It’s hard for Fang Yu!

“Dad,I toast you!”
Fang Yu holding juice,Clink glasses with dad。
If it wasn’t for parents’ encouragement,,Fang Yu may not be today。
of course,There are also reasons for meeting Master!
But where is the master now?
While they are eating,Fang Yu’s phone rang。
It’s from Zhang Yue,Said there was a document forgotten,I hope Fang Yu can get it from Zhang Yue。
“I’m eating,Will pass!”
Finished,Fang Yu hung up。
Pan Yulin curiously said。
On the phone,Obviously a girl’s voice。
Very nice!
The appearance is not too bad!
Fang Yu embarrassed:“Beauty in the car dealership,There are still documents……”
“Is a good girl not?I know you and Lao Guo’s daughter are out of play……If it’s good,Just try to develop。We don’t want you to get married quickly。

“Ok,I will discuss this direction with Lao Gu ASAP。”

“it is good。”
“Hey,and many more。”The instructor obviously has something,“tell me,how did you do it?”
“One night time,The big guys are like having amnesia,No one remembers going to Wuming Mountain,I have never seen the so-called underground palace,The soldiers stationed on the periphery of Wuming Mountain are even more exaggerated,I don’t know why I ran so far to station,It must be your kid。”
“Minimize the impact。”Where does Li Tianzhi have a suitable vocabulary explanation,The soul of the unicorn beast is very mysterious,Even he can’t understand。
“Don’t say it,But you are very thoughtful。”Instructor approves,No longer entangled,But change the front,“But girl Shen said he saw you。”
“what?”This time it’s Li Tianzhen’s turn to be surprised,Secretly scold the unicorn beast for joking。
“Said I saw you riding a big black lion。”
Li Tianzhen’s face is green。
“No kidding,She asked me about you this afternoon。”The instructor tried his best to smile,“All right,Stop talking,Report a message,Because it’s related to you。”
“You said。”
“Two days ago,That’s the day the underground palace collapsed,The same collapse occurred in a place thousands of miles away,A temple that has existed for more than a thousand years has also fallen underground as a whole,The local official report is an earthquake,But according to reliable sources,Not that simple。”
“Thousands of miles away?Where did the reliable news come from?”
“Mount Dara on the border between northern Bangladesh and India,‘Pigeon’Sent to me,Because he has been confirming,So it’s two days late。”
“‘Pigeon’?”Li Tianzhi’s heart shocked,The other side ran so far,Just to find someone who has been missing for a long time‘Mane rat’,and‘Mane rat’Lost contact abroad,It was to track down Xiao Song who was kidnapped,He didn’t know this,The instructor never mentioned it,But the night when Wuming Mountain collapsed,Hu Dehai quietly told him about it outside the tent,The purpose is naturally to let Li Tianzhi remind the instructor from his perspective,Can’t ignore the missing brothers,It seems that Hu Dehai has faintly dissatisfied with the practice of instructors,of course,Subconscious words,I may also hope that Li Tianzhi can return‘Ranger’。

This time the eight knives are all true energy,The sword qi collided with the opponent’s fist,A string of muffled sounds like dry thunder,All the eight punches hit by the boss were broken,Eight people all fell to the ground。

“These eight people fell to the ground but still hooked on each other,Connected by meridians,The formation is not chaotic,I finished hacking but my qi was mostly empty。What’s more, there are snipers on the other side who are always ready to shame me。”
“Can’t consume them anymore,The best policy!”
Now jump up,Jump down towards the Huangpu River,Shouted:“I won’t play with you anymore……”
His talent falls into the water,About to escape,Suddenly there are big nets everywhere in the water,It directly put him on the net like a fish。
You can see clearly when you get out of the water,The four airships on the river are the corners of the fishing nets。
“Special,They actually prepared traps for me by sea, land and air!”
Chen Xiu tried to break the fishing net,Tugged for a while, but it didn’t move。
“by,I’m so mad to bless at least ten thousand catties of strength,Can’t tear this damn fishing net,What exactly is this doing!”
Chen Xiu was shocked,A violent breaking wind sounded behind him,He can’t turn around in the net at this moment,Even more unavoidable,Meditation:“Ruined!”
A pain in the back and shoulders,Chen Xiu caught backhand,It’s actually a silver needle,There is a pungent smell on the needle。
“On the needle……poisonous……”
Chen Xiu only feels his head is dizzy,The eyelids are as heavy as a huge boulder。
“I……I can’t sleep……Can’t……”
Chen Xiu warned himself,It’s just a burst of sleepiness,Makes him even more irresistible,I finally fell asleep with my head tilted。

