Best time for babies to develop intelligence

Best time for babies to develop intelligence

Infant touching: after bathing; early touching between meals is to give appropriate stimulation to brain cells and nervous system during the critical period of infant brain development, promote infant nervous system development, and thus promote growth and intelligent development.

  Order, method: everything starts from the baby When the mother touches the baby, she does not have to follow the order, and each action is done one by one.

Touching should be arranged according to your baby’s preferences. You can disrupt the order of touching, or know a few baby’s favorite moves.

  The method of touching can also be determined according to the age of the baby. When the baby has teeth, you can let him lie on his back and massage him a little face. When he wants to climb, let him lie down and help him practice climbing.When learning to walk, in addition to giving him more leg massages, the little feet are also very important.

  Tips: If half of your baby is crying, you should stop moving immediately.

Do not touch when your baby is full, hungry, or tired.

If you notice that your baby’s skin is slightly red after doing this, it means that the strength is just right.

  The best time to develop intelligence: around 10 am and 10 am, when the baby’s brain is at its best, and he is agile in response to various stimuli. This state can be maintained for about 40 minutes per day on average. Moms need to grasp thisTime to have parent-child communication with your baby.

  Visual and auditory stimuli. Mothers can approach the baby and talk to him while watching him, or read a nursery rhyme, so that the baby can stare at your face and listen to you intently; you can also show the baby colorful orThere are striped toys and pictures in black and white, and slowly move, let the baby’s eyes chase these things to move; the mother can also call his name gently in the baby’s ear or behind the ear, the baby will immediately turn to look for itSound source.

  Tips: When your baby is older, you can also take him to the outdoors to walk around and change the environment, the baby will continue to discover new things, which is quite helpful for his intellectual development.

  Try the taste of the food: The supplementary food should be added from the 4th month of the baby, and the best time to start it is 6 months.

At this stage, the baby’s taste development is more sensitive. If he has access to many foods, he will generally not be partial to picky eaters when he grows up.

  Baby’s taste signal 1.

Babies are no longer hunger and thirsty for milk, and their interest in feeding is reduced. Even if they are lying on their mother’s arms and sucking on their nipples, they are easily disturbed by external sounds.


When he put the baby at the table, he would suddenly be very excited, his eyes would be round, his little hand stretched forward, and he wanted to eat.


When you place a small spoon near your baby’s mouth, your baby’s upper lip will hold the small spoon forward.


The baby starts biting mother’s nipples and rubber pacifiers.

  Tips: introducing a new food to your baby should be when the child is awake and happy.

Morning is usually the best choice.

At this time, the baby just had a good night’s sleep, was refreshed, and felt hungry, and was looking forward to a hearty breakfast.

Soy improves brain nerves and vitality

Soy improves brain nerves and vitality

Phospholipids metabolized in soybean are important substances for building a smart brain, which can improve brain nerve function and vitality. Soy phospholipids can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and prevent physical acidification of the body and various tissues.

  Nutrient value is super high.

hzh {display: none; }  大豆所含的蛋白质约为40%,其中人体8种必需氨基酸种类齐全,比例恰当,是一种优质蛋白,非常容易消化吸收,消化吸收率在92%以上。  Soy vitamin tyrosine can supplement the deficiency of lysine in cereals.

  Soy is rich in fat, which is superior to animal fat in oleic acid and linoleic acid.

  Soy contains phospholipids with very high nutritional value and is a natural nutritional active substance.

  Soybean saponin contained in soybean is a biologically active substance with various physiological functions.

  Soybean also contains soy isoflavones, soy oligosaccharides, soy supplement fiber and many other beneficial health factors.

  In addition, soybeans also contain more than 10 kinds of mineral elements such as vitamin E, potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, phosphorus, and selenium.

  Health Care Look carefully at the phospholipids produced in soybeans are important substances for building a smart brain, which can improve brain nerve function and vitality. Soy phospholipids can promote the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and prevent acidification of the physique and various tissues and organs.

  The plant protein in soybean is the basic source of the military’s complex intellectual activities.

Increasing the content of soy protein in food can increase the excitatory and inhibitory functions of the cerebral cortex and improve learning efficiency.

  Soyasaponin has various physiological functions such as anti-oxidation, anti-free radical, enhanced immune regulation, anti-tumor, anti-virus and so on.

  Soybean low phosphorus can multiply the beneficial bacteria Bifidobacterium in the body and improve the ability of immune regulation.

