After turning to the empty Persian Gulf promenade,Michelle kept turning the throttle,And sit down on this KawasakiZZR 1100After roaring loudly,Speed only300Walk away。

To know,90KawasakiZZR 1100To exceed300Speed,Reelected5Year world“King of speed”title,At that time, it killed all supercars,evenF1The invincible existence of racing。
First experience that“King of speed”Speed,Tension from the beginning、Fear afterwards,To the later stimulation,Until the end became crazy。
Qiao Tianyu roared heartily、Release、Roaring,Will be depressed for a long time、dissatisfied、All the grievances were thrown into the Persian Gulf.
First0214chapter Mayflies can also shake big trees
After returning to the hotel,Take advantage of Michelle’s parking space,Qiao Tianyu ran back to the room,I quickly replaced the outfit just now。
“okay,What to change,Do you think i didn’t see it?So big!”Michelle on the park,Looking at Qiao Tianyu with a smirk,“how about it,Cool?”
“Cool.”Qiao Tianyu looked at Michelle with embarrassment,“What do you say?”
“I say a drive!”Michelle said with a smirk,“Hee hee,okay,Go secretly in the evening!Talk business,Did you meet the Rothschild family just now??”
“you.How did you know?”Qiao Tianyu was stunned。
It is said that Qiao Dahua once boasted to Qiao Tianyu,How many meters underground is the headquarters of the Fuxing Society?,How high the defense level is,What military fortification standards, etc.,It’s just one piece of iron!
But it’s just one piece of iron,How did Michelle learn about these things??
“Haha,Is it hard?”Michelle smiled,“As long as the KGB wants,CIA headquarters can also enter!”

And it just so happens that the nanny of the boss’s neighbor is one of her cousins。After her cousin knew that he had Lin Feng’s call,,Urged her to text Lin Feng to explore her breath,See if Lin Summit won’t find her。

This aunt seems to be particularly fancy material。”Yiming said on the phone,Xiao Fan already knew what was going on,It must be the babysitter of the Zhao family who started to instigate Liu Chunlan。
Just then I sent a text message,Of course Liu Chunlan will have a lot of trouble,This way of destroying the relationship between husband and wife is really unique,Xiao Fan thought coldly in his heart,It seems it’s time to make her unemployed。
And that little assistant doesn’t want to work hard,But thinking about these improper means,One step to the sky,Not a good person,Can be solved directly,Staying in the Lin Group is also a disaster。
Xiao Fan told Yiming that he knew it,Let him do his own thing,Then I returned to my seat,Lin Yuna asked him what happened,Is that clear?,Xiao Fan said:“Yes,Checked it out。
Not a big shot,Just some mixed villains,I will solve it,Do not worry。”Gu Jinjin looked at Xiao Fan and didn’t ask much,Because I think it’s Lin Yuna’s housework that is inconvenient to interfere,Asked but embarrassed。
Actually, Lin Yoona doesn’t want to say,I just feel like my parents are so old,It’s really hard to tell,Several people have happily brought this topic,No one mentioned it anymore。
Then Xiao Fan said:“Then let’s set off to the villa,Won’t be back tonight,Living directly in the villa will let you feel the folk customs。”
Gu Jinjin smiled and said okay, I really want to experience it。Xiao Fan didn’t tell Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan the truth immediately,This kind of thing is not clear on the phone,It’s easier to misunderstand,It’s better to make it clear in person。
Besides, it’s not a big deal,Let them calm down,Xiao Fan thought so,And Lin Yoona didn’t say anything,Xiao Fan thinks Lin Yoona may not be too anxious,So just put this matter aside for now,Let’s take them to play。
Here Lin Feng and Liu Chunlan are still not talking at home,But it’s no longer noisy,Two people bowed their heads but looked up and saw a cold face,In fact, calm down and think about Liu Chunlan that she is too impulsive。
Then she found out that if it wasn’t the babysitter of Zhao’s a few days ago,Two days ago, I chatted with her and told her about some rich men cheating on these things. He might not be so emotional.。
And here Lin Feng also reflected on whether he has ignored Liu Chunlan’s feelings for so many years,Always let her take care of the big and small things at home,Didn’t take care of Jin’s emotions,The two want to open up and think this is not a big deal at all。
And let Xiao Fan and Lin Yoona come back to solve it,Really let the children read the joke,But two people now need to go down one step,So neither of them knows what to do,Looks a little embarrassing。
Ma Li looked anxious。Ma Li wondered if there was an overnight hatred between the husband and wife,Bedside fight,And the relationship between wife and husband has been very stable and very good over the years。
Ma Li doesn’t believe her husband will do such a thing,The wife must have misunderstood,Although my wife’s emotions are a bit overwhelming this time,But Ma Li understands,It’s not easy for him to silently manage everything in the house for so many years。
Especially in the past three years,Lin Yoona is not accompanied by Xiao Fan,Mood is always good and bad,Liu Chunlan sees it hurts in her heart,I have always felt that I did not do a good job as a mother,But this matter has nothing to do with Liu Chunlan。
It’s Lin Yoona who is trapped by love,Fortunately, Xiao Fan is back now,Lin Yoona is getting better too,Liu Chunlan finally had a smile on her face,But these days because of this incident I start to frown again。

