The political legal person is recorded Feng Jun, the party secretary of the Shanxi Provincial High Court.

Political Legal Crossing | Feng Junshi Shanxi Provincial High Court Party Secretary Release Time: 2021-08-2410: 53 Tuesday Source: Rule of Law Daily – Legal Network Rule of Law Daily All Media Reporter Ma Chao Wang Zhitang On August 23, Shanxi Provincial High People’s Court held cadres The conference, announced that the central and Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Committee on the main leaders of the Provincial High Court: The central government nominated, the provincial party committee study decided to be a deputy secretary of the Party Secretary of the Provincial High People’s Court, the Provincial Party Political and Legal Committee deputy secretary (also).

Previously, Comrade Sun Hongshan has served as Vice Governor of Shanxi Province, the Secretary of the Party Committee of the Provincial Public Security Department, and the long. Chen Anli, member of the Standing Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee, and the Ministry of Organization, announced that the central and Shanxi Provincial Committee of the Shanxi Provincial Party Committee decisive and speaking.

Feng Junzu statement, the executive Deputy Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Yan Xichun, the Provincial Party Committee, Department of Organization Department, attended the meeting. Shanxi Provincial High Court Party Secondary Secondary Secondary Secondary Secretary, Association of Vice President, the leaders of the session, the secondary department level, the second-level senior judge, the secondary inspector, and the departments, the discipline inspection and supervision team of the hospital, the responsible persons of the institutions Meeting. Public information shows that Feng Jun, male, Han nationality, born in December 1965, Jiangsu Province, a Ph.D.. He graduated from Nanjing University in 1983, a bachelor’s degree in law; in 1990, he graduated from Renmin University of China in 1993, a master’s degree in law, a doctoral degree in law. He has served as a party secretary of the Institute of Law, the International Law Institute, the International Law Institute; Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Institute of Legology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Party Committee, Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Justice, Party Secretary and Notarization Association of Shandong Provincial Lawyers Association Party Secretary; Party Committee, Discipline Inspection and Deputy Director of the Institute of Political Science, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

From March 2018, he served as a member of the 13th National People’s Congress, on August 20, 2021, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, voted to accept Feng Jun resigned to the 13th National People’s Congress Standing Committee Member, etc. Decision of the request of the job.

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Tianjin Dongjiang Port Taxation Bureau lends a traditional cultural play tax

Dongjiang Hong Kong Taxation Bureau is in the case, and the Dongjiang Hong Kong Taxation Bureau Youth Volunteer Service Team jointly established a joint construction unit in Dongjiang, Dongjiang, Dongjiang Maritime, and jointly launched the "National Great Guyun" theme event. . Through the organic form of activities with traditional cultural characteristics, interactive games, stage performances, attracting the active participation of employees in the jurisdiction, and also vigorously carrying out tax propaganda, in order to implement "I do practical things for the masses", promote the active contribution of the department Tax power.

At the event, the employees in the fifteen-column ball, Wuzi chess, archery and other interactive games "fighting", the exquisite makeup, put on the spot prepared, take a photo of "Xianqi Full" to a friend circle The magical experience in the Sichuan drama is experienced, and it is intertwined in the tunes of the traditional musical instrument; the interesting stage play, elegant guzheng performances are full of fun.

The Youth Volunteer Service Team of Dongjiang Hong Kong Taxation Office prepared a canvas bag and a national style metal bookmark with the "Dongjiang Tax" logo for participating activities. In addition to tension, players actively distribute tax propaganda materials to the audience, popularize the "Opinions on Further Deepening the Reform of Tax Requirements". The employees who participated in the event have said that by understanding the reform content of the tax department, I really feel the determination and action of the reform of the tax authorities.

Standing at the "14th Five-Year Plan" start, the Dongjiang Hong Kong Taxation Bureau will actively promote the reform of tax collection and management, with more fine service, precision supervision, accurate law enforcement and sincere collaboration, and promote the development of taxation , Step by step, write a new chapter.

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Paper Fengyun 50 Years – "Americas Overseas Chinese Daily" (1940

In the speech, the Vice Chairman of the Rune, pointed out that the Chinese Overseas Chinese History Museum as a preserver and recorder of overseas Chinese historical and cultural, undertakes the logo of overseas Chinese, and has a contemporary value in overseas Chinese culture. The essence of the world’s significance. Tell the Chinese story with cultural relics and collections, talk about the duties and mission of overseas Chinese stories.