  Soy isoflavones have the effect of promoting osteogenesis.

  Soy dietary fiber can prevent constipation and reduce the incidence of dental caries.

  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that soy-based sweet taste has the effects of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, strengthening the spleen, widening the middle, lowering the large intestine, moistening and diminishing water, nourishing liver and kidney, and strengthening bones and muscles.

  Soybean: Native to China, it was planted as early as the Yellow Emperor. It moved to North Korea during the Qin Dynasty, and to Japan in the 1960s.

There are many types of soybeans. According to the color of the skin, they are divided into soybeans, green beans, and black beans. Among them, soybeans are the main ones, so soybeans are often called soybeans.

  Life common sense Consumption taboos to avoid peptic ulcer, babies with low iodine should fasting soybeans.

  Soy is more difficult to digest and should not be eaten in excess.

  Do not eat undercooked soybeans.

  Do not eat soy when taking iron preparations.

  Babies with chronic gastrointestinal diseases eat as little as possible.

  Do not add alkali when cooking soybeans, otherwise it will accelerate the destruction of vitamins in soybeans.

  Soy purchase color: Good soybean color is bright and shiny.

  Granularity: The granules are full and neat and uniform, no defects, no hanging silk is good soybeans.

  Moisture: Use the teeth to bite the bean grains, the best crispy into broken grains, indicating that the dry quality of soybeans is good.

  Fragrance: Good soybeans have normal aroma and taste.

  Preservation of soybeans: After buying the soybeans, ensure that they are fully dry and sealed in a cool and cool place.

  Health Tips: Peanuts are rich in nutrition, high in calcium, and rich in amino acids in peanut protein. With soy and milk, they have a lot of delicious flavor and nutrition. When eaten with starchy foods, the nutrients are more fully absorbed!

White-collar workers should eat more staple food to supplement glucose

White-collar workers should eat more staple food to supplement glucose

According to a survey of white-collar workers in Shanghai, white-collar workers generally have fewer staple food substitutes. Many white-collar workers feel that eating staple foods is particularly easy to get fat, and nutrition experts point out that during the mental work of white-collar workers, glucose is the only brain.The source of energy, the lack of carbohydrates may cause white-collar workers to feel tired.

Let’s use rice and vegetables and shrimp to make a few delicious rice balls in the morning. Not only can nutrition provide enough energy!

Fengwei rice ball ingredients: 100 grams of rice, 150 grams of fresh shrimp, 1/2 of carrots, 5 mushrooms, 1/2 of cucumber, salt, edible oil, the right amount of practice: 1, the fresh prawns are cleaned, open the backShrimp gland, peel off the shrimp, sprinkle some salt and pickle the marinade, put some oil in the pot, fry the stripped shrimps for use; 2, wash the carrots, mushrooms and cucumbers, chop the granules, reserve, and add oilStir in the wok until the carrot is soft, pour the rice into the pot, sprinkle the salt, stir well; 3, after the fried rice is slightly aired, take the plastic wrap in the hand, put 1 tablespoon rice in the hands, add oneShrimp, rice wrapped in shrimp, the shrimp tail is outside, the group is tight, tidy up the shrimp tail to let it spread, and then all the rice balls can be eaten afterwards.

First, white-collar workers suffer from obesity and can resist fatigue. White-collar workers often feel fatigue. There are many reasons for fatigue. It may be due to excessive workload and lack of sleep. It may be a deficiency of B vitamins, which may be iron deficiency anemia caused by iron deficiency.Of course, there may be insufficient absorption of the staple food, resulting in insufficient energy to support the work of the day, and protein decomposition and energy supply cause fatigue caused by insufficient protein.

There are a lot of rumors about eating too much staple food on the Internet, which makes many white-collar workers who are sitting and working hard, have a headache, fearing that too much staple food and insufficient exercise lead to obesity, slenderness brings many living habits.disease.

However, for mental workers such as white-collar workers, the energy of the brain is only glucose, and the residual food of starch in staple foods is the main source of glucose. Therefore, for white-collar workers, enough staple food is very important, supplementing enough vitamins.It can reduce the consumption of protein in the body, which is more conducive to maintaining health.

Therefore, don’t blindly reject all staple foods!

