Before Xia Jian can react,Li Xue and Xia Fei have rushed towards the door of both rooms,Leave the middle one to him,Xia Jian understands what they mean,She just helped him,In case there is any difficulty,Both of them can help。

Xia Jian tiptoed closer to the door,He looked in through the light-emitting door,Inside the house,Surprised him。A tattered bed,Gu Yue and Chen Jing are sitting on both sides,They are tied with thick rope。
What makes Xia Jian strange is,Why didn’t he see the people watching these two women,Isn’t it because no one is guarding?!When Xia Jianzheng was secretly happy。
Suddenly a voice rang at the door:“The boss is getting timid now,Such a beautiful woman will not move,It’s violent”
“Your dad is so courageous to the horizon,This is Gu Changlong’s daughter,If you annoy him,Just drop hundreds of thousands out,It’s strange if you don’t chop your kid up”Another voice said。
These two were sitting at the door,Xia Jian almost startled when he spoke。He thought no one here,Almost made a big mistake,Seems to do anything,Don’t act recklessly。
You have to think of something,Just when Xia Jianzheng hesitated,Li Xue has touched it,Xia Jian gestured to the situation in the house。Li Xue crawled at the door and glanced inwardly,Only then returned。
at this time,Who else in the room said:“Only get the money tomorrow,Let’s say goodbye to these hard times,Go to the city to have fun”
“You know you want beautiful things every fucking day,Take a good look,I go out for a convenient”Another man said。
Just listen to who laughed just now:“Don’t worry!This place where the ghost can’t lay eggs,No one will come,Besides, the boss has deployed a ecstasy in the city,They can’t find it for a while”
Xia Jian and Li Xue listened,Hurriedly flashed to both sides,Just hear a creak,The door opened,A burly guy came out。
He just turned around,Xia Jian jumped up from behind him,He raised his palm and cut it on his neck fiercely,This guy fell down with a grunt。
Li Xue flicked,I’m here,Helped him,Drag him to the other side and lay it flat and let him lie on the ground。There is only one person left in the house,This is easy。Li Xue gave Xia Jian a gesture,Xia Jianmeng opened the door and threw in。
A guy with dyed yellow hair just got up,Xia Jianfei kicked and hit the wall,When it bounces to the ground,The man’s head also fell down。
Li Xue came in step by step,Closed the door。Gu Yue and Chen Jing sitting on the bed were surprised and opened their mouths.。Li Xue motioned them not to talk。
Xia Jian took out from his waist a switchblade that Xia Fei bought back tonight,He presses the machine spring,The blade popped out。Xia Jian sharply cut the ropes on Gu Yue and Chen Jing。
Maybe it’s been too long.,When Chen Jing stood up, she fainted,Gu Yue is not much better,I feel like the road won’t go。

Shelf testimonials

On the shelf,A lot of emotion
This book till now,Online release just right140day
And I actually updated it for about a year。。
Over a year,From a cute new evolution to。。。Ok,Vegetable Chicken?!
Writing novels is really not easy,Even if it’s amateur kung fu, thank you fellow,There are times when the plot cannot be updated。。。
Sometimes look at the outline,Feel unsatisfied,Changed and changed。
Originally intended to write the heroine as a clan of white tigers,Later, when the protagonist got the Azure Dragon Ring, suddenly thought,Write the dragon blood warrior to the heroine!
Wow~Modify it in reverse,The previous interaction with Poray was replaced by Baruch’s。。。There are still various details missing
The earliest pet setting was a baby snake,Later, when I thought about it, my acceptance was not high,Thank you for a bird pet
all in all,Now updated to more than 700,000 words,Started。。。
Tell me about the update,The current writing speed is not as fast as the update speed(After all, I am an engineering male part-time writing,Hand speed is enough,Brain speed can’t keep up)

Zhu Huiwei said:“You should not be guilty of killing zombies。”