The exhibition is to study the spirit of the Important Speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and enhance the Chinese Overseas Chinese Federation Party History ‘s Establishment and Effectiveness, Effectiveness and Influence.

The exhibition conducted system carding and panoramic display for the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" group, and combined the patriotic spirit and media objective record history, the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" 50-year-old, the history and its report reflected in the US overseas Chinese Chinese history organic combination is the effective exploration of the Chinese Overseas Chinese History Museum inherit the red gene, the spirit of overseas Chinese, and play the national vocational education demonstration base deposits.

Exhibition sent to the "American Overseas Chinese Daily" and all recorded era, witnessing the histosur of History of Historical Change, pay tribute to the Chinese national root pulse, and pay tribute to China’s national cultivars. They condensed the ethnic emotions, changer China and foreign, keeping pace with the times, setting the Chinese and foreign interconnected bridges, in order to speak the Chinese story, spread the Chinese voice to make a positive effort, showing the Chinese media to the Chinese nation "root, soul, dream "The persistence and persistence, we show real, stereo, comprehensive China can rely on and rely. The exhibition image vividly describes the story of overseas Chinese deep family, which is conducive to the extensive unity of overseas Chinese, to open a comprehensive construction of socialist modern national new journey to condense overseas Chinese people. The world is experiencing a big change in the past 100 years, and my country’s development is still in an important strategic opportunity.

I hope that through the exhibition, the unity of the majority of the majority of the majority of the great revival of the Chinese nation, the inheritor of the patriotic spirit, the communication of the Chinese excellent culture, the practitioners who build human fate communities, the unified promoters of the motherland, Chinese children The promoters of unity, strive to form all Chinese children at home and abroad to think, to bring their vivid situation, gather together to realize the pound power of national rejuvenation! .

People’s Net Assessment: What can you rush to the new era?

In the past few days, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, etc. have many new crown pneumonia epidemic, which affects people. To curb the epidemic as soon as possible, ensure the health and safety of the people’s lives, and need to gather people to gather. "Teacher, if you can, put me in the evening, after all, I am a soldier, standing, habit, this is the release notice of Lanzhou University Volunteers, from the students’" play ";" as a Medical students, wearing a white coat, giving a life and belief for the national medical and health career, I firmly believe that Jincheng Lanzhou must be proud of ", this is the vow of the 2020 volunteers of Northwest University for Nationalities;" Give Full Play to Teenagers In the pioneer model effect in the epidemic prevention and control, apply to join the epidemic prevention and control youth commando, this is the application for the students of Gansu University of Medicine. After the publication of recruitment notice, nearly 3,000 teachers, the students are active, and the hearts of the boxing , Emotionally embarrassed; … The active "invites" . One pass ten, ten pass hundred, the transfer of immunity positive energy, the responsibility of the young new era made the strongest sound of the battle. I saw a full WeChat group, I saw the Battle of the Red Handprint, and saw the "commando" playing the flag. Someone said moving: "Night is cold, heart is hot."

Indeed, youth as the most vibrant, most angry group, is stirring in this epidemic to survive the powerful power, strive to be a strong force.

Where there is an epidemic, I will flash the young figure; where there is difficult, where is the youthful style. As early as the previous epidemic prevention and control, there was a number of attention: in the medical staff of Hubei, there were more than 10,000 "90", with considerable part of "95" and even "post" . This is fully illustrated, even if there is a test of life, even if it is nothing to face, the young people are not only brave in dramatic, but also turns forward.

They use practical actions to make such a shout: through the wind and rain, see the world, test, can be in the concession, grow up in person. "The youth generation is not afraid of suffering, not afraid, not afraid of sacrifice, with the responsibility of the mountains, showing the youthful style, showing the hope of the Chinese nation!" Indeed, the spirit of the times is the spirit of the youth representative, the character of the times It is the personality representative of youth. From the anti-vlorative struggle, people saw the youth generations of brave and picked weight, and the bravery is hard to close the gods and action. More people see that the more the more difficult, the longer, the more, the longevity.

Whether it is for personal growth or national development, the young people who have experienced and able to fight in the wind and the battle, and they are full of vitality, overflowing, so that they are not loaded with Yahua, not returned to the era The great cause of the new era is pushing forward. The epidemic is head, in front of the dilemma, the Chinese have been closer to the mind, and it is tighter in the spiritual connection.

