wide awake!

Irregular life causes you to deposit toxins

wide awake!
Irregular life causes you to deposit toxins

Accumulation of toxins caused by irregular life through social and economic development and advances in science and technology, the social environment and natural environment in which we live have undergone tremendous changes, and at the same time have also caused some impact on the human body, such as changes in lifestyleThe pace of life is accelerated, physical activity is reduced, high fecal and high protein diets, and changes in mental state are tense, stressful, and there is a lot of sleep.

  These changes often make the harmful substances generated in our body not excreted or discharged in a timely manner, accumulate and accumulate in different parts of the body, causing complications, the most serious are the skin, such as skin ulcers, pigmentation, etc., as well as the brain, liverAnd other important organ damage.

  Xiao Qi is a clerk secretary of a foreign company. She has a good appearance and usually pays special attention to protecting her skin.

But I didn’t expect that she came to my consultation room last Wednesday, which surprised me!

The original white and delicate shells were covered with cracks, and the new and old cracks were heavily overlapped. How could I never find the original hibiscus-like face.

  Xiaoqi sat down and described the cause to me.

It turned out that in the past two months or more after SARS, the company received a large number of orders, and it was too busy to get up and down, overtime became commonplace, and sleeping in the company, except for people feeling extra nervous, even eating, sleeping, and defecation were lostGot the original rules.

There are so many patients like Xiaoqi.

  Visceral function affects appearance TCM theory believes that “there are internal and external forms”, that is, the internal changes of the human body will be reflected from the external appearance, because the internal organs of the human body form an organic whole through the meridians and the limbs, official tips, fur, etc.The beauty is the function of the viscera function and normal work. The function of the viscera is also affected by external factors such as diet and mood, which is the so-called “seven emotions and six desires” in Chinese medicine.

As far as the skin is concerned, it is closely related to the lungs and large intestine in the viscera.

  The Tibetan elephant theory of traditional Chinese medicine transplants the main fur of the lungs.

Among them, proclaiming means to declare, spread, and to reduce, and there is a sense of decline. The surface and the surface are connected to the large intestine through the meridian lungs and affect each other.

Generally, the lungs can spread the body fluids and fine grains absorbed by the human body to the whole body, reaching out to the fur, making the skin look moist and shiny.

  The function of the large intestine is to pass through and excrete dregs, which is closely related to the function of lowering the lungs. The reduction of lung qi helps the normal function of the large intestine’s replacement function.

Once the lungs are declared, their function is impaired, and the moisturization of the skin and the function of the large intestine’s dregs will be affected.

In turn, problems with colonic excretion can also affect the decline of the lungs.

  Therefore, the reduction of lung qi and normal intestinal transmission directly affect the health of the skin.

Clinically, we have observed that many patients with skin cracks (sometimes spread to the chest and abdomen) are often accompanied by constipation.

The Chinese medicine clears the lungs and heats the lungs, lowers the belching air, or spreads the lungs and nourishes the yin and intestines, helping to expel toxins from the body and acne on the skin.

  Excretion is the main way of detoxification. From the perspective of modern medicine, the digestive system, as an integral part of the human body, is interconnected with the nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory and other systems and affects each other.

One of the main physiological functions of the large intestine is to form feces and control defecation, which is one of the main channels for the body to replace toxins.

  Food residues generally stay in the large intestine for more than 10 hours. During this process, part of the water in the food residues is absorbed by the large intestine mucosa, and at the same time, bacteria are formed by fermentation and destruction of bacteria. The stool also includes replaced intestinal epithelial cells, A large number of bacteria, bile pigment derivatives excreted from the liver, and certain heavy metals excreted from the intestinal wall; such as calcium, magnesium, mercury and other salts.

It is estimated that there are 109-1011 bacteria per gram of colon content, and the bacteria in the feces can account for 10% -30% of the solids accumulation in the stool. Some bacteria can break down proteins to produce peptides, amines, ammonia, and a small amount of hydrogen sulfide.And odorous indole nitrate and other toxic substances.

  Under normal circumstances, they are absorbed into the blood, can be transformed in the liver, and detoxify without harming health.

When these toxic substances are produced too much, accumulate for a long time, and cannot be discharged in time, they may cause self-poisoning, harm the human body, and even if our skin looks unhealthy, it will affect other organisms. According to reports, ammonia, instead of indThe accumulation of harmful substances such as indole can damage brain cells, cause it to die prematurely, die too much, suffer memory loss, and even dementia.

Damage to liver cells can reduce liver function and lead to acute hepatitis.

Therefore, toxins are expelled from the body in time to prevent them from accumulating in the body, causing damage to human skin, liver, brain and other tissues and organs.

  In order to completely detoxify under normal conditions, the human body maintains a dynamic balance between daily replacement and excretion, so that the organs and organs of the viscera can function normally and maintain the health of the body.

However, in real life, due to work stress, high psychological pressure, irrational diet, reduced exercise and other effects, many people ignore or fail to maintain this dynamic balance, regular diet is not balanced, and the number of bowel movements is reduced or prolongedAs a result of the accumulation of toxins, many diseases follow.

  Therefore, we should recognize the nature of “detoxification” as soon as possible, and recognize it, develop good living habits, should exclude the influence of psychological factors and emotions, and ensure adequate sleep, which is the root cause.

When necessary, the use of certain drugs, especially Chinese herbal medicines, helps us through the “difficulty”, but we cannot rely on it, because this is only a cure.

Sexual decline is not an increase in aging

Sexual decline is not an increase in aging

A letter from an old man: I am so embarrassed to say that the days are better. The older the person is, the more I will fall in love with my life.

But after all, the years are not forgiving, and the eyes are already 66-year-old.

Sexual function gradually increased obviously. It was thought that human aging was inevitable, but recently, people talked about the decline in sexual function, which is the aging.

Some of my peers have heard that doctors have prescribed medicines for kidney and aphrodisiac. I am hesitant and ask if you can take these drugs.

  Experts: First of all, we must clarify these issues: aging is the inevitable life, and anyone is caught.

Longevity is a good wish for everyone, but more important is health and quality of life.

