The snow is to order Tongzhou City Management quickly assembled to carry out the snow.

Tongzhou District City Management Law Enforcement Bureau coordinates the law enforcement team to adopt a variety of ways, enter the household, into the community, etc. From the side, consciously fulfill the civil saving obligation, actively participate in the front of the door, the road, the streets, the community and other regions, and actively create a good atmosphere of "everyone to participate in the snow." Key to check the implementation measures for health responsibility system, whether the task is clear, and the preparation of sweeping tools is.

During the snowfall, the first-line city management team was on the first-line urban management team, quickly launched the law enforcement inspection work, and urged the social unit to clear the snow in front of the three-pack responsibility area in front of the door, mobilizing social strength to participate in the residue, not based on the units of regulations Beijing City Costuan Environmental Health Regulations for punishment. Next, the law enforcement team will continue to strengthen the inspection, not in place, easy to generate snow and ice, may lead to key areas, key sections, key sections, and timely notice of the work unit and environmental health, and timely notice to the pedestrians. Continue to carry out the snow sweeping.

The launch of social power is timely cleaning the road to the snow, and fully rehabilitate the restoration of the snow, ensuring smoothness of the road smooth and environmental sanitation. (Li Jingxin) (Editor-in: Bao Congying, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

This year, the most popular "hairstone" 7 kinds of matching programs can be moved

Winter wear more attention to warmth, followed by itself because of its beauty and fashion.

In winter, the cold wind is bleak, people’s wear methods are also constantly changed.

Winter students can wear, can wear a sweet and elegant girl image, or wear a cool handsome girl style, every style is special, wearing its own style and characteristics, winter learning hair The vest is worn, and I will meet a different amount of myself. The fond of autumn and winter, wearing a good decorative effect and insulation effect, black hairstone can help women put together handsome and cool style, hair back, a vertical striped shirt, simple classic, no Lost personality.

Pants with deep gray jeans, neutral style seems to have a very personality, coat with black long coats, this winter, with a woolen coat can make themselves full of warmth. Warm-colored hair veins can also wear very atmospheric and handsome style, and the beige-shaped knitting vest is very style, and it also matches the high-level, and it is a soft bottoming shirt. It is also slim while significantly.

At the same time, clothes are also very soft, and the whole people are comfortable.

Pants are mixed with a black wide-leg pants, pants, a pair of canvas shoes, handsome and give people a young feel. In the winter, there are a lot of good-looking hair veins, in addition to comparing the colorful solid hair vest, and this stripe style and type are also very wild, and it is also very good at wearing.

Tibetan blue is a relatively cold color tone, but it is also very warm, if you don’t know how to match, then choose a white shirt must be no mistake.

Pants are mixed with a blue loose wide-leg pants, wearing a high-end and retro feeling, an outer deep gray coat, a black and white wear profession can give a high-cold and advanced feeling, black The wide-leg horn is very thin, and the version of this trousers is a relatively loose type, so it is also suitable for more chubby girls to rest assured.

Pure white shirts in the upper dress, the classic and official, the outer hair is a milky white sweater.

There is a black pattern at the neck. There is a student fan, the handsome college feels taking, let yourself return to Miao-you ~ pink loose hair vest to send a sweet and lovely elegant image, a white shirt The classic is simple, and the style is more prominent, and the pants are matched with a loose jeans, and the outer pink loose suit jacket is very white. At the same time, the girls are very young and cute, after wearing a pair of boots, there is a slightly mature girl, so it is easy to take a large piece. In the eyes of many people, the black and white wear is more atmospheric, handsome, white high collar hairy vests take a white bottoming shirt, light and comfortable.

The pants are also white wide-leg pants, very gentle, and this is a lot of people like.

A black loose coat, long design is also given a sense of security, and the girl is to be able to control handsome neutral wind, and can wear a sweet feeling. Many of the previously introduced a relatively short hairy, but this long-term striped striped vest is also very good. Take a white shirt, simple and soft, this kind, the pants can match the comparative slim, or the light leg artifact is a good choice, the style is also very sweet.

Wear a pair of black long ceiling boots, it is also easy to modify the female slim legs, and the outer selection is very temperament long coat, the whole person is bright and sweet. Winter hairy back is wearing you, do you learn? .

