A warrior in the concentrating state can easily enter the world of Hong Yuntian,But want to come out,It’s very troublesome,One is because of restrictions,The second is because the first batch of warriors in the concentrating spirit realm in Hong Yuntian have almost died in these years.,Not many people can enter this place,So the number of warriors in the concentrating state is now stable at a juncture of no more, no less。

These guys have more or less power in this bottom world,And some of the fellow’s apprentices were taken away from this world,So in order to protect my family or interests in this world,All the warriors of the concentrating state,Not able to go out at will!
As long as these guys can’t come out, it’s easy,There are a lot of people in that guy’s sect who ask the gods,But really have to count,This guy’s strength in the gods is already at its peak,So it doesn’t matter how many people ask the gods to come down,I can handle it!
“correct,Green Pheasant!”
Xia Chenglong turned his gaze to the green pheasant who was in a daze.,This guy used to be the patron saint of a big sect,This guy has lived for countless years,If you do so,In fact, when this guy just entered that sect,The strength is at an average level?
“What do you say。”
Green Pheasant scratched his head,I didn’t expect this guy’s combat effectiveness to be so exaggerated,This guy is still thinking about what Xia Chenglong looked like when he was fighting with the old man Huomu,I want to understand something from it。
“In the sect where you were before,Have you ever recorded anything like Hong Yuntian??Or the big world?”
The green pheasant scratched his head,This guy is indeed a guy from that era,But actually for this kind of thing,I really don’t know much,After all, I was in that era,It’s just a guardian,Just after the aura dissipated,Only when his wicked name began to show。
“I have heard of something,Things in the Trial Land,Seems to be a place beyond this world,Maybe it’s the same thing as Hong Yuntian,But for Hong Yuntian,I really didn’t understand!”
Seeing the blue pheasant look confused,This guy will definitely not lie,In other words,This guy doesn’t know what Hong Yuntian is。
“These memories are imperfect,It might be somewhere long ago,Later, it was occupied after the aura dissipated,Change it to this name!”
Xia Chenglong nodded,After all, there have been so many things in the past and present by chance,In fact, many things are not so smooth,It is reasonable to occasionally have some information that is not right,After all, I am not an archaeologist。
“We are almost leaving after this time!”
Xia Chenglong nodded,Now the matter of forging the sword city should basically be over,After those guys destroy the city,Rebuild Sword City,Restore this place to operation,I don’t have to stare at everything。
“I go to heal first,You help me stare at this place,I guess,Not long,Those guys who hide every day,Will come one by one!”
Xia Chenglong asked the green pheasant,Those hidden in the dark,The guys who are in this bottom world beyond asking the gods will definitely not ignore this matter.!

“boss,For wealth,Open a bottle of champagne……”

It seems that one day is net profit600Ten thousand dollars will stimulate these guys not lightly,Also,600Ten thousand dollars,one day!
Although the money needs to be shared equally,But don’t forget,This is the first day。
Even Ji Sheng Chengdu looked at Chen Geng with some interest,Obviously,Ji Shengcheng has figured out how much his wealth has increased in just one day,I also hope to open a bottle of champagne to celebrate。
It’s closed anyway,Chen Geng will not discourage everyone,He nodded:“OK,If you want to celebrate,go with3Restaurant,Everyone can drink at most。”
Restaurant Three,Barron·Hilton designated as a restaurant dedicated to Chen Geng’s team,During this time only provide services to Chen Geng’s team。
I heard that you can go to the No. 3 restaurant for a drink,Everyone cheered suddenly……
“Long live!”
“bossLong live!”
Ji Shengcheng who is also going to have a drink,Suddenly found that Chen Geng hadn’t moved。He was a little surprised,Can’t help but ask:“boss,Won’t you go?”
Chen Geng shook his head:“I won’t go。”
Ji Shengcheng was a little surprised,More at ease:“You are worried about these……”
“Do not,”Chen Geng said you think too much:“I’m just waiting for news from Hong Kong Island。”
“News from Hong Kong Island?”
Ji Shengcheng glanced at the row of clocks hanging on the wall,Every clock corresponds to a stock market,For example, the one that says Tokyo,Time representing the Tokyo stock market,The one that says Hong Kong Island,Represents the time of Hong Kong Island。He wondered:“Hong Kong Island Stock Market,Isn’t it a while before the market opens??”
Chen Geng’s Significant Way:“Some news,Before the market opened。”

