Deepen the reform of the ecological environment to promote the construction of ecological civilization

  After the general deployment of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the provincial government of the Qinghai Provincial Party Committee attaches great importance to the importance of ecological civilization reform and institutional construction as the top of the province’s ecological civilization and comprehensive reform. Advancing. Qinghai Provincial Ecological Environment Department regulations and standards profoundly understand the internal requirements of reform work, and in-depth exploration of reform work ideas, and play a positive and effective role in promoting the reform of the ecological environment in Qinghai Province, and has been rated as a second Qinghai Province Reform Innovation Award. collective.

Recently, Yin Yaqi, the Regulations and Standards Department of the Ecological Environment Department in Qinghai Province, accepted the interview with the reporter, talked about the experience and effectiveness of promoting the reform of ecological environment in Qinghai Province. Reporter: In recent years, in accordance with the reform requirements, what reform tasks have been completed by the Ecological Environment Department of Qinghai Province? Yin Yaqi: In recent years, under the correct leadership of the Party Group of the Ecological Environment, the Qinghai Provincial Ecological Environment Office, the Regulations and Standards Department conscientiously implemented the decision-making deployment of the provincial government of Qinghai Provincial Party Committee, on the basis of comprehensive implementation of the central ecological civilization system reform task, based on the actual situation in Qinghai Province And departmental duties, and focus on promoting the key reform tasks that can demonstrate characteristics, demonstration, and achieve significant reform tasks in the field of ecological environment, and promote the construction of ecological civilization.

We have developed the "Implementation Plan of the Reform of Ecological Environment Damage Reform System in Qinghai Province" "Qinghai Province Provincial State Administrative License List" "Qinghai Province Ecological Environment Integrated Administrative Law Enforcement Reform Implementation Plan".

Two-year quality and quantity completing the research tasks such as "Qinghai Provincial Ecological Protection Priority System Research", "Innovation and Improvement Ecological Protection Priority System", etc., and proposes the reform of the ecological protection priority mechanism of Qinghai real demand in accordance with Qinghai Reform. Path initiatives, providing decision-making reference for the provincial party and provincial government to fully promote "one excellent two high" strategic deployment, accelerate the pace of reform in the ecological environment, and promote the modernization of environmental governance system and governance. Reporter: In the process of promoting reform, what key fields have achieved new results? Yin Yaqi: It focuses on promoting environmental protection fees, and has achieved new effectiveness in the construction of environmental protection costs, ecological environmental damage compensation system. In order to promote the reform of the environmental protection fee, combined with the actual situation of Qinghai Province, the amount of pollutant discharge is not allowed to use the monitoring data, the national standards, and the material scale scale method, "Qinghai Province, some industrial environmental protection tax pollution Emissions sample measurement method (trial) ", clearly corresponding pollutant emissions sample measurement method, ensuring the formal implementation of the" Environmental Protection Tax Law of the People’s Republic of China ", the smooth collection of environmental protection tax in Qinghai Province. According to the overall requirements of the reform of the compensation system in the ecological environment, the "Implementation Plan for the Reform System of Ecological Environment Damage in Qinghai Province" is established, establishing an ecological environmental damage, assessment, consultation, litigation, compensation and ecological environment repair, etc., determine the ecological environmental damage The scope of compensation, the rights and obligations, the damages, the resolution of the compensation, and construct the ecological environmental damages system system in accordance with Qinghai Characteristics, in order to crack the unreasonable situation of "enterprise pollution, the masses, government payment", and ensure that the province’s ecological environment security provides solid Institutional guarantee. Based on the "three largest" to save the "three-wire one" (ecological protection red line, environmental quality bottom line, resource utilization online and ecological environment access list) to prepare implementation.

With the "three-wire" box, the administrative region is divided into a number of environmental control units into a number of environmental control units, and constructing the actual situation of environmental control units, and constructing the actual situation in accordance with the actual situation of the Qinghai Environmental partition control system, improve the quality of ecological environment, and maintain ecological environment safety.