Pioneer, leading industry

  People’s Daily Chongqing December 24th, before, the Chongqing Rail Group Operations, Zhang Jierong, deputy manager of the Work Sports Maintenance Department, won the national model, the first "Chongqing Outstanding Book Award" two awards.

Recently, Zhang Jie did a guest of the People’s Network Chongqing studio, talked about his feelings that won two honors and introduced him to grow as an excellent skill master.

Interview site. July 24th, 2020 National Labor Model and Advanced Worker Commendation Conference was held in Beijing, Zhang Jierong won the honorary title of 2020 National Work Model, he said, "This is not only for me, it is also Affirmation of the development of Chongqing transportation industry and Chongqing railway transportation.

"Zhang Jie as an industrial worker, he deeply grateful, responsibilities.

"Recalling this way, my growth is inseparable from colleagues, leadership and care, is their encouragement and help to promote me continuously." Zhang Jie said. In addition, Zhang Jie also won the first "Chongqing Outstanding Book Award". In this regard, Zhang Jie said that as a grassroots technical worker, 16 years of rail transit experience made him really feel the rapid development of Chongqing Rail Transit, and the Chongqing has become a year of talents, gathering, entrepreneurship The ground, feel the continuous improvement of my country’s industrial basis.

  Social progress and the development of the company can’t open talents. Zhang Jie said, as a first-line industry worker, no matter what work, as long as it is meticulous, seriously do it, not fear failure, don’t give up, through unremitting efforts, success. Interview site.

Zhu Lin, talked about building a rugged mountain terrain in Chongqing, causing Chongqing’s unique road and traffic, of which is the most typical neutral monorail.

The rails of the river and the light flying train, flexiblely climbing the hurdle, and wear the building. Behind this amazing scene is the hard exploration of countless Chongqing track people day and night. And Zhang Jie is one of them.

Zhang Jie said that the application of Chongqing’s cross-seat monorail system application, the main two is mainly two: on the one hand, the imported single orbit price used at the time is expensive, and does not provide maintenance components, it is necessary to purchase, the purchase cycle is long, which is not conducive to maintenance maintenance Work is carried out; on the other hand, how to improve the durability and stability of domestic roads.

  With these problems, Zhang Jie and colleagues under the leadership of the Taxi expert, buy professional books, self-study during the day, measure, compare, draw, and learn book notes and study experience in the scene, and discuss technical issues.

Through hundreds of trials, through the accumulation of data analysis and practical experience in many years, the introduction, digestion, absorption, re-innovation, Zhang Jie’s team successfully implemented a number of technical transformations, and gradually realizing the domestic production of monorail technology, improved Turnout equipment stability. In the construction process, Zhang Jie established a studio.

According to Zhang Jie, the studio has received strong support from Chongqing Rail Group in all aspects of funds, venues, materials, and personnel.

In addition, the Chongqing Rail Group has established ladder talent training model, centralized training, delivery training, self-training, and training, and training, becoming an important way of increasing the comprehensive quality of the Group, each employee will at least 72 Training at one school. "Chongqing Rail Group actively implements the construction planning of talents, coordinates talented resources, innovates talent training methods, enhancing core competitiveness, providing strong talent support for corporate development." Zhang Jie said, through various types of learning training, employee’s overall situation Concept, organizational ability, professional level, and professional ethics have been fully tempered and improved, and the group has also formed a good atmosphere of love and lifelong learning.

Interview site. Zhu Lin Guo’s Talk Development "Chongqing is the first city in China to operate cross-seat monorail, and we have made a lot of efforts on the breakthrough in technical difficulties.

Cross-seat monk has three major key technologies, namely single-track, orbit beams and vehicle steering frames. "When talking about the future development, Zhang Jie said," Next, we will continue the research, innovation, including updates, transformation of single orbit, and further increase the operation stability and durability of the single track. The operation and maintenance equipment of the upgrade rail beam, under the premise of ensuring safety, promote the intelligent development of rail transit, and make new achievements to accelerate urban orbit traffic in the construction of people.

(Hu Hong, Zhu Lin).

