Everyone toasted to congratulate。

“Manager Chen,Are you sure?I heard that the financial strength of the blood legend is very strong,And they occupied the Internet cafe market earlier than us,To defeat them in this respect,I’m afraid it’s difficult?”Zhou Dashen asked with a smile。
This question is out,The faces of the others present changed slightly,Because this is also a question they want to ask but dare not ask。
Now Chen Tianjiao is full of confidence,The pinnacle of Li Bingmao,Who dares to ask him this kind of question,Deliberately touched his mildew?
but,If the person asking the question is Zhou Dashen,The effect is different again。
Chapter Four Hundred and Nine Tianjiao visiting
Chen Tianjiao thought a little,Three fingers stretched out,Pinch together,Smiled:“Don’t hide,I am 70% sure!Business matters,It’s more than just funds。I can’t say much,But Xiao Zhou, don’t worry,As long as you keep doing the game well,Don’t worry about other things。”
Zhou Dashen nodded,Smiled:“That’s true!I don’t understand after you told me,I only know games anyway。Oh,correct!Manager Chen,Director Bao is here,There is a little thing,I’ll just say it directly。
I’m considering adding a new idea to the game recently,But before every time I have to test it in the game,Must go through the planning department first,Apply again,Too much trouble。Or give me permission?”
Suddenly heard this request,Chen Tianjiao has not responded yet,Tolerant Xing felt a little bit in his heart,I narrowed my eyes。

The fall of the drunk drew more than just Mo Mo chuckles,And the unbridled laughter of his companions。

“I said you can’t drink it anymore,Don’t admit it!”
A drunk pointed at the man who fell on the ground and cursed.,Then I took the opportunity to reach out to Mo Mo。
The palm has not touched Mo Mo’s body,But that person’s face already showed an expression of enjoyment。
But soon,The smile on that man’s face was replaced by another distorted expression。
Because Mo Mo is in full view,I caught his fingers with a pair of chopsticks,It’s nothing great,It’s just that Mo Mo broke the drunk man’s finger with his chopsticks,This is breathtaking。
All witnesses saw that after silently holding the finger of the drunk with chopsticks,There are clearly visible deformations in his fingers。
Accompanied by the whispers of people around,The drunk also sobered up a lot,Picking up the wine bottle at the next table and going to smash Momo。
The woman in front of you is beautiful,But I don’t have a chance to kiss Fangze today,Then there is no need for others to have this opportunity in the future!
That drunk thought well,It’s just that the bottle in his hand failed to hit Momo’s head as he wished.。
The unbearable sun will rise directly,Punched the drunk man in the face,The nose turned blue in an instant。
After the blessing of wine,The courage of a few men is indeed much greater,But their poor sensitivity is not even a little bit。

Formation that was originally slow is accelerated by the appearance of light before。

If it weren’t for the great Daxinganling,The opponent will be faster。
Chapter 907 uninvited guest
Leave from the small lake,In front is the bamboo shed built by Xia Chenglong,This is also a boring little fun,It is not too difficult for them to build a relatively simple residence。
Yard,Xia Chenglong packed up the prepared prey,Naturally, cooking for life can only be left to him,Murong Qianxue,Forget it!
It’s a pretty good thing to get her into the WTO,As for cooking,Even if the other party is a woman,Xia Chenglong didn’t want to be tired。
and so,At the moment the woman is just practicing cross-legged in the bamboo house。
The scent of barbecue and hot spreads from the yard,If someone must admire,Which good wife is this,I made such a good meal。
Xia Chenglong is not just a simple practitioner,Long long ago,He is just a fighter,At that time he had to do a lot,Including how to cook an edible meal or a great god-level meal。
this is,Murong Qianxue’s eyes opened,The flat ground seems a little worried,Want to start,Finally stayed in the house。
Maybe so,Allows them to make a different decision。
Xia Chenglong happened to face the outside of the courtyard,So two old people appeared behind him, he didn’t know,Only after turning around,Hurriedly held the wooden spoon in his hand。
“Hey~Two are here,Go sit inside,The meal is about to dry。”
The two looked at each other,Obviously, I am a little speechless about Xia Chenglong’s behavior at the moment。
This is the Shura God of War they saw before?
If you change a face,I’m afraid no one can connect a master who fought with the devil and the man who is cooking right now。
“how,Don’t give me this face?”