“and,I can assure you,As long as you help us two to catch enough three generations of zombies,Provide enough lifespan to let us two evolve to the second generation。In the future, we will go our separate ways,Not owe each other!”
Zhu Huiwei has never known the true relationship between Chen Xiu and Zhang Yuantu,He saw Chen Xiu use the way of exorcism,I always thought that Chen Xiu was an exorcist。
Zhang Haibao is even more so,That day in An Nan,He originally killed Chen Xiu,Later, I really learned that Chen Xiu would deal with zombies,Then he taught Chen Xiukong’s crane skills。
Every three generations of zombies have lived for a long time.,If you want to escape,Even if the two of them join forces, it’s hard to keep each other。
That’s why the two of them taught Chen Xiu’s direct fascination in the short term,Improve Chen Xiu’s combat power,Team up to deal with three generations of zombies。
Just like dealing with Guo Jing this time,If it weren’t for the formation of Chen Xiu’s exorcism,,The two of them will be killed by Guo Jing this time。
Zhang Haibao and Zhu Huiwei, as zombies, naturally know what zombies fear,But they are zombies,Even unable to use the peach wood sword、Weapons like black dog blood。
of course,They can also train a normal human to learn to deal with zombies。But an exorcist like Chen Xiu with such a strong fighting force,They haven’t encountered one in hundreds of years。
This is why they should pay attention to Chen Xiu。
But they don’t know,Chen Xiu was originally an orthodox exorcist。
He doesn’t dislike zombies himself,I can’t say that I have a good impression。
of course,Chen Xiu knew that they had misunderstood him,He will naturally not take the initiative to open up his own details,Just shook his head and said:“You said before,Guo Jing is only the mid-to-upstream level of combat power in the three generations of zombies。
How dangerous was the battle just now,You saw it too。
I don’t want to do something like this。
not to mention,Even if you evolve into second-generation zombies, it will not do me any good。

“Combat skills-Suffocate!”Yunkong came up to directly use the killer move,All the points of the attack are the throat,Restricted areas like the heart,You will be killed if you are careless。

Fuming eyes become cold“Humph,It’s vicious to start!”
“Combat skills-Blood knife”Yunkong’s sword swept through,Fuming raised the halberd to block the offensive,But was beaten back by two steps,A hint of joy appeared in Yunkong’s eyes,Suppress him like this!
Shook his hand,A little serious。
“Yep?It seems that Ye Fuming has been suppressed!”
“Humph,Suppress him?You think too much”
“What do you mean?”
“Some hunters like to play with their prey like this,When the prey thinks to suppress the hunter,The hunter suddenly subdued the prey,How do you feel?”Eight holes slowly make a sound。
Bald head sneered at this kind of thing“cut,Fancy”
But he said that,Fuming is a bit wronged,He won’t be so perverted,He just wants to know how Yunkong’s power and speed are,And now Fuming’s heart has a little bit。
“Hey,So you can do it!”Yunkong carried the big knife on his shoulder,Full of disdain。
Fuming doesn’t care“The show has just begun!”
“Ah”Yunkong continues to rush towards Fuming,He wants to cut off all the hands and feet of Ye Fuming,Present all this as a gift to the young master!
Before he got close to Fuming,Fuming waved the halberd and stirred up a storm,Envelop it,Yunkong stretches out his hands to protect his eyes“Ye Fuming!It’s useless for you to hide inside!”
“Who told you i’m going to hide,go with!”Fuming rushed the storm into the clouds,Yunkong wants to move,But these strong winds,So he dare not move!
“what is this,This Ye Fuming has arrivedCNo more?”People underneath are talking,Are all suspecting Ye Fuming’s arrivalCLevel awakened wind attribute。
“this is notCPower,It’s just that Ye Fuming uses the halberd in his hand,Strong airflow,of course,It may also be due to combat skills!”Eight holes pointed out the cause。
“Really good!”

Blue Xin and Ning Feifei,As long as you squeeze one,They have the opportunity to climb up。

Most let her jealous, She is obviously a designer of the wedding department,But the famous artist did not look for her designer.,Instead, I found it Lan Xin.,This makes her survival in the company?
“Oh, I am really true.?
Xue Jing,I know that you dressed as this.,Also pay attention to the attention of land,But you don’t look at what kind of person I am.,Do you also match??”
Ning Feifei cold face,What she most can’t see is that these people who hurt people behind them.。
Their mouth said,But people who are hurt by them,Will be intangible shield knife stabbed heart。
“Ning Feifei,you”Xue Jing,When I saw Blue Xin,All words are done between the lips。
Blue Xin came,When did she come??
“Humph!Why are not you talking,I tell you,Then expensive perfume can’t cover your fence.,Don’t let me hear you say that our Director’s bad words,Otherwise my temper will become worse.,There will be my handprint on your face.。”
Ning Feifei said,I found that Xue Jing’s eyes were not right.。
Ning Feifei back,I saw Blue Xin standing not far away.,And Lan Xin is not far behind,Standing in Europe。
The eyes of the two look at them。
“Blue Director,You have heard it.。”
Ning Feifei is a bit worried about Blue Xin。
Blue Xinyu,Lip smile,walk over,Smile:“how?
I can’t come to work a few days.,Have you hot again??”
European said behind her:“I listened to the scenery.,That day, you kneel down Li.,Our Lu Group has got a big project,I have been in New Year this year.,I can finally go abroad.。”
Blue Xin listens to European,Quickly look at him,“Oh,European secretary,Do you also have a shares??”
“Um!Thanks to you,I can earn a lot this time.。”
European,magnetic,Like the spring breeze。
“but,Have someone to make this matter to do this。”
Blue Xin smiled slightly:“I am used to this matter.,But my child will be hurt in the school.,This time I still want to trouble a secretary.,Check who is putting these photos online。”
She knows the temper of European,Say this,I want to give her white,She can’t care before,But now she must care,Her words will affect the life of his child in school。
“I will check it for a while.,Let’s go up.。”
European,Go to the front。
Ning Feifei is quickly pulling Blue Xin’s hand,“Blue Director,You said that you are drunk that day.,Is it a big business??”
Blue Xinyu,“so,You will also have a bonus,Wait, then,Give you the salary of this month。”
Ning Feifei is excited to cry.,She now specials in special needs,There is no poor people really don’t know how important money.。
Blue Xin laughs:“Let it go,Go up,Have to meet。”

