Thunder and lightning disappeared,Lin Feng,Yeah,Shangguan Yue,Brahma,The five people in Beiyang have come out.。

“Don’t be a six feet。”Lin Feng praised:“God is so easy to go。”
“Monandy,Thank you。”Yeah looked at the Vaina Road。
“Amitabha,All the air。”Brahma laughs:“All right,I’m leaving,People walking, not being hired,There is also the six feng gold body want to practice to a complete realm.,Must use the red lotus industry to quench body。”
Sub-open is the suggestion of the attire to five people。
They killed Suzaki,Baihu Yi,Demon,Dragon and other majors,These big forces will never give upstairs。
“Know the monk。”Bei Yanyang laughs:“Old three,I am also gone.。”
“Brahman,Second brother care。”Lin Feng looked at Brahma and North Yinyang Road:“Jude?”
“I have to go.。”Yeah chaos looks at Lin Feng Road:“Lin brother,If the little girl is coming up,You help me take care of your point。”
“Do not worry,She married Lin family,Just Lin’s woman,Lin’s man’s man even flows down the last blood,Will not let women be wronged。”Lin Feng sounds and powerful。
“it is good!”
Yeah Chaos haha smiled:“Allocate,Wholly!”His figure is walking,It’s disappearing in the mountains.。
“Wholly!”The figure of Yeha Chaos and Brahma has disappeared in the mountains.。
“Sister and me。”Lin Feng looked at Shangguan Yuxian quiet。
“Can’t,There is a period。”Shangguan Yue Mei is looking at Lin Feng Road。
“Sister,Put this。”Lin Feng’s big sleeve,Wrap a hydrogen spring,Then flying over Shangguan Yue。
Although they spent thunder,But these hydrogen bombs are still their strong reliance.。
“Maple,No need,Sister’s own warming method。”Shangguan Yuxian is charming and smiling:“Take care of yourself。”Talking between Shangguan Yue turned to the depths of the woods,Her figure is gradually disappearing。
At a time, Shangguan Yue,Yeah,Brahma,North Yinyang four people left,Lin Feng feels empty。
Lin Feng looked at the back of four people for a long time.,I don’t know if I can meet again.,Perhaps an eternal separately。
Now Lin Feng also with Tolsmu,Charlie Man,Krevo,Yamamoto Yutao and other eleven people left here。
He took thousands of miles to stay.,Come to a remote valley,The latter disk is sitting on the ground to participate in the three birthplace,Sanyue mirror should comprehend these three bodysis and nine-yuan。
Reconsciously,Then it is equal to a family of three students.,Semi-step three,When you understand the nine yuan,It is only true to enter this gods.。 “Three-life array?”
Lin Feng reach out,His finger reached out,A airflow is derived,This airflow draws three airflows directly on the ground.,Three airflows are intertwined together,Xuanzhi and Xuan,mix together。
Evolution out a more powerful force,The breath of this force rises。
“If it is arranged in an air arrangement,Then attack it again,too slow,I am afraid I have been killed.,I have not been able to attack and attack.。”Lin Feng mysterical:“This is probably not a true three-life alms。”
“what is it?”
Lin Feng looked at the ground muttering,He reached out on the ground and repeatedly inscribed the array,Inscribed again over and over again,Decreasing San Life。
Time is the gradual past。
Sunrise sunset。
This has passed more than a month,late at night,Moonlight shines in this valley,This mountain valley is cold and cold。
There is also a big day in the god.,There are also moon。
It’s just that the big day and the moon in the gods are more than 10,000 times higher than the lower bound.,Whether it is shining on the ground, the strength of the yin is still the power of the yin,It is more than 100,000 times better than the lower bound.。
Just at this time, the sound of the sound came from this valley.,A union of evil breath,Moonlight crazy flooded into Torsem,Charlie Man and others。
Their atmosphere is climbing。
They have a bloody symbol on their eyebrows.,This symbol is“Bamboo”Character,Bloody“Bamboo”The word is mysterious。

Summer nice head,“The more difficult to practice is, the more difficult it is.,I broke through the late period of Linghai half a year ago.,It’s only a big success now.,too slow。”

