Women’s Diet Collection Dark Vegetable Anti-aging

Women’s Diet Collection Dark Vegetable Anti-aging

The first thing a woman feels is that she is weak and gentle. Of course, women are always vulnerable, and they always seem to be favored by some diseases: anemia, aging, osteoporosis, etc. Of course, you want physical health, then all aspectsYou also need to pay attention to exercise, habits, etc., and the diet has an important place, so here comes a female friend to provide a healthy diet book.

  Dark vegetables delay the aging of old vegetables. There is a rule of color from dark to light. Generally speaking, the nutritional value of dark vegetables is higher than that of light vegetables.

Purple vegetables are second only to black foods and contain a very, very substantial substance, anthocyanins.

Anthocyanins have a strong antioxidant capacity, which can help the body prevent hypertension, slow down liver function aging, and also relieve eye fatigue. It is recommended that those who use it often consume more.

Among purple foods, blueberries have the highest anthocyanin content, followed by purple carrots and purple grapes.

  Soy supplementation with estrogen after menopause may be a difficult process for every woman.

The chief obstetrician and gynecologist believes that the diet of postmenopausal women should also be more thoughtful.

In addition to the daily calcium supplements that are known for two bags of milk, soy products such as soy can not be ignored.

This is because soy is rich in high-quality proteins, essential fatty acids, B vitamins, and fiber supplements, and contains phospholipids, low molecular weight, and various phytochemicals such as isoflavones and phytosterols.

  Experts from Memorial Sloan Katherine Cancer Center in the United States said that the effect of soybean on women’s health is mainly due to the soy isoflavones contained in it, which are similar to estrogen in structure and activity.

For women, it has multiple defects: it can delay cell aging, protect fragile breasts, keep skin elastic, reduce bone loss, promote osteogenesis, lower blood lipids, and reduce the symptoms of women’s menopause syndrome.

  The Chinese Nutrition Association recommends eating soy and its products in moderation, and each person should consume 30-50 grams of soybeans or a considerable amount of soy products per day.

  Citrus Skin Care Some people think of the skin as the second face of a woman, and no woman does not want to have smooth, fair skin.

He Jiguo said that anti-oxidant ingredients can remove free radicals in the body and have a certain effect on delaying skin aging.

Vitamin C foods are an important secret for healthy skin.

Citrus, jujube, strawberry, kiwi, lychee, orange, grape, kale and other fruits, kale, pakchoi, cauliflower, turnip, broccoli, coriander and other vegetables are all sources of vitamin C and other antioxidants.

  Lean meat to prevent anemia Many women firmly adhere to “vegetarianism” in order to stay fit, regardless of lean meat and fat.

In fact, women should pay special attention to meat supplements.

During the menstrual period, women’s unique physiological phenomenon will lead to iron loss, which makes women more prone to anemia.

Iron is an important “depot” for storing hemoglobin in the blood.

  A study by the US Federal State University has shown that women’s ability to think and memory will decrease if there is a slight iron deficiency in women.

Therefore, women’s diet should pay attention to iron supplementation. Eating 50 grams to 100 grams of lean meat every day can not only obtain high-quality protein, but also add rich iron to prevent anemia to a certain extent.

  Foods with high iron content also include animal liver, egg yolk, spinach, red dates, black fungus, etc., which can be matched with vitamin C foods to increase the digestion and absorption of plant iron in intake.

  Compared to men, mushrooms are more likely to be entangled by liver and gallbladder diseases such as gallstones. Therefore, women should pay attention to foods that are beneficial to liver and gallbladder.

Mushrooms have been classified as top quality since ancient times. They are high in protein and low in impurities. At the same time, regular consumption of fiber, plant cellulose and other nutrients can promote the absorption of other nutrients.

  The United Nations has proposed that the best dietary structure for human beings is “one mushroom, one vegetarian and one mushroom”. This mushroom is a mushroom. It is known as “vegetable meat”. The trace elements contained in 100 grams of mushrooms can satisfy the human body for 24 hours.The content of phosphorus is similar to that of fish, and the content of iron is extremely high.

Vegetables and miscellaneous grains are also beneficial for bile and lipid reduction.

  How detoxification of black fungus removes toxins from the body is also a major problem for countless women.

The colloid contained in black fungus has a very strong adsorption effect. It can put the residue in the human digestive system as an impurity. After adsorption, it is concentrated and discharged out of the body.”One, regular consumption can defecate and lower blood pressure.

It is recommended to eat at least once a month.

  In addition to black fungus, foods that have detoxification effects include pig blood, sweet potatoes, water spinach, ginger, lentils, celery, and vinegar.

Such as military dust workers, farmers, often consume pig blood, which is conducive to lifting dust and metal particles to the body.

Northern Yangsha moth, you can eat more blood tofu dishes, such as duck blood soup.

  Brassica improves memory at Harvard Medical School at 1.

A 25-year study of 30,000 women found that those who eat a lot of vegetables, especially cruciferous vegetables and leafy greens, lose memory more slowly as they age.