I saw this in Han Tianlong,at this time,Han Tianlong didn’t forget to speak directly here。

“Where is Li Qianhua?”
After all, Li Qianhua is Han Tianlong’s collaborator。
And this guy who didn’t know where it came from,How to see,Why makes Han Tianlong very unhappy。
But the more so,Actually looking here,at this time,Wang Teng is very indifferent。
“Are you talking about that guy before,He has been solved by me!”
“So how was it before,right now,Actually, you don’t have to follow the rules at all!”
When Wang Teng was talking directly here,obviously,For these,Actually Wang Teng himself,On the contrary, there is no problem at all。
Wang Teng is looking at these,Now,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, I didn’t even think,What impact will this have。
“All right,Actually now,Continue to consume here,It doesn’t have much effect anymore。”
“Or you continue to toss here,Either,Surrender to me!”
Wang Teng finished,at this time,Han Tianlong just feels very ironic。
These ones,It seems to be the most funny joke Han Tianlong has heard。
I’m looking at this side,at this time,Wang Teng is watching。

Four people silence,I watched the Fu Tianril was explained.,Then a group of people raise。

“hateful,The chaos thieves actually arrived here.,Women,Its heart。”
“If you are not a thousand people,I am afraid that he is suffering from grievances.,When I just pushed me,I definitely cut it.,Let him know that the consequences。”
“what,It turns out that you think so.。”
“Who is not?,If it is not for thousands of people,I can sit down and don’t say anything.?”
“It is extremely extreme。”
Do not say that the officers and men’s camps are whispering,Fu Tianril is hidden by a family,Seeing a big daughter around a mask man,Immediate old face。
Just,He heard,Sisters are two people to rescue him.,Not far from thousands of miles,I don’t know how much it is?,How many tears。If Fu Qingfeng really found a person,His old face is not,Pushing away your pro,But……
Men wearing masks a little evil door,He is angry and reading too much,How do you feel awkward?。
“Aforehen,This is Cui Hong gradually,thanks to……”
See your old father’s face is not good,Fu Yuechi whisper introduced two times,There are sour words.,My sister is a child, I will grab the toy.,Growing up and grab the man。
“Cui Jin gradually……”
Fu Tiannen,This name is a little familiar,Where did he still heard?。
Looks like a front time,When he inspected the imperial examinations,There is a show that people in the exam call this name.。Wenhe,It is very eye-catching in a group of 文 稚,Very admired by the examiner……
Is it the same person??
Wait a minute,Be unreliable!
Fu Tianzi is on the championship,Vision,When I listened two, I found that Fu Yuechi is wrong.。
Snapped,This lady is coveted,I thought of it.!
“Cui Daohang,In Fu Renge,Dare to ask……”
“busy,Don’t ask,People have just hurry up.。”
Liao Wenjie said,Taoism that retracts spring winds,Left thousand households slowly,I saw Fu Tianril who didn’t have a smashing.,Jumping out behind the steel knife。
“Fu everyone,You want to be clear,I escort you to the capital,If you really have a grievous,Can tell you。”
Left thousand cold channels:“If you leave,Whether you have a mist?,Will carry a crime of fear of sin,Repentance。”
“Left thousand no need to say,I am loyal to myself.,Although I am jail,He has never resentful,Waiting for me and two daughters say a few words,Willing to add it,See you with you.。”
Fu Tianril, powerful,The literati is arrogant,Direct view left thousands,Not afraid of it is amazing。
Along the way,Fu Tianril knows the left and thousands of households,Loyal to the chance,No two hearts,It is a stupid,Unidentified loyalty, no evil。
at the same time,He also celebrated his martial arts is a thousand,I went all the way to block the blog knife dark arrow,Otherwise, he has already dyed the cold.,Dead in half。
“Aforehen,What are you talking about stupid?,The charter is a small person.,How can you go to the capital?……”
“Don’t have to say more!”
Fu Tianxi raises his hand stops two daughters,Continue to the left thousand:“I am willing to accompany thousands of people to the capital.,Please also leave your hand.,Don’t tell the little female robbery。”
Left thousand people thought about it,No casualties,I will not give Fu Tianril.。
“Then thank you thousands of households.!”
Fu Tianril,Long bow,The opposite left thousands don’t dare to,Alarm。

