China Historical Research Institute learns Xi Jinping General Secretary to Yangshao Culture Discovery and the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of China ‘s Modern Archaey.

  Gao Xiang pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping attaches great importance to historical research and archaeological work. On January 3, 2019, the Chinese Historical Research Institute was established. General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory letter, and accelerating our history of historians accelerated the construction of Chinese characteristics, academic systems, discourse systems, and promoted China’s historical research. Important instructions. .

On September 28, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued an important speech at the 23rd collective study of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, and the first system expounded the importance of archaeological work, the value, theoretical direction and practical goals. On October 2021, when Yangshao Culture was found and the birth of the modern Chinese archeology, General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a letter. The achievements made by my country’s generations of archaeons have been given, and the role gives it. Fully affirm that the majority of archaeologists continue to carry forward the fine traditions, strive to build Chinese characteristics, Chinese style, and Chinese style archaeological presence, I am more expected, for the national archaeologists better show the Chinese civilization style, and promote China’s outstanding traditional culture. The direction.

The important speech and congratulatory explanation of General Secretary Xi Jinping is high, and the ideas are deep, rich in connotation. The proposition literature for the development of Chinese archaeological careers in the new era is a guide to the continuous prosperity of China’s archaeological career. It has an extremely important in the history of China’s archaeological business. Milestone. Gao Xiang emphasized that he will continue to learn from General Secretary of Xi Jinping on Historical Research and Archaeological Work, and profoundly understand the spiritual essence, profound connotation and practice requirements, and make General Scriptures Congratulations and Important Speech as a new era history study and archaeological work. Fundamental follows, as a strong ideological weapon that leads history research and archaeological work to keep in innovation, sustainable development. We have to fully affirm the major achievements made in my country’s archaeological explorations in China. The major breakthroughs made in archaeological research must fully understand the shortcomings and difficulties in my country’s archaeological work: many major theoretical issues and cutting-edge problems need to be solved, and the excavation of archaeological results. Squiring, interpretation work is urgent, the degree of discipline integration is not high, the service reality is not strong enough, and the construction of archaeological talent is facing some difficulties. In the new hundred years, we must unswervingly in the guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era, socialist thinking, focus on academic innovation, do a good job in the transformation, talking about Chinese historical and cultural stories, working in the construction of talent team, strive Archeology of China’s characteristics, Chinese style, and China’s style, better showing Chinese civilization, promoting China’s outstanding traditional culture, and make new and greater contributions to the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation. At the meeting, Wang Yirong, a Chinese Historical Research Institute, ancient Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wang Yirong, a professor of Archaey, a Professor, Renmin University of China, a professor, Shandong University, a deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Chinese History and Research Institute. Xinhua, Vice President Wan Jianwu, the Secretary of the Discipline Inspection and Vice President and Vice President, etc.

  From the Institute of China and Academy of History, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the Institute of Hospital, the Chinese People’s University, the Central University for Nationalities, and the experts from Shandong University representatives attended the meeting. (Editor: Wan Peng, Lephen Ling).

Beijing introduced Chinese and primary school textbook management measures

Original title: Beijing introduced the management of primary and secondary school textbooks This newspaper Beijing August 9 (Zhongqing report, Zhongqing Net reporter Fan Wei Chen) reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Education Commission that Beijing Municipal Education Commission has developed "Beijing Primary and Secondary School Teaching Material Management Method". The management approach proposes that the compulsory education school shall not use overseas teaching materials.

Beijing, district education administrative departments and schools do not recommend primary and secondary teaching auxiliary materials, affiliated to classroom exercises, synchronous exercises, cold summer holidays, exam trials and review materials, etc., should be provided free of charge. It is understood that "the Measures for the Administration of Teaching Materials in Beijing Primary and Secondary School" Ten Chapter 49. The management method presents the implementation of national, municipalities, districts and school grading management in Beijing primary and secondary school materials. The municipal education administrative department will take the lead in responsible for the management of primary and secondary schools in Beijing, refine the implementation of relevant teaching materials system, guiding the supervision of all districts and school courses. The District Education Administration is responsible for the management of primary and secondary schools in the district, guiding the supervision of school curriculum materials.

