“Combat skills—Tianhang Waterfall!”

The water mass burst in the air,The strong water attribute turns into a waterfall directly tilts down,Directly on the burning flame。
“I made a mistake!”
Dignity appeared in Lin Xin’s eyes,I originally wanted to use burning trees to enhance the surrounding fire attributes,Now the fire is extinguished,Trees soaked,But it’s not easy!
“team leader,How to do?”
Lin Xin looked at the watered-out trees,Without a trace of panic。
“Mengwei,You guard the rear,Do as we negotiated!”
Mengwei nodded behind her,The fire attribute in the hand is instilled on the ground。
“Direct attack,Don’t keep your hands!”
Lin Xin gave a soft drink,Rushed directly into the woods with three people!
“Follow the plan!”
Luo Sheng said softly,The four people behind rushed in,Since you want to hit hard,Then i’ll be with you!
“Combat skills—Flame Sword Dance!”
Jin Min’s speed is directly increased,The long sword in the hand envelops the flame,The body that keeps jumping is like dancing!
“Combat skills—Water spirit rain!”
Dense water droplets appeared all over Li Yi,Carrying powerful energy to kill Jin Min。
“let me help you!”
Zhang Liang wants to help,But was gladly blocked
“Handsome boy,Am I not worth your stay?”

Think,He was hit by Anna in the side hit,Fell into the ground……There is also a nine uncle on the ground,He is in nine uncle。

“Nine uncles,Go chase them.,Have you do it??”
Nine uncles:“……”
Obviously you fly over!
Chapter 105 Just call it four blacks.
When Liao Wenjie picked up nine uncle,Two zombies broken,Rush into the dormitory。at the same time,Tunned to fade,Pushing out。
Dean is in the end,Holding a holy brand,Step by step back to the dormitory。
Two vampires wanted to catch a nun,Deep power,I can only look at the people to run away.。
Can’t chase,Dawn dawn breaks silence,Make the whole earth,The burning sunlight, Anna screamed,Father,I hurriedly set off the bed to block the window.。
The gate is also closed.。
Four small repair women crying and running to the backyard,Alert one night,Really,Even someone told them that they still born in autumn,They also recognize。
Nine Uncle is outside the window,Two yellow characters in hand,Want to squat,Burned this dormitory。
“and many more。”
“what happened,Ager,Is there anything wrong??”
Nine uncle stunned,Suddenly:“The bedroom that is broken, the bedroom is a little lost.,Two vampires are hidden inside,Rush into the entanglement,Telling interest,Dean will understand。Can’t,I can contribute,Find the village head to help heavy。”
“no,Fire is no problem,I will give my hands up.。only,It is too little combustion here.,Things to fight the snake,Isn’t it a pre-experience?!”
Liao Wenjie finished,Say to the autumn lying in the distance:“Autumn,Come back,Nine uncle is planning to help you Zhang Luo Mun。”
Qiusheng jumped,Waist is not acid,Legs are not hurting,I ran to two in front of one breath.。
Long tiger,Except。
He will believe:“Master,Jie Ge didn’t lie to me.?”
Nine uncle is blowing bearded and lazy to talk,Liao Wenjie nodded:“Life Events,Nine uncle is not cheated for this……”
Because he didn’t say it。
“Autumn,Nine uncles is to solve your life events.,Decided to burn a fire to the dormitory of the people.,This time,Tunned people will move down,I won’t say the month after the next winter building.,Now there is a very important task to give you。”
“Jiege you say,The younger brother goes to the fire.。”
“Go to the village master,Raise some firewood and fire oil。”
Liao Wenjie patted Qiusheng’s shoulder,Committee:“Nine uncle is good,Don’t take this time,In case you don’t have a clean,Harm yourself。”
“This will go,I will return it immediately.。”
I feel reliable in Qiusheng.,Burned the zombie and the following four little girls to Yizhuang,Solve him and Wencai single thing。It is worthy of your master,Baba on your mouth,I still hurt them in my heart.。
He runs while running,While nine uncle one arrow double carving、one stone two bird、The plan to be two programs。

Factual prove,Invitation of the moon to control,More than Chu Dee,More energetic。

