And the others,Watching here。

They don’t know,What exactly does Yang Zhuo want to do。
But only one thing, They can be sure。
That’s Yang Zhuo dealing with these things,Actually the attitude is exactly the same as them。
So treat such things,In fact, in their hearts,I can’t help but look forward to it。
As for the next,What will Yang Zhuo do??
at this point,Not last minute,Actually, no one can tell。
As for Yang Zhuo himself,Is slowly looking into the distance。
“Find someone to do me a little destruction right away,I will let http://www.58fishing.cnhim know,Offend me,what exactly is it!”
at this time,As Yang Zhuo slowly raised his head to look into the distance,Now,Actually, for Yang Zhuo,Such a thing,But the more I look at it, the more interesting it becomes。
“But now,Let’s not talk about other issues,This Wang Teng,I’ll take a look,How long can he continue to be arrogant!”
When Yang Zhuo said directly to him,Finished,Those around,Took a deep breath。
Because they can see it,These words,It’s not just casual talk。
This time,Yang Zhuo is absolutely serious。
But at the same moment,In fact, deep down in their hearts,On the contrary, I am looking forward to it。
As for Wang Teng,He looks relaxed and comfortable。
After handling the Tan family’s affairs,,Wang Teng whole person,I’m already bored。

The little cousin lightning is retracted,Refers to the dropped iron lock,tell him:“cousin,This lock is fake,Unlock,Just buckle,Do you want to go in??Looking for you to recall you and Nangang high school。”

Zhou Shake his head:
“no need。”
The little girl quietly looked at him.,Not much to say,I quickly put the iron lock.,Hang up,Failed a few times,I finally put it into a lock.。
Small table sister pine tone,Go back and walk with the cousin。
Chapter VIII future
“Do you think these things are very good??You really haven’t seen the world too.。”
The other party is really too shameful.,If your own younger brother dare to use this one, you can grab something and others.,That Chen Ping will also collapse on the spot,He does not allow people to be so wolf under his hand.。
“Is it?,These medicines and weapons posing on the road are so powerful.,I don’t even want to imagine what kind of baby will have in the real Tibet Pavilion.,I will definitely make you move.。”
What happened to this way,I haven’t encountered a hard guy.,It seems that it has been completely cleared.。
But in this way,They have not seen the trails of the king of the king.,This makes Chen Ping feel a little headache.。
“Is it difficult to do so-called kings? Is these things that are not allowed??”
Chen Ping frowned,Looked around,If this is the so-called king’s remains,Then he is too disappointed.。
The rabbit drilled out directly,Put it in Chen Ping,Obviously have your own ideas。
“Boss, you really think too much.,This place is absolutely a lot,It’s hard to do it, I really think that these things are very worthless.。”
“Just simple value for you, there is no big value.,But for this group,It can be called the price of invaluable treasure.,Many people have no way to resist the bronze of the front.,Unable to go to this step。”
Although Chen Ping looks like this extreme anti-earplug,Let the rabbit feel very helpless,But I have to say,Chen Ping does also have the bottom of these treasures.。
“But you have to be careful,There are many dangers in front.,It is definitely not ordinary people to be dealive.,If you are not careful, you will be very easy to move.。”
The rabbit is very good to remind a sentence.,What else can you do in front of him, he is not willing to say more?,It seems to be simple to keep this secret,Generally speaking, Chen Ping is not,I just want to play the rabbit directly.。
“Your guy, I dare to dress up with me.,I will burn you.,Don’t think you are important,For me, you are just a ingredient.。”
Chen Ping can’t hire the evil opening threatened a sentence,His life is the most hated, talking about half of them.。
Feel the very powerful threat of Chen Ping,The rabbit can’t help but laugh.。
“People open a joke with you.,Why are you so fierce?,In fact, there is a huge tentacle in front.,I don’t know what it is.,I only know that this tentacle looks very disgusting.。”
I finished this.,The rabbit directly contaches the head of Chen Ping.,It seems to be scared by Chen Ping just.。
However, Chen Ping is too understanding this stinky rabbit.,The other party is definitely impossible to be scared by himself.。
This rabbit has always been a guy who has no face.,Only blow fart in the weekdays,In addition to saying something,The most good at it is the playboo sympathy.。
If you replace it is an ordinary person,May have already been given by this rabbit to the fooler service post,But his flicker is Chen Ping.,This proves that he is wrong at the beginning.。
Chen Ping this person has always been a famous oil salt.,This guy wants to discuss from Chen Ping’s hand,That is absolutely impossible。
“There is a tentacle in front of it.,What is it?,I am quite curious.。”
Chen Ping can’t help but curious open,He even wanted to hurry to touch this seemingly horrible tentacle。
A person waiting to go quickly in front,I didn’t have long seen a huge cave。
After seeing this cave,Lin Yunliang can’t help but show curious look.,He looked down at the bottom.,I finally made a very bold decision.。
“Brother, I can’t bear the cheap, you will be white.,On weekdays, you will take the lead in the game.,This time, let me go to see it first.。”
Lin Yunliang is very straightforward.,This time, I said that I feel very happy.。