Behind this power, there is a hopping, cultural inheritance of the same boat, and sometimes the mission, and the youth of my youth is.

Many people said: "A group of children, trying to run the seniors." In fact, this is the most beautiful appearance of Chinese youth, and the future, China is going to work hard.

Dead with the name of youth, writing no regrets with the road of struggle, the youth generation singing is not just a song of anti-antioplashe, and playing generations and future youth symphony. "The red day is rising, its road is big. The river is out of the volts, and the Qing Diarian." In the face of the epidemic, youth, strength; face the risk, youth, hope. We believe that young people take their own responsive, struggle with their own struggles, they will be able to leave a concentrated color in the historical process.

At this time, youth shines.

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RCEP Member States jointly issued Nanning Initiative to promote the implementation of effective implementation

Initiative release ceremony.

People’s Daily Nian Peng Yuanhe photo People’s Network Nanning September 10 (Peng Yuanhe) September 10 On the afternoon, RCEP Economic and Trade Cooperation Industrial and Commercial Summit was held in Nanning, Guangxi. More than 300 representatives of China and RCEP countries, representatives of international agencies, well-known experts and business leaders gathered forum. On the forum, the RCEP Member Factors Association jointly issued the "Nanning Initiative on the Association of RCEP to Accelerate Effectiveness", mainly reached five consensus: First, support RCEP Member States accelerate the completion of domestic approval procedures; second, support RCEP Member States Actively fulfill the decline and opening commitment to improve the level of liberalization of trade investment; The fourth is to expect RCEP Member States to mark RCEP economic and trade rules, accelerate their domestic reform, and actively create fair competition, non-discrimination business environment; five is to call the RCEP Member States to strengthen cooperation in economic and technical fields to promote green low carbon And sustainable development.

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Ruisi, Zhejiang: After changing the paper straw, is your milk tea?

  "Limited Plastic Order" is not strange, and the General Office of the State Council has been released at the end of 2007.

After 12 years, the "restriction order" is again upgraded. In January 2020, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ecological Environment issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening Plastics Pollution", stipulates that the nationwide catering industry prohibits the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws. From the "restriction order" into "banned orders", the difference between the word is significant.

The daily life of the citizens has also happened. It is understood that there are currently 31 provinces issued a plastic pollution control related implementation plan or action plan. According to the implementation plan of Hangzhou, to the end of 2020 – the mall, supermarket, pharmacy, bookstore, etc., supermarket, pharmacy, bookstore, etc. Takeaway services and various exhibition activities, prohibiting the use of non-degrading plastic bags; the city’s food and beverage industry prohibits the use of non-degradable disposable plastic straws, the county city is completed, and the food and beverage service service of scenic spot is prohibited from using non-degradable disposable plastic tableware.

  The discussion of "ban plastic order" is more hot on the network. According to Xinhua Ruisi system, there are 123,537 related information on the network in recent weeks. Among them, January 4 is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 34210.

The event refers to the high frequency of frequencies: paper straw, offering, shopping, customer, citizens.

Among them, the emotions "unhappy" is the largest, followed by emotions "angry", "mourning", accounting for%,%,%, respectively.

  Why can’t I generate "unhappy" emotions? This is what people can’t underestimate is the "milk tea demand" of netizens.

As we all know, the milk tea shop is large, and the "banned order" is the first affected by the plastic straw. Recently, the plastic straits of the milk tea store have been replaced by paper straw, so that many netizens think "I am not used to": First, the paper straw is placed in the drink. It is easy to bubble soft, affecting it.

Second, some netizens feel that the paper strap will have a paper smell when drinking milk tea, reducing drinking taste. The third is that there is no plastic straw of paper straps to have sharp and tough, and it is very difficult to poke into the milk tea cup.

For those who love "bite tube", it is a disaster that lost pleasure … As of now, there is a happy # topic of the paper straws on Weibo. Most milk tea enthusiasts say that supports disabling plastic straws, but it is best to have a good alternative product, the experience of the paper straw is too bad.

