But others can’t do it,Doesn’t mean the boss can’t do it!I didn’t see the boss using the local method to make steel,Did you come up with such a sharp weapon??

The soldiers of the Guards were fighting high,When the face is full of joy and colorless,A group of true top powerhouses,But I saw something wrong。
Liu Niu’er was the first to find that the situation was wrong,His eyesight is always excellent,Lu Menglin only appeared on the battlefield,He immediately prepared to bring Wei Xiaoxing and He Bu close to him。
According to past experience,Stay with the boss,Definitely the safest。Because no one knows how many hole cards the boss has,No matter how difficult the opponent is,The boss should be able to handle it。
Only this time,After Liu Niu’er took another look,Suddenly stopped with a horrified face。
Because he found,The boss doesn’t seem to be bringing reinforcements,It’s like being chased by the opponent!
And those weird guys with bald heads,The way of movement is very strange,And it’s tough,Every electric light comes out,They all seem to be directed at the boss,Just get out of the way by the boss,The skeleton soldiers all around have suffered。
At this moment,Lu Menglin didn’t bother to shout,Send a message directly to everyone on the guard side with mental power。
“All,Access channel!Retreat all!”Lu Menglin doesn’t care how many people can receive this spiritual power,But he knows very well,Kasuga Mingzi and Mao Yongfei, two alchemy martial artists, are sure to receive,There are also some mental power mutants,Should be able to receive。
really,After Lu Menglin delivered the news,The complexion of Kasuga Mingzi and Mao Yongfei changed slightly at the same time。
The two great alchemy martial artists looked at each other in the same way,Both saw the same doubt in the eyes of the other party。
“Miss Mingzi,Is this the boss’s order??”Mao Yongfei asked uncertainly。
Because he has never received Lu Menglin’s spiritual transmission,It shows that the situation is so urgent that it cannot be added,Lu Menglin didn’t even have time to shout,To use such a secret way。
Kasuga Hakoko nodded,She is a master of spiritual power,Of course I can tell,The spiritual power transmission just now,It’s definitely Brother Lu, no doubt。
The two cast their eyes into the distance,Sure enough, I saw Lu Menglin rushing all the way in the skeleton camp,A bunch of things that don’t know if it’s a zombie or a skeleton followed,And from time to time it emits that terrible electric light,Every blow will sweep down a large block of skeleton soldiers。
It looks like,This is Boss Lu being hunted down!Every step is dangerous!
This time,Shouldn’t you go up and help??There was a look of determination in both eyes。
Although I know that the skeletons outside the defense circle are in danger,A little carelessness will lead to destruction,After all, no one is Lu Menglin,Able to be like him,Dancing on the tip of a knife,But whether it is Kasuga Hako,Still risking Yongfei,The two are Alchemy Warriors,All have fearless courage,And they know,Lu Menglin for the guards,Even for the entire human world,How important is it!

Without any hesitation,Stay here one more minute,It’s a danger for the old city owner。

Those dark matter automatically fuse together after coming here,Turned into a black viscous fluid floating。
“go with!”
With Xia Chenglong’s order,The surrounding golden giant net began to shrink,At this time the dark matter can’t sit still,Actually started to collide。
To complete the control,Xia Chenglong directly poured in all the dragon’s breath,To ensure a success。
When the gold net is getting smaller and smaller,The range of dark matter that can move is getting smaller and smaller。
They began to rush outwards in a panic,But Xia Chenglong was prepared,Naturally won’t let it leave so easily。
quickly,The seal will be completed in a while,It will be over by then。
but……Just when I was ready to close the net,A cloud of dark matter stopped in place caught Xia Chenglong’s attention。
The other party didn’t bump around like other guys,Instead, it is absorbing the power of the old city owner。
Oversight,I didn’t expect these guys to know so much,From entering here to now,A long time has passed,If the opponent keeps absorbing after coming here,So far……
A giant golden hand headed directly towards the dark matter,Just when it’s about to touch,The other party is suddenly dark red light,Directly shred the golden hands。
Things are not over yet,The opponent not only swallows the power of the old city lord,Other dark matter has also become that guy’s nourishment。

The boss has prepared 200 million yuan in technical reform funds?!