  Another study showed that with each additional implantation of cruciferous vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and potatoes, the risk of coronary heart disease in women was reduced by 24%, 30%, and 22%, respectively.

The word cauliflower mainly includes pakchoi, cabbage, cabbage, seaweed, red cabbage, etc .; cabbage cauliflower, kale, broccoli, bulbous cabbage, etc .; mustard leaf mustard, stem mustard (head cabbage)), Root mustard (rutabaga), mustard, etc .; and aquatic vegetables.

TCM health beauty skin care teaches you how to remove blackheads

TCM health beauty skin care teaches you how to remove blackheads

Many people do not know much about acne, and the process of removing acne is always very slow.

MM always wonders how to remove blackheads?

Today we will learn about TCM Cosmetology and go for blackhead small recipes!

  First, good living habits usually develop good living habits, pay attention to the hygiene of the face and hands, wash your face with warm water, avoid using alkaline soaps, not oily and irritating cosmetics, so as not to further plug the hair follicles,Makes acne worse.

Do not squeeze, pinch, pinch, etc. with your hands to make the inflammatory bacteria develop deeper.

Many people do not know much about acne, and the process of removing acne is always very slow.
MM always wonders how to remove blackheads?
Today we will learn about TCM Cosmetology and go for blackhead small recipes!
  First, good living habits usually develop good living habits, pay attention to the hygiene of the face and hands, wash your face with warm water, avoid using alkaline soaps, not oily and irritating cosmetics, so as not to further plug the hair follicles,Makes acne worse.
Do not squeeze, pinch, pinch, etc. with your hands to make the inflammatory bacteria develop deeper.

  In case of acne, you should go to the dermatology department of the hospital in time, follow the doctor’s advice, take the medicine seriously, and insist on it.

A sufficient course of treatment can be effective. Do not buy drugs yourself. You must not use external drugs containing hormones to avoid exacerbations.

It is best not to abuse cosmetics, and pay more attention to hygiene rules at work. Do n’t use heavy makeup and bright makeup. Light makeup is more natural and more suitable.

  Second, reasonable skin care, use of skin care products to control oil secretion and moisturizing.

  Third, it is important to pay attention to the reasonable allocation of diet. You can start with “three more and two less.”

  1. Multivitamin Vitamin A has a regeneration effect on the skin. Foods containing vitamin A include carrots, spinach, lettuce, apricots, mango, animal liver, cod liver oil, etc.

Green leafy vegetables and fish are rich in vitamins B2 and B6, which can be involved in metabolizing proteins, as well as promoting slight metabolism and calming acne.

Vitamin C can effectively repair tissues damaged by acne, which can be absorbed by eating fresh fruits and vegetables.

Not to mention the beauty of vitamin E.

  2. Multi-fiber fiber Crude fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, speed up metabolism, and make excess fat excrete from the body.

Such foods include whole wheat bread, soybeans, bamboo shoots and so on.

  3, more zinc Zinc can increase skin resistance and promote wound healing.

There are many zinc-containing foods, such as corn, lentils, soybeans, radishes, mushrooms, nuts, liver, scallops, etc.

  4, less fat and thick taste: such as animal oils, sesame, peanuts, egg yolk and other fat-rich foods.

  5, less spicy fishy: spicy food is easy to stimulate nerves and blood vessels, causing recurrence of acne.

Xenopus is prone to allergic reactions and worsens acne-prone skin.

  Fourth, ensure adequate sleep, avoid emotional tension and tension, maintain an optimistic and happy mood, combine work and rest, and maintain smooth stool.

Recommended baby growth games for the 25th to 30th month

Recommended baby growth games for the 25th to 30th month

2 years old is a turning point in psychological and language development, and it is also a critical stage.

Babies in this period have basically become a variety of psychological characteristics of adults.

Imagination has developed.

For example, he held a dripping towel and said that it was raining, which was guided by the action to create a new image.

However, the purpose of the child’s imagination at this time is not clear. For some, he is drawing, but he may not know that he wants to paint something.

At this time, you can guide him with words: “It’s good, the baby has drawn a child.

“When he listened, he felt that he was painting children.

You can also provide him with different toys and participate in his games to enrich the plot.

For example, throwing an airplane to play, at first he may only be satisfied with the action of throwing, if you prompt him “the plane has flown to Beijing, the plane has landed”, he will have a happier time.

  Oral language has developed rapidly.

You should always take your child to the park to play, admire flowers, birds, fish and insects, feel the changes of the four seasons, and talk to your children in specific situations.

You can often read him rhymes and tell alternative stories.

These are all good ways to improve your child’s language skills.

  At this time, the baby is gradually becoming independent, but at the same time, it needs special caress from parents.

If you don’t play with him, he will feel left out and will intentionally interrupt his parents’ personality.

Sometimes he coquettishly with his mother, and some hug her tightly, expressing her love for her mother and hoping to get love from her mother.

  Children want to play with their friends, but they will not cooperate with others.

Moreover, he often snatches other people’s toys without saying hello, so the conflict is gradual.