Leng Ling said at this moment,“Qin Feng,What are you afraid of,Just go。As for this?Ha ha,I’m really not afraid of him playing tricks。”

have to say,That’s arrogant in Leng Ling’s tone。
Qin Feng is afraid of these patrols?The answer is absolutely no,He just doesn’t want to cause trouble,In case the director is really in the same group with Jin Haoyu,It is very likely that Qin Feng and others will become fugitives again。
This kind of thing
I tried it once when the wind was on the island。So he really doesn’t want to be dealt with by these people who carry official duties,Because once they are really selfish,It’s possible to be scammed here。
“Are you scared??”Leng Ling saw that Qin Feng did not respond and urged again。
Yooo?afraid?I Qin Feng will be afraid?
“Walking,It’s a big deal upset him!”Qin Feng is also willing。After all, when he was in the island country before, Qin Feng was actually very angry。Because at the end of the fight, he found out that he couldn’t compare with two peers。
Yes,Zhang Qiang and Chu Xiao are both young,Are in their twenties and under thirty,It stands to reason that they are the same age。But the battle between the two,Qin Feng can’t intervene。
As for now,This is not an island country,No storm!Naturally, he won’t gather masters。Even if the person named Jin Howoo runs a taekwondo gym,Qin Feng thinks he should still be able to win。After all, if the stick mercenary I saved in the first place was right,,Qin Feng’s strength is still better than Jin Haoyu。
The mercenary said this!
The Chief of Patrol, Qian Taiming, is also neat,Just walk away。And I asked Qin Feng for advice before leaving。After all, since Qin Feng has some concerns,Then he must not bring too many people。
In fact, Qin Feng felt,Anyway, if I get to that place,If it really fights,Is it useful to have more patrol officers??Yes,Is actually useful,It’s just that Qian Taiming can’t mobilize too many people。Only two groups of people can follow and act together。
The two groups add up to a dozen patrols。But this configuration should be enough?After all, there shouldn’t be so many people in a bureau, all of them are under the orders of the director。

I haven’t said all the curse,Yu Guo returned to the familiar ground before……

The second floor of the hotel,Everyone was shocked,But with the lessons from the past,This time no one has the idea of taking out the phone to record。
The owner of the restaurant also squeezed his facial features together,No sound from crying。
“The smell of barbecue,You met cannibals?”
Seeing Xiang Chenhong’s dark arm,Yao Yao would naturally not have this opportunity to tease Xiang Chen。
“Let police officer Han handle his eyes first,Is lime powder,Encountered a mean and nasty stuff!”
Xiang Chen sits beside Xiangyang,Grab something to fill your stomach。
Eat up what Xiangyang and the others have left,Xiang Chen grabbed the hot pot at the next table again,I started eating unceremoniously。
Everyone is speechless,I just threw people down from the second floor,But I eat other people’s leftover hot pot like a okay person。
Compared to the silence of people around,Wang Qiaoqiao’s psychological endurance is still alive,After all, the impression of making trouble in the infusion room has not been erased,It’s not difficult to understand Xiang Chen’s arrogant behavior just now。
It’s just that Wang Qiaoqiao is a little scared,Xiang Chen’s arm strength,I even fought him repeatedly before,In case this guy becomes angry,Don’t you want to be cool?
The feeling of being left behind,Wang Qiaoqiao suddenly felt that the world around her was still very cute。
“Xiang Chen,Are you causing trouble again?”
It didn’t take long for Mo Mo to deal with the look in Korean Xiang’s eyes。
To restore vision,Looking at the surrounding scenery,Han Yuxiang knows that in the time he can’t see,There must be another story。
The spectators around are as quiet as chills,The person who looked like the restaurant owner was crying,Xiang Yang and others are fairly calm,Only Xiang Chen seems like nothing happened,Eating。
If you can sit down and eat something like this in Korean Xiang,The brain is really broken。Put on the posture of a housekeeper,But seeing the injury on Xiang Chen’s arm,Han Yuxiang’s momentum suddenly wilted again。