Chen Geng’s words came out,Jack·Welch was stunned,He hesitated for a moment before carefully asking Chen Geng:“boss,as far as I know,The strength of United Credit Bank seems……Well……”
Although the previous loan was provided by United Credit Bank,But by that opportunity,Jack·Welch also knows and understands the strength of United Credit Bank:A small bank with only a few hundred thousand dollars in annual net profit.,They can giveAMCProvide such a large loan?Wouldn’t it be the boss’s private pocket again??
Of course it’s impossible to pay privately,No capitalist is so stupid,But if there is Chen Geng’s guarantee,Lending a special fund for designated purposes by United Credit Bank from large banks such as Wells Fargo Bank,That’s not a big problem,Especially dedicated to liftingGL8Special funds for production capacity。
But this kind of thing is not necessary for Jack·Welch said,Chen Geng nods slightly:“The funds will be allocated within a weekAMCOn the account。”
Jack·Welch was silent for a moment,Asked again:“What about interest rates?”
“Same as last loan。”
“OK,Then i’m fine。”
Since the boss is not willing to explain to himself why a small bank such as United Credit Bank has such a loan to provideAMC,While ensuring that interest rates will not be higher than other banks,Jack·Welch also fascinated and stopped asking other questions:As a professional manager,Own task is to leadAMCOut of the woods、Develop and grow,As for the others, it has nothing to do with me。
Different from previous times,This timeAMCThis cocktail party,no matter howAMCaspect、The representative of the supplier or the representative of the distributor,All of them are beaming。
OK,AMCFinally has a pillar product of its own heavyweight,Just pay attention to the quality in the production process,AMCEven with the confidence to stand up,Just nextAMCNew products can be successful again,And asAMCSupplier/Dealer,You can rely onAMCMake big money、Delicious and spicy,Great!
Especially those dealers who insisted on not leaving the network until now,Everyone was excited and tears filled his eyes:Finally arrivedAMCWhen will the death come back to life,Luckily i didn’t give up,Lao Tzu’s good days are finally here……
These guys are moved by their persistence。
So be jack·When Welch was standing in front of the microphone in the center of the reception with a red face,It’s not surprising that there was warm applause at the scene。

Chapter 581 Qianqian’s Choice

Tujia in Lingxiao City?
Seems to have some influence,In a certain city in Zhongyu,And their patriarch is a genuine warrior who asks the gods。
Feng endless coughs twice:“That one,Besides seeing how you live,One more important thing,Even more important than you。”
“I want to take Qianqian away!”
“No way!”Xia Chenglong refused decisively。
No one can take Qianqian away from him,This is the only flesh and blood of his brother,Never allow any mistakes。
to be frank,Feng endless still understands Xia Chenglong’s mood,After all he understands his past。
“you need to know,This little guy has innate spiritual roots,And there seems to be an energy of the other two in her,You should feel this too!”
So what?
About Qianqian,Xia Chenglong can indeed observe,As the direct blood of the Zhao family,She does have a lot of secrets。
It’s just that it doesn’t mean she has to take on those things!
“No way!”
“Xia Chenglong,You can,Your brother can,I can too,Can lose his life for the whole of China,As a man of great china,Why can’t Qianqian?”
Feng endlessly said the most sincere words in my heart!
Their existence is indeed for the prosperity of this country,But what did you get in the end?

I didn’t think,But the pain of the arm being burned at this moment makes Xiang Chen sweaty。