Ning order,Then close the eyes。

He found that this is not difficult,The future will continue to spread,Automatically integrated into the body。
A hint of cracks appear in Ning’s eyebrow,Then slowly crack。
A strange eye appears in the eyebrow heart。
I saw this eye.,Among them,The central blue,Outside a layer of purple light。
The outermost layer is yellow。
It looks quite strange,As if it is distributing a particular force。
Intangible fluctuations have also overflow,Changes in surrounding natural energy。
“Is this a reincarnation of blood junction?,Still the first time,Sure enough, quite”Spring thought。
This kind of eye has not appeared in the original。
Ning’s eyes were also opened。
“How about it,Feel the strength of space?”Spring said。
“Um,Already felt”
Ningxing waved,A space door opened,Then close again。
“After the body integration,Increased strength,If you add a reviced eye,Your body strength will be more powerful,Cooperate”Spring said。
He remembers this,Before they fight with the springs,Strong horror。
He thought it was the reason for Springs.,I didn’t expect to be like this.。
He does not have yin and yang five elements.,Can only make his body with the intensity of Dao Yu through the strength of the giant reincarnation eye。
However, the intensity of yin and yang is also good.,Even can be used as a weapon,Just don’t have the annihilation attribute of jade。
Their state is already a special life.。
And now this state,There is also an increase in the use of Chakra。
Can make Ningxue stronger power,Plus, the body of Ning is strong,Let his strength have a huge increase。
Maybe in the endurance, except for the spring and brilliant night,Others have no one in Ning.。
Just because he has mastered the way to transform the jade energy,Plus terrorism。
Almost a weakened version of the spring。
“Make it up,Then go out to deal with the things of the Sky Parliament,We have consumed a lot of time.,Soon, I will end.”Spring said。
Ning Ji takes a deep breath,His forehead eyes quickly close,Restore the original。
Even the revivement of the eyes converge。

Mu Qingdao:“unnecessary,You go.!”