  It is worth noting that there are still many merchants who use non-degradable disposable plastic products, and take-out outsourcing is basically a plastic bag, and fresh paper bags appear. At present, traditional plastic bags are generally medium per element, and can reduce the plastic bags per month. A fruit business household in Hangzhou said that it will not provide a free plastic bag, which will definitely affect business. For merchants who do small business, the bag prices will compress profits. It is understood that the "banned order" highlights the characteristics of systemic, synergistic and orderly, and is subjected to steps and subsequent fields.

For example, the marketing market is a normative and restriction using a non-degradable plastic bag, not for use.

At present, some vegetables, street breakfast shops, small supermarkets, etc., is still ordinary plastic bags.

The common roll bags in the supermarket fresh vegetable district are not in this prohibition.

  For the price of alternatives for public concern, Liu Jianguo, professor of Tsinghua University Environmental College, said that at this stage, the cost of degradable plastics will be higher, but still within acceptable range. As the capacity of degradable plastic products is expanded and the technical level is improved, the production cost will decrease after forming large-scale production in the future.

  Under the history of the most strict "plastic order", the degradable plastics industry also ushered in new business opportunities, and the market has great potential.

In the past ten years, my country’s degraded relevant enterprises (all enterprise states) have been stably up and increased.

As of now, data shows that my country’s current business scope includes "biodegradation, light degradation, chemical degradation, degradable", and nearly 8,400 degradable related enterprises in the industry, deposit, and move, and moved. Among them, nearly 2,300 copolysis related companies were added in 2020, an increase of 38% over last year.

  Relevant experts from the circular economy pointed out that we must use a lower price of environmentally friendly products to occupy the market, so that the cost of non-environmentally friendly plastic products is no longer advantageous, and therefore gradually replaces non-environmental products.

On the other hand, it is necessary to continuously improve the quality of environmentally friendly replacement products, such as many people mentioned in the paper straw experience, etc., so that the reduction has an ecological value while do not lose practicality and economy.

  In fact, no matter what alternatives, it is not true environmental protection.

In recent years, with the promotion of public environmental awareness, many consumers have developed the habit of their own shopping bags. Many merchants have provided consumers with non-woven environmentally friendly shopping bags, and the beautiful environmentally friendly shopping bags are designed to make shopping fashion.

Many people will take the initiative to choose "Don’t take a tableware" … Plastic pollution prevention, both the key content of ecological civilization, is also social responsibility for everyone.

I believe that under the "immediate action" of our people, "ban" can make "ban" to achieve real "reduction", so that the environment really better.

Shandong Longkou: to build the North’s largest clean energy demonstration base

Original title: for construction of the largest clean energy demonstration base Recently, the China Petrochemical Longkou liquefied natural gas (LNG) project was started in the port of Yantai, Shandong Longkou port, which is the fourth in the last two years, Shandong put into the construction of LNG terminals, marking Shandong Province, four priority programs "fourteen" during all the work to promote the LNG terminal, the output of 15 billion cubic meters of clean energy per year.

Since 2019, in order to accelerate the old and the new kinetic energy conversion and energy structure adjustment, after repeated research, decided to rely on Longkou Longkou port advantages, the introduction of domestic LNG industry leader, Sinopec Gas Company and Longkou Port Group, Hengtong energy cooperation, Longkou Sinopec to build LNG project.

After completion of the project, will be directly connected by pipeline to the North China and the national pipeline network, can effectively alleviate the natural gas supply of Shandong Province and North China tensions, the formation of natural gas supply capacity of 8.4 billion cubic meters / year, equivalent to 2020, the province’s 140 natural gas usage days.

In Longkou, in addition to a LNG terminal project – the national pipeline network Nanshan construction of an LNG terminal is in full swing. As the national network set up a management group’s first new major energy infrastructure projects, after a year and a half of intense construction, and now, four 220,000 cubic meters semi-underground sit concrete foundation LNG full containment storage tanks have been erected. Shandong four LNG terminal project, as a county-level city of Longkou actually accounted for two, plus the previous construction of LNG gas tank tiger peaking distribution center project, Longkou City, taking advantage of the unique natural resources, in order to build in northern China’s largest clean energy application and demonstration base for direction, relying on the national network Longkou Nanshan LNG, petrochemical and LNG projects, is committed to building "LNG production – Receiver storage – gasification cold energy utilization – external transmission services" clean energy industry chain service "carbon peak , carbon neutral "goals are attained.