  Model baby: Chen Yan girl, 2 years and 1 month.

  Height: 94 cm; weight 13 kg.

  Yanyan will now dress herself, wear shoes, go to the bathroom, wash her face and brush her teeth, and put the changed clothes in the washing machine.

She will help us with some housework. Sometimes she wipes the table like an adult and says, “Mom, I cleaned the table and we should eat.

“After eating, she will wipe the floor and say,” Mom, let me wipe it, you can sit down. ”

“Sometimes she combed her hair and wiped her feet.

When she saw me playing with her, she bravely said to her, “Big ghost, don’t bite my mother, come and bit me!

“Happy mother: The immature figure and sweet voice of Yan Huaying’s daughter brought tremendous joy to our family and made me happy, proud and happy as a mother.”

We bring our daughters to grow up healthily in happiness and experience love and be loved in growth.

May our little angels bring happiness to everyone, know how to pursue, understand life, and fly freely in their ideal sky.

  1I say you do you say some words that show actions or expressions and let the baby do the actions.

For example, you say “comb your hair”, “fly a plane”, “laugh”, “cry”, “run”, “jump”, “sing” and let your baby make corresponding actions or expressions.

You can also make actions or expressions to let your baby say the corresponding phrase.

This game allows your baby to better understand language and express it with physical movements.

  2Speak quietly Put your index finger on your lips, “Shh-let’s talk quietly.

“Then you point your mouth at your baby’s ear and whisper a secret to him.

Then ask your baby to tell you a “secret” in this special way.

You can deliberately say, “Mom’s ears are so itchy, like a little bug crawling.

“This will make the baby feel novel.

This game can increase your baby’s interest in learning languages, and also exercise his ability to pay attention to listening to others.   3 Retelling Sentences You say some simple sentences and let your baby repeat them.

Such as “the sun is out”, “the kitten is asleep”, “the car is coming” and so on.

As your baby’s language skills improve, you can gradually increase the score of the sentence.

This game helps to improve your baby’s speaking skills.

  4Identify items When you take your baby to the mall, supermarket, or park, you can let your baby identify something.

Especially when you encounter items that your baby hasn’t seen before, you can teach him to recognize them and talk about them.

It’s best to enlighten him with questions: “What’s this?

“But be careful not to recognize too much at once.

Children are often interested in new things, so they remember to recover and stay firmer.

Yoga Slimming Classic 6 Types _1

Yoga Slim Classic 6

Here are 6 classic moves of yoga, usually practiced on the floor at home, can help you eliminate stress, maintain a calm heart, make you more flexible, better balanced, while maintaining the secret weapon of weight loss.


Put your feet together in a tree pose, starting with a mountain pose, with your toes fully open and extended; use your front thigh muscles to drive the muscles near your knees.

Straighten your spine and raise your chest and back.

Put your hands together in a prayer position, with your thumbs close to your body and your elbows bent close to your body.

Now lift your left foot tightly against your right leg (you can use your hand to help if necessary), keep your balance, and keep your right leg upright.

Hold for 5 breaths.

If you have poor weight and softness, you can place your left foot on the lower leg or joint.

  You feel like a tree, rooted on the earth, breathing deeply.


The crescent starts in a tree pose, taking a big step backward with the left foot, lifting the heel and straightening the legs.

Bend your right leg and knee in a straight line.

Lift your arms up and close your hands.

Press down on the grit and back.

Hold for 5 breaths.

  If you don’t think yoga is a real exercise, then try this exercise!

Your thigh will tell you how it feels.


Starting from a crescent, Samurai II laid his left foot flat, turned his toes 30 degrees, his legs were still straight, and his back turned 90 degrees.

Keep your right heel and left instep in a line, and keep it at 90 degrees. Stomp, relax your body and your pedaling, center it, stretch it all the way, stand at the same height with your shoulders, and lower your palms.

Stretch your fingertips as if you are touching the wall.

Eyes focus on the middle finger of the right hand.

Hold for 5 breaths.

  The name says it all, you are a very powerful samurai.


The T-shape starts with the Samurai II position, with your hands on the top, your upper body leaning straight forward, raising your left foot, looking for balance, then your upper body is completely forward, lifting your left leg until your body is parallel to the left leg.

Bend your left leg fully, from your hips to your toes.

Keep your chest straight and face up toward the floor.

Straighten your body with your palms facing inward.

Hold for 5 breaths.
If this is too difficult for you, you can put your legs on a chair in the beginning.

  This is a very challenging change, and you will slowly realize that you are now omnipotent.


The half moon starts in a T shape.

The right fingertip touches the floor (if you can’t touch the floor, you can pad some items such as books, etc.).

Transfer weight to right hand and right leg.

With your left foot off the floor, rotate the bench on the left, with the back and left legs parallel to the ground.

For better balance, look up.

Hold for 5 breaths.At the end, turn the torso and tibia forward to return to the mountain posture.

  The half moon teaches you to calm down.

Start doing it now to consolidate other moves.


The triangle starts with the mountain posture, with your right foot stepping backwards; turn your foot right and the outside of your leg at 90 degrees, and your left foot forward.

