“Cloud leadership,Think this is wrong?”Qin Feng also saw Yunfeng’s thoughts at once,So he asked like that。

“Why are there only three villages,I remember that there are four villages around your place,This helps each other,That’s also necessary?”Yunfeng and Qin Feng have different positions,So they consider different things。
“Ugh,Cloud leadership,I also said directly,I am an honest person,What do people do to me,I naturally treat others,Was Dachen Village willing to rent the place to me?,That is also irrelevant。”
Because business is not righteous,But when Xu Youling was leaving,To us all kinds of cynicism,I can’t get through this problem in my heart,I am also a layman,Expect me to give them any chance,That is impossible。
Qin Feng knows the idea of Leader Yun,But he can’t follow the other party’s mind。
Gentleman revenge,Ten years is not too late,But it is too late for him to get revenge for a year。
Dislike him so much,What help do you expect from him?,This thing is simply dreaming。
Yunfeng also discovered,Qin Feng’s character is a bit clearer。
If Qin Feng is one of his subordinates,He will definitely reprimand the opponent for not having a big picture,But Qin Feng is a free man,And belong to the owner of the startup,body
There are still many forces to support。
I want to reprimand Qin Feng like this,That’s purely asking for trouble,Yunfeng won’t do this kind of thing。
But Yunfeng is not good at expressing his position directly,Instead, he looked at Qin Feng and said:“Actually,Sometimes we still have to consider the overall situation,But how do you do,It’s up to you。”
Qin Feng was also a little surprised,He thought Yun Summit would scold him,But the situation is not as bad as thought,This person is also interesting。
People can be,Qin Feng can also be a man,He quickly said:“At the right time,I will take care of the overall situation。”
A simple sentence,If it’s inappropriate,It’s just the meaning。
The question is when is it right,When is it inappropriate,This is how Qin Feng feels。
Yunfeng suddenly changed the subject and said:“Is there any problem with you??”
“Have,If some formalities are possible,I hope it can be handled easily,I need some legal policy support here,As for paying taxes,It will definitely pay taxes in accordance with relevant regulations。”

“It’s nothing,I just remembered some things before。”Xia Chenglong simply replied。

“Is it related to that adult??”
Intuition for women,Xia Chenglong can only express exclamation,The other party can even think of the previous scene。
Although in the previous moment,He did a lot of ideological struggle,There may even be a top-notch battle between two saintly martial artists。
But at the last moment he held back,So make sure that no flaws。
And all this is still seen through by the girl in front of you!
“Maybe I remembered it wrong,nothing!”
“I’m wrong,I just said,That person is the president of Lingxiao City Warrior Association,How can we small people have a feast with those people?!”
Yingzi exhaled,Saying and beckoning to a car,Because they have to go to another place。
The branch hall of Lingxiao City Warrior Association。
Coming here is naturally to be a certification,Things are not difficult,Just follow other people’s processes。
Came to the office of the association,They were received by a middle-aged man in his thirties,He is responsible for realm certification。
“Who are you two certified??”The man asked casually。
The other side,Because they are young,It is estimated that it is a sloughing state at most,Or not even reach the Mood,It’s just a physical realm for the martial artist。

Apple is inevitable through the precipitation and development of a series of previous products,Set off a new era of smart phones。

Apple has its own completely independent patented technology and intellectual copyright,Nutshell phone only,Few own patented technologies,Assembling machine!
There is not much contrast between the two,The only similarity,All smart phones!
After I talked about my thoughts,To conclude:“If the nut shell phone is entirely its own intellectual property and technology patents,Not to mention the valuation of 2 billion yuan,Even if it is valued at 2 billion dollars, there is no problem。The problem is an assembled phone,In addition to this degree of integration, it is better,Other aspects can only be said to be indescribable!”
Zhang Yang listened to me,Suddenly flushed,The blood vessels in the forehead are beating。
“President Ge,You belittle our products for nothing,Do you want to lower the price or look down on our project?”Zhang Yang worked hard to suppress anger。
“boss Zhang,I ask you a word,The ones I just said,Does it make sense?You are fair,Don’t be so impulsive!”
My words calm Zhang Yang。
After a while,He sighed and nodded:“I admit that what you said is the truth,But also because,We do not have our own patented technologies and intellectual property rights,That’s why this valuation,If it has everything,I guess it will be a beautiful knife,Instead of yuan!”
“200 million,20% shares,At the same time I drain for free!”
I look at Zhang Yang:“If there is no problem,You can sign an agreement now,The money will arrive soon。In addition, I have priority investment rights!”
Zhang Yang thought about it carefully,Made a call to my team。
After hanging up,He sighed and smiled bitterly:”Ge is always the most bargaining person I have ever met,The key is to make people unable to refuse!”

one move?Still two tricks?It doesn’t matter anymore!That monster with only level 20 breath,Already used bloody record,Prove his power to all gods!