Facts proved,Facing this wealth that can be obtained as long as you work hard,A person’s IQ can definitely be rapidly improved in a short time,Like in front of you,Faced with such a generous tip,Ryan turned his mind quickly,then……

“Dear sir,”Ryan’s expression was sincere and even made Chen Geng wonder if the guy in front of him was disguised by his old friend for many years.:“First of all,Your request,Not to mention in the Stanford Industrial Park,Even on the entire west coast,I am afraid that no real estate agency can satisfy。
I just say two things and you know how difficult it is:A company with hundreds of people working at the same time,Ok,Computer company,We don’t talk about electricity、Water supply、Heating these,Just talk about parking,A company with hundreds of people has hundreds of cars,This requires a large parking lot;The second is community residents’ concerns about safety,by law,A family employs more than20People’s company wants to open the company in residential communities,Must obtain the community committee60%Consent of residents,You want,If your company has hundreds of people,Considering business dealings,There may be a large number of outsiders every day,From a security point of view,This is a big unstable factor for the safety of the community……”
Without waiting for Ryan to finish,Chen Geng knew why he couldn’t find a suitable residential area。
In the U.S,It is not a big problem to register a civil house as a company address,In most states of the United States,As long as your company is not production-oriented、Companies with greater production noise and pollution,Can register civilian residences as the company’s location,This is why there are so many garage companies in the U.S.,Even if one address is registered as the location of multiple companies, there is no problem,Such as in Cheyenne, Wyoming,One on Thomas Avenue1270No. 1 has an area of about118Square meter house,registered2000Multiple companies。
You ask how such an ordinary house with one storey and one loft can register so many companies?Ok,The house is full of mailboxes from the floor to the roof,The company is posted on every mailbox“suite”Number……A mailbox is a room,For example, the registered address of a company is Thomas Avenue, Cheyenne, Wyoming1270number5floor513room,But actually not“5floor513room”,Only the fifth row from bottom to top13Mailboxes。
In San Francisco, especially Silicon Valley,The local government even encourages young people in the computer industry to do so。
However, there is a problem with residential housing registration as a company address that must be resolved:If the company has a small number of people,That’s not a problem,But if the company has more people,For safety reasons,You must get the consent of the community owners’ committee and the majority of residents,Garrett2000If it reaches the scale of hundreds of people,Don’t talk about parking problems,A single safety issue can be rejected by the owners committee without hesitation,As lan said,A company employing hundreds of people,There are bound to be many people going in and out every day,under these circumstances,How to ensure the safety and interests of community residents are not violated?
Considering that more is worse than less,Whether it’s the community’s owners committee or the community situation,Nine out of ten is one sentence“NO!”Upset……Garrett2000The reason why he has not been ejected from the community,Thanks to the number of people they hired20people。
Understand where the problem is,Things will be easier,Chen Geng nodded:“OK,Lane,Since you didn’t tell meNO,You have other suggestions,right?”
“Yes,I do have a suggestion for you to consider,”I heard this rich boss is willing to listen to his own advice,Ryan was relieved,Said:“I have summarized your requirements for the office location of the new company,The main requirement is a good environment,Greening is better,It can’t make people go to jail like those office buildings,of course,Other hardware,Such as water supply、powered by、Heating、Hardware conditions such as communications must also keep up,right?”
Chen Geng nodded:“Yes。”
“At the beginning,I am going to recommend some luxury homes to you,With swimming pool、There is a basketball court、There are several bathrooms、The rooms for shoes are bigger than the apartment,But after careful consideration,I think this kind of mansion is good,But not particularly suitable for your needs……At least this kind of mansion may not be able to stop hundreds of cars,It can’t meet your requirements for further expansion of the company in the future。”
Sure enough, money has an obvious effect on improving intelligence,Chen Geng is more and more satisfied with Ryan’s performance,It’s not that no real estate agency has introduced such a large mansion to myself before.,But after reconsidering,Chen Geng still didn’t choose to do this,The reason,One is because the rent is too expensive,on the other hand,That’s what Ryan said,Limited space,Unable to meet the company’s subsequent expansion requirements,Otherwise, Chen Geng really doesn’t mind buying a mansion。
“Are you interested in a nursing home by the sea??”
“Nursing home?”Chen Geng frowned。
“Not a nursing home,It is a high-end recuperation center for the wealthy,The kind designed to serve wealthy people like you,Live in,At least tens of thousands of dollars in monthly expenses,And most gays can only receive50Customers with medical needs,There are indoor and outdoor basketball courts、Large indoor heated swimming pool and outdoor swimming pool、SPAcenter、Massage center、Spa、restaurant……There is even a dedicated helipad,In short,Any way you can think of rich people to enjoy,Can be found here,”Ryan’s tone sounds very, very envious:“of course,If you need,Can be transformed into a company。”
A seaside、A high-end recuperation center dedicated to the wealthy?

