Ten best foods for muscle growth you know

Ten best foods for muscle growth you know

The purpose of bodybuilding is how to effectively expand muscle mass in various parts of the body through training.

For advanced bodybuilders, it is necessary to use the peak contraction method, intermittent control, the law of borrowing power, special equipment, complex recipes and new, scientific training methods to sculpt and refine their body to make it more perfect.


Salmon: Salmon with 6 oxidants (170 grams) provides 34 grams of protein, 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids, a healthy aunt that reduces swelling and helps muscle repair, and it can help inhibit cortisol.

(The level of cortisol decreases, and the level of retinal ketones gradually increases, which helps muscle growth.

) The Euro Omega 3 fatty acid diet also allows most of the absorbed glucose to enter the muscles instead of being converted into aunts.


Lean beef: Many people who have difficulty building muscles mistakenly abandon their uncles, thinking that this will increase body fat.

However, with the synergistic effect of omega-3 in fish, slight saturation in beef can actually help muscle growth.

Too little saturated fat supplementation can harm hormonal levels of retinal hormone hormones and islet-like growth factors that help grow muscle.

Beef is also a source of plasma, which is the main raw material for the body’s own synthesis of insulin pill hormones.

Of course, beef also contains creatine, vitamin B and zinc.


Eggs: There are many different ways nutritionists can score the ability of various protein foods to promote growth.

Eggs come first in almost every standard.

Because they are most easily absorbed-the body can easily break them down into amino acids, the raw material for muscle growth.

Whole eggs can also supplement healthy fats, saturated fats, and lecithin, all of which help muscle growth.

The egg yolk may not be ideal during the sculptural period, but don’t forget it during the non-seasonal weight gain period.


Full-fat milk: If you really have a hard time growing but are craving for long meat, don’t drink skimmed, reduced-fat milk!

Those are for people who lose weight.

16 constant whole milk provides 16 grams of protein and 16 grams of aunt.

Compared with other foods, the aunts in milk are generally short-chain.

Short-chain adults are more anabolic, prevent muscle breakdown, and they are less likely to be stored as body fat than other adults.

Aunts in milk can help the body absorb vitamin D and reduce the risk of cancer.


It’s no accident that the big guys of the 70’s, Arnold, Franco drink so much whole milk.


Apple Juice: Ironically, going crazy to the gym is really about tearing muscles.

Afterwards you will reap the rewards when your body begins to repair and recovers excessively.

Drinking 12-16 sugar apple juice before going to the gym can provide 45-60 grams of glucose and quickly replenish your energy (because of the glucose in the juice), and there is a constant flow of energy (because it also contains fructose).

This can help inhibit semolitol, reduce muscle damage, and allow you to train more groups.


White bread: You know the principle-eat less fine flour, because whole grain cereals contain less fiber, less nutrition, and increase the level of increase.

This is often the case.

Then, white bread is really good for you just after exercising.

Because you need easily digestible carbohydrates to restore your empty muscle glycogen levels and boost insulin secretion to help muscle growth and inhibit cortisol after training.

Four slices of white bread can provide about 50 grams of easily digestible glucose.

Pasta: (pasta) muscle growth requires a large amount of small amount of raw materials.
What’s more, phospholipids fundamentally enhance the efficiency of protein metabolism by supplementing proteins into muscles to help grow.

The opposite is that without fluorescence, the proteins you absorb will not work well for muscle growth.

A cup of cooked macaroni has about 45 grams of glucose, and a person who has difficulty growing meat needs at least the amount of meat per meal.


Garlic: How can a plant that is essentially free of free radicals, protein, protein, or a small amount help grow meat?

The answer is that it will significantly increase the level of hormones in your body.

Long meat is the right nutrition-glucose, protein and aunt at the right time.

But this also requires a proper hormonal environment to stimulate growth.

Animal studies show that a large amount of garlic supplementation and high protein supplementation increase plasma ketones and reduce muscle breakdown.

This is a state that promotes growth.