Two people are very familiar with the summer.,After heard the words, he all slammed his eyes.。
“You have more shameless to say this.?”
Especially in the human fiber,Don’t follow the collar of the summer,“Others have broken through a level, it takes a few years or even for decades.,Hundreds of years of bottlenecks in a big realm,You broke through a level half a year.,Be too slow?”
Niki is also dissatisfied with,“right,What can be showing off?,It’s just a little more than I am.。”
Summer eyes bright,Curious,“How long does you have a big breakthrough from the late late stage??”
“Humph,Lazy you。”
Cubz turned,“I am going to practice。”
“Ha ha”
I wonder the people and immediately laughed.。
After smile,Rare,“The main hall is correct.,Your cultivation talent is better than refining talents.,But than the 洛 璃 殿,She is now full of death and death.,You all have been full of thirty-four talents.。”
Summer laughing,Unambiguous。
No need to demonstrate what。
“Let it go,Let’s go to Dongfeng Dado,I fixed the water cloud umbrella this time.。”
Temple,Deep mountain。
Inside a valley,Two figures are holding a long sword,Sword gas,Fast like lightning,Constantly collision。
A punch fire star flashed,Faster。
One of them is Luo.。
Two months ago,Summer helped her open the three hundred fifty-ninth number of the pavilion,I have taken a high product from the inside.。
Named《Lei Yizhi》
in short,This martial law is elaborated is a fast word.!
Speed is almost extremely extreme。
At this moment, it is the war of Luo.。
This time since this time,The old servant glances watching the combat power of Luo.,The speed increase of the naked eye。
To know,He has reached the gods。
Initial time just feed,But now,Lavine has been forced to show the strength of the gods.。
And use the speed of transcendence,From time to time, he can play him a problem.。
“Hose,This set of martial arts,Powerful,This martial arts conference,There is a big hope to win in the temple.。”
“Just hope??”
Have a good,Swords have been,Siqi speed,The angle of the drill is stabbed to the left rib。
As a sound,The old man took the frame with a long sword,However, the unhappy movement is old,Launder has been with him,Anti-hand, email, sword, back。
A sword is like a sword。
The old people have been fighting for a cold war.,Side of the body,Like the immortality。
嗤 嗤,The sword wiped his shoulder blade,Unchating。
call out。

Wish:You can’t scroll around the wall before

In fact, he will not flush the wall now.,This is a matter of matter.,But the younger brother flies the wall and the wall is not the same.。
Zhou Zone tissue:Don’t care about those bar frames,Life in the world,Be brave enough to jump out
I don’t forget the pan:This is the nanong said
Wish:Did Nan Ge also come??
Depth:I am sequet
Wish:When are you coming??I am going to tell where it is more easy to go out.,I just entered the school.,Not clear
Put down your phone,He can’t help some feelings, I wish you a good child.,Just enrolled in school,Haven’t I become an old fritter yet?,I dare to scroll because of his words.。
But compare it or he is more like a good child.,Because he will not flush the wall。
Chapter 429 Small weekly
“It should be this.”
Looking at the phone,The avatar on the map on the small week and small wish has been overlapped together。
He is very close to him,Get together to him,Also stare at the map:“This stuff is really advanced,If there is a thing in ancient times,Track people are more convenient。”
“Your tracking object will not be with you to the momentum。”Zhouzhi whisper reminds。
“”Reclaimed,Valid wall in front of it,“The child is in it,Sitting quietly, waiting for you,glance right and left,Security guard。”
“I called him.”Zhou Zhi frowned,“Wish!”
“He was shocked by you.。”槐 序。
“He began to run。”
序 像 像 体 员 员 员 员,With his voice,Surrounded behind the wall,A head has taken out from the wall。
I wish my double although I am a child.,But the physical fitness is excellent,Two or three times turned over。
I am busy shooting the gray on the knees.。
I wish the double first to stay away from Zhou and sequence,Smile laughing,Review the group of Zhouzi,I took out the little stars in my eyes.。
But he can’t say hello.,Make the thief to the left and right:“Let’s go,I just seem to be discovered by security guards.!”
Zhou is not intention,Calm look at him,By the way, a string of sugar bought on the time of the road will give him,Say:“Security don’t know you,As long as you don’t panic,No one knows that you are overworked,Someone。”
I wish the big eyes,I’m opening a moment.,Use more incredible expression to turn around
My brother in his impression is really not like this.!
After returning,I wish the double coated sugar,Peeled out the coat and eat,At the same time aiming:“I just said with my sister.,Call her also over the wall,They seem to have the wall made by the fence.,Better,And they are not so strict.。”
“what’s wrong?”I wish the double quiet aim to my brother.,Some people in my heart,“You didn’t plan your sister before??”
“no。”Zhouzhi explained,“I just didn’t think of it, there is such a sister and also in the capital.。”
“Have she agreed??”