And now that such a thing has happened, if it can bring out the people of Skynet, it is exactly what Qin Feng wants to see。After all, if you really can’t hold it here,He can find someone to support!

“Ugh.Have you forgotten the remains of our spider?”Bill thought his plan should be seamless,After all, their people do it themselves,There shouldn’t be any problems。
Who ever thought,It turns out that their killer’s intelligence was not well done,All the people on the list have been resolved。There are no intelligence personnel on Skynet!This is just great,Because my intelligence work is not in place,Push their team into the abyss of hell all at once。
Is there a chance of a comeback now??Don’t talk about turning over,Even if you want to defend it is very difficult。
after all,There are many masters in the remains of the spider!Although the Scavengers were basically defeated in the first battle of the island nation.。But the leader is not dead!If you follow the core content of their organization,That one might come to trouble Bill who wants to be independent。
But shouldn’t,After all, isn’t it all right for Zhang Qiang to go out independently??
Besides, he thought about it,The two branches of foreign operations have separated spiders,Then the spider is left with an internal scavenger branch,It’s still a team with a dead commander。
If you think about it,Spiders aren’t really threatening, right??
Of course it’s not that simple。Although there is only one poison general left,But the strength of Tessa,Bill once suspected that he was a master of heaven。
Louise, the leader of the scavengers,That’s also a real powerhouse。Even Bill knew,That one is stronger than him。As for the leader white,
That definitely has heavenly strength,Even he once guessed whether that one has reached the god level。
After all so many years,Basically I haven’t seen the leader make a free move。
Besides,Also alive are Gambot, the leader of the deserter, and Buffon, the leader of the goalkeeper.。
Although the main character of the escape is to help the internal members to escape。In other words, Gambot is the master of this aspect.,Many times others describe him as oiling under his feet,Or the cunning man of Cunning Rabbit Three Caves。The US has arrested this person before,But even if the helicopter is dispatched, they can’t catch them.。

Wanghai this boundary,I dare not say that every street is familiar,But at least leave Korean Xiang in the crowd,She can still tell the direction of home。