With your legs at the center, turn your back forward.

The right heel is aligned with the left instep.

Raise your arms and palms down.

Straighten your legs (if you can’t, you can bend the implant 90 degrees), and stretch your trunk and arms.


Place your other hand on a bone, ankle, or floor.

Keep your left and right arms in a straight line.

Look up.
Hold for 5 breaths.

Return to the original position and start on the other side.

Recommend three medicinal recipes for nourishing the stomach and spleen

Recommend three medicinal recipes for nourishing the stomach and spleen

The double test of summer barbecue and beer, people began to focus on nourishing the stomach and strengthening the spleen!

So what does the spleen and stomach eat?

What are the medicinal recipes for strengthening the spleen and stomach?

Want to know?

Follow here now to find out.

  Spleen and stomach medicine medicinal recipe Red ginseng stewed stewed beef tendon red ginseng, Yunling 8g, Atractylodes 3g, beef tendon 150g, ginger amount.

Wash and slice the beef tendon, put it into the stew pot with the washed herbs, add 300 ml of water, and simmer for 2 hours.

  Nutritional analysis: Red ginseng tastes slightly bitter and flat, can nourish vitality, nourish the spleen and lungs, rejuvenate and soothe the nerves, and can be used for any deficiency of qi, blood and fluid.

Yunling taste is light and flat, spleen and water, and calms down.

Atractylodes is sweet and slightly bitter, warm in nature, spleen and dampness, water, and calm.

Cattle-bone flat and sweet, can replenish Zhongqi and qi. Applicable people: those who suffer from epigastric pain caused by weak spleen and stomach, diarrhea due to abdominal pain, loss of appetite; those who are weak and malnourished.

  100 grams of stewed chicken feet with lentils and rice, 10 grams of lentils, 10 grams of barley kernels, 6 grams of Yunling, and 1 slice of ginger.

Remove the chicken feet and wash them with flying water, then put them into the stew pot with the washed herbs, add 300 ml of water, and simmer for 2 hours before seasoning.

  Nutritional analysis: lentils are sweet and warm, nourishing the spleen but not greasy, warm and not dry; barley is light and flat, and the effect of strong bones is chicken feet.

  Applicable people: It is better to see stool and diarrhea due to inflammation caused by spleen deficiency and dampness.

  Red ginseng Dendrobium bamboo silk chicken 3g, Dendrobium 3g, bamboo silk chicken 150g, ginger slices amount.

Wash the bamboo shredded chicken and cut into pieces, then put them into the stew pot with the washed herbs, add 300 ml of water, and simmer for 2 hours in Wuhuo.

  Nutritional analysis: Red ginseng can replenish vitality, nourish the spleen and lungs, and rejuvenate.

Dendrobium is sweet and flat, nourishing stomach yin, nourishing fluid, nourishing kidney yin, nourishing the lungs, nourishing the spleen and removing deficiency heat.

Black chickens treat dysfunction, thirst, slippery, inferior, collapse, and inferior symptoms.

  Applicable people: People who are both deficient in qi and yin are tired when seeing God, exhausted and annoyed, dry mouth, insomnia, dreams, and insomnia.

Couple fitness method before bedtime

Couple fitness method before bedtime

Brief content: The arm socket contains abundant blood vessels, nerves, and lymph nodes. If others touch it with their hands, the touched person will laugh. It is called “arm socket exercise” by experts.

When one party is not paying attention, touch the arm socket to make a laugh, or touch the arm socket frequently and gently to keep the mouth open.

  TCM health care providers point out that the back, spine, bones, and abdomen are important health zones for the human body.

Strengthening the health care of these parts can promote blood flow, regulate the breath, and nourish the organs of the whole body.

Especially for couples before bedtime care, the operation is simpler, the effect is obvious, and the purpose of fitness is easily achieved.

  Push back: One side lies on the bed without pillows, the head is on one side, and the upper limbs relax.

The other is standing beside the bed, facing the prone’s head, pulling the small bows with both legs, stretching both hands with five fingers, laying side by side on the prone’s back (note that the palm is close to the abdomen).Act on the forearm and palm, with moderate strength, and push forward, so that the hip skin muscles quickly move forward with the palm, from top to bottom, to the waist.

Push it about 10 times, and then let the prone person tilt his head to the other side, and push it about 10 times as before.

Then, the operator fists with his right hand, rubs his back with his wrists, the strength is moderate, he punches several times from top to bottom, and can stop.

Modern medicine has confirmed that there are a large number of “strong fighting” immune cells under the skin of the back end of the human body. By pushing back, these immune cells can be activated to achieve the purpose of clearing the meridians, smoothing blood, reconciling viscera, and relieving cold and pain.

  Spine pinch: One side is lying on the bed, exposing the entire back.

On the other side, two fingers on both sides of the spine, using the index finger and thumb of both hands to start the tail bone, gently pinch the skin, and then slowly pinch the skin forward until it reaches the highest vertebrae under the neck.Times, pinching 4-6 times from bottom to top, counted as 1 time.