Longevity must make a sense of quality at a higher level of health.

Therefore, health is fundamental and inevitable.

When people are old, sexual function declines, and even sexual life stops. It does not presage that life will end, and instead of swearing, there is no need to produce pessimism.

Experts pointed out that: Sex life and health are not the same thing. If you are old or not, you can’t just look at sexual function. If an old man is not slow, his diet is normal, his sleep is good, and he can move freely. This is healthy, no need to beIncreased age, sexual dysfunction and anxiety.

Experts even believe that in a positive sense, the decline of sexual function, the reduction or even stop of sexual life, some people have to walk slowly to slow down, is a kind of response to life, it may be a good thing,Why do you want to change it artificially?

Whether using sexual drugs or other methods to enhance sexual function in the elderly is a reluctant behavior that is detrimental to health.

The existing elderly people who have suffered from a stroke due to the use of aphrodisiac, or have reported cases of heart disease or even sudden death, should be remembered.

Taboos of interpersonal communication in the workplace

Taboos of interpersonal communication in the workplace

First, avoid rude behavior.

Some people think that the simple and rude nature of working people is the nature of the working people, and the elegant and graceful manners are the “goodness” of the asset class.

This sense of small-scale farmers who despise modern civilization is very harmful.

  Second, avoid temper tantrums.

Mood and sorrow, and human sentiment.

However, if you are in a bad mood, you should “digest” it yourself, but you must not “attack” on others, otherwise it is very uncivilized.

No matter how bad your mood is, don’t lose your reason, but restrain your bad emotions properly and restrain your anger in thought.

A bad temper and a casual temper will not only hurt your temper, but will also make you “respect yourself”.

  Third, avoid flying short and long.

Colleagues and friends can’t be overstated in speaking a few heartfelt words, but they have disappeared irresponsibly spreading rumors everywhere and playing tricks.

In particular, it should be noted that you must not take pleasure in the misfortunes of others, even look at the situation, add jealousy, and use their privacy and suffering as your own negotiation information.

  Fourth, avoid talking too much.

Get along with others, don’t overdo it, especially don’t make fun and jokes with others casually in public and at work, and make fun of it.

  In short, to be welcomed in interpersonal communication, you must abide by the “Three Principles”.

The meaning of this principle is that people are required to accept others in an interpersonal relationship, to replace others, and to be aware of others.

It is called “Three A Principles” because in English, accept, replace, realize that the first letter of these three words is A.

American scholar Bujilin believes that the “three A” is like the basic food to satisfy people’s self-esteem, and cannot be replaced by other things in interpersonal communication.

His words are worth remembering by every employee of the company, if everyone does not want to be hated.

Dialectical treatment of uterine fibroids

Dialectical treatment of uterine fibroids

When is TCM available and how effective is it? Chengcheng Xiao, Professor of Gynecology, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Chinese MedicineIt can also prevent fibroid regeneration and soften residual traces.

  Ye Dunmin, Associate Professor of Gynecology, the First Clinical Medical College of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine: Clinically, for the diagnosis of giant uterine fibroids or fibroids that grow rapidly in the short term, or perimenopausal fibroids with significant endometrial hyperplasia, etc., in principle, do notAdvocate conservative medical treatment, including traditional Chinese medicine.

For other cases of uterine fibroids, Chinese medicine can be considered.

Uterine fibroids are treated with traditional Chinese medicine in the process of elimination, which can effectively prevent recurrence and have the effect of regulating menstruation and assisting pregnancy.

However, whether it is treated by Chinese medicine or western medicine, it should be checked regularly.

  He Yanping, Dean of School of Nursing, Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Chinese medicine uses a combination of syndrome differentiation and syndrome differentiation to correct the evil and pay attention to improving the overall function.Taking into account the menstrual cycle, you can receive both tumor elimination and menstruation.

In addition, combined with acupuncture, acupoint injection, enema, external application and other external treatment methods, both internal and external treatment, its efficacy is significant, the recurrence rate is low, gradually becoming a major choice for conservative treatment of uterine fibroids.

  In the early stage of fibroids, by adjusting daily life and diet, and then supplemented with appropriate Chinese medicine treatment, generally can control its development, or gradually shrink or even disappear.

  4 types of syndrome differentiation and treatment □ Cheng Cheng Xiao, Professor of Gynecology, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, although the disease name is not found in TCM literature, according to its clinical manifestations, it is mainly part of TCM “瘕”.”Shi Zhi” recorded in “” is very similar, mainly related to feelings of cold, depression, qi stagnation and qi stagnation and blood stagnation.

  We adopt the method of combining syndrome differentiation with disease differentiation and staged treatment. The principle of treatment is mainly to promote blood circulation to remove stasis, to soften and disperse nodules, to supplement qi and phlegm, and to regulate cold and heat.

At the same time, according to the strength of the patient’s physique, the specific condition will be treated with evidence.

It is mainly divided into four types of syndromes: Qi stagnation, blood stasis, phlegm dampness, and damp-heat. The same manifestation of various types of syndromes is that the uterus has a mass and is hard.The treatment method is as follows: The qi retention syndrome is mainly manifested with lower abdominal pain, pain is indeterminate, the lower abdomen is full, the fur is thin and moist, and the pulse is heavy.

The rule of law is qi stagnation, and blood circulation is eliminated.

Prescription medicinal fragrant pill (woody incense, clove, triangular ridge, clam shell, zedoary turmeric, green peel, Chuanxiongzi, cumin).

  ⑵Blood stasis syndrome mainly manifests as pain in refusing to press, dull complexion, dull skin, heavy menstrual flow or blood clots, dry mouth, do not want to drink, dark purple tongue or stasis on the edge, and heavy pulse.

The rule of treatment is to disperse the blood and clear the silt.

Medicinal Guizhi Fuling Pills (Guizhi, Poria, Paeoniae, Paeonia lactiflora, peach kernel) plus Sanling, Curcuma.

  (3) The phlegm-dampness syndrome is mainly manifested as pain in the lower abdomen or with irregular menstruation, with multi-colored whiteness, full chest tightness, pale tongue and greasy fur, and thin and smooth pulse strings.