Their home, Not bad for this money,but,After the next thing, then。
now,As long as Kiki is good,How can she?。
“Xu Wei”
Mu Qing looked at him,A deep breath,Say:“You go.!this matter,Waiting for our Jiaqi,。”
Blue Xin will have slowed down.,She is a little strange to watch Gu Yi Lin。
He called Mom Xu,He knows my mother。
Gu Yi Lin looked at their two people,Lift,I also looked at Lu Hao Cheng, standing quietly.,Quite helplessness,He didn’t expect,Things will develop into this way。
He lows,Silently leave。
Blue Xin head,Doubtful look at Mu Qing。
Mu Qing knows what she wants to know?
She laughed:“Blue,Mom gives you a chance,It is you don’t want to listen.。”
Blue Xinyi,Lips and light laugh,The dark eyes are very calm,It seems like a quiet stream,This matter,Just a few days ago。
Blue Xin didn’t speak,Too,She didn’t want to meet her mother’s scars.。
But now,She is really a little curious.。
Mu Qing suddenly heard Lu Haocheng called his mother,She slightly shock。
Blue Xin feels different moments,I suddenly stunned。
She slowly slowly,Some unbelievable look at Lu Haozheng。
Lu Hao’s eyes also looked quietly.。
just now,When he stood here,He thought a lot of things。
He wants blue blue,so,He wants to hold my mother?
at the very beginning,He also wants,Mom is very indifferent to his attitude,But refactors think,Mom also has my own ideas。
Mom leaves these years,He didn’t blame your mother,Because every year’s birthday,Mom will give him a gift back,I will send a gift to my sister.。
Mom has always looked at them growing up.,so,Don’t hate mom。
Mom is now a healthy standing in front of him.,He is already very grateful.。 “Hao Jun。”Mu Qing looked excitedly,Tears also flowed out。
Blue Xin slightly,Looking at Lu Hao Cheng and Mom,Some I don’t know what it is.。
Mom is actually a mother of Lu Hao Cheng。
Such fate,Really let her feel unbelievable。
Unexpetent,Mom has been talking to her,Lu Haozheng is a good person,original,Lu Haozheng is my mother’s son。
Have rumors,Lujia Xiao San,Forced the original,It turns out that this thing is true。
and,Coincidentally,Is her mother,No wonder mother is so bitter,Flesh,She has been very bitter in these years.。
This fate,Surprisingly let Lan Xin can’t come out。
She is watching one inch, falling on the face of my mother.,The result is self-evident。
Mom is Lu Hao Cheng’s mother。
“mother。”She shouted,Sound is slight。

Lin Wei and others bring live rooms,Go all the way to the mountains,There are also various traces of stalking around,Obviously the lion leaves left。

“We must find Xuan Ge’s!”
Lin Hao deeply sucked a breath,Heavily:“Xuan Ge is definitely in front!”
“Be right,Be bound to,You can find him!”
Xue Qing is also very confident,Loudly。
Big guy knows,This is just to encourage the team.,No one can guarantee that Xuan Ge is in front,They can do,Just give yourself hint,We must believe that Xuan Ge is still alive.。
otherwise,No one has moved to go in front!
Half for more than half a foot,Who is not。
Chen Feihu and others looked at the world’s landform,The more you look, the more you are shocked.。
Because the surrounding is all thick big trees,There is a feeling of entering the original forest.。
This place,What animal appears?,That is the large-scale existence!
A,The squad,It is estimated that!
“Boss,This situation is not right.!”
Qi Lei can’t help but say:“Go down again,I am afraid we can’t guarantee life safety.!”
“That can,Is it retired at this time??”
Niu Xiong asked。
I’m going to go all the way.,Still, they have come and work together.,Exit the team at this time,Be saver。
Chen Feihu is still hesitant for a while.。
“Do you want to fight back??”
Lin Wei looked back at Chen Fei Tiger,Directly asked out。
Chen Feihu’s three faces of the face,Suddenly I don’t know what to say.,Say it directly in front of so many people,It is equal to it.,Put it on the table。
“Really nothing,We also understand。”
Xue Qing nodded,road:“I have been looking for so long.,You want to go very normal!”
“We will not stop,You want to go,I can look back now.!”
Lin Wei is also the same,The light is very big:“Go back now,You still have time,Go backwards,What is the situation, no one knows?!”
Chen Feihu three people look at a few eyes,I have been caught in contemplate。
“Lin girl three people are too obvious.!”
“Really didn’t say,It’s really so good to explain.。”
“In front of reality,No matter what choice to do is normal,They can come all the way to come here. It is not easy.!”
“Let them go,After all, it is not a way.,It’s normal to leave.!”
Both live broadcasts are an amazing voice,The practice of Lin Hao is extremely appreciated.。
“Waiting for us!”
I haven’t waited for Chen Feihu three to make a decision.,Suddenly came back behind a shout,I saw that Ye Nan Tian took five police officers quickly running.。
“Boss,How come you come?”
Wang Ting surprised,Asked directly:“Don’t you come??”
“Not happy!”

