Yoga in your unexpected office

Yoga in your unexpected office

Many office workers who work at desks for many years are accustomed to writing on the side of the body, playing computers, or supporting the body with a vertical tilt of the head. The spine is unknowingly bent.

Want to stay upright?

Can be achieved every day in an office environment.

Pulian Yoga recently designed several effective yoga asanas for readers who are sitting in the office. Each movement is practiced once or twice. The time to keep the posture still is 5-8 deep breaths, which can usually be completed in 20-30 minutes.

When practicing, pay attention to slow and gentle movements, cooperate with breathing, do not be overly nervous and forcefully, try to practice on an empty stomach, inhale and exhale evenly and slowly, and it is best to persist every day and regularly.

  Seated back to back method: Sit on a chair, hold your left knee with your right hand, hold your left hand on your back or right waist joint, turn around when inhaling, stand still for 15-30 seconds, breathe naturally, and then return to exhaling.

Do this four times each.

Consciousness is focused on the abdomen.

  Note: When rotating, turn your waist, chest, neck, head, and feet. Keep your back muscles straight. Try to turn your head backwards. Look far away. It is best to look at green objects and relax your eyes.

  Sit on a chair with your legs close together and your consciousness on your abdominal breath.

First relax the upper abdomen, inhale with the nose, and expand the throat and chest with force to fill the chest, abdomen, and belly; then relax the lower jaw, exhale, and relax at the same time, the abdomen gradually goes down.

When exhaling, slowly exhale through the nose for two hours during inhalation. After exhaling, hold your breath for 1-2 seconds.

Note that the breathing of yoga has deep breathing, light breathing and quiet breathing.

Different breathing methods are used depending on the magnitude and difficulty of the action.

Absolutely what to do, adjust the breathing like this before and after training for 5 seconds each time.

After the exercise, sit comfortably in a chair with your lumbar spine straight forward, your shoulders sinking forward, and straight forward. Do not lean on the back of your chair, close your jaw slightly, close your eyes, and in your imagination the beauty you likescene.

  Bull face method: Sitting on a chair, shrinking the back muscles, right hand from top to bottom, left hand from bottom to top, back to the back, both hands hooked behind the back, try to open the rib cage, and stand still for 10 seconds.

Then reverse the direction.

The consciousness is concentrated on black hair.

  Note: Hook your hands together, pay attention to the eyes looking as far as possible when turning your head, the upper elbow joint is strongly pulled backwards.

Repeat 3 times.

  Lifting the abdomen: Standing behind the chair, holding the back of the chair with both hands, legs standing up and bending.

Close your eyes, hold your breath, hold your breath, and contract your abdomen, as if lifting the entire internal organs up, and keep this position for 1-3 seconds.

Relax your belly and inhale.

Practice 5-10 times.

Consciousness is on the lower abdomen, breathing.

  Note: Try to breathe through your nose.

  Tiger method: With your shoulders relaxed, sit on a chair, raise your index fingers with both hands, press your index fingers together, and stare at your fingertips for 10 seconds.

Move your right hand to the right, and chase the tip of your right finger with your eyes until you can’t see it, then slowly return your eyes to the front, and vice versa with your left hand.

Then put your hands down, keep your body still, and stare up for 10 seconds, then stare down for 10 seconds, interact up and down, then move your eyes to the right, down, left, and up, turn three times, and then left, down, and right, Up, turn three times.

Finally, close your eyes to stay physically relaxed.

Consciousness is concentrated on the fingertips.

  Note: When moving the eyes, do not move your head; when gazing, do not blink, inhale first and then terminate.

  For a long time at the desk, sitting on the back of the class is unknowingly tired, and correcting the improper posture caused by physical injuries over the years, yoga is a good choice.

Don’t feed your baby prematurely with adult food

Don’t feed your baby prematurely with adult food

Adult foods are usually supplemented with flavorings, which can easily make the baby develop a habit of saltiness or sweetness, and increase the risk of cardiovascular and other diseases in the future. Excessive flavors can easily make the baby develop a habit of picky eaters and partial eaters, leading toEating an unbalanced diet.