Second, with vegetables and fruits, protein and eat staple food staple food, why the staple food is criticized, because the staple foods such as rice, wheat, etc. are mainly based on themselves, the nutrient structure is too single, if you only eat staple food is easy to cause white-collar vitaminsInsufficient absorption of important nutrients such as minerals and proteins, so white-collar workers need to spend more time choosing the staple food!

It can be mixed with vegetables, white meat and mushroom category rice balls, supplemented with fiber, vitamins and high-quality protein. It can also be made with white bread with ham or bacon, and then sandwiched with lettuce and tomatoes to make delicious sandwiches; or boiledThe main ingredients of potatoes, with vegetables, fruits, nuts and other delicious salads. are good choices for white-collar workers!

As long as you move your brain, you can eat healthy food like a staple food!

44-year-old man’s mental gene

44-year-old man’s mental gene

According to a report by the United Nations Statistics, according to a large number of statistical data from various countries in the world, men’s physiology will change dramatically between the ages of 43 and 45, thus setting 44 as the dividing line between youth and adulthood.

  The life curve of a person falls from the peak, and the burden curve of work and family rises. The intersection of this scissors-like curve is just 44 years old, so 44 years old can also be called the axis of “middle-age scissors”.

Due to the physical changes, middle-aged men have undergone significant changes in psychology, thinking, and work. Crisis of belief, physical crisis, career crisis, career crisis, humanity crisis, psychological crisis, emotional crisis, and parent-child crisis have appeared.There are 8 kinds of crises, including psychological crises: A lonely 44-year-old man is busy, carrying family and career.

44-year-old man will feel lonely because he is stuck in his own world and has little time to communicate with others.

The competition is unprecedentedly fierce, the relationship between people is becoming more and more indifferent, and they are alert to each other.

Successful 44-year-old men have a feeling of being overwhelmed by heights; 44-year-old men who are not making good progress will inevitably have a sense of depression and depression.

  ”My heart is old” is a sentiment often expressed by 44-year-old men.

Most middle-aged people have inherent, spiritual loneliness.

  Mr. Liu, a 44-year-old manager of a large shopping mall, said he didn’t have any close friends, and he didn’t want to have too much contact with his subordinates.A relationship without any emotional touch. ”

He felt it was inappropriate to reveal the truth to another person.

In real life, it is not surprising that a 44-year-old man doesn’t have a confidant, and many people admit that they don’t have a close friend who can fully trust and show their heart.

However, most of them seem to think that this phenomenon is normal and acceptable.

The closed inner world makes it impossible for people to establish a true friendship through emotional communication. The lack of friendship has caused modern people to fall into a strong loneliness, which is why middle-aged people describe their feelings: “In this world, I feel lonely, Jealous, angry, nervous.

“It is also this feeling of loneliness and recognition of others that exacerbates the emotional crisis of middle-aged people.

  Men who are about 44 years old may sympathize with those who are intertwined in their lives, but they often become hostile to those who are struggling.

The typical occurrence is mostly related to inferiority.

How kind, compassionate, and generous a 44-year-old man will be when he has achieved something, and how easily he gets angry after failure.

A 44-year-old man was in trouble at work, and the child broke the oil bottle and broke him. But if the same thing happened on the day when he received the boss’s award, his attitude might be to say softly to the child:”It doesn’t matter, don’t be afraid.

“Although hostility is a very common and normal phenomenon for 44-year-old men, it is a negative emotion after all. Excessive hostility can easily distort a person’s mind, and the habit of changing the color of glasses to look at people makes them often complain.Full stomach and pain.

  Sadly, Liu Jun just reached 44 years old this year, and his life was slumped. Slowly he ceased to be happy and excited. He avoided responsibility and blamed all his faults on others.

He was sad and depressed all day, as if just waiting to die.

His inner discomfort is mainly due to the people and things around him, and he cannot adapt to the requirements of the surrounding environment.

So he refused to grow up and continued to pretend, always thinking about himself: “What to do?

Why am I not so productive?

This world is too unfair to me!

“Some 44-year-old men who have made a name for themselves are also attenuated.

For example, a successful man, when his wife is determined to study or work, if they are not good at handling housework, they often have a strong sense of distortion when facing a messy home.

  Deteriorating emotions often expand the misfortunes of life, so it is necessary for middle-aged men who are constantly and strongly corrected for emotional trauma to receive psychological treatment, but these people are often reluctant to admit that they have a psychological problem, and they are trapped in the ground.The work, life, and marriage caused further damage.