“Don’t die!meaningless!”Lu Menglin glanced across the audience,Said in a very flat tone。
While he said this sentence,The Qin disciples stopped one after another,Because they have to consider a very important issue,If death is worthwhile,They are naturally not afraid of death,But if you die worthless,Death without meaning,And now dead,It will also cause unimaginable losses to the future of the family,Then I have to hesitate more。
Beigong Changhe and Beigong Broken were also dumbfounded,They exchanged glances,All with the same doubts,But not sure。
Is that guy really that strong??
He can kill Qin Nanming in two ways,Maybe it won’t be too hard to deal with the two of us!
Where is he sacred?Was the Lower Realm Humans so fierce??
That is his own power,Or the power of that angry sword?
These questions haunt the two giants of the Beigong family,At the same time, it is constantly weakening their fighting spirit。
Fear of the unknown,Not only owned by humans,God nation will also have!
For a time,Everyone is in danger,Everyone present is guessing,That guy,What terrible things will he do?!
at last,Lu Menglin cast his gaze on Beigong Changhe and Beigong Broken。
His eyes are as clear as promised,The two old men are a little uncomfortable。
After a while,Lu Menglin said leisurely:“Qin Nanming just killed your Beigong family,I cut him now,I’m taking revenge for you?”
This remark,Everyone in the Beigong family breathed a sigh of relief。
Beigong Broken and Beigong Changhe looked at each other again,Then the two nodded seriously at the same time。
no way,Situation is stronger than people!People hold the initiative,Not accept it!
Chapter Ninety Fifteen New forces

Seeing the warmth and no resistance,Wen Guohao wants to maintain his appearance,Said to her,One is just for her。

“I bother!You for my good?Why don’t you send Wen Yunyun there,Treat her better?”
Caught off guard by being warm and spitting out,Wen Guohao was furious,I slapped the warmth directly,“brute!It’s not enough to be disrespectful to your mother last time,I dare to spit my mouth now?Really turned you back!”
Head hit to one side,The warmth is like not knowing the pain,Just staring at him with those eyes!
Be seen as a little guilty,Wen Guohao is not talking,Sat aside,Seeing him so embarrassed,A trace of hatred flashed in Yu Shan’s eyes,Then he looked at the servants next to him。
“Lock her up!”
at this time,There was a sound of footsteps,The Wen family suddenly broke in with a few security guards,Said:“Hello, Mr. Wen,Someone reported that you are illegally detained here,Please cooperate with us!”
Talking,I didn’t wait for them to react,Just put down those servants,Because of their identities,I didn’t embarrass Yushan and the others,Just warned,Take away the warmth。
Watching the warmth being taken away under my nose,Yu Shan was so angry,But there is no way!Now it is a society under the rule of law!Even if you have money,It can’t be anything!
Wen Nuan got into the security car and then realized,“How do you know that something happened to me?”
I didn’t notify the security in the community,How did they come so in time。
One of the younger security guards,Smiled shyly,Said:“We are not actually security guards,Our friend called us over。”