When it is not tolely,I found that Chu deer did not resist,so……Request a few parties,Let him hurt the imagination!
And invite the month to look,It is also unlikely like an internal force.,From the beginning to the end, the wind is light。
Heard this name,Xuan Ming two old、The bitterness of all the winds and light clouds can’t get up.!
Xuan Ming two old alert looks at her,I can’t help but leave three steps.,Even Zhao Min County has also taken care of。
However, the moon is still staring at Chu Deirers.,I don’t pay attention to the meaning of others——Injuried?I have to answer the injury,Otherwise come back!
Chu Deirers deeply inexplicable——Don’t let me call the name?This……I didn’t want to be good.,What love is!
And it is clear that you are secretly loved.,Why do I have to call your favorite??Don’t you intimate enough??Calculate me and you、Haven’t hooked with the pity and so?
Is this the troubles of Yu Langjiang??
The higher the color value、The greater the responsibility?
Chu Debans moved the mouth,Still don’t know what to call,At this time, I suddenly thought of,Pity star and speaking,Her sister not only is secretly,Still want……Both themselves and her?
Could not……
“elder sister?”Chu Deirers tested。
“very good、very good!”Inviting the moon, a few short-transparent skin,Eye-catching jade。
Xuan Ming two old laminated the Chu Deirers……
Don’t say that it is Xuan Ming two old.,Even Zhao Min was shocked at this time.——Hear“Moon”Two words,I don’t even want to hide.,After all, this old woman is not good.……You still dare to dare to slip?
Chu Tai,I smringed you.!
Chu Dee people feel murderous……
Suddenly in my heart,I also complained that I have——Hey!How can I say this??People must fulfill me and my sister,I am calling my sister.?This is not hurting the heart of the moon?
“Moon……First find a pity star。”Chu Deirers have changed back。
Zhao Min:!!!
Zhao Min saw,Inviting the moon, really seriously,Look at yourself,Suddenly:“White girl……It turned out to be the main star!she……Indeed, I am saving.。”But didn’t say it?。
Chu Deiren brows a little wrinkled:“You just encounter the old monster?Before you want Xuan Ming, I’m don’t want to pay for it.?”
Although it is martial arts,That old monster,“Hand in hand”Can’t implement it at all,Even when I am crazy,but……If you really don’t have a relationship?,Zhao Min should not say this.?
Zhao Min suddenly felt,A chill from the bottom of the heart,This chill seems to be cold in the internal organs.,Even the idea must be frozen。
“In short……Pity House owner……Have been……Rescue……safe place……”Zhao Min faces a layer of white cream,Have already,Remain“Hard”。
Although I stressed my saved pity,But where didn’t spit the pity?!
Chu Deiren looked at the direction of bitter gyne,I found that he nodded.、I shaken my head again.,Suddenly understand Zhao Min at least not lying,only……Reserved。
“County,As a temporary ally,I advise you,Now put the pity star,I am not in the moon.。”Chu Deirers said at Zhao Min at this time.。
Chu Deer estimation……
Very likely the old monster,It is also recruited by the Fuyang Wangfu,So Zhao Min can“save”Under the pity star。
But this old monster’s madness,I don’t divide the enemy,Thus,Zhao Min said what“Don’t be in your hand”Make a successful。
And the reason why there is no pity……

Rest for a while,Wang Youcai is relieved,Asked hoarsely:“President Xia,Is there water in your car?I’m so thirsty”

“It’s fine to die of thirst,Save me”Wang Degui couldn’t help cursing。
Xia Jian come back,Smiled slightly:“There is mineral water and bread in the trunk,You go get it,Get some for your dad,I think he is very weak。
Wang Degui is indeed hungry at this time,I had breakfast every morning,But a phone call made him go directly to Pingdu,As soon as I heard that Wang Youcai was arrested for a prostitute,He was furious,Where do I know hungry,Sit down,I’ve already started drumming in my stomach。
“Fang Fang!There is a small forest in front,You park the car,Let’s go over and have a look“Xia Jian suddenly Fang Fang said。
Fang Fang stopped the car very obediently,She just doesn’t know,Xia Jian’s weird look,I don’t know what’s so good about a small forest,But she was too embarrassed to ask in front of a stranger,Followed Xia Jian。
Wait a bit far from the car,Fang Fangcai asked softly:“What’s so nice here?“
“Hi!Don’t you see?Both of these men are very weak,Feels like nothing,Where are we,Which old man is embarrassed to eat“Xia Jian said,Smile。
Fang Fangyi listen,Could not help but smile:“Turned out to be like this,Xia Jian is really considerate,If I am not mistaken,This family doesn’t seem to have a good relationship with yours“
“More than bad,It can be said to be very bad“Xia Jian sighed and said。
When I return to Xiping Village,It’s a little over,When Sun Yuejuan saw Xia Jian came back,Shouted happily:“Old man,Cut the watermelon you bought today,Let the two children quench their thirst first,I will cook for them right away“
Xia Zecheng glanced at Xia Jian,Said a little cherishing son:“This time is hot,You guys are coming back,Why not make a call,So that your mother can prepare the meal,The conditions are so good now,Learn to use“
“As long as you can,Son still doesn’t know to call?“When Sun Yuejuan heard Xia Zecheng say about her son,She rushed to say something,These two couples,always the same,Dismantle each other,Xia Jian has long been used to it。
Fang Fang smiled and said:“Never come back,I ran into two people from your village on the road,Situation is a bit special,President Xia decided to come back temporarily“
“What’s the situation!Two people in our village?They have such a big face to ride your BMW,I have never sat down“Xia Zecheng was joking,Cut the big watermelon on the table。