  The school must strictly implement the policy provisions of the national and urban areas, and improve the internal management system, select the textbook.

The school-based curriculum textbook must not be used in principle.

The district education administrative department must strictly control the number of school-based curriculum textbooks, and the textbooks are cleaned in time for materials with too many quantities and low quality. For the selection of national curriculum textbooks, the Beijing Municipal Education Commission has filed, and it is necessary to choose from the Chinese and secondary school teaching book catalogs announced by the State Council education administration and the Beijing Education Administration.

The results of the teaching materials are required to be publicized on the website of the education administrative department of the District. The selected textbook must be the version of the education administrative department, and the textbooks that have been changed without authorization may not be used. The use of teaching materials should strictly follow the results of the selection, and may not replace national curriculum materials such as local curriculum materials, school-based curriculum materials. At the same time, the compulsory education school shall not use the overseas teaching materials, and the ordinary high school schools will use overseas teaching materials to implement in accordance with the relevant national policies in Beijing. The management approach, the national curriculum should maintain a relatively stable, such as replacement of the textbook, from the district education administrative department to entrust professional institutions to use school teachers, students and parental opinions, form an assessment report, and to the municipal education administration The department puts forward written applications.

After the municipal education administrative department agrees, the district-level education administrative department selects other version of the textbook according to the procedure, in principle, starts using the new version of the textbook from the beginning grade. The Beijing Municipal Education Commission proposed that after the local curriculum materials completed the revision, they must be reviewed according to the regulations.

The audit of new teaching materials and revised textbooks is divided into two phases of preliminary review and review.

After the first trial, it can be included in the teaching book catalog of Beijing Primary and Secondary Schools and conduct a school year trial trial within the specified scope, and select the excellent teacher of the first line of excellent teachers to conduct a comprehensive inspection of teaching materials. The trial scope of the trial should not exceed 2 districts. In principle, there should be regional and schools in different levels of education, and the teaching materials with the same books are not more than 20,000 students in the same grade trial. (Editor: Hao Mengjia, Wen Wei) Sharing let more people see.

China’s 25th batch went to the Congo (Jin) peacekeeping outroad team to strengthen warning defense

The Congo (Jin) South Kiki Province was armed to attack my peacekeeping team to strengthen the warning defense the People’s Liberation Army to report Camu November 5th, YAN Junhua, Xu Huaiwu report: For recent Congo (Jin) tension, China Episode 25 goes to Congo (The Golden) Weicheng Workie Teil has organized a night emergency drill at night to the morning of the 4th, and the force emergency energy will be improved.In the early morning of the 3rd, a group of unidentified armed people attacked 20 kilometers from the Congolese (Jin), the capital of China’s peacekeeping brochill, and exchanged fires with the Congo (Jin) government army, causing several military police.casualties.Deng Liang, the commander of the peacekeeping brochure, said: "Currently, the security situation we face has changed, which brings more tests to the peacekeepers.

We will comprehensively analyze the situation, increase the security of warning, and prepare for emergency department, and ensure smooth completion of the task.".

De centrale verschillende bestuurders van het Centraal-Comité, het GUIZHENG-verwerkingsambeducatie van Guizg Luoada

Vanaf 24 tot 26 september richt het nationale politieke en juridische teamonderwijs het centrale 15e supervisieteam onder leiding van Mazheng, en ging naar Guoluo Tibetaanse autonome prefectuur om het politieke en juridische teameducatie te openen om toezicht te houden op het toezicht.

De toezichtsgroep luisterde naar de werksituatie van de politie en het juridische teamonderwijs van Guiluo, en hield een symposium vast om naar de grassroots-volksvertegenwoordigers te luisteren, de CPPCC-leden, landelijke kaders, advocaten, schoolprincipes, gepensioneerden en zakelijke, sanitaire voorzieningen, herders Vertegenwoordigers, enz. Reken de persoonlijke gevoelens, diepgaande afdelingen van het politiebureau, de Court Court van Malan, en de politieke en juridische politie en kaders van Malan, om de problemen van sociaal bestuur, de wensen en behoeften van de mensen, en de moeilijkheden van de grassroots.

