Zhuan Xu,Is the hero of the human race after the Yellow Emperor,And stepped into the top Taoist ancestor。In the war within the clan,Zhuan Xu defeated the Yellow Emperor,And the Zhuanxu clan has become the current ancient royal family。of course,Among them, how many hands and feet the three old men of the human tribe,That’s another matter。

A family has long served as the ancient royal family,Perishable internally,Also tends to be conservative。Zhuan Xu may not be as good as Huangdi,But he is the best descendant of the human race after him。
Yellow Emperor,Advocating Tude,Stepping into Taoist ancestors。But Zhuan Xu advocates water morality,Step into the realm of Taoism。The practitioners of the Zhuanxu clan also adore water,And the human style of this era is also respected by the blue water。
Looking at the streets, there are mortals and practitioners wearing blue and blue clothes,There are also wine shops all over the street,Li Ming is also very happy。
This is the style of the ancient human race。
at this time,It’s less than 300 years since Huangdi Xuanyuan’s era was destroyed。
Late Xuanyuan,Ethos,After the three emperors discussed,Replaced by Zhuan Xu’s。
After this time,Human spirit strives forward,Neither overbearing nor overbearing,Every human race is proud of cultivating。
Walk into a tea house,Let Xiao Er serve a pot of tea,Tea taste,Li Ming was very happy。
While Li Ming was drinking tea and listening to music,Suddenly there was a drumbeat。
Three consecutive drum beats,The people in the whole city are boiling。Out of shop、Pedestrians on the street,Hear this voice,Put down things around one after another,Run to the home or the surrounding shops。And some brawny,Instead take out weapons,Running towards the wall。
And in the teahouse where Li Ming is,The kung fu of a stick of incense,All the guests are gone,Except for Li Ming, only the boss and Xiao Er。

And around,Everyone nodded,In fact, for such things,Deep in their hearts,I really want to see these。

Since this is the case,Then next,Just continue to consume here first。
As for other things,On the contrary, there is nothing to worry about at all。
And seeing these,at this time,Actually in front of me,Wang Teng said directly:“Although Zhao Shijie can’t be killed at once,But it took him half of his life,Still ok。”
Wang Teng’s words are finished,Others are a little curious,These ones,what is the problem?
The more so,In fact, in these people’s hearts,I don’t understand。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven
Now,Zhao Shijie saw here,Whole person’s face,Even with a trace of indescribable confusion。
After all, now,Such a thing,To be precise,It gives people a very headache。
But when looking at these things,In fact, it looks like Zhao Shijie,till this moment,Such a problem,In fact, there is still a need to solve it。
And beside Zhao Shijie,The staff sent the documents here。
“Master, this is the file you need。”
When I heard this,Zhao Shijie nodded,Then I watched it here。
I saw this in Zhao Shijie,Actually for these,Zhao Shijie’s heart,Even more eager to try。
After all, now,Such a problem,Actually it has become obvious。
I just swept in front of my eyes subconsciously,The more so,Actually from the current point of view,What should we do about these problems。
Just this,It has come quite clear。
“Haha,It looks like,This time we will win。”
“There was news over there just now,Say them,Can’t hold it anymore。”

I wish Minglang and Nan Lingsha……

Strange to many people。
“A group of loose people,I want to win fame in this place,Don’t even lose your life in the end。”At this moment,Said a young man wearing a black straw hat。
The young man with a black straw hat is at a position less than twenty meters away,He seems to be entering the venue relatively late。
Generally speaking,Everyone who enters the field will keep a safe distance from surrounding opponents at the first time,Avoid being attacked by multiple people。
But the black straw hat youth didn’t care at all,As if no one on this battlefield can see him。
And he,Stand where you want to stand。
“Hey,Grape eaters……”The young man with a black straw hat glanced at Zhu Minglangdao。
Zhu Minglang threw the grapes into the air,How can Xiao Bai on his shoulder raise his claw quickly,I saw the wind-like claws stroke the big crystal grape。
The grapes peeled in midair,Revealing the plump and tender flesh。
Then it fell into Zhu Minglang’s mouth accurately。
“how?”Zhu Minglang chewing the pulp,Asked with his head sideways。
“Don’t roll away now,You won’t have a chance。”The black straw hat youth is a little arrogant。