Yogurt: Natural yogurt, whether low-fat or full-fat, is available at health food stores.

The best option is yogurt with active “good bacteria”.

This probiotic bacteria reach the gastrointestinal tract and help the body maintain a healthy balance.

This good bacteria boosts the immune system and increases the absorption of nutrients.

Another benefit is calcium, which controls muscle contraction and can also reduce small amounts of storage.


Olive oil: When it comes to giving weight, you have to say olive oil.

Studies have shown that olive oil suppresses body inflammation, and reducing inflammation means better recovery.

Olive oil also provides hormone-like substances to increase insulin ketones. Like any lipid, it provides a lot of energy to help the body enter a growth-promoting state.

It can also be healthy aunt.

Three details of failed baby toys

Three details of failed baby toys

Recently, a comparison experiment of 100 toys announced by the Chinese Consumers Association revealed that hidden safety hazards such as too small parts and too long ropes abound.

Dong Dong Jinshi, secretary general of the International Food Packaging Association, pointed out that when choosing toys for children, parents should not only choose from the aspects of appearance and color, but also pay attention to the small details of toy design. Starting from three aspects, it can help children pickSafe toys.

  The length of the rope must pay special attention to Dong Jinshi pointed out that in order to prevent children from being strangled by the rope and strangled, there are specific safety technical requirements for the length of the toy rope.

The standard stipulates that the length of the rope with accessories on the pull toy used by children under 36 months must not exceed 220mm.

During the inspection of the China Consumers’ Association, it was found that the length of the rope attached to a baby toy produced by a plastic toy company was 270mm, which exceeded the standard requirements.

  Dong Jinshi specially reminded that many parents will now go online to buy toys for their children. At this time, it is difficult to judge whether the toys meet safety standards, so you must pay special attention when using them.

  Toys have to withstand “toss” Toys are accompanied by the growth of the baby in the beating, so it is also one of the qualities that children’s toys need to have.

During the inspection by the China Consumers Association, it was found that the baby music rattle produced by the Five Star Toys Industrial Co., Ltd. in Chenghai District of Shantou City had the problem of fragmentation after being dropped.

  Dong Jinshi pointed out that small parts of toys may be swallowed by children, which may lead to dangers such as suffocation.

Therefore, parents may wish to beat and try before buying toys for their children to avoid problems during the use of the baby.

  ”Warning” font is not smaller than No. 4 For safety reasons, the identification and instructions for use of children’s toys also have strict requirements.

According to Dong Jinshi, there are specific requirements for the fonts of the “warning” and warning contents on the outer packaging of children’s toys, such as the font of the warning content must be no smaller than the number 5 bold and the font of the “warning” must not be smaller than the number 4 bold.

  In addition, according to the standard for 37?
Toys used by children aged 72 months should contain warnings if they contain small parts.

In addition, the toy must be marked with the product name, model, standard number, applicable age, name or address of the manufacturer or distributor.

When purchasing toys, parents should first read these identification information carefully. This will help parents choose toys that are suitable for children’s age and timely understand the safe use of toys to avoid possible injuries.

Comfortable sofa is more likely to cause lumbar muscle strain?

Comfortable sofa is more likely to cause lumbar muscle strain?

Too many consumers purchase sofas for the living room, often paying more attention to the style and color of the sofa, while ignoring the practicality of the sofa.

Professor Xue Wenguang, designer of the interior design branch of the Chinese Architectural Society, said that in addition to style, the comfort of the sofa is also very important.

  If you have been sitting on a sofa that is not scientifically designed for a long time, inserting it lightly causes back pain and back pain, and is more serious than causing a variety of diseases such as lumbar muscle strain, then you should choose a sofa from a health perspective.

  The sofa is too soft and easy for back pain Professor Xue said that the sofa is too soft and the support of the body’s center of gravity is paralyzed, and it will intentionally or unintentionally move the body to find a new balance, and gradually sitting on the sofa will make people feel back pain.