“I agree,Among the three of us,My oldest,You can call me sister Xia,As for you two,I’ll call Xiaoxia and Xiaoma”Ma Chuntao heard Ma Yan say this,Then he smiled and said。

Ma Yan shook her head and said:“It’s no problem to call it like this in private,But in front of others,We both need to call him President Xia,This will make him have an identity,We will improve our status by following her,dont you agree?“
The two women began to discuss,As the saying goes, three women make one play,Xia Jian thinks that these two women can sing a drama。He slowly fell asleep in joy,Wake up in the middle of the night,Found myself covered with a quilt。He thought,This quilt was either Ma Yan covered him or Ma Chuntao。 Suddenly he heard Ma Chuntao in his sleep screaming Xia Jian,But the sound is very small,But Xia Jian still heard clearly。
The train has passed more than twenty hours,finally reachedYNLJ.The three people got along very happily along the way。Xia Jian is under the care of two women,Feel very happy。
LJNo stranger to Xia Jian,He took Ma Yan and Ma Chuntao and checked into the hotel near the train station,Then three people took a bath,Went to the street together。
Ma Yan’s surprise and curiosity along the way,Although Ma Chuntao came to this place for the first time,But she put more thoughts on Xia Jian,She followed Xia Jian closely,I’m afraid that Xia Jianhui will throw her into this unfamiliar place.。But Ma Yan is different,She was playing alone。
Xia Jian suddenly understood,Ma Yan did this deliberately。She wants to leave space for Ma Chuntao and him,When Xia Jian discovered Ma Yan’s intentions,He immediately called Ma Yan to say:“We have to go to the flower base tomorrow,So I must rest early tonight“
“It’s not dark now!Let’s go shopping!“ Ma Chuntao’s unfinished travel,She said with a smile。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s not dark now,But it’s dark after eating“Xia Jian said,He got into a small shop on the side of the road。The first thing I eat here is the bridge rice noodles,It doesn’t matter if he eats or not,But Ma Yan and Ma Chuntao are definitely going to let them taste。
Xiajian Light Car Shulu,I quickly ordered three bowls of rice noodles,Then I turned on the phone and started looking for phone numbers,Because of this place he has an old friend,And also a foreign woman。
Phone is found,But after calling it, I didn’t expect it to become an empty number,It seems that Una is no longer in China,At least she’s goneLJUp,Did she make up with her friends?
Xia Jian was thinking about this,I finished a bowl of rice noodles lightly and tastelessly。Ma Yan and Ma Chuntao said,One side is full of praise。Pingdu City also sells rice noodles,But the taste is far worse。
After eating the rice noodles, Xia Jian took the two women around and went back to the hotel,It stands to reason that he should take these two women for a good stroll,But Xia Jian is smarter this time,He didn’t want to show up in the night with two big beauties,Because so many things happened at night,Will be related to women。
Back to hotel,Ma Yan and Ma Chuntao returned to their room,Xia Jian lives in a room alone,He took a bath first,Turned on the TV,30 minutes after watching the news。
Busy on weekdays,Xia Jian really didn’t mind to watch the news,It’s really pleasant to lie in bed and watch the news。Just when Xia Jian was happy watching the news,Suddenly there was a knock on the door outside。
Xia Jian got dressed and opened the door,Didn’t wait for him to see clearly,Ma Chuntao wore a pajamas and slipped into his room。Face this situation,Xia Jian had to close the door first。Because if this kind of thing is seen by others,It’s not a thing。
Ma Chuntao’s pajamas are silky soft,Although it’s not particularly revealing,But her alluring curves are vividly displayed。Xia Jian took a look and then closed his gaze back。
“I took the first bath,Ma Yan just went in right now,I have nothing to do by myself,So come over and chat with you“Ma Chuntao said,Sat on the sofa。

“hehe”Blue Xin laughs,“how,Did you play in front of me??”