Chen Nian looked over,That’s a long gray straight hair,Boy wearing exquisite round glasses,Tall,But the boy who feels very gentle。

“sweet,sweet,Deputy Captain Gandhi,Sorry!”Facing the awkward atmosphere,Wang Xiaoguang quickly apologized,Today, he didn’t pay much to others。
“It’s ok,A Tian is not here,I have to adapt to the taste of losing the game in the future……”Gandhi whispered。
“what did you say!Even if the captain is not there,Let me break up and win the game!”Wu Qihang’s voice is loud,Shout at Gandhi。
“Roar?Have the ability to dominate the game,Brother Tian is away,Gandhi is the captain。”Someone reaches out,Push Wu Qihang aside。
Wu Qihang pointed at the man and said:“Huang Haoran,You can!”
then,Wu Qihang turned and left the crowd,This scene was seen by many people again。
“It seems that their team is not as harmonious as the outside world.……”Chen Nian whispered。
Gandhi walked to Chen Nian,Looked down,Asked:“You miss the sauce?I watched yesterday’s show,As acting captain,I apologize to you on behalf of Xiao Wu。hope,Don’t report what happened just now,After all, it’s been a long time since I lost the game,Especially losing to the European team,He must be uncomfortable。”
“understanding,understanding……”Chen Nian quickly replied,But in my heart I think the boy’s voice is so nice,Very gentle、Very comfortable。
“Miss sauce,Stop nympho,Hurry up for today’s interview。”Wang Xiaoguang whispered in Chen Nian’s ear。
“correct,Can our e-sports moment column team interview the Phoenix players on the spot??I mainly want to ask what do you think of Xu Tian’s announcement of his retirement,Or do you want to tell him through our show??”
“According to the regulations, we cannot accept interviews,But since your program team has made an appointment,Then I will accept the interview on behalf of the team members,You can ask questions。”Gandhi said。
Ever since,Wang Xiaoguang carried the camera,Sister Mei is in charge of makeup,Taozi makes good field notes,Missing sauce picked up the microphone,See this handsome guy in front of you,I was even more nervous than when I interviewed Xu Tianshi yesterday。
“Dear audience friend,Welcome to the gaming moment!I am the host miss sauce,Today we have the honor to invite the representatives of the Phoenix team from the Guns of Glory project‘Gandhi’Be interviewed!”
“Hello host,Hello everyone, audience friends!”Gandhi greets everyone in front of the camera。
“Today’s Four Nations Invitational did not start well,Is it because of Xu Tian’s retirement??”
“Everything is a bit sudden,Our players still need time to adapt to new tactics,Believe in victory soon。”Gan faces tough questions,Did not disturb the rhythm of speech at all。
“Will Gandhi player,What is your personal opinion on Xu Tian’s choice to retire??”

Guan Tingna said,Sighed。

Xia Jian smiled and said:“I’ve already seen Zhou Li’s dissatisfaction,That’s why I came out of a startup,But Xiao Xiao doesn’t understand this truth。But then again,We must do the trick this time,Let anyone know,We are optimistic about these projects of Dongsheng Group,But no money,I can only sigh with excitement”
“I understand this,I have asked Chen Lan to go out and borrow money,This must have spread throughout Pingdu。The current information is spreading fast,Maybe Zhou Li already knew about this”
Guan Tingna said,Can’t help but laugh。
Xia Jian thought for a while and said to Guan Tingna:“You must find out the dynamics of Dongsheng Group,Determine when and how to sell them,We let at the last momentGZWhere can I get the money?。Oh!I asked you to register the group company as soon as possible?”
“This is not as simple as we thought,But I have asked someone,Should be fast。Hurry up these few days,Which way to check Baili。Donglin Township’s project is also very important,Once the tourism project starts,It depends on the early stage”
When Guan Tingna talked about work,,It’s really comprehensive,It can be said that it is not dripping。This is another important reason why Xia Jian looked at her with admiration。
The two talked on the phone for a long time,Until Xia Jian’s phone is almost out of power,Only at Xia Jian’s request,Guan Tingna hung up the phone。
A little sleepy,After a long call,Xia Jian suddenly felt a lot more sober。In addition, I suddenly came to such a quiet place,Xia Jian feels sleepless。It’s just past nine o’clock when I look at the watch,No wonder can’t sleep。
He thought about it,He walked out of his room。I heard Bai Li said,She seems to live602,Xia Jian happened to live608room。The sixth floor,Specifically for company personnel to live。Of course,The other employees can only be two,Or three,Even a room for four to six people。
Maybe they all went out to play,The whole floor is extremely quiet,Can’t hear any sound。Xia Jian is here602Before the room,Knocked on the door twice。
after awhile,The door opened,Bai Li was standing at the door wearing pajamas。Xia Jian has a look,Then he laughed and said:“So you slept,forget about it,I also want to talk to you about work,Then tomorrow!”
“Nothing!You come in!I didn’t sleep,Took a shower just now,So I changed my pajamas”
Bai Li said,And opened the door。
Xia Jian hesitated and walked in。Baili’s room is not very big,A double bed takes up the whole room,The rest can only put a desk。The other is two chairs。Of course,The hotel room bathroom must be brought。
Bai Li shut the door,So he greeted Xia Jian to sit down。Bai Li just took off her underwear on the bed。Bai Li has a look,Embarrassed and hugged them all,Put it in the bathroom。
Xia Jian sat in a chair and said:“I had a phone call with Vice President Guan just now,Suddenly can’t sleep,So come over and chat with you。Didn’t disturb you!”
“No,I slept late too。Because this place is quiet,Once asleep,Will sleep till dawn,So the quality of sleep is particularly good”