One thousand two hundred and seventy-two chapters Misfortune Xiaoqiang
And what Lu Menglin can think of,The best strategy is to take advantage of the opportunity of the ancient pan evil god not fully awakened,Concentrate all the power of this plane,Especially the core circle,Maybe there will be enough power to resist the evil spirits of the ancient pan,Expel the dark race,otherwise,Wait until the ancient pan evil god fully awakens,Then no chance。
The next step is to take advantage of the ancient pan evil god not waking up,Find a way to hunt high-level dark races,Get top offerings,And then fled back to Shenmin Mainland。
But this way,Is equivalent to giving up this plane。
It is precisely because of such concerns,So Lu Menglin deliberately interacted with the human race on this plane,Keep a certain distance,Don’t want to have any affection with them,Otherwise it will come to the time to decide,It will be very painful。This taste,Lu Menglin no longer wants to try。
“Hey!Surnamed Wu,You are ambitious,Do you really think there is no one in Korea at night??”at this time,No one thought,Hu audition, who has been silent, suddenly spoke up。
Hu Shijing is an outstanding figure among the second generation of Hu disciples,Hu Jungai,Hu Nanxing is also called the three males of Hu,Three are major generals,The backbone of the young school,It is also the pillar of Hu’s future。
Lu Menglin heard such a provocation,Not angry,Nod,Tao:“Yes,I think so!”
When Hu Shijing sneered and got up,I have crushed the pulse signal hidden in my palm。
A moment later,People keep vacating from the backyard of Hu’s mansion,One,Two,Three,Five,Nine people in total。
While these nine people are flying off,All turned on the armor,Completely entered a state of combat。
Almost simultaneously,There are already three big gun sight points,It fell precisely on Lu Menglin’s chest and neck。
And the remaining six,Drew knives in hand,Look forward to。
Hu Shijing in front of all the family,Also activated the armor device on his body,Protect yourself in a horned dragon armor。
Such a tense scene appeared,Suddenly frightened all the Hu clan members in the yard。
“Mirror,you,what do you mean?Don’t be reckless!”President Hu Jin immediately shouted and asked。

Xiao Fan said:“You feel happy,That’s good。The original purpose is to have fun,Don’t care about anything else。”

Not long,The set meal they ordered has been。I brought it to them。
Two people ordered two burgers。A while,Fried chicken steak and fried chicken legs and two cups of coke,And French fries and chicken rice crackers,Quite a lot。
Because Xiao Fan knew that Lin Yoona must be hungry,So it must be more,Even if I can’t eat it, I can’t make Lin’er feel that it’s not enough。
After the double package was served,Lin Yoona couldn’t wait to pick up the burger,Eat it up。
The taste can only be said to be good,At least eat it,Not too bad。
Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“Let’s go to play some facilities in the afternoon,Then go home early。”
Xiao Fan was surprised,Lin Yuna actually wanted to go home early,How is this going?
He asked Lin Yoona:“You want to go back soon?Don’t you want to play here for a while??”
Lin Yuna said:“I think after a morning。I’m a little tired,If you play for a long time in the afternoon,Maybe the body can’t bear it。”
“and,There are some games,I think I might really not be able to play。”
“Like the roller coaster I just played today,Although very exciting,But I think if I come again this afternoon,My heart began to refuse。”
“forget it,Is it courage?,Dare not try such a scary game,Forget it。”
Xiao Fan laughed out loud and said to him:“That line,I’ll go home early,We left immediately,how about it?”
Lin Yoona nodded,What two people eat intently。Walk out of the restaurant after eating。
They haven’t eaten up everything on the restaurant table yet,But Lin Yoona is already full。
Can be seen from the restaurant。A small stall outside sells grilled squid,At this time, Lin Yoona’s belly felt hungry again.。
Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“Let’s stop buying something to eat。”
Xiao Fan said:“Not full。”
Lin Yuna said:“When I just sat there,I obviously feel full,But I got hungry again。”