She moves very carefully,Very careful,Treat equally,Like treating one’s own child。

Even if Zhu Xiaoguang made the bed by themselves,She will do it again carefully,The attitude of giving sincerely,Meticulous care,Let402The group of young people in the dormitory can’t help thinking of their mother。
Loving mother hand line,Wandering top,Close seam,Fear of being late.Who said nothing,Hold three Chunhui。
“Menglin,You don’t have to accompany me tomorrow,I go around the city myself。All of you go to class,Learning is a lifetime,More important than making money。”Mother Lu smiled gently。
“it is good!”
“Ok,Mother Lu,We must study hard。”Everyone nodded and agreed。
“correct,Menglin,Accompany mom to dinner tomorrow night。I have an old sister’s family in Shencheng that I haven’t seen for many years,They want to see you too。”Mother Lu said with a smile。
Wang Shaoxiao was agitated,Yelled anxiously:“Wow!Isn’t it a blind date??Aunt Lu,The kids on your sister’s side are boys and girls?how old?”
How lack of love is this kid!I can think of this in the blink of an eye。
I don’t know how Mum Lu nodded with a smile,Half joking:“Over there is a girl,Should be about your age。Old friend for many years。It’s okay for my family Menglin to make friends!”
I heard Mother Lu was so enlightened,The boys in the dormitory all laughed。
at dusk,Lu Menglin came to the north gate of Shenzhen University by appointment。

Shout out,There is even a murderous momentum,Many people present couldn’t help but be shocked。

Of course it can only be Cao Wen,She was angry,Full of anger at Lu Menglin,Came over angrily。
“Lu Lin,What’s the matter with you!Bring students to this place,Do not apply in advance with the school!”Cao Wen shouted angrily。
Lu Menglin was a lady at first sight,And the tone is still rushing,Smiled suddenly。
“you are?”Lu Menglin asked with a smile。
Wei Xiaoxing winked at him quickly,Whispered:“Head of the Military Department,Cao Wen。”
Cao Wen sternly face,There are so many eyes watching all around,Angrily staring at Lu Menglin。
“The official letter of the Fifth Military Region should be delivered to the school, right??This teaching action was approved by the teaching director Sun Tongguang,So my procedures are complete。”Lu Menglin said with a smile。
Although his face is smiling,But the words don’t let the wind blow,Typical Mianli Tibetan Needle。
Cao Wen’s face turned blue with anger,Anger:“The procedure is a fart!They are all freshmen!Freshmen who have only entered school for ten days,You bring them to the red zone,Want to kill them??”
Unexpectedly, after Lu Menglin listened to her,,Actually nodded,Then shouted at Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu:“Have all your training tasks been completed??”
Wei Xiaoxing was taken aback,He wanted to answer right away,But I don’t know why,Actually a little scared,After all, he is not the monitor,In case the answer is wrong at this time,But it’s not a joke。
Now it is Teacher Lu and Teacher Cao Wen,The two gods are fighting,We mortals rush into it,But it will suffer。
“All trained。Twelve classmates here,Everyone completed the training task assigned by the teacher,I am optimistic about each one。”He Bu nodded honestly,Replied。
Although this child is usually muffled,But the critical moment,He is still very responsible,As expected to be the monitor personally selected by Lu Menglin。
Lu Menglin nodded,Turned away,Said to Cao Wen very seriously:“They have all completed my training mission。”
Cao Wen was slightly taken aback by him,I don’t quite understand what this means,Still thinking,Could it be that I forgot something?What does it mean for these children to complete the training task?
“What do you mean?”Cao Wen was surprised。
Lu Menglin said with a smile:“It means they work hard!People who work hard are eligible to come to the red zone!”
“This,What is the logic?Do you understand!They will be dangerous if they stay in the red zone。”Cao Wen was shocked and angry,I thought how could there be such a person in the world,It’s just a chicken talking to a duck,Unreasonable!