  Reporter: What are the considerations in deepening the reform of the ecological environment? Yin Yaqi: The new journey of "14th Five" has been opened, and we will adhere to the requirements of the Ecological Environmental Governance System and Governance Capacity in accordance with the Campaign of Qinghai Provincial Party as a "Action Plan" to become the national and international ecological civilization highland, " Promote economic high quality development as a goal, focusing key areas and key links, strengthening the construction of the rule of effectiveness of ecological environment, and fully promoting the "three-wire one" results application, establish a more complete ecological environmental partition control system.

Bet better and more convenient business and the masses to start business, and further improve the work of "venting service" and greatly enhance administrative approval efficiency. Deepening the comprehensive administrative law enforcement reform of ecological environment protection, and constructs a fixed pollution source supervision system system with the discontinuation of sewage permission, improve the ecological environmental supervision mechanism of nature and protects, to effectively initiatives. Actively integrate into the national carbon emissions trading market, strengthen the supervision and management of relevant enterprises to perform control carbon emissions, do a good job in carbon quota distribution, performance, payment, etc. in Qinghai Province, and effectively play market mechanisms in implementing carbon-up carbon The role of and in. (Editor: Yang Wei, Liu Peiran) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.

Deputy Minister of Propaganda Department, Shandong Weihai Municipal Committee, Director Zhang Ruiying, Director of the Municipal Civilization Office: Inheriting the red gene, and the spiritual blood of the Communist Party

2021-07-30 Weihai Daily, a large number of revolutionary martyrs, heroes and advanced models for liberation, the development of the cause, and write the magnificent epic in the gas mountain river, build the spiritual spectrum of the Communists, must be careful, .

  As an important source of red Jiaodong, this year, Weihai City system excavates red resources, carefully produces "Weihai Red Gene Motus", and creates a large-scale symphony song "Chinese spirit", long report literature "Falun Fang Fei" and "Lifetian" A number of literary boutiques, etc., etc. And produce video learning materials in Jiaodong (Weihai) red blot show, driving red education to the grassroots by "sending + preaching", and is fully affirmed by all sections.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping celebrated the important speech at the 100th Anniversary Conference of the Communist Party of China, and issued a mobilization order of the era of resurrection and continuous struggle, put forward the clear requirements of the inheritance to promote the spirit of the great borders.

We must deepen the spirit of the "July 1", General Secretary, General Secretary, Take the Party History, Taking Party History and Education as an Opportunity, Unexpectedly, Solver, Optimization Improve Patriotism Education Base, Party Education Base, Overall National Safety View Education Base, etc. Exhibition hall facilities, continue to do a good job in red literary and artistic creation, innovate red resource tourism research activities, and continue to do a good job in red culture publicity and education.

It is necessary to highlight the key group of youth, promote the red culture into the class, into the new media, enter the tourist route, use your youth to hear the form, and do a good job of "Hope Project" in the Red Education.

43 poor students in Xiangxi went to Lanxiang Technician Academy for free

The seedlings were knocked up, and the seedlings became melodious. On the morning of September 19, the Shandong Lanxiang Technician College became a joyful ocean. Following 146 Xiangxi State, the poverty students came to Lanxiang free learning skills, Lan Xiang also received 43 Xiangxi State documentation.

This year, the Shandong Lanxiang Technician has once again donated 10 million yuan to help Xiangxi to take off the poverty. Jinan Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau member, deputy director Meng Zhaohua, Jinan Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, a researcher Wang Ke Jiang, deputy director of Jinan Public employment service centers Yang Yonggang, Director of Jinan Public Employment Service Center at Dong Linping professional guidance, Li Xiang, deputy director of the Professional Capacity Construction Department of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Jinan City, Director of the Development and Reform Bureau of Jinan City, Wang Dong, Director of Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Huaiyin District, Jinan City, Hunan People’s Social Security Bureau Zhang Liangwu, four-level researcher Zhang Liangwu, Xiangxi, Huayuan County Committee, deputy magista Chang Rong Lanxiang, Shandong Lanxiang Technician College Party Secretary Sun Yijun and other events.

At the beginning of the event, the scene staff set up and played the national anthem of the People’s Republic of China. The Dean of the Shandong Lanxiang Technician College sent a speech. Subsequently, the Standing Committee of Huayuan County, Xiangxi Province, the deputy magistrate of the county people’s government. At the event, the Shandong Lanxiang Technician College held a donation ceremony.