Xiang Chen’s voice fell,The police car’s sirens sounded in Han Yuxiang’s ears。
Tucao in the heart,The sentences in the movie are still very accurate,Every time the parties settle the matter,The sirens are late。
I have been taken a long way by Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang is still thinking about handing over work with Yan Jun and others who rushed over,But now that he has been taken away by Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang gave up the idea of the proposal。
Maybe it’s like what Dad said,The back of justice is not necessarily unjust,If I acted according to my own philosophy just now,Maybe the people who are going to enter the funeral home are you and Xiang Chen。
I suddenly felt lighter,I feel that Xiang Chen has carried himself up again,Han Yuxiang couldn’t help but let out a low cry。
“Do not worry!I did not kill,But for self-protection,Hurting is inevitable。”
I seem to have guessed what the Korean Xiang is thinking,When Xiang Chen spoke,Soft tone。
“You saw the monk just now,Should be a killer,Was sent to kill me。This world is like this,There will always be people who are forced to accept death before they are ready,Maybe it’s me,It may be someone else someday。In short,this world,Different from what you think。”Xiang Chen sighed,Seems to be defending myself,It seems to be explaining something to Korean Xiang。
“I know。”
I always feel that I might fall off Xiang Chen,Han Yuxiang hugged Xiang Chen unconsciously,But I heard the latter gasp。
“You are hurt?”Han Yuxiang asked nervously。
“Okay!Just got scalded。”Xiang Chen said something indifferently,Then pause,Speak slowly“Don’t get me wrong,I just think that the first time I saw you at Lingyun’s house,pretty good!Don’t change if you can,Maybe one day the world will become more people because of you,Will become better。”
Xiang Chen walks with his head down,Didn’t see behind him,Korean red cheeks。
Blow gently on the place you just touched。
“When I was young, I was hurt and my mother used to blow it to me……”

“Also good!See you tomorrow!”Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled。

Hear his answer,The men around suddenly breathed a sigh of relief,The perfect impression of the goddess was preserved,They don’t want to see a boy enter the goddess’ boudoir!That’s really cruel!
“Ok!See you tomorrow!”Kim So Yeon blinked,There was a light flashing in Lu Menglin’s eyes。
Talk about it,Kim So Yeon turned around,Under the eyes of countless lights,Stepped up the stairs。
“Wait a minute,Teacher Jin!Wait a minute。”At this moment,A call came from behind the two。
This sound was not made by Lu Menglin,But someone else。
The gazes of everyone around looked at the person who called Master Jin。
What appeared in front of everyone was a short and fat middle-aged man,He is wearing a black European suit that doesn’t fit well,Sleeves are obviously longer,The cuffs almost cover the back of the hand,Greasy Mediterranean hairstyle,I can’t bear to look at it a second time。
At least in terms of appearance and age,This middle-aged uncle certainly does not have the competitiveness to compete with Teacher Jin。
Kim So Yeon turned around,Smiled politely at the visitor。
She knows this man,The other party is Mr. Huang, the head of the department who recruited him。
“Teacher Jin,Tell you a good news!”Director Huang strode forward like no one,Grinned。
Everyone can see,Director Huang thinks highly of himself,He didn’t even see Lu Menglin on the side,Basically maintained an ignorant attitude。
“Is there a problem?”Kim So Yeon said lightly。
text Chapter Three Hundred and Two Stagnant
Director Huang with his head held high,Try to put on your most handsome look in front of beautiful women。
“Is such that!Teacher Jin,After my strong recommendation,And the discussion and research of the school leadership,Decided to assign you a set of professor building units。After all, you are a talent from abroad!Schools should give more policy,Create an environment that attracts high-end talents!”Director Huang said in an official tone。
Kim So Yeon continued to maintain a peaceful smile,Nodded very calmly。

this phenomenon,Make him hesitate about the future,I’m afraid I will end up like that。

If you can make some achievements in antiques,That’s different。This line,Profiteering is one aspect,Freedom is his pursuit。
Like just now,If I buy a few paintings myself,It’s equivalent to my classmates working hard for a year or two。
therefore,He is particularly thirsty for the knowledge of antique appreciation。Every live broadcast of Brother Hu,He has watched,In-depth study of some of Hu’s analysis。
Other guys in the dorm,I don’t understand what he did,Feel he is crazy,Not considering the actual situation at all。Want to get rich overnight with antiques,It’s just a daydream。
just,Persuaded several times,This guy is still going its own way,They die。Ignore this guy。
Wen Wenhao took everyone away,Side introduction,Buildings here,A considerable part,Actually rebuilt,Not passed down。
“right now,How many authentic old buildings are there?Not surprising!”Huazi is not surprised。
Even many so-called ancient towns、Old street,Those buildings,Many are antique buildings。A building is kept intact,Not surprising,But a street is full of ancient buildings,That makes people question。
“indeed,Such an ancient building area,Not much in China。There is an old book stand over there,Let’s go and see。”Wen Wenhao takes the lead。
Old book stand is a bit big,A full ten or twenty meters,All old books、Ancient calligraphy and painting etc.,There are also many customers。
among them,Quite a large part are books from decades ago,Many are after liberation。Less before the Republic of China,Everyone can see,There are many little books that Brother Hu introduced before,Densely laid out several rows。
“I picked it up here last time。”Shen Tuxin smiled。
Finished,He just squatted down,Start looking for old books I like。To those printed matter,He is dismissive,Although some prints are also valuable,But still very few。
“Hey!friend,You have to memorize this book!”One of the stall owners said。
Yes!This stall is not a stall owner,Three or four people watching,Look at them,Probably brother,The whole family is counting on this book stand to eat?
And read that little book,Is a military uniform,Middle-aged man in Jiefang shoes。This military uniform,He bought it when his son was in college,I heard my son tell me to throw it away,He took it back and put it on himself,Throw away the wasteful,Spent money!
have to say,Chinese military training,Really a formal thing。
Training for a few days,What can you do?How many young people’s physical fitness to improve?no?Cultivate patriotism?Have it?But because of military training,Buy military uniforms, etc.,Just wear it for a few days,Cause great waste。