On the second or third pass, the skin must be lifted upwards every 3 pinches. If properly raised, you can hear a slight sound at the second to fifth lumbar spine.

Finally, use your hands and thumbs on the Shenshu acupoints on both sides of the waist (4.5 cm apart between the second and third lumbar spinous processes) for a while, once a night.

Long-term adherence can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve appetite, ruddy complexion, and cause the development of diabetic malnutrition.

  Tactile arm: The arm socket contains abundant blood vessels, nerves, and lymph nodes. If someone touches it with their hands, the touched person will laugh. It is called “sleeve movement” by experts. It is more feasible for couples to do this exercise.

When one party is not paying attention, touch the arm socket to make a laugh, or touch the arm socket frequently and gently to keep the mouth open.

There are at least two points to its mystery. One is to stimulate the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes here, which can accelerate the circulation of nerve fluids, thereby driving other organs in the body to obtain more oxygen and nutrients.

  The second is to laugh with your arms.

Laughing can drive all organs of the body to exercise, the secretion of healthy hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine, improve the body’s resistance, and prevent the occurrence of many diseases, especially the brain, heart, and lungs.

  Abdominal abdomen: This one can be operated by two people, and also self-care.

Lie on your bed before bedtime, rub your hands warm, your hands around the umbilical abdomen, and rub the abdomen around the umbilical clockwise dozens of times, paying attention to moderate strength.

Then use the navel as the center, and then rub the belly dozens of times in a counterclockwise direction.

Modern medicine has confirmed that adherence to stomach-abdomen can promote the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, improve the rehabilitation function, be beneficial to the peristalsis of the intestines and the secretion of digestive juices, and be conducive to the absorption and digestion of the stomach.

In addition, the abdomen can stimulate peripheral nerves, promote body metabolism, can prevent and reduce the formation of abdominal abnormalities, accumulation, and is a recipe for weight loss.

TCM Syndrome Analysis

TCM Syndrome Analysis

Yellow greasy moss: The tongue is yellow and sticky with moss, and the particles are tightly sticky. Add yellow powder to coat the tongue.

  Main diseases and related research: Yellow greasy moss is formed by the intersection of evil heat and phlegm saliva.

Yellow fur is hot, greasy is wet, sputum, and food stagnation.

  The main diseases of yellow greasy moss: the main symptoms of damp heat accumulation, phlegm drinking heat or food stagnation, etc .; also the main symptoms of summer heat, damp temperature and so on.

Governance Xuan Qingre, dampness, expectorant.

  In addition, identify yellow greasy fur; should also pay attention to the combination of tongue quality.

  -If the tongue is light red and the yellow moss is covered on the tongue surface, the moss is moist and not dry; the tip is also white moss, which is caused by the heat of the external evil and enters the stomach of Yangming.

The main disease, heat-entering yang syndrome, dampness-heat syndrome of qi, liver and gallbladder disease and urinary tract infection, various fever diseases.

Expelling heat and detoxification, dredge the surface.

  -If the red tongue, yellow greasy moss, medium thick and thin edges, tight and delicate, especially the roots, they are often caused by hot sputum, or wet evil into the heat, or warm evil caused by perfusion, not yet existed untilYangming is dry.

  -If the tongue color is dark red, it is a time when the camp is hot; the main disease;

Moderate coke dampness; gastrointestinal hangover.

Expelling heat and dampness, cleaning and guiding stagnation.

  -If the purple tongue, grayish yellow thick moss is moist but not dry, it is a mixture of cold and heat, when the heat is from cold to cold, or when the cold from heat is critical, mostly because the fever does not heal, the heart yang dies, and the sputum is tired for a long timeUnhealed, feeling external evils, entering into the heat; midsummer hot, cold food and cold chills; Yin Sheng in the inside, forced the heat to float; there is blood stasis in the body.

I also feel the heat of evil; therefore, the main illness is true winter holiday fever, heart and kidney yang failure, cholera vomiting and diarrhea, suffering from various syndromes.

Expelling temperature and warming the heart and kidney, returning to the sun to rescue Ying; clearing the heat of the pool; promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

  -If the tongue is dark, yellow and greasy, the tongue is fat, and the tongue is covered with yellow fur.

With white moss and thick middle roots, its color is yellow and thick, its formation can be caused by Yin syndrome and central food, due to phlegm dampness and internal depression, due to cold and evil stagnation, due to wet food block, middle focus, qi and blood depression,There is also evidence of damp-heat and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Expelling Wenyang Jianpi, promoting blood circulation and eliminating product.

  Clinically more common in acute and chronic chronic inflammation.

Tongue picture of patients with cholecystitis and uremia.

  Such tongue-like patients are generally more complicated, and treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation.

  Normal people have a thin layer of white moss on their tongues, called tongue moss.

The tongue coating is yellow and thick and greasy, mostly with phlegm, food or damp heat.

Tongue coating is yellow and smooth, which is a manifestation of yang deficiency.


Yellow and greasy tongue coating is not necessarily hot and humid 2.