Moms are often proud to say: “My baby is only 1 year old and can eat adult food!

“Actually, adult food is not suitable for babies under 2 years old.


Safety is much lower. Many babies have n’t mastered eating skills. For example, they ca n’t chew, grind fiber inserted in vegetables, and do n’t know how to separate fishbone. Therefore, babies 24 months ago should not be allowed to eat adult food prematurely.

Insufficient nutrition is due to the inadequate preparation of food for adults, which makes it difficult for babies to absorb it. The second reason is that infants and young children are growing and developing throughout their lives. The demand for nutrition is relatively higher than that of adults, especially for protein, iron, zinc and calciumAnd multivitamin demand.

It is not good for your baby to develop a healthy eating habit. Adults often add a small amount of flavorings to their foods, which can easily make them habit of salty or sweet, and increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases in the future.The habit of picky eaters and partial eaters leads to an uneven diet.

Your baby’s taste is sensitive, and natural light food is the baby’s real food.

In summary, it is very necessary to make or buy high-quality infant foods for babies.

The Heinz Group, which has more than 130 years of professional production experience in infant food, currently produces infant nutritional rice noodles and baby bottled foods.

Among them, infant nutrition rice flour is fortified with iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin A; bottled foods include fruit puree, fruit juice, vegetable puree and meat puree in more than 20 varieties.

All products strictly comply with the production standards of baby food according to the baby, easy to digest and absorb, safe and convenient, it is the ideal complementary food for babies from 4 to 24 months.

5 Night Repair Items to Create Sleeping Beauty_1

5 Night Repair Items to Create Sleeping Beauty

Aside from the daily skincare steps necessary, do you overlook night beauty?

Looking at the maintenance in sleep, it is easy to make your skin age too much in an instant.

That’s why the beauty industry has re-introduced the concept of “time-sharing maintenance, night beauty” like never before. Let’s take a look at the latest sleeping beauty trend in the season, allowing you to maintain 8 hours more daily than others.Skin repair products, of course, you look more beautiful and younger!


me Lancome Pure Pure Night Cream RMB2580 / 50ML adds more apple extracts from Swiss Uttwiler Spatlauber, combined with beauty molecules, stimulates cell regeneration at night, and nourishes the skin continuously.

It has a tight and delicate smooth surface, with the ultimate fresh nutritional effect, so that the skin is immersed in a new feeling.

After an overnight rest, the skin will welcome the morning glow with a glowing glow.

  sisley Sisley SUPREMYA Night Repair Essence RMB 5000 / 50ml SUPREMYA Sisley Night Repair Essence is specially designed for night repair, and it reverses the process of skin’s natural natural aging during sleep.

As always, it combines the world-leading concept of “phytocosmetics”. Phyto-Complex LC12, a core formula containing 4 high-efficiency plant active ingredients, is particularly commendable. It has breakthroughly brought together 25 anti-aging functions and high-energy long-lasting effects for 12 hours.

The natural repair system for young skin was initially restarted, greatly prolonging the life span of skin cells and improving its self-repairing ability, while keeping the cells perfectly healthy until new cells are generated.

Night after night, repair the traces of years in sleep, miraculously reverse the aging of genes, improve the protection of DNA, thereby reverse the age of muscles, make the skin more compact and bright, completely young and rejuvenated.

  GUERLAIN Guerlain Nourishing Night Nourishing Night Cream RMB 1700 / 50ml Hengcai Nourishing Night Nourishing Night Cream is exposed to a pale pink luster, which stimulates the senses of the ointment texture, which can remove skin dysfunction.

Its original formula is tempting and hard to resist.

During menopause, sleep is no longer stable, disrupting the skin’s basic activities.

This skincare product is specially added with evening scent to offset the effect of disrupting the skin’s night function.