Shanghai started 6-11 year-olds new crown pneumonia vaccination to make a booking

Shanghai to start a new vaccine crown pneumonia vaccination 6-11 years of age to make a booking, the experts – children vaccination is safe and effective essential ■ newspaper reporter, chief reporter Gu Yong Shi Jia Ni Shanghai started 6-11 year-olds new crown pneumonia vaccination to make a booking yesterday Work. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to Children’s National Medical Center, Hospital of Fudan University "vaccination clinic assessment" (new crown vaccination counseling clinic), a morning there are more than 10 parents come to the consultation, Zuozhen Shanghai crown a new clinical treatment Panel members, who rose pediatric hospital deputy director of the Department of Infectious Diseases infection were answered on issues of concern to parents. 11-year-old small or hives sudden, my mother took her to see the clinic, so that children can play the vaccine do? After Rose had to explain children about allergies, eczema, hives, asthma and other acute episodes of children, it is recommended to suspend vaccination, waiting through the acute phase stability, you can go to an appointment vaccination.

We have a history of convulsions, high fever history, history of epilepsy in children can be vaccinated? Experts clearly, a history of seizures, in children with a history of epilepsy seizures defer vaccination period, stable period can make an appointment vaccination. Such as history of epilepsy, 2-3 months does not recur, then the child will be able to make an appointment vaccination.

As for children with high fever, heat back to inoculation. Some children suffering from arrhythmia and other heart disease, the vaccine can play it? Zeng Mei said that this mainly depends on what kind of children suffering from heart disease.

If the child during normal activities, hypoxia or cardiac dysfunction does not appear, you can inoculate; if there are psychological discomfort, illness attack, taking medication, it is recommended to suspend vaccination.

Rose has said young people vaccination is necessary to establish herd immunity barrier by vaccination, from a global perspective this strategy are subject to approval. The public health significance of vaccination is very large, the children once the new crown infection, severe rate does not high, but their own health and learning lives are affected, but also may become a source of infection, adverse epidemic control.

Experts stressed that the children vaccinated, belonging to the fairness of the implementation of vaccination, which is to protect others to protect their scientific approach.

Vaccine in large populations prior to vaccination, assessed proven safe. Our use of the inactivated vaccine is very large, children and adolescents clinical research data to prove the vaccine is safe and effective, parents need not worry too much. Zeng Mei said that parents and children should be psychologically prepared before vaccination, vaccination not fasting.

After inoculation normal diet to avoid eating foods induce allergic (avoid coupling reaction), eat high protein foods, temporarily avoid strenuous exercise.

Other flu vaccines and other children, vaccination is recommended for each time interval of 14 days. CDC: CDC vaccination Shanghai Six Questions to six questions we are more concerned answered their questions.

Q: Children had Herpangina, how often needed before they can play the new crown vaccine? A: Herpangina onset proposed to be suspended vaccination, during rehabilitation after vaccination.

Q: The child is allergic, you can play the vaccine? A: If your child previously been vaccinated serious allergic reactions, or in the exacerbation of allergic diseases, proposed to be suspended vaccination. If the child for non-allergy vaccine contained, such as food allergies, pollen allergies, etc., are excluded from the new crown vaccine inoculation taboo, but need to strengthen surveillance, if not recommend immediate medical attention. Q: this wave of the epidemic, many patients have been vaccinated. Why let the kids no longer be bitter? A: Vaccination with the new crown vaccine can get the appropriate immunity, so as to effectively reduce the risk of severe and death; at the same time, children and adolescents can also spread after infection to people around, vaccination new crown vaccine to enhance the level of population immunity, blocking new crown pneumonia pop important.

Q: Parents say schools need to carry vaccinations this, you need to ask? A: The need, because the new crown vaccination vaccine with other vaccines must be spaced at least 14 days, with a good vaccination certificate could help doctors understand the vaccination Vaccination of children before, to determine whether the inoculation.

Q: I have two baby home, health cloud can make an appointment two bar code do? A: A healthy cloud account can be reserved up to three minors.

If the number is exceeded, the account can be replaced to make an appointment, or contact health cloud service: 400-9216-519. Q: children with asthma in the end can not play the new crown vaccine? A: When asthma is stable, does not belong to the new crown contraindicated vaccination vaccine can be vaccinated.

As in the acute stage, it proposed to be suspended vaccination. (Source: Liberation Daily) (Responsible: Yan Yuan, Xuan Zhaoqiang) Share more people to see.

Star, how is the net red?How to strengthen supervision?Financial and tax expert analysis

Recently, many cultural field practitioners have paid on the network hot search. Zhang Heng as Zheng Shuang who participated in "Ghost Story", helping Zheng Shuang to cover "high price", escaping to fulfill the tax obligation, and being fined 32.27 million yuan according to law; Zhengzhou Jinshui District Taxation Bureau exposed domestic new Net red payment The case, chasing a tax of ten red yuan. In response to the stars, net red and other groups of tax evasion, this year, the State Administration of Taxation, the State Radio and Television Administration, etc.