After Yiming came back,Xiao Fan asked him to take his brother back to rest。Yiming the next day, they don’t have to do anything,I followed Xiao Fan to the base camp of those people。

I want to see what the pain those people endure like,I also want to see if those people know where they are wrong,How many unreasonable things have been done。
The most important thing for Yiming is to avenge Shen Lin,Want to anger,Even though he packed a lot of people yesterday,But I always feel that my heart is stuck in my chest and I didn’t let it out。
Thinking that Shen Lin is still lying in bed and unconscious, he is very angry,But Xiao Fan actually knew what Yiming was thinking,Without saying more, let him follow。
After coming to their base camp,Xiao Fan used yesterday’s method to deal with them again,And Xiao Fan did what he said,Used a success force yesterday,I used two powers of success today。
Those people feel more painful,Everyone wants to hide but can’t hide,I can’t escape if I want,Can only linger in front of Xiao Fan and begging for mercy。
Later, they didn’t even have the strength to beg for mercy,But how could Xiao Fan let them escape this disaster so easily?。
Seeing them lingering on the ground now,Xiao Fan just felt unable to stand it,I feel that the evil things these people do are just not enough for them。
But Xiao Fan didn’t want to look at them again,After all, these people look at Xiao Fan more and feel that they have stained their eyes。
So after solving them the next day,Went back to the resting place,But on the road I met an unexpected guest。
This person is not good at first sight,Xiao Fan initially thought it was someone who wanted to steal his necklace,But after a closer look, I found that this person’s figure is somewhat familiar。
Then Gu Jin called out Master,Xiao Fan looked far away and found that it was really his master,So he hurried forward to say hello to Master,Gu Jin and Xiao Fan are very happy。
Kunlun Xu’s former master was Wenxie,Is also a famous person in the arena,But since retiring to the world,I don’t know what I’m doing,No one else knows his trace。
I only know that his apprentice Xiao Fan is very powerful,And his apprentice Gu Jin is also in charge of Kunlun Xu,So no one knows his whereabouts for so many years,But Xiao Fan and Gu Jin don’t know。
I didn’t expect to meet my master here,Then Xiao Fan stepped forward and asked Master:“Master, why are you here?,So many years,Why don’t you come to see us。”
Xiao Fan also looks like a junior only in front of his master,Otherwise, he has always looked high and planned for everyone。
But never showed the appearance of a junior in front of the elders,Even in front of Fan Lao Xiao Fan is always the one who takes care of Fan Lao。
But obviously Xiao Fan saw his master,Changes in mentality and actions,Gu Jin is also very happy to watch。

The workers in Detroit are excited about their disguised salary increase,But Chen Geng has no time to get excited,Not to be indecent,Now that the little devil has made a move,Don’t say hello to them,How can you be worthy of the little devil’s scheming?