Take a breather,Li Tianchou looked up at the top,Hu Dehai is gone,The thick canopy of dark branches and leaves has only one spot of light,Shaking,There seems to be a living thing moving,These two guys should be on the top of the cliff,There is a little comfort in my heart right now。

The next step is a difficult choice,Guo Yaowu and Yuan Hua,Can only take one,Infer from time,This is only theoretical,Zhang Zhiqiang will look back anytime,So Li Tianchou turned his mind,Naturally, Yuan Hua who still has hope of treatment will be taken away。
He quickly removed the rags from Guo Yaowu’s body,Then twist it into a simple thick rope,Tied Yuan Hua on his back,After bowing silently to Guo Yaowu three times,Turn around and pull the thick vine branches and fly up。
Crazy shooting is still very deterrent,The chasing soldiers have not been seen,Li Tianchou, who was in pain all over, didn’t know how he managed to reach the top of the cliff,I just feel full of gold stars,The hand holding the cane is trembling too,And that tiny spot of light has become a disc,Hu Dehai is looking down with his head stretched out。
Get help from each other,Li Tianzhen finally turned over the cliff,The hanging heart is also let go,It can be said to be lucky,It can also be said that Zhang Zhiqiang is too afraid of death,Otherwise, it’s really a matter of two things whether you can come out alive。
After Yuan Hua was relieved,Li Tianzhen lay on the ground and gasped like a dead fish,Can’t speak at all,Eyeballs stare round,My chest hurts like a heart-piercing lung,And Hu Dehai rushed to the doctor,Forcing the white coat to touch Li Tianzhen’s chest and back,Tossing and sweating, I didn’t find out why。
“okay,Don’t do it……Cough。”Li Tianzhen finally got his breath,Just suffered the impact of the aftermath of the hand bud,Then I ran with Yuan Hua on my back,Then climb the cliff,Didn’t stop for a moment,All with a breath and terrifying potential,Even Superman can’t hold it。
Two stop,Look at Li Tianzhi,Look at Yuan Hua again,At a loss。
“do not worry……Cough,Yuan Hua will not hurt us,Help me up。”
Hu Dehai slapped open the hand of the white coat,Carefully lifted up Li Tianzhen and sat halfway,“Better now?”
Li Tianzhen can’t hear the sound,Self-regulating posture,Then he drew the pistol from his waist。
“What are you doing?”Hu Dehai is worried。
“Blow up this demon vine!”Although Li Tianchou is temporarily deaf,But I understand what Hu Dehai wants to say。
“What about Guo Yaowu?”Hu Dehai pointed his hand down the cliff。
“No chance。”Li Tianchou shook his head for a moment,Then slowly climb to the edge of the cliff,Lean over,The gun was aimed at the front of the root of the old vine tree at the bottom of the cliff,Despite the distance,But the position is firmly imprinted in his mind。

Xia Shuyue asked Ye Jia again,Ye Jia continued to crawl around quickly,Ignore her,She stood up and talked to Zhang Siwei。