"This is not only for the film and television entertainment industry, but also has played a positive role in the enhancement of the national tax awareness." Lu Min, associate professor, Associate Professor of Finance and Economics, Southwest University of Finance, said in an interview with the "strong observation" column of the People’s Network.

How do people pay taxes in the cultural field? On September 18 this year, the General Office of the State Administration of Tax released the "Notice on Strengthening the Tax Administration of Entertainment People", requiring further strengthening the tax management of employees in the field of entertainment.

How to pay taxes in cultural areas, and there is no difference between the general people’s concern.

Lu Min said that star artists, online anchors pay personal income tax depends on their income nature. For example, the stars have paid taxes from the signing film and television company, paying taxes in accordance with the "salary salary", adopting a seven-level excess progressive tax rate, the tax rate is 3% to 45%, the higher the income, the more the tax, the business advertisement When paying, according to "Labor Remuneration", this type belongs to the comprehensive income income, requiring comprehensive conversion.

Lu Min further explained that if the tax payment is a star artist or network anchor, brokerage companies should pay for their own income tax, but if the star artist, the online anchor is established in the studio of individual wholly-owned nature, its income is "produced," Operating income, need their personal declarations.

"It can be seen that the stars and ordinary people do not differ in the tax rules, and the corresponding income will be paid according to the income type, but the stars have more diverse sources." Lu Min stressed .

How is the tax evasion behavior defined? Since the stars and ordinary people need to pay taxes according to law, why will there be a taxable behavior? According to Article 63 of the Tax Exproprion Management Law of the People’s Republic of China, the definition of tax evasive behavior includes the following scenarios: taxpayers forgery, alter, conceal, unauthorized account book, accounting credentials, or multiple columns on the account book Alternatively, less than a small income, or the taxation shall not be reported or submitted to the tax payment, the tax payment shall be taxed.

"For the cultural entertainment from the industry, the taxpayer can identify it as a taxable behavior." Lu Min explained that, for example, the star artist is escaping the high tax, the same TV series is signed two The copy of the company is also a commonly known as "yin and yang contract", a low-end "Yang Contract" for taxation, and the other "Yin Contract" can transform the star artist’s individual to the manufacturer to do not fairly Increasing capital, finally transferred the equity transfer, and transforms the income property by transforming the income property by transforming the personal labor income or the operating point to equity transfer income, and transforming the revenue rate.

"Some stars also use personal studios false reports.

"Lu Min said that the star studio is to reduce personal income tax, pretend to divide personal income to other mass actors, and even more false public welfare donations, true votes fake …" These with deception, concealing The actions of the purpose are calculated as tax evasion. Lu Min stressed that when the taxation of taxes is particularly serious, the standards of the "Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China" will not be a taxation, but escape the tax crime, will be the highest in seven years Insured. How to strengthen the tax regulation of the cultural entertainment? One of the basic functions of the taxation is to adjust income distribution, reduce income gap, help social fairness, and promote common prosperity.

In March of this year, in the Office of the Office of the CPC Central Committee, the "Opinions on Further Deepening Tax Candies" issued in the Office of the State Council, in 2023, basically completed "no risk is not disturbed, there is illegal to investigate, the whole process is strong The tax law enforcement system of control is controlled from empirical law enforcement to scientific and accurate law enforcement. Lu Min said that expand the scope of the tax, will might have a starfish and a high income, and the network anchor group is included in the supervision, responding to the "legal income, legal income, reasonable adjustment of high income" in accordance with the law, and reasonably adjustment of high income. .

"The tax authorities do need to strengthen the norms and regulations of high-income groups such as star artists and online anchors in the precision supervision of the number of cental taxes." Lu Min suggested that the payment of the film and television enterprises, platform companies The deduction behavior increases the degree of anti-tax avoidance effort to use tax concessions, approved tax avoidance behavior. "Focus on whether the company or individual meets the scope of the approved levy, audit the compliance of the company’s invoice, the authenticity of the business, there is no malicious change income escape tax." Lu Min further added, for cross-provincial tax collection tube Regional collaboration can be further strengthened to avoid tax avoidance operations of "establishing + approved collection + cancellation" in many stars or net red malicious. In addition, by posting "Star Tax Lecture Hall" video, the stars can be carried out to further strengthen and improve the entrepreneurs and their brokerage companies, brokerage tax law education and publicity. "Tax collection and management must have both temperature and efforts, under the construction of the service government, the taxation law enforcement, tax supervision in tax service, actively respond to the tax payment service needs and reasonably legal tax payment requirements for enterprises and individuals. The tax management of high income people in various industries is one of the basic functions of taxes.