The high-density magnolia extract thus gives its full effect: it helps rebuild the skin and counteracts skin sagging.

Waking up in the morning, the skin is deeply nourished, plumped and firm, feeling incredibly tender, silky and sexy.

  DIOR’s new anti-spatial-time skin rejuvenation night-time repair essence ¥ 880 / 30ml 30 only a few drops of active essence can make the skin show long-lasting anti-wrinkle ability.

Early in the morning, fine lines instantly fade, leaving skin smooth and soothed.

The active ingredients are very effective, making the wrinkles full and smooth, and the repair effect is accurate and perfect.

Overnight, wrinkles seemed to be lifted away, and her face was young and radiant.

The amount of gel curd is extremely delicate and light, elegant and pleasant, and its dual characteristics are even more surprising: the liquid volume is so delicate, fresh and plump, yet moisturizing but light without trace.

Waking up in the morning, the skin is immersed in source of pleasure, smoother and softer.

  Kanebo LISSAGE Hydrating Collagen Beauty Kanebo is a first-line brand established for people over 30 years of age.

Abnormal sleep levels can cause you to short-lived

Abnormal sleep levels can cause you to short-lived

How much sleep do you need each day?

  Nutrition experts: Three ways to help you sleep. Eating Xinyin before bedtime improves sleep quality. A new study finds that people who sleep too much or too little have a shorter life span than those who sleep 8 hours a day.

  Finnish researchers on 2.

10,000 adults conducted a follow-up study for 22 years, and found that during the study period, people who often sleep for 7 hours or more continuously are more likely to die.

  The results of this study prove that sleep habits are related to physical health (health food) and mental health.

However, the reasons why too much or too little sleep increases the risk of death have not yet been conclusive.

They believe that the reasons may be diverse, because people who have too much or too little sleep have their own special conditions, many of which are related to disease.

For example, less sleep time may be due to the relative need for sleep, or due to insomnia or other health problems.

Similarly, the long sleep time may be due to some potential diseases in the body.

  Studies have found that men who sleep less than 7 hours are likely to die 26% more than men who sleep 7 to 8 hours, and women 21% more likely to die.

Men who sleep more than 8 hours are likely to die 24% more than men who sleep 7 to 8 hours, and women 17% more likely to die.

  Researchers point out that although there are other studies that show that sleep habits are related to poor health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease, the relationship between sleep and life is currently unclear.

How to remove blackheads and reduce pores to improve skin problems

How to remove blackheads and reduce pores to improve skin problems

Greasy skin suffers from headaches. How to get rid of blackheads and reduce pores is the most difficult thing. The correct skin care method is important. Small mistakes can also cause damage to the skin. Today I will introduce the correct methods andLittle misunderstanding.

  Methods and steps: One: Pay attention to thorough cleaning, especially the cleaning of the nose and head.

  Two: It is necessary to insist on the use of shrinkage water, even if it is impossible to make the pores smaller all of a sudden, but long-term use can still have a certain effect.

  Three: Nose head stickers can play some roles, but only temporarily relieve.

  Four: Do in-depth treatments regularly. If there are too many blackheads, it is still necessary for the beautician to design a plan to remove blackheads.

  Misunderstanding 1: Many netizens say that the method of removing blackheads with salt is effective in removing blackheads and shrinking pores.

The specific method is: take a small spoon of salt on your hand and reconcile with a few drops of water to become a thick liquid, then massage this liquid on the nose for a while, and then wash it off.

The method seems simple, but in fact the amount of water is extremely difficult to control.

If you add more water, the salt will melt away, and it has no effect; if you add less water, it will hurt when you rub it, and if the salt is not fine, it will easily scratch your skin.

  Misunderstanding 2: Blackhead derivative liquid will cause blackheads to float out, and then use an acne needle to scrape blackheads.

This method can only deal with the blackheads that have just formed. If it is a stubborn blackhead, the skin must be turned away to squeeze out the blackheads.