Mazheng is volledig bevestigd door de effectiviteit van de rectificatie van het politieke en juridische teameducatie van Guilozhou.

Hij benadrukte dat hij maatregelen zou nemen, de regels van het systeem verbeteren en het systeem gebruiken om de resultaten van het eerste batch van onderwijsrechten te uitharden. Om altijd aan Party-loyaliteit te houden, blijven de politieke constructie versterken, "Vierbewustzijn" en stevig "vier vertrouwen" verbeteren om "twee onderhoud" te doen. We moeten gewetensvolle prestaties, focus op de hoofdactiviteiten en weerspiegelen de resultaten van het onderwijs en de rectificatie en verbeteren de politieke en juridische werkzaamheden. We moeten de mensen zorgvuldig bedienen, de oefenactiviteiten van "Ik doe praktische dingen voor de mensen", en probeer de mensen van de massa’s "urgent dure" op te lossen.

Het is noodzakelijk om de constructie van het politieke en juridische team te versterken, een goed beeld op te zetten, een ijverige, pragmatische, integriteit en effici?nte politieke en juridische organen te bouwen en een politiek en juridisch ijzerleger te cre?ren die loyaal en schoon is. Het supervisieteam ging ook naar het Banma County Red Army Memorial om revolutionair traditioneel onderwijs te accepteren en koesterde de revolutionaire martelaren.

(Editor: Chen Mingju, Liu Peiran) Delen Laat meer mensen aanbeveling lezen.

China Petrochemical Expeates the advantages of the whole industry chain to increase the diesel

In recent times, in some regional diesel markets, the partial, partial tension, on the one hand, because Jiu, October is the traditional diesel consumption season, on the other hand, the price of coal, natural gas has skyrocket, some energy consumption turned to diesel, especially this year since, international oil prices rise, diesel hoarding cases also increased. Sinopec will prioritize retail, protect people’s livelihood, and pay the end users, and increase the resources of resources for the tight region, strictly fulfill the commitment of "oil products constant supply and service." First, adjust the production and operation in time, refining the company’s efforts to increase the diesel to protect the market.

Zhenhai refining quickly adjustment plan arrangements, preaches Zhejiang and surrounding areas, and produces 550,000 tons of diesel oil in October, an increase of 17% from the previous month. Maoming Petrochemical further optimizes the production of production, increased by nearly 40% of diesel daily, and millions of diesel mills produced in October, an increase of 18% year-on-year.

Jinling petrochemical optimization can be used to protect the East China. October, the diesel production increased by 20% in October, and currently, there is currently million tons. Yanshan Petrochemical ensures stable supply of diesel market in North China, 10,000 tons of diesel, and more than 10,000 tons in October. Hainan refining is increased by ultra-regular measures to produce diesel, millions of diesel, and planned millions of tons in November, and fully guarantee the supply of diesel from Hainan Trade Port and South China.

The second is reasonable deployment of resources, and increase the supply and demand in the region of diesel supply.

The product oil sales enterprise starts daily balance, Zhou Sang, rolling scheduling mode, and increases supply and demand for tight regional resources. Sales East China Coordinated Coordination of Refinery Adjustment Structure to Diesel, October Diesel Expropriation increased by 11%, and the output of management is high. Sales Huazhong Science Combined refined oil transportation method, play a self-owned oil storage capacity and shipping advantage, increased by 20% in October, the factory increased by 20%, and the factory scale has been a new high. Sales South China’s "One Plant Case" for refinery is shipped according to the production organization, "one-course", according to the sales volume of the restroom, boost refinery’s diesel fast production, and put on the market in the first time.

The third is to closely follow the market changes, priority to protect the demand for oil and key projects. Oil sales enterprise strengthens diesel operation organization, do a good job in resource-free emergency plans, ensuring that the gas station is not off, and it is constantly available.

Shandong Petroleum Coordinates resource allocation, prioritizing diesel supply, the highest retail of diesel reaches 3 times daily.