"Lu Min is emphasized. (Editor: Xiao Cong, He Yingchun) Share more people to see.

The Ministry of National Defense statement: Taiwan issues are China’s internal affairs, which is not allowed to interfere

People’s Network Beijing May 20 (Reporter Huang Zijuan) May 20 Taiwan is an indivisible part of China.

The US acts seriously violated a Chinese principle and the three joint communiqués of China, severely interfere in China’s internal affairs, seriously harms the development of two military relations between China and the United States, seriously damaging the peace and stability of the Taiwan Sea, is extremely wrong and very dangerous. The Taiwan issue is China’s internal affairs, which is related to the core interests of China and 14 billion Chinese people’s national feelings, which is not allowed to interfere.

We resolutely oppose any country to conduct any form of official exchanges and military contacts in Taiwan. We will never allow anyone, any organization, any political parties, at any time, in any form, split any Chinese territory from China! The 洋 重 重 重 重 出, 台 制 制 制 华 制 制 制 华 华 华 华"Taiwan independence" splitting power and its active ambiguity will be nailed to the shame of history.

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army has a strong will, full confidence, enough ability to defeat any form of external forces and "Taiwan independence" splitting map, will adopt all necessary measures to firmly defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity, and firmly maintain peace and stability in Taiwan.

(Editor: Huang Zijuan, Liu Juntao) Sharing let more people see.

The father of the big yellow duck is new to the new 25 meters big moon rabbit to welcome the autumn (Photos)

Original title: The father of the big yellow duck is another 25-meter-day rabbit to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival (Photos), the "Moon Duck", the "Moon Duck", the "Moon Rabbit" will be unveiled on September 4th. Taoyuan Dayuan Township Navy Base, Meeting Mid-Autumn Festival.

During the exhibition, the naval base is also open to the outside world.

  This is the "fourth child" of Huffman, Huffman still shows a consistent style, which will "extremely greatly", subvert the visual, 25 meters "moon rabbit" lying on the caban A double hand is like a rabbit lying on the big pillow.

  Hoffman feels that the jade rabbit in Chinese myth is very imagination, so she has created "moon rabbit", which is also the first time for "moon rabbits".

  The report said that "moon rabbits" on the 25-meter long stay in the sky. The "moon rabbit" appearance uses waterproof paper, will be supported with the wind, the wood plus the Lilong framework, the rabbit hair is made of waterproof paper, the lightweight texture can be blown from the gust of wind, feel the soft side, and the material Fully waterproof, not afraid of sun-raining, no potential crisis "Dahuang Duck" last year; if you really want to say the native enemy of the moon, it should be "typhoon strike". In the 428 hectare naval base, the Jingjing Art Festival uses about 40 hectares, and the exhibition includes the past military engine fortune, runway, etc. A glimpse of the mystery of the black cat squadron base. Yesterday, the Taoyuan County Government Culture Bureau organized the tour group, so that all the art works were presented in the eyes in advance, although the "moon rabbit" was still in the final details, but the "moon rabbit" on the cabinet It has been completed. "So big", "good love" is a lot of tour group members to the "moon rabbit"; especially in the combination of blue sky, the combination of the front green grass, it is like the true version of Alice dreams of Xianjing. Because the rabbit face is facing the sky, the audience can’t see the "moon rabbit", only from the low angle ". Hoffman’s work has always been "from ordinary, create an extraordinary vision", creating a sense of happiness from the heart, and the distance from the viewer. This work is also prepared for the local "2014 Taoyuan Scenic Art Festival". During the exhibition, the Mid-Autumn Festival is in the Mid-Autumn Festival. Huffman is attracted by the legend of the 嫦娥 and jade rabbit. It creates a "moon rabbit", successful combination time, place New creation atmosphere. Lenovo once a lot of rhubarb ducks, this time the big month, I don’t know if I will set off a wave of "chasing the bun"? (China News Network).