  At the same time, sitting on a too soft sofa, the spine can hardly maintain a normal physiological curvature, over time, causing abnormal tension in the hip muscles, causing back pain.

Under normal circumstances, it is advisable for a person to sit on a sofa cushion with a depression of about 1 cm.

Middle-aged and older people’s bodies and bones are older than younger ones, so a harder sofa should be chosen.

  The seat should fit the curved surface of the human body. The seat surface and back of the sofa should fit the curved surface of the human body’s physiological structure. Otherwise, it is not only uncomfortable but also easy to form a bad sitting posture.

When choosing a sofa, you can make a rough estimate by sitting: First, check the sitting height.

The height of the sofa seating surface should be equivalent to the height of the human calf.

If the seat surface is too high, it is easy to make both feet hang, and the weight of the human trunk is pressed on the legs, and the muscles of the legs and back will feel sore after a long time; if the seat surface is too low, the force surface of the thigh will fall into,I feel sore.

  First, check the sitting depth.

When sitting on the sofa, it is advisable that the knee joint is still outside the seat cushion.

  Finally, check the angle between the seat surface and the backrest. It feels most suitable when the waist is not suspended.

If the angle is too large, the neck will soon feel sore.

During the test sitting, you can observe whether there is a gap between the waist and the sofa. If there is a gap in the waist and the seat surface where one hand can be inserted, it means that the included angle of the sofa is inappropriate.

  In addition, the width of the sofa should be appropriate.

The width of a single sofa is less than 48 cm, a double sofa should be more than 95 cm, and a three-seater sofa should be between 140-145 cm.

  Low backs are more comfortable Professor Xue said that there are too many people who like to use high back sofas, which is actually not scientific.

Because when a person’s shoulder is resting on a high back, the waist, back, and back cannot be tightly attached, and the contact surface between the body and the sofa is reduced.

In this way, the waist and buttocks are not subjected, and fatigue will occur in a short time.

  Professor Xue proposed that in addition, the elderly should choose a sofa with a moderate seat height. If it is too low, it will be inconvenient to sit down. Young couples should consider the safety of their children after birth when buying a sofa.There should be no sharp edges and corners. The style should be lively and the color should be brighter.

Stir-fried pork with olives and green beans

Stir-fried pork with olives and green beans

Ingredients: pork, green beans, onion, red pepper, olives, garlic, salt, oil, soy sauce, chicken essenceDices, diced onions, diced garlic, spare; 2. Wash the pork and cut into diced meat, marinate with a little raw soaking for 5 minutes; 3, add a little oil to the pan, add the diced meat and stir-fry until it becomes discolored,Remove and reserve; 4. Continue to add oil to the hot pan, stir fry the green beans until they become discolored and soft, and serve. 5. Wash the pot with water, add a small amount of oil to the hot pot, and sauté the garlic. AddDiced onion and red pepper, stir-fry, add green beans, diced meat, stir fry, add a spoonful of olives, stir well, and season with salt and chicken essence.

Regular exercise is a good way to protect your heart

Regular exercise is a good way to protect your heart

Hypertension, dyslipidemia, coronary heart disease, arrhythmia, these leaks are the global “killer” of health, and are all related to unhealthy dietary habits, sedentary movements and other bad habits.

In contrast, proper exercise has always been a “good medicine” recommended by cardiologists to patients and the general public.

Only about one-third of heart patients who have experienced a high blood pressure attack and who have undergone a heart bypass or cardiac intervention can exercise regularly.


hzh{display:none;}  美国凯斯西储大学的研究小组将248名心脏病患者纳入此次研究,先通过完成为期12周的心脏康复计划帮助他们掌握正确的锻炼方法,然后为每位患者Focus on a heart monitor and follow them up.

A year later, investigators found that only 37% of patients were able to exercise more than 3 times a week.

Researchers have also found that female patients have a harder time sticking to an exercise program than male patients.

In response, the research leader, Mary Doransky, assistant professor of nursing at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, told a press conference: “Many women follow traditional habits and put family care before their health needs.