Governing method is to regulate qi and remove phlegm, and eliminate stasis.

Prescription medicinal Kaiyu Erchen Decoction (manufactured by Pinellia, Chenpi, Poria, Green Peel, Xiangfu, Chuanxiong, Curcuma, Woody, Betel Nut, Licorice, Atractylodes, Ginger).

  ⑷Damp and heat syndrome is mainly manifested as multicolored yellow or stinky, pain in the lower abdomen and lumbosacral area and swelling, menstrual period worsening, less urine color yellow, may be accompanied by prolonged menstruation or excessive menstruation, red tongue, yellow greasy fur, pulse stringsSlip number.

The treatment method is to clear heat and dampness, and eliminate stasis.

Prescription medicinal rhubarb peony soup (Rhubarb, Glauber’s salt, Danpi, Peach kernel, Winter melon seeds) with red rattan, spoiled herb, pangolin and so on.

  ◆ Experience I believe that the etiology and pathogenesis of this disease are more common with qi deficiency and blood stasis, and the treatment principle of “stage treatment, qi elimination, and combination of tonic and elimination” is adopted.

Due to the different physiological and pathological characteristics of menstrual and non-menstrual periods, they must be treated in stages.

If there is a large amount of bleeding during menstruation, Yiqi shrinks the uterus, dissolves stasis and hemostasis, and softening and stasis, and non-menstrual treatment is to promote blood circulation, dispel stasis, and soften stasis.It depends on the condition.

The dose is adjusted according to the specific conditions of the patient.

  When treated with Chinese medicine, the smaller the fibroid, the better the effect.

What is outstanding is that whether it is a decoction or a proprietary Chinese medicine, it must be applied under the guidance of a Chinese medicine practitioner from the hospital.

  ◆ Typical case Ms. Mao, 38 years old.

He came to our hospital in September 2002.

Symptoms: menstrual flow for more than a year, more than double the previous, lasting 8?
9 or 14 days, accompanied by fatigue and fatigue, lazy speech and shortness of breath.

In the past two months, my symptoms have worsened, and my period is usually 7?
At 9 days, her menstrual flow increased, her skin was dark and lumpy, and her abdomen and breasts were tender.

Observe that his complexion is obscure, his tongue is fat, his coat is white, and his veins are thin.

Gynecological examination found that the uterus was enlarged, such as more than 50 days pregnant, hard, and bilateral attachments were normal.

B-ultrasound revealed uterine fibroids, about 3 in size.
0 × 2.

1 × 1.
6 cm.

  TCM diagnosis was Qi deficiency and blood stasis, and Chinese medicine was given for 3 months.

After returning to the clinic in December 2002, her menstruation was normal, her face was rosy, and her symptoms had disappeared.

Examination revealed that the uterus had returned to normal and the fibroids had disappeared.

No recurrence was tracked in March 2003.

  How to choose a proprietary Chinese medicine □ Ye Dunmin, an associate professor of gynecology at the First Clinical Medical College of Guangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has a large number of proprietary Chinese medicines for treating uterine fibroids on the surface. How should I choose?

The following are some of the common ones: Ju Li San Jie Wan, a famous Chinese medical gynecologist Luo Yuankai’s experience prescription, the author’s hospital preparation, which has the effects of qi dispersing, softening and astringent, promoting blood circulation, and is used for uterine muscle in various situations.tumor.

  Guizhi Fuling Capsule is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine prescription for various types of uterine fibroids.

  Gongliuqing Capsules activate blood circulation, eliminate stasis, nourish serum heat, and are used for uterine fibroids with significant blood stasis.

  Dahuang Zongchong Pill has strong attacking power and is used for patients with strong uterine fibroids.

  Gongxuening capsule is used for uterine fibroids that cause abnormal uterine bleeding, and does not eliminate fibroids.

  Pingxiao Capsule has anti-tumor effect and can also be used for righting Qi. It can be used for patients with fibroids or weak constitution.

  In addition to the proprietary Chinese medicines, the traditional Chinese medicines that can be used to treat uterine fibroids are: clearing heat and detoxifying: prunella vulgaris, barberry, cat’s claw, and mountain mushroom.

  Activating blood slag: Curcuma, Salvia miltiorrhiza, Tianqi, Liu Jinu, Wang Bulu.

  Liqi Sanjie: green peel, incense stick, lychee nucleus, cinnamon stick.

  Phlegm and dehumidification: Shichangpu, Poria, Atractylodes.

  Nourishing Qi and solids: astragalus, mulberry parasitism, mulberry branch, dodder, ripening land.

  Soft and strong loose knots: raw keel, oyster, Zhejiang shellfish, seaweed, kelp.

The benefits of breastfeeding your baby

The benefits of breastfeeding your baby

Guide: The benefits of breastfeeding babies for babies are many, and the best gift for babies who have just arrived is the mother’s milk.

The mother’s milk can promote the child’s brain development, prevent children’s excess disease, prevent children’s liver disease and so on.

All in all, breast milk replacement is the protection of children’s health. At the same time, breast milk replacement is also beneficial to the mother’s health.

  Seriously, medical researchers who prevent childhood liver disease have found that artificially replaced infants are often susceptible to a “infant metabolic liver disease” that is rare but can seriously threaten their lives.

The reason is because these babies lack a protein called an antioxidant protease.

This protease is only found in breast milk, and the enzyme protein is not found in milk or milk substitutes.

At the same time, breast milk also contains a variety of anti-viral antibodies.

Therefore, breastfeeding children can effectively prevent viral hepatitis.

  Onset of the second disease, the incidence of coronary heart disease is low after the child grows up. Medical experts have found that coronary heart disease actually begins in childhood, and breast-feeding babies have a lower incidence of coronary heart disease as adults when they are breast-fed.

This is mainly due to the higher copper content in breast milk than milk or other milk substitutes.

Because the amount of copper in the human body is low, the plasma in the blood will rise, which can lead to arteriosclerosis and cause coronary heart disease over time.

Babies fed with breast milk can get enough copper, which can play a positive role in protecting their delicate cardiovascular.