Guangxi oil flexibly controls sales rhythm, ensuring that the gas station of the national road, agricultural production, and key construction projects is stable. Jiangsu Petroleum step by step, formulates the provision of confessions, pays close attention to resource allocation, market supply and safety management. Henan oil further clarifies the goal of the library, prioritizing the oil and key construction projects of people’s livelihood and key construction projects.

Anhui Petroleum Focus on "Three Autumn" farmers refueling, accurately implementation, as of the end of October, this year, the cumulative supply of agricultural diesel is increased by 36% year-on-year, through "one household price" and other benefits to help farmers reduce diesel purchase cost of 3.42 million yuan.

It is understood that China’s petrochemical self-owned gas stations are open to supply diesel, and the market order has quickly resumed normal. (Editor: Cao Yang).

China Petroleum Jilin Sales Company biedt solide garanties voor de stad om sneeuw en ijs te ontmoeten

Li Bin is de manager van Yatai-tankstation, Changchun, China Petroleum Jilin, Changchun, Yatai-benzinestation, komt elke winter, hij moet een goede man van tevoren toewijzen, voldoende olie voorbereiden, om bij elke sanitaire afdeling aan te bieden tijd.

In tegenstelling tot andere stations, onderneemt dit tankstation de tankstaak van 130 ringbeschermers in Nanguanistrict, Changchun. De regen en sneeuw van dit jaar is eerder dan in voorgaande jaren, de sneeuwval is relatief groot en heeft het bedrijf de waarschuwing van tevoren uitgebracht. Kan op een ordelijke manier worden uitgevoerd. "Kom naar deze tankende auto is hoofdzakelijk een benzine-auto, het totale aantal, de hoeveelheid olie is groot, en ontmoette grote sneeuwdagen, vaak komen de zeven of acht auto’s om te tanken.

Li Bin zei dat het om het werk van stedelijke sneeuwval te maximaliseren, gegarandeerd dat andere voertuigen in orde zijn, en het "groene kanaal" is ingesteld voor het sneeuwwissel.

"We hebben een speciale route om een ??snowbot te gebruiken, en een speciaal persoon heeft een speciaal vlak om voor hen te tanken, op deze manier is het handig voor het voertuig om in te voeren en te verlaten, en het kan snel bijtanken." Volgens de Persoon die verantwoordelijk is voor het Marketingbureau van China Petroleum Jilin Sales Corporation Marketing Office, China’s Petroleum Jilin Sales Company is een benzinestation die serieus voldoet aan de sociale verantwoordelijkheid, en heeft een tankende groene kanaal geopend, waardoor de snelle service van hoge kwaliteit is naar het ontwikkelingsproces van de stad.

(高龙安) (Editor: Ma Junhua, Xie Lang) Deel meer mensen om te zien.

Consumer poverty alleviation is a beautiful life "order"

  In July, the fire in July did not come, Mang Qiuwei, the rural areas of Linyi County, the flowers in the greenhouses were fragrant, and it was a year of harvest.

In recent years, Linyi County, Gansu Province has insisted that the industrial poverty alleviation is used as a fundamental initiative to promote the stability of poor people. It has developed agricultural industries due to local conditions, forming a special advantageous industry such as potato, vegetables, lily, Chinese herbal medicines, Huang and Tuen, successfully created national modern agriculture. The industrial park blows the "assembly number" of the rural revitalization. Since 2015, as the fixed-point helper unit in Linyi County, the China Silver China Silver China Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission has played its own advantages, and it has called for the financial industry. The insurance industry is involved in helping Linyi County to deplete poverty, consolidate and expand the ranks of poverty alleviation results. As a highly social responsible enterprise, Huaxia Insurance has always adhered to the company’s purpose of "serving the people", actively participation in helping to win the poverty battle, build a great cause of beautiful villages.