Joe Yiyi,A face,She is also in a hurry。
“You have submitted your own resignation.,I am also for you to leave a face.。”
Blue Xin cold face,such a man,She doesn’t want to live in a pall。
Of course, it is often said,Why do you want to be a full person?。
NS1489chapter:You can’t do it,Does not mean that others can’t do it
However, Joe Yiyi faces thick,She will not go like this.。
“I do not go,Blue Xin,I’m wrong,Will not be like this in the future。”
Joe Yiyi’s underground。
She can flexion,There is no great way to apologize.。
Blue Xin knows like this,This woman is shameless and thick。
“Don’t go,Working ability,I am very tired,You still go。”
“Neither,Blue Xin,Blue Director,Lady,I know it wrong.,I really know that it is wrong.,Don’t catch me??”
Joe is a lot of words.。
She is really stupid.,How did she say that words??
Who is it now?。
Lu Hao Cheng’s wife。
What is she unveiled??
She is not in the sex of her own.,Always doing a stupid thing。
Blue Xin smile:“OK,It can be succumbed to,You want to stay, you can,Then I am flatting today.,Let’s talk about it again.,Do you want to stay??”
“what”Qiao Yi is anxious,How to kick this thing back again?
“Blue Xin,You also know this thing, I can’t handle it.,I really don’t have a way two young ladies.。”
That is the two ancestors,How did she have a book?。
Lan Xin, no matter whether she is fair.,Things are her provokes,Naturally, it is flat.。
“When you talk to them, I said my bad words.,Why didn’t you think?
You will have today。”
“I said,I didn’t say your bad words with them.。”
Joe Yi bite does not pay。
Anyway, the two special horses will not shake her things.。
“Since there is no ability to handle,That’s going.。”
Blue Xinxiang face。
Continue to have breakfast,Although I ate at home,But the stomach is still installed。

Thunder almost exhausted the whole body,Just keep the emotions。

Death, catch the hands on both sides of the wheelchair,Bone bones,Hand back,Blood echo in the eyes,Still exposed, he has already left anger!
“Yifei……she……She is actually the people in the black……”
Half half,Thunder trembled with sound,Strong unbelievable。
Summer patted his shoulders。
I don’t know how to comfort。
these years。
He has seen too many people’s darkness,Also have experienced too much sale and betrayal。
He also was cold,Desperate and disappointed。
but,Can only adapt。
This is the dark underground world。
Any incredible thing,Have an opportunity。
Thunder smiled,Self-ridiculous,Like a bitter,“He said,I am just a illegitimate child.,What did you do?,I am too much to be of course.,I still keep a lucky luck。”
He looks straight to the summer,The face is full of apology,“Boss,This time I am tired of you.。”
“It’s a brother, don’t say this.。”
Summer laughing,“Let it go,Since he didn’t bind our freedom,We look around。”
Thunder reluctantly,It’s just a slightly bleak.。
He still can’t let go。
Next,The two began to walk with a cuddling。
If you don’t know, it is an island.,The pattern here,And people living here,It’s like some townships in rice.。
People wear different clothes,Have a variety of skin tones。
Someone fishing in the sea,Some people work in the field,There are also a few leisurean gathers bragging。
Take a look,It’s too ordinary.。
“These people are not simple。”
In the summer, I thought that Liuhe Mountain once。
“What happened?”
Thunder is only two days in advance.,Didn’t I notice how much irritability。
“These people are people in the enunions,They settled here for a long time.,Already integrated。”
Summer,Call out a breath,“These people are the same as Deng Yufei.,I feel that I can’t breathe.,Just like an ordinary person,but in fact,I am afraid that each of them will not be small.。”
Merely,He asked under his consciousness,“How many people have?”
Thunder shakes his head,“Don’t know,But at least five or six hundred。”
Summer look slightly stunned。
Five or six hundred strengths are the master……This is definitely a super power that cannot be ignored.。
“Boss,What should I do next??”
Thunder has learned everything,“Is it coming??If you don’t come,Will they don’t have to do it??”