  Disadvantage three, reducing the incidence of children’s allergic diseases After research, experts believe that this is because breast milk is rich in a large number of essential nutrients for babies, which can make the baby’s digestive and immune systems develop healthily, which is conducive to resisting allergic sourcesInterference, so it is not susceptible to allergic diseases.

Yoga diet, meet the vegan wind

Yoga diet, meet the “vegan” wind

瑜伽将食物分为三大类:   惰性食物   有些会使人的身体变得僵硬,催人衰老,易怒急躁的食物,就是各种肉类及其制品,如鸡肉、猪肉、牛肉、鱼类、Eggs and their products, animal internal organs.
This also includes foods that are highly irritating, such as tobacco, wine, and peppers.
Long-term consumption of these foods can cause stiffness, irritability, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, hypertension, digestive diseases, cancer, arthritis and other symptoms.
These foods are called “inert foods” in the yoga diet.
  变性食物   在瑜伽饮食中被称为”变性食物”的是各种刺激性强的调味制品,腌制食品,加工烹饪的食物,如咖啡,浓茶,巧克力,碳酸饮料等;各种烘烤食品Such as cream cakes, cookies, donuts, various instant noodles, canned food, etc. Consuming such foods can increase calories, but it is unhealthy and more detrimental to the mind. After long-term consumption, people will become slow thinking and impatient.
  Pleasant foods Foods recommended by yogis are called “preferred foods” and include a variety of cereals, beans and their products, fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, milk and dairy products.
Long-term consumption not only allows you to have a healthy body, but also purifies the mind, calms the heart, and prevents you from getting sick.
The recommended dietary principles of yoga based on the characteristics of modern people’s lives are: eat more pleasant foods, eat less transsexual foods, and avoid inert foods!
As a result, many people are worried about malnutrition and there are so many restrictions on practicing yoga that I can’t practice it.
In fact, this kind of worry is unnecessary, we don’t have to change things too deliberately when we start to practice yoga, the change will happen naturally.
Worry about malnutrition is unnecessary, and the animal protein needed by the human body can be obtained from milk.
This is why India sees cattle as gods.
  Indian Yoga’s alternative interpretation of food is somewhat mysterious.
Yoga believes that everything on our planet is closely related to the sun, especially human beings.
Without the sun, there would be no life on earth.
Yoga. The food that we humans get should be plants that are directly illuminated by the sun (plants perform light and function).
Because this is the first food to convert solar energy.
And if we eat animals, the waste left after the good nutrients are absorbed by the animals will be absorbed by us again. It is conceivable to know what it is like to eat the food left by others.
After hearing this, do you still want to eat meat?
  Fasting Method After a period of yoga practice, I believe that many people want their bodies to be cleaner. In yoga training, regular yoga fasting methods are essential.
This method can temporarily rest the digestive and excretory system, let the body detoxify itself, make the body cleaner, and strengthen the body’s immunity. It is an effective method to fight and eliminate physical diseases and self-regulate to achieve self-healing.
  The one-day “fasting” method is the easiest and safest method of fasting and is widely spread around the world.
The proof shows that it can eliminate various neuroses, such as neurasthenia, and adjust the function of the digestive system. It is a good starting method to switch from meat to vegetarian food.
After fasting, people are very sensitive to the color, texture, aroma, and taste of food. From then on, vegetarians will easily accept the digestive system without causing a burden.
You can practice fasting for a period of time. You can choose to do it on weekends. You can choose to be vegetarian on Fridays and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. On Fridays, dinners will be reduced. You will not eat staple foods for dinner.
Yoga quiet rest, listen to music, read a book, relax, not to be tired, you can meditate, meditate, drink water at normal meal times, and go to bed early.
Start dieting on Sunday morning. Breakfast should be small. Pay attention to slow meals. Do n’t eat heavy foods such as meat and high fat for lunch. Be sure to chew slowly.
It can also be conducted under the guidance of an experienced teacher, or participate in a group fasting activity.
  Fasting is good for the body and even the mind.
People no longer need to work to digest food, internal wisdom is stimulated, potential energy is awakened, and it is helpful for deep mindfulness and deep meditation.
In fact, you can take 30 minutes of solitude every day, sit down, meditate, and give yourself a time to meditate alone. You can do nothing and just relax your nerves and reduce stress.
Yoga practice for a period of time, you will feel calm and happy.
Some people will obviously feel that they do n’t want to eat meat. This is normal. Do n’t worry. The human digestive system is most suitable for vegetarian food.
It is necessary to pay attention to adjusting the dietary mix, selecting foods in a comprehensive and balanced manner, reducing the protein of meat, which can increase the intake of milk and yogurt, increase the intake of soy products, and supplement vitamin tablets and trace element tablets.
Drink plenty of water, not drinks, coffee, etc.
You can add lemon juice or lemon slices to the water, which has an anti-aging effect and balances the pH of the body.
  Yoga diet will make you young, make you healthy and energetic, and make you Yushu!

TCM conditioning female chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

TCM conditioning female chronic pelvic inflammatory disease

Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease refers to the chronic inflammation of the female genitalia and its surrounding connective tissue and pelvic peritoneum.

The main clinical manifestations are menstrual tension, excessive leucorrhea, waist and abdomen pain, and infertility. If chronic appendicitis has formed, the mass can be touched.

  Types of chronic pelvic inflammatory disease The scope of pelvic inflammatory disease mainly lies in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, and pelvic connective tissue. The common types are: 1. Salpingitis: It is the most common in pelvic inflammatory disease.

The fallopian tube mucosa and interstitial tissue are damaged by inflammation, which makes the fallopian tube thicker, fibrosis, and becomes slender or slender to make the ovary. The fallopian tube adheres to the surrounding organs, forming a hard and fixed mass.

  2. Hydrosalpinx and fallopian ovarian cysts: After the fallopian tube is inflamed, the umbrella end is stuck and locked, and the wall of the tube infiltrates the serous liquid, slipping in the lumen to form the hydrosalpinx.

After the absorption of the pus with the obvious tubal empyema, hydrosalpinx can also be formed.

If the ovary is involved at the same time, a fallopian tube ovarian cyst is formed.