It’s impossible to always give Me Luo a mess of food,The purpose of cooking sometimes has to be considered for Miró。

Simple dinner,But very special。porridge、pickle,Leave one for Miró。
There is a living creature in the house to accompany you to eat,It’s better than being deserted,Don’t have a taste。
Tian Lu after dinner,To catch the manuscript,As well as processing video production during the day。Walk to the fake two-story loft on the second floor,Turn on the lamp,Net desktop,turn on computer,Turn on the focused mode of writing and finishing。
By the way, George was sitting in the private car returning from Chen Limu,Can’t help sighing:“Like、Really alike!”
Chen Limu took the conversation:“Since it looks like,You know what to do next。Mainly you are trying to figure out if it is Jack。of course,In the process of figuring out,Don’t disturb that girl,It’s not good to cause negative。”
George seems very educated,Continuous channel:“Yes、Yes、Yes!I must arrange it properly!”Look out of the window,Aunt Mu’s arrangement,He dare not refuse,Also willingly obey。
Before George came to study in Yihai City、The downfall of starting a business。
That was after college,Attend TV in Yihai City“Entrepreneurial star”Canvassing,In other words,Ten college students participated in employment and entrepreneurship speeches,Connect with entrepreneurs,Get entrepreneur sponsorship through speeches。
then,He has no human and social resources,In giving speeches and planning dream blueprints,Not supported by an entrepreneur,No support from the company,It means that when he first entered the society, he was missing an opportunity to realize his entrepreneurial dream。
It just so happened that among the many entrepreneurs, Chen Limu represented Sheng Blu-ray to do public welfare undertakings,Chen Limu didn’t expect to come to such a TV show,Think again,Being able to support the innovation and entrepreneurship of a new generation of college students is also a valuable and meaningful public welfare activity。
On the TV selection,All the college students participating in the show were eloquent on the stage,Talking about personal advantages and future development advantages to introduce yourself,Most college students are talking about wonderful things,Received full applause,Supported and signed by the entrepreneurs on the spot。
First19chapter Be trusted
Did not get the entrepreneur as“Investor”Supportive,Means life back to its original shape,Dreams lost。
It’s George’s turn to say,He speaks generously about his personal grand goals。

Get!Boys like Ultraman,this is nothing,But girls,Shouldn’t you like some magical girls with Balabara energy??

Populus while talking,One side of the rope is firmly tied to the anti-theft net,Deliberately tied up,Still tugged,Found very strong。
At this moment,Old man panting,Coughing,Stagger out,Holding a kitchen knife for cutting bones。
“Hammer not found,Can this work?”
Populus nodded,Took the chopper,Smash the lock hard,Very loud,The anti-theft nets are so shaken。
Hit more than ten times in a row,Finally broke the lock。Smoke from inside the house,It was so choking that he couldn’t help but cough several times。He quickly opened the escape window,Throw one end of the rope in。
“Old man,Tie the girl first,I hang her,The rope is long enough,rest assured。”
The old man knows what to do,Understand that time is tight,Hurry up and tie a little girl’s waist with a rope,Almost under the armpit。
“Little sister!Don’t be afraid,Looking at brother。Wait,You close your eyes,Soon down,Big brother and big sister will pick you up。”Seeing the little girl coughing,Crying,Hu Yang immediately told her。
Although the little girl is still crying,But nodded nicely。
Wait for her to get out of the escape window,Hu Yang asked her to let go of her hand holding the anti-theft net,Then slowly loosen the rope,Landing very smoothly。
downstairs,Xiao Gao, they ignore the heat wave,Ran over to pick up people immediately。
And Wen Wenhao ran out with a coma on his back,My hair is almost gone。His coat,On the woman on his back。
Shen Tuxin hurried over to rescue,Do what you do best。
“No one on the third floor。”Wen Wenhao is like an oxygen-poor fish,After putting down the women,Inhaling oxygen。
“Just do,Don’t go in。Brother Hu is on the fourth floor,Should be able to save。”Shen Tuxin glanced at Wen Wenhao’s state,Looks pretty miserable,But no danger,And focus on the unconscious women。

In the future,Will consider them as the first object of consideration!

