Parental setting is just her suspect,The person who prevents the picket it has problems,As for those weapons,It’s entirely because she finished reading all military school students in the dark,Discover some people in which many weapons,Originally, the original purpose is to collect those temper,Military schools who are not good to discuss,Probably because of the gentleness of the weapon,So when I arrived in Zuo Luo,It is found that the weapon line has almost occupied half-Wanjiang Mountain.,Wheelde the way to expand the weapon library。

Although Zuo Luo, I was not in school last year.,But often contact Qian Mao and others,Transfer from the black city to them a lot of weapons。
I didn’t expect to use the gamrro attack at night.。
Now that the secret is also called more hidden,At least those military school students know that there is another power of the school.。
“You are the director of the discipline,Me too。”Zuo Luoho is holding one of the best,“Just match。”
The migraine of Ji Ya is put on a pastry into the Zuo Luoyuan bowl.,Shallow smile in the eyes:“Um。”
First day of school,New students have stayed in military school for half a year,Almost mixed,Everywear neatly,The top of the military uniform deducts the top button,I am afraid that people who are disciplined will seize deductions.。
The school gate is coming and going,There are also military schools in the capital students to drive.。
There is something to do,Zuo Luo will park the car at the school gate,Let him go first,Go to park yourself。
Both people don’t feel wrong,Open the door from the car,Go fast to the school。
Oki’s direction,Don’t say that he is the Director of the Discipline,The military academy gave birth to him like a cat and saw the mouse.,It is enough to make the people around him not to make your eyes.。
Several people in the school entoucted are turned around,Wholly discussion。
“The second car just sitting is a bit more familiar。”
“I often have someone to study the seniors.,Eye is normal。”
“no,I remember that Zuo Luo also has this car.。”
“Do you bought a car like her?,Did the two have to be on the bar??”
“and many more,I will turn a photo first.……Trough!This is the car of Zuo Luohuan!”
“I have taken a photo of Zuo Luo to drive out.,You look at the license plate!”
This can attract the people around them.,Looking at the car to the school parking lot,Surprised:“Really not a car,Going to the direction of the parking lot.。”
School gate,Under the public,Also catch up with the school。
This thing is in an anonymous forum of the first military school.,Everyone guess what happened,It has caused Ji Yi to sit in the car of Zuo Luo.。
【Take a car,Very normal,Although two people are opponents,But also participated in the exercise competition together,I heard that the winter vacation has also went to Xijiang.。】
【Xijiang flowing star?The star of the accident before.?】
【Yes,Two people said that they are the people of our first military school.,Can only compete,Not enemy,There is nothing to sit on a car.。】
【that……You don’t know if the comy family and the left family are two opposite directions??No matter how it is going。】
【I also want to ask,So why I didn’t send it more?】
The forum is noisy to boil,Jiang Hong saw it early,He and other arguments,Never no one goes to the most correct answer。
Jiang Hong’s heart suddenly hired,I finally turned to him to see that others were shocked.!

Several female waitresses saw Xia Jian so weak,I was a little disappointed and sighed and shook his head and walked away。Xia Jian stood in place,Looking at the crowded supermarket,He was thinking about something。

Finally got up to seven o’clock in the evening,People’s Supermarket slowly lowered half of the roll box door。The waiters are too tired to sit。
“Everyone worked hard today,Opening on the first day,Discount again,So there are so many people here,But as soon as the normal price is restored tomorrow,There will be fewer people coming to buy things,You will also relax”Jia Lina beats her back with one hand,Said with a tired face。
Xiaomei glanced at Xia Jian,Dissatisfied:“http://www.whwgmnqx.cnboss!Someone steals something today,Several of us caught him,But Brother Hao finally let them go”
“Are you talking about Feng San from North Street??”Jia Lina,Asked energeticly。
Xiaomei nodded and said:“Who else can he have?Let him go today,We will have a good show here in the future”There is something in Xiaomei’s words。
Jia Lina glanced at Xia Jian,Took a breath and said:“I know about it,Your brother Hao must have his reason for doing this,Don’t worry about it,Hurry home!I have a rest and will go to work tomorrow”
Xiaomei saw Jia Lina and didn’t blame Xia Jian,She waved her hand a little unhappy and said:“Sisters!gone back,Really fried radish”
Xia Jian saw that these little girls were quite responsible for their work,Can’t help but feel happy。After they go out,Close the roll box door,Xia Jian just asked Jia Lina:“What is the origin of Feng San??You all know him so well”
“One hob meat,It’s also a local snake in Wuying Town,There are seven or eight gangsters around him,Often do some sneaky things in town,Because Feng San and Song Sanping are more familiar,So this police station also closed one eye,Don’t care about these people”Jia Lina said helplessly and shook her head。
Back to the bedroom,Jia Lina opened up and started cooking,Xia Jian frowned and thought for a while,He gritted his teeth and said:“No way,This set of equipment must enter,Otherwise, our supermarket will not open“
“How can it cost almost 20,000 yuan??But you think it’s OK,I will pay the money“Jia Lina said with a smile。
Xia Jian saw that Jia Lina was so reasonable,So support his approach,He couldn’t help but walk over,Kissed her on the face,Then he whispered on her ear for a while。Although Jia Lina didn’http://www.renchenghualang.cnt speak,But she kept nodding,Always keep a smile on your face。