  3, chronic pelvic connective tissue inflammation: inflammation spread to connective tissue near the uterus and uterine diaphragm ligament most common.

The local tissue thickened and hardened, spreading fan-shaped to the pelvic wall, and the uterus was immobilized or pulled to the affected side.

  Traditional Chinese medicine therapy for chronic pelvic inflammatory disease TCM believes that the pathogenesis of the disease includes damp-heat stasis and cold-coagulation qi stagnation.

  1. Main symptoms of damp and hot stasis pelvic inflammatory disease: often low fever, backache, abdominal pain, aggravation during menstrual period or fatigue, less chest tightness and food, dry mouth, do not want to drink, advance menstruation, with multicolor yellow turbid smell, stool or dry or thin,The tongue is red, the moss is thin and yellow and greasy.

  Treatment with heat and dampness, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis: 15 grams of dandelion, 10 grams of cork, 15 grams of houttuynia cordata, 15 grams of Poria cocos, 15 grams of mischievous grass, 10 grams of peach kernel, 8 grams of safflower, 10 grams of blood exhaustionAchyranthes m g, raw licorice 8 g, orally decoction.

Take one dose daily, 2-3 times per dose, and then use the medicine residue to fry and wash or sit in a bath.

Do not use during menstruation or pregnant women.

  2, the main symptoms of cold condensing qi stagnation pelvic inflammatory disease: abdominal pain, cold feeling, menstrual period or fatigue, exacerbated after cold, temperature decreased.

Breast pain after menstruation, after menstrual period, the amount is small, the color is purple, the band is more thin, the tongue is pale, the fur is white and greasy, and the pulse is late.

  Govern by warming and dispersing cold, qi and blood circulation: 10 grams of black medicine, 10 grams of incense, 10 grams of angelica, 10 grams of chuanxiong, 10 grams of cinnamon, 10 grams of cannon ginger, 10 grams of Wulingzhi, 6 grams of raw puhuang10 grams of red chrysanthemum, 5 grams of licorice, orally decocted in water.

Take one dose 2-3 times a day.

The final medicine residue can still be boiled in water for bathing or fumigation, but it should be washed hot. It should not be used after cooling down.

Avoid menstruation and pregnancy.

  Chronic pelvic inflammatory disease, patients with abdominal mass using traditional Chinese medicine retention enema treatment, the effect is very good, it has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing stasis, softening and solidifying, clearing heat and detoxifying or warming the palace and dispersing cold.

The method is as follows: preserve the enema recipe: red rattan, sagebrush, dandelion, osmanthus spp., Yarrow, 30 grams each, peach kernel 10 grams, safflower 10 grams, triangular ridge 10 grams, xuanhuso 10 grams, incense stick10 grams, add water to boil to 100 ml, use a 5th urinary catheter or pediatric anal canal, insert the anus more than 14 cm, and irrigate within 30 minutes, stay in bed for 30 minutes after irrigation, once a month, use 5-7The days are 1 course.

  Preparation before operation: ①Prepare a dose of traditional Chinese medicine for looml.

  ② A disposable infusion set with a small amount of paraffin oil or lubricating oil.

  ③ Drain big and urinate before enema to reduce abdominal pressure and clean the intestines.

  Operation method: Before going to bed every night, emptying large, and after urination, take the right side position, move the left side closer to the edge of the bed, connect the infusion set according to the method of intravenous infusion, discharge the gas, cut the needle off the infusion set, and apply a small amount on the endLubricating oil, slowly insert 15cm into the rectum from the anus, and slowly drip the medicinal solution.

The temperature of the medicinal solution is preferably 39 ° C to 41 ° C, the pressure should be low, and the liquid level should not exceed 30cm from the door. After the irrigation is completed, stay in bed as much as possible.

  Traditional Chinese medicine hot compress: Aconitum.

10 grams, 12 grams of wormwood leaves, 30 grams of heliotrope, 20 grams of motherwort, 8 grams of safflower, 10 grams of white peony, 10 grams of Sichuan pepper, cricket, solitary, stretch vine, osteophytes, xuanhusuo each 12 gramsResearch details.

Usage: After spraying the wet powder, put it in a gauze bag, put it in a pot and steam it for 30 minutes, apply it to the pain or the mass while it is hot, remove it after the cold, and steam it again the next day, each bagUse for 1 week.

In summer, plastic bags can be used to store medicine bags in the refrigerator to avoid deterioration.

  Acupoint injection (1) The main points of acupoints: Wei cell, Zhongji, return, Guan Yuan.

  Acupoints: Zusanli, Sanyinjiao.

  (2) Medicinal solution for treatment: placenta tissue fluid, angelica injection, vitamin B1 injection 100 mg / 2 ml plus 5 ml of physiological saline.

Each time one kind of medicinal solution is taken for injection, different medicinal solutions can be used for injection at different points.

  Choose 2 main points, 1 matching point, and 0 for each point.

5 ml of liquid medicine.

Acupuncture points can be used round.When injecting, do not insert the needle too deep, and take the Qi as the degree, and slowly push in the liquid medicine.

Daily or every other day, 6?
10 times as a course of treatment.

  Laser irradiation of acupoints (1) Main acupoints: uterus.

  Matching points: divided into 3 groups.

1. Zhongji, Qihai, Guanyuan, Shenshu, Xuehai, Zusanli, Guanyuanyu, Sanyinjiao; 2. Baji; 3. Uterus, endocrine, pelvic cavity, ovary (place auricular points).

  (2) The main acupuncture points must be taken every time. For attachment inflammation and fallopian tube embolism, add the first group of acupuncture points and irradiate a total of 4 points each time.

When the effect is not obvious, add the third group as appropriate.

  He-Ne laser treatment instrument, wavelength 6328 angstroms.

The main point plus the first group of matching points, the output power is 3?
5 mW, the uterine point is irradiated for 10 minutes, and the matched points are irradiated for 5 minutes; the main point plus the second group of matched points, the output power is 25 mW, and the total irradiation is 20 minutes each time.

The auricular point uses light-guiding fibers to directly contact the skin, the output power is 7 milliwatts, the spot diameter is 4 mm, and the area is 12.