“What is this and what!”She complained to herself in her heart,Quickly clear this idea out of your mind,But in order to prevent her from being too strong“Sense of sight”,She decided to let Yu Zhe change another color。

finally,Yu Zhe still chose a blue and white wide striped tie and a handkerchief of the same color under Shi Muluo’s recommendation.。
In the end, it’s time to decide all the details。
But Yu Zhe doesn’t seem to be depressed without any sense of participation,Instead, I think it’s really great to be able to decide for him some things that he is not good at.。
The total suits add up to more than 50,000,Yu Zhe’s heart is bleeding,But think about this mission and get 200,000,still is Gritted his teeth,I just wanted to take out my bank card to pay,But was preempted by Shi Muluo。
“I will pay by myself……”Yu Zhe didn’t know what to say for a while。
“Hey rest assured~Money for clothes is Mo~forest~Out~of~”Shi Muluo said with a smirk。
“How can any contact person pack the mission props??”Yu Zhe expressed doubts,This is the first time I have seen such a thing in so many years。
“calm down。”Listening to Yu Zhe and Maolin saying similar things,Makes Shi Muluo very funny,But I can’t tell the truth,Had to explain,“I just think it is unfair that he deducted more than 30% of your commission,So I wanted to cheat him。”
Listen to Yu Zhe,Also chuckled,“Actually he deducted a small amount。”
“I know~”To avoid saying the same thing as last night,Shi Muluo stopped the topic in due course。
The two walked out of the shop with clothes,Today’s important task has been half completed,But there is another one next“tough battle”Want to fight。
Shi Muluo still has to decide on her dress。
In fact,Just choosing clothes for Yu Zhe,She didn’t think about her clothes at all,So that I still have no clue。
But think about it,If the other party is also a killer,Maybe Yu Zhe and his ideas may have something in common,Better to take a gamble,Dress yourself up according to Yu Zhe’s preferences,Maybe at the birthday party,Attract that person’s attention。
“Na,Now that I have helped you choose your clothes,Then mine is yours~”
What Shi Mu Luo said in a soft voice,Cooperate with a head tilt,It made Yu Zhe almost stop thinking,Clearly“I will not choose。”He swallowed it abruptly,Just nodded mechanically。
Walk into the women’s dress shop,There are so many more styles of clothing here than men’s clothing,No matter the color or style,Makes Yu Zhe feel dazzled,I just think they are all pretty。
During Yu Zhe’s selection,Shi Mu Luo’s mind is also turning,She was the first to deny the fishtail skirt,Although this dress is very good,But after all, she also has a mission this time,Not just eating melons and watching the show,Forget the skirts that are inconvenient like that。

“Peak Shen!”