This gangster style,It’s really easy to play a handful of cards,But Xia Jian loses more and loses less,Just over two hours,He has lost more than 500 yuan,How many women does this little money,Really a piece of cake,But for Xia Jian,Already a lot,He regrets sitting here。

It’s finally eleven o’clock,Aling received a call,He said he needed to go back immediately,This table just broke up。Xia Jian stood up,Stretched,Go out without saying anything。
The clubhouse entertainment hall at this time,It’s the happiest time for people to play,But Xia Jian has no mood anymore,He even complained a little bit about Chen Xia,If not for her,I might have gone to bed now,That can still lose 50%。
The whole villa area is very quiet,The soft light of the street lamp shines on the road,Occasionally pedestrians pass by。Xia Jian is blowing the evening breeze slowly,Feel the rare comfort since this day。
Suddenly,Someone yelled behind him:“Hey!Wait for me“A nice voice from a woman came。
Xia Jian surprised,Hurriedly turned around。I blame my mind for a long time,Someone walked behind him,She didn’t even know。
Two meters away,Which Affi is the one standing。I saw her looking at him with a smile on her face,Looks a little cute。
“Oh!Are you calling me?“Xia Jian asked softly。
Afei took a step closer to Xiajian and said:“Of course I am calling you,Is there anyone else around?“But it does,There is really no one around here。
Xia Jian scratched his head embarrassedly and said:“Is something wrong with you?”
“Damn!You are so boring,I can’t call you if I’m fine!I see you walking along this road,Should be on the same road as me,So I called you”Affi said,Can’t help but shook his head,Obviously she asked Xia Jian,Feel very dissatisfied。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“South area318number,What is your number?”
“south302number”Afei looked at Xia Jian,She seemed to question Xia Jian in her eyes,Why live in such a good house。
Two people walked forward gently,Afei asked Xia Jian suddenly:“I don’t seem to have seen you before,You rarely go to clubs!”
“Ok!more or less!There are really few clubs”I asked the last sentence,Xia Jian can answer the last sentence,The atmosphere is a bit embarrassing。
Affi suddenly stopped,She looked at Xia Jian and said:“You are obviously bohemian,But I have to pretend to be gentle,Boring!Really boring”Affi finished,Angrily turned around and walked away quickly。

Liao Wenjie,These words he all heard,It is very reasonable to put together.,What is the relationship between union and environmental provinces??