Shandong Lanxiang Technician College assisted two Volvo excavators with a value of 3 million yuan in Xiangxi in 2018 and 2019, 2019 donated 10 million yuan, re-donated 10 million yuan in 2020, three years of total donation It has been more than 20 million yuan, and it has made a prominent contribution to Xiangxi. Since Jinan City and Hunan Province, the Hunan Province has signed the Poverty Alleviation Collaboration Framework Agreement, Shandong Lanxiang Technician has actively responded to the Jinan Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, and puts the 18-hole branch as a major responsibility to help Xiangxi.

On June 22, 2018, the 18th cave branch of Shandong Lanxiang Technician was established. The deputy secretary of the Jinan Municipal Committee, the Mayor Sun Luotao and Xiangxi Governor Long Xiaohua unveiled the 18th hole branch.

Since 2018, the Lansheng Technician College has passed free training, helping employment, etc. Thousands, there are currently 80% of the students to achieve employment after completing their studies. Between 2018 to 2019, Shandong Lanxiang Technician has provided a chance to study free to learn from the Lanxiang Technician School for the 146 settlement of Sanxiang University.

This year is the year of precision poverty alleviation. The third batch of 43 sets of 43 sets of 43 sets of 43 sets of 43 sets of 2nd cards in Xiangxi Technician will carry out three years of learning, mainly learning CNC machine tools, cooking, auto repair and other majors. The Lanxiang Technician College will exempt all kinds of learning costs. At the same time, the Shandong Lanxiang Technician College is equipped with the best teachers to provide them with teaching. After completing the studies, the Shandong Lanxiang Technician College will be responsible for recommendation. In the event, the 18th cave branch of Shandong Lanxiang Technician College also conducted national cultural outcomes.

Miao drums, Miao Qigong, the performance of national characteristics in the fire sea under the knife wins the bursts of the audience. The students of the Lanxiang Technician College also showcases the cucumber, thousands of tofu, and dragon scales. The Shandong Lanxiang Technician College founded in 1984, there is an auto repair, beauty salon, chef, electric welding, excavator, etc. 8 major, more than 60 types, can cultivate the initial, medium, senior technicians and preparatory technicians, and annual somewhere More than 30,000 people have cultivated more than 50,000 skilled talents.

American media articles: Climate diplomacy must take into account the history of history (3)

However, sugar, coffee, cocoa, tobacco and cotton production have increased significantly from a few centuries of commodity wealth, and people come from Africa.

The unexpected wealth caused by their sweat and blood changed the European economy, and in fact changed the life on this continent, which is still greatly underestimated and ignored. Ignore the consequences of African in order to let the world can continue to survive, need to put the Africans and these serious historical incidents, the climate diplomacy has not done at all.

On the contrary, Africans have been crowded in the edge of the "United Nations Framework Convention on the Framework of the United Nations, in Glasgow," COP26), while other countries, especially European countries, will be left and right from mining Africa Oil and natural gas to protect the future of Africa’s forests and wetlands. Western cannot focus on China and India with its climate priority consideration.

At the same time, most of Africa’s huge hydrocarbon reserves may be able to stay in underground or seabed, thereby cutting off important income sources of many poor countries. But the West cannot tell Africans, they must curled up in the dark world without power supply, and never use modern transportation methods.

It doesn’t make the population of 3 billion to 5 billion in the end of this century. African national governments may relatively unable to resist everyone to make the most sacrifice for climate issues, but this does not mean that African people will passively accept this fate.

Unless they are resolutely considering their destiny, they will leave Africa, and this immigrant wave will make all immigration activities that humans have seen before. This is true of our era, and is still unrecognized.

A reserve driver in Shaanxi is a flag for 6 new combat power

Original title: A reserve of the venilifier in Shaanxi is a 6 new combat force, and the reporter Qin Zhan correspondent Liuyang. Fist ‘! "On July 15th, a reserve cannon division in Shaanxi was held in a training base for drone fragmentation, the air emergency rescue team, the network war team, the psychological war team, the legal war team, etc. The flag ceremony. The reporter learned that the new force combat power refers to the new means of combat power. The new combat power is a new demand as a support, with new technologies as a function of combat, which is a new growth point of combat power, and is the main force of local war under the conditions of informationization. In the adjustment reform of the reserve forces, the teacher keeps with the situation mission, close to the actual demand, and deeply discharge the strength of the military land, strengthen the construction of new combat power, and strives to create a preconditioning force of a care, suitable, flexible and efficient.