When he is not at home,The doors and windows in the bedroom are killing,A week,The air is slightly dull,He walked over the window,Let night wind,Waiting for the washing,The air in the room has also become fresh.,This is inverting the bed and sleeps.。

Next morning。
Zhou I feel a little in full last night.,But it is still based on the bio clock.。
The old monster is obviously not sleeping overnight.,And she became a small sister who was surnamed Chen yesterday.,Lying on the couch staring at the ceiling,Two lang legs,I still sway the feet,The double-layer washing basin on the side is filled with red cherries.,Water-stained water,Just where she reaches her hand, I can get it.。
This lying posture,A cherry sent to your mouth,抿 抿 头 头 一,Trash can also be next to,After eating, her ankle is clearly shackled.。
Zhou Zhiyi is not from the heart of the heart——
Isn’t this the day I thought??
What lesson?What spell is learned??What combat subsidies earn?Lying like this old monster、Do you have anything else??
Zhou sighs,Go through:“Where to steal cherries?”
Old monster suddenly turned,Note the burning staring at him,It seems an invisible question。
Zhouzhi shrugged:“Where is it??”
“Little Zheng。”
“She sent me a message in the morning.,I ran over。”The old monster portrays him like this picture.,“Several trees,It is full of it.,Red 彤 is,But now there are many monsters.,Although a few big pots,But after it,I sent some passes to Li Daowei.,Leave us only so much。”
“Also very much。”
Zhouzhi looked at this cherry full of pots,Estimated at least five or six pounds,Everyone is red,Don’t bring a little yellow。
He is coming up,Pinch is soft in the hands.,Dare not,I am afraid that I will squeeze it.,The cherry that is not worried is not crushed.。
The old monsters nodded:“Be ripe。Originally,As early as the tree,Be too lazy to defend。Kezhu,I have to wait until it’s ripe.,I took a hocker in the tree every day.,Scare the song。you do not know,The sand carving and also made a few scarecrow,Don’t do something,Hang on the tree,Still use the rope to hang two kinds of bamboo shoots as a fake person’s hand,The wind is shaking……Hey, do you say that those birds don’t have a brain??Such obvious fake people can’t see。”
“They have brains,Just than your little bit。”
“I am too lazy to tell you.!”
The old monster is pretending to talk to him.,Into a few cherries in the mouth,抿 two times,When spit out of the peach,Continue to say:“But swindling that crow,During this time, I don’t know how much it is.,Snoving more than Laozi,Genuine person。”
Zhou Zhi also amented more than a dozen。
Sure enough, it’s ripe.,Cooked to the taste of a sore,Put it in your mouth and bad,Sweet full,More sweet than a monster everywhere。
And it seems to be affected by the evilness,The cherry of the hill village is a big circle in the common local cherry.。
“Someone stands at the door。”
The old monster is slightly uploaded outside the door.,The sound is just ahead,Just knocking on the door。
“I am going to open the door.!”
She immediately got up,Running。
Is a young man who sent a package,There is no post on the package.,Said that it is to Zhou Zhi’s。
Old monsters like to receive parcel unpacking,This mysterious package, she is more interested.,However, that person must be signed by himself.,Let her have a little unhappy。
Waiting for the wrap,She will take it,The beginning of the boom。

Dragon Ball thought for a while and said“We also went to Nanyuan Scenic Area,But she didn’t go where。Then call every friend she knows,But no useful information was found。Everyone is waiting for you,Depends on whether to call the police。In addition, Hu Huiru’s last project payment only received 100,The other half said to wait until the project is over before giving it to her,I didn’t expect her to stop work suddenly”