In August 2021, in the season of Fenghui County, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch organized the province’s internal and external employees to subscribe "Linyi Treasure" Plateau Ecological specialty agricultural products such as fresh lily, lily, all kinds of Chinese herbal medicines, potato products, etc. "Donate in the purchase", "buy a generation of help" to promote agricultural income, help consumption, poverty alleviation, to help Linyi County to realize the revitalization of rural villages. Consumer Poverty Alleviation Industries Establishing Thousands of Households, with a poverty poverty, and a poor people. Since 2019, in order to implement the important instructions of consumer poverty alleviation, the consumption of poverty alleviation will continue to help the poverty, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch focuses on precision poverty alleviation, actively pulling the poverty alleviation and helps the advantageous industry .

  In recent years, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch actively participated in Linyi County, Gansu Province, Zhanjiang Yixi County, Guangdong, Guangdong Jieyang Huilai County, Guangdong Meizhou Xiyun Village, four poverty poor love to help farmers, call on Near 10,000 front and rear line partners in the province Buying, and use a new media such as a friend circle, WeChat, and shake and other new media to buy, continue to promote the development of Gansu dominant industrial lily agricultural products, and assist Zhanjiang to solve high-quality sweet potatoes, Yaozhu is difficult to sell, help Jieyang promotes the same sauce.

On the poverty alleviation road of the purchase of the industry, in the poverty alleviation road of the industrial development, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch has purchased more than 410,000 yuan of poverty alleviation agricultural products, support farmers, helping farmers to open up sales channels and help consumption poverty alleviation.

 Live broadcast brought the clouds to market new roads to help agricultural income in Huaxia, there is such a group of people, Wanshui Qianshan does not forget the time. They use truth and enthusiasm "warmth", they use their footsteps to measure the initial heart, "Love old compassion" is the love and responsibility they continue to practice, they do not have to be light, but always warm and light.

This group of people is the volunteers of Huaxia Insurance. In November 2020, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch links all levels of institutions at Qingyuan, Jiangmen, Heyuan, Zhaoqing, and Meizhou, etc.

Volunteers have fully contained materials and blessings and drive to the remote villages outside more than 100 kilometers. They visited 130 poor elderly and farmers. They used the insurer’s sincerity and enthusiasm to enter the people, and talk to the visitor. Putting up the hoe works and through the form of acquisition, the sale and other forms, fully helps more than 30 agricultural and sideline products, help poor farmers to get poverty and increase. In 2020, due to the influence of the epidemic, many agricultural products were unmarked.

After understanding the local situation, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch actively acts, combined with the company’s brand public welfare platform "Chongyang Action", through the field visit, after the sale, combined with the new media advantages to carry out the "Cloud Munch" activity.

Volunteers sell the local agricultural and sideline products through network live sales, helping local poor farmers to solve the problem of agricultural products, and also broaden the income channels of poor people. Consumption is poverty alleviation, and consumption can also poverty alleviation. The consumer poverty alleviation has a poor people with a broad market, the insurance industry as the "shock absorber" and social "stabilizer" of the market economy, play an important role in consumption poverty alleviation. On the road to help realize the great strategy of rural resurgence, Huaxia Insurance Guangdong Branch will continue to force, to help consolidate the poverty reduction in the new model of "hematoprocket", for the beautiful life of the people, to play the insurance industry Industry advantage, let consumption povertyoven to the poor people "steady happiness".

Qiqihar City to increase the renovation of old water supply pipe network

With the integration of the old pumping station of Qiqihar City, the new pumping station renovation and construction, the public’s water environment has been greatly improved.

This year, government departments and water supply companies have increased investment construction, and the central city will form a new, safe, high-quality water supply network. On the 14th, the reporter came to the four-water source pumping station for the transformation of the construction of the underground water supply pipe network aging leads to problems such as water, water quality.

According to reports, equipment installation such as large water tanks, water supply lines has been basically completed, and it is expected to be completed in May. Outdoor supporting pipeline construction has been completed 90%, after the main network is connected, the pump station will be removed, and the original 9 old pump stations can be removed.

The new pumping station will boost nearly 8,000 households with water to drive more than 20,000 households, and reserve enough space for new high-rise buildings around the surrounding high-rise buildings.