Treatment of yellow greasy tongue fur-Yellow greasy tongue fur is not necessarily hot and humid. It is clinically known to have yellow greasy tongue fur. It can be identified by damp heat and treated by clearing.

Few people know about the dampness caused by the deficiency of qi deficiency.

Let’s take a medical treatment of Mr. Zhang Shuzheng.

Think for doctors.

May be supplemented clinically.

  Yellow thick greasy moss is not necessarily empirical evidence of dampness and heat. Among them, there is also a deficiency of qi deficiency due to loss of dampness. Some patients with yellow greasy thick moss have ordinary tongues, smooth mouth, bitter chest and abdomen, and bloating., Huanghuang, etc., seem to be empirical. Medical atractylodes, Magnolia officinalis, 芩, Lian, car, and other bitter cold and wet medicine for several months, the moss is still as it is;, Fat tongue, cracks in yellow greasy fur, chest and abdomen swell, happy temperature.

The stools were changed to Bu Zhong Yi Qi, Xiangsha Liujun, and other treatments. The chest and abdomen were comfortable after taking the medicine, and the moss gradually became gradual.

  Yellow and greasy tongue coating-Treatment of yellow and greasy tongue coating, often dry mouth, tooth marks on the edge of the tongue, five upset and hot, red tongue and less coating, pulse count.

Expelling: Nourishing Yin and lowering fire.

Can be taken: Zhibai Dihuang Wan, Dabuyin Wan, Liuwei Dihuang Wan, etc.

  Symptoms of yellow tongue and greasy tongue caused by first wet cold: Symptoms occur in summer, scaly body sweating, but sweating is not smooth, body heat is not high, body weight is tired, dizziness, severe pain, or nasal congestion, runny nose, cough, yellow phlegm, and chest tightnessNausea, short, red urine, yellow greasy tongue coating, pulse count.  Governing Law: Qingshu Qushi solution table.

  Recipe: Xinjiaxiang tincture.

  The recipe is based on sweating of citron; honeysuckle and forsythia are cold and cooling; Magnolia officinalis, lentils and Sinochem are damp.

The summer heat is too strong, add Coptis chinensis, Artemisia annua, fresh lotus leaves, fresh reed roots to relieve heat in the summer; Wet sleepy watch, less weight and sweat, add clear bean roll, ageratum, Pelan aroma wet declaration; short urineRed, plus Liuyi San, Red Poria is hot and damp.

  For those who have a first wet or cold and have both coke symptoms, you can use the medicine Xiangxiang Zhengqi Pills (tablets, water, soft capsules).

Sometimes lying is a virtue of love

Sometimes lying is a virtue of love

A hot post burst on the forum.

The female poster revealed that her husband, who is a fund manager, recruited prostitutes.

What is outrageous is that when she found clues and asked her husband for evidence, he didn’t have any resistance to overcome, yes, this is how I decompressed. I never thought I would hide it from you, let alone correct it. If you canAccept, we will continue, I cannot say I can only say that I am sorry.

  This is a real man. He has forgotten the shameless wording.

  A girlfriend’s boyfriend was cheating on her and was found twice by her.

For the third time, her boyfriend begged her again for forgiveness, saying that Moumou also carried his wife on a date with his ex-girlfriend, but was not found to be lying or covering up.

“I am just too honest.

“When he said the last sentence, he was almost smug.

However, it is also this last sentence that makes his girlfriend completely disheartened about this man.

“If you steal it, please wipe your mouth clean, otherwise I will seriously question your character and ability!

“This is the breakup message that the girlfriend left for that man.

  In the relationship between men and women, “honesty” is definitely not a virtue, especially when you know that the truth is a knife, but you have to blaze at each other.

Anyway, I already bought the knife, and hid it, and I cut my hand, and I stabbed it to you. If you can live, it is your life. If you ca n’t live, you can only blame your inability.Blow again “.

Such honesty is a thorough selfishness and shame, and even a conspiracy from a certain perspective.

  Men want to steal love by themselves. The reason why most people still choose to be good husbands is not because they have high moral qualities, but not because they have limited mental capacity.

They knew very well that after the love, facing the woman who loved him at home, their conscience would be bitten by the dog, it would hurt, they would regret it, and they would feel depressed.

One day the truth was concealed, and his guilt was intense.

When he tells the truth, he actually throws the ball completely to the opponent.

The woman cried and made a fortune. Most of the time, she would forgive her life pressure or emotional needs.

At this time, the honest man raised his eyebrows and exhaled, and no longer needed to be condemned by his own conscience. When the woman revisited the old things, he would be impatient: “I told you, what else do you want?

“Yes, people have already confessed, can you still be lenient?

However, facing a man who has been having an affair, as long as you still love him, it is absolutely impossible for him to confess and you will be fine.

Numerous midnight dreams, painful, unable to breathe, but the man beside him fell asleep like a pig, so sweet and sour.

  Many times, we reject some men’s hypocrisy and dishonesty, thinking that they keep their private life secretive just to fear trouble for themselves, but ignore the fact that secretive life is the most important love virtue, and they often need to be forced to lie when they want to be secretive.