  Suppressing the competition and competition in modern society, highlighting people’s place, especially for middle-aged men, to build their careers, which brings them endless psychological pressure.

However, traditional Chinese social culture requires people to be “indifferent to emotions”, which indicates that people have restrained their emotions, which has caused many 44-year-old men’s depression symptoms and deepened the emotional crisis.

  Fearing that 44-year-old Du Jun was suddenly notified to be laid off, he became blind in anxiety. This phenomenon is called a “switching reaction” by psychologists and is caused by neurosis.

Due to work and family pressures and the desire for career success, middle-aged people are often under great psychological stress, and many are worried and upset.

  If a 44-year-old middle-aged man wants to cause a psychological crisis, he should adjust his mindset, cultivate a happy mindset, form a positive self, tap his potential, readjust his goals in life, learn to care for himself, and seize the possibility of success.

Refreshing exercise on a hot summer day is good for fitness

Refreshing exercise on a hot summer day is good for fitness

On a hot summer day, you will sweat profusely, let alone a more intense weight loss exercise.

How to solve this problem?

Here are some cool summer sports for you.

Allows you to enjoy the coolness, while eliminating excess meat, the previous lower abdomen, tightening the calf.

  ”Xia Lian San Fu” follows the gentle principle of “Winter Lian San Jiu Xia Lian San Fu”. This fitness method with exercise will as the main purpose needs to choose the right time and method.

Professor Wei Zhiqiang, director of the Department of Sports and Leisure Sports at the Institute of Physical Education, said that the principle of summer fitness is to avoid strenuous exercise and try to take relatively gentle exercises below 120 beats, such as badminton, yoga, tai chi, jogging, swimming, etc.

  In 38 ° C hot days, long-distance running can be used to exercise will and physical strength, but it is very easy to cause heat stroke.

In summer sports, the elderly must pay attention to the amount in small quantities, continue, and ensure rest to restore physical fitness; although young people have better physical conditions than the elderly, they do not need to be under the hot sun, play football, play basketball for too long and cause dehydration. Examples of heat stroke are alsoEverywhere.

It is recommended that everyone sweat through exercise to achieve detoxification.

  If you can exercise scientifically, “three summer training” will help reduce the incidence of summer diseases.

  It is not advisable to eat cold drinks and showers immediately after exercise. Many people have the habit of drinking a lot of frozen drinks after summer sports, but this practice has many harms.

Excessive sweating during exercise. If you drink a lot of water immediately, it will burden the blood circulation system, digestive system, and especially the heart.

If you have an ice drink, it can cause a sudden brake-like stimulus in your heart.

At the same time, drinking a lot of water will sweat more and cause further loss of salt, which will cause symptoms such as impact crushing and cramps.

  Showering after exercise is another error area. Summer exercise causes the body to produce heat quickly, and the capillaries of the skin also expand a lot, which helps the body to dissipate heat.

If you are under cold stimulation at this time, the pores that have been opened on the body surface will suddenly close, causing the internal organs to become dysfunctional, and the brain’s body temperature will be abnormal, causing illness.

  In addition, summer sports sweat secretion increases, if not changed in time, it is easy to cause rheumatism or arthritis and other diseases.

  Air conditioning in the air-conditioned room allows you to breathe some hot days, the gym is booming every day, and it is overcrowded at night.

Blow air, exercise, but not much sweat on the body, fitness has become a label for leisure enjoyment or showing fashion identity.

  However, Professor Wei Zhiqiang said that the best exercise for health is to be in contact with nature. Long-term high-intensity exercise under air conditioning, the body warmed up after exercise is forced to cool down, it is easy to have backache, and even cause arthritisThe indoor temperature should be controlled at 25 ℃?
About 28 ° C.

Thoroughly, some bodybuilders, after sweating for a short period of time, were caught cold by air conditioning cold wind, and cold germs were extremely contagious in a closed gym environment.

  Professor Wei said that the gym is the place where fresh air is most needed. Especially when performing aerobic exercise, it will consume a lot of oxygen and emit a lot of carbon dioxide.

Fitness places should be based on natural ventilation to ensure air circulation.

If conditions are limited, good artificial ventilation should also be available.

  Cool Sports Ranking ★★★★★ Yoga, Tai Chi Summer Yoga can better let every beauty MM get a better time when they have a tight belly!