“This old lady is too thief,She knows about Mr. Xiao’s loss。Don’t worry about this,I will let her start work tomorrow。But will the matter of calling the police be put on hold?,Let me look for her again,If you can’t find it,Not too late”
Xia Jian let out a sigh of relief,Tell the truth,He is really tired and hungry right now。
Dragon Ball glanced at Xia Jian,Nodded and said:“It’s up to you,We all listen to you。I think you are too tired,Hurry up and take a bath after eating,Then get a good sleep,I’ll talk about the rest tomorrow”
“That’s not good!Let me live in Xiao Xiao’s bed,Otherwise I’ll live outside”
Xia Jian stood up while talking,What he said is from his heart。Anyway, the key to Wang Lin’s big villa is still in his hand。Come to Bucheon,No need to stay in a hotel。
Dragon Ball smiled and said:“I said yes, there is no problem,You still live!Stop being hypocritical。Where is not sleeping,Unless you make an appointment。I will lock the door for you when I go out,You don’t care about anything,Just mind the things in this room”
Dragon Ball took a look at Xia Jian,Then smile,Turn around and close the door and strode away。
Xia Jian opened the lunch box,There are indeed a few dishes that he likes most。He is indeed hungry at this time,So he gobbled it up。
Heiwa spent a lot of time with him,So what does he like to eat,He has a good grasp of how much he can eat。Xia Jian ate two boxes of vegetables,Plus a box of rice,Feeling just full。He couldn’t help but smile。
Tidy up the boxes that have been eaten,Xia Jian just got up and put on his bag,Opened the door of Xiao Xiao’s bedroom and walked in。
Xiao Xiao always likes clean and tidy,So her bedroom is still clean and warm and beautiful。After Xia Jian walked in,Opened the shoe cabinet behind the door,There really is a pair of new men’s slippers inside。
With exhaustion,Xia Jian walked into Xiao Xiao’s bathroom。The whole bath is clean and tidy,As if I have never used it。
Dragon Ball is really thoughtful。Except for the new washing utensils in the bathroom,There is also a new men’s pajamas on the hanger。Xia Jian filled a tub of hot water in the bath,Then I took off my clothes and went in。
Soak in a hot bath,The comfort is really unspeakable。Wait for the whole body to relax,Xia Jian began to wonder where Xiao Xiao would go。Unlikely to go wrong,Because Xiao Xiao is not such a person in her bones。
Think about it,Finally, Xia Jian still thought of Guo Meili。Will Xiao Xiao go to Guo Meili to raise money??This possibility is extremely,And no one knows。
Thought of here,Xia Jian couldn’t lie down anymore,He quickly crawled out of the bathtub,Then I stood under the shower and rinsed again,This is the new pajamas that Dragon Ball bought for him,Hurried out of the bathroom。
There is a desk in Xiao Xiao’s bedroom,There is a beautiful laptop on the table。Xia Jian walked over,So I turned on the computer。Unexpectedly, a power-on password was set on the computer,How can this be done。Xia Jian thought for a while,I remembered Xiao Xiao’s original password on his computer。He tried to type,Unexpectedly opened。
A secret joy in Xia Jian’s heart,It seems that Xiao Xiao has not forgotten the past,Even the computer password has not been changed。he didQQLogged in first,And found Guo Meili’s number,Sent a message in the past。But he waited for a long time,Guo Meili did not reply to his message。