Not to mention us, even the so-called beauticians in beauty salons may not be able to do this technical work well.

Don’t think that the more painful this acne needle is in the bladder, the cleaner it is. Feeling pain is not normal, but the skin is suffering.

  Misunderstanding 3: Use a acne needle to squeeze the blackheads in front of the mirror, or some people just can’t see the blackheads manually and then squeeze the water.

This is a very unhygienic method because we have a lot of bacteria on our hands and can easily cause skin infections.

Moreover, it is difficult to stick out the stubborn blackheads with your fingers, and you must squeeze them with your nails, hurting the skin and even leaving marks.

Yan Shixiang also pointed out that this is absolutely necessary.

Because it is easy to rupture the hair follicles, causing blackheads to become more crazy because of the enlarged pores.

Some beauty salons take the method of “hot spraying” to open the pores, extend the blackheads, and then “cold spraying” to shrink the pores when the customer goes to the blackheads.

But in fact, pores are not as easy to open and close as we imagined, so they are equally harmful.

What about acne bullying on the head?


What about acne “bullying” on the head?

Acne is the easiest to kick your nose and face, but you never thought you would “bully” your head!
Recently, some netizens reported that they had acne on their heads, which was painful and itchy, and could not be scratched, otherwise it was more serious.
Why do annoying acne grow on my head?
In general, acne on the head is similar to acne on the face, mainly due to the following reasons: excessive oil secretion: a person’s scalp has very rich hair follicles and sebaceous glands, and the scalp will also produce oil. If the scalp is not takenThe oil control measures, if you do n’t wash your hair often, will cause excessive secretion of oil to block the hair follicles, causing small lumps like “acne” to appear on the scalp.
Especially for people with oily skin, the amount of oil on the scalp will increase accordingly.
  Endocrine disorders: Frequently staying up late to work overtime, irritable and unstable mood, and uncontrolled diet may cause endocrine disorders. Endocrine disorders are one of the important reasons for skin spots and acne.
In addition, abnormal female estrogen secretion is also a factor in acne.
  Toxin deposition in the body: Unhealthy eating habits, preference for greasy and spicy foods, and dislike of vegetables and fruits, can easily cause toxin deposition, long-term accumulation of toxins, not only acne on the face, but also acne will grow to the scalp.
  The cleaning method is not correct: incomplete cleansing or residual cleansing milk, shampoo, and conditioner may cause acne.
  In addition to the above four common causes, working in a greasy environment for a long time, such as gas stations, kitchens, and the environment, the oil in the environment easily stains the hair and scalp, causing the clogging of hair follicle holes, leading to the appearance of acne.
People with kidney yin deficiency are also more likely to develop acne.
  What should I do if I have acne on my head?
The first thing to do is to “sit on the right seat”, first identify the reason, and then take countermeasures based on the reason.
  According to the above causes of acne on the head, you can start from the following points: 1.
Wash your hair frequently.
Maintain a good attitude and work regularly.
Eat a light diet, reduce fire and detox.
Clean the face and head skin thoroughly.
  In addition to the above general guidelines, you can also try food therapy to help relieve acne: 1, eat more foods rich in vitamins A and B.
Examples include carrots, chives, amaranth, spinach, and animal livers.
  2. Eat more foods rich in zinc, including lean meat, sea cucumber, sea fish, and eggs, because Xin can control the secretion of sebaceous glands and reduce cell shedding and keratinization.
  3. Consumption of cool and heat-removing foods in a targeted manner.
Such foods include lean pork, pork lung, rabbit meat, duck blood, mushrooms, celery and so on.

Isolation of H1N1 should not be ignored

Isolation of H1N1 should not be ignored

With the advent of winter in the northern hemisphere, the temperature has dropped, and the H1N1 flu has a raging trend.

Although the case fatality rate is not high, the rate of infection is fast, and the treatment cycle is not short. It is also a major test for the physical and psychological quality of patients.