A relatively light diet coupled with targeted yoga practice will result in loose excess meat on our abdomen and excess meat on the waist becoming firmer and more tangible.

  In the hot summer, many people will become more irritable than before because of the hot weather. Breathing and meditation through yoga can alleviate your worry.

The content of the “Orange Belly Wheel” opened by the Hada Yoga Club in summer has the effect of quickly tightening the lower abdomen, eliminating excess meat, helping to restore and rebuild the lower abdomen, and shaping a moving “small waist”.

  For middle-aged and elderly people, yoga may be slightly flawed, so try Chinese traditional Taijiquan, which is also a sport of peace of mind. It is smoother than yoga and can increase the body’s heatstroke capacity and adaptability.

  ★★★★ Water extreme sports Emerging and fashionable extreme sports can be divided into two categories according to the season: summer and winter. The former includes alpine gliding, water skiing, whitewater kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, jet skiing, bungy jumping.
Because extreme sports have the characteristics of “integration of nature and man” that “integrate nature (nature, environment, ecology, health) and challenge oneself (positive, brave, joyful, exciting)”, extreme sports have become so popular in Europe and America.Can be described by madness, magic.

  If you go to the seaside, mountains, and lakes this summer, if you happen to be a sports enthusiast who is willing to learn new things, then extreme sports in close contact with seawater, streams, and lakewater can make you enjoy the excitement and feel extremely cool.

  ★★★ Swimming, badminton, and table tennis are undoubtedly very attractive summer sports.

Water flow is a natural massage for the human body. The strokes and draws are alternating between tension and relaxation. The swimming muscles become soft and flexible. Frequent swimming can make the body shapely and the body lines smooth. It is most suitable for weight loss and body shaping.

  It was swimming time at six or seven in the morning, four to five in the afternoon, and good choices after seven or eight in the evening.

Ten minutes to half an hour each tour, about two or three times a week.

The water temperature rises in the summer morning. Before entering the water, wipe your body thoroughly with cold water to make the body adapt to the cold water stimulus and prevent accidents such as cramps.
But try not to swim after ten o’clock in the evening, otherwise it will cause insomnia due to excessive nerve excitement.
  Badminton and table tennis are generally played in air-conditioned rooms, but because of the area above the court, people can feel comfortable during sports.

  ★ ★ Jogging, cycling, basketball, basketball, football jogging is a summer sports method that many experts value, because it can not only enhance breathing function, increase lung capacity, but also improve the human body’s ventilation and ventilation capacity, and can also strengthen the heart muscleThick, exercise heart.
However, sports experts said that if you exercise at a high level, you must pay attention to avoid performing in the sun. The best time to exercise is at 5 or 6 or 5 or 6 in the afternoon to avoid overheating and discomfort.

  In fact, including bicycles, as well as basketball and football that students like, the summer vacation has a lot of time to exercise, but try not to exercise at all times under the hot sun.

In addition, during exercise, do not stop drinking water because of the hot weather. This will easily lead to rapid loss of minerals and physical energy in the body.

Is there a sport you like?

Choose the one that suits you!

What makes a baby’s vision healthy?

What makes a baby’s vision healthy?

We usually do a vision test, looking at an E-type vision chart. The E-shaped openings point in four directions. The pilot test is a C-type visual chart. The small opening of C is facing the direction.Judge.

The reason is that the requirements for pilots are more stringent. When flying at high speed in the air, good vision promotes quick response and accurate judgment.

  Of course, babies will not be tested with an eye chart, but scientists have found that some babies have higher visual acuity, which is equivalent to seeing more on standard eye charts than other babies1.

5 lines.

  Why is there a close relationship between vision and human intelligence?

  Because visual stimulus is the most important source of information for forming human cognition. Vision accounts for 83% of the information that enters the brain. Infants and young children have lived in a suitable visual environment since childhood and will lay a good foundation for their perception and cognitive development.

  First, the relationship between vision and thinking.

Preliminary research shows that the use of visual image can greatly improve children’s attention, memory and comprehensive ability.

The children will see the objects he sees, whole, without thinking, but clearly printed in their brains, forming a solid brain image, a photosensitive film, and a red light.

This ability is unmatched by adults.

  With vision, concepts are created, from recognizing that it is a red light, to recognizing that “red light stops green light”.

This is a more cognitive or intelligent process.

Ear Congmu sees that it is the so-called “smart”, that is, high IQ.

  First, vision and language.