Ten thousand secrets have neid each other,The body of Wan Dao’s figure is withered.,The blood ball in the sky is heavy,It’s like a round of blood and the big day.,A horrible pressure comes from above。
It’s like a god.,The woman sitting on the bloody lotus suddenly disappeared between disappearance.,The next moment appears in the bloody light ball,She is sitting in her knees,Sword of the sword in the hands of the sky,It is a sword to the seven towns.。
This sword is like a bloody waterfall that is coming on the Galaxy of the Galaxy.!
Non-admiral masters,Gone,Handheld,The squat is on this sword.。
Dramatic explosion sound,Wan Demon is shaken。
Blood color sword light explosion,Congfending countless sword light crazy flows to the figures of no vacant。
“Do not!”
Non-empty look,Have a again, I took the god soldier.。
“boom,boom!”Dramatic explosion sound continuously,This will break the horrible blood color sword.。
“too horrible!”
Dragon Green frown。
“I am afraid that attack is getting worse.!”Tangshan water suddenly thoughtfully:“She is used by Wan magic sacrifice,And open the array of this Wanliangling!”
“Magic Lingling?”Living Buddha is sorry and frowning。
“This array is a large magic array!”Tangshan water interpretation:“It is a blood,Magic,Grievance,That 10,000 people are enough to open,Once opened,You imagine yourself,How much strong buried on this Wanliangling?Nirvana is not in dozens of respect。”
“good,When these people were dead,Blood has long been infiltrated into Wan Lingling。”Segmentation。
“Is the Wan magic big array not destroyed??”Living Buddha。
“Look at the current situation,It should be not all destroyed。”Longqing Hosheng Road:“The best way now is to wait,This is the most weak during the day.,You look at the blood ball to absorb the power between the heavens and the earth.。”
“But when you wait during the day,This woman escaped。”Living Buddha is heard:“If this woman escapes,That is equal to the world,I have more disaster in China.。”
“My Buddha compassion,so,Every time we dispatched a strong,Also put this feminist。”Master suddenly。
“you do not need to worry,Once this is at least12At the end of the time。”Tangshan water looked at the two frown。
“Amitabha,How about this,We attacked when we were most prosperous during the day.,We are seven people holding the gods.。”Unqualified master。
“it is good!”Dragon Gan and Baby Moon Two have nod。
“Amitabha!”Missing and living Buddhas have nodded,I immediately looked hotly looking at the woman inside the blood.。
Seven masters of figure is sitting in the knees,Wai of the blood color in the center,Maintaining200Rice area,The woman inside the blood light ball quietly,There is no attack,Let the Buddha are falling into sleep.。
Wan Lingling, the ghost crying,Grudge,Magic diffuse,Blood color lightning is constantly intertwined,Spray horror,Put the Buddha to swallow the blood。
Early morning coming in the morning,Sun rise,Light,The magic of Wan Liangling began to weaken,The same is true for the strength of the blood,Start to weaken。
Midway in the moon of the moon,A shadow standing in the sky,His figure is like slow,Environmentally friendly Tai Chi,Tai Chi ball is black and white,The big days of the Japanese heart and the five poisonous people are constantly moving.。
Handshed,Taiji ball is broken,Injuring into the distant void,And after he is harder,Tai Chi ball broke the air and fell into his side。
Post-Taiji ball expansion,Show his figure under the body,His figure is in Tai Chi,Taiji ball crazy operation。
NS767chapter Lin Feng’s resolution
Lin Feng’s sparkling,If it is the words that the two big gods will be again,Isn’t it more god?。
Taiji ball。
Acetic force,But this kind of absorption is limited.,If it is possible to absorb power like a rumor?,Isn’t it to resolve more strength?,Greatly improve his defense?
“It is too difficult to integrate together.。”Lin Feng mysterical,His action stopped,Taiji balls enter his body disappeared。