Wang Lin froze for a while,Put the two books in the bag on the bedside of Xia Jian:“You better not read,There are more opportunities to learn,Don’t care about this time,Since you said so,I didn’t mean much to stay,If there is a need for me,You just call this,I usually stay at home”Wang Ling wrote a note,Also turned away。

The ward was deserted,Xia Jian glanced at the carer sitting at the door dozing off and said:“Aunt,You take the door,Can go home too,Just remember to send me breakfast tomorrow morning”
The caregiver looked happy,After repeated thank you,Also gone。
All at once,The whole ward became Xia Jian’s world alone,He still looks inevitably alone,A boring mood,Let him toss and turn,strange,Even dozing off seems to be following。
Boring Xia Jian,I took the book on the bedside table,This is a book of economic management,There are some conceptual things in it,He always can’t remember,Have time now,Why not memorize the concept,And pass some boring time。
What is microeconomics?Xia Jian watched it again,Just closed my eyes,Sha Sha Sha,The words of this concept are like typewriters,All jumped out,Plenary meeting,This is really incredible,Xia Jianqiang suppressed his excitement,Even read two concepts,All so magical,It’s simply memorable。
How can this be?Logically,Head hit,It’s broken,How come the better,Is this my own mind not clear,Dreaming again,Xia Jian pinched his thigh hard,It hurts,Bite your tongue,It’s so painful。
Xia Jian really can’t sleep now,To verify this peculiar discovery,His whole page,Whole chapter test,It’s really unforgettable,Just take a look,You can remember everything。You can record up to about ten pages at a time,If more,It seems to be a little ineffective。
a book,Something he didn’t remember for more than ten days,It’s less than two hours,It’s all in the brain,Xia Jian was excited,It seems that his correspondence class,Going to graduate smoothly。
“Why is it happy alone?”Xiao Xiao on crutches,Suddenly appeared at the door,Lao Xiao followed her,I am so excited just now,He didn’t know someone came at the door。
Xia Jian hurriedly threw the book in his hand to the bedside and said:“Why are you here?”
“cut!People came last night”Xiao Xiao said and came over。
Xia Jian asked unbelievably:“You came last night?Why i don’t know at all”This Wang Lin,Really an iron mouth,I haven’t heard her say it today。
Xiao Xiao smiled and said:“It seems that I recovered well today,I was in a coma last night,I’m here you naturally don’t know”
Old Xiao put the insulated lunch box in his hand on the bedside table,He saw the book on the bedside table at a glance,A little unhappy to say:“You hurt the brain,Should rest,Why are you still reading the book?”The old man looks serious,Xia Jian knows,He is for his good。

Summer dry cough,Receipt,Laugh,“You cover your face is a few of the features of ethnic minorities.,Monica,It is better to leave the Dark Parliament to our Huaxia.。”