56 square millimeters.

Choose 2 each time?
3 points, each point is irradiated for 5 minutes.

Once a day, 15 times is a course of treatment.

  Moxibustion (1) The main point of acupuncture: Qi Hai, Zhongji, return.

  Acupoints: Dachangshu, Jixu.

  (2) The main method is to treat the main points, and add points when the effect is not obvious.

Take 2 each time?
3 points.

The operation can be divided into traditional moxibustion with ginger and moxibustion.

The traditional method is: take pure Ai casting diameter 1.

5 cm, height 1.

8 cm of Ai Yi, enter 0.

4 cm thick slices of fresh ginger are lit, and each point of moxibustion is 3 strong, each strong about 6?
7 minutes.

The method of moxibustion is as follows: the meridian acupuncture device is used, the moxibustion head is fixed on the acupoint, and the acupuncture point is set to 0.

Fresh ginger slices with a thickness of 2 cm, each moxibustion takes 20 minutes, the temperature is based on the patient’s comfort.

The above statutory once a day, 10 times a course of treatment, the interval between treatments?
5 days.

About two?
Three courses.

  Body acupuncture (1) Main points for acupuncture: Guan Yuan, watercourse, Zusanli, Sanyinjiao, return, and ditch.

  Acupoints: waist acid plus Shenshu, Ciliao, Venezuela; leucorrhea and more ground machines, Yinlingquan; irregular menstruation plus Zhaohai, between the lines; abdominal distension with veins, Qihai; inflammatory masses and houses.

  (B) the main method of selecting acupuncture points 2?
3 points, add points as appropriate.

Guan acupoint needs to reach the vagina, watercourse, and return to the accessory part. The method requires light insertion and gentle twisting, combined with a small twist, to stimulate the vitality.

When the needle is stopped, the patient feels certain abdominal pains such as abdominal pain at the time of onset.

After the acupuncture points get qi, it is used for the method of leveling up and reducing diarrhea.
Needle 15?
For 20 minutes, warm needles can be added when the needles are left in the abdominal points.

During acupuncture, it is not advisable to pierce the part and the mass area directly.

Menstrual periods do not need warm needles.

Once a day or every other day, 10 times is a course of treatment.

Treatment interval 3?
5 days.

  Cupping (1) The main points of acupuncture: Guan Yuan, Shenshu, Sanyinjiao, under the seventeenth vertebra.

  Acupoints: Qi Hai, waist and eyes, large vertebra, Hachiman.

  (2) The main acupuncture points are mainly used for treatment, and the acupuncture points are added or changed when the effect is not good.
Replace 2 each time?
3 points, first massage the acupuncture points, after the surrounding veins are exposed, use a triangular needle to puncture, determine the number and depth of puncture according to the severity of the condition, and then use the fire method or cupping method 5?
10 minutes.

The amount of bleeding is as small as 3?
5 ml, up to tens of ml.

  Take the cans a little bit and suck them out by flash fire, leaving the cans at 15?
After 20 minutes, use a triangular needle (also using a skin needle) to quickly puncture ten times.

Then moxa stick moxibustion for 15 minutes.

  The method of acupuncture points is performed once a day or every other day, and the acupuncture points are alternately used, and 10 times is a course of treatment.

  Acupoint application (1) Acupoints Main points: lower abdominal pain: return, waterways, low back pain: Mingmen, Shenshu, Qi Haishu, Yaoyangguan; back pain: Guan Yuanyu, bladder shu, epicondyle, second condyle, Inflammatory mass: A is a point.

  A is acupoint location: the lesion.

  (2) Preparation of treatment method: 30 grams of artichoke ginger, 24 grams of safflower, 15 grams of cinnamon, 18 grams of white mustard seed, 18 grams of bile star, ephedra, raw Pinellia ternata, 21 grams of aconite, red lady, red budEuphorbia 3 grams each.

Use 5 jins of sesame oil to fry and slag the medicine, add 240 grams of camphor per jin of oil, 1.

5 pounds of oil plus 4 grams of musk, 30 grams of vine yellow noodles, spread into a large plaster weighing 6 grams each, a small plaster weighing 3 grams each, spare.

  When using, the selected acupoint area is washed and wiped dry, and the plaster is heated and baked to stick the acupoint. Except for Ashi, a large plaster is used, and the rest is a small plaster.

In the summer, the dressing is changed once every 12 hours, and in the winter, the dressing is changed once.

Menstrual period is interrupted, 12 times as a course of treatment.

  Dialectical diet therapy: 1. Qi stagnation and blood stasis manifestations: tingling or bloating in the lower abdomen, pain radiating to the lumbosacral region, a mass in the lower abdomen, pain in pressure, a large amount of underbelly, irregular menstruation, and dark blocks.

There are petechiae on the dark side of the tongue, thin white fur and thin pulse strings.

  Diet: ① 30 grams of hawthorn, 15 grams of bergamot, 60 grams of bitter amaranth, add water and fry, take 1 dose daily, and even take 7?
8 agents.

② 30 grams of misograss, 10 grams each of bergamot and rose, decoction.

1 dose per day, even 5 servings?
6 days.

  2, liver and kidney yin deficiency manifestations: the lower abdomen is faintly painful, with a lot of carry, the color is yellow and sticky.

With waist and knees tenderness, dizziness, or early menstruation, pale red.

The tongue is red and moss-less, and its veins are thin.

  Food therapy: ① 30 grams of habitat, the previous rice 30?
60 grams.

Wash and slice the raw ground, and cook it twice with water. Take 100ml of juice.
Cook the previous rice porridge and add the medicinal sauce when the eight are mature.

Eat porridge for several days.

② 5 pigeon eggs and 30 grams of gelatin.

First put gelatin in a bowl, put in an appropriate amount of water, and bake on a non-smoky fire.

Take it 2 times in the morning and evening. It can be taken continuously until the disease is healed.

  3, spleen and kidney yang deficiency manifestations: lower abdomen, swelling, pain, taking a lot of volume, thin.

With soft waist, cold chills, swollen face.

The tongue is pale and fat, with thin white fur and thin veins.