At present, there is little stop water situation in the community that has replaced old lines. "After the new pumping station is put into use, add secondary disinfection, water quality testing, etc., prevent the occurrence of secondary pollution, let the people drink uninterrupted and secure water." Chen Tao, general manager of Water Group Guangyuan Water Project Construction Company, said. It is understood that after the study of party history, the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau strictly follows the work requirements of "learning party history, understanding, doing practical things, opening new bureaus" will be implemented for the people to do practical things, and transform learning results into Service power.

This year, Qiqihar City will further increase the secondary water transfer reform, and strive for special renovation funds nearly 100 million yuan. It is expected to complete 12 central pumping station transformation and 56 small water supply pipe network transformation, will benefit from 140,000 residents. With water, it has the greatest improvement in recent years, benefiting the year. In the future, Qiqihar City will promote the popularity of wisdom, letting water more information, which is part of the construction of smart cities.

All pump stations, water plants, and water meters in the home of the people will be connected to large data platforms, and the network regulation is performed, and intelligent water management is achieved through the "brain" of the water supply system.

(Yang Chengming Ding Ning) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan).

De top van de Noord-uitwisseling heeft de markt geopend voor meer dan 14 miljard yuan-experts, zeggen dat de markt naar verwachting optimistisch zal zijn.

  Onze Reporter Changxiahu op 16 november, het North Exchange Office opende de volgende dag, volgens de gegevens van de "Securities Daily" -verslagstatistieken, de eerste twee dagen van het Beijiao-kantoor (15 november tot 16e), 81 De Stock Trading is in het algemeen , en de totale omzet is 100 miljoen yuan waard. Onder hen steeg 10 nieuwe aandelen, een gemiddelde stijgende%, en de omzet is 100 miljoen yuan waard. 68 Vertalingbestanden (met uitzondering van 3 van de suspensie) verhoogd, de omzet is 100 miljoen yuan. De oprichter van Peking Testing Limit Management Co., Ltd. zei dat de "effecten dagelijkse" verslaggever zei dat "de TWEE TWEE DAGEN VOOR DE MARKT, de prestaties van de Noord-uitwisseling van de wisselen in overeenstemming zijn met de verwachtingen van de markt, en de toekomstige markt wordt verwacht Om optimistisch te zijn. "Volgens de gegevens van de verslaggever, op de twee dagen vóór de betaling, werden 10 nieuwe aandelen actiever verhandeld en was het gemiddelde verandertarief in twee dagen%.

Vanaf 16 november zijn de informatie, Hanxin-technologie, Hanxin-technologie 2 Smart City Concept-aandelen gestegen, en de UPS naar de top van de vorige handelsdag, respectievelijk. "Relevante nieuwe aandelen voldoen aan de algemene marktverwachtingen, is de redelijke prijzen van innovatieve MKB-bedrijven." Chang Chunlin analyseerde dat aan de ene kant, op 16 november, de nieuwe aandelen bepaalde transactiekwarat, die effectiever is in het geval van volledige verandering De game-mentaliteit van de koper en verkopers, de eerste dag van de hoge premie veroorzaakt door het markt enthousiasme is volledig verteerd, wat bevorderlijk is voor de markt-evenwichtsprijs en vervolgens ontdekking; aan de andere kant, vanuit het perspectief van de geschiedenis, Nieuwe voorraad heeft de neiging om een ??laag niveau te hebben voordat de hitte hoog is. Geleidelijk de neiging hebben om een ??vloeiend regressieproces, in overeenstemming met de marktactiviteitenwetgeving. De openbare gegevens tonen aan dat Komantnium open is, de eerste batch van 25 aandelen hebben gemiddelde dagelijkse toename in de eerste dag. Na de algehele rationele callback van de volgende dag, de gemiddelde toename in de derde dag, en de stijging geleidelijk samen Het spel is voldoende en de balansprijs is in principe gevormd. Daarnaast zal de North Exchange naar verwachting goed zijn, plus de nieuwe aandelen in de A-Share-markt is beter. Volgens marktmensen voorspellen, "" Daaropvolgende nieuwe aandelenverkopers zijn volledig vrijgegeven, de aandelenkoers is deze week, deze week, De algemene waarschijnlijkheid van deze week heeft een toegenomen trend die het moet worden begrepen om de transactiemogelijkheid te grijpen.