Since he wants to go back,I won’t go to her.。

Zuo Luo is a bit regrettable,I didn’t think it before.,Now I think that the house is really empty.,Two people in the training room are best。
At this time, Kang Guang came from the distance.,He also took a graphite sphere in his hand.,Go to the large two and the third team,Glance:“I haven’t seen you for a long time.,Many is my student,Just,Familiar with me。”
Not just the big second military school,Next to the big three military school students are also green,There are too many means of Kang Guang’s grinder.。
“You are more fortunate。”Kangguo arms the ball in his hand,“Although the federation has opened the plan of the bone machine,But the number of bone machine is limited,That gamshiro dog is still making self-burst,Let us not get the material on the robot dog,However, Xijiang flowing star now can develop mines,Got silver,Near future,This dilemma will be resolved。”
“Because the skeleton machine has good ductility,So most military schools have shared bone machine.,But you can have a set of bone machine.。”Kang Guang continues,“Take a semester as an assessment time,Legal losing eligures with skeleton machine。”
Wait until everyone is sent to a graphite sphere,Yasuhiro began to speak carefully to get the bone armor Notes,About fifteen minutes,He asked everyone to put on,Run twenty laps around the playground。
Big third military school students can wear skeleton machine fighting,Run twenty laps is not a problem,No one more。And the second military school that just put on the skeleton machine armor is the stability.。
“Don’t hurry。”Kang Guang made an eye of the three military schools who want to move.,“Recently, I learned a trick on a student.,She likes to negotiate with the weight,I think this method is good.。Now all the students of the third students come to the forever。”
Big three military school students:“……”
One person four,Hands have,However, it is a little bit that is much longer than Zuo Luo.,Four have only added it100Kilogram。
“The instructors are considering you with your companion。”Kang Guang grinned,“Follow the companion to fall down,You need to resist them,But the companion is still wearing a skeleton machine.,Can you always leave them??”
There are more weights of a skeleton machine.,Big Three Military School Students,Struggle with Double Study。
On the playground, you started a sound of all kinds of falling ground.,Many people are light,Directly。
Guan Yuan run in front,He looked behind those behind him.,I am disdainful in my eyes.,These people are too bad.,But there is also a proud,He is stronger than these people。
However, he has not laughed in his heart.,I will see a figure and quickly exceed myself.。
Guan Yuan has previously trained together with Qiangping,I know him to put on the skeleton machine.,That person is not him,And the speed is better than the item。
“Run up,Chief,You can’t do it??”Cut snow is more than Guyuan,Drop one sentence。
She also slammed into the sky,This weight is not particularly effective.。
Guan Yuan suddenly black face,The front person should be the Zuo Luohuan,This is stressful when he is trying to,Almost forgot the big two miles there are those people。
Sure enough, someone started to catch up.,Oki、Jianghong……
Guanyuan bite the teeth,Desperately,Just that Zuo Luo is like metamorphosis,More than one circle。
He is quite not to adapt to this blow。
In this circle in the capital,Zuo Luo is very famous,But not only because she differentiates,High level,It is a day to run out to play.,Because she has a long time,People in the capital do not feel how much pressure。
Guan Yuan’s face is ugly,Before the Zuo Luohuan entered the first military school, he embarrassed him.,This hatred that he kicked him from the list,Nowadays, there is a person who has a class in a class.。
“Put on。”Kang Guang, etc. to Zuo Luohuan easily rushed to ten laps,Throw the load to her。
Zuo Luo stopped,Tied the load on the machine,There is still a load inside.,But does not affect action。
Kang Guang looked at Zuo Luohuo,Can’t help but frown,She is different from other people’s progress.,Such a basic training estimate is not available,To find a school,Let them start to start their own weapons。
Zuo Luo is running over the twenty lap,Most people have not yet yet,She looked back at the playground,Oki is still running the sixteenth circle。
“Instructor,I went to buy bottle of water.。”Zuo Luo took off the skeleton machine,Go to Kang Guang。
“First class,You are deliberately lost to me.?”Kang Guang asked,Her strength,Should not lose。
“no。”Zuo Luo deny。
Kang Guang does not believe,He believes that Zuo Luo is hiding。
“Instructor,I went to buy water first.。”Zuo Luo Hao。
“Row。”Kang Guang did not have difficult her,In fact, after reading the video of Zuo Luo in Xijiang stream.,It is aware of her strength to her strength.。
In fact, when the gaishre night hit,Each instructor has a new understanding of the strength of Zuo Luohuan.,But there is no monitoring video at that time.,Don’t have an intuitive understanding。
When Zuo Luo came over with a bag of water,Oh, it’s already running.,Snowfall、Several military schools in Jianghong and the third day, also continued to run.。
Zuo Luo is handed into one of the bottles of Ji Yue,Throw the bag to Cook。
“Thanks。”Cut snow from inside,Different to Jianghong and Xiang Chengping,Suitable around。
Ji’s drink,Look to Zuo Luo,Conscientiously:“You are not suitable for training with us。”