“This may be one reason they are unable to adhere to a rehabilitation plan.

  ”For rehabilitation guidance for hypertensive patients, the current guidelines recommend five sessions per week.

“Doransky introduced.

However, with the acceleration of time, fewer and fewer patients can exercise.

Patients need to be truly aware of their ego exercise, and supplementing it to develop a lifelong habit.

In fact, it is also common in similar situations, and many patients with hypertension do not dare to move. Clinicians vividly call such people “cardiac disability”.

In fact, the more immobile they are, the worse their physical condition will not only lead to obstruction of blood circulation, but subsequent venous and arterial thrombosis due to blood stasis, and severe cases may lead to pulmonary embolism.

Especially for patients with * 25120 *, if they do not exercise for a long time, the proportion of abnormalities in the body will gradually increase, and their sensitivity to insulin will be further reduced.

  The main purpose of exercise for patients with coronary heart disease is to improve body endurance, promote circulation, and strengthen metabolism. According to personal circumstances, aerobic exercises such as walking, jogging, swimming, playing table tennis, and cycling are the most important.
While adhering to a proper amount of physical exercise, patients with coronary heart disease should also use drugs reasonably under the guidance of a doctor.

In addition, what is particularly good is that patients with coronary heart disease should also be alert to possible arrhythmias.

Arrhythmia is an independent disease and an important factor in the worsening of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

When the heart beats too fast or too slow, or the rhythm is abnormal, not only the normal blood supply of the organs cannot be guaranteed, but the risk of thrombosis due to vascular intervention will increase the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events.

If the heart rate is more than 100 beats / min in the quiet state, it belongs to tachyarrhythmia, and if it can reach 60 beats / min, it belongs to bradyarrhythmia.

The former includes premature beats, various tachycardia and fibrillation, flutter, etc. In addition, it includes sick sinus node syndrome and various atrioventricular and indoor replacement blocks.

Patients with chronic arrhythmia, such as palpitations, chest tightness, fear of coldness, weak waist and knees, shortness of breath or dizziness, dark tongue, or ecchymosis, sludge, which are classified as heart-kidney yang deficiency and cold blood coagulation, can be referred to the doctor.Take Shenxian Shengshengmai Oral Liquid under the guidance of

Shenxian Shengmai Oral Liquid composed of eight flavors of traditional Chinese medicines, such as red ginseng, psoralen and salvia, has the effects of warming the heart and kidney, promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, and is one of the few patented Chinese patent medicines to treat chronic arrhythmia.

  Finally, it is reminded that some patients with coronary heart disease often do not feel the arrhythmia concomitantly, but only the electrocardiogram changes.

Therefore, it is recommended that people at high risk for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, even if only palpitations, shortness of breath, interruption after a strong heartbeat, sudden heartbeat acceleration and then sudden termination, and mild arrhythmia such as discomfort in the precardiac area,Also go to the hospital in time to see a doctor.

Get rid of the spots and return your confidence


Get rid of the spots and return your confidence

All beauty experts tell us that whitening can’t be done overnight. The faster you remove pigments, the more the skin will pay!

  ● Drying and moisturizing Since the components of whitening products still cannot separate the “acid” medium, the long-term use of whitening products has to bear the skin’s dry and sensitive phenomenon caused by acid.

In addition, if the skin is in a condition where the epidermis is dehydrated for a long time, it is also easy to age and produce wrinkles.

Therefore, when using whitening products, be sure to use a cream with a high moisturizing function at the same time, and usually use as little water-absorbing powder as possible when applying makeup.

  In addition, if the dark spots do not have to be eliminated in a short period of time, it is recommended that you use injected whitening products only at night, because if you face the skin with water shortage and slight sensitivity every day and night, and work pressure during the day,Emotions, air conditioning, and pollution will accelerate the rate of skin aging, and instead produce waves of uneven skin trauma.

  ● Important point. When you are not whitening and maintaining your entire face, you must remember the priority, that is, divide the area and treat it separately.