"68 Transpraktijken opende de markt gedurende twee dagen, de aandelenkoers geleidelijk gestabiliseerd, het gemiddelde verandertarief is%. Op 16 november is de verkoopteam relatief evenwichtig en zal de winstschijf in een bepaalde mate worden vrijgegeven Geen verkoop van belegger. Changchun Lin is van mening dat "Panning-aandelenkoersprijs wordt versmald door de vorige handelsdag, de markt zal naar verwachting goed zijn.

Daarnaast zal de markt, aangezien het aantal nieuwe rekeningen toeneemt, de markt meer incrementele fondsen ontvangt, en hebben de daaropvolgende verwante lage waardering van hoge kwaliteit voorraden een groot potentieel. "Op dit moment is het vermelde bedrijf van Beijiao Instituut fundamenteel en de terugbellen van de markt is normaal. "Chang CHUNLIN is van mening dat met de omzetsnelheid de neiging heeft om stabiel te zijn, de eerdere Profitter is in feite verkocht, nieuwe beleggers versnellen nieuwe investeerders de invoering van ondernemingen, meer fondsen van het Public Fund, geleidelijk aan een positie, de markt zal een nieuwe golf van rijzen, zal doen Ook is het meer gelegd in het vertrouwen van beleggers.

  De "Securities Daily" -verslaggever leerde van de Noord-uitwisseling dat de eerste dag van het Beijiao Office de eerste dag opende, Persoonlijke beleggers openden enthousiast een account en voegde gekwalificeerde beleggers toe aan 180.000 huishoudens, en het aantal rekeningen (10.000 huishoudens) verhoogd Vorige week (10.000 huishoudens) 3 keer.

Bovendien versnellen publieke fundamentatiefondsen ook de toegang, 16 november, HUAXIA en andere 8 fondsenbedrijven hebben de kwestie van het INTA-themaponds op de offici?le website bekendgemaakt.

Onder hen, Huaxia, Wanjia, Jiashi, Da Cheng en Yifang’s verhoogde startdatum van 5 fondsenbedrijven uit 19 november tot 25 november (5 handelsdagen), het zuiden, Guangfa, Hui Tianfu 3 Fund Company’s Recruitment De startdatum is 19 november tot 2 december (10 handelsdagen).

  Yang Delong, Chief Economist Yang Dai Open Source Fund, verklaarde dat de verslaggever van de effecten dagelijks zei dat de investering in de Noord-uitwisseling zich op lange termijn moet concentreren, niet deelnemen aan de hype op korte termijn. Het aantal vermelde bedrijven dat in de vroege dagen wordt vermeld, is minder, en met meer en meer op de markt gebracht door de Beijiao, zal de trend van de Beijiao-voorraad stabieler zijn. Opgemerkt moet worden dat op 16 november het aantal beursgenoteerde bedrijven bij het be?indigen van CNC, Yongshun-biologie en Wuxin-tunnel achtereenvolgens een aankondiging heeft uitgegeven, het vertrouwen van de markt versterkte. Onder hen is zelfs de CNC-afgifte van het personeel van het hogere management van tevoren, de resultaten van de vermindering van de vermindering van de aandelen, de verantwoordelijke financi?le persoon, de secretaris van de raad van bestuur Wang Mingli is gebaseerd op het werkelijke en het vertrouwen van de bedrijf, en besloot om dit reductieplan van tevoren te be?indigen.

  Op basis van het vertrouwen van de toekomstperspectief van het bedrijf is Yongshun BI vrijwillig verlengd voor de beperkte verkoopperiode.

Yongshun biologische releases aandeelhouders voorraad vrijwillige beperkte verkooprapporten, aandelen van aandeelhouders aangehouden door Guangdong Modern Landbouw Group Co., Ltd. zijn beperkt.

Aandeelhouders verlengen vrijwillig de beperkte verkoopperiode, die niet binnen 12 maanden na de datum van lancering is opgelucht.