Accelerate the development of natural gas in primary energy consumption increase in the proportion of natural gas, is to build a low-carbon clean, the only way for safe and efficient modern energy systems, as well as resolve environmental constraints, improve air quality, effective way to achieve green low-carbon development. Longkou port located in the Bohai south coast, northwest of Shandong Peninsula, ports depth belly wide, not silt ice-free, is a rare natural harbor. The development of LNG projects, can give full play to the advantages of Longkou port, LNG storage tanks and process centralized distribution facilities, and planning a variety of ways outside the transmission, storage and LNG peak shaving built a large base of radiation Shandong and North China.

In promoting LNG project planning process, the innovation leader in Longkou package to help working mechanism, implementation of the project "in charge" responsibility system.

Clear responsibility for specific large projects unit, the lead unit, while the real responsibility card, clear their specific duties and responsibilities of focal units. Established the old and the new kinetic energy is converted headquarters, daily scheduling responsible for project, service, and the completion of provincial matters Yantai assigned; national network Nanshan LNG terminal, Sinopec Longkou LNG project is the Longkou Municipal mainly responsible personally responsible, solve project to promote the sticking point in the process, blocking point, guarantee the smooth progress of the project.

At the same time, improve project Longkou service support mechanism, not only pay attention to scheduling, and more emphasis on service.

The city Development and Reform Commission as a coordination department, additional staff, in-depth project line, wall charts operations in accordance with the general requirements, on schedule, on time and scheduling project progress and completion of investment for the project in question found to strengthen and housing construction, natural resources project planning and cooperation department of the town and neighborhood, form a good situation, "the problem belongs to the responsible departments active-site service, full docking, charge d’affaires package to help strengthen security" in the city, trying to clear the way for the project unit to speed up the progress of construction projects. Up to now, Longkou two LNG terminal project forward successfully. After the two projects completed, will be a steady stream to inject Longkou and the whole North China surging energy, then turn two whose annual capacity will reach 11.5 million tons, then switch to long-term planning annual capacity will reach 40 million tons.

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Summary and use a high meaning of historical experience

  The Party’s 19th National Plenary Session of the Communist Party of China has adopted resolutions on the Party’s 100-year struggle and historical experience (hereinafter referred to as "resolution"), comprehensively summarize the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s 100-year struggle, vision macro Broad, seeking truth from facts is both the first hundred years of scientific summary, and the second hundred years of political declaration, reflecting the high political consciousness of our party attention and using historical law.

The "resolution" will become another masteric literature in the history of the party, which promotes the unity of the whole party, unifying will, unified actions, insisting on socialism with socialism in the new era, and realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Theory and practical significance.

  The Communist Party of China has always attached importance to and summarizes historical experience to review history, summarizing experiences, from which regular understanding, forming scientific theories, and leading practice, is a good tradition of Marxist political parties.

The Communist Party has always attached great importance to and be good at summarizing historical experience.

  During the new democratic revolution, the Chinese Communists who made Mao Zedong as the main representative of the main representative of the basic principles of Marxism-Leninism with China. A series of unified experiences that have been accumulated by hard exploration and a huge sacrifice accumulated. I founded Mao Zedong Thought, and picked the correct direction for the victory of the new democratic revolution. In the period of socialist revolution and construction, Comrade Mao Zedong as the main representative of China’s Communist Party, combined with new actual enrichment and development of Mao Zedong Thought, proposing a series of important ideas on socialist construction, forming an originally important guiding significance. Sexual theoretical results. In the new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, Comrade Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao as the main representative of the Chinese Communist Party, united the people of all ethnic groups, deeply summed up the two experience since the founding of New China, and the basic principle of Marxism Combine the actual characteristics of the same new time, around "What is socialism, how to build socialism" "What kind of party, how to build a party" "What development, how to develop", etc. Deng Xiaoping Theory, "Three Represents" important thinking and scientific development concept, scientific answered a series of basic issues in building socialism with Chinese characteristics. Not only successfully created socialism with Chinese characteristics, but also successfully persisted and developed socialism with Chinese characteristics under the new situation. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has adhered to the basic principles of Marxism with China. Combining China’s excellent traditional culture, profoundly summarizes and fully uses the historical experience since Party. From the new reality, on the new era, what kind of socialism, how to adhere to the socialism, how to adhere to socialism with socialism, construction of socialist modernization, how to build socialist modernization, what long-term construction The ruling Marxist party, how to build a long-term ruling Marxist political party and other major era projects, proposing a series of new ideas for the original governing and government new ideas, and founded the socialist thinking of Xi Jinping’s new era.