If there is only a whitening care product, apply it on the entire face once, 2-3 times on the spot, and then add a few minutes of massage.

If the whitening skin care products used are divided into strengths, then only those products with high intensity can be found on the spots.

Remember, when you look at you, you see the entire face and even the whole person. Only when you look at yourself, you see the vulcanized spots.

  ● Regular exfoliation Moderate and gentle exfoliation can help melanin metabolism and the regeneration rate of new cells.

Buy a mild exfoliating product and apply a “moderate” exfoliation to the spotted area every week. Please remember that it is too late. The best way is the “mild and progressive” nursing philosophy, 5 minutes a week.Caring is enough.

  ● Sun protection The sun is the only thing that can make skin melanocytes respond. Even if the endocrine is disturbed again, if you drink too much coffee, you will not get tanned or spotted without the sun.

In addition, the danger index of ultraviolet rays on the skin is gradually increasing, so whether you need to whiten or remove spots, as long as it is in the sunny season, you must wear sunscreen for protection.

  ● Person with mentally-spotted limbs, usually the spots are so light that they can hardly be seen by others, but she herself is upset and miserable!

  When too many people get up early and look in the mirror, they ca n’t wait to stick to the mirror to look at their shortcomings: the pores on the nose are getting thicker; the spots on the cheekbones are dense; the fine lines at the corners of the eyes tend to deepen; drooping eyelids can almost be cutDustproof curtains . After hitting one’s self-confidence, the psychological pressure is getting bigger and bigger, so the pores are thicker, the spots are deeper, the eyelids are drooping, and the woman is even more unhappy.

So driving away spots is also important for mental health!

Five tips to fight fatigue

Five tips to fight fatigue

Sub-health is a non-healthy state shared by most people, but when it comes to disease, it is not as serious.

On healthy tracks, our trains have a tendency to derail. If you don’t take any effort, it will soon have devastating consequences.

Most people today are looking for a way to relax and relax on the weekends. Today, I will give a few tips to let you adjust your body this weekend.

  There are many reasons why flirting causes fatigue, and emotional instability can make us feel sick.

A state of being overly anxious, too sad, and overjoyed is equally harmful to our bodies.

Traditional Chinese medicine calls joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, terror, shock, and shock as “seven emotions”, and what Chinese medicine calls “emotional illness” means that every emotion will hurt the corresponding organs-“Anger hurts the liver, it hurts the heart, it hurts the spleen, it hurts the lungs, and it hurts the kidneys. “Therefore, the calm heart is the key to health care in Chinese medicine.

Of course, maintaining peace of mind is easier said than done.

Here is a small plan for recuperating medicine: emotional activities belong to the five internal organs. Although it is controlled by the mind, it can not be separated from the diarrhea function of the liver qi.Drugs can make the liver air reach and feel comfortable.

  Do you have such an experience when adjusting your diet: If you eat a lot and eat well, people will feel sleepy, want to sleep, tired and tired of thinking.

Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach are the acquired foundation of the human body and need careful care.

There are two most important points for maintaining the health of the spleen and stomach: one is to have a light diet, and the other is to control the diet.

First of all, foods based on vegetables and fruits and a light predetermined length nourish the five internal organs, and the cold, hot, heavy, thick and greasy diet has a good taste, but it is easy to stimulate the stomach and damage the spleen and stomach.

Therefore, you should eat light and simple, and do not overeat, chew slowly while eating, and use the brakes to ease your body.

  The diagnosis and treatment of TCM is focused on the adjustment of the body and the mind. This is reflected not only in the profound philosophy of ancient Chinese medicine, but also in the use of many Chinese medicines.

Because Chinese medicine believes that most of the causes of general physical illness are caused by “disorder of mind” (that is, there is emotion). Disorder of mind causes anger, and qi disorder causes physical illness.

At this time, we can not use traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, we can also use meditation to relax and relax the breath. After the blood circulation is smooth and the internal organs are automatically adjusted, the state of illness and fatigue can be cured naturally.