“You became a public figure,”Zhang Siwei makes fun of Xia Yueshu,“Still fighting,incredible,Don’t do advertising design,I think it’s appropriate to be an agent。”
“I’m so unlucky,Si Wei, you still laugh。”Xia Shuyue was wronged。
“I think it’s a good thing,Increase your visibility,No one knew you before,I know you more now,You will really become a celebrity in the future,It will be easier to make money。”Zhang Siwei is still smiling。
“I don’t know what to do now。”Xia Yueshu is crying,She can’t laugh。
“You are really in big trouble?”Zhang Siwei looks at Xia Shuyue’s expression,Stop joking with her。
“The company that I advertised,Read the newspaper now,Want me to lose money,Said that I had a negative impact on their company’s products。”Xia Shuyue answered。
“You are a little person,How many people will follow you?Will also bring them a negative impact?Simply nonsense!”Zhang Siwei found it incredible。
“Already notified me,Want me to come to their company tomorrow to discuss compensation,”Xia Yueshu sat on the sofa helplessly,“You said,I’m the one who has had the last meal but not the next,How can I lose them??”
“How much to lose?”Zhang Siwei asked with concern。
“They said the fifty thousand they gave me should be returned,I have to pay them more than 100,000!I’m so angry!”
“Pay hundreds of thousands,Not much。”Zhang Siwei really doesn’t think much。
“Not much for you,to me,How to describe it,Even if you sell me,Can’t afford it。”
117 happy Birthday

“What shall we do?”

“You don’t have to be nervous,Since they can still test us,Is that I haven’t got any substantive evidence,Otherwise, they would have been driving police cars to arrest people。”
Maureen thought about it,I still can’t figure out what went wrong,You have to confirm it in person,I seem to be busy recently。
“Is it because I left evidence??”Whenever Yu Zhe talks about work,The face that is already paralyzed will become terrifying。
“Do not,The commission is unwilling to leave evidence,It can only be said that we left some‘Doubt’Nothing more,If someone else handles this case,I’m afraid the case was closed by accidental death long ago,But it is my old classmate Di Minglei who is in charge of this case,He is famous for being upright,As long as you don’t explain all the doubts,Will not let this case be easily closed。”
“Is there any solution?”
“There must be,But I need to investigate and find out where they photographed us,As for the current priority,Is to explain why we appeared on the road at three in the middle of the night。”
Maureen rationalized his thoughts,So I told Yu Zhe about the whole plan。
“I told him just now that we were at the Nightingale Bar that night,Then Di Minglei and the others will definitely take the photo to investigate in the bar today,I have an acquaintance in that store,You can contact him to testify for us,But the biggest problem is that he doesn’t know you,So you have to go there before them today。”
“How do i recognize who you know?”
“You don’t need to know。”Maureen explained,“You don’t need to contact him,Go with Shi Muluo tonight,Just pretend to be out for a drink,That person knows what Shi Mu Luo looks like,I will let him pay attention to you。”
“You are not going?”
“I have to investigate the surveillance video,Moreover,If you run into Di Minglei and the others,But it’s hard to explain。”
“understood,How can I tell Shi Mu Luo??”Yu Zhe thought for a while,Realized this problem,I can’t tell her the truth after all。
“you’re so dumb,It’s normal for you to say you want to ask her out,Say in front of me,She will agree。”
“Really……May I?”
“This time is a special case,Remember to protect her。”
Chapter Twenty Four Nightingale Bar

Accompanied by the sound of steel bars all the way,Lu Yi arrived“Night Market Custom Street”,At a corner,In his mind, he saw the campus goddess Bai Ling coming out of the hotel in the morning.……