Zhu Minglang spit out these two words。
Flick down,I wish Minglang’s whole body leaned forward,The moment that the sword was thrown down,The clouds in the sky behind him are flying down,Turned into a white waterfall,Surging up the earth magnificently,It can be seen how terrifying the power of this sword!!!
One sword changes the situation,It’s probably the situation right now。
Above the sky,A shocking peak suddenly fell,This peak shadow is like the same heaven sword that fell from the heaven,The sword shadow is enough to cover the organ city,Really vast and magnificent,This has left hundreds of thousands of people in the imperial capital,All the powerful people on the tower were caught in a panic!!
fortunately,Shadow Sword Peak did not fall on anyone in the Institution City this day,But towards the Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army,Towards the place where Zhao Chen and his ghost dragon were.……
Zhao Chen rides on the back of the ghost dragon,He realized the power of this sword,Fled outside the Tomb Hill of the Ninth Army for the first time,Fled to other parts of the agency city。
But as soon as he looked up,Above the vast sky,Still hanging a handle pointing at him,No matter how fast the ghost dragon is,No matter where he flees!
Sky Shadow Sword Peak is getting closer,You can see such a vast sword shadow in the entire agency city,And when Zhao Chen looked back at the sky for the last time,What you see is the entire sky is occupied by this sword,I am like an ant under a meteorite,Even if I see this heavenly thing sinking to the earth,Helpless!!
The whole city trembled in the organ city,The clouds in the sky fall more gorgeously,The shadow of the sword is like a mountain,Shockingly inserted into the organ city,The swaying earth wave has formed a kind of annihilation,Completely destroy the topography of the agency city,Will hill、houses、river、Forest、All the grass fields are dragged into this endless sword pit!!
Hundreds of thousands,transfixed。
All disciples in the organ city,Trembling。
Even the elder hall masters of the major forces on the tower,There was a violent wave in my heart。
This sword,Even most of them can’t do it!
A disciple of this age,But let this competition of forces evolve into his own myth!!
This powerful,Really scary。
Zhao Chen and his ghost dragon,Will never survive。
Many royal families are also on the tower,They witnessed Zhao Chen’s death under the sword of Zhu Minglang。

Wang Youcai thought Xia Jian was here to trouble him,But his Xia Jian’s tone,It seems that Xia Jian didn’t know that he was working here。

“Please,Let’s go in first”When Wang Youcai ran out just now,A little less worn。
First2163chapter Brilliant tricks
Xia Jian was taken aback,And followed Wang Youcai into his office。
Burning stove in the room,Very warm。Just his bed,The clothes are lost everywhere,Unexpectedly,Xia Jian also saw a woman’s underwear on Wang Youcai’s bed。
What’s the situation?Isn’t Wang Youcai divorced??Didn’t he find this woman just now?!Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this question,Liu Ying came in,She bowed her head,And began to give Xia Jian tea。
Xia Jian only glanced at it,I think this woman looks pretty good,But this age is definitely three or four years older than Wang Youcai。
“Hu Huiru, what does she want to do?She clearly knows that our two families are not in harmony,She wants you to fix me!”Wang Youcai delivered the tea made by Liu Ying to Xia Jian,He picked it up clearly。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“Don’t do bad things,Knock at the door in the middle of the night。As long as your work is well done,No one can pick you up,dont you agree?”
“Humph!Words are the reason,But some people want to pick the bones in the egg,Not without”Wang Youcai gave a cold snort,Deliberately speaking to Xia Jian。
Xia Jian took a sip of tea,I started to think about it。Does he care about it or don’t care。If you want to manage,It’s not easy to find out something?But if he really finds out something,Hu Huiru took the opportunity to clean up Wang Youcai,Isn’t he a gun in Hu Huiru’s hand?。
Everyone knows,He and Wang Youcai have never been at peace,Hatred that is not hatred,Has been deeply rooted in the hearts of their two families。Want money,This is also an opportunity。
But he did,What would the people of Xiping Village think of him?,Will he go back to Xiping Village??Moreover,No matter how bad Wang Youcai is,He is also from Xiping Village,And what about Hu Huiru?She has nothing to do with Xiping Village。
“Wang Youcai,Hu Huiru asked me to check you,I don’t have to say too much,But you have to understand,She doesn’t trust you,Otherwise she won’t let me check on you”Xia Jian thinks it over,He has to test Wang Youcai’s tone。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“I know this in my heart。Even if I have no problem,She also doubted me”
“That means you really have a problem here?”Xia Jian followed up and asked。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Xia Jian!This is a poor mountain where birds don’t shit。Generally young people who stay here?What do i picture?Or to make more money。But you can rest assured,You can’t find any problems on my account”

“Drag this guy away,Don’t stay here and affect other people’s business。”Chen Xiu pointed to the half-dead yellow hair on the ground。