“Went to the greenhouse and the breeding factory to take a look。Introduce to you,This beauty is Zhao Hong, the mayor of Xiping Village,She is my new assistant Xi Zhen”Xia Jian introduced them to each other。

The two women greeted politely,Sat down separately。Xia Jian glanced at Ouyang Hong and asked:“You came quite early today?”
“Took a free ride from your village,So I came a little earlier”Ouyang Hong smiled and said。
Xia Jian glanced at Zhao Hong and said:“The Fruit Industry Company has been registered,Mr. Yao also invested 5 million shares,Take a look,if convenient,Let’s inject the capital invested by the Xiping Village Cooperative first!We need money to start a project”
Here is Zhao Hong,Xia Jian didn’t shy away from anything,What do you think,Just say。Zhao Hong glanced at Xia Jian,Hehe smiled and said:“We have a meeting about this,Except for a few cadres in the village,And several major shareholders in Murakami。Everyone has no opinion on the investment in this project,Du Fei’s approval,It’s just too much money”
“Oh!That means you don’t want to inject five million,May be less than this?”Xia Jian asked anxiously。
Zhao Hong shook his head and said:“Is not,Later, I gave them an analysis of a major trend in the development of fruit industry,And our unique geographical advantage,Finally everyone agreed,Agreed to invest 5 million”
Xia Jian heard this,I couldn’t help but breathe out。He gave a grateful look at Zhao Hong and said:“You clean up,Let’s go to Shuijing Village together,Today’s trip is very important,There must be a result”
Ouyang Hong smiled and said:“I believe these villagers can understand that this is a business opportunity,I might ask for more in terms of rent,We have to be mentally prepared”
“Oh!Xi Zhen quickly call Mr. Guo,Ask her about the land rent。Formal negotiations today,We don’t have a reserve price in our hearts.“Xia Jian finished,So he got up and walked downstairs。
He came before his big run,Can’t help but stop,You said you got in such an advanced car,But there is not even a decent road in Shuijing Village,Although it’s not his responsibility,But he still feels a little uncomfortable。
At this moment,Xi Zhen and Ouyang Hong walked down,When Xi Zhen saw Xia Jian, she said:“Mr. Guo will be there soon,She said Xiaohei didn’t see you,Very fierce,So she personally delivered it,The calculated rent for leased land,Also brought over”
What Xi Zhen said,Xia Jian just remembered Xiao Hei,I originally brought it to play,How could this be forgotten。Xia Jian patted his head regretfully。
Coincidentally,at this time,A taxi stopped at the entrance of the village,As soon as the door opens,Xiao Hei jumped out of the car。Xia Jian yelled,Xiao Hei rushed towards him like an arrow。When this guy saw Xia Jian, he fell apart,It keeps circling Xia Jian,Keep rubbing his head on Xia Jian’s leg。
A few old people in the village I saw said that this little black understands human nature。Almost made out,Xia Jian patted Xiao Hei’s head,Pointed to the open car door and said:“Go up”Xiao Hei,Spread his legs and jumped into the Mercedes Benz。
At this moment, Guo Meili smiled and walked over,she says:“This little guy also likes to ride in luxury cars,Just let it go,The driver doesn’t want it,Secondly, it doesn’t want to sit,I said a lot before it reluctantly sat on it”Guo Meili’s words,Made everyone laugh。
Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head and said:“it’s all my fault,I originally brought it to play,I forgot about it yesterday。Give me the calculated rent price list first!”Xia Jian was talking about Xiaohei,The topic later quickly turned to the leased land“
Guo Meili smiled slightly,Gave a folder to Xia Jian,She then smiled and said:“President Xia!I won’t go to Shuijing Village,There are two things that need to be dealt with urgently in the market today“