Monica is not a good breath.,“Come to China, you raise me.?”
“You have to dare to get rid of the Dark Parliament,I will dare to raise you.。”
I heard this sentence,Monica Jiao body slightly stuck。
Her eyes have a plenty of complexity,Easy sigh,“You know,That is impossible,I am separated from the Dark Parliament,The shame of the Dark Parliament,I will suffer from failure……Even if you also protect me。”
Summer smile,Unambiguous。
Because this is the fact。
“Summer,In fact, sometimes I really want to think about everything.……”
Say,She took the initiative to pull the summer hand,A pair of blue scorpions,“But I don’t dare.,Me……My biggest luxury,It is possible to see you more times.,Ability to get along with a few days。”
Summer is silent。
The heart is not from the mid yourself,Why do you take the initiative to mention this topic?。
He naturally understands Monica’s friendship。
As the other party said,They are not possible to come together.。
In fact,Summer has always regarded Monica as a friend,There is no extra idea。
I haven’t thought of it.,She actually broke this window paper.。
It seems to be aware of summer,Monica is faint,“Let it go,I take you to a place。”
。Wonderful book house
First1741Chapter Liu Shazhan
How is the summer?,Sometimes he can’t say it.。
Especially emotional,It is very deeply deeply hidden by him.。
Eight years of travel in the edge of life and death,Talking to the dead god,How much time doesn’t have time to talk about emotions?。
But as long as it is a person,There will be emotions。
He also loved the vigorous,I have been sad。
He also met a woman who made himself a temporary,But never revealed half points。
These years,He has a relationship with a variety of women,No exception,Have a long time。
Not the reason for those women。
But his own treats emotions cannot be completely stable.。
He has repeatedly asked,What can’t be said,But he can more speculated that it is related to the eight years of killing。
Perhaps,He has been looking for the initial feeling。
In fact,He is more willing to be friends with women who have a good feeling.。
Shake your head,Ignite a cigarette,Slowly smoke,Replace a comfortable posture,Looking at the scenery outside the window。
“Where is this going??”
Monica said to take him to a place,The two played a car left the city.。
Nowadays, nearly forty minutes,Has arrived at Wusheng District。
“Yes,The Wusong District has arrived.,Where are you going?。”
The driver also attached to an inquiry,Just after getting on the bus,Monica did not report directly。

“Is not,We are separated”Xiao Xiao sighed and said。

First2459chapter Competitor
Xia Jian glanced at Xiao Xiao’s face,I think something happened between her and Zhou Li。As for what,Xiao Xiao didn’t take the initiative to say,He is not easy to ask。
Xi Zhen quickly poured the wine for everyone。Xiao Xiao raised a cup and said with a smile:“Congratulations to Hongjian Group for winning such a large project of Dongsheng Group,Also to everyone to meet again”
Xia Jian laughed and raised the wine glass。A table of beautiful women,And he is the only man。Xia Jian suddenly felt like what the book said,A little green in the thousand flowers。
Guan Tingna used to work under Xiao Xiao,I left the entrepreneurial group at the time because I couldn’t understand what Xiao Xiao did.,So the two meet on this occasion,Somewhat embarrassing。
It’s just that Dragon Ball and Xi Zhen are fine.,Everyone has been together。So it’s still very affectionate to meet again。
A bottle of white wine soon reached the bottom。Several people sitting at this table,Except for Chen Lan,Li Yue didn’t dare to let go of drinking,The remaining women,It’s true that drinking white wine is really equal。
When the second bottle of liquor is opened,Xiao Xiao glanced at Xia Jian suddenly and said:“President Xia!You are now proud of the spring breeze,Don’t ask how we are doing?”
“Do you still want to ask this??It must be smooth sailing,The money is rolling”
Xia Jian said,Raise the glass and drink it all。He thinks Xiao Xiao has changed,Changed a little bit so that he didn’t know。Specifically which aspect has changed,He really can’t tell。
Xiao Xiao smiled bitterly and said:I really regret my intestines now,I shouldn’t have worked with Zhou Li at that time,And let you go。But now I understand,Everything is too late”
“Manager Xiao!We talked about it before drinking,Not talking about work tonight,Just talk about Fengyue。If you want to break this rule,Then I will punish you for drinking”
Guan Tingna sitting next to Xia Jian,She stared Xiao Xiao very closely。Because she knew,Xiao Xiao invited them over for dinner,It’s not as simple as chatting。
“General Guan!You are so worried。I just drank two glasses of wine,Reminds me of the past,It’s an unforgettable memory!Actually, the relationship between me and your manager Xia is still a bit complicated。I think in my lifetime,I have to write the story between us into a book,Let everyone remember,There are some things in this world that cannot be given up”
Xiao Xiao said something emotional,Dragon Ball and Xi Zhen’s eyes are a little red。

Is this guy not afraid of hurt Xu Meizhen??