(Editor: Zuo Rui, Deng Nan).

Canadese inflatie continu supply chain probleem bevordert de prijzen

China News Agency, 17 november (Reporter Yu Rui Dong) De gegevens die zijn vrijgegeven door het Canadian Bureau of Statistics blijkt dat de consumentenprijsindex van het land (CPI) in oktober blijft stijgen, geüpload door het jaar, bereikte 2003 2 de grootste stijging sinds de maand. De CPI in oktober steeg in september, waardoor de grootste toename van de grootste ring sinds 2020 werd bereikt. Het Canadese Bureau of Statistics wees erop dat de inflatie voornamelijk wordt aangedreven door de drie dagelijkse basiselementen van huizen, voedsel en transport.

Deze drie factoren vertegenwoordigen% in Canadezen, en de prijs stijgt nog steeds. In feite zijn alle acht belangrijke prijzen waarvan de statistieken zijn ontstaan, het jaarlijkse jaar zijn verhoogd. Met de olieprijzen snelde de hele weg, steeg de energieprijs jaar op jaar. Vanwege het tekort aan kolen en aardgas zijn de olieprijzen aanzienlijk beklimmen.

In vergelijking met oktober vorig jaar stegen de benzine-kosten die door consumenten worden betaald met bijna 42%. Aardige gasprijzen zijn bijna 19% op jaarbasis gestegen. Als de energieprijs wordt ge?limineerd, is Canada in oktober toegenomen en is het in september toegenomen.

De stijging van de energieprijzen is met meer dan 10% op jaarbasis gestegen en bereikt de piek in maart 2003.

Tegelijkertijd, vanwege het tekort aan wereldwijde halfgeleiderchips, steeg de prijs van personenauto’s met meer dan 6% jaar op jaar.

De prijs van auto-onderdelen en gerelateerde benodigdheden steeg. De prijs van vleesproducten blijft stijgen, een toename van% op jaarbasis. Onder hen stegen de verse en bevroren rundvleesprijzen met 14%, waardoor vleesgroei% wordt verwerkt. De OPM zei dat het tekort aan arbeid, aanhoudende toeleveringsketenstoornissen, en de opkomst van veehouderij stijgt, die de drijvende kracht is voor het duwen van vleesprijzen. De OPM weerspiegelt de verandering in onroerendgoedbelasting in CPI-statistieken om de oktober. In 2021 verhoogden de vastgoedbelasting en gerelateerde uitgaven van consumenten het jaar op jaar.

Onder hen is British Columbia toegenomen met% en ontario groei%.

Er zijn echter% en% vermindering van onroerendgoedbelasting in de provincies Mannita en Alberta. De media en de industrie worden over het algemeen aangenomen dat sinds de toeleveringsketen nog niet is teruggevorderd, het niet verrassend is, en het huidige inflatie-momentum is niet verrassend, en wordt verwacht dat het zal doorgaan. (over).

Chengdu Qingbaijiang: European Industry City relying on 22 Global League

The atmosphere of the event is relaxed and enthusiastic, and the representative of the company will discuss the topics such as "How to build a smart home appliance industry base" "Rong Ou Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Park Wisdom Park Construction" and collide "spark."

According to reports, the European Industrial Town rely on the wisdom of the global strategic partner alliance, deep digging the new kinetic energy of the investment, and has been in just 4 months since the establishment of the alliance, and 22 new projects have been attracted.Successfully introduced more than 10 foreign-funded projects such as Russian Pencha Baige, Germany flame retardant, South Africa Haoyu, formed a comprehensive plan of European industrial city high-quality departmental spatial planning program and the comprehensive operation facility of European industrial city production.Next, the next step will continue to strengthen industrial research, continuously deepen investment cooperation, and strongest to settle more European and all the way to special European enterprises along the country.(Editor: Luo Wei, Gao Hongxia).