Brother Niu waved,The younger brothers hurriedly ran out of the store carrying yellow hair,Kept running for hundreds of meters,Brother Niu patted his chest and said:“Oh shit,Huang Mao provokes anyone like you,I don’t want to die fast enough like a dog。”
It’s a pity that the current yellow hair has already passed out in pain,I don’t even know what Niu is calling。
A confidant who came with Brother Niu asked carefully:“Brother Niu,Who is that brother Xiu?,Why are you so……”
“Afraid of him?”
Brother Niu said without mind:“I’m afraid he is not ashamed……I told you,I’ll turn around and leave when I see him far away,Don’t mess with him。”
Everyone looked at each other,The more I wonder what kind of fierce this brother Xiu is。
64 Buy a house
“Dog brother,Do you know how it disappeared?。”
Brother Niu throws this sentence,A group of kids were shocked at once。
Brother Gou is still the boss of their boss Niu,Some time ago, the dog brother, who was originally awkward, disappeared overnight.。
“Brother Niu,You mean the dog is for……For Brother Xiu。”
Brother Niu shook his head and said:“Although it was not his direct hand,But it was because Brother Dog provoke him……So I tell you,I’ll hide from afar when I see him,Know if?Don’t mess with him!”
This Niu brother is not someone else,It was the first time that Brother Gou instructed to beat the big guy Chen Xiu last time,Later, when Brother Dog was caught by Qin Zhi’s bodyguard and broke his leg, he was also caught together,It’s just a small person like him,Qin Zhi didn’t let the bodyguard start。

A roll of bamboo slips at the bottom of the bamboo basket,Old man take out open……

The boy took the checklist,Went to the hospital cafeteria to fill up,But I don’t want to see Wu Changan as soon as I get into the elevator。
“You are right here,follow me。”
Wu Changan took Gan Yifan out of the elevator,Came to the parking lot outside the courtyard。
A woman got off a newest Hongqi car,Two big men in suits followed her left and right。
“Get to know,My surname is ning,Ning Xichen, Head of Chenxi Pharmaceutical Company。”
Ning Xichen is wearing a professional suit,There is a mature woman’s style all over the body,This kind of woman is very lethal to the average boy,It’s just that the teenager is not in this rank。
The teenager goes back。
“I have no ill intentions,Just going to talk to you。”Ning Xichen smiled,The fair and delicate face is full of kindness and friendship,It’s like being pulled by a teenager yesterday,The thing about holding a knife against my chest has never happened before,“People come and go here,Not a place to talk,Good coffee in the cafe next to it,You haven’t had coffee yet,Let me treat you to coffee。”
Young unmoved。
Wu Changan smiled vaguely,No matter how you look at his smiling face, he is not kind,“Yifan,Last night, Uncle Wu didn’t arrange it,Let a stranger go to your house,Uncle Wu apologizes to you。Mr. Ning made a special trip to see you today,I want to talk to you about cooperation,She is not malicious,Otherwise Uncle Wu won’t bring you to see her。”
“What cooperation?”
Wu Changan glanced at Ning Xichen,Said:“Yunji Island has medicinal materials that Ning needs,Others cannot go to the island,Only you can,So she hopes you can get medicinal materials for her,She will pay you……Ok,Just pay you。”
“how much is it?”
“One plant one hundred。”Ning Xichen said。
“One plant one hundred,Ten plants a thousand,10,000 for 100 plants……”The teenager calculated,Shook his head,“I won’t do it,I have money。”
“You cooperate with me,I will pay you back,Just give you another money,One month……Thirty thousand。”
In fact, the teenager has not yet clearly defined the amount of money,He didn’t know that tens of thousands of dollars a month was considered a very high salary in Ganning City.,Ganning City’s per capita monthly income is only in the early 4,000。
He thinks that the money is enough,There are ten thousand yuan in the mobile phone change,Apply for a bank card in two days,Another 180,000 credited,And he still has a lot of similar agarwood boxes sold,Including silver dollars,Other things for which the price is still unclear,Really need money,Take out a few,It’s okay for hundreds of thousands of minutes,He is not bad。
“I said I have money,Don’t come to me in the future。”The young man put down these words,I don’t care about Wu Changan,Turn around。