When a woman repeatedly asks, a man’s silence can only make her crazy, so he will say that I only love you, I have absolutely nothing to do with others, please believe my innocence.

Regardless of the facts, please be grateful to these gentle words of men.

No one is happy to lie, not to mention it is easy to lie once, and it is difficult to lie for a lifetime.

He lies, in addition to his instinctual self-protection, but also instinctively does not want to hurt others, because he does not want to lose, or even must lose, and do not embarrass each other too much.

  It is unpredictable that no one can be 100% sure that he will not carry the passion of his partner and others in his life.

However, if he still loves you and has some pity for you, at least you should be sure that he will use life to guard that secret.

  ”I clearly feel that he must be okay, but he lied so much that he really dare not do it!

“This kind of blame is not due to the reasoning that rational substitution started with curiosity. You didn’t even think about it at all. If he said that we went to bed, it felt pretty good. You can take care of it.

Next, how do you clean up the mess?

Women often do not know the lethality of the truth until they know the truth by all means, and they regret it inexhaustibly.

Indeed, what can I do if I know?

Maybe he is just impulsive and has no love for that woman at all, or maybe you are weak and have no ability to leave him.

He tells the truth, that is, handing the rope to your hand, you hit him, and your heart hurts, because you still love him; if you don’t click him, you can only grab yourself.

  Think about it this way, the lie almost became sunny.Whatever happens to him, if he is willing to lie, at least it shows that there is hope in your relationship.

To love someone, you should be secretive about her, or, even if there is no love between each other, at least there are lies.

Lies represent a kind of pity, and for a pair of men and women who are no longer passion, pity is the most important bond to maintain the relationship.

If he is not willing to lie, he can only show that there is nothing between you.

When such a man does not leave now, when will he stay?

  When you have doubts and intuitions in your heart, it is certainly right to ask him for testimony.

However, don’t expect the truth to come from this verification.

You just testify to get his attitude.

If he is willing to speak sweet words to comfort you, at least it means that he doesn’t want to leave you.

At this time, no matter what has happened, you may be able to redeem it with stronger love.

  Try to avoid splits, in case the splits must not let the other party know.

This is the rule of love.

The truth is not important, what is important is the rules.

Do not force a man to have to tell the truth. At that time, with the truth, the rules have been broken. If you want to recover, the project will be big.

What does sensitive skin mean? This situation shows that you are sensitive skin

What does sensitive skin mean? This situation shows that you are sensitive skin

You can tell at a glance whether your skin is healthy or not. Healthy skin turns red and white, otherwise it turns pale, otherwise it is flushed or grayed out. Human skin is different. One of these skins is called sensitive skin.Prone to allergies, let’s take a look at what sensitive skin means, how to maintain sensitive skin, what sensitive skin can not eat.

  What does sensitive skin mean? I believe that everyone is very concerned about their own skin, and everyone’s skin properties are different. For example, 90% of people who use certain cosmetics will not be allergic to it.Ten people have allergies, and ten percent of them are sensitive skin.

  How to maintain sensitive skin1, be sure to wash your face with warm water. Since it is sensitive skin, the skin naturally cannot touch irritating things. Therefore, using too cold water or too hot water when washing your face may cause serious skin damage.Damage, especially if the heat and cold are alternated, can be devastating.

  The correct way is to gently clean the face with warm water, and be careful when using a towel to wipe, do not use too much force!

  2. Do not exfoliate the stratum corneum frequently. Although it is said that many people want to exfoliate the skin, it is not advisable for people with sensitive skin, because the stratum corneum forces the protection of the skin.If you exfoliate often, it will only cause you to be allergic often.

  In life, you should avoid contact with saponin, some skin care products such as dead skin, etc., to reduce skin irritation!

  3. Eat more foods containing vitamin a. Foods supplemented with vitamin a include carrots, animal livers, and eggs. If these foods are eaten regularly, they can strengthen the skin’s resistance.

  Vitamin a has the effect of repairing the skin and enhancing the resistance, so often eating foods rich in vitamin a can improve sensitive skin!

  Characteristics of sensitive skin What are the characteristics of sensitive skin, how to judge whether you are sensitive skin?

Actually, it’s easy to find out if your skin is sensitive or not. Let’s take a look.

  1. The skin epidermis is thin, delicate and fair, with less sebum secretion, relatively dry, obvious microvessels, skin showing reduced drying function, reduced ability of the stratum corneum to retain moisture, and incomplete formation of sebum film on the skin surface.

  2. After contact with cosmetics or seasonal allergies, it is easy to cause skin allergies, redness, swelling and itching.

The skin lacks luster and the cheeks are easily congested and red.

  3. The skin is easy to appear due to seasonal changes.

The main symptoms are itching, burning, tingling, itchy skin and small rashes.

  4, easy to be affected by cold wind, food, water quality, ultraviolet rays, synthetic fibers, flavors, pigments and other external environments or substances.

  Sensitive skin causes 1, heredity.