“Xiao Hu,Your luck,No one else。”Xin Zhao gets excited。

He might not care about such a small amount of money,But betting on rocks,Isn’t it just enjoying this process??Like buying lottery tickets,Suddenly winning the lottery。
“Hu Ge,This makes money?”Hua Zi asked。
Populus euphratica:“I didn’t spend any money,No loss,Earning is certain。”
Xin Zhao nodded:“Yes!Even if Xiao Hu bought it for half a million,He still won’t lose。right now,It depends on how many jadeites can be solved by this material。sky blue,Already pretty good。Look at this texture,Should be ice seed。”
everybody knows,Determine the value of emerald,Not color,But texture,Also known as“Species”,Such as glass、Ice seed、Water species、Glutinous species, etc.。
The outer surface of the ice seed is very shiny,Translucent to transparent,It is as clear as water, giving a feeling of ice and jade,Ice seed water head and foot,Very transparent,Very good texture。
This texture,It can be said that it is second only to glass jade,Belong to high-end jade。Good ice jade,A bracelet costs hundreds of thousands,Even millions。
Populus corrected slightly:“There should be no ice seeds,Blue Water Emerald Bar!”
“That’s pretty good too。”
The structure of the water type jade jade is slightly thicker than the old pit glass type,luster、The transparency is also slightly lower than the old pit glass,And similar or equivalent to ice。
Its characteristic is transparent as water but soft luster,Take a closer look at its internal structure,Visible a little“ripple“,Or there are a few stone and extrusion lines,Occasionally there are very few impurities、Cotton Willow。
“Let me see。”Old man Wang holding a flashlight in his hand。
He turned on the bright light of the flashlight,Shine in the face with jade。
“Ok!This color is very uniform,A large piece,Very transparent,Good stuff。unfortunately,This water jade is not clean water、Green water and purple water,Just blue water。”Old man Wang is a bit regretful。

Populus Angkor,Let the disabled old Wu be flattered,Speak quickly:“Nothing!I just came,Just arrived!Brother Hu just calls me old Wu。”

The audience in the live room,Hear this title,Can’t help but like。Brother Hu this character,Nothing to say,Even if compared to my own family,Also call brother、Sister or something。
“I like Brother Hu,Unlike other rich people,That pride,We can’t afford it。”
“Brother Hu is really good-tempered,I haven’t seen him put on airs,Treat us like ordinary people like friends。”
“Xiaoping,Is the market far??Do you want to drive?”Hu Yang couldn’t help asking。
“One or two kilometers!”Ye Ping thought for a while。
“Drive then!Wah Tsai,help。”
Hua Zai hurry and get off,Help old Wu get into the car,Then put away the wheelchair,Put it behind the trunk。
“Xiao Hu,your car?”She looks at this car,pretty good。
Populus shook his head:“no,Too far,Did not drive over,This car is rented after getting off the plane。”
Ye Ping revealed:“Brother Hu’s car is much better than this one,And sports cars,It’s just that he doesn’t drive much!”
“Ha ha!Driven once or twice。”
Tut!There are sports cars,It’s only once or twice,Rich people are different。
Read the news before,That someone put hundreds of thousands of cash in the car,forgotten。Wait for discovery,That hundreds of thousands of cash has become moldy。At that time,It feels incredible。
right now,Listen to what Hu Yang said,It’s really possible。
Aunt Ye,It’s basically confirmed that Xiao Hu is a rich man,Good temper,Such a man,He is really a beloved son-in-law,I don’t know if people can see my girl。
“Angkor,Have you been here?”Ye Ping also shouted with Brother Hu。
Lao Wu rarely talks to such a beautiful girl,a little nervous。
His actual age is a lot older than Hu Yang,But because I was disabled since childhood,Always single。I didn’t even know how to live in the future,Let alone marry a wife and start a family。

Behind them,There is a large group of boys,Are all students from Liufang No.1 Middle School,Mighty,Forty or fifty people。

These students are out of righteous indignation,They all flooded the street。If you really start,They may not be too good at fighting,But more people,The posture is up,Still looks pretty scary。
“Chubby,Are you OK?”A brother has rushed to Fat Dun,Stood side by side with him。
“Put people out!”There are still people yelling at the village gangsters behind。
Chubby frowned,He doesn’t seem to be used to having so many helpers,Although very touched,But he knows,When there are more people like this,On the contrary, the more I can’t afford to fight。
really,The group of village ruffians on the opposite side surrounded Feng Nan and five people,Someone put a knife stick on them,Made it clear to threaten with hostages。
The old village ruffian who runs the game hall straightens up,Stand out。
“What do you Liufang dolls want to do?Bullying us rural people??”The old village ruffian shouted loudly。
“Put people out!”The students behind the chubby roared。
The old village ruffian smiled very socially:“Let go?They are thief,Come to my shop to steal something!I’m about to call the police!You say let it go?Are you all in the same group?”
This old village
The ruffian shouts to catch the thief,Beat back,It’s really a tough rascal。
“and also,This fat guy went crazy just now,Hurt so many people in our village,Everyone saw it!Now you still want to rely on the crowd,Bully people in our village??”
Export these few words,The people on the street suddenly buzzed。
Especially those Liufang workers who watch the excitement,All talking nonsense。
“So those students are thieves!No wonder people don’t catch others,I just caught them!”
“The old man runs the game hall,Those students must be caught stealing money,What should!”