According to what he knows,The related work of neon environment is to protect natural environment and wild animalsplates.,Ozone layer、global warming,How to secretly discharge the nuclear waste water in the ocean,It is this department that should be worried.。
Exquisite spirit……
And they have semi-cooked relationships?
“Situation is like this……”
Zhaoshan Huangquan explained a few words,Liao Wenjie listens to understand,The establishment of the countermeasures is just under the environment and provincial name.,No need to be responsible for it,The fund is also applied to the government every year.,It has been established so far.。
Liao Wenjie nodded,Really is neon,Working is to pay attention to,Unlike Hong Kong Island,Because of the low calm,Nothing to make a demon,Even a different institution is not established,Related to private organizations with love power generation。
This is very bad,Will be careful。
“The soldiers who met when I was in the late night.,It is also your countermeasures?”
“Do not,They are defense provincial countermeasures,And the environmental provincial countermeasures room is two institutions。”Behind,Lushan Huangquan no longer said,Neon bucket addiction,Know all,No need to have a lot of mouth tongue。
Liao Wenjie nodded,Neonned inneathed has formed a social atmosphere,Local feature,Many bad old men go to work,One mind to engage in political struggle。
Not the right heart is too heavy,But not fight,This is completely hard to do this.。
“Since this,Take me to take me to the environmental provincial countermeasures,I have some intelligence about killing stone,I want to communicate with your organization.。”
Zhaoshan Huangquan said half,Look at the two elders,Get nodded by Lushan Needle,Invite Liao Wenjie to go to the countermeasures。
Tongliang God Lao Road,Pick up your long knife outside the door,Running all the way to two people。
In-house,Two old men have a big eye,Half,谏山 奈 落 输 输,Active opening:“So rush to determine the marriage of God,Is it too grass?,Just like Yosaki,We don’t even know anyone.。”
“maybe,This time, I have a selfishness.,Since the god is going to bear the heavy responsibility of the family in the morning and evening,Is it better to choose a person who can take a responsibility??”
“Though,But……is it safe,Never he is。”
“I met him in the early hours of this morning.,Take a little more,Results Bai Rui’s seal……”
After the palace is finished,Evaluate:“His ability,You can wait for me to die,Reling Bai Rui and killing stone,Since he didn’t do this,That showed that he is a friendly union of the Tuyong’s home and even the privilege family.。”
谏 山 奈 点 头,This is impossible to refute this,The Tuyongist is inherited so far.,Remove family spell,Including people’s position,Everything is from the beast Bai Rui and the sealful murderous stone.。
No two,The Tong Palace is just an ordinary exorcist family.,Even the hills of the family are more than。
“and,He is also chasing people who have evil on mysterium,If he can kill the behind-the-scenes,God’s mother’s ever……”
The palace is alive.:“Although I tell myself,For the family,Don’t do skinless things,But I can’t forget the night three years ago.,Some hatred will only pass over time,Be more unforgettable。”
“If it is these two reasons,Can only say bare,You have some feelings。”谏 山 奈 理 智 analysis。
“Do not,There is also a very important reason!”
Tong palace Yale hands stacked in the chest,Incorporal lion print,Behind the sealing method lights up:“食 灵 解 封?Bai Rui!”
“and many more,Can’t liberate Bairui here,Your injury is just not just a long time.!”
谏 山 奈 落 制,Ten seconds later,Seeing that there is no loneliness in the air.,I can’t help but face the black line:“We are no longer a child.,Don’t open such a boring joke,Will scare people。”
“I’m not joking,I am working hard to summon Ba Rui,It also heard my call,Anything,It refuses to appear。”Tongong Yale Close,Smile on the face is very depressed。
“Why,Is it the reason for the seal??”
“Seal is already broken in the early hours of this morning,Bai Rui wants,I can’t stop it.。”
Tongong Yalong:“Bai Rui is unwilling to come out,It is because it is safe to hide in the seal.,I will be in the outside……so,You should understand it.?”
谏 山 奈 落:“……”
understood,In order not to fight,So give up the freedom。
“Really……It’s a sincere beast.!”

Along the way,Wang Youcai didn’t run into a few cars。He only found out when the car went up the mountain,It turns out that the back of the mountain cannot get sunlight,The road is full of ice and snow。

First2110chapter Inquire
Art high people bold,But Wang Youcai doesn’t even have a driver’s license。Where is the art,He is bold,Moreover, he is familiar with the road conditions.。
To Baishui Town,From the top of the mountain to the foot of the mountain。Jeep on a mixed road with ice and water,Continuous running,It can be said to be dangerous。
Okay,The four tires of the broken jeep are all new。Wang Youcai, this man, ghost and spirit,He doesn’t want to buy a new car,But he takes the tires of the car very seriously,Because this thing is related to the safety of his life。Also every time you do maintenance,He specifically asked the masters to check his brake pads。
Long drive,Too many places for maintenance,Wang Youcai has become half a master himself。Thinking about these messy things,Inadvertently,Wang Youcai’s car stopped steadily on the street of Baishui Town。
Wang Youcai turned off the car,Sit in the car and relax。It’s fake to say you’re not afraid,When I went down just now,He felt that his legs were shaking when he stepped on the brakes。
It usually takes only ten minutes from the top to the foot of the mountain,But he actually left for nearly half an hour today。But what makes him happy is,He arrived at Baishui Town smoothly。
Although the road conditions from Baishui Town to Chenzhuang are not good,But fairly flat。Very large slope almost no,So he doesn’t have to worry。
Just when Wang Youcai was about to start the car,Suddenly the phone in my pocket bounced twice,Then the sound of music came out。
There is a mobile phone signal transfer base station in Baishui Town,Although the signal is not strong,But I can barely answer the phone。Wang Youcai took a look at the phone,The call is from Hu Huiru,He quickly connected。
Hu Huiru’s unclear voice came from inside:“Manager Wang!Have you returned to Chenzhuang yet?”Something seems to be said later,Wang Youcai didn’t hear clearly。