to the normalized epidemic prevention and control.

Starting today, Tongzhou District will regulate social prevention and control measures in an orderly manner. Except for the seal control area and the control zone, it is adjusted from home office to normal work; shopping malls outside the seal control area and control areas, moderate control of passenger flow, and no aggregate activities such as exhibitions and promotions for the time being; except the seal control zone In addition to the control zone, express delivery and takeaway service personnel can enter the community (village) to use express delivery and takeaway containers to implement non -contact distribution; various scenic spots, attractions, and parks in the area adhere to "limited, appointment, peak peaks", according to the 50 % limit of 50 % limit Open; libraries, museums, theaters, art museums, cultural museums, and sports fitness places (except in the underground space) are open at 50 %. The Dragon Boat Festival is about to advocate that it is not necessary to go out of Beijing. Liu Xiaofeng said that at present, the city’s divided and dynamic dynamic implementation of the city’s social prevention and control measures, some areas restore the normal production and living order, and the Dragon Boat Festival holiday is coming. Consciousness, implementation of prevention and control measures. In the near future, it is necessary to not be out of Beijing. Do not go to high -risk areas and areas where epidemic occurs. Frequent ventilation, non -gathering, and maintaining a safe social distance, entering the normal prevention and control measures such as scanning code registration and presenting nucleic acid detection negative certificates in public places. (Edit: Wu Jiayu).

Mu Qingdao:“unnecessary,You go.!”

Their home,http://www.fuekang.cn Not bad for this money,but,After the next thing, then。
now,As long as Kiki is good,How can she?。
“Xu Wei”
Mu Qing looked at him,A deep breath,Say:“You go.!this matter,Waiting for our Jiaqi,。”
Blue Xin will have slowed down.,She is a little strange to watch Gu Yi Lin。
He called Mom Xu,He knows my mother。
Gu Yi Lin looked at their two people,Lift,I also looked at Lu Hao Cheng, standing quietly.,Quite helplessness,He didn’t expect,Things will develop into this way。
He lows,Silently leave。
Blue Xin head,Doubtful look at Mu Qing。
Mu Qing knows what she wants to know?
She laughed:“Blue,Mom gives you a chance,It is you don’t want to listen.。”
Blue Xinyi,Lips and light laugh,The dark eyes are very calm,It seems like a quiet stream,This matter,Just a few days ago。
Blue Xin didn’t speak,Too,She didn’t want to meet her mother’s scars.。
But now,She is really a little curious.。
Mu Qing suddenly heard Lu Haocheng called his mother,She slightly shock。
Blue Xin feels different moments,I suddenly stunned。
She slowly slowly,Some unbelievable look at Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao’s eyes also looked quietly.。
just now,When he stood here,He thought a lot of things。
He wants blue blue,so,He wants to hold my mother?
at the very beginning,He also wants,Mom is very indifferent to his attitude,But refactors think,Mom also has my own ideas。
Mom leaves these years,He didn’t blame your mother,Because every year’s birthday,Mom will give him a gift back,I will send a gift to my sister.。
Mom has always looked at them growing up.,so,Don’t hate mom。
Mom is now a healthy standing in front of him.,He is already very grateful.。
http://www.120asd.cn “Hao Jun。”Mu Qing looked excitedly,Tears also flowed out。
Blue Xin slightly,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng and Mom,Some I don’t know what it is.。
Mom is actually a mother of Lu Hao Cheng。
Such fate,Really let her feel unbelievable。
Unexpetent,Mom has been talking to her,Lu Haozheng is a good person,original,Lu Haozheng is my mother’s son。
Have rumors,Lujia Xiao San,Forced the original,It turns out that this thing is true。
and,Coincidentally,Is her mother,No wonder mother is so bitter,Flesh,She has been very bitter in these years.。
This fate,Surprisingly let Lan Xin can’t come out。
She is watching one inch, falling on the face of my mother.,The result is self-evident。
Mom is Lu Hao Cheng’s mother。
“mother。”She shouted,Sound is slight。

Hunan Xiangtan launched a college graduate employment special event 58 City expanded college student employment channels

58 Tongcheng has always been paying attention to employment issues such as college students and other key groups, and through diverse activities and accurate services, it provides convenience for the employment of graduates of colleges and universities.

Help and promote the smooth employment and entrepreneurship of graduates.

The department actively builds recruitment and introduce high -tech talents to promote the stability of employment situation. At the same time, the National Recruitment of 58 will also exert its advantages. With the help of massive high -quality positions, intelligent recruitment tools, etc., it will actively help college graduates in various places.


By creating smart employment and effective integration of data resources, to promote the employment of college graduates to further upgrade and upgrade, and improve the quality of employment of graduates.

In the context of dynamic clearance, the series of intelligent recruitment tools recruited in the same city recruitment, smart jobs assistant, video interview, corporate VR, live recruitment, magical interview room, etc. also improve the efficiency of recruitment, helping graduates break through the distance, space, space, space, space The restrictions have allowed local graduates to leave home without leaving home, reduce the flow of foreign graduates, and easily obtain an efficient job search experience. Key words:.

Lin Wei and others bring live rooms,Go all the way to the http://www.dwwsa.cn mountains,There are also various traces of stalking around,Obviously the lion leaves left。

“We must find Xuan Ge’s!”
Lin Hao deeply sucked a breath,Heavily:“Xuan Ge is definitely in front!”
“Be right,Be bound to,You can find him!”
Xue Qing is also very confident,Loudly。
Big guy knows,This is just to encourage the team.,No one can guarantee that Xuan Ge is in front,They can do,Just give yourself hint,We must believe that Xuan Ge is still alive.。
otherwise,No one has moved to go in front!
Half for more than half a foot,Who is not。
Chen Feihu and others looked at the world’s landform,The more you look, the more you are shocked.。
Because the surrounding is all thick big trees,There is a feeling of entering the original forest.。
This place,What animal appears?,That is the large-scale existence!
A,The http://www.zhaoshangzhitongche.cn squad,It is estimated that!
“Boss,This situation is not right.!”
Qi Lei can’t help but say:“Go down again,I am afraid we can’t guarantee life safety.!”
“That can,Is it retired at this time??”
Niu Xiong asked。
I’m going to go all the way.,Still, they have come and work together.,Exit the team at this time,Be saver。
Chen Feihu is still hesitant for a while.。
“Do you want to fight back??”
Lin Wei looked back at Chen Fei Tiger,Directly asked out。
Chen Feihu’s three faces of the face,Suddenly I don’t know what to say.,Say it directly in front of so many people,It is equal to it.,Put it on the table。
“Really nothing,We also understand。”
Xue Qing nodded,road:“I have been looking for so long.,You want to go very normal!”
“We will not stop,You want to go,I can look back now.!”
Lin Wei is also the same,The light is very big:“Go back now,You still have time,Go backwards,What is the situation, no one knows?!”
Chen Feihu three people look at a few eyes,I have been caught in contemplate。
“Lin girl three people are too obvious.!”
“Really didn’t say,It’s really so good to explain.。”
“In front of reality,No matter what choice to do is normal,They can come all the way to come here. It is not easy.!”
“Let them go,After all, it is not a way.,It’s normal to leave.!”
Both live broadcasts are an amazing voice,The practice of Lin Hao is extremely appreciated.。
“Waiting for us!”
I haven’t waited for Chen Feihu three to make a decision.,Suddenly came back behind a shout,I saw that Ye Nan Tian took five police officers quickly running.。
“Boss,How come you come?”
Wang Ting surprised,Asked directly:“Don’t you come??”
“Not happy!”