  De vijf nieuwe tunnels gaf vrijwillige openbaarmaking, de ondertekening van het dagelijkse operationele belangrijke contract, op 1 november tot 15 november, de Smart Digital Gouring Liner Sales van het bedrijf heeft een nieuwe doorbraak bereikt en sommige verkoopcontracten van ondertekend bereikten 10.000 yuan.

  Daarnaast onderzocht het Agentschap ook intensief vermelde bedrijven in Beijiao.

Sinds 2 september hebben in totaal 21 Beijiao vermelde ondernemingen 23 aankondigingen op de investeerderinvesteerdersinvesteerders uitgegeven. De onderzoeksinstellingen omvatten makelaardij, private equity, openbaar fonds, durfkapitaal, enz., Veel marktinstellingen, institutioneel onderzoek enthousiasme.

  Samenvattend is de markt van mening dat de algemene markt niet is gewijzigd en de fundamenten ondersteunen de trend van de aandelenprijs, de waardering is aanzienlijk lager dan het Gem en Kibo.

Editor: 海 闻.

Sichuan Aba Wenxue Blending Strings does not stop the high development

  The green ecology continues to nourish the development advantage of "Tianfu Sanjiu, and Ayi Walks Sichuan" is the Wenke propaganda slogan proposed by Sichuan Culture and Tourism Hall. Among them, "Nine" refers to Jiuzhaigou, located in Jiuzhaigou County; "Da" refers to the giant panda, the Wolong National Nature Reserve is located in Wenchuan County, here is the world’s largest giant panda circle, is the most representative natural cultural symbol of Aba. . The landscape is bone, humanities are souls, rich biological species, unique geological landscapes, brilliant historical remains, and national culture that is harmonious and advanced, and has become a resource endowment.

In recent years, Aba deeply expands the connotation of Wenbao, and is proud to attract more tourists.

  Overall painting, high-end lead, through accelerating the construction of "one state two districts, three gardens", taking green development, the construction of the whole country tourism, etc., the development of Aba Wenbao is powerful. This year’s "May 1" holiday, there are thousands of tourists in Aba, all the accumulation of tourists and 10,000 yuan, and the year-on-year increase% and%. All state tourism industry has developed, 13 counties (cities) scenic spots are popular all the way.

  The initial formation of cultural tourism resources and industrial resonance patterns in September, the highland of the northwest of Sichuan is gradually. 2021 Sichuan Provincial Cultural and Tourism Development Conference will be held at Aba, and Aba issued an "invitation letter" to the world. The key cultural projects in the whole state have been "treasted" in front of the General Assembly: Jiuzhaigou Scenic Area will restore the whole domain, and nearly a thousand people in Songpan County, the 5th Ancient City Lantern Festival will perform flower performances … A batch of batch Travel projects are accelerated, and the all-round exhibition of the new weather in the Aba cultural brigade industry. Aba cultural travel resources, the Yellow River Civilization and the Yangtze River Civilization have gone here, giving birth to the ancient civilization, the river, the silkworm, the dragonfly, the tower, the pot, and nourish the mountains and mountains of Aba. At present, the state is included in 20 national non-registration projects, 73 provincial levels, 457 state-level. In recent years, Aba successfully created a national tourism demonstration area, 9 4A-level tourist attractions, 2 Tianfu Tourism Model Region, 3 provincial-level national tourism demonstration zones, existing 49 A-level scenic spots (where 5a Scenic Spots 3 There are 24 4A scenic spots), 7 ecological tourism demonstration areas (1 national level, 6 provincial levels), 1 national Yi culture ecological protected area, 3 provincial cultural ecological protection experimental zones, becoming the province Municipal (state) that meets the pre-conditions of the national tourism demonstration zone. From January to August this year, the total number of tourists in the whole state, the total number of tourism income increased by 2019, and has achieved a gratifying results. Today, the Aba Wenlo Industry has initially formed a vivid situation of a hundred flowers, and the Aba will take advantage of the situation, go all out, let Aba are well-known, famous for the world. Source of data: the CPC Aba Prefecture Propaganda Department.