China (Yunnan) Self-trade test area investment in investment in investment reached 100 billion yuan

On August 27th, the first anniversary of the establishment of the free trade test area in China (Yunnan) was held in Kunming. In the past year, China (Yunnan) Free Trade Test Area has always made investment to invest as heads, and firmly establish "investment promotion is the concept of life line".

The investment promotion project realized a centralized signing, total investment of 100 billion yuan. During the epidemic, China (Yunnan) self-trade test area actively explored the "Internet + Investment" model, carrying out various forms of "online" investment, "no face" investment, "face-to-face" is changed to "screen panel" "phone pair Telephone "Video Talk", etc. In the past year, China (Yunnan) self-trade test area has introduced a series of investment promotion policies, organizing the "cloud investment" promotion activities of the freedom test area, signed 27 cooperation projects through the "Cloud Signing", etc., and the investment amount is approximately 26.3 billion. RMB RMB, successfully introduced Pross, Huawei, India, China Rural Assistance, Yale, Huiko, Heng and other key enterprises, investment promotion work has achieved a certain results.

The third is to cultivate new modern industries.

The Kunming Film District successfully declares the first batch of "equipment manufacturing new industrialized industrial demonstration base", forming an advanced equipment manufacturing cluster represented by the cloud power, Taibang precision machinery, Kunjiang reloading and other enterprises; Zhejiang Kangnibei, Yunnan The provinces invest in the regional investment to implement industrial cannabis production projects; cooperating with Yunnan Stem Cell Co., Ltd. to build an umbilical cord blood, and modern services such as docking, layout financing, bonded logistics and cross-border finance and other docking, layout financing leasing, bonded logistics and cross-border finance Industry. Honghe Slice is surrounded by key industries such as processing and trade, large health services, cross-border tourism, cross-border e-commerce, paying close attention to the introduction of large enterprises, key industrial projects, and successfully signing up 3 million yuan.

The Dehong Fragment is fully utilized to "all-off" policies in the country, and the "Internet + Duty Free Shopping" development model is destined. Third countries have gathered the sister to show, sales, warehousing, offline shopping, online sales, In the district purchasing, etc., while carrying out, effectively expanding the type and sales scale of the third country commodity.

In accelerating the high gathering of the specialty industry, the Kunming district accelerated in the Kunming vessel, Northern Night vision, Nantian information equipment, etc. Equipment automated logistics system, intelligent control and other technologies are leading domestic leading levels.

The Honghe Slice area has built a technical intensive, high-profile, added value of the electronic information industry, building a national culture, ecological health, etc. Business "industry integration, building" one park double platform four service "cross-border e-commerce industry service system, nearly 20 duty-free shopping enterprises settlement, foreign goods more than 10,000 products, China-Myanmar cross-border express business volume Break through 10,000 pieces, daily through the B2C, C2C method to enter and exit 20,000 wraps around the border trade zone; the Emerald Network Live Platform in Dehong District creates more than 60,000 jobs, the transaction volume breaks through 10 billion, driving the total postal business The amount increased by 65%, the amount of express delivery traffic increased, and the delivery amount increased by 47%.

(Editor: Zhu Hongxia, Xu before).

Chongqing released the "fourteenth five" planning of manufacturing high quality development

  On August 3, the Chongqing Municipal Government Network issued a recent municipal government "14th Five-Year Plan" (2021-2025) "(2021-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "planning").

  "Plan" proposes that by 2025, the industrial output value above the city will achieve 3 trillion yuan, with an average annual growth rate of 6%, including 35% of strategic emerging industries, 32% output value of high-tech industries, and industrial added value. More than 900 billion yuan, industrial added value accounts for about 30%, and software business revenue reached 500 billion yuan.

  Grasping the development of the strategic diversion manufacturing development around the four key points "Make Articles" "Plan", in the next 5 to 15 years, will be the strategic diversity of the Chongqing manufacturing cross-cleaner, the advantage, the above steps. To this end, "Plan" proposed that the city’s manufacturing development will revolve around the four strategic focus "doing articles" – cultivation to create an international competitive industrial cluster. Cultivate three millions of electronic information, five hundred billion car, 300 billion equipment, six hundred billion materials, five hundred billion-level special consumer goods, millions of biomedical and other industrial clusters.