“Brother,The wealth figures announced by those financial oligarchs are not as good as theirs,They are all giants of a rich and enemy country,They don’t even pay attention to the big investment banks on Wall Street.。”

“I know。”Qiao Tianyu nodded,Only then realized the thorny problem。
It seems that this time his opponent is truly unprecedented。
But a problem also followed,Why does that powerful financial oligarch want this“surreptitiously”To enter the American auto industry?
By their strength,Just move your finger,It is entirely possible to buy Merck Group,But why did they go to the stock market to scan through small brokerages??
I heard Qiao Tianyu’s question,David shook his head,Means not knowing,But he reacted quickly and suddenly。
“this matter,I guess someone knows。”David says。
“Who?”Qiao Tianyu hurriedly asked。
“Sanchez!”David explained。
“Alpha Securities sweeps Merck’s shares,Sanchez arranged it alone,The funds used were also from his account。”
“Say then,Sanchez is a financial oligarch‘accomplice’?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“you can say so。”David nodded。
“Brother,You just helped Sanchez the other day,He shouldn’t shame you?At least give you some useful information。”
“Also。”Qiao Tianyu still has this confidence。

So they don’t have any other ideas,Just tell them:“If you stay in the car for one night, you might really freeze to death,After all, the weather is getting colder now,And even if we gave you the quilt。

Now the car has broken down,Are you two really going to freeze to death here?”Then they said that let Yiming and Chu Yao stay in their place for one night,And they think their place is safer。
Just give them a small room,Carefully guard it then,Or be more vigilant,Nothing else will happen,What’s more, they didn’t think that these two people could make any waves.。
At least if they really do something,They can easily subdue the two of them,By the time,They will be punished for the two of them so that they understand what kind of consequences it is to lie to others。
Or let them know what will happen if they come here as an undercover agent,They are definitely not soft-hearted people,If you really meet an undercover,They will never let them go easily。
It’s just that the two of them feel that they accidentally hit two people just now,And injured both of them,If you really stay in the car for one night,Might really freeze them to death,Although not a soft-hearted person。
But sometimes they have some spirits,They feel that even though these two people were beaten by them,But very polite,And he didn’t speak wild words to them,Or to anger them。
Several of them think these two people are pretty good,In fact, everyone’s heart is a soft place,If you are treated politely,Then they are also very loyal。
It’s just that they do too many bad things,So sometimes I often forget what my nature is like,Sometimes I forget what I looked like in the beginning because of other things,So I lost a kind heart。
But if someone really triggers a soft place in their heart,They are still very capable of doing what they should do,Or can have a good heart。
For example, now they really don’t want these two people to stay in the car for one night,Because if it’s really frozen,Some of them will feel a little bad,So I told them to let them go to their residence。
I will listen to Chu Yao just one night,But although the two of them are very happy,But on the surface he still pretended to hesitate,Then the two men whispered and discussed。
Finally turned his head,Then Yiming told these people:“Brothers, you really are not robbers, are you?,Or you guys are not coveting anything,This car and some of our money can be placed on you。
But please don’t hurt our people,Although there are some offensive things,But the two of us did meet too many bad guys,So I dare not easily borrow and live in other people’s homes。