Pass through Shuwang Street,Not far away is the Xuanwu Lake,For students from Jingnan University of Communication and Technology,Here are all close courier points,Usually just store the express parcels that can’t distinguish the two schools。
however,Nowadays,Lu Yi saw a group of people gathered around,After confirming that Cao Anna is among them,Lu Yijiang“Ringer”Stopped at the lake trail。
“Lu Yi male ticket!Here!Here!”Cao Anna waved her right hand to greet Lu Yi。
“You a rich lady,How can you talk about male tickets every day??”
“so……Should be kept in mind?!”Anna Cao joked and didn’t care about the crowd。
“Are your legs okay?Why run so far?”Lu Yi asked。
“I started in the morning6Point out morning exercise,3It took more than an hour to get here,What do you say?”Anna Cao asked。
Lu Yi glanced at it, hurry up and stand outside7Printed with“glory”Two-character yellow carton,Each has a wardrobe size……
“Does the courier company deliver home??”Lu Yi puzzled。
“Theoretically tube,However, the courier boy who delivered before seems to be7The game cabin was tired and passed out,Call to say that our goods will be delivered in the afternoon,I came here first when I got excited……”Cao Anna casually explained。
Most of the onlookers are young people,In their admiring and enviable eyes……Lu Yi shook the standing yellow carton,Feel the weight,ask:“Although not too heavy,But large,Hard to move,Can’t find a moving company?”
“I also found a moving company,Can only come in the afternoon,You see,Waiting for them,Still do it yourself?”
Guo Yinzhe rides Zhang Song on a motorcycle、Shunzi is here,Probably at the same time,Feng Xichuan riding an electric car and Zhao Ping also arrived at the express point。
Several people gathered around the game cabin,Excited like a child who has never seen the world,Take the lead in taking pictures,Group photo,Frolicking,Assigned their own game pods to each other。
20Minutes later……
“No more!No more!I’m dying!”Zhang Song is crying,He is skinny,Typical malnutrition、Strong in the outside world。
“I’m okay,But my bike is almost dead!”Lu Yi helplessly,He can clearly feel that the rear tire of the bicycle has deflated……
“I can’t,Fool’s company, I’ll go to your uncle!Must be negative!”Feng Xichuan, sweating profusely, really wants to jump into Xuanwu Lake and take a cool bath。

Actually, I don’t need to say,Xia Jian can still do this,Who would care about someone who is sick,Not to mention Xiao Xiao now,Treat him more tenderly than before。

The door to the ward suddenly opened,This is a single room specially requested by Xiao Xiao,Except the doctor,No one else will come in。Xia Jianmeng stood up,Turn around,Seeing a tall man walk in,Man with a mask on his mouth,But a few white hairs on the head,Enough to see,He is at least forty years old。
The man closed the door of the ward,Talk to Xia Jian:“You go out,Xiao Xiao and I have a few words”
“who are you?”Xia Jian saw this person as overbearing,I feel a little unhappy。
Xiao Xiao on the hospital bed glanced at Xia Jian,A little embarrassing to say:“You go out first!”Now that Xiao Xiao has spoken,He can go without going out,But he thinks how weird this man,Wearing a big mask,Obviously hard to see people。
Walking in the aisle of the ward,Xia Jian still had a sorrow about this person just now,Why is he?Suddenly a voice came into his ear:“Xiao Wang,The man wearing a mask just now,Do you know who it is?He is a big man,Deputy Mayor Huang of Bucheon”The little nurse at the front desk is chatting。
“Stop talking nonsense,People wear masks,How did you meet?”Is the voice of another nurse,It seems she is also a little skeptical。
“Ha ha!You don’t know that!My uncle lives in a community with him,I live with my uncle’s house,He is often seen,See more,Of course I remember”The little nurse is very confident。
The speaker has no intention,Listener intentionally,Xia Jian couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable,Is it at the banquet someday,What people say is true,Xiao Xiao really climbed into a senior official?all of these,From beginning to end…Xia Jian didn’t dare to think anymore。
Xia Jian sitting on a bench in the aisle,I felt like knocking over a five-flavored bottle,Xiao Xiao’s beautiful image,In his mind,Gone,Even if she is really a fairy,But if she really resembles what others say,Xia Jian would not look at her。
Why should i care about her?Does anything she does has anything to do with me?Another voice kept shouting in Xia Jian’s heart,Yes!We don’t have much relationship,It’s just that I am passionate,Xiao Xiao will care about him?Worthy of him?
“Hey!Handsome guy,8The patient in ward number called you in”A little nurse came over,Chao Xiajian shouted。
What do you call me?Are you accompanied by the deputy mayor??Xia Jian secretly said something in his heart,But he still got up,towards8Ward No. walked in。
“Where did you go?so long,I went to chat with the little nurse, right?!”Xiao Xiao on the bed,Smile,She seems to be in a good mood,But Xia Jian was in a bad mood。