Snapshot the backstage is busy!
The meal is over,Tian’er is already talking!
Our group left the dog meat restaurant,Came to the only karaoke hall in town to sing!
Just came to the karaoke hall,Not too long。
Someone broke into our box。
“You are Ge Jianhui?”
Talking is a young man,Looks a bit weird。
He is not alone,There were six or seven big men behind him!
“What happened to me?”
I asked the students to sit down quietly,Stand up and walk to the door,Staring at young man。
“You guys break in,What do you mean?”
The bodyguards around me are in their pre-battle state。
As long as I get attacked or cough,They will immediately launch a thunder blow!
I didn’t let the third brother follow,But the bodyguard by my side is absolutely powerful!
And not afraid of death!

Chen Geng looked at Rosemary。

Rosemary nodded:“I feel good。”
Since Rosemary is fine,Then there is nothing to say,Chen Geng nodded:“Talk about the price,fair price,I want this plane。”
“You know,The King Air series are all popular items on the market,48Ten thousand dollars is really not much cheaper……”
“I am not interested in these,”Chen Geng interrupted her unceremoniously,Domineering:“fair price,I will buy today,Full amount!”
Full amount?!
Not only Amy,Mihir also rounded his eyes:I’ve sold the plane for so many years,It was the first time they heard that someone bought a plane and paid the full price。
Faced with a rich man who just dumped his half million,The owner of the Miller Aircraft Sales Company almost kneeled to the ground,45Ten thousand U.S. dollars!
This is the final transaction price,In addition, two repairs and maintenance of the whole machine were given away。
Miller wanted to recommend two pilots to Chen Geng,But Chen Geng refused,When I knew my boss was planning to buy a plane,,Statham tried to tell Chen Geng that he had a few friends who had retired from the Air Force,They are all veterans with several years of flying experience in the Vietnam battlefield,Driving skills,And also obtained a pilot license for a civil fixed-wing aircraft,But I’m not happy now,Only use pesticide sprayers for farms,Ask Chen Geng if he is willing to give them a job。
The U.S. pilot base is too large,The pilot is not so tall,Counting the pilots who can fly now in World War II,American private ownership at least50Wan’s pilot,No matter what,A lot is worthless,The same is true for pilots, an extremely precious technical job in China,Very valuable in the country,But not very valuable in the U.S.,Compared to being a pilot for a civil aviation company,It is the dream of almost all retired pilots and civil aviation pilots to find a job to drive private jets for the rich,Work easy without saying,Income is much higher than in the military and civil aviation companies。
Statham’s face is still to be given,Chen Geng promised to give them a chance,But now……
“boss,You have a mail from Washington。”Just returned to the company,Aniston came here with an email:“You said,As long as it’s mail from Washington,Must be given to you as soon as possible。”

“I mean very simple,What sky light can do,I can also do,If you have feelings for them in this village,I can keep them dead,But it just can’t die,Some losses are natural

Want it。”
Huang Junjie wants to invest in Qin Feng,But he is not the kind of brain-dead guy,These guys are really awesome,All kinds of luxury cars add up to tens of millions。
When not seeing the big benefits,Smash it out like this,That is inappropriate。
“Loss does not matter,As long as you can save your life。”Qin Feng also knew very well that once those debts broke out,There will definitely be big trouble。
“It’s much easier,I bought their car directly,But the price will be much lower than the market,You also know that those things have been loaned,Even if you want to breach the contract, there is no way。”
Huang Junjie also put forward a more reliable suggestion,Although he made a lot,But it is also necessary。
Otherwise, why would someone stand up and take the order??
Qin Feng knows this too,He looked at Huang Junjie and said:“I will talk to them tomorrow,Any other requirements?As for the price,We can all talk。”
Huang Junjie is not in a hurry,Anyway, he just wants to give Qin Feng a favor。
As for other things, he really doesn’t care,It’s not that he is worried anyway。
Qin Feng thought that everything that should be discussed was done,Huang Junjie should leave,The other party is really interested in drinking。
Qin Feng wouldn’t drive people away stupidly,Instead, he came to have a drink together,Two people just drink slowly like this。