Walk aimlessly,Han Yuxiang doesn’t know what he wants to do,I just want to take a walk!
When passing by a convenience store,Bought a few cans of beer,Something that I used to reject,Now it tastes dull and tasteless。
Turning to look back to the direction of Fenglin Night Inn,About 30 minutes away from myself,And home away from yourself,I’m afraid it will take at least an hour。
Looked down at the beer in his hand,I’m afraid to walk back to my car,Can’t drive away!
Grinning,I can’t think of beer, this dull thing,It’s actually quite delicious at this time。
Keep going in the direction of your own home,I remembered what I shouldn’t,Korean, just drink,In this case,Life will not seem too boring。
When I get home,Han Yuxiang’s steps are a little wobbly。on the way,Naturally, someone like her will come up to strike up a conversation。Can still maintain his own scumbag,Korean Xiang ignored,Those who do,Korean Xiang just threw directly over the shoulder,Make him lose the ability to get out of bed in the next few days,Those who look more annoying to Han Yuxiang,She will make up for it。
Han Yuxiang is not drunk,But full of alcohol。
Walk into the house,Aunt Zhang, the nanny, felt something was wrong,But I saw the look of Korean Xiang,Hard to ask,I had to settle the old lady into the bedroom first,Considering other issues。
Sat down on his desk for a while,Found that I was not drunk in Korean Xiang,Went out and reopened myself a bottle of wine。
Holding a wine bottle,If you remember correctly,This should be given to his father by Xiang Chen last time。
Is good wine!But Han Yuxiang still cursed in his heart“Him!”
Too lazy to change wine,Han Yuxiang drank directly into the bottle。I used to think that drinking would make things wrong,Han Yuxiang still feels so,But it is undeniable,Wine is really good,After the entrance,Except for the hot feeling,The brain really doesn’t think about other things anymore。
“Drink alone,I’m not going to order wine,I know at a glance that he can’t drink!”

This remark,Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min both had a stronger curiosity at the same time。

Because both of them are beauties,And it’s a well-known beauty,This little guy surnamed Lu turned a blind eye,But thinking of other women in my heart,Obsessed with a girl。
This makes them both
A little frustration,I also want to know what kind of girl it is,Can make Xiao Lu think so,Worry about。
Zhou Min took the photo,Take a closer look,Can’t help but utter a voice in surprise:“what?It’s her!No wonder!”
Zhu Qiuhong also saw the smiling girl in the photo,It is indeed a pure and moving type,The more you look, the more charming。
but,Zhu Qiuhong also secretly compared herself with the girl in the photo。
If it’s just photos,I should have been more beautiful than her,But real people will be more charming than photos,That’s really hard to say。
Zhu Qiuhong wakes up in shock,It turns out that the girl in this photo is a stunning beauty who is absolutely comparable to herself,No wonder Xiao Lu was so fascinated,I have to find out the whereabouts of people!
The girl on the photo,It was Su Xuehen before graduation last year。
“Sister Zhou Min,You know her?”I heard Zhou Min’s tone is different,Lu Menglin suddenly became nervous,Asked quickly。
Both Zhu Qiuhong and Zhou Min heard the nervous tone of this young man,I am more convinced of his reason for finding someone。
Zhou Min nodded,Smiles like a sly little fox。
“No wonder your heart is high,So I fell in love with this one!She is very famous in our school!”
Zhu Qiuhong shook his head:“Is it famous?Why don’t i know?”
Zhou Min smiled:“Who called you a big star?You never deal with classmates in school,Left after class,Of course I don’t know the gossip in school。”
“This girl enrolled in school last year,Very low-key,No one knew her at first。But she studies well,I got the first place in the school several times in a row。Hey,Are your inland schools particularly strict?The students who are taught are so good!”Zhou Min deliberately sold it,Smiled。

This remark,Zhong Ming’s eyes brightened immediately,An expression of surprise suddenly appeared on his face。