All infants and young children with good visual development have good language development.

The reason for this is that language learning is facilitated by two aspects: one is to listen and produce a sense of language; the other is to see that infants with high visual acuity can sharply sharpen the subtle differences in mouth shapes when adults speak, plus the language, Expressions, gestures, etc., infants and young children have a strong ability to imitate, and soon mastered the new life.

  How can I make my baby see more clearly?

  As soon as the baby is born, he will go through 12 months of rapid and amazing vision development.

At the time of birth, the baby’s eyes are not fully developed, and the visual structure and optic nerves are not yet mature. They can only see things about 20 cm in front of the eyes.

  However, in each of the following days, their vision will gradually expand. Babies under different nutritional conditions may gradually differentiate their vision development.

When the baby is one year old, at the same distance, a baby with good vision can see more subtle things.

In their eyes, the difference between clarity and ambiguity will affect the speed and accuracy of cognition.

  50% of retinal phospholipids are DHA. In order for your baby’s visual development to be good, a sufficient amount of DHA must be added.

  The famous American Morrie research shows: “In the first 12 months after birth, infants continue to introduce scientifically-proven levels of DHA from breast milk or formula, which will help the baby’s visual acuity development at 52 weeks of age.See more 1 on the standard eye chart.

5 lines.
“What is visual acuity? Simply put, visual acuity refers to the ability to distinguish subtle relative objects or objects.

Can see more on the eye chart 1.

5 lines, this is a big improvement!

This shows that the baby’s visual acuity is superior, and it is estimated that the information that the baby wakes up the brain every day is broad in quantity and higher in quality-clearer and more accurate.

Their idea of opening up the brain promotes the growth of dendrites and axons in the brain, causing myelination of the brain nerves, which accumulates over time, and the baby is certainly smarter.

Dermatitis, recurrence, cosmetic trouble

Dermatitis, recurrence, cosmetic trouble

The pimples were scattered on the face, lumps and reds, which were repeated with dermatitis, and now seemed to have recurred.

Had taken western medicine half a month ago, chalked Shatta fever tablets and Dao Minqi.

For nearly two months, the situation is getting worse. Could it be a cosmetic allergy?

What about cosmetic dermatitis?

What to do?

What should I pay attention to when using facial medicine?

  Expert answer: According to the description of the situation, it may be allergic dermatitis, but the diagnosis cannot be confirmed. It is recommended that the local hospital dermatologist see the doctor and do not add drugs rashly to avoid delay in treatment.

Facial skin is relatively delicate, and exposed all year round. It is often exposed to cold and heat, sun and wind, and contact with various cleansers, skin care products, cosmetics. Therefore, it is particularly susceptible to disease.

  Skin and skin diseases are usually sebaceous gland diseases, such as acne, rosacea (rosacea), etc .; dermatitis and eczema diseases, such as seborrheic dermatitis, facial dermatitis, contact dermatitis, drug rash, etc .; infectious diseases, such as impetigo, severeVinegar, etc .; Sometimes hormone replacement dermatitis due to long-term use of leather hormones.

Once sick, it must be treated in time. The following matters should be paid attention to during treatment: 1.

Take your medication as prescribed and cancel any other topical medications.


Can eliminate possible doubts about skin care or cosmetics such as face wash, soap, etc.


Any topical drug (including therapeutic drugs) may cause local irritation or allergies. Therefore, when using the drug, you should choose to use it in a small amount first. Observe 12?
After 24 hours, if there is no irritation, the use can be gradually expanded.


If symptoms such as burning, tingling, itching, and exacerbation of swelling occur during the treatment process, the topical medication should be suspended, and the patient should be returned to the hospital in time for obvious reasons.


Sun irritation, scratching and other chemical supplements and skin diseases, so you should avoid sun exposure, watch TV, reduce outing activities, avoid scratching and irritation with hot water, avoid contact with pollen and dust.Etc. Wear masks, scarves, etc. if necessary.


The method of use varies depending on the dosage form of the topical drug.

6 layers of gauze, soaked in water with a degree of 2?
3 times, each time 30?
60 minutes; creams, ointments and gels should be applied thinly on the skin lesions, daily 1?
2 times.

  In addition, there are two types of allergic dermatitis, which are divided into cosmetic dermatitis and contact dermatitis according to the cause of induction.

  First, cosmetic dermatitis is skin inflammation caused by cosmetics, called cosmetic dermatitis.