“The union’s request for a salary increase,Related to Dongying people?”Jack·Welch was surprised,But then,He nodded:“This time,It’s really too coincidental。”
What a coincidence,If it is in accordance with previous normal procedures,After the North American Auto Workers’ Association proposed an increase in hourly wages and benefits,Of course the management will not agree,Both sides will repeat、See-saw talk for a long time,During this period, the union may organize several strikes,It lasted half a year,The two sides finally reached a mutually acceptable agreement。
This is the standard procedure,But for Chen Geng, who is about to become Mayor of Detroit,,It’s like he got off the ground before he got on stage——Aren’t you the mayor,Now i see what you do。
But to the surprise of Dongying people,Chen Geng, the prospective mayor of Detroit, did not follow the inherent procedures in the past.,He directly copied the nest of the North American Auto Workers Association,Let the public’s attention from“Unions fight for better salaries and benefits for workers”became“Corruption in the trade union turned out to be so bad”,Completely reversed the situation,Also made the little devil dumbfounded。
Speaking of which,Some readers will be surprised,Now that I have copied the nest of the North American Auto Workers Association,And also got Marion·Evidence of Corruption by Talbot and others,Why Marion·Talbot is still so free now?
I’m going to talk about the American legal system here,The police have law enforcement powers but no trial powers,After getting the evidence,The police will submit evidence to the prosecution,Then choose an opportunity to hold court to hear the case,Between the time the police obtain the evidence and the trial of the case,usually,The person involved in the case will be allowed to work and live normally after paying bail,As long as you go to court normally。
Marion·Talbot is like that,After paying the bail,As long as he did not resign,And the North American Auto Workers Association also failed to pass the impeachment case against him.,He is still the chairman of the North American Auto Workers Association,And as a veteran who has worked for the North American Auto Workers Association for more than 30 years,Relying on the trade union platform,Marion·Talbot has deep connections in American politics,This also means that this will be a protracted lawsuit——Say so,On the night Chen Geng pushed the police to raid the North American Auto Workers Association headquarters,Chen Geng received more than 30 calls,It’s all called by some big guys,And the Detroit police phone kept ringing。
Actually even Chen Geng,I didn’t expect to be able to remove Marion in two or three years.·Talbot sent to prison——Even if the Detroit Intermediate Court declares Marion·Talbot loses,He can also appeal?Marion·Talbot will never give up the opportunity to appeal,This also means that this will be a protracted lawsuit。
Shook his head,Jack·Welch asked Chen Geng seriously:“boss,How are you going to respond to Dongying people??”
“Dongying people of course have to clean up,But you have to harden yourself,”Chen Geng said:“Same as this battle with the union,This battle with Dongying people will also be a protracted battle,In the process,We must practice internal strength,Only in this way can we ensure that we remain invincible in the next protracted battle。”
Jack·Welch nodded in agreement,Dongying Motors has proven its strength with its rising market share,For such an opponent,Jack·Of course Welch will give enough respect,He said seriously:“What are you going to do?”
Chen Geng didn’t answer right away,But to Jack·Welch asked:“Jack,What do you think is the biggest gap between us and Dongying Motors?”
“The gap between us and Dongying Motors?”Jack·Welch thought for a while,Said:“Fuel consumption,The biggest gap between us and Japanese cars is fuel consumption。”

The huge flying ship floats above the city,Generally, only flying boats like the Super Bowl or major events will be dispatched,There is no advertising around this time。

Flying boat parked in the air,Suddenly there is a small shadow falling。
People accident,But did not choose to evacuate immediately,Maybe most curiosity is like this。
Until someone uttered an exclamation first,Then more and more people joined it。
The flying boat in the sky is falling with cash,A lot of cash is falling from the sky,The people are completely crazy about it。
God-given,To be blamed。Who would ignore this in vain benefit??
Pieces of crowds raised their hands high,Even if the cash falling in the sky still has a long distance to fall,But people have begun to raise their hands,Desperately wanting to follow the falling cash,Closer。
With the first cash falling into the crowd,The people who stopped on the street were completely crazy。
The state of the crowd is close to madness,It’s like a crisis。
“See!This is the lovely poor people,How cute they look!”
Ivincent sitting in a corner smiled and said to Robinson。
Robinson smiled disapprovingly,But the picture sent back through the broadcaster on the flying boat,The picture in the crowd is indeed scary。
“They are very forgetful,At least at this moment these people have no fear in their minds。But these people are also stupid,They don’t know that in this cash rain everyone can grab at most a few hundred yuan,They work so hard!”
Robinson looking at the monitor,Said rather helplessly。