Recently, a suspected influenza A patient in Dongguan chose to jump off the building because he could not stand the pain caused by isolation.

This is the first initial report of jumping off the building due to suspicion of a suspect.

After reporting this news, I will focus on analyzing how to do a good job of psychological relief for public panic when major infectious diseases come.

  News summary: Suspected Alice in Dongguan jumped out of the dormitory building in isolation On the afternoon of October 23, an 18-year-old male worker suspected of Influenza A who was isolated for four or five days suddenly jumped out of the isolated dormitory on the sixth floor and died on the spot.
An officer of the Dongguan Public Security Bureau has gone to Hong Kong Towada Electronics Co., Ltd. in Zhangmutou Town, Dongguan to investigate the cause of the employee’s death.

The Zhangmutou town government confirmed that dozens of employees at the plant were isolated for fever.

  According to a person familiar with the matter, when he passed by the Towada Electronics Factory, he saw with his own eyes that the deceased jumped off a window on the 6th floor and fell to the scene.

According to an employee of Towada Electronics Factory, the deceased was his colleague, a native of Henan, 18 years old.

A worker who claimed to be a fellow of the man who jumped off the building said that he usually had more contact with the deceased and found no mental abnormality.

“He used to play very much, and it was probably boring in it. He couldn’t figure it out for a while, which caused a suicide.”

  A security guard at Towada Electronics Factory said that dozens of employees in the factory were isolated from the fever, and the deceased was one of them.

However, the cause of the death of the deceased was unknown to the factory.

It is said that relevant officials of Zhangmutou Township were competent, and the cause of death of the falling employees was still under investigation due to a series of processes including autopsy and on-site trace investigation.

  Improper handling of major infectious diseases will cause public panic. Every time a major infectious disease comes out, it will cause the public a different degree of panic, and this panic is extremely unfavorable to humans to overcome the disease.

  Black Death, one of the worst plagues in human history, caused approximately 75 million deaths worldwide, of which 25 million were Europeans, and about half of the European population died in the Middle Ages.

Historians say that the reason for such a high mortality rate was the rapid spread of the Black Death, and the medical conditions at that time were limited; unless it was possible that the Black Death was not infected at all, seeing the people around him dying and dying in fear.

In 2003 with atypical pneumonia, many people with other diseases realized that the disease spread quickly, causing panic, which reduced the immunity. When SARS really struck, the psychological defense line completely collapsed.

  Look again at the post-90s suspected cases of influenza A. After being isolated in the dormitory for many days, he “was dull in it and couldn’t figure it out for a while, which caused a suicide”.

  It can be grinded that after isolating the hot employees, Hong Kong Towada Electronics Co., Ltd. may not have done more important psychological comfort work, or may have not prevented the psychological intervention that may cause them to suppress or fear, thus causing the tragedy of post-90s employees jumping.

For the deceased, his psychological quality is relatively fragile, and it is suppressed just because of suspicion of isolation. If he really suffers from influenza A, he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

  At present, the world is in a critical period of economic recovery and combating A-stream, and the public and medical workers are reminded to do a good job of psychological comfort when doing isolation work for A-stage (suspected) patients.When you are worried about symptoms, you should seek help from a professional counsellor as soon as possible.

The best time to eat three meals a day

The best time to eat three meals a day

After entering modern society, we work more and more hours.

There wasn’t even time to eat, so I could only use a few packets of instant noodles to deal with the problem.

You see, the meals are irregular.

Can cause a variety of diseases.

You must eat and live regularly to ensure your health.

So what is the best time for three meals a day?

Let’s take a look below.

  What time is it for three meals a day?

The best time to eat three meals a day!

  1. Breakfast, time should be from 6:30 to 8:30. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the first meal.

I spent one night on metabolism, loss of various energy, and consumption of body fluids.

Our energy is almost exhausted, so breakfast is a must.

Eat more protein-specific foods in the morning, certain eggs, milk, and more.

