Italy epidemic map distribution map updates real-time data on new coronary pneumonia

Italy epidemic map distribution map updates real-time data on new coronary pneumonia

Italy epidemic map distribution map is updated in real-time with the latest news of new coronary pneumonia. Real-time data is clicked. Click to switch to Italy. New 270 cases of new coronary pneumonia were confirmed for the first time in the south, and 7 deaths were progressive.

The first confirmed case in Palermo, a city in Sicily in southern Italy.

Italy closes 850 home theaters on February 25. According to foreign media, in order to prevent the spread of the new crown virus epidemic, five northern regions of Italy cancelled all public activities that ended on March 1, including closing all schools, museums, and concert halls.And cinema.

According to the estimates of the Italian National Association of Cinema Retailers (ANEC), in response to the outbreak, Italy has closed 850 cinemas or 1,830 screens, accounting for 45% and 48% of the total number of cinemas in the country, respectively.

At the same time, several films originally scheduled for release next weekend have been overlapped, and the three-week filming of Paramount’s “Mission Impossible 7” in Venice has also been stopped due to the 杭州桑拿网 epidemic.

Italy’s No. 1 confirmed patient affects 50,000 people According to Italian media reports such as Ansa, the No. 1 patient in Italy was a 38-year-old male living in the northern town of Codonio.One district participated in the half marathon (about 1,200 people participated), the town running competition and the football match, which affected 50,000 people.

Italians line up to snap up food According to a report from the Global Network on the 25th, there are long lines in supermarkets in Milan, Italy, where people have a variety of food in their shopping carts; the store is full of people, and the goods on the shelves are almostSwept away.

Recently, the number of confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia in Italy has surged, and a total of 157 cases have been confirmed in Italy.

Many local stores in Milan have also snapped up food 四川耍耍网 hoarding.

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