  You are awakened to sleep and sleep for work, but your body is quietly injured on the ground.

Traditional Chinese medicine has long proposed the theory of “correspondence between human and nature” where human and nature are integrated.

“Sunrise, sunset and rest” is the basic principle of living in accordance with the laws of nature. If you violate it, the body will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable, and tiredness will follow. This is why we work after night shifts.Even if you make up for sleep during the day, you still feel that you can’t rest.

  Regulating the meridians is nothing more relaxing and less fatigued than massage.

But what is the effect of massage?

The so-called meridian means to make the body’s meridian air flow unobstructed. If the meridian is not open, the qi and blood are discordant and there are many diseases.

  For example, some headaches caused by tiredness are considered by Chinese medicine as “pain is unreasonable, and general is not painful”. Qi and blood can only run if the meridians are unblocked.

The reason why people become an organic whole is because the meridians are criss-crossed, connected to the internal organs, and externally to the skin and muscles, supporting our entire body.

So when you are tired, a comfortable massage will be the most timely and effective conditioning!

Three types of wives put men in crisis

Three types of wives put men in crisis

Mrs. Crisis NO.

1: Leave the smile to a man other than my husband. In 2003, I was admitted to the civil service. My wife Swallow opened a cafe.

  During the opening period, she was so busy as a spinning top that she was busy in the store from morning till night.

When I got home, I was so tired to say a few more words that I was exhausted.

I understand her hard work, and I am also touched by the hardship of her entrepreneurship. She always endured her neglect in silence.

However, now two years have passed, the coffee shop is already on track, the business is good, and any issues such as management do not need her to do it herself. She still spends more time outside and less time home, even on weekends.
  As a husband, I was puzzled by her approach.

  One night, I stopped by the cafe while buying late night for my son.

It was that night that I learned how the wife of a cafe female owner was alive and well.

As soon as I entered the door, I saw her sitting at a large table surrounded by a group of men frantically speaking. I found a dark corner to sit down and watched her laugh with a bunch of strange men from afar.

Looking at her smiling face through the dim light, I suddenly had a particularly uncomfortable strangeness.

The woman with a lot of oxidants in front of her and the woman with a smile on her face and the woman with a cold face who comes home every day is my wife?

  After sitting for a few minutes, she found me, so came over to say hello, and explained to me that those are the old customers in the shop.

I couldn’t help saying, “It seems I’m not as good as your guests.

“She snuggled up very sensitively immediately, extruding a trace of tiredness and saying,” You’re still jealous. ”

“I was even more disturbed, and felt her guilty.

  Later, I often went to the cafe by reason and found that she often sat and laughed with strange men.

After paying attention, it seemed that she could not see which one was especially close to her.

I think I’m so useless. The happiness and smile of my wife are left to men other than my husband. I can only endure the taste.

  Dispel the crisis “slay plan”: 1.

Faced with a wife who is hot outside and cold inside, the first thing a man should do is not to find out which man she is closer to, but to give her confidence, and never deny herself by seeing her lively side.

When a man is confident, his mind will be broad.


Too many people who like to deal with strangers are very cheerful. If she makes her feel dull as a gentleman, the conversation between them will not be speculative for a long time.

Occasionally have a date with my wife alone; or put a sprig of her favorite lily on the pillow on her late night; and make a few more jokes when she is angry.

Make fun of life and your charm is back.


Understand his wife and silently support her work.

Finding a rare book on business management or collecting some of the latest information about foreign coffee shops will make your wife moved by your care and care.

  Mrs. Crisis NO.

2: With the men in the circle of Mr. “good” to be friends A Feng likes my wife Fanfan I have long felt.

That day, A Feng said that he came to my house for dinner. When I worked overtime, I asked him to go home and help Fan Fan cook.

  However, when I went home and opened the door, I saw A Feng sitting on the sofa and talking to Fan Fan. Fan Fan laughed like a child, and suddenly there was an illusion.