Because the idea of Chief Wu Hao is so brilliant,This is a plan to drive tigers and wolves,South Korea will send a team later,I don’t know what it has been like here,Just use their power,Resist the Dark Race。
“but,We don’t have to count on Ye Korea too much,Finally, you have to rely on yourself!Use all the weapons and equipment of those flying soldiers,I’ll leave it to you。”Lu Menglin said casually。
He still has a lot to deal with,No time to waste time on such small things。
Zhong Ming gladly took the command,Take care of the rest by yourself。
Ten days have passed like a white horse,Soon。
Forward troops of the Dark Race,Has approached Sandstorm City。
Looking at the black evil maggots rolling over the sky,Everyone on the wall couldn’t help but have a tingling scalp。
The individual physical combat power of these black evil maggots is not too strong,Which is equivalent to between 28th and 30th levels,But their number is too large,Look around,Thousands,Overwhelming,Dyed the desert outside the city completely black。
Fortunately, Sandstorm City dug a moat ahead of time,Although there is no water in the river,But it has a depth close to four feet,Those sporadic black maggots just get close,Will jump into the moat,Then became a target for soldiers on the wall。
The soldiers in Sandstorm City use old-fashioned firearms that are contemporary with the earth world,Propelled by gunpowder explosion,The bullet is not powerful enough,Often hit three or five rounds,To kill a black evil maggot。
There are only a few special large-caliber sniper rifles in the city,To have the effect of a shot into the soul,Blast those black maggots with one shot。
but,There are very few special sniper rifles,Less than twenty,Facing a huge army of black evil maggots,Can only be considered a drop in the bucket,Can’t solve the fundamental problem。
Then there are the electromagnetic weapons that were picked off from the pilots,The technology of these electromagnetic guns was at least 20 or 30 years before Sandstorm City,Whether it’s shooting accuracy,Or the power of electromagnetic energy bombs,Are much stronger than old rifles,Basically one shot,no problem。
only,The number of electromagnetic guns is still too small,Fewer than twenty officers are equipped with such weapons,It is also impossible to resist the black evil maggots all over the city。
and,The plane team led by Master Wuhao,They have extremely rich experience in fighting against the dark races,Based on their judgment,These black maggots that are currently appearing,Far from being the true strength of the Dark Race Army,They are just fast enough,That’s why I assumed the role of the vanguard。
In the army of the dark race,There are many ten times stronger than these black evil maggots,Even a hundredfold terrible existence。
When those truly powerful dark creatures appear,This is the key node that Sandstorm City can hold。

Thousands of dollars per night hotel,Not afford to live,Really stayed for one night,May be so distressed that I can’t sleep for two nights。Thanks to Hu,Can experience what a five-star hotel is like。

“Because you didn’t expect your girlfriend to come, Brother Wang,Booked five rooms,Do you want to open one more room?”Populus joked。
Wang Libo waved his hand quickly,It means they can live in one room。
Everyone else showed ambiguous eyes,Smile but not smile。All adults,some things,Everyone understands。
Put your luggage,They have no rest,Go straight。
Chapter Two Hundred and Thirty Two Empty wine bottle
4SThe shop is everywhere,There is no need to run far,After meeting a sunny day,Let’s go together。
Sunny day is a cheerful and smiling girl,This kind of girl who is a little bit fleshy,Very cute。In the words of many men,Comfortable to hold。Especially when she laughs,Very therapeutic。
“Please!Exercise more!You get so fat,No one loves it。”Mu Yi told her。
“Mu Yi,I found that you are starting to become my black fan!”Sunny day to him。
Hear the conversation between the two,Everyone knows,These two guys usually fight each other。And only people who are really close,So I’m not angry。

The atmosphere in the operation was extremely tense,As soon as Xiao Fan came in,The air pressure in the entire operating room suddenly dropped a bit again。