  Enhance the overall performance of manufacturing innovation.

Strengthening the Core Role of Innovation in the High Quality Development of Manufacturing and Enterprises in Innovation Subject to Configure Innovation Chains around the Industry Chain, and improve the development and innovation system of manufacturing.

  Improve the industrial basic ability and the modernization of industry chain supply chains.

Implementing the modernization of the industrial base reconstruction and industrial chain supply chain, coordinating the forging chief board and repairing the shortboard, continuously carrying the chain and power chain, and fully guarantee the supply chain stability, improve the supply chain toughness and root resistance of the industrial chain. Promote the development of intelligent, green, and human cultural transformation in manufacturing. Deepen a new generation of information technology implantation, improve manufacturing digital, networked, intelligent level; accelerate the construction of green plants and green parks, actively develop green products and green supply chains; more highlighting people’s role, promoting more participation of workers Design and deployment of manufacturing technology, strengthening skills and promotion and improvement such as worker human machine collaboration, realizing high-quality development of manufacturing and promoting high-quality development in manufacturing industry. Enhance the competitiveness of pillar industry to cultivate six types of war new industrial clusters, plan a group of future industries "plan", which will continue to enhance the international competitiveness of the pillar industry such as electronics, auto and motorcycle, including – the electronic industry, acceleration Local research and development system, enhance intelligent terminal products, local supporting level; automobile and motorcycle industry, speed up new model development, improve key components local supporting system, reshape China’s automobile and motorcycle city competition advantage; equipment manufacturing industry, implementation "machine + zero Part "Double enhancement action, consolidate the position of the global machine production base, building the country’s important mountain hilly agricultural machinery industry base and the western region leading elevator, engineering machinery industry base; consumer goods industry, deepening the integration of consumer goods industry and the integration of cultivation, and cultivation Have international competitive special consumer goods industry clusters; raw materials industry, accelerate structural adjustment and new product development, building a green building materials and natural gas chemical industry base with national influence. According to "Plan", "14th Five-Year Plan" manufacturing industry in the development direction of industrial development, we will focus on building a group of strategic emerging industrial clusters with national influence, involving new generation information technology, new energy and intelligent networks, high-end Equipment, new materials, biotechnology, and green environmentally friendly 6-class industries.

  Among them, in the new generation of information technology, the city will facing "Zhizhi Heavy Town" "Smart Town" construction needs, building an important power semiconductor device, flexible ultra HD display, new intelligent terminal, advanced sensor and intelligent instrumentation, network Safety industry base and Chinese software famous city.

  In terms of new energy and intelligent network, the city will play a comprehensive advantage in the production capacity of fuel vehicles, parts supporting system and integrated circuit ecology, promote new energy vehicles and information communications, energy, traffic depth integration, and building domestic leading Power battery industry base, hydrogen fuel cell application demonstration base and domestic advanced automotive electronics industry base. In terms of high-end equipment, the city will drive the application of components such as sensors and communication modules in the whole machine to implant and colored alloys, synthetic materials and other new materials, construction of national high-end CNC machine tools, urban rail transport vehicles, new energy equipment industries Base and western leading industrial robots, additive manufacturing equipment industry bases. In terms of new materials, the city will be an urgent need for industrial development and major project construction, building an internationally competitive polyamide material, polyurethane material industry base and country important advanced colored alloy materials, glass fiber and composite material base. In terms of biotechnology, our city will face significance for major diseases and residents’ health management, accelerate the pace of biopharms, promote medical equipment, chemicals, chemicals and preparations, modern Chinese medicine upgrades, and build domestic first-class biomedicine industry aggregation areas.

  In terms of green environmental protection, the city will face "carbon peaks, carbon neutrics" requirements and ecological civilization construction urgently demand, enrich energy-saving and environmental protection, new energy field technical equipment species, strong renewable resources, re-manufacturing and other resources comprehensive utilization industrial scale, construction National important energy conservation and environmental protection, regenerative resources, hydrogen energy and energy storage industry bases. "Planning" also puts forward, during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, the city will strengthen the prospective planning of the future industry of aerospace, genetic technology, future materials, and optoelectronics, through existing technical advantages, form a group of innovation results, promote A group of future industries leap-forward development.

