Sexual decline is not an increase in aging

Sexual decline is not an increase in aging

A letter from an old man: I am so embarrassed to say that the days are better. The older the person is, the more I will fall in love with my life.

But after all, the years are not forgiving, and the eyes are already 66-year-old.

Sexual function gradually increased obviously. It was thought that human aging was inevitable, but recently, people talked about the decline in sexual function, which is the aging.

Some of my peers have heard that doctors have prescribed medicines for kidney and aphrodisiac. I am hesitant and ask if you can take these drugs.

  Experts: First of all, we must clarify these issues: aging is the inevitable life, and anyone is caught.

Longevity is a good wish for everyone, but more important is health and quality of life.

Longevity must make a sense of quality at a higher level of health.

Therefore, health is fundamental and inevitable.

When people are old, sexual function declines, and even sexual life stops. It does not presage that life will end, and instead of swearing, there is no need to produce pessimism.

Experts pointed out that: Sex life and health are not the same thing. If you are old or not, you can’t just look at sexual function. If an old man is not slow, his diet is normal, his sleep is good, and he can move freely. This is healthy, no need to beIncreased age, sexual dysfunction and anxiety.

Experts even believe that in a positive sense, the decline of sexual function, the reduction or even stop of sexual life, some people have to walk slowly to slow down, is a kind of response to life, it may be a good thing,Why do you want to change it artificially?

Whether using sexual drugs or other methods to enhance sexual function in the elderly is a reluctant behavior that is detrimental to health.

The existing elderly people who have suffered from a stroke due to the use of aphrodisiac, or have reported cases of heart disease or even sudden death, should be remembered.