To absorb some moderate aunt.

But not too much to prevent getting fat.

  Although the breakfast should be rich, but not too much energy, refuse to eat foods with high concentration and high fat in the morning.

May affect our day work and study.

  2, lunch, the best time is from 11:30 to 1:30, it is very important.

It’s a succession meal.

After a busy morning of work, the energy for breakfast was almost exhausted.

And for us, we have to continue working in the afternoon.

And the workload may be scaled, which requires our lunch to be full and eat well, and to be vegetarian.

You can eat some food with transition.

Staple food is a must, but less vegetarian.

For partners who want to lose weight, eat more vegetables for lunch.

  3, dinner, eating time is generally from 6:00 to 8:00 after a day of rest, our bodies are very tired, so we need to eat some low-dose food, so as not to cause excess energy, but also rest at night, before the next mealIt’s a long time, about 12 hours.

Therefore, dinner is suitable for eating something that is full, as long as you feel full.

However, supper must be eaten. You cannot eat dinner because you want to lose weight.

  Have a good breakfast, a full lunch, and a small dinner.

For the meaning of this sentence, eat some high-quality food for breakfast and be nutritious.

But eat a balanced diet.

Such as milk bread, eggs and the like.

It’s best to have some soy products.

If there are nuts, it is better to eat a little in the morning.

  Have to eat full lunch, not picky eaters, eat all kinds of food.

Eat more staple foods and meals, and be sure to have plenty of variety.

  Eat less for dinner. Don’t starve yourself, but don’t overeat.

Eat less oil and less high-conversion foods.For example, vegetables.

As long as we have three meals, our body will be healthy.

Vegetables suitable for health in autumn

Vegetables suitable for health in autumn

Autumn is the best time for health.

Vegetables not only maintain health, but also help treat some diseases.

So, of the seasonal vegetables, which are suitable for health?

  Dark green vegetables eat a pound every day and dry in autumn, so eat more green leafy vegetables, because high vitamin content, eat more is good.

An adult must eat at least a pound of vegetables a day.

Dark vegetables such as spinach, greens, celery, artemisia, amaranth, carrots, and carrots are the same as brown-red vegetables. They have more vitamins and higher carotene.

  White vegetables can nourish yin and shengjin, such as radish, cauliflower, lily, yam, etc.

In summer, the fluid loss is serious. After autumn, you should eat more vegetables that nourish yin and health.

And white vegetables are generally more concentrated.

  Eggplant is not conducive to spleen and stomach health in autumn.

Chinese medicine pays attention to the unity of heaven and man. In autumn, the human body must first raise the spleen and stomach to prepare for winter.

Autumn eggplants are smooth, and the spleen and stomach should not be eaten.

And eating pumpkin is good for the spleen and stomach.

  The east is the king of oriental vegetables. You can eat lotus root in the fall. The lotus root is the king of oriental vegetables. It becomes a polyphenol, which can improve immunity and anti-aging.

In addition, after processing the loquat until it is ripe, its properties change from cold to warm. Although it loses its ability to remove plasma and heat, it has turned into a beneficial effect on the spleen and stomach.

  Long-term pickled snow vegetables help digestion cool, the pickled kimchi is not easy to break, you can also eat more.

Most people think that pickled vegetables have high nitrite content and are easy to cause cancer. In fact, this view is not entirely correct.

  Short-term pickled vegetables have a particularly high nitrite content, but after pickling for one second or two, the nitrite volatilizes almost. Only rich lactic acid bacteria remain in the vegetables and kimchi. The lactic acid bacteria help digestion.

Therefore, people will feel that kimchi and kimchi are especially cooked.

How does workplace intelligence win recognition from your boss?

How does workplace intelligence win recognition from your boss?

The most important resource in human resources is the “people” inherent in the enterprise. Among these many different “people”, your boss plays an extremely important role in your daily work.”First resource”.

So how do you win your boss?

It will be a key point in the work.