The doctor in charge of the operation just now received an internal call,Said to cooperate fully with those who are coming in for a while。
Seeing the strong aura of those who come in,Everyone feels a little nervous,Can’t help standing respectfully,Waiting for Xiao Fan’s command。
Xiao Fan nodded to these people,I think everyone is a little nervous,But time is urgent,He has no time to relax these people。
He walked to the operating table,Looking at Lin Feng on the bed,Looked at it from beginning to end,Wounds on the body,Arteries,Xiao Fan clearly wrote it down。
Then he said coldly:“Prepare for electric shock,First restore the patient’s heartbeat,Then prepare for thoracentesis。”
The assistant on the side hurried to prepare,With electric shock,Lin Feng fell together,Heartbeat finally recovered。
Then Xiao Fan picked up the scalpel,Accurately found the location of Lin Feng’s chest bleeding,Perform emergency hemostasis。
Everyone in the operating room watched Xiao Fan proceeding in an orderly manner,And there is no error in almost every step,Can’t help but get angry and admiration,No wonder the dean personally sent in,Just awesome。
Xiao Fan commanded his assistant,Open your mouth in an orderly manner,Hemostasis,Various important steps such as stitching。
“The patient’s heartbeat gradually stabilized,The blood has stopped,saved。”A doctor said excitedly。
Everyone was relieved,After all, this patient was seriously injured when he was first sent here,The hope of being rescued is extremely slim,Thanks to the airborne god,So he pulled the patient back from the god of death。

this is《New York Times》To Ford·Car owner Henry·Ford interview。

“I can not understandAMCSalary requirements of workers,as far as I know,AMCOf workers’ salaries are already relatively high,Their benefits are counted in the entire industrial manufacturing industry,Like Welch said,If they propose5%、10%even20%Salary increase request,I can understand,butAMCProposed by the workers’ union100%Salary increase request,I can’t understand,I also imagine how they made such a request……”
When asked by reporters how to treatAMCWhen the workers went on strike,Facing the camera,Chrysler CEO Lee·Said Iacocca。
“I feelAMCThere is absolutely no reason for the strike of the workers。”this is《Wall Street Journal》To Chase Bank CEO Michael·When Kuhn conducted an interview,Michael·Kuhn’s attitude。
Almost all the entrepreneurs interviewed are on Chen Geng’s side,Even ifAMCCompetitors are no exception,This time they stood by Chen Genghe with a clear-cut standAMCCar side,Like Lee·Alcoca,It’s not that he intends to fight Chen Genghua as a jade silk,But what the union did this time is really disgusting,If I support such an outrageous request made by the union,The workers in that own company、What to do if the union follows the same pattern?
Don’t do anything at all,Just work for these damn Ai workers。
Even quite a few workers interviewed were rightAMCThe strike organized by the union held an incomprehensible attitude,Show that they can understand the union’s help workers ask for salary increases,But this salary increase is not a good thing,Because of such a big salary increase,The company must lose money,If the business loses money,What are the benefits for workers?
“Bastard!Bastard!All bastards!”
Seeing the media’s public opinion did not condemn as one-sided as I thoughtAMCFernandez·Chen,On the contrary, quite a few voices criticize themselves for killingAMCcar,George·Walker’s three corpse gods jump:“I’mAMCChairman of the auto workers union,I am seeking legitimate interests for my members,Look at these damn media,What are they talking about?!It’s just nonsense!”
Looking at George with a grim face·Walker,The people in a room can’t help being silent。
In fact, not only George·Walker can’t understand why this is happening,These trade unions are used to making trouble、The heads and brains whose public opinion is on their own side can’t understand why the public opinion of the whole society is starting to be against them.,Yes,Yes,Our condition may be a little bit past,But we are a union,We represent the working class、Poor people,How can you not help us?We are poor, we are reasonable。
The union is like a child spoiled from childhood,This time,After he made such a big mistake, he thought that the whole society would tolerate himself as before、Get used to,I didn’t expect that although I didn’t wait for a slap,No good results,They are wronged。
“but……Boss,What shall we do now?”Someone asked tremblingly。
money,Everyone took it,It’s a pleasure to take the money,But it also means that everyone has become a grasshopper on the same rope,The limelight seems to be bad for me right now,The guys who have relied on the name of the union to dominate over the years can’t help but panic。
“What are you afraid of,”George·Walker snorted:“No matter how,As long as we bite to death, we are speaking for the workers,Who can do us?What about scolding,Can scolding make you lose a piece of meat?No good,Worst result,It’s nothing more than this strike without any results,Let’s end the strike、The workers just go back to work,What can we lose??Still be an uncle。”
Yes indeed!
Or the boss wise!