Put your hands in front of your face,The two index fingers touch each other lightly,Lee·Iacocca finally speaks:“Miss Rosemary,Your appetite is not small。”

Rosemary said honestly:“Because this car is worth this price!Mr. Iacocca,If your car can sell for ten thousand dollars,Will you sell it for five thousand dollars?”
“of course not,But only if your car is really worth ten thousand dollars。But these are not the points,The point is:Miss Rosemary,Why do you think I will accept your terms?”
“I didn’t think you would accept my terms。”
“There are four automakers in the U.S.,Except Chrysler,And ford、General andAMC,Facing the offensive launched by Japanese cars with the help of this sudden oil crisis,Everyone’s life is equally difficult,They are all looking for a model that can have a certain competitive advantage over Japanese cars.……So even if Chrysler doesn’t cooperate with us,I don’t worry about finding a partner。”
“interesting,Really fun。”Lee·Iacocca applauded gently。
Some things needless to say are too clear,Rosemary told herself,They Fernandez can not only cooperate with Chrysler Automobiles,You can also cooperate with other car manufacturers,Another deeper meaning is,If Chrysler Motors wants to rely on its identity as the four major U.S. automakers to engage in some extravagance,They are not without a way to cope:Do you dare to engage in extravagance,Big deal I give your competitors what I have,Let your competitors dominate you again!
One sentence,This is not only a smart woman,Also an extremely business-minded woman。
Rosemary smiled slightly:You understand。
Some things don’t need to be said,Everyone is smart,That’s enough。
“I now believe that you can indeed come up with such a product,”Pondered for a moment,Lee·Iacocca finally speaks,He said slowly:“Chrysler does need such a product,Let’s not talk about how we work together,How do you prove that your product will definitely become a hit?”
Rosemary clenched her fist in her heart:Succeeded!
she knows,If it’s not successful to provoke Li·Iacocca’s interest,He won’t ask this sentence。

“amount?You mean the ground we are stepping on?”

Qin Feng felt that he couldn’t understand more。Because if this exists,Is what they are doing now is a bit incomprehensible?
At least you still have some conquests around the world。Are all beating their own people,If you have so much energy,Why not invest in the so-called scientific research?
“and many more,Back again,What does it have to do with what spy do you think I am??”Qin Feng doesn’t understand,Obviously just now,The two principals dug him out directly from the wind and snow。
“Ugh,Except these,There are also people who have been frozen from earlier times。”
“Frozen down?what do you mean?”Qin Feng is really shocked now。
Because the other party’s meaning is obvious,Because in ancient times,So many kings or capable people have the dream of immortality。Even after various attempts,The pill is a by-product in practice。
According to the principal,,In ancient times, people really lived to the present?
It seems to see through Qin Feng’s question,Principal Ye continued to explain,“Actually it’s not alive till now。It’s like some animals hibernating。That period,They just let the body maintain basic functions,But the whole person is unconscious。Or,Conscious in mind,But the body is not capable of action。Like a superhero,There seems to be such a saying that age is sealed?”
“We once met a self-appointed monk。how to say,Because in a certain era, the aura around you suddenly disappeared。At that moment, it was like annihilation for the monks。
Because there is no spiritual power,It becomes extremely difficult for them to practice,And even stand still for many years。At this moment,Some people started trying to proclaim themselves。”
Qin Feng understands the situation when he hears this,I am afraid that the two previous principals regarded him as the kind of self-styled person, right??If it’s not because the sleeping bag you use looks like a modern product,Perhaps these two principals might have done something to him at that time。
of course,These are just Qin Feng’s guesses,In fact, if you really encounter this situation,Naturally, it is impossible for the two principals to kill without saying a word。
What if some of the self-appointed monks also agree with their ideas?Can’t this be their helper here??
So,They can still communicate。
“I said the old principal,Since you can judge that I am not this kind of person。Why don’t you let me go?”Qin Feng asked。