2021 China New Green Development Summit Forum held in Nanjing

People’s Network Nanjing October 18 (Li Zi) is one of the important theme activities of Singapore – Nanjing Key Project Cooperation Committee, on the afternoon of October 18, 2021 China New Green Development Summit held in Singapore · Nanjing Ecological Technology Island.

Experts, government officials, entrepreneurs, etc. from China New countries, gather together, focus on green economy and sustainable development, and inject new motivation for the development of ecological technology island industries.

Nanjing is focusing on promoting a series of major initiatives such as building construction and industrial landmarks, and provides a broad space for the cooperation between Xining. On the forum, the special fund of the ecological technology island industry has been published. Special funds are set up by the Eco-Science and Technology Island Open District Management Committee and China New Nanjing Ecological Science and Technology Island Investment Development Co., Ltd., focusing on the economic, digital economy, domestic Outside 500 companies and Singapore enterprises are striving to cultivate innovative leaders, unicolored companies, gardship enterprises, high-tech enterprises, to help the entire island industry agglomeration and development. The main point of view of the forum, the Chief Scientist of Yangzijiang Ecological Civilization Innovation Center, Li Aimin, deputy director, first as the "green technology to help double carbon goals", interpreted how the low-carbon industry’s support and leading role in achieving dual carbon goals.

The Singapore Bank (China) President and the CEO, the praise of the praise from the perspective of investment. Currently, the concept of green investment is being received by more and more investment institutions.

The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" proposes clearly proposes to develop green finance, under carbon neutrality, the "green low-carbon" as a consideration dimension of ESG (environment, society and company governance) investment concept is also increasingly valued by the industry. In October last year, at the eighth meeting of the Singapore-Nanjing Key Project Cooperation Committee, Singapore Nanjing Ecological Technology Island "China (Jiangsu) Free Trade Test Zone Nanjing District Linkage Innovation Development Zone" is unveiled, January this year, the ecological technology island is It is recognized as Jiangsu International Cooperation Park, and the provincial-level self-trade association is approved in May. The island gathering creates a scientific and technological achievement release, innovative application R & D design, product display, new smart city as one, global influential intelligent R & D design and application demonstration zone, and world-class water science and technology research and development and application demonstration zone.

China’s new two countries are important economic and trade partners. In recent years, bilateral economic and trade cooperation has been long-term development, and the cooperation areas are increasingly wide.

Singapore · Nanjing Ecological Science and Technology Island focus green economy and sustainable development areas, with special funds for the development of China and new industries, build a platform for innovative technology companies and talent exchanges in New Ning, provide development opportunities for international companies to create an international company. High quality "zero carbon future city". (Editor: Tang Wei, Wu Ji Pan) Sharing let more people see.