Cosmetics have become indispensable in people’s daily life.

Some people often use some kind of cosmetics, and allergic reactions will occur once they are reused or reused; some people will have allergic reactions after the first use; and some will react after sun exposure after use.

  Most patients develop an allergic reaction within a few hours after using cosmetics, which is called a quick-onset allergic reaction; those who develop an allergic reaction after many days are called a delayed-onset reaction.

Immediate response is generally toxic.

  Cosmetic dermatitis manifests as: only mild local itching of the skin, which is about scattered.

Small red papules, erythema and mild swelling, severe local skin edema, diffuse erythema, scars of various sizes, and even exudate erosion.

Once cosmetic dermatitis occurs, stop using it immediately. Do not use hot water for scalding and hot compress.

  Second, contact dermatitis is an acute skin inflammatory reaction caused by the skin or mucous membrane parts in contact with some foreign stimulating substance.

The reasons can be divided into two categories: 1. Primary irritation: mainly caused by strong acids, strong bases, cantharidin and certain irritating transitions or chemical substances whose concentration is prevented.

  2. Allergic reactions (allergic reactions): are caused by contact with a certain irritant (allergen) on the skin and mucous membranes and cause skin allergies.
  Care should be taken to avoid contact with dermatitis irritants, contact with various animal skins, certain animals such as bees, jellyfish, pupae, concealers, butterflies, moths, etc .; pupal 2, chemical substances such as drugs, dyes, washingAgents, oils, cosmetics, chemical fibers, plastic products, chemical materials, contraceptives; 3, botanical, mainly including mustard, croton, garlic, nettle, pyrethrum, etc.

  In short, allergic dermatitis is prone to recurrence. Finding allergens and avoiding contact is the only way to prevent recurrence.

Once repeated relapses, self-care after the onset is an important means for us to reduce symptoms and change the course of the disease.

5 correct face washing methods for different skins


5 correct face washing methods for different skins

Do not underestimate the step of washing your face every day. Wash your face cleanly so that the skin care products can be better absorbed.

However, you should choose the best method for washing your face based on your skin condition.

Today, I will give you the most correct face washing method for 5 types of skin.

JMS must study hard!


hzh {display: none; }  油性皮肤的洗脸方法  特征:皮脂分泌旺盛,虽然这样一来肌肤弹性好,不容易老化,可却容易长痘痘.

  Face washing method: Cleansing milk with strong cleansing power must remove the oil and adjust the skin pH value.

When washing your face, put the facial cleanser on the palm of your hand to knead and foam. In particular, you should carefully clean the T-shaped part, especially the part with strong sebum secretion, such as the nose part.

For areas with acne, gently circle with foam and then rinse with water for more than 20 times.

  Tips: For oily skin that is prone to acne scars, removing oil with hot water is your special password for cleaning your skin.

This is the same reason that oil can be easily washed away with hot water when washing dishes.

Moisturize and nourish the skin as soon as possible after washing your face.

  Characteristics of face washing methods for dry skin: The skin lacks moisture, is easy to dry and desquamate. When the seasons change, due to external factors such as cold wind or heating, more water is lost and becomes drier.

  Face washing method: When washing your face, you should clean it with an appropriate amount of facial cleanser, and then wash it carefully with warm water. It is very important to choose a mild facial cleanser that will not cause any burden on your skin.

If the condition of dryness and dehydration has not improved, do not use foam cleansing products and use creamy cleansing products instead.

  Tips: Long-term face wash water temperature is a major cause of dry skin. The most suitable temperature for washing your face is 32 ℃. Of course, it is not advisable to wash your face with cold water.

  Characteristics of face washing method for combination skin: This unbalanced skin has both oily and dry parts. Therefore, it is easy to thicken keratin because of dry skin, but also to develop acne because it is easy to get oil.Water and small fine lines are more noticeable and worrying.

 Face washing method: To solve this skin cleansing problem, you should choose face washing products for different parts.

It seems that you should start with the T-shaped part and then return to the T-shaped part, in order to completely remove the oil and keep the skin fresh.

  Tips: Adopting displacement cleaning method is a great way to eliminate acne.

When cleaning the edges of the cheeks, start slowly from the chin to two short, and finally around the ears, clean slowly, and then wash with warm water.