After all, it’s a question of identity。

Although the country is far away from the emperor,Some forces in the country still care about Zhumen,So there will be endless bids,To promote this marriage。
Zhu Minglang, don’t believe that his charm can be so full that it costs more than three million gold for Hualong Girl!
Princess Luoshui。
You pay some more money!
You are too expensive,Let me post a bit for you。
My son can still be rescued!!
I wish Minglang have a terrible headache now,I can’t put my sword on Princess Luoshui’s neck,Let her continue to bid with Hualong。
at the moment,As long as Princess Luoshui is not willing to pay a higher price,I really became the son-in-law of Hualongnv。
Flower Dragon Girl’s posture,So many female princesses、The female hou was beaten out。
originally,Princess Luoshui made a bid,Basically, there won’t be too many people competing with her,After all, while the princess has strong funds,,All forces have to make way for this year’s protagonist。
unfortunately,Obviously, Hua Guoshi does not want Zhumen to be involved in the King’s Palace,So I just instructed my sister to win love。
“Five million gold。”
suddenly,A cold voice sounded,The sound is beautiful and pleasant,Just a cold and firm tone!
“Five million gold!!”
The chief official of the palace couldn’t help but exclaimed。
A group of palace officials looked at the speaker。
And those women,Also turned to a beautiful woman,Including Princess Luoshui, she looked at the woman with such a huge price in surprise.!
Flower Dragon Girl is stunned。

Bai Li nodded and said:“Li Yueming is less than forty,A few years younger than Sun Xuefeng。He is from engineering,Quite research on the construction industry。Very good at engineering,That’s why Mr. Luo asked him to help Sun Xuefeng work。In addition,Sun Xuefeng isSTpeople。Let him work here,It’s like working from home”

Although Bai Li said simple,But she basically told Xia Jian,STWhat kind of situation is the branch?。Xia Jian flipped through the folder gently,The problem mentioned above,Most of them are related to engineering。This incidates that,This matter is absolutely inseparable from Li Yueming。
butSTThe main person in charge of the branch is Sun Yuefeng,Even if Li Yueming has something,Sun Xuefeng should know a little bit?What kind of relationship is between them??Xia Jian was thinking about this,Lost in thought。
Bai Li has been crawling on the backrest,She kept staring at Xia Jian,I don’t know if my breast is squeezed。
Time goes by,Xia Jian never spoke,Bai Li didn’t dare to ask,The atmosphere in the car looks a bit low。
suddenly,Xia Jian sat up straight,He lowered his voice and said to Bai Li:“We’re here this timeSTCome undercover,So try not to reveal our identity。The investigation was conducted in secret,We don’t know our identities as a last resort”
“Good manager Xia!Do you have any specific ideas?”Bai Li asked softly。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Let’s check on the construction site first,Including engineering bidding,And engineering inspection,Anyway, anything related to the branch,Have to check”
“it is good!This method may be able to grasp some relevant evidence faster,But time-consuming and laborious,This is a big journey”Bai Li sighed and said。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“From point to area,Focus on one or two clues,If a problem is found。We will ask the head office to send someone over to check the accounts,Thus,After the fire burns up,Don’t need us”
“it is good!I understand Mr. Xia saying this。It seems we don’t need to have a meeting at night,Take a good rest everyone,To officially start working tomorrow is”Bai Li said,Stretched。
Xia Jian took a peek at her somewhat charming figure,Then closed my eyes。He is a very self-controlling ability,And know what is light,What is heavy。
All the way is smooth,But when they walk into the hotel,It’s getting dark。
Baili registered hotel,Naturally high-end。The key is confidentiality,The average idler can never enter the hotel,Because the security facilities here are absolutely top-notch。
Bai Li lives next door to Xia Jian,And Zhang Yong lives in Xia Jian’s diagonally opposite door。Xia Jian still understands this,Because the bodyguard,First of all, be optimistic about the door of the protected person。
Took a few hours in the car,Everyone feels a little tired。So supper only casually ate at the hotel,They went back to their rooms。
Xia Jian opened the suitcase and took a look,He couldn’t help being stunned。There are a lot of clothes in this box,From the inside out,I put a set of pajamas for him。To know,Xia Jian doesn’t like pajamas,Either neatly dressed,Or don’t wear anything。