A large part of sensitive skin is caused by heredity.

  2. The skin cells are damaged and the skin’s immunity is reduced. The thinning of the stratum corneum leads to insufficient skin moisture. Eventually, the skin’s barrier function is too weak to resist external stimuli.

Then, the nerve fibers of the skin are often excessively excited due to external stimuli, which easily causes skin problems such as redness, fever, and itching.

  Precautions for whitening sensitive skin 1. Keep applying sunscreen suitable for sensitive skin every day. Don’t think it is greasy or troublesome. It is the most direct way to combat dull skin and skin aging.

  2, supplemented with antioxidant-containing emulsions, such as green tea, grapes, pomegranates, etc., they are very good at fighting free radicals.

  3. Before going to bed every night, exercise your skin: put toner on your palm and rub it away, and pat your skin about 50 times to let the skin absorb moisture.

(Tap helps blood circulation, which makes the skin more shiny and brighter.) 4, eat more white foods, such as Tremella, barley, milk, soy milk and so on.

  How to choose skin care products for sensitive skin 1. Cleansing: Mild facial cleanser The skin layer of sensitive skin is very thin. If you use a strong facial cleanser, the skin will become thinner and more sensitive.

Therefore, MMs with sensitive muscles are better to choose some mild foam-free cleansing products.

  2. Skin care: The ratio of natural and easily absorbable products to other skin types, the ability of sensitive muscles to absorb moisture and nutrients is relatively weak.

Therefore, it is best for sensitive girls to choose natural and easily absorbable skin care products when supplementing skin care products. This will not easily cause skin irritation and will not increase the burden on the skin.

  Common allergens for dietary contraindications for sensitive skin include: rehabilitations; ingestion (fish, shrimp, milk, etc.); drugs; mosquito bites, animal fur, etc.

  There is also the need to avoid spicy fried foods during allergies, usually to eat light, avoid foods that can cause allergies, such as wine, seafood, etc., eat more fresh vegetables or fruits.

  Summary: Friends with sensitive skin are prone to allergies, so when choosing skin care products in your life, you must choose mild and non-irritating, and make sure what your skin is allergic to, and then stay away from these allergens, so thatCan effectively protect your skin.

Chrysanthemum pillow that makes Lu You live long

Chrysanthemum pillow that makes Lu You live long

Lu You (1125?
1210) was from Shanyin (now Shaoxing, Zhejiang) in Yuezhou, Southern Song Dynasty.

He is the largest poet in the developing world (about 9,300 poems in total), and he is also a long-lived person who lives 85 years.

Lu You attaches great importance to health, and using chrysanthemum pillows is one of his secret recipes for health.

Lu You repeatedly mentioned the situation of making and using chrysanthemum pillows in his “Swordsman’s Poetry Draft” and “Once again picking chrysanthemum quilt pillow sacs”, such as “The chrysanthemum pillow poems in the past 20 years.

“Picking chrysanthemums and sewing pillow pillows, full of room fragrance”, “Picking chrysanthemums to make pillow pouches, Quping deep and boring fragrance” and so on.

In his later years, Lu You wrote the poem “head wind, chrysanthemum pillow, foot stagnation and quinoa bed” in “Old State”.

These verses indicate that Lu You slept with a chrysanthemum pillow from an early age until he was old.

  Chrysanthemum pillow is a medicinal pillow made of chrysanthemum, Chuanxiong, Danpi and Baiji.

Its main ingredient, chrysanthemum, is not only the famous flower under observation, but also the commonly used Chinese medicine.

Chinese medicine believes that chrysanthemum has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying, and calming the liver.

The “Compendium of Materia Medica” of the Ming Dynasty said: “The chrysanthemum taste is sweet and bitter, and the nature is slightly cold . its seedlings can be vegetables, leaves can be simmered, flowers can be bait, roots can be used as medicine, and sacs can be pillows.

“Inhibition of staphylococcus, streptococcus, dysentery, influenza virus and dermatophyte.

Chuanxiong, Danpi and Baiji have the functions of promoting blood circulation, refreshing heat and cooling blood, expelling wind and relieving the skin, and promoting muscle analgesia.

Combining chrysanthemum with these three Chinese medicines can complement each other and enhance the effect of medicine.

When people are sleeping on a chrysanthemum pillow, the temperature and pressure of the head can gradually release the active ingredients of the medicine contained in the pillow, and enter the blood circulation from the lungs through breathing, thereby achieving the purposes of preventing and curing diseases and maintaining health.

People with hypertension, coronary heart disease, stroke and other diseases often use chrysanthemum pillows to control certain adjuvant treatment effects.

If healthy people often use chrysanthemum pillows, they can improve sleep quality and prolong life expectancy. They will feel refreshed and full of energy during the day.

  The production method of chrysanthemum pillows is: take 1000 grams of dried chrysanthemums, 400 grams of Chuanxiong, 200 grams each of Danpi and Baiji.

The above medicines are dried together and filled into the pillow core. Generally, each medicine pillow can be used continuously for about six months.