  Diet: ① 50 grams of leeks root, 2 eggs, 50 grams of sugar, eat the same soup, even for several days.

② 20 grams of walnut kernels, 18 grams of coriander seeds, 18 grams of lotus seeds, 60 grams of previous rice, often eat porridge.

Women’s waist care should not be ignored

Women’s waist care should not be ignored

The middle waist of a woman is both a landscape and a health sensitive area.

If you neglect it, it can easily get hurt.

When you are overtired, when you are sitting for a long time, when you are wearing low-waist pants, when you are confinement . Whether you consider the waist, you are also taking on it with us.

Health is a lifetime issue, as is the maintenance of the waist.

  Where does low back pain come from? Women’s physical and physiological characteristics, so there are more opportunities for back pain than men.

The pain of low back pain is also different, which also represents different situations.

  Kidney-yang deficiency low back pain is the most common low back pain of kidney deficiency, and it is the most common low back pain among women.

Its pain is painful, painful and weak for the whole waist.

Exhausted or worsened afterwards.

  In Chinese medicine theory, the waist is the kidney, the main reproduction and female menstruation.

The most common are low back pain caused by kidney yang deficiency, cold back pain, and weakness in the waist and knees.

Women lose too much blood each month, and at the same time shoulder pregnancy and childbirth, their kidney qi will be damaged.

Women who have had children and have repeated abortions are more likely to develop such low back pain.

  Cold and damp low back pain is mainly caused by the cold and cold of the waist. The pain is local (upper waist) pain, which is manifested as cold pain and worsening in rainy and rainy days.

  Blood stasis low back pain, local congestion caused by strain or sprained lumbar muscles, and poor blood flow are also common. This type of low back pain is also common, and the pain is manifested as local tingling and acupuncture pain.

  In this case, we must first rule out organic diseases, such as lumbar disc herniation, kidney stones, nephritis, especially computer families.

The duration of low back pain caused by organic diseases will be longer, and early stage is not distinguished from blood stasis back pain, and it should be checked.

  Back pain caused by worms such as pelvic cavity. This kind of back pain is completely different from that of men. It is a more common low back pain in women of childbearing age.

Low back pain caused by pelvic inflammatory disease and cervicitis is more common clinically.

The pain is soreness and pain at the bottom of the waist, accompanied by lower abdominal pain, and increased leucorrhea.

  Keep your waist up at 1.

Exercise your waist muscles.

Back walking, yoga, jogging, etc. can exercise the waist muscles. At the same time, you can often twist your waist and do swallow flying in bed before going to bed.

For sedentary office workers, they can do chest expansion exercises (at this time, their elbows should be flat) at intervals every day, and lean back and pull upwards.


Keep warm in all seasons.

Kidney can be damaged during menstruation and childbirth. Therefore, women should always keep warm at the waist.

For example, during confinement, wear long clothes to protect the waist to prevent back pain in confinement.


Regulate kidney yin.

If you have too much menstrual flow, often have cold back pain, and cold sexual desire, you should take care of your kidneys in time. Women should nourish kidney yin and strengthen their resistance.

Can eat more kidney foods, such as wolfberry, yam, longan, walnut.

I also often take some proprietary Chinese medicines: Liuwei Dihuang Wan.

If the yin deficiency and fire is strong, you can take Zhibai Dihuang Pills, and the kidney yang deficiency and waist pain can eat Jinkuai Shenqi pills.


Sexual intercourse, be confident.

Many people have induced abortion, which can easily cause kidney injury and inflammation.

  5. The thickness of the mattress is moderate.
There is a physiological curvature in the waist. The mattress can be appropriately enlarged, and moderate hardness can be enough to allow the lumbar muscles to fully rest.


Don’t make the heel too high.

Do not wear shoes that are too high, it is easy to increase the fatigue of the waist and prolong it for a long time.

At the same time, try to avoid wearing low-rise pants during the physiological and lactation periods.

  Gynecologist’s waist-protecting formula: The most commonly used method of waist protection for doctor Liu Chengzang, a female gynecologist, is to rub hands with fever, put them on the waist, and promote blood circulation.

In addition, often pull the parallel bars and go backwards.

Teach you to calm your anger at work

Teach you to calm your anger at work

Some Western fables: Two thirsty lions eager to reach their place to drink water at the same time.

None of the two lions would give in, and everyone wanted to drink the first sip.

The conflict escalated quickly, and the two lions finally fought.

Suddenly, the two fighting lions found that a group of coyote was surrounding them, waiting for the loser to fall.

  So the two lions suddenly realized that they stopped fighting and walked away.

  Have you ever encountered a loss of control and reason in your work?

The work area is indeed a breeding ground for anger. Think about how much time is spent in the workplace?

Think about how many colleagues, partners, and customers we encounter in our work that are different from our own assessment?

Think again about competition in the workplace, how many misunderstandings, rumors, and contradictions a partnership can lead to?

If you lose your calm at work and be controlled by anger, it may bring bad results: loss of credit, worsening relationships, increased pressure, and these are all potential enemies that kill your career.

  The source of anger In the following scenarios, you are most likely to lose control: Isolation-you are not accepted by your own group, you are angry because of this, which will greatly affect your work efficiency and emotions.

  Picky Boss-The boss is always picky, and even worse is that when you are wronged by the boss, you can’t even express it, but only cursing it in your heart will make your relationship with the boss worse.

  The mediocre boss-In the face of the mediocre boss, we will lament the unfair fate; the wrong decision of the mediocre boss will make you angry, because it is easy for you to waste energy and time.

  Not getting the promotion you deserve-In the face of this injustice, many people adopt a negative attitude, secretly get angry, or start idle work.

  Maliciously slandered by colleagues-The power of slander is very powerful. If you unfortunately become the protagonist of a certain rumor, then you will be severely hit both mentally and professionally.

  In our long career, we will always encounter the situation of “no grievances”.

Anger will be our first reaction.

So, how should we deal with our anger?

Career experts believe that letting anger flow can make you “temporary,” but the consequences may be to interrupt or delay your rising career.