Step out,When the foot is on this step,Suddenly the surrounding scenery became hazy。Li Ming can only see a ladder that continues to stretch。At the same time, a lot of information began to pour into Li Ming’s mind。

“This secret,So worth it。。。”Li Ming’s eyes are full of excitement。
Open with Li Ming’s eyesight,This set of inheritance secrets is too high,Far from being comparable to those secret methods left by my teacher Hu Yanbo。
Have to say,Its realm should《Heart Mark Chaos Monument》Comparable,But the degree of preciousness is even higher。
《Heart Mark Chaos Monument》After all, it’s just a guide,And this god will inherit,But it’s a set of secret methods from shallow to deep,Just practice according to the secret method,Strength can naturally increase。
It’s like learning math,One side is just a reference book that lists formulas,On the other side, it is shallow and deep,Textbooks and teaching aids from elementary school to postgraduate entrance examination。
Of course the former is also good,Mathematics is a set of established objective knowledge after all,However, in practice, there will be differences in perception due to the subtle differences of each person—The former will not restrict the freedom of path choice of practitioners。
Li Ming stands in the56It’s been a long time on the stairs,Standing silently on the quaint stairs with closed eyes,I keep practicing this set of inheritance secrets in my mind,At the same time, the body muscles are constantly moving。
This secret method is《Secret Code of Gold and Jade》。
Secret Code of Gold and Jade,It is the fundamental law that contains gold.,The secret method supplemented by the law of wood。
Golden Violence,Death accompanying!
Verdant wood,Endless!
This set of secrets,Combine the cycle of life and death,Can increase their own strength。Step into the first floor,Have twice the increase in physical strength、The second layer is double。

“All right,Don’t keep going。”

“Actually, I already told you,why,You still won’t believe it?”
Now,Following Wang Teng’s words。
quickly,Wang Teng swiftly faced his eyes and started to shoot。
But in front of Wang Teng,These people,You can’t resist it at all。
But looking at these,Actually here,Wang Teng itself,On the contrary, I didn’t think,What will look like this。
Just staring at me just a little bit,When seeing these,Wang Teng’s performance is very plain。
“Is it just this ability?,But I won’t talk about other issues for now,How to solve these problems?”
“I think,Should start with you!”
slowly,As Wang Teng finished,at this time,Wang Teng quickly started to shoot。
And in front of Wang Teng,Yang Zhiqiang in front of you,But there is no chance to react。
Because now,Wang Teng’s shot down。
Where’s Yang Zhiqiang in front of me?,I simply can’t bear such a force,The whole person banged,Fell directly to the ground。
See these,Actually Wang Teng,On the contrary, he was very calm。
These things,What’s up?
Actually Wang Teng,It feels very good,In fact, we should still consider how to solve these people。
And looked around,Wang Teng shook his head helplessly:“Ugh,After all,Still too weak。”

“Second uncle,That kid is what you want.,Do you want people to take him directly tonight??”