  Clarify the implementation of the task guarantee implementation, implement eight security measures "plan", promote the high-quality development of the city’s manufacturing industry, the city will implement eight tasks, first in improving industrial innovation capabilities, including strengthening key core technology research, Strengthen high-level common technical platform construction, enhance corporate technology innovation capability, develop new R & D institutions, promote new application scenarios and new products to promote each other, accelerate industrial design development, and carry out institutional mechanism innovation and enterprise management innovation, enhance industrial basic ability and industries Chain supply chain modernization level.

  In addition, other seven tasks are: enhance the modernization of industrial base capabilities and industrial chain supply chains, deepen manufacturing digital transformation and service development, improve the green manufacturing system, cultivate quality market entities, strengthen quality brand construction, and promote park characteristics Development and promotion of regional coordinates. In order to protect the above implementation, "planning" also specifically proposes to take eight guarantees, including strengthening organization leadership, deepening manufacturing sector reform, expanding manufacturing open cooperation, reducing manufacturing costs, increase high quality talent supply, optimizing industrial policies System, do a good job in operating dispatching and corporate services, strengthen industrial safety production guarantee. Ten sets of data see Chongqing manufacturing development achievement 1 The city has more than 2 trillion yuan, all industrial added value of nearly 700 billion yuan 2 has 31 manufacturing industries, basically completed, productive industry System 3 In the city’s dominant industry, microcomputers, mobile phones, automobiles, motorcycles account for more than 24%, 9%, 6%, 29%, respectively, and build domestic maximum adipic acid, and spandex production base 4 market vitality Enhanced, the number of industrial enterprises above the whole city has more than 6,800, including 1 hundred billions of enterprises, 20 billions of enterprises (independent legal persons) 5 innovation capacity continued to increase, accumulating 10 national key laboratories, national enterprise technology center 37 Home, large-scale industrial enterprises have more than%, ranking in the national forefront, 12-inch power management chip, silicon-based optical electronic kit, etc. In China, there is a result of 6 ones and 6, the world’s 500 industrial enterprises have 237 Layout, industrial field use foreign capital in 10 years to maintain more than $ 400 million, and the export delivery value of industrial enterprises above the size is more complete, and the total output value of industrial enterprises above is more complete, and "2 + 10 + 36" "Industrial Park System, Lu Hai Mr., four-way expansion, comprehensive three-dimensional international large channel network accelerates the rise of 8 digital economy," Zhizhi Heavy Town "accelerated construction," Mixer Nuclear Network " Group, digital economic added value, the total value of the total value of more than 25%, 9 new industries, rapid growth, large-scale industrial strategic emerging industries, high-tech industries, more than 32%, 28% 10 traditional industries, respectively The transformation and upgrading is accelerated, and the average annual growth of the technical transformation investment has been built into 67 intelligent factories and 359 digital workshops. The total labor productivity of the industrial enterprises above the company has reached the source: "Chongqing manufacturing industry high quality development" The 14th Five-Year Plan (2021-2025) "(with the above data statistics time as of 2020) Chongqing Daily reporter Xia Yuan (editor: cover pure, Zhang Wei) Share more people see.

College students retired soldiers into the state-owned enterprise recruitment interview will be held on Saturday

This newspaper is to promote the order of labor resources, and effectively solve the employment difficulties of retired soldiers. On the afternoon of November 6, Guiyang Retired Military Affairs Authority jointly established Guiyang Retired Military Service Center, Guizhou Province Talent Market, Guizhou Province"2021 Guiyang Gui’an University Students’ Retired Soldiers into the State Enterprise Recruitment Interview Union"It is reported that in order to implement the provincial government of the provincial government on the university-raised soldiers into the state-owned enterprises, further good health of Guiyang City is a state-owned enterprise, recruiting college students’ retired soldiers, this recruitment military person is enrolled or founded for Guiyang City, Gui’an New DistrictThe college students retired soldiers, and they participated in the country-owned enterprises, and they brought 46 jobs to retired soldiers.Guiyang Daily Head Media Reporter Tian Yizhen (Editor: Pan Jiaqian (internship), Chen Kangqing) Share let more people see recommendation reading.