However, if you go to the other extreme and think that any injustice is reasonable, and try hard to suppress yourself, accept it in the end, and even find the feeling of anger in the end, the consequence is likely to be a loss of development opportunities at work and a career in the workplace.Will face a devastating blow.

  Are you a temper tantrum?

  Selfishness and arrogance Because of selfishness and arrogance, you will feel that no one should be better than you, more recognized than you, and your opinions should not be denied by others.

Because you expect too much, in many normal situations, you will feel unfair and angry.

  Perfectionism When you are under the control of perfectionism, you will be angry all the time, because no one, including yourself, can reach the so-called perfect state.

In the end, the poor perfectionist is likely to be cynical because we do not live in a perfect world.

  Paranoia In the workplace, the most flattering colleagues are always those who are flexible and can accept the opinions of others.

People who are under the control of paranoia always argue with their bosses or co-workers on some minor issues. Not only are they angry, they are also annoying. Why is it so hard?

  The advice to professional experts who are at war with anger is: Tell yourself “this situation is bad, but I will learn how to deal with it.”

You need to learn workable solutions, and the basic principle is that instead of retaining work, control yourself and fight against anger.

  Anger is just a type of emotion. You can control it. In many cases, we are afraid that anger will control ourselves. Therefore, we mistakenly believe that dealing with anger will only kill it in this way.

As a result, the exit of anger builds up and breaks through the line of defense you have built, resulting in a decision that regrets you.

We should understand that we can be angry without having to show it.

We can make wise and correct choices even when we are angry.

  Sort out your choices Yes, you are angry and angry, but don’t forget to ask yourself: Do I still need this job?

Was the significance of this job far greater than the grievances I suffered at the time?

If the answer is yes, then calming down and believing is not too difficult.

  Let humor replace anger. After the initial anger has passed, you have calmed down.

At this time, do nothing, let yourself be treated unfairly, and the anger buried in my heart is still a little unwilling.A little humor, a “A-Q” taunt of injustice, will let your anger find a better outlet, and it will make laughter bring you better popularity.

Psychologists believe that because humor and anger cannot coexist psychologically, humor can effectively drive away anger.

Therefore, when you feel angry, you might as well quietly, and let those who are the masters grasp your wisdom and magnanimity.

  Learn to forgive When you are wronged, the last thing you want to do is to forgive those abominable creators.

However, even if they are not worth your forgiveness, once you forgive them, you can gain a psychological advantage and support from others.

When you learn to forgive, you will no longer merge your own grievances, anger and disappointment, and you will be able to get out of it quickly and stronger.

  Cry a cry from the physical defeat of anger.

The weeping cry makes the tears of anger transform.

  Psychologically-speak your anger.

Maybe talk to a friend or talk to yourself about your anger.

Of course, in the end, don’t forget to give yourself a little confidence: I will not be controlled by anger.

  Spiritually-meditation can help you.

Burning the essential oil will calm down the anger-filled heart, forget all the unpleasantness, and let go of the horn to fight with others. Now you just need to pay attention to your breathing, relax the tight strings, and relax a little.

After a few minutes, you will be calm and objective in analyzing the crux of the problem.

  Physiologically-venting anger.

You can slam against a pillow, or you can find another punching bag, such as a syringe that can be broken and you still want to drop it, which will be very happy.

However, a more economical and positive approach should be exercise and fitness.

Run for an hour and a half on a treadmill and let the anger flow away from your body with each step.

People with rhinitis and otitis media should not swim in the pool

People with rhinitis and otitis media should not swim in the pool

Patients with rhinitis entered the pool cautiously. After swimming a few days ago, Ms. Su found that she kept sneezing, running her nose, and itching in her nasal cavity. She had to go to the hospital for treatment.

The doctor pointed out that her allergic rhinitis had recurred and suggested to go to the swimming pool as little as possible.

  It is understood that in order to achieve disinfection purposes in general swimming pools, disinfectants and bleaching powders must be placed in the swimming pools. These chemicals are relatively irritating to the nasal mucosa.

During swimming, when encountering swill or water from the pool entering the nasal cavity, the secretions and bacteria in the nasal cavity will be brought into the sinuses, which may cause sinusitis.

The doctor reminded that patients with rhinitis and otitis media should not go to the swimming pool, mixed with water to stimulate the substance.

  Swimming without contact lenses Swimming can easily cause eye diseases.

Since the beginning of summer, the number of daily outpatient visits to the Wenguang Affiliated Eyesight Hospital has increased to about 2,200, most of them are eye infections caused by outdoor activities such as swimming.

The most obvious symptom of eye discomfort after swimming is congestion of the eyes, especially for people who swim with contact lenses. The movement of the lenses damages the cornea, and once the bacteria invade, it will cause eye diseases.

  Doctors recommend that you should not wear contact lenses when swimming, but you can buy goggles with a degree. During the swimming process, do not rub your eyes with your hands.

If the symptoms of redness of the eyes disappear within a few hours after swimming, there is no major obstacle, but if the symptoms do not disappear but they worsen, it will cause awareness. Do not drop eye drops without authorization, and you must go to the hospital for treatment in time.

  For sensitive skin, it is best not to go to the pool. Miss Jin’s previous experience has made her afraid to swim in the pool for a long time.

After swimming a little, a lot of small acne developed on the original white back, and even small blisters developed between the toes, which was itchy and painful.

There are many people in the swimming pool in summer, and some of them may have different degrees of skin diseases. The water in the swimming pool will infect germs to others, and also aggravate their own conditions.

  In addition, do not share storage boxes with other people in the swimming pool. Avoid using public slippers. After swimming, wash your body with clean water in time to keep your skin clean.

Towels, bath towels and other items should be brought with them, and should not be shared with others, such as skin itching and other symptoms, you should seek medical treatment in a timely manner.

  Tips: 1.

Calf cramps often occur during swimming, so warming up before swimming is indispensable; 2.

2. If your ears get into the water, you should take a deep breath, close your mouth, bulge your cheeks, tilt your head towards the ears and align with the water, pull the earlobe by hand, jump on the same leg with one leg, or use earplugs for protection;

The nose should stop the nostrils. Gently scoop out the water. Do not force the two nostrils together.