  Since then I have a little tadpole in my heart.

But Fanfan didn’t notice my emotion at all, and always mentioned A Feng in front of me.

Last week was Fan Fan’s birthday. I suddenly received a text message from A Feng asking if my sister-in-law was celebrating her birthday these days?

I immediately wrote back to him angrily and said it was okay!

That night, I lost sleep after celebrating Fanfan’s birthday.  In fact, I would rather believe that there is nothing between them, but seriously recall every detail of the three of us together, but suddenly it is full of flaws.

Why is A Feng still thinking about her birthday?

Why does she always mention A Feng?

She occasionally was charming when A Feng was there.

The more I think about it, the more I feel uneasy. I can’t help but hug Fan Fan fiercely. She wakes up, what should you do, Jiao, and I will go to work tomorrow.

I prefer not to listen. Maybe only sex can make me feel at ease and make me believe that I and her are the best. No one can replace it.

  Dispel the crisis “slay plan”: 1.

Harmonious sex is certainly the best healing tool between husband and wife, but men with a sense of crisis must not only seek sexual security in marriage.

Women are sexual because of love, which is exactly unsafe behavior for his wife.


Although indifferent is a man’s virtue, there is random speculation. It is better to find the right time to strike side by side, suggesting that his wife, his lover and friends must be clearly separated.

If the wife still does not understand and does not prevent finding a place for the three to get along, give the wife some body language and kiss her unattended without a gesture, indicating that the lover is a lover and the friend is a friend.

  Mrs. Crisis NO.

3: She seems to be my “boss”. My wife and I seem to be two rabbits on the same starting line-graduated from the same university, and married and had children after being admitted to a scientific research unit.

But from the previous year, I slowly realized that we were not on the same level.

Unlike many women who sacrificed their careers for the family, the wife didn’t transfer all the benefits to her husband’s children after she got married and had children. Instead, she still worked hard. She quickly stood out in the unit of men.

Although I also worked hard to produce results and publish my dissertation, I never got the appreciation of the leaders.

  At the end of 2005, his wife was promoted by two levels with a research project that won the National Excellent Award, and his salary was raised by two levels.

  All my colleagues saw me congratulating me for finding a good wife, but I was not happy at all.

As long as I think that I will call my wife “head” in the unit in the future, the feeling of depression is like Taishan’s peak, which makes me breathless.

  Recently, my wife often travels and participates in training or lectures in other places. Although she always tells me where to go and what arrangements I have, I always feel uncomfortable.

What made me even more intolerable was that she didn’t seem to care about me like she used to.

Once she was on a business trip for 3 days without a phone call.

  Slowly, I began to strike a balance by hitting my wife.

I wear serious clothes when she wears any clothes, and a friend gave her lipstick, and I said that your mouth is so red that it is like doing research.

She paid double pay at the end of the year, and I said that you are probably the tallest among the dwarfs.

My wife always smiles with tolerance, and it is impossible for women to be tolerant when they love a man.

I hope she can make endless noise with me like she used to, like a wayward child.

That hysterical look was annoying at the time, but now I think about it and find that it is the most beautiful posture of a woman. At least I can be sure that she only loves me when she does so.

  Dispel the crisis “slay plan”: 1.

If a woman’s career is well done, it will inevitably attract the attention of other men. Men must first face this fact, and they should take an extraordinary attitude to accept this fact.

Remember, it is a man’s blessing to marry a capable and motivated wife.


Sometimes the same effort does not necessarily yield the same result, and possibility is a very important part of determining success.

If the actual work environment is not suitable for your development, consider changing to a different department.

The new location is likely to be the fertile ground for your progress.


From time to time, come out with a “family card”: When my wife is on a business trip, a few calls a day is annoying, and one call a day is warm.

The old man should always shake the fan

The old man should always shake the fan

Nowadays, the social conditions are constantly changing, and air conditioners have been continuously expanded. Many people choose to use air conditioners to help them lower the temperature when it is hot, but it may be better to shake the fans.