“Need not,There are other families in the scene.!It is mainly working tonight.,As for this kid, I will give you.,I didn’t remember that you seem to be interesting to Qin Xue.?
Look at Qin Xue to the state of the boy arm,The relationship between the two is probably not general,So you just want to get the kid,I dare to guarantee,Qin Xue is 100% is yours!”
In fact, no land analysis,Lu Tian also understand。
But there is an analysis of land transportation,He is more wanting to make Li Hui’s ugly。
“Row,Then give it to me.,I will play with their places to play in light people last year.,I am afraid that I am afraid I am bothering the business of the second uncle.!”
“Xiao Tian,This day, you are much better than my uncomfortable son.,Just rush your sentence,Take later, the rights of the land works in conjunction with you.,The worse the cleaning, the better!”
Lu Zi listened this,Laugh:“Need not,I am enough.。”
Say,He has to go directly to find a few buddies who have played on weekdays.。
at this time,Li Hui Feng is noted that Zhao Bingru and Chai Xiaoman are actually at the banquet scene.。
Why didn’t he think of two high school students will live in such a banquet?。
“Snowman,What big families in Huashan City is surnamed Zhao or surname?”
The first thousand four hundred and twelve chapters do not match the shoes
Big family,But there are several middle families!”
“However, there is a big family in the surname.,But the other party is the big family of Magic,Come here is just investment,It seems that there is no root plan。”
Li Huihe heard this,Asked directly:“The family is mainly what business is?”
“It seems to be a dry medicine and medical equipment,I have not asked,what happened?”
“nothing,There is a girl in our class, I suspect a child of a big family.!”
Qin Xue heard this and did not continue to ask。
Li Hui Feng, Li Hui, also found that Qin Xue’s charm is indeed invincible.。
Even if Qin Xue indicates that he is her boyfriend’s identity。
But there are still many people come over with Qin Xue.。
Even if you have to contact information。
However, it is good to be rejected by Qin Xue.。
Land Tian, which is not far away, naturally sees this scene。
He didn’t expect Qin Xue, will directly reject so many good men for Li Hui Feng.。
You must know that there are a few more than 30 years of business owners that have hundreds of millions.。
And a little Li Hui,There is a few hundred thousand cars in his eyes.。
“Miss Qin,Long-term name,I have been a meeting,Today, I saw you.。”
The land transported a glass of wine.。
He didn’t have a look at Li Hui.,Because he is afraid that he can’t help but kill。

“Have you known each other for a long time?”Xia Jian asked in surprise,Because of this, he seems to have never heard Ma Yan tell him。

Ma Yan snorted:“what!Did you come yesterday morning??I have known each other for less than 48 hours。Just over this day,He has sent flowers five times,Three times greeting card。Made at least twenty calls to me,I’m all off now”
“Hahahaha!This guy is crazy enough,He is in love with you!Maybe this is a good thing。look!Chen Feng’s brother is the mayor of our city,And he is an official staff。I heard that he still has his own company,Don’t you jealous?”Xia Jian said with a big smile。
Ma Yan pouted,Hit Xia Jian and said:“Red your dead head。You think Ma Yan is that kind of person?Are you still pushing me to him,I wasted my heart for you”
Ma Yan’s words,Made Xia Jian’s heart tremble。The girl now is really bold,Dare to say what you think。Especially if this is the case,Most people don’t have the courage to say so bluntly。
“Hey!hungry,Let’s talk while eating!”Xia Jian quickly changed the topic。
Ma Yan stood up and said:“Go eat at my house!I’ve already arranged it,My dad goes to work,My mother is at home alone”
“Go to your home!I’m afraid this is not good!You know,I am afraid to go…”Xia Jian heard Ma Yan was going to take him to her house for dinner,It’s really hard for。
Ma Yan pushed him and said:“Look at your promise,My mother is not a tigress,Are you afraid that you won’t make it if she eats。Moreover,We are all from the same village,Besides, we are still colleagues,Just have a meal?Could a bowl make you our son-in-law??”
Ma Yan said,I laughed so much that my tears came out。This girl really dare to say,Such a joke,Xia Jian didn’t dare to drive easily。
But he changed his mind,Ma Yan is right,Don’t you just have a meal??Ma Yan is not afraid of a girl,What’s so scary about him。
Ma Yan saw Xia Jian reluctantly agreed,Don’t mention how happy you are。The office door she locked,So he walked with Xia Jian to her house。
Although they are all in the same village,But Xia Jian is not familiar with Ma Yan’s family。Ma Yan is almost leading him。And in recent years,Too much change in the village,Xia Jian was still a little confused about the southeast and northwest。
Ma Yan’s yard is not big,But all around the house。Xia Jian walked in,While thinking,Just such a daughter,Is it a waste to build so many houses?。
The courtyard is very clean,And also planted a lot of flowers and plants。Xia Jian while walking,Looking around。Ma Yan’s mother saw Xia Jian here,Ran out of the kitchen in a hurry,She smiled and said:“Breakfast is ready,Just wait for you to come back to eat”
“Trouble aunt”Xia Jian quickly said with a smile。
Ma Yan’s mother laughed and said:“What’s the problem with this,If you go back to the village,Come to our house for dinner,Anyway, do it alone,Do it for two people,Just add a bowl of water”
Ma Yan’s mother is only in her fifties,Very cheerful。It may be the reason why there are few people going to the land recently,Doesn’t look old。It’s like a laid-off female worker in the city。