When washing, the entire palm should be washed with water, like five or six times in one place.


hzh {display: none; }  敏感性皮肤的洗脸方法   特征:干性肌肤由于不注意皮肤养护,导致皮肤在在慢性失水的情况下渐渐变得敏感,引起轻微的湿疹或长出粉刺。   Face washing method: Use high-moisturizing face washing products to prevent the skin from being irritated. Even water and foam cannot be touched, so using wipe instead of washing is a face washing method.

It is important to prepare a bottle of wiper lotion.

Because this type of skin cannot be rubbed hard, the amount of lotion used is relatively large.

  Tips: It is recommended to use a face wash that is completely soluble in water and does not leave residue, or use a sponge to generate enough foam, use these foams to wash your face, and then wash with warm water.

  Features of face washing methods for premature aging skin: Your skin becomes fragile and inelastic early, the fine lines around your eyes become deeper and pores become larger, which is obviously “problematic skin”.

Face washing method: Use a nourishing facial cleanser with high curative effect to fight against skin aging.

When washing your face, first knead and cleanse the cleansing milk. Use your fingertips to gently rub around the eyes and the sides of the nose. Remember to never rub with rude force.

  Tips: For older horny skin with severe accumulation of aging skin, exfoliation is an important part.

Use with more than two exfoliating products and use it once a week.

hzh {display: none; }  很多人会把拥有好皮肤全都寄托在化妆品上,这是个误区,也是错误的观念。It’s a bit like no matter how nutritious food you look at every day, but if the food is not clean, contaminated, or even poisonous, or even eaten without any, it will endanger health.

In fact, everyone’s skin has its own characteristics. For different types of skin, if you can master the corresponding cleansing code, you will have the first unique key to beauty.

Therefore, cleaning is also a kind of maintenance. Here I want to emphasize that there must be a concept of cleaning and maintenance.

Sexual Yoga

Sexual Yoga

The “sex yoga” practiced by two people is actually a kind of whole-body exercise that develops the energy of the mind and body; in the process of practice, it is quite meaningful for each other to breathe and cooperate with each other’s limb movements; therefore, it is accompanied by enhanced sexAbility can be said to be able to “improve the strength and coordination of each other during sex”.

If the limbs of both sides have been opened to a sufficient degree of flexibility . Q: I heard that the “sex yoga” in the field can enhance sexual performance, is it true?

  Answer: “Yoga” is an exercise that uses one’s own weight as strength. The “sex yoga” practiced by two people is actually a kind of whole-body exercise that develops the energy of the mind and limbs. In the process of practice, it is quite meaningful.Each other’s breathing rhythms and coordinated limb movements; so accompanying enhancement of sexual abilities is better said to be able to “improve the strength and coordination of each other during sex”.

If the limbs of both sides have been opened to a sufficient degree of flexibility, various sexual positions can be made, and the two will be willing to try; once, when the body opens up enough sexual energy and strength, you can keep your favorite at any time for a long time.If the sexual energy released by the bodies of both sides coincide with each other, of course, you can experience the beauty of sex more deeply.

  Q: My girlfriend’s personality is very shy. No matter how hard I try, I can’t ignite her passion for sex. Will we improve the practice of sex yoga together?

  A: Of course it will improve!

In addition, if she still can’t accept practicing yoga in the yoga classroom, I suggest you find a DVD teaching version of sex yoga, and the two can close the door and practice at home.

If you first practice the posture that accelerates blood circulation, let the energy push the blood slowly to overflow the body between the breaths; this can enhance the secretion of gonadotropins, promote the health of the female reproductive system, allow the blood to fully circulate in the pelvis, and even help her relax too muchTense nerves and muscles, while greatly igniting her passion and fiery libido.

Finally, I want to remind you that building mutual trust and two-way communication with gentle speech and body are the foundation of the relationship between two people.

  Question: Is Tibetan “Yu Jing” also a kind of yoga?

  A: Because the content description is quite delicate, the Tibetan “Yue Jing”, which has been listed as a banned book for many years, is more enthusiastic than many Indian classics because the core spirit of “Yue Jing” can be realized for men and women.The core concepts of equality, strengthening the energy of physical pleasure, and the “ethics of love” that open up the inner state of the mind are exactly the purpose of sex yoga.

In addition, other sexual ecstasy of “Yue Jing” believes that the way to enter the spiritual path; whether the two-person sex repair can really be introductory, but it is really helpful for those who want to enhance intimate behavior or sexual stimulation.