Draw wisdom during summary of historical experience, solve many problems that have long been trying to resolve, and do a lot of things that have been doing without doing, and promote historical achievements in the party and national undertakings.

  Practice has proved that every major historical transition and important theoretical innovation of the Communist Party of China is inseparable from the scientific summary of historical experience.

Each time in history, the system summary of historical experience has enabled the Chinese Communist Party to achieve new unity and unity under new historical conditions, and further promoted the great practice of revolution, construction and reform. Summary and fully use the theoretical significance of historical experience, through reviewing history, through the complex historical phenomena, we can deeply reflect on the historical essence and historical laws therein, we can have a clear understanding of their responsibilities and mission.

  A deep summary of historical experience can deepen understanding of historical laws. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "History is the best textbook, also the best awake." Learning history, summing up experience, which is conducive to deepening the understanding of historical development rules, providing reference and guidance for new practices.

Marx, Engels has revealed the historical law of human social development through in-depth study of human society, and created the historical law of human social development; Provided scientific guidelines for human civilization progress. Summary of historical experience helps to promote the party ‘s theoretical innovation.

The Communist Party insisted on different historical periods, according to different characteristics, using Marxism principles and methods, timely summary of experience in history and rising into theory.

It can be said that the party’s hundred years of history is both a brilliant struggle of the party leaders all the people of the country for the national rejuvenation, and it is also a combination of the basic principles of Marxism to China, combined with China’s excellent traditional culture. Theoretical Innovation History. The "Ten Adherences" summed up by the 19th National Plenary Session of the Party is not only the successful experience of our party’s 100-year struggle, and is also a scientific theory of contemporary Chinese Marxism with universal guiding significance.

  A deep summary of historical experience has implemented the ideological route of our party.

Our party’s summary is, all from actual start, focusing on new practices and new development, some targeting, targeted. In this way, pay attention to summary historical experience is to pay attention to the implementation of truth from facts. In order to summarize historical experience with truth from facts, it will form a correct route policy that meets objective and practical, reflecting the law, and adapting to the people’s will, and then promoting the cause of the party and the country. Summary and make full use of historical experience summary and use historical experience to find the right direction. China’s socialist modernization is a cause of no ancient people. There is no ready-made road to move. Only by summing up historical experience, understanding the party and national undertakings, we deeply understand the great road we open up in centennials, establish The greatness of the greatness, the great spirit of cast, can objectively understand the world’s national conditions, see the future and direction of the development of the party and the people’s career. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Just grasp the law of historical development and great potential, seize historical changes, and work hard, we can better advance." Summary and use historical experience to improve the party’s leadership and leadership level.

The hard-working history of the party has clearly demonstrated that it attaches importance to and summarizes historical experience. It is an important way to achieve self-purification, self-improvement, self-leather, self-improvement, and an important ideological method and working method for our party to achieve correct leadership. . Summary and use history experience to improve the ability to solve problems using Marxist standpoint methods.

Summary and fully use historical experience, we can cultivate us to adhere to the history of materialism and the right party history to analyze the habit of observing social problems, accurately grasp the theme main line of the party’s historical development, and further unify thinking, and ensure that the whole party’s step is uniform; It can hammered everything from reality, seeking truth from facts, based on the specific practical actual reality of the new era, better answers the era; you can exercise we insist on the great history of history, deeply grasp the historical changes in China and the world relationship, based on China , Look at the world, analyze the social evolutionary mechanism from the historical man, the tide of the times, grasp the historical development laws and great trend, and always master the history of the development of the party and the national business. Summary and use historical experience to promote the party’s self-revolution.

Be brave in the self-revolution, is the most distinct element of our party, and the biggest advantage of our party.

Our party always summarizes the historical lessons, focusing on solving the reality of the party’s construction, always adheres to truth, correcting mistakes, and promoting self-revolution, ensuring that our party is always in the forefront of the times in the historical process of world conditions.

  Professor of the Special Researcher of the Socialist Theoretical System of Hainan University, Department of Marxist College, Hainan University.