Various ideas in the enchanting woman’s brain,It is completely awareness reaction,She will push Xu Meizhen forward,I am a body shape.。
Summer is also moving in the moment。
http://www.qmysl.cnHis foot turns,Quickly run in the air,Go first until,Catch up with youth,Then the right leg swept away。
Leg out,The surrounding air is twisted blurred,Right legs are shuttle in bursting turbulent flow,Sound downstream。
When the right leg hits the youth,I actually kicked him directly.。 Bloody rain。
The two bodies have fallen。
Summer landing,I hug Xu Meizhen in an instant,It is like a gyro rotation。
This scene is too shocking.。
It’s simply transcending all visual reactions。
Seventeen young people behind,And the enchanting woman,All matches。
They did not expect the situation to reverse this so fast。
Summer one hand will take Xu Meizhen back on the shoulder,“Meizhen,Gratify me,Close your eyes,Don’t let go。”
Xu Meizhen holds the neck of the summer,And close your eyes,The head is tightly posted in his back。
Summer slow,Looking at the enchanting woman,The corner of the mouth is a wipeful laugh。
“Today!You have to die all!”
Hour time,His single arm stretch,Wrist shake。
A blade like a knife is like a sword, and the sword is like a vacant.。
At this time, the second floor of the entire commercial building has no customer.,It is full of a famous big man in black and cold.。
They are all red helpers。
These people are all holding a chopper,Even some people look at the people……Obviously hidden。
One of the middle-aged people who were protected by the group,Suddenly shouted in Lu Shaotong who stood over there,“Adong,Come over……”
Seeing middle age,Lu Yongtun, I have already scared it, I stayed once.,Turn out,“Father……”
He is still strange before,I didn’t inform anyone to retaliate the summer.,How come so many red gangs。
“Come over……”
The experience of middle-aged people is obviously not that Lu Yidong can match,In fact, he will come early.,Clear than anyone,This situation,Not a small red helper。
“Want?Have you gone??”
Summer eyes shot two cold lights,Earth,Creating a residual shadow。
When Lu Yidong reacted,Apex discovery,His left arm has been separated from the body,Shot was born by a knife,Blood is coming out。

Faced with this extraordinary vision,The duty manager dare not send someone to investigate,Called immediately110with119。

But when he described the situation,The operator didn’t believe his words at all,Explained for a long time,Only deal with the fire in the factory。
The slaughterhouse owner who has not yet returned home,Even dialed the phone hosted by Wenshu Monastery。
He wants to invite this master to visit the factory,Is the slaughter too heavy?,Accidentally attracted something dirty。
Not to mention a flurry of jumps in the slaughterhouse,After this crazy soul-absorbing,Wang Hong has a lot of new knowledge about the murder book。
This prop is not a constant power,Very slow at first,But as the inhaled soul increases,Efficiency will also be greatly improved。
According to some introductions on the icon of the murder book,Wang Hong guessed that weird black smoke column,Should be a polymer of soul residue。
As his efficiency in absorbing souls increases,The plume of smoke will become bigger and thicker and faster。
If you let Wang Hong let go and suck,Maybe you can dye the whole book red in a few days,The number of souls that can be needed,It must be a desperate number。
The black plume of smoke condensed at the same time,Maybe it’s like Jupiter’s Great Red Spot,Form similar“Earth star big black spot”?
“Forget it,Find a way to dye ten pages red,When mixed to move speed plus achievement, stop immediately,Otherwise such an obvious vision,Sooner or later it will cause big troubles that are hard to deal with。”
Wang Hong knocked his head,Gave up some crazy ideas。
Earthstar Technology has developed to this point,If the government is really cruel to find someone,Wang Hong may not be able to avoid it。