Personality determines style!

Cooperation with like-minded people goes smoothly, otherwise difficulties will inevitably arise.

As far as style is concerned, it can be roughly divided into the following multiple styles.

  First, the result type.

  The result-oriented boss’s personality is mostly “strength-type”, and should be “tiger-type” in terms of workplace characteristics.

  How to win a result-based boss?

1. Work pragmatically.

The result-oriented boss, because his character is strength-based and mostly acute, therefore, he does not need to have too many “fancy tricks” in his work. What he appreciates is that he hits the key points with one stroke.

Too much pavement will make him feel annoying, fast, precise, and accurate, but will get his approval.

2. Highlight the results.

The focus of results-based supervisors is on the focus and results of objects.

Therefore, in the process of solving the problem, the focus of the problem must be highlighted, and a simple and clear copy of the various results and effects that can be achieved by various programs.

3, not a game.

“Busy” is a major feature of a fruitful boss.

Therefore, don’t expect your supervisor to wait for your appointment in the office. If you can find it, communicate. Remember that for key issues, your supervisor must sign your records to avoid not recognizing your account in the future.

  Second, the details.

  The details of the boss type are mostly “perfect”, as far as the characteristics of the workplace should be “owl type”.

  How to win a detailed boss?

1, pretty good.

Due to the pursuit of perfection, the detail boss usually asks for work as “artwork”.

Therefore, work must be systematic and procedural. It seems that everything is undistorted, especially not to disrupt the boss’s work plan and his own work rhythm.

2. Pay attention to details.

Detail bosses pay more attention to details when they look at things.

So fine, comprehensive written communication is a great way.

In a reasonable report, the primary and secondary goals are divided in detail, the resources required to complete each goal, the feasible plan, the expected effect, and the quality of your work will be recognized.

3. Think before you act.

The detail boss’s style of doing things is “good thinking”.

Therefore, when dealing with problems, the most important thing is to think more, not to act more. Remember not to act lightly, otherwise you will be left with the impression of courage.

  Third, opportunistic.

  Opportunistic bosses are mostly “lively” and should be “peacock” in terms of workplace characteristics.

  How to win an opportunity boss?

1. Flexible.

Opportunistic bosses are lively, quick-thinking, and often come up with new ideas. They are also adventurous, so decisions are often temporary.

That is to say, first of all, you must keep up with the beat of your boss, and secondly you must be prepared to cope with temporary changes.

2. Multidimensional thinking.Opportunistic bosses have strong creativity in themselves; therefore, they prefer innovation at work. Therefore, you must think about problems in multiple dimensions and be good at using your imagination, so that your boss will think you can be created.

3. Push more and pull less.

Because of personality characteristics, opportunistic bosses are very face-loving, so they must be justified in work and allow their own feelings to be their own ideas, so they have more motivating functions and less traction.The boss’s limelight will bring trouble to previous work.

  Fourth, integrated.

  The integrated boss’s personality is mostly “peaceful”, and in terms of workplace characteristics, it should be “chameleon”.

  How to win an integrated boss?

1. Be fully prepared.

Integrated bosses are more integrated and like to listen to various rumors in the organization.

Therefore, when faced with problems at work, you must be fully prepared, the subdivided problems must be accurate, and the results are expected to be reasonable, and you must not leave the impression of being rash and inexperienced.

2. Build relationships.

The integrated boss attaches great importance to interpersonal relationships, so establishing a good relationship in advance can establish a good foundation for subsequent consensus on work.

3. Patience and endurance.

Integrated bosses are sensitive in character and easy to compromise, so give sufficient time to any problem, don’t rush to achieve success, you must have patience and endurance.

  As far as the position is concerned, the human resources position is a multi-communication and multi-coordinated position. HR needs to be integrated in the work, bringing multiple resources and strength.

The author believes that the first “Dongfeng” in the workplace is to win the support and assistance of superiors.

HR used “Dongfeng” to break “Wanlang”!