Tan Deli: Countries should draw three lessons from the new crown epidemic

Tan Dee, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

People’s Visual Data Tu Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, January 18th, the World Health Organization Director-General Tan De Ssi said on the 18th that the new championship duration has been one year, and all Member States and WHO themselves should take three from the epidemic. Lessons involving the preparation and response of the epidemic, the relationship between people and the earth and the earth and the strengthening of WHO construction.

  Tan Dee said at the WHO Executive Committee meeting on the same day, said three lessons apply to everyone, is the future "learning, change, innovation, and growth". First, in terms of preparation and response to the big popularity, the new crown epidemic has surprised the world even the most, the most powerful country is not surprised and caught off guard, which exposes the problems in which countries have generally put into investment in emergency preparation.

Tan Dee believes that the new crown of the New Crown shows that some epidemic response tools launched in the past, according to the assessment of the preparations of various countries. Second, people should recognize that humans, animals and earth health are closely intertwined.

Due to the spread of more than 70% of newly discovered diseases in recent years, Tan Dersse urged countries to fundamentally strengthen contact risks between humans, animals and ecosystems to protect and promote human health. He also called for various issues that affect relationships between humans, animals and plays, including forest felling, over-reclamation, environmental pollution, climate change, etc.

  Third, the world needs a powerful WHO. Tan Dee said that all Member States have identified one of the biggest obstacles facing the WHO’s future is sustainable and predictable.

To this end, he asked the WHO Foundation to raise $ 1 billion from the new channel in the next three years, 70% to 80% of the WHO itself, the remaining funds were used in other public health organizations, focusing on civil society organizations. .

  Tan Dee said that the world is still facing unprecedented dangers, but there is also an unprecedented opportunity.

The Henan Provincial Military Region regularly organizes "two exchange activities"

National Defense Education "Three Enters", party construction leads the militia to connect to the comprehensive construction, strengthen the talent team building … Recently, 5 military partitions, the master of the people of the people, the master of the Henan Provincial Military Region (Branch) Secretary Training Exchange Introduce Experience practices to explore innovation mechanisms to crack realities.

Yang Chenglei, political commissar of Fuyang County, said: "The reason why it is more in front of ‘puzzle’, in addition to training exchange growth skills, but also benefit from long-term reading exchange activities in the provincial military region.

According to the leaders of Henan Province, in order to cracize national defense and military reforms, the many reality of the provincial military regional troops have been put into depth, since the beginning of last year, the provincial military region synchronously organized a four-level reading exchange and the fourth party committee. (Branch) Secretary Training Exchange Activity, set off "theoretical learning, research, research, research, and countermeasures" in the whole district.

On the basis of reading the designated book of party history learning education, combined with the work needs to put the "Party Committee’s work method" "Chen Yun and Investigation", "the cultivation of the Communist Party members" into the book, each exchange randomly , Deducement, the provincial military region leadership point, tutoring, guide all party members and cadres to pursue pursuit, develop learning habits, and master working methods.

At the same time, focusing on the use of theory to practice, encourages the institutional mechanisms such as union of the party management, national defense mobilization, militia construction, and national defense education, inviting the Excellent Party Committee (Branch) to exchange, pass the treasure, mutual exchange, common improvement .

Reading exchanges enhances learning power, empirical exchanges stimulate innovation, two activities are interactive, and the power and vitality is injected into the grassroots construction.

Shenqiu County people in Shenqiu County, who have created the experience of service retirement soldiers, and promote national defense education into the party school, enter the school, enter the media, and combine the civilian and regulatory construction of the militia. The grassroots, rural, and community extensions, not only the national defense education has a sound, but also improved the quality of the soldiers.

"There are fewer preparations, the task is more", "Many units are difficult, Jiaozuo Military Division and Fuyang County People’s Armed Forces According to local public welfare posts, they will take the return of retirees and the way of recruiting local college students to solve people less. To ensure the high standards of the tasks, a talent team building a new way.

Open the door to read the wide eye, solve the problem of the problem.

According to statistics, since the "two exchange activities", the provincial military region has explored many experience practices in strengthening national defense mobilization, regulating the party management of party management, and striving for urgent tasks, and has strongly promoted various constructions of the provincial military. . (Li Gaofei, Li Guanghui) (Editor: Chen Yu, Ren Lin) Sharing let more people see.