  First, shake off the shoulder inflammation: the fan is a kind of upper limb movement that requires the coordination of the fingers, wrists and local joint muscles.

In the hot weather, the fan is often shaken. It is the exercise of the upper limb joint muscles, which can promote the blood circulation of the muscles, enhance the coordination of muscle strength and coordination of various joints.

Medical experts believe that senile scapulohumeral periarthritis is caused by long-term lack of exercise and fan in the shoulder joint, air conditioning blows to feel the cold, and the fan can change the fan, the air conditioner is aligned with the shoulder joint to exercise, strengthen the strength and coordination of the shoulder joint muscle ligament.Sex.

  Second, shake away mental disorders: psychological research shows that people’s emotions, mood and behavior are related to seasonal changes.

In the hot summer, many people will have mood swings, especially in the elderly, which are prone to emotional disorders.

You can enjoy your emotions by shaking your hand by hand.

Inviting three or two confidants, sitting in the shade, talking about the earth, the mental depression can be swept away.

High mental disorders are exacerbated in air-conditioned environments, and hand-cranked fans can keep people away from the air-conditioned environment, that is, away from mental disorders.

  Third, stay away from hot strokes: Hot stroke is a common disease in the summer season, and it is very different from the improper use of air conditioners.

If the temperature of the room with built-in air conditioner is too low, it is very different from the outside temperature, alternating into the room, and it is hot and cold. Sometimes the elderly, especially high blood pressure, and arteriosclerosis, have blood circulation disorder in the brain of the elderly and cause stroke.

The fan can reduce the use of air conditioning time, and is also an exercise for the cerebral blood vessels.

  The rocking fan is a kind of unilateral limb movement. In addition to exercising the joint muscles of the limbs, it can also exercise the contraction and diastolic function of the blood vessels of the brain.

Some scholars have found that most of the stroke patients are in the right hemisphere microvascular rupture, while many elderly brain atrophy occurs in the left hemisphere.

This is because the average person has long been accustomed to using the right hand, and the left hand movement is reduced, resulting in more exercise in the left hemisphere and insufficient exercise in the right hemisphere.

  Therefore, the elderly should consciously carry out the left-handed fan on a hot day, strengthen the left hand movement, activate the right brain, improve the state of the tilted limb and the body atrophy, and also enhance the elasticity of the right hemisphere blood vessels and reduce the occurrence of cerebrovascular diseases.
  So for an old man, if you feel that the weather is too hot, don’t blow the air conditioner too much. It’s fine to have a fan at night, it can help you very well.

Initial fitness equipment for you-

Are Fitness Machines Right For You?

At present, the common fitness equipment in shopping malls can be divided into aerobic exercise equipment and anaerobic exercise equipment for the purpose of exercise.

  Aerobic equipment includes treadmills, rowing machines, exercise bikes, step trainers, etc. The main purpose is to promote the enhancement of cardiopulmonary function and enable large muscle groups to participate in exercise.

In order to achieve the purpose of aerobic exercise, you must continue to exercise for more than 20 minutes, and your heart rate must be above 120 / min.

  Anaerobic exercise is an exercise whose main purpose is to increase muscle strength in various parts of the body.

Appropriate equipment for anaerobic exercise are various pull-down exercisers equipped with counterweight iron blocks, arm flexors and extensions, leg flexors and extensions, and abdominal muscle training devices. Generally, comprehensive exercise devices are mainly used.

  Fitness machines can also be divided into two types of comprehensive exercisers and single exercisers.

In large fitness halls, you can often see a large comprehensive exercise machine used by three and three people at the same time. Many people like to use this equipment to exercise, but experts remind you not to ignore the single exerciser because it is multi-functional, because the multifunctional machineThe design is limited, and the practice of the single machine is more in place.

  For individual buyers, the experts suggest that jogging machines, in-situ bicycles or rowing machines are preferred. If there is free space in the home, you can add a small multifunctional strength training device.